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									            Welcome to the

         JDRF Dream Gala

            Ann & Sam Furrow

Knoxville Convention Center • November 11, 2006

                 Presented by
    Table of Contents
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Evening Program ..................................................................9

JDRF Mission ......................................................................10


Mike Coleman Tomorrow Award......................................14

Guest Speaker......................................................................15

Express Pay & Auction Rules ..........................................16

Silent Auction ....................................................................18

Super Silent Auction..........................................................29

Live Auction........................................................................30

Fund A Cure ........................................................................32

Sponsors & Donors ............................................................34

Gala Committee & Board of Directors ............................36


        n behalf of the 2006 JDRF Dream
        Gala Committee, I would like to
        welcome you to “WILD for the
Cure” – An Evening to Honor Sam & Ann
Furrow. This is the night for us to honor
Sam & Ann for their contributions to the
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation,
both voluntarily and financially.

I have many reasons for partnering with
JDRF. My most selfish reason is that I am a
type 1 diabetic. I was diagnosed when I was 23 years old and
have lived every day with the constant reminder that my life is a
little different than most. I know that when I was first diagnosed,
I thought it was the end of the world. As I have now lived with
juvenile diabetes for the past 12 years, I know that there is so
much more to life! I encourage kids and adults with diabetes to
believe there is hope for a cure in our future!

Thank you for coming to this year’s Gala and helping us in the
fight against diabetes. My thanks to everyone who has given
much time and effort into the success of this evening’s event. I
hope that you will enjoy the scenery, the music, the food and are
able to go home with an auction item you really wanted. Please
help us to “Fund A Cure” as we raise money to honor Sam & Ann
Furrow. The funds raised here will directly impact the mission of
JDRF – to find a cure for diabetes and its complications through
the support of research.

Cathy Gillenwater
Gala Chairperson

120 Wall Street
New York, NY 10005-4001
T: 212-785-9500 F: 212-785-9595

                                         November 2006

Dear Friends,

I am delighted to acknowledge the East Tennessee Chapter on its 2006
Dream Gala, Wild for the Cure. Your event reflects the outstanding
efforts and contributions of your staff and volunteers to diabetes
research and to increasing awareness of the seriousness of the disease.

As someone who has lived with type 1 diabetes for more than 35
years, I am most grateful to this year’s Honorees, Ann and Sam
Furrow for their outstanding commitment to JDRF and our mission. I
extend my sincere thanks to Gala Chair, Cathy Gillenwater and all of
tonight’s many guests. Through your efforts and generous support
we are moving “research to reality.” Together, we will fulfill JDRF’s
mission…to find a cure for diabetes and its complications through the
support of research.

                                     Warm regards,

                                     Mary Tyler Moore
                                     International Chairman

 120 Wall Street
 New York, NY 10005-4001
 T: 212-785-9500 F: 212-785-9595
                                                                                 Evening Program
                                           November 2006

 Dear Friends,                                                                      Silent Auction and cocktail reception

 On behalf of the JDRF International Board of Directors, we offer sincere     Opening Remarks: Robin Wilhoit & John Becker,
 congratulations to the East Tennessee Chapter on the occasion of its 2006                  WBIR 10, Emcees
 Dream Gala, Wild for the Cure. We are pleased to acknowledge this year’s
 Honorees, Ann and Sam Furrow, for making JDRF and diabetes research                             Invocation
 their priority.
                                                                                Presentation of the Liz Hobkirk Service Award
 We extend our warmest thanks to Gala Chair, Cathy Gillenwater and all
 who have contributed to this event’s success. Your participation has
 enabled us to heighten awareness of diabetes and its complications and to
 improve the lives of all those who suffer from this disease. With your
 help, we are moving faster to our goal of a cure.
                                                                                   Live Auction: Jake Sanford, Auctioneer

                                                                              Presentation of the Mike Coleman Tomorrow Award

                                                                                  Fund A Cure Personal Speaker: Will Cross

                                                                                   Fund A Cure: Jake Sanford, Auctioneer

                                                                               Closing remarks: Robin Wilhoit & John Becker

                                                                                         Checkout and Item Pick-up

                               Arnold W. Donald
                               President & CEO

  Robert Wood Johnson, IV                                James C. Tyree
Chairman, JDRF International                          Chairman of the Board

                                      8                                                               9
                                                                           disease also know as juvenile diabetes, and type 2 diabetes, a

             JDRF Mission                                                  metabolic disorder also known as adult onset diabetes. Type 1 is
                                                                           caused by an autoimmune destruction of the insulin-producing cells in
                                                                           the pancreas. It generally strikes children, teenagers or young adults
Who is JDRF                                                                and leaves them insulin-dependent for life.
Founded in 1970 by the parents of children with juvenile diabetes,
JDRF is the world’s leading nonprofit, non-governmental funder of          Millions have it…
diabetes research. JDRF directs and influences diabetes research at the    Every hour of every day, someone is diagnosed with type 1 diabetes,
global level and structures its research on a business-world model to      accounting for almost $100 billion in health care costs in the US alone.
ensure that resources are spent more effectively to accelerate progress    Usually striking before the age of 30, type 1 diabetes takes a harsh toll on
toward finding a cure. JDRF is the only major diabetes organization        people. Not only will they be insulin-dependent for life, but devastating
focused exclusively on research.                                           life-limiting and life-shortening complications such as blindness,
                                                                           amputation, kidney failure, heart disease and stroke are an ever-present
                                                                           threat. Insulin is not a cure for the disease; it is merely life support.
Our Mission
The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation is dedicated to funding
                                                                           Juvenile diabetes is destructive both to children and to childhood.
research to find a cure for juvenile diabetes, which strikes children
                                                                           Controlling the disease requires 24 hours a day, 7 days a week vigilance
suddenly, makes them insulin dependent for life and carries the
                                                                           and imposes a grueling regimen. The regimen includes eating a carefully
constant threat of devastating complications.                              calculated diet, checking blood sugar levels multiple times per day (by
                                                                           lancing a finger) and insulin injections – as many as six per day – or
Lean and Efficient Organization                                            delivery of insulin through a pump just to stay alive. It means children
JDRF consistently allocates more than 80% of all expenditures to           and families living by the clock, day and night, for the rest of their lives
directly fund research and education about research. For the sixth year    – lives that turn out to average about 15 years less than normal.
in a row, JDRF has earned an “A” rating from the American Institute
of Philanthropy—higher than most national health charities and the         You cannot outgrow juvenile diabetes. As JDRF International
highest of any national diabetes organization. JDRF has also received      Chairperson Mary Tyler Moore has said, “Diabetes is an all too
high praise and high ratings from other prominent independent              personal time bomb which can go off today, tomorrow, next year or ten
sources on charitable giving such as Forbes Magazine, The Chronicle of     years from now – a time bomb affecting millions…one which must be
Philanthropy, and The Wall Street Journal’s Smart Money magazine.          defused.” The only solution is a cure. That is why JDRF has a singular
                                                                           mission: to find a cure for diabetes and its complications as soon as
Only Research Will Find a Cure                                             possible through the support of research.
Insulin is not a cure for diabetes, nor does it prevent its eventual and
devastating effects: kidney failure, blindness, nerve damage,              The warning signs of type 1 diabetes include extreme thirst, frequent
amputation, heart attack and stroke. Researchers are closing in on         urination, drowsiness or lethargy, sugar in the urine, sudden vision
finding a cure for juvenile diabetes, and progress here could help         changes, increased appetite, sudden weight loss, fruity or wine-like
scientists find a cure for other autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid       odor on the breath, stupor and unconsciousness.
arthritis and lupus. JDRF’s research is driven by three broad goals:
restoring normal blood glucose, preventing type 1 diabetes and             Contact Us:
preventing and reversing complications. Since inception, JDRF has          East Tennessee Chapter, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
provided more than $1 billion to diabetes research worldwide.              6701 Baum Drive, Building B, Suite 240; Knoxville, TN 37919
                                                                           T: (888) 833-2873 F: (865) 544-4312
What is Diabetes?                                                
Diabetes is chronic, debilitating disease affecting every organ system.
There are two major types of diabetes: type 1 diabetes, an autoimmune

                                    10                                                                          11
             Tonight’s Honorees

The East Tennessee Chapter of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation is proud to honor
Ann & Sam Furrow at the 2006 Dream Gala.

