International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centres in India

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					           International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centres in India
            Founded by Swami Vishnudevananda in 1959 | HQ: Sivananda Ashram Yoga Camp, Val Morin, Canada |

“Serve, Love, Give, Purify, Meditate,                                                 Subsequently, Swamiji established the Yoga
Realize” – these words on our emblem                                                  Camp in Canada as well as many other
are the essence of the life and                                                       ashrams and centres throughout the world.
teachings of Swami Sivananda of                                                       He is also the inspiration and guiding light
Rishikesh. A well-known yogi and saint                                                behind the „True World Order‟ (T.W.O.),
of modern India, he worked tirelessly                                                 which aims to promote world peace and
to spread the immortal message of                                                     understanding. Swamiji observed that „true
Yoga and Vedanta to the modern world                                                  brotherhood and peace can exist only when
through his own exemplary life,                                                       there are strong, self-disciplined leaders who
innumerable writings, and by training a                                               possess an inner awareness of peace. If
truly dedicated band of disciples. In         (1887 – 1963)       (1927 – 1993)        there is no inner peace within the individuals
                                                (1887 – 1963)
                                                                    of – 1963)
1957, he sent his close disciple Swami Vishnudevananda to (1887society, there cannot be peace in the external world‟. Thus
carry this unbroken chain of ancient yogic wisdom to the            he envisioned a new generation of enlightened citizens and
western world. Humbly starting his mission in North America,        yoga teachers to bring peace and prosperity in the world by
Swami Vishnudevananda simplified the complex and subtle             practising and teaching the following five values: 1) Proper
yogic principles into five basic points, to relieve the stress of   Exercise; 2) Proper Breathing; 3) Proper Relaxation; 4) Proper
the common man from the hectic lifestyle of our modern              Diet; and 5) Positive Thinking & Meditation.
materialistic society.

                                               OUR PROGRAMMES IN INDIA

Yoga Vacation: A two-week programme designed to give a              with no free days and no access to telephone or email and to
first hand experience of ashram life and spiritual discipline. It   follow a sattvic (salt and sugar free) diet. This course is open
is a healthy yogic holiday to rejuvenate body-mind-spirit with      to TTC graduates only.
twice daily yoga classes, meditation, mantra chanting,
readings, vegetarian meals, lecture, silent walks in nature and     Fasting     Programme:        A two-week     programme    for
periodical exposure to the Indian culture through ritual            detoxification and rejuvenation of body and mind with fruit
ceremonies. People of all levels are welcome to join in this        juices, vegetable broth, ayurvedic massage, herbs, colon
programme with a prior registration by email.                       cleansing, allergy and toxin testing, yoga asanas, meditation
                                                                    and other holistic therapies.
Teachers Training Course: TTC is a four-week course based
on the traditional Gurukula system of education, whereby            Yoga Ayurveda Cultural Programme: A two-week
students live with the teacher. The syllabus includes yoga          programme over the festive Christmas and New Year period to
asanas, pranayama, meditation, chanting, mantras, yoga &            supplement yoga practice with Indian music, dance
Vedanta philosophies, diet, kriyas (cleansing techniques),          performances, talks on yoga and Ayurveda and a two-day trip
anatomy & physiology, Bhagavad Gita and special classes on          to places of interest in South India.
teaching yoga to kids, elders and pregnant women. There is          Kids Camp: A four-week course for children aged seven to
an equal emphasis on the theory and practice of yoga and how        fourteen years. Children are introduced to the disciplines of
to teach a yoga class. Successful graduates are awarded a           yoga and meditation with time for games, swimming, arts &
diploma which is well recognized internationally.                   crafts, spiritual stories and day trips. Kids learn to cooperate
ATTC: Open for TTC graduates only, this four-week course            with others, develop independence and appreciate the inner
includes the practice of advanced asanas, pranayama and             peace that comes with the practice of yoga and meditation.
bandhas (locks). There is also an equal emphasis on the study       Ayurvedic Massage & Therapy: The Sivananda Institute of
of Vedanta philosophy, Yoga sutras of Patanjali, basics of          Health in the Neyyar Dam ashram provides personal
Sanskrit, and anatomy & physiology in relation to Hatha Yoga.       consultations with the resident Ayurvedic doctor, Ayurvedic oil
Sadhana Intensive: Two weeks of intensive Hatha Yoga                massages, detoxification therapy (Pancha Karma) and other
practice devised by Swami Vishnudevananda, based on his             Ayurvedic treatments.
own intensive hatha yoga sadhana in the Himalayas. The              Himalayan Treks & Yatras: Our Netala ashram in Himalayas
guided self practice is divided into three sessions per day and     offers summer treks to sacred sites in high altitudes: Gomukh,
includes both asanas and advanced pranayamas. This intense          Vishnu Peak, Valley of Flowers and Chardham Yatra. Please
practice is balanced with scriptural study. This course             check the website: for dates and
demands a high level of self discipline and students are guided     prices.
according to individual needs. Students are expected to
remain within the ashram premises throughout the course

