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Dean _ Nicki


									       ER TION
      P A            0
C O               ’1
    F         S D                                              croft 10
                                                          lston r 20
                                                      t Woctobe
 IN       L C                                    D -P1O
                                             udy Fri. 0
                                        e Stber -
                                    hanc tem
                              ast 5 Sep
                             L 2
                                                I M P O R TA N T
                                               PLEASE REA
	      	    Not	long	to	go	now...
It’s	 been	 a	 mammoth	 journey	 and	 now	 the	 final	 hurdle	 of	 your	 senior	
school	education	is	fast	approaching.		On	behalf	of	the	Last Chance team	
we’d	like	to	congratulate	you	for	coming	away	and	committing	yourself	to	
an	intense	week	of	personal	study	and	consolidation.
You	 can	 look	 forward	 to	 a	 minimum	 of	 6 hours study each full day,	
and	 by	 the	 end	 of	 the	 week	 you’ll	 have	 racked	 up	 at least 33 hours	
of	productive,	focused	preparation	for	your	HSC	exams.		We’ll	also	be	
putting	you	through	a	3	hour	exam	simulation	-	we	can	hear	you	groan	
but	trust	us,	it’s	VERY	good	preparation	for	the	real	thing.
Study	may	be	the	main	focus	for	the	camp	but	the	team	has	plenty	of	
fantastic	activities	and	events	to	help	you	relax	and	get	you	thinking	about	
the	big	world	out	there,	even	after	a	serious	session	with	the	“dot	points”.

      Registration from 2:00pm
      Camp begins promptly at 2:45pm
      (Camp ends Friday 01 Oct @ 2:00pm)

    See	you	at	camp,
                       Dean & Nicki
Driving to camp from Sydney.
Traditionally	people	seem	to	have	trouble	getting	to	this	site,	even	with	a	GPS	and	street	directory!

Here	are	a	few	directions	which	we	hope	will	help	you	and	avoid	a	pre-camp	stress:

•	 Before	you	leave,	log	onto	Google	Maps	(	
   >>	Type	“Point	Wolstoncroft,	NSW”	into	the	search	bar.	
   >>	Click	on	the	“A”	that	appears	at	the	camp	site	and	click	on	“Directions”	in	the	box	that														
   >>	Type	the	start	address	into	the	box	which	will	appear	in	the	left	column	and	then	click		
   					“Get	Directions”.	
   >>	This	will	give	you	specific	directions	from	your	location.

•	 More	generally,

1.	 Take	the	freeway	(F3)	north,	starting	at	Wahroonga.

2.	 The	 exit	 you’ll	 need	 to	 look	 out	 for	 is	 the	 Budgewoi, Swansea, Charlestown EXIT	 (shown	
    below).		This	exit	will	take	you,	via	a	Motorway	Link,	back	to	the	Pacific	Highway.

                                                       Exit from the
                                                       Freeway when you
                                                       see this sign!
Driving to camp from Sydney.
3.	 Keep	cruising	along	the	Pacific	Highway	until	you	see	a	sign	indicating	an	EXIT to Gwandalan,
    Summerland Point	(shown	below).		Make	a	LEFT	turn	at	Kanangra Drive	at	the	traffic	lights.