Sam Furrow, born in Roane County, Tennessee in 1941, holds a B.S. in Marketing (1963)
and a Doctor of Jurisprudence (1969) from the University of Tennessee. He is a graduate of
Repperts School of Auctioneering and the Certified Auctioneers Institute of Indiana
University. Ann Baker Furrow was born in Maryville and graduated from the University of
Tennessee, Knoxville (1967) cum laude with a BS in political science and a minor in

Sam and Ann have two children: Lee Ann Furrow Tolsma, a graduate of Duke University, and
Samuel Joseph Furrow, Jr. (Jay), a graduate of Vanderbilt University. Their business interests
include owning Furrow Auction Company, Mercedes-Benz of Knoxville, Land Rover
Knoxville, Jaguar Land Rover Porsche Chattanooga, real estate development and

Sam serves on a number of boards of directors including AmSouth Bank Advisory Board, the
Innovo Group, Inc., and the Knoxville/Knox County Public Building Authority. In the
volunteer arena, Sam currently is on board of directors for the Knoxville Zoo.

Ann currently serves on the National Board of Directors of AnGeL Ministries, International
Board of Directors of Joni and Friends (JAF Ministries), Chair of the Board of Directors –
Spiritual Heritage Nantucket, Board of Directors at Covenant Health System, Board of
Directors of the Fort Sanders Foundation of Covenant Health, Board of Directors of the
Thompson Cancer Survival Center Foundation, Board of Directors at Spiritual Heritage
Knoxville, chairs the Mercedes-Benz Women’s Collegiate Championships and Mercedes-Benz
Legends, and serves as a Volunteer Coach for the University of Tennessee women’s golf team.

         The Mike Coleman                                                           Guest Speaker
          Tomorrow Award                                        Will Cross is a professional motivational speaker,
                                                                mountaineer, and educator. He has spoken all
                                                                over the world and to audiences of 30 to 3,000.
                                                                He has led expeditions to the ends of the earth.
About the award                                                 Will Cross can inspire with rich tales,
The Mike Coleman Tomorrow Award is an annual award              motivational messages and magnificent images.
presented by the East Tennessee Chapter Branch to an
individual that has worked to raise awareness about diabetes    Will’s achievements have been covered by CNN,
and has helped bring us one step closer to a diabetes-free      BBC, The Today Show, Discovery Channel, Voice
tomorrow. It is named in honor of longtime JDRF supporter and   of America, KDKA News and Talk Radio, and
previous Walk to Cure Diabetes Chair Mike Coleman, who          ABC, CBS, and NBC national affiliate stations.
passed away in 2004.                                            He has also appeared in publications such as The
                                                                Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The New York                  Will Cross
                                                                Times, Explorers Journal, and GQ. During 2003
                                                                and 2004, Will delivered an inspirational Public Service Announcement viewed
                                                                by over 17 million people. Will’s 2004 Mt. Everest expedition had a reach of
                            “It is difficult to say what is     over 37 million people.
                            impossible, for the dream of
                            yesterday is the hope of today      Among his global expeditions, Will has successfully ascended the highest
                            and the reality of tomorrow.”       peaks of North and South America, Europe, Africa and Antarctica. In 2001 he
                                                                was privileged to climb 15 unmapped, unexplored mountains in Greenland.
                                        – Robert H. Goddard     Expeditions have also taken Will to Patagonia, Mountains of the Moon, the
                                              (1882 - 1945)     Sahara Desert, and the Thar Desert of India.

       Mike Coleman                                             Will presently strives to achieve the NovoLog Peaks and Poles Challenge –
                                                                reaching the highest peak on each continent as well as walk to both Poles. He
                                                                is on target to become the first American to do so.

                                                                Will’s memberships include the American Alpine Club, Royal Geographical
                                                                Society, Explorers Club, British Mountaineering Council, and the American
                                                                Mountain Guides Association. He received a Gold Congressional Award for
                                                                exemplary service to the United States, granted for his initiative, achievement
                                                                and service. Will is a professional member of the National Speakers

                                                                Will holds a Bachelor of Arts from Allegheny College, a Master of Science in
                                                                Education from Duquesne University, and Secondary Principal’s Certification
                                                                from the University of Pittsburgh, where he specialized in educational programs
                                                                for troubled teens. Will, his wife Amy and their 5 children live in Pittsburgh.
                                                                JDRF is proud to present this year’s Mike Coleman Tomorrow Award to
                                                                Will Cross, for his ongoing persistence in the face of diabetes.

                             14                                                                        15
                Express Pay                                                                  Auction Rules
                                                                  • The Live Auction will begin at approximately 8:25 p.m.
                                                                  • The Silent Auction will close at 7:30 p.m. The Super Silent Auction will close after dinner.
            NO LINES. NO WAITING. JUST FUN.                       • You may skip ahead to the bid amount you want to pay. The next bidder must bid higher
                                                                    than you to be successful.
The last thing you want to do at the end of a great party is      • Each item has a “Guaranteed Bid” option at the bottom of its bid sheet. Guaranteed bid
stand in line to check out. PROBLEM SOLVED! This year at            means you are willing to pay a premium price to guarantee you will own that item. Simply
                                                                    write your bid number by the predetermined sale price to close the item to further bidding.
the Dream Gala you have the opportunity to EXPRESS PAY in
                                                                    If you use this option, you automatically own the item!
addition to the standard check out procedure. EXPRESS PAY is      • All winning bids are final. There will be no exchange or refund on items unless otherwise
the chance to “pre-pay” prior to the event or during                specified.
Registration. By completing the “Express Pay Form” which will     • Please make payments in full this evening. We accept cash, check, Visa, MasterCard,
request your credit card and billing information or a signed        American Express, and Discover.
                                                                  • All items must be taken home this evening. You may pick up your item by exhibiting a paid
check, you will be able to “skip” the Bank and proceed directly
                                                                    receipt at the item pick-up door at the time of departure, beginning at 9:45 p.m.
to Item Pick-Up at the end of the evening. Your credit card       • Please carefully check envelopes containing gift certificates before leaving. JDRF is not
receipt will be mailed to you following the event.                  responsible for replacing gift certificates lost after you leave the event. JDRF is under no
                                                                    obligation to extend, modify or change items or restrictions on items/certificates.
                                                                  • Please pay careful attention to all conditions, restrictions, and expirations dates on items and
                                                                    services. Unless otherwise stated, gift certificates exclude alcohol, tax and gratuity. Unless
                                                                    otherwise noted, all auction items and services must be used within one year of November 11,
  Check Out Procedures                                              2006. We appreciate your strict observance of these restrictions, as future donations depend upon it.
                                                                  • Dates for all trips and similar events must be mutually arranged with donor, unless
                                                                    otherwise noted. All reservations should be made at least one month in advance. All tickets
To check out if you expressed paid:                                 in travel packages are for coach travel, unless otherwise specified. No refunds are permitted
    1) Proceed directly to Item Pick-up anytime after the Live      for canceled, lost, or unused tickets and/or accommodations.
       Auction ends.                                              • Airline blackout dates apply to all tickets, regardless of airline, unless specifically noted.
    2) Your receipt for your purchases will be mailed in the        Blackout dates are subject to change. Tickets cannot be reissued or refunded.
                                                                  • All completed sales from this event are considered transactions solely between the purchaser
       week following the Dream Gala.
                                                                    and the donor of the auction item.
                                                                  • JDRF has endeavored to catalogue and describe the auction items correctly, but all items are
To check out if you did not express pay:                            sold “as is.” No statements contained in the program or made orally at the sale or elsewhere
    1) The Bank opens 15 minutes after Fund A Cure ends             shall be deemed a warranty, representation or assumption of liability. Bidders should
       (approximately 9:45 p.m.)                                    carefully note the specific restrictions, conditions, and expiration dates for items purchased.
                                                                  • JDRF reserves the right to withdraw any item from sale.
    2) Fifteen minutes after Fund A Cure ends, proceed directly
                                                                  • Items depicted in the slide presentation are for illustration purposes and may not be actual
       to the Banking, located toward the lobby.                    auction items.
    3) After you have received your receipt from Banking,
       proceed to Item Pick-up located in the Auction Room.       Express Pay
       All of the items you have purchased will be packaged       • For your convenience, you may register for Express Pay when you arrive at the Gala. This
                                                                    will speed up your check out at the end of the evening.
       and waiting for you there! You must show your receipt in
                                                                  • Simply present your personal check or credit card (for an imprint) to an Express Pay
       order to claim your items.                                   volunteer.
                                                                  • Bypass the bank lines and go directly to Item Pick-Up located in the Cumberland Concourse.

