Warehouse Management System Integrated In Real Time With Microsoft Dynamics GP

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					?Having WMS application work within your Corporate ERP system gives you the
advantages, especially we would like to mention the fact, that you do not need to
"Implement" integration between your new WMS and ERP - it is already there by the
WMS module architecture. There are other pluses, that we would like to discuss in
this small publication. Proposed Warehouse Management System with elements of
Logistics, Consignment, Routing works as extension to Microsoft Dynamics GP,
formerly known as Great Plains Dynamics and eEnterprise:

1. WMS reporting directly in Microsoft Dynamics GP Sales Order Processing,
Purchase Order Processing and Inventory Control modules. GP has pretty profound or
even advanced functionality and you should capitalize on your prior investment into
Great Plains software licenses purchase. If your WMS creates transactions directly in
Great Plains company DB tables and they could be viewed, edited and processed via
GP user workstation - you can run existing GP reports to analyze your WMS data, of
if you need advanced or custom report - you can always contract Dynamics GP
consultant to design it in Crystal Reports or Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services

2. WMS procedures could be implemented partially in GP modules: SOP, POP,
Inventory. Just to give you comparison with External WMS, integrated to Great Plains
via various connectors. For External system you have to purchase licenses for the
same WMS logic and outsource WMS logic to external system: Picking and Packing
(Sales Order Line Allocation, if done directly in GP SOP module), Merchandize
Receipt (POP Purchase Receipt if done directly in GP POP module), Stock Count
(Inventory Cycle Count in GP Inventory Control). And again to mention - you should
not expect external integration data export mapping to GP via connectors, or
Integration Manager technology (often potential source of bugs and pilot testing
phases). If you use integrated WMS, Barcode scanner interface sends transactions
directly to GP

3. Interoperability with eCommerce module. Integrated WMS also gives you
advantage to interact in real time with integrated eCommerce extension to Dynamics

4. How to get additional help? Please, call us 1-866-528-0577, 1-630-961-5918, If you plan to visit Converge nce 2010 in Atlanta this April,
please stop by - we plan to demo WMS and eCommerce interoperability

Andrew Karasev, Alba Spectrum 1-866-528-0577,
Informational portal Andrew is Dynamics GP Certified Master and specializes in
challenging customizations, data conversions, integrations, reporting