4.	 Keep	driving	along	Kanangra	Drive,	taking	the	second	exit	at	the	round-about.			
    This	road	will	take	you	all	the	way	to	the	camp	site.
What to bring to camp.
Essential personal items:
Item                          Comment
Sleeping	bag	or	doona
PILLOW	CASE                   Site	requires	each	camper	to	have	their	own	pillow	case.
Sheets                        Bring	fitted	sheet	to	cover	mattress	even	if	using	sleeping	bag.
Underwear	and	socks           Bring	enough	for	each	day	and	a	spare	pair.
‘Study’	clothes               You’ll	be	studying	in	a	large	gym	which	can	be	cold	in	the	
                              morning:	ugg	boots;	big,	warm	jumpers;	loose-fitting,	comfortable	
                              clothing.		You	don’t	want	to	be	uncomfortable	when	studying.
‘Activity’	clothes            Even	in	the	mountains	it	can	be	hot	during	the	middle	of	the	day,	
                              especially	if	you’re	running	around	.
‘Can-get-dirty’	clothes       We	may	be	playing	some	games	where	it’s	likely	you’ll	get	dirty	
                              but	we	can’t	afford	to	pay	your	dry-cleaning	bills,	so	please	bring	
                              at	least	one	outfit	you	wouldn’t	mind	getting	messy	in.
Shoes		                       One	pair	runners,	one	pair	casual,	thongs,	uggs.	
(at	least	one	pair	covered)   You’ll	need	covered	shoes	for	the	dining	hall.
Bath	towel,	face	washer,	     Bath	mat	so	you	don’t	walk	water	out	into	your	bedroom.
bath	mat
Toiletries                    Toothbrush,	toothpaste,	shampoo/conditioner,	soap/body	wash.
Hat	and	sunscreen             Particularly	if	playing	outside	during	the	day.
Bible                         You’ll	need	a	Bible	for	morning	sessions	and	discussion	groups.
Water	bottle                  Particularly	good	for	study	sessions	as	there	isn’t	a	kitchen	near	
                              the	study	hall.
Final	Night	Costume           Don’t	let	the	leaders	out-class	you!	Remember	your	costume.

Optional personal items:
Item                          Comment
Pillow                        Pillows	are	provided	but	if	you’d	like	to	bring	your	own	feel	free.
Playing	cards	/	              For	free	time	during	day	or	at	supper	time	(not	to	be	used	during	
personal	games                study	sessions!).
SMALL	amount	of	lollies       We’re	OK	with	you	having	a	little	bit	of	sugar	in	study	sessions.

Prohibited personal items:
Item                          Comment
Alcohol                       Prohibited.
Cigarettes/cigars             Smoking	is	not	permitted	on	Crusader	camps.		
Illicit	drugs	of	any	type     Prescription	medication	is	acceptable.		If	you	haven’t	already,	
                              please	advise	Crusaders	if	you	will	be	taking	any	prescription	
                              medication	whilst	on	camp.
Knives/any	type	of	weapon     Prohibited.
What to bring to camp.
Essential study session items:
Item                      Comment
Pens	and	pencils          Even	if	you	plan	on	doing	all	your	study	on	a	laptop,	please	still	bring	
                          writing	implements	for	taking	notes	during	morning	sessions	and	
                          discussion	groups.
Blank,	lined	paper	       You’ll	be	surprised	how	handy	this	can	be,	even	if	you’re	using	a	
Notebooks	                laptop.		Plan	for	the	unfortunate	event	that	your	laptop	stops	working	
Exercise	books            but	you	still	need	to	study.
At	least	two	practice/    You’ll	be	sitting	a	3	hour	simulation	exam	on	Friday	so	you’ll	need	to	
past	exam	papers          have	enough	material	to	keep	you	occupied.		We	recommend	you	fill	
                          the	whole	time	with	a	3	hour	exam	paper	and	attempt	one	which	you	
                          haven’t	done	yet	or	is	for	one	of	your	more	difficult	subjects.
Tissues                   The	one	who	sniffs	through	study	sessions	is	not	very	popular.
Plastic	box	/		           Handy	to	have	next	to/underneath	your	study	desk	to	keep	all	your	
Sturdy	organiser          books	and	notes	in	the	one	place.
Large	suitcase	to	        We	recommend	you	bring	a	suitcase	(particularly	one	with	wheels)	
transport	books/notes	to	 as	it’s	much	easier	to	move	than	having	to	lug	around	a	large	box.		
and	from	camp.            This	will	stay	to	the	side	of	the	study	hall	during	the	camp.