  *WE TAKE CASH, PERSONAL CHECKS, MASTERCARD,                     Note: For tax purposes, the value of the meal, including beverages, is estimated to be $80 per person. When
                                                                  buying auction items, all contributions in excess of the fair market value of the item are tax deductible as a
                                                                  gift to a charitable organization. The members of JDRF encourage all attendees, donors and contributors to
                                                                  consult the appropriate IRS Revenue Ruling 67-246 and their tax consultant.

                               16                                                                                      17
                                                                                                                                             CLOTHING, JEWELRY & ACCESSORIES
                                Silent Auction                                                                         108 Go Vols!
     Silent Auction items are open for bidding throughout the cocktail reception.                                      This officially licensed University of Tennessee blazer is lined in micromesh with the Power T and the school
                              Bidding closes at 7:30 p.m.                                                              crest embroidered under the breast pocket. Blazer will be custom fitted to buyer.
                                                                                                                       Value: $299.00                          Courtesy of: M.S. McClellan
                                                                                                                       109 A Touch of Class
101 A Unique Kind of Cake
                                                                                                                       This handmade Ann Whitten necklace features four strands of green czech tabletop glass, and includes a fabric
This customized centerpiece made of baby diapers makes a great baby shower decoration and gift. The "cake" can         storage bag. Television star Alyssa Milano recently wore an identical necklace during a red carpet appearance!
be taken apart and the diapers used. Purchasers may choose the colors and/or theme, as available.
                                                                                                                       Value: $210.00                         Courtesy of: Turq Jewelry
Value: $150.00                       Courtesy of: Cara & Cleve May
                                                                                                                       110 Brahmin Addison
102 Groovy Girls
                                                                                                                       Brahmin Leather Works has been making quality goods for over 20 years. The Addison II, from the Tuscan
The new Groovy Girls Dreamtastic line adds play to the fashion fun of Groovy Girls! These 10 pieces from the           Collection, features a zip top satchel, double handles, removable shoulder strap, black and brown leather and
Royal collection include Princesses Sharissa and Seraphine, chaise with canopy, pet cat and dog, vanity with chair     gold tone accents.
and matching chair.
                                                                                                                       Value: $330.00                          Courtesy of: A friend of JDRF
Value: $137.00                       Courtesy of: Smart Toys & Books
                                                                                                                       112 LoriZoni
103 Play Away the Day
                                                                                                                       This purple, single-button, sequin accented blazer is from the LoriZoni collection (size medium).
Grab your swimsuits, pack the towels, don't forget your lunch boxes, and hold onto your hats, because Tate's Day
Camp is embarking on another dirt stomp'n, marshmallow roast'n, tadpole chas'n summer of fun. Your child will          Value: $450.00                        Courtesy of: John Berry's Boutique
love this week-long camp. Includes registration, tuition, and t-shirt for summer of 2007.
Value: $250.00                       Courtesy of: Tate's Day Camp                                                      113 Iris
                                                                                                                       This iris colored pearl necklace and earring set includes a 16' freshwater pearl necklace with a coin pearl
104 My First Bike                                                                                                      pendant and matching stick earrings.
The 12" Giant Jr. Animator is an excellent first bike. The red and black bike is single speed, with a coaster brake,   Value: $47.00                         Courtesy of: Rose Meredith
bell and includes removable training wheels.
Value: $100.00                       Courtesy of: Harper's Bike Shop                                                   114 Diamonds & Garnets
                                                                                                                       This marquis cut rhodolite garnet is set in a gold band with three accent diamonds.
105 Thomas & Friends                                                                                                   Value: $159.00                        Courtesy of: Foster's Fine Jewelry
Little engineers can turn Sir Topham's Hatt to activate the bumper and stop battery-powered trains that feature a
working headlight, a reliable 4-wheel-drive engine and free-wheeling capabilities for non-battery play. Celebrate      115 Scent of a Woman
the season with the Around-the-Tree Holiday 20-piece set that includes an exclusive snow-covered battery-powered       Indulge yourself with this collection of assorted women's fragrances, including Lucky Number 6, Realities
Thomas, Jingle Bells gift car, festive caboose, reindeer crossing sign and track.                                      shower gel, Tommy Hillfiger's True Star lotion and samples of seven more perfumes, all in a decorative caddy.
Value: $100.00                          Courtesy of: Smart Toys & Books                                                Value: $105.00                         Courtesy of: Belk at Turkey Creek

106 Let's Have a Party!                                                                                                116 A Manly Scent
Pump It Up, voted Best Place to Have a Birthday Party, features giant, custom designed, fun-filled, interactive        This collection of men's colognes includes full size bottles of Kenneth Cole's Reaction, Obsession Night for Men,
inflatable play structures. Invite up to 25 friends and enjoy 1-1/2 hours in the supervised party arena, 1/2 hour in   and Lucky Number 6, as well as samples of Hugo Boss, Selection, True Star for Men and more, all in a zippered
the fully-decorated party room, a great sound system, free full-color invitations, and free paper plates, cups,        canvas bag.
napkins and forks. Maggie Moo's will provide two 8" dream ice cream cakes custom designed to suit your party.
Use a $100 Smart Toys & Books certificate to purchase the perfect gift or party favors.                                Value: $125.00                       Courtesy of: Belk at Turkey Creek
Value: $370.00                          Courtesy of: Smart Toys & Books, Maggie Moo's Ice Cream & Treatery,
                                        and Pump It Up                                                                 117 Golden Links
                                                                                                                       Add to your jewelry collection with this 14 karat gold 7" link bracelet.
107 Dressing Angels                                                                                                    Value: $350.00                         Courtesy of: Markman's Diamonds and Fine Jewelry
Strasburg Children is "in the business of dressing angels," and you can dress your angel in this size 2Y 100% silk
red-and-white striped Bishop dress, with smocking at the neckline and sleeves.                                         118 Colors of the Rainbow
Value: $99.00                         Courtesy of: Strasburg Children                                                  This two strand, multi-colored beaded necklace includes both matching drop earrings and silver filigree half-
                                                                                                                       moon earrings, in a fabric storage bag.
                                                                                                                       Value: $185.00                       Courtesy of: Mostly Pearls

