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									?Many people think they would enjoy having a pond on their property, but hesitate
because they are unsure about what kind of pump would be best for their needs. If you
are fortunate enough to already have a pond on your property, then you probably
already know that it is critical to have a pond pump in order to keep your water from
becoming stagnant, smelly, and a place that the neighborhood mosquitoes will flock to
in order to raise their families. Of course, you aren't going to let that happen! You
know that you would get no use out of your pond whatsoever without a pump. It
would turn into a total eyesore, plus any fish that you lovingly stocked the pond with
would soon die off.

Most pond owners stick with the kind of pump that was present in their pond
whenever they took ownership of the property. But, if you're just now planning how
you are going to build your pond, you should do some research on the kinds of pumps
that are available, the best of which are floating turbine pumps. And, should you be
thinking about a replacement for your current pond pump, you may want to consider a
floating pump system if you want the kind of pump that will suit the needs of your

Floating pump do a better job of cleaning and treating water, hands down. The water
flow is up to 3,500 gallons per minute, and if your pond holds more water than this,
two pumps can easily be connected to handle a larger flow. You do not have to worry
about priming a pond floating pump, nor is there a problem with freezing in the winter.
The motors on a floating pump are usually air cooled, which keeps them from burning
out as quickly as other types of pump motors do. So, you are getting a pump which
generally will cost less than other types, but is much sturdier and built to last.

It is never a good idea to go out and buy the cheapest pump for your pond that you
can find. Yet, this is what so many pond owners do, and then wonder why their pumps
last barely a year. The old saying "You get what you pay for" is certainly true when it
comes to pond floating pumps! Why have the hassle of having to buy and install a
new pump every year or so when you could have a pump with a warranty that would
replace your pump in the unlikely event it should stop working before the warranty
period is over?

With a floating pump, price should not be the deciding factor of whether or not to
purchase the item. What matters most is what floating pump systems can do for you.
Perhaps you use your pond to help keep your vegetable garden irrigated. Maybe you
depend on a pump to provide water to horses or cattle. Whatever reason you need a
good, dependable pump, you just can't go wrong with a floating pump!

Almost 15 years ago, Canfield Custom pumps designed and built the first dedicated
floating pump system, Turbi-Float. This high performance portable pump, answers
your requests for an innovative water pumping system where ease of installation,
reliability, and low maintenance are required. Turbi-Float was designed and developed
around the proven turbine bowl pump concept, making it one of the best submersible
wastewater pumps on the market.

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