Optional study session items:
Item                      Comment
Laptop	Computer	with	     If	you	plan	to	bring	a	laptop	to	camp	to	use	for	your	study	please	read	
Kensington	lock	or	       the	information	page	in	the	FAQs	section	later	in	this	document.		
Power	board	              Please	read	information	page	about	laptops.		If	you	will	need	power	
                          for	your	laptop	you’ll	need	a	power	board	which	has	an	in-built	circuit	
                          breaker	(safety	switch).		Double	adaptors	are	not	allowed.
Extension	cord            Please	read	information	page	about	laptops.		Chances	are	you’ll	be	
                          sitting	some	distance	from	the	nearest	power	outlet,	so	if	you	need	
                          power	for	your	laptop	bring	an	extension	cord	(at	least	10m).		Ensure	
                          you	check	it	for	any	damage	and	make	sure	it	works	before	camp.
iPod	/	                   Please	read	the	information	later	in	this	document	regarding	the	use	
personal	music	player     of	these	during	study	sessions.

Prohibited study session items:
Item                     Comment
Music	speakers	/	        We	won’t	allow	noise-creating	devices	during	study	sessions,		
radios                   only	effective	earphones	for	personal	listening.
DVDs/video	watching	     Study	sessions	are	for	that	purpose	alone.		Please	don’t	bring	anything	
on	laptops               into	study	sessions	which	will	distract	you	and	others.
Energy	drinks		          Research	shows	these	drinks	will	give	you	a	temporary	high	before	
(e.g.	V,	Red	Bull,	      causing	you	to	crash	and	become	even	more	tired	than	before.			
Mother)                  Camp	is	a	marathon;	we’ll	make	sure	you	have	enough	energy	without	
                         the	need	for	these!
1. Will I have access to the internet?
Our	 camps	 are	 designed	 to	 provide	 you	 with	 a	 study	 environment	 which	 is	 free	 from	 “home	 life	
distractions”	-	one	of	which	is	the	internet.		Internet	access	will	not	be	provided	(neither	wired	nor	
wireless)	at	this	site.

We	are	aware	that	some	campers	will	have	internet	USB	devices	/	phones	which	can	access	the	
internet	in	3G	coverage	areas	(though	chances	are	there	won’t	be	3G	reception	at	the	conference	
site).		We	strongly	suggest	you	don’t	use	these	devices	during	study	sessions,	particularly	to	try	and	
access	the	internet.		This	will	only	serve	to	distract	you	and	the	people	around	you.

Ultimately,	our	job	is	to	help	you	study.		Though	it	may	seem	like	we’re	acting	like	the	‘fun	police’	at	
times,	we’re	only	concerned	with	helping	you	to	better	focus	during	study	sessions.

2. Why can’t I listen to music during each day’s first two study sessions?
We	know	that	many	people	like	to	study	with	music,	even	though	for	the	most	part	this	isn’t	actually	
helping	you	to	focus	and	absorb	what	you’re	trying	to	learn.		We	keep	the	first	two	study	sessions	of	
each	day	music-free	as	it	will	better	prepare	you	for	the	atmosphere	of	the	room	where	you’ll	sit	your	
HSC	exams	(obviously	you	won’t	be	allowed	music	there!)	and	it	provides	a	good	balance	since	you	
probably	don’t	listen	to	music	every	time	you	study.

During	the	study	sessions	that	you	will	be	allowed	to	listen	to	music	the	supervising	leaders	will	be	
wandering	around	to	make	sure	that	no-one	apart	from	you	can	hear	the	music.

3. What’s your policy regarding the use of laptops?
If	you	choose	to	bring	your	laptop,	you	take	full	responsibility	for	its	security.	Whilst	Crusaders	does	
everything	we	can	to	ensure	that	security	of	your	belongings	is	a	priority,	there	have	been	some	
problems	with	security	breaches	in	the	past.	

While	 security	 has	 been	 significantly	 upgraded,	 we	 still	 need	 you	 to	 take	 steps	 to	 limit	 risk.	 In	
particular,	if	you	are	bringing	a	laptop:

•	 Crusaders	requires	you	to	bring	your	own	Kensington	lock	(or	equivalent)	and	your	own	power	
   board	and	extension	cord.