                                                        18                                                                                                                    19
119 A Formal Affair                                                                                                128 Coffee Fanatics
For your next wedding or formal event, enjoy a complimentary tuxedo rental that includes all accessories.          Get your caffeine fix with this coffee beans for a year package. Receive your choice of one pound of coffee beans
AfterHours Formalwear carries exclusive brands such as Tommy Hillfiger and Claiborne.                              free every month between December 2006 and November 2007. Excludes Jamaican Blue and Hawaiian Kona.
Value: $160.00                      Courtesy of: AfterHours Formalwear                                             Must present coupon each month.
                                                                                                                   Value: $150.00                          Courtesy of: Cook's Corner
120 Turquiose Drop
This silver-chained, drop style turquoise necklace also includes matching earrings.                                129 Not Cookin' Tonight
Value: $45.00                          Courtesy of: Francesca's                                                    Stay out of the kitchen with this collection of dining certificates: $40 Casa Don Gallo, 10 Marble Slab treats,
                                                                                                                   $25 Red Lobster, $100 to The Fresh Market, four entrees at Great American Buffett, and $25 Mimi's Cafe.
                                                                                                                   Value: $254.00                         Courtesy of: Marble Slab Creamery, Red Lobster Corporation, Mimi's Cafe,
121 Sweet Pea                                                                                                                                             Casa Don Gallo Mexican Cuisine, The Fresh Markets Farragut & Bearden,
Indulge yourself with this Bath and Bodyworks sweat pea-scented collection of lotions, soaps and more.                                                    and Great American Buffett
Value: $100.00                       Courtesy of: Bath & Bodyworks
                                                                                                                   196 A Taste of Home
122 The Scent of Fall                                                                                              Enjoy the taste of homemade fresh bread and jellies, with this multi-piece collection.
Bring the spirit of fall and the holidays indoors with this collection of pumpkin and spice-scented candles,       Value: $100                          Courtesy of: Diane Sutton
lotions and more, including a pumpkin-sized three wick candle.
Value: $200.00                          Courtesy of: Bath & Bodyworks                                                                         ENTERTAINMENT & EXPERIENCE
123 Custom Silver                                                                                                  130 Gatlinburg Getaway
Both the sterling silver cuff bracelet and the matching oval earrings include free engraving of the buyer's        Take a mini-vacation to Gatlinburg, with a two night stay at the Hampton Inn Gatlinburg, two tickets to both
choice.                                                                                                            Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies (America's most visited aquarium) and Dollywood, and dinner at Ruby
                                                                                                                   Tuesday, up to $50.
Value: $150.00                          Courtesy of: Kimball's Jewelers
                                                                                                                   Value: $473.00                      Courtesy of: Dollywood, Ruby Tuesday, Hampton Inn Gatlinburg,
                                                                                                                                                       and Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies
124 Brighton Collection
Accessorize with three pieces from the Brighton Collection. Feature someone you love in a silver-accent photo      131 Jackpot!
pendant and coordinating silver and gold "Maria" earrings. From the Orchard Collection by Brighton, this gold
cell phone pouch can be clipped to a belt or purse.                                                                You'll hit the jackpot with this getaway for two to Harrah's Cherokee Casino and Hotel, the premier name in
                                                                                                                   casino entertainment. Package includes a one-night stay and a complimentary dinner at the Selu Garden Cafe.
Value: $102.00                        Courtesy of: J.P. Coffin
                                                                                                                   Value: $200.00                         Courtesy of: Harrah's Cherokee Casino

125 International Flair
                                                                                                                   132 Batter Up!
Add some flair to your wardrobe with three necklaces from International Flair: a yellow, three stand necklace; a
multi-colored beaded necklace that features a sterling silver, flat button clasp; and a multi-colored beaded       Let your child experience the unique opportunity to be a bat boy or girl for the Tennessee Smokies baseball
pendant on a woven yellow rope necklace.                                                                           team. Your child will sit in the dugout with the players, help retrieve bats and supply the umpire with baseballs.
                                                                                                                   Package also includes four field level tickets, a Tennessee Smokies hat and T-shirt.
Value: $225.00                       Courtesy of: International Flair Jewelers
                                                                                                                   Value: priceless                       Courtesy of: Tennessee Smokies
                                                                                                                   133 Adventure Camp
126 Le Creuset                                                                                                     Camp Webb is a co-ed summer day camp program committed to providing children with an exciting and fun
Le Creuset's virtually non-porous Stoneware is fired at 2156°, giving it unmatched strength and durability and     summer experience. Activities during the week-long Adventure Camp include drama, archery, crafts, and water
making it resistant to chipping, cracking, and staining. Its enameled surface makes each piece easy to clean       sports.
and scratch resistant so that it looks and performs wonderfully for years to come.                                 Value: $195.00                       Courtesy of: Camp Webb
Value: $170.00                          Courtesy of: The Glass Bazaar
                                                                                                                   134 All the World's a Stage
127 The Taste of Honey Baked Ham                                                                                   Visit historic Barter Theatre--the state theatre of Virginia--and view the performance of your choice. Former
Enjoy the famous taste of Honey Baked Ham with this gift basket that includes a $50 gift card for a ham or         Barter Theatre alumni include Gregory Peck, Patricia Neal and Ned Beatty. Valid February 1-June 1, 2007.
turkey dinner and assorted condiments, crackers and garnishes.                                                     Value: $75.00                           Courtesy of: Barter Theatre
Value: $100.00                      Courtesy of: Volunteer Services/Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center

                                                       20                                                                                                                  21
135 Rocky Waters                                                                                                      142 Dinner for Eight
Enjoy two nights in front of a wood-burning fireplace or on your own private balcony at Rocky Waters Inn &            Host a dinner party for up to eight people without having to cook or do the dishes! The Sunspot offers
Suites. Less than two miles from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the hotel offers two pools and two          something for every taste. Select from soup, salad and sandwiches with side dishes such as Mashers of the
outdoor spas.                                                                                                         Moment, Pan-Fried Corn and Roasted Plantains with Carrots.
Value: $200.00                        Courtesy of: Rocky Waters Inn & Suites                                          Value: $300.00                        Courtesy of Aubrey's Resturants: Aubrey's, Edison Park, & The Sunspot

136 A Sanctuary for the Soul                                                                                          143 A Day Out with the Family
Whitestone Country Inn Bed and Breakfast is a luxurious AAA, 4-diamond country estate on Watts Bar Lake with          Spend some time with family or friends. Meet the world's most fascinating creatures at the Knoxville Zoo.
views of the Smoky Mountains. Package includes one night lodging, dinner and a $50 Whitestone Country Inn             Habitats include the Stokely African Elephant Preserve, Grasslands Africa, Black Bear Falls, Chimp Ridge and
gift certificate.                                                                                                     Kids Cove. Then glide across the ice with five complimentary ice skating lessons from the Ice Chalet. Finally,
Value: $750                        Courtesy of: Rob & Beth Cantrell                                                   watch the Tennessee Smokies take the field with four complimentary tickets.
                                                                                                                      Value: $162.00                        Courtesy of: Tennessee Smokies, Ice Chalet and Knoxville Zoo
137 A Night Out in Knoxville
Have a night out in Knoxville! Bonefish Grill specializes in market fresh fish grilled over an oak-burning grill.                                                   HOME DECOR
Certificate is valid for dinner for two, including appetizers, beverages and desserts, up to $45. Take in the
Appalachian Ballet's performance of "The Nutcracker" at the Knoxville Civic Auditorium on December 2, 2006            144 On a Silver Platter
before enjoying a complimentary weekend stay at the Hilton Knoxville Airport. Also includes dinner and                Bring a touch of elegance into your home with this 9-inch silver platter. Perfect as a centerpiece or a serving
breakfast for two at the hotel.                                                                                       item.
Value: $365.00                           Courtesy of: Appalachian Ballet Company, Bonefish Grill, and                 Value: $50.00                        Courtesy of: Kimball's Jewelers
                                         Hilton Knoxville Airport
                                                                                                                      145 Amber Glass
138 New Look, New You                                                                                                 This large amber glass jar with ornate silver lid is perfect for storage or for decoration.
Discover a new look, beginning with a $100 gift certificate to Clothes by Mertie. Then enjoy a 60 minute facial       Value: $67.00                        Courtesy of: Antiques & Accents Interiors
at the new Turkey Creek Natural Alternatives spa. Conclude your mini-makeover with a shampoo, haircut and
style from Shear Techniques.
Value: $181.00                       Courtesy of: Clothes by Mertie, Natural Alternatives, and Shear Techniques       146 Sugar Cane
                                                                                                                      The relaxed styling of Kathy Ireland Home Aloha combines coastal imagery and sun-drenched colors to bring
                                                                                                                      an exotic ambience into any living space. The 5' x 7'9" rug is 100% seagrass, with a cotton border.
139 Beautiful Music Together
                                                                                                                      Value: $199.00                        Courtesy of: Gillenwater Flooring Center, Inc.
This package of dinner, music and a weekend stay makes beautiful music together. It includes two tickets for
your choice of select 2006-2007 Knoxville Symphony Orchestra Pops concerts and a $100 The Orangery gift
certificate. Finally, enjoy a complimentary weekend stay on the Executive Club Level at the Hilton Knoxville          147 Warm in the Winter
Airport. Executive level guests have access to the private executive lounge serving complimentary continental         Keep warm with winter with a custom monographed, trimmed beige rayon afghan. Buyer may select
breakfast and evening cocktails. Also includes dinner and breakfast for two.                                          monogram color.
Value: $500.00                         Courtesy of: Knoxville Symphony Society, Hilton Knoxville Airport,             Value: $40.00                      Courtesy of: Paper Paraphernalia             .
                                       and The Orangery
                                                                                                                      148 My Garden
140 An Afternoon Out                                                                                                  The original of this limited edition print (one of 10) was originally sold in Knoxville. Nicole Lloyd's work has
Treat yourself with a spa visit, shopping trip and lunch out. Package includes a $25 Goody's certificate, $50         been exhibited at the Dogwoods Art Festival, Oak Ridge Art Gallery, and in galleries in North Carolina, Kentucky
certificate to Little Bangkok, and a $25 gift certificate toward your choice of spa or salon services at Garde Bien   and Wyoming.
SpaSalon, where everything is designed to reduce stress and revitalize both mind and body.
                                                                                                                      Value: $300.00                         Courtesy of: Nicole Lloyd
Value: $100.00                         Courtesy of: Goody's, Little Bangkok, and Garde Bien Spa Salon
                                                                                                                      149 Anna Ray
141 Dinner & Dancing                                                                                                  This 18x23-1/2 mixed media floral-themed painting also includes a certificate for a 15% discount on framing.
Since the first Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar opened in 1998, it has raised the standard of excellence for
steakhouses to a whole new level, winning awards all over the country for outstanding food, wine and service. Enjoy   Value: $125.00                      Courtesy of: The Town Framery
dinner for four, up to $150, before heading to the Tennessee Children's Dance Ensemble's "spellbinding 2007 Season
Premiere" at the Knoxville Civic Auditorium on Friday, February 23.                                                   150 A Party Platter
Value: $230.00                          Courtesy of: Tennessee Children's Dance Ensemble and Fleming's                This eight compartment ceramic dip tray also includes four matching condiment bowls and an oil bottle with
                                        Prime Steakhouse                                                              pouring spout.
                                                                                                                      Value: $62.00                      Courtesy of: Prism Pool and Backyard