                                                    OUR ASHRAMS IN INDIA

            Neyyar Dam Ashram                              Madurai Ashram                               Netala Ashram
 DHANWANTARI ASHRAM                           MEENAKSHI ASHRAM Near Pavanna                P.O. Netala (Near Siror Bridge),
 P.O. Neyyar Dam, Thiruvananthapuram          Vilakku Junction, New Natham Road,           Uttarkashi Dt., Himalayas,
 Dist. Kerala – 695 572                       Saramthamgi Village, Vellayampatti P.O.,     Uttaranchal 249193
 Tel : +91 - 471 - 227 3093 / 2926            Palamedu ( Via ), Madurai Dist, 625 503      Tel: +91 - 1374 - 222624 / 224159
 Fax: +91 - 471 - 227 2093                    Tamil Nadu. India.                           Mob: +91 - 9411330495
 E-Mail:             Tel : - 91 - (0) 94421 90661/                E-Mail:
 Web:                  +91.9344677965 OR +91.452.                   Web:
                                           INTERNATIONAL COURSES IN 2007-08
                                          For Non Indians / Non-Resident Indians
                                                                                                             Temp                        Twin
     Course / Programme                            Dates                    Location         Tent                           Dormitory
                                                                                                             Dorm                        Share
                                          11 Nov – 9 Dec 2007          Neyyar Dam          US$1700             –            US$1925     US$2250
                                          2 Dec – 30 Dec 2007               Madurai        US$1400          US$1600         US$1800        –
                                         06 Jan – 03 Feb 2008*         Neyyar Dam          US$1700             –            US$1925     US$2250
                                          27 Jan – 24 Feb 2008              Madurai        US$1400          US$1600         US$1800        –
  Teachers Training Course
                                          16 Mar – 13 Apr 2008         Neyyar Dam          US$1700             –            US$1925     US$2250
                                          20 Apr – 18 May 2008               Netala            –               –            US$1925     US$2250
                                          05 Oct – 02 Nov 2008               Netala            –               –            US$1925     US$2250
                                          16 Nov – 14 Dec 2008         Neyyar Dam          US$1700             –            US$1925     US$2250
                                          30 Nov – 28 Dec 2008              Madurai        US$1400          US$1600         US$1800        –
    Advanced TTC (ATTC)                  10 Feb – 09 Mar 2008*         Neyyar Dam          US$1700             –            US$1925     US$2250
                                         9 Sept – 23 Sept 2007               Netala            –               –             US$600     US$800
                                          06 Jan – 21 Jan 2008              Madurai         US$600          US$660           US$740        –
    Sadhana Intensive (SI)
                                          25 May – 08 Jun 2008               Netala            –               –             US$660     US$880
                                          14 Sep – 28 Sep 2008               Netala            –               –             US$660     US$880

   Fasting & Detoxification               14 Dec – 28 Dec 2007         Neyyar Dam              –               –               –        US$1550
         Programme                        16 Dec – 30 Dec 2008         Neyyar Dam              –               –               –        US$1550
                                          20 Apr – 18 May 2008         Neyyar Dam              –               –             US$500        –
            Kids Camp
                                             To be announced                Madurai            –               –               –           –
* International courses with European and Indian languages translation depending on demand, otherwise all courses are in English.
 Advanced registration is necessary for all courses.
 All course donations are subject to change without notice. This donation includes food, accommodation and classes per person.
 For more information and registration visit our web site: or email:

                                        YOGA VACATION PROGRAMMES (per night/person)

            Ashram                                     Dates                           Season/duration              Tent       Dorm
                                                                                          High season
                                             Two courses every month                                               Rs.450      Rs.450   Rs.600
                                                                                        (October – April)
                                             1st to 14th and 16th to 29th
   Dhanwantari Ashram,                                                                    Low Season
                                        (Minimum 3 nights stay required)                                           Rs.350      Rs.350   Rs.500
    Neyyar Dam, Kerala                                                                 (May – September)
                                       YACP * 21 Dec 2007 – 04 Jan 2007                Minimum 3 nights            Rs.550      Rs.550   Rs.700
                                       YACP * 21 Dec 2008 – 04 Jan 2008                Minimum 3 nights            Rs.550      Rs.550   Rs.700
                                                                                                                    Rs. 6000 (Temp.
     Meenakshi Ashram,                                                                                              dorm); Rs. 7000
                                             Two courses every month                   Minimum two week
     Madurai, Tamil Nadu                                                                                           (New Dorm, ladies      –
                                             1st to 14th and 16th to 29th                 stay required
                                                                                                                     for two weeks
                                    Open in summer months only
       Sivananda Kutir,                                                                Minimum one week
                                   Visit                                                    –         Rs.450   Rs.550
       Netala, Himalayas                                                                stay is required
                                           for specific dates
 * YACP – Yoga Ayurveda Cultural Programme
                                                                                                     BASIC ASHRAM SCHEDULE
  Prior booking is required for Yoga Vacation programmes.
   Contact the concerned ashram directly for details.                                      05.20am    Wake up
  Ayurvedic treatments including oil massage and Panchakarma                              06.00am    Satsang (meditation, chanting, talk)
   rejuvenation therapy are available at Dhanwantari Ashram.
                                                                                           07.30am    Tea time
  Yoga Vacation is not available during International Courses in
   Meenakshi Ashram and Sivananda Kutir.                                                   08.00am    Yoga asana class
                                                                                           10.00am    Vegetarian meal
                                                                                           11.00am    Lecture
 Accommodation Descriptions:
                                                                                           12.30pm    Karma Yoga / Selfless service
 Twin Share: Room with two beds and attached bathroom.
 Dormitory: Large sleeping room with several beds & shared bath rooms.                     01.30pm    Tea time
 Temp Dorm: Dormitory with thatched roof.                                                  02.00pm    Coaching class (optional)
 Tent: Bring your own tent with mattress.
                                                                                           03.30pm    Yoga asana class
 For all accommodation, two bed sheets, a pillow with cover and
                                                                                           06.00pm    Vegetarian meal
 a mosquito net will be provided.
                                                                                           08.00pm    Satsang ( meditation, chanting, talk)
                                                                                           10.30pm    Lights out