•	 We	STRONGLY	encourage	you	to	insure	your	laptop	as	a	portable	item,	especially	if	you	plan	
   to	take	it	to	Uni	with	you	next	year.	(A	few	extra	dollars	could	save	you	a	lot	if	something	was	to	
   happen	to	it!)

•	 Do	not	bring	any	laptop	bags	with	broken	zippers	or	attachments.

•	 We	also	request	that	you	make	a	copy	of	your	hard	drive	before	you	come	to	camp	and	keep	the	
   copy	at	home.
Final Night Celebration.
“...something starting with D”
	       So	we	all	know	that	at	the	end	of	a	rather	large	week	
of	study,	all	you	want	to	do	is	party!!	Our	last	night	celebration	
is	the	perfect	opportunity	to	do	just	this.	

This	year	we’re	running	with	the	theme	of	the	good	old	
‘eye-spy’	and	you’ll	need	to	bring	a	costume	that	makes	
you	“something	starting	with	‘D’”	(we’ve	given	you	one	
suggestion	below!).

So	make	sure	you	spare	a	little	room	in	your	luggage	for	your	outfit	-	there’ll	certainly	be	prizes	
for	best-dressed.		Who	will	be	crowned	King	and	Queen	D?		This	is	one	of	those	times	when	
getting	a	‘D’	won’t	be	such	a	bad	thing...
The Fine Print.
1.	 The	Crusader	Union	of	Australia	accepts	no	responsibility	for	personal	property	taken	on	camps.

2. MOBILE PHONES.		It	is	strongly	recommended	by	Crusaders	that	campers	do	not	bring	mobile	
   phones	to	camp.	Mobiles	are	expensive	and	we	cannot	take	responsibility	for	such	items.	We	
   have	also	noticed	that	mobiles	can	be	intrusive	and	can	damage	the	sense	of	community	that	we	
   seek	to	establish	on	all	of	our	camps.	If	a	camper	needs	to	contact	their	parents	this	can	always	
   be	done	by	asking	a	leader.		In	addition,	campers	found	using	mobile	phones	to	display/share/
   send	inappropriate	images	or	messages	can	expect	to	have	phones	confiscated	and/or	be	sent	
   home	from	camp.

3. DRUGS & ALCOHOL.	 	 Crusaders	 do	 not	 permit	 the	 use	 of	 alcohol,	 non-prescribed	 drugs	 or	
   smoking	on	its	camps.	Anyone	found	in	breech	of	this	can	expect	to	be	sent	home	immediately.

4. ILLNESS & INFECTION CONTROL.	 	 If	 a	 child	 has	 symptoms	 of	 influenza,	 gastroenteritis	 or	
   other	 infectious	 diseases	 before	 camp	 we	 require	 that	 parents	 prevent	 them	 from	 joining	 the	
   camp	until	they	are	fully	recovered.	Parents	must	contact	the	Director	of	Holiday	Camps	on	9874	
   8933	(option	1)	to	advise	and	discuss	this.	Additionally,	we	recommend	you	consult	your	doctor	
   in	regards	to	receiving	the	H1N1	(Human	Swine	Flu)	Influenza	Vaccine	before	coming	on	camp.

5. VEHICLES. 	If	your	car	will	remain	at	the	site	during	the	course	of	the	week,	please	be	aware	that	
   Crusaders	takes	no	responsibility	for	any	damage	or	loss	that	may	incur.	If	you	choose	to	drive	
   yourself,	please	expect	that	you	will	not	be	allowed	to	use	your	car	during	camp.

6. Anyone needing to leave camp early, or for any period of time during the week, must bring
   a signed permission note from their parents addressed to the camp director. We also
   require that you notify the Cru Camps office before camp.

7.	 Please	 note,	 in	 the	 event	 of	 adverse	 weather	 conditions	 or	 other	 circumstances	 Crusaders	
    reserves	 the	 right	 to	 vary	 the	 program	 accordingly.	This	 may	 include	 transporting	 campers	 to	
    activities	off-site	using	appropriate	transport	such	as	buses	and	coaches.