                                                        22                                                                                                                     23
151 Mountain Array                                                                                                161 Golden Clay
Born in Knoxville, Larry Burton received his early training at the Meinzinger School of Art in Detroit. This      This gold-toned pottery pitcher is carved from a single piece of clay.
signed, framed print, "Mountain Array," is number 378 of 800.                                                     Value: $40.00                          Courtesy of: Jane Longendorfer
Value: $310.00                       Courtesy of: Robert & Ellie Kassem
                                                                                                                  162 Making a House a Home
152 Stormy Waters                                                                                                 Make your house into a home with a beautiful live orchid, $50 gift certificate to Ellenberg's Nursery and a one
Matted in a silver-leaf frame, this DeWitt Whistler Wayne watercolor portrays a stormy ocean day.                 year subscription (12 issues) of At Home Tennessee, the premier home, lifestyle and fashion magazine for the
                                                                                                                  state of Tennessee.
Value: $200.00                         Courtesy of: Robert & Ellie Kassem
                                                                                                                  Value: $189.00                        Courtesy of: At Home Tennessee and Ellenburg's Nursery &
153 Corner Store
From Christine Patterson's "The Tennessee Series," this matted 8x8 sepia photo also includes an autographed       163 A Dash of Flavor
copy of Patterson's "Haunting memories: Echoes and images of Tennessee's past" book.
                                                                                                                  Use this olive oil set to decorate your home or for cooking. Includes aged balsamic vinegar and regular and
Value: $320.00                      Courtesy of: Christine Patterson Photography                                  lemon-infused olive oil in a decorative red metal wagon.
                                                                                                                  Value: $100.00                          Courtesy of: Avanti Savoia
154 Southcoast Serving
This gallon-size pewter pitcher features a jewel-toned decorative handle and includes a matching salad tong       164 Colors of the Fall
serving set.                                                                                                      This boat-shaped wicker basket include Tuscan-themed placemats, napkins, napkin rings, guest towels and beverage
Value: $110.00                        Courtesy of: J.P. Coffin                                                    napkins. It also includes coordinating pumpkins, gourds, a wreath, photo frame and pine and berry spray.
                                                                                                                  Value: $250.00                         Courtesy of: Kimball's Jewelers
155 Girl with Flowers
This porcelain 14.5 inch statue from Margarita's Designs is a beautiful accent to any room.                       165 Perfectly Pink
Value: $95.00                        Courtesy of: Gifts Unique                                                    This Mariposa dragonfly bowl includes a vanity pillow, luxurious candle, and matching beverage napkins,
                                                                                                                  ornaments and artificial Gerbera daisies.
                                                                                                                  Value: $200.00                       Courtesy of: Kimball's Jewelers
156 Peaceful Journey
This "Peaceful Journey" angel from the Heartwood Creek Jim Shore collection is made of painted and tinted
stone resin.                                                                                                      166 Flowers, Flowers
Value: $43.00                       Courtesy of: Gifts Unique                                                     Accent your home with this two piece artificial floral set set, and get decor inspiration with a one year
                                                                                                                  subscription (12 issues) of the premier home, lifestyle and fashion magazine for the state of Tennessee.
                                                                                                                  Value: $180.00                        Courtesy of: At Home Tennessee & Diane Sutton
157 Precious Moments
The teapot is decorated with a snowy outdoor scene, with Christmas trees, animals, and Precious Moments
characters, bordered with holly leaves and berries.                                                               167 Tis the Season
                                                                                                                  This festive holiday box includes holiday-themed placemats, napkins, napkin rings, greeting cards, beverage
Value: $26.00                         Courtesy of: Gifts Unique                                                   napkins, ornaments, wreath, and a gold-accented centerpiece.
                                                                                                                  Value: $335.00                        Courtesy of: Kimball's Jewelers
158 Talk to the Animals
Brighten a nursery or child's room with this charming lighted figurine that plays The Lord's Prayer. Noah's ark
is brimming with animals as an animated Noah waves.                                                               193 A Table for Any Occasion
                                                                                                                  This three piece glass top and iron ribbon table set includes two end tables and a cocktail table.
Value: $50.00                        Courtesy of: Gifts Unique
                                                                                                                  Value: $303                            Courtesy of: Silver Furniture Company
159 A Sleigh Full of Dreams
A Sleigh Full of Dreams, by artist Jim Shore, shows off a winter village landscape through exquisite details,     197 Leaves of Color
down to the folkart-style patchwork designs.                                                                      Stacey Fletcher created this original, numbered watercolor specifically for the Dream Gala.
Value: $68.00                          Courtesy of: Gifts Unique                                                  Value: $250.00                         Courtesy of: Stacey Fletcher

160 As Easy as A-B-C                                                                                                                                           IN HONOR OF
Nashville's Hatch Show Print is one of the oldest working letterpress print shops in America. This four-color,
circus-style alphabet poster is number 3 of 60.                                                                   169 In Honor of Ashley Jones
Value: $150.00                        Courtesy of: Hatch Show Print                                               Ashley Jones, 14, was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes four years ago. She is wild about the products her dad's
                                                                                                                  company, case-mate, makes. Her package includes a blue iPOD cover, black laptop protective cover and a laptop
                                                                                                                  handle for electronic enthusiasts.
                                                                                                                  Value: $100.00                        Courtesy of: case-mate

                                                       24                                                                                                                 25
170 In Honor of Caroline Thomas                                                                                     178 Sugar Ray
Caroline Thomas, 10, is wild about softball and her hero Jennie Finch. She loves to watch her play and reads        Considered one of the greatest fighters of all time, Sugar Ray Leonard burst onto the international scene by
everything she can about her favorite player. Caroline's Walk to Cure Diabetes team is called the HotShots, and     winning the light-welterweight gold medal at the 1976 Olympic Games in Montreal. He was one of the leading
their logo is a softball player. Diagnosed at age 7, she hopes the money raised by the JDRF will "knock diabetes    boxers in the world in the late 1970s and 1980s, winning world titles at 5 different weights. He is also a type 1
out of the park" for good!                                                                                          diabetic and a JDRF advocate.
Value: $100.00                          Courtesy of: Beverly Finch                                                  Value: $250.00                        Courtesy of: JDRF National Headquarters

