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A systematic instructional design model
    An Overview of the ADDIE Model

Janice Wilson Butler, Ed. D.
University of Texas at Brownsville
EDTC 6320 Instructional Technology
           What is ADDIE?

• A systematic approach (model) for
  developing effective instruction.
• One of the most popular models in
  instructional design.
• Outcome of each step feeds into the
  subsequent step.
• Evaluation is ongoing throughout each layer
  of design.
   Analysis              Design


Evaluate                      Develop


• During analysis, the designer identifies the
  learning problem, the goals and objectives,
  the audience’s needs, existing knowledge,
  and any other relevant characteristics.
  Analysis also considers the learning
  environment, any constraints, the delivery
  options, and the timeline for the project.

-- Knowledge base and webliography (n.d.). Retrieved
    May 5, 2008 from
    Some questions to consider

•   Who is the audience?
•   What are audience characteristics?
•   Are there learning constraints?
•   What is desired mode of delivery?
•   Is there a timeline for completion?
•   Are there specific pedagogical considerations?

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• A systematic process of specifying learning
  objectives. Detailed storyboards and
  prototypes are often made, and the look and
  feel, graphic design, user-interface and
  content is determined here.

-- Knowledge base and webliography (n.d.). Retrieved
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• What are the learning objectives?
• What will the delivery look like?
• What types on supplemental materials will be
• What topic(s) will each LO cover?
• Will all LOs look the same?

• Worksheet from

• The actual creation (production) of the
  content and learning materials based on the
  Design phase.

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• During implementation, the plan is put into
  action and a procedure for training the
  learner and teacher is developed. Materials
  are delivered or distributed to the student
  group. After delivery, the effectiveness of the
  training materials is evaluated.
-- Knowledge base and webliography (n.d.). Retrieved
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• Trial run of the materials with feedback from
   – What works? does not work?
   – What needs to be added?
   – Other ways it can be improved.

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• This phase consists of (1) formative and (2)
  summative evaluation. Formative evaluation
  is present in each stage of the ADDIE
  process. Summative evaluation consists of
  tests designed for criterion-related referenced
  items and providing opportunities for
  feedback from the users. Revisions are
  made as necessary.
-- Knowledge base and webliography (n.d.). Retrieved
    May 5, 2008 from

• Formative evaluation – ongoing.
  – What changes were made after trial
    implementation period? (peer review).
  – Did it impact your writing?
  – What else would you like to learn?
• Summative evaluation
  – What would you like to know about the LO
    once students begin using it to improve

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     What have you learned?

• Take notes so that you can include
  specific information in your reflection

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