171 In Honor of Danny Lowery                                                                                        179 Start Your Engines
Fowler's Furniture has donated this Eddie Bauer outdoor set in honor of Danny Lowery, a close friend with           Gear up for the next race with this size large NASCAR authorized wool jacket, with dual inside and outside
diabetes. This 14-piece set includes sunglasses, four-eye oval watch, rechargeable car flashlight, duffel bag,      pockets and snap closures.
leather gloves, umbrella, survival kit, radio and more.                                                             Value: $130.00                         Courtesy of: Randy & Becky Moore
Value: $584.00                          Courtesy of: Fowler's Furniture
195 In Honor of Kate Proffitt
                                                                                                                    180 Creature Comforts
Kate Proffitt, 10, was diagnosed with diabetes seven years ago. An avid reader and collector, this package in her
honor includes multiple books, an electric reading blanket, coffee, mugs and more.                                  Keep your canine or feline friend healthy and happy with $100 in medical services, vaccinations, and/or
                                                                                                                    products from Admiral Veterinary Hospital. After a complimentary PetsMart training session, reward your furry
Value: $100                           Courtesy of: James & Wilma Proffitt                                           friend with this basket of toys and treats.
                                                                                                                    Value: $234.00                         Courtesy of: Admiral Veterinary Hospital, PetSmart and Ginger Peck
172 One More Day                                                                                                    181 Broyles Renderings
It's music to play or to admire. Diamond Rio drummer Brian Prout has autographed a drum head, previously            Broyles Renderings believes that photos are not just pictures, they are memories. Capture your memories with a
used in performances, and the entire group has autographed the sheet music for its crossover hit "One More          complimentary sitting fee and 11x14 inch artist signature print.
Day."                                                                                                               Value: $249.00                       Courtesy of: Broyles Renderings
Value: $100.00                       Courtesy of: Diamond Rio Fan Club
                                                                                                                    182 Fitness Resolution
173 Doc                                                                                                             Get into shape at the Fort Sanders Health & Fitness Center. Package includes a complimentary initiation fee and
Billy Ray Cyrus, of "Achy Breaky Heart" fame, won rave reviews for his turn as the star of PAX TV's "Doc." Cyrus    two 1-hour personal training sessions.
has autographed this first season shooting script.                                                                  Value: $479.00                       Courtesy of: Fort Sanders Health & Fitness Center
Value: $50.00                        Courtesy of: Billy Ray Cyrus Fan Club
                                                                                                                    183 Pamper Your Pet
174 Fender Collectable                                                                                              Pamper your pet with $50 in services from the Knoxville Animal Clinic.
Multi-platinum selling country star Brad Paisley ("He Didn't Have to Be," "Whisky Lullaby") has autographed         Value: $50.00                        Courtesy of: Knoxville Animal Clinic
this black and white Fender Telecaster.
Value: $500.00                        Courtesy of: RCA Records/Sony/BMG                                             184 A Party at the Manor
                                                                                                                    The relaxed atmosphere of the Porter-Brakebill Manor is the perfect setting for your next gathering. The home is
175 Martina at the Ryman                                                                                            on the National Historic Register and is located on 100 acres of farmland near the Smoky Mountains. Package
Multi-platinum country music artist Martina McBride ("Independence Day," "Valentine") has signed this Hatch         includes a complimentary four hour rental.
show print poster from her 2006 appearance at the historic Ryman Auditorium.                                        Value: $500.00                        Courtesy of: Porter Brakebill Manor
Value: $75.00                       Courtesy of: RCA Records/Sony/BMG
                                                                                                                    185 Raise Your Voice
176 No Place that Far                                                                                               Learn to sing or even speak confidently with four vocal lessons at the Don Brakebill Vocal Studio.
Platinum-selling country singer Sara Evans ("No Place that Far," TV's "Dancing with the Stars") has signed this     Value: $100.00                       Courtesy of: Don Brakebill Vocal Studio
black-and-white 8x10 photo.
Value: $50.00                       Courtesy of: RCA Records/Sony/BMG                                               186 Canvas Memories
                                                                                                                    Sarah Lynn Seaton will capture your memories with a black and white wall portrait of up to five people.
177 Gone                                                                                                            Value: $665.00                      Courtesy of: Sarah Lynn Seaton, Photo Graphic Artist
Platinum-selling country duo Montgomery Gentry ("My Town," "Gone") has signed their recent greatest hits
collection CD and an 8x10 color photo.
Value: $75.00                       Courtesy of: RCA Records/Sony/BMG

                                                        26                                                                                                                 27
187 Fill'er Up!
Avoid the pain at the pump with this $250 Pilot gift card. Good for gas, snacks and more at any participating
Pilot Travel Center.
                                                                                                                                     Super Silent Auction
Value: $250.00                       Courtesy of: Pilot Corporation                                                           The Super Silent Auction is open throughout dinner service,
                                                                                                                                             until approximately 8:30 p.m.
188 Preserve Your Memories
                                                                                                                   201 The Lodge at Buckberry Creek
Kitten Love Productions offers many services to help preserve your memories in fun and extraordinary ways,
including editing, phot enhancement, restoration, cartoonification, portraiture and VHS to DVD transfer. Protect   Enjoy two nights stay at The Lodge at Buckberry Creek, Gatlinburg's only all suite luxury resort. Features
your memories with this $250 gift certificate.                                                                     include Adirondack-style suites, exquisite bath amenities, high-speed internet, fine dining, walking trails, trout
                                                                                                                   fishing and more.
Value: $250.00                       Courtesy of: Kitten Love Productions
                                                                                                                   Value: $500.00                        Courtesy of: The Lodge at Buckberry Creek

191 A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
                                                                                                                   202 A Country Music Legend
Capture your memories forever with this photography sitting from Blair Hyatt Atkins Photography. Includes two
rolls (one color; one black and white) worth of shots. Proofs are yours to keep.                                   This limited edition Alabama Farewell Tour 2003 Epiphone guitar has been autographed by all four members of
                                                                                                                   the multi-platinum selling group Alabama. Also includes a certificate of authenticity.
Value: $175.00                        Courtesy of: Blair Hyatt Atkins Photography
                                                                                                                   Value: $1,000.00                    Courtesy of: RCA Records/Sony/BMG

194 A Trip to the Salon
                                                                                                                   203 Lunch With the Mayor
Take a trip to the salon and treat yourself to a haircut, style, manicure and pedicure from the David Matthews
Salon.                                                                                                             Spend an afternoon with Knox County Mayor Mike Ragsdale (R), as he treats you to lunch.
Value: $128.00                        Courtesy of: David Matthews Salon                                            Value: priceless                  Courtesy of: Mike Ragsdale, Knox County Mayor

                                    SPORTS & OUTDOORS                                                              204 Diamond Brilliance
                                                                                                                   Each of these 14K white gold open loop earrings is set with 40 diamonds, for a total weight of 1.2k.
189 On the Green                                                                                                   Value: $2,895.00                    Courtesy of: Kimball's Jewelers
Enjoy four rounds of golf yourself or take three friends along for an afternoon at The Wee Course near
downtown Knoxville. Includes use of golf cart.
Value: $84.00                          Courtesy of: The Wee Course at Williams Creek                               205 Men's Wear
                                                                                                                   This stainless steel men's watch has a black Roman dial, quartz movement, mineral crystal and is water
                                                                                                                   resistant to 100 feet.
190 The Grass is Greener                                                                                           Value: $400.00                        Courtesy of: Kimball's Jewelers
Enjoy a beautiful lawn year-round without any of the work. Beginning in January 2007, Lawn Doctor will
provide their six service program for any yard in Knox County up to 10,000 square feet. Includes season-specific
fertilization, weed control and preventative insect/disease inspection. All you have to do is water and mow!       206 Women's Wear
Value: $400.00                         Courtesy of: Lawn Doctor of West Knoxville • Oak Ridge •                    This stainless steel women's watch features a black roman dial, quartz movement, mineral crystal and is water
                                       Lenoir City • Harriman                                                      resistant to 100 feet.
                                                                                                                   Value: $400.00                        Courtesy of: Kimball's Jewelers

                                                                                                                   207 Ephiphone Sunburst
                                                                                                                   This small-bodied, easy-to-play gem recalls the era when guitars were built to be played on front porches and in
                                                                                                                   dens and parlors. Just pick up this great looking 00-sized acoustic with mahogany body and solid spruce top for
                                                                                                                   that sweet vintage tone and ringing sound. Features a set mahogany neck, 25-1/2" scale, rosewood fingerboard,
                                                                                                                   and chrome hardware.
                                                                                                                   Value: $697.00                         Courtesy of: Gibson Guitars Foundation

                                                                                                                   208 In the Paint
                                                                                                                   Watch the Men's Basketball Vols take on Vanderbilt in SEC auction on February 10, 2007 at Thompson-Boling
                                                                                                                   Arena, with four lower-level passes. Package also includes a complimentary parking pass. Enjoy a pre-game
                                                                                                                   meal at Corky's, up to $125.
                                                                                                                   Value: $190.00                         Courtesy of: Hank & Bert Bertelkamp, and Corky's Ribs and BBQ

                                                      28                                                                                                                   29
209 Leather Luxury
Add leather luxury to your living room or den with this brown leather and blond wood sofa and two matching
leather chairs and ottomans from the “Cape May” collection.                                                                                     Live Auction
Value: $2,600                        Courtesy of: Courtesy of: Silver Furniture Company
                                                                                                                301 Let's Go to the Movies
210 Are We There Yet?                                                                                           You'll never miss another blockbuster hit again. See two movies a week for a year (or take a friend once a week).
                                                                                                                Can you smell the popcorn? Package includes 104 movie passes, redeemable in any quantity over one year.
Spend a week at the Gulf of Mexico with this Port St. Joe, Florida condo. Located in a gated community, this
beach view 2 bedroom/2 bath condo sleeps up to six and features 2 TVs, a VCR, stereo, DVD, gas grill and lots   Value: $858.00                        Courtesy of: Regal Entertainment Group
more. The complex also has a swimming pool, tennis court, stocked fishing lake and mini playground, making
it perfect for a family getaway.                                                                                302 New York, New York
Value: $1,150.00                    Courtesy of: John & Jeanette Shiver                                         Take New York City by storm with two gift certificates, good for the show of your choice and dinner at
                                                                                                                one of five famous restaurants: Beacon Restaurant, FireBird Restaurant, Gallagher's Steak House, Tavern on the Green
                                                                                                                or World Yacht. This package also includes 3 days and 2 nights at The Westin New York and up to $500 in airfare.
                                                                                                                Value: $1,504.00                       Courtesy of: RegionsBank/Morgan Keegan, JDRF Meetings &
                                                                                                                                                       Travel Department, and JDRF Board of Directors
                         Bracelet Exchange                                                                      303 Jet Set                             Sports & Outdoors
                                                                                                                The Eclipse four person hot tub sports a lighted waterfall feature, nine jets, an extremely tough PolyPro shell
  Purchase a blue JDRF “Cure Diabetes” bracelet for $30 (2 for $50)                                             and state-of-the-art digital control system.
  and be eligible to “exchange” your bracelet for a diamond and ruby                                            Value: $2,699.00                        Courtesy of: Rec Warehouse
  ring valued at $3,250! Each bracelet gives you an additional entry.
                                                                                                                304 Hit the Court
  Simply provide your bid number to the designated volunteer(s)                                                 Enjoy lunch with UT Women's Athletics Director Joan Cronan, before taking a private tour of Thompson Boling
  selling bracelets and the cost will be added to your check-out total.                                         Arena and watching the Lady Vols Basketball team practice. Good for up to four people and also includes a
                                                                                                                basketball signed by Basketball Head Coach Pat Summitt and four passes to the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame.
  The 18 carat gold ring features a .89K oval ruby and 24 tapered cut
                                                                                                                Value: priceless                      Courtesy of: Joan Cronan and UT Women's Athletics
  baguette diamonds that total .25K. Bracelets will be sold through
  out the Silent Auction and dinner. The winner will be selected at the                                         306 Fun in the South Carolina Sun
  end of the Gala.                                                                                              Spend a week on the South Carolina shores at this ocean-front Pawleys Island beachhouse. Featuring 2 king, 2
                                                                                                                queen, 1 double and 2 bunk beds, this little piece of paradise sleeps up to twelve. Before your trip, stock up on
                                                                                                                snacks, groceries, and supplies and gas with a $250 Pilot gift card.
  Special thanks to Kimball’s Jewelers for its support of this promotion.                                       Value: $2,935.00                      Courtesy of: C. Jack & Carolyn Brakebill and Pilot Corporation

                                                                                                                307 Home for the Holidays
                                                                                                                Prepare your home for the holidays with a dining room makeover! This eight piece oak dinette set includes
                                                                                                                table, six chairs, coordinating curio cabinet, centerpiece and coordinating dishware. Brakebill-Cox Interiors will
                                                                                                                work with you to integrate your existing furnishings and introduce new design into your home with a
                                                                                                                complimentary two-hour consultation.
             Bracelet purchases are not tax deductible, per IRS Rev. Rul. 67-246, 1967-2 C.B.
                                                                                                                Value: $3293.00                        Courtesy of: JDRF Board of Directors, Jerry and Jane Bryan,
                                                                                                                                                       Holland House Furniture, Brakebill-Cox Interiors. and Jeanie Davis
                                                                                                                308 It's Football Time in Tennessee!
                                                                                                                Join UT President Emeritus Dr. Joe Johnson in his skybox at the UT v. South Carolina football game on October
                                                                                                                27, 2007. Also includes a complimentary meal in the skybox and a junior sized football autographed by UT
                                                                                                                football coach Phillip Fulmer.
                                                                                                                Value: priceless                     Courtesy of: Dr. Joseph E. Johnson, and Vol Network

                                                                                                                309 Hilton Head Holiday
                                                                                                                Take a holiday at Hilton Head at a beachfront villas in Sea Pines Plantation. This four bedroom, three baths
                                                                                                                villa is across from the Salty Dog, includes free tennis and has pool access. Enjoy a one week stay in either May,
                                                                                                                June, September or October.
                                                                                                                Value: $2,800.00                       Courtesy of: Traver-Madden Beachfront HH Villa

                                                                                                                310 Wild for a Cure
                                                                                                                Children from JDRF's families each contributed a painted block to this one-of-a-kind piece of safari-themed art.
                                                                                                                At 34"h x 30.5"w, it is perfect for a home, business or entry way.
                                                                                                                Value: priceless                        Courtesy of: JDRF families and Bennett Galleries

                                                    30                                                                                                                   31
                        Fund A Cure                                                                        Here’s How
It’s been more than 35 years since a determined group of parents vowed to do
                                                                                                        Fund A Cure Works
whatever it takes to find a cure for type 1 diabetes. And year after year, passionately     Auctioneer Jake Sanford will call out funding levels of $100, $250, $500, $1,000,
committed JDRF donors and volunteers like you have embraced the challenge of                $2,500, $5,000, and $10,000. You simply raise your bid card when you hear the
finding a cure for all people with diabetes as their own.                                   amount at which you wish to contribute.

Thanks to these unflagging efforts, JDRF has directed more than $1 billion to diabetes      With your help, we can hasten the pace to finding the cure!
research since it was founded in 1970. Our donors have been the driving force behind
groundbreaking advances, including islet transplantation, beta cell regeneration, and       The East Tennessee Chapter greatly appreciates the generous donations of those
the treatment and prevention of complications. Over the last three decades, our             people who could not be with us this evening but made a contribution to the Fund
funding and leadership have been associated with most major breakthroughs in type           A Cure auction prior to the event.
1 diabetes research. No other organization has accomplished as much. Millions
benefit from this research every day. Most exciting, islet transplantation has helped
more than 200 people achieve insulin independence. They are living proof that type
1 diabetes can be cured.

The cure is being developed in JDRF-supported laboratories throughout the world.
                                                                                                      Double your donation
The latest advances are so compelling and so abundant that we’ve reached a unique
moment in the history of diabetes science: for the first time, a multiplicity of
                                                                                                       at no cost to you!
approaches are beginning to converge, moving us rapidly from the laboratory to                 How? Ask your employer about matching your contribution.
therapies for people with diabetes.                                                            Simply complete the form in your envelope or let a Banking Volunteer know.
JDRF is a fiercely entrepreneurial operation, built on a business-world model. We are
assembling multidisciplinary, interinstitutional teams of the world’s best scientists to                       What may be eligible for matching?
solve complex problems collaboratively. We are demanding accountability,                                                 $45 of the ticket price
measuring progress in months, not years, and quickly determining which projects                                    Fund-a-Cure donations (100%)
should be dropped or restructured. The fast track is the only way forward.                            Auction purchases (the amount above the fair market value)
                                                                                                         Your human resrouces director can tell you if your employer matches
We know that each new dollar, each new advance reduces the distance to our                                   charitable gifts and what is eligible, as it varies by employer.
destination. On the path to the top of this mountain, every step counts. We are literally
in the homestretch of a historic achievement – the first ever cure for a chronic
human disease. With your help, we are about to change the world.

Join us as we make medical history.

                                           32                                                                                            33
  JDRF gratefully acknowledges the Gala                                                             Auction Donors
   sponsors and donors that made this                               Admiral Veterinary Hospital
                                                                    AfterHours Formalwear
                                                                                                                Kimball’s Jewelers
                                                                                                                Kitten Love Productions
                                                                    Antiques & Accents Interiors                Knoxville Animal Clinic
        evening’s event possible.                                   Appalachian Ballet Company                  Knoxville Symphony Society
                                                                    At Home Tennessee magazine                  Knoxville Zoo
                                                                    Aubrey’s/Edison Park/Sunspot                Lawn Doctor of West Knoxville-Oak Ridge-Lenoir
                   PRESENTING SPONSOR                               Avanti Savoia                                 City-Harriman
                                                                    Barter Theatre                              Little Bangkok
                                                                    Bath & Bodyworks                            M.S. McClellan
                                                                    Belk at Turkey Creek                        Maggie Moo’s Ice Cream & Treatery
                                                                    Bennett Galleries                           Marble Slab Creamery
                                                                    Beverly Finch                               Markman’s Diamonds and Fine Jewelry
                                                                    Billy Ray Cyrus Fan Club                    Mike Ragsdale, Knox County Mayor
                                                                    Blair Hyatt Atkins Photography              Mimi’s Cafe
                                                                    Bonefish Grill                              Mostly Pearls
                                                                    Brakebill-Cox Interiors                     Natural Alternatives
                                                                    Broyles Renderings                          Nicole Lloyd
                                                                    C. Jack & Carolyn Brakebill                 Paper Paraphernalia
                                                                    Camp Webb                                   PetSmart
                    PLATINUM SPONSOR                                Cara & Cleve May                            Pilot Corporation
                                                                    Casa Don Gallo Mexican Cuisine              Porter Brakebill Manor
                                                                    Case-mate                                   Prism Pool and Backyard
                                                                    Christine Patterson Photography             Pump It Up!
                                                                    Clothes by Mertie                           Randy & Becky Moore
                                                                    Cook’s Corner                               RCA Records/Sony/BMG
                                                                    Corkys Ribs and BBQ                         Rec Warehouse
                                                                    David Matthews Salon                        Red Lobster Corporation
                                                                    Diamond Rio Fan Club                        Regal Entertainment Group
                                                                    Diane Sutton                                Regions Bank/Morgan Keegan
                                                                    Dollywood                                   Rob & Beth Cantrell
                                                                    Don Brakebill Vocal Studio                  Robert & Ellie Kassem
                                                                    Dr. Joseph E. Johnson                       Rocky Waters Inn & Suites
                                                                    Ellenburg’s Nursery & Landscaping           Rose Meredith
                     BRONZE SPONSORS                                Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse                  Ruby Tuesday
                                                                    Fort Sanders Health & Fitness Center        Sarah Lynn Seaton,
  ALCOA    •   Clayton Homes   •   Emerson Process Management       Foster’s Fine Jewelry                         Photo Graphic Artist
                                                                    Fowler's Furniture                          Shear Techniques
                      TABLE SPONSORS                                Francesca’s                                 Silver Furniture Company
                                                                    Garde Bien Spa Salon                        Smart Toys & Books
     Berkline • Jim & Kay Clayton • Dr. Jan Henley, D.D.S.          Gibson Guitars Foundation                   Stacy Fletcher
            Fowler’s Furniture • Home Federal Bank                  Gifts Unique                                Strasburg Children
                                                                    Gillenwater Flooring Center, Inc.           Tate’s Day Camp
      Joseph Construction Company • Kimball’s Jewelers              Ginger Peck                                 Tennessee Children’s Dance Ensemble
    Knoxville Pediatric Associates, P.C. • Lamar Advertising        Goody’s                                     Tennessee Smokies
                                                                    Hampton Inn Gatlinburg                      The Fresh Market, Bearden
    Bradley Mayes • NetGain LLC • Regions Bank • Serta              Hank & Bert Bertelkamp                      The Fresh Market, Farragut
  Shoffner Mechanical & Industrial • St. Mary's Health System       Harper’s Bike Shop                          The Glass Bazaar
                                                                    Harrah’s Cherokee Casino                    The Lodge at Buckberry Creek
             Todd Henderson State Farm Insurance                    Hatch Show Print                            The Orangery
   The Trust Company of Knoxville • Van Elkins & Associates         Hilton Knoxville Airport                    The Town Framery
                                                                    Holland House Furniture                     The Wee Course at Williams Creek
                                                                    International Flair Jewelers                Traver-Madden Beachfront
                      IN-KIND DONORS                                J.P. Coffin                                   HH Villa
Associated Posters, Inc. • Color Central Imaging • Crouch Florist   Jane Longendorfer                           Turq Jewelry
                                                                    JDRF Board of Directors                     UT Women’s Athletics
Dixie Lee Wine & Liquors • High Resolutions • Jerry's Artarama      JDRF Meetings & Travel Department           Vol Network
                                                                    Jeanie Davis                                Volunteer Services/
           Parrott Screen Printing • Brian McWilliams               Jerry & Jane Bryan                            Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center
   The Tombras Group • Danny Wilson • The Town Framery              John Berry’s Boutique                       Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame
                                                                    John & Jeanette Shiver

                               34                                                                          35
 The East Tennessee Chapter of the Juvenile Diabetes
Research Foundation expresses heartfelt gratitude to the
 many donors and volunteers of the 2006 Dream Gala.

Gala Chair                             Bonita Stephens
Cathy Gillenwater                      Ellen Tessmann
                                       Cathy Van Ostrand
Gala Committee                         Chris Walker
Van Elkins, Corporate Fundraising      Cindy Zimbrich
  Committee Chair
Sarah Holtz, Decorations Chair         Gala Volunteers
Cindy Zimbrich, Communication Chair    Jessie Acuff
Betsi Vesser                           Jana Barrett
Bonita Stephens                        Janice Bush
Carol Money                            Kathryn Deardorff
Dale Money                             Rachael Dorsey
Don Fowler                             Alison Farrow
Ginger Quillin                         Leigh Hruby
Jan Henley                             Jerry Josey
Jim Proffitt                           Jennifer Kyer
Natalie Mulford                        Matthew Kyte
Phyllis Baker Smith                    Sheila Kyte
Phyllis Robinson                       Sandy Maples
Rob Cantrell                           Misty Markham
SaSa Cantrell                          Heidi Mason
Shirley Warren                         Sarah McReynolds
Susan Simcox                           Tammie Mitchell
                                       Becky Moore
Board of Directors                     Randy Moore
Tricia Arnwine-Fellers                 Megan O’Lear
Kevin Barrington                       Ginger Peck
Flash Black                            Pi Beta Phi
Ron Buchanan                           Cindy Rauhuff
Rob Cantrell                           Tiffany Rittinger
Evon Chastain                          Lauren Rucker
Lori Cottrell                          Bethany Scheidler
Gwen Easter                            Amanda Simmons
Don Fowler                             Emily Skelly
Sonny Greeson                          Megan V. Smith
Todd Henderson                         Ashley Tangen
Jan Henley                             Debbie Vineyard
Ken Jayne                              Jason Wells
Mike Jones                             Casey Wilkes
Ralph Lehman                           Kim Woods
Janya Marshall
Robert McClellan                       Staff
Rod McKinney                           Linda Josey / Office Manager
Becky Moore                            Laura A. Miller / Special Events
Matt Morris                               Coordinator
Jim Park                               Jill K. Moreland / Special Events
Jim Proffitt                              Coordinator


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