8.	 If	a	camper	is	not	a	competent	swimmer	in	water	deeper	than	their	waist,	please	contact	the	
    Crusaders	Office	at	least	one	week	prior	to	camp	to	ensure	that	the	directors	are	notified.
                                                                      CRU GEAR
                                                                      ORDER FORM
 PLEASE NOTE: If you are attending a CRU Camp in the near future, the best way to order merchandise is through the online camp
 registration process. This merchandise will be given to you/your child on camp.
 If you are not attending a CRU Camp, the merchandise you order will be posted to you via Australia Post and will incur a fee.
 See merchandise order table below for details.


MERCHANDISE ORDER:                                                                                                            All prices stated include GST
CRU Gear Item                            Size          $ ea         Qty          CRU Gear Item                         Size         $ ea          Qty
CRU	T-Shirt	(kids	S,	M,	L)                              $25                      CRU	Sling	Backpack	                                    $30

CRU	Cap	(S/M,	M/L)                                      $22	          	          CRU	Hoodie	(NEW)	                                      $59
                                                                                 (kids	8,	12,	16	&	adult	L)	

CRU	Wristbands	                                          $2	          	          CRU	Beanie	                                            $20
(Red	or	Blue	M,	L)                                                               (one	size	fits	all)

CRU	Lanyard	                                                                     	                                     	            	
(incl	safety	clip)	

                                         If	CRU	merchandise	is	not	collected	at	camp,	it	will	be	sent	via	Australia	Post.	The	
                                         Crusader	Union	of	Australia	reserves	the	right	to	add	onto	your	below	payment	the	
Postage	Charges                          correct	postage	fee	according	to	the	weight	of	total	items	being	posted.	
                                         Price	Guide:	Small	items	such	as	wristbands	and	lanyards	will	cost	from	55c	upwards.	
                                         Bulkier	items	such	as	hoodies	or	backpacks	will	cost	from	$7.20	upwards.

Totals                                   Total Quantity of items                                       Total Cost                   $

I	authorise	CRU	Camps	to	debit	my	credit	card	for	the	sum	total	of	$_____________	plus	the	
additional	postage	necessary	for	me	to	receive	merchandise	items.	

	Visa					MasterCard									__	__	__	__				__	__	__	__				__	__	__	__				__	__	__	__	
Name	on	Card:	_____________________________________					 		Exp		__	__	/	__	__	

Signature	of	card	holder:	________________________________________________	
I	enclose	a	cheque/money	order	for	the	sum	total	of	$_________	payable	to	‘The	Crusader	
Union	of	Australia’	(Please	call	CRU	Camps	on	(02)	9874	8933	opt1	to	find	out	your	postage	cost	before	you	
write	the	cheque/money	order).	

Crusader	Staff:	 	               Date	Received:	                          Receipt	No:	                     Date	Merchandise	Sent:	

         The Crusader Union of Australia - PO Box 590 Eastwood NSW 2122/ Ph: 9874 8933/ Fax: 9874 0218/ Email:
           Contact Details.
       The	address	of	the	conference	centre	is:
Point Wolstoncroft Sport and Recreation Centre
    Kanangra Drive, Gwandalan NSW 2259
     Phone 1800 819 244 or (02) 4976 1666
             Fax (02) 4976 2705

                 The	Camp	Directors:
          Dean & Nicki Johnston
            0424 249 733 (Dean)

   (emails will be checked until the day before camp)

           The	Crusader	Union	of	Australia:
                  9874 8933 ext. 1
CRU Camps is encouraging the use of online social networking forums post-camp so that
campers and leaders can stay in touch with each other in a controlled environment. Campers
will be sent a web link at the end of camp to enable them to join their specific camp group

Forum Security
Your child’s safety is of great importance to us. To maximise the safety of each camp forum
group we have put the following procedures in place:
· The only people in the group will be campers and leaders from the camp your child attends
  – no one else will be allowed to join the group.*
· All content will be screened by the administrators of the group (camp leaders) in order to
  screen inappropriate content.
·The administrator can remove published/public postings at any time and has the power to
  remove campers from membership of the group if necessary.
·All postings by campers and leaders will be viewable only by group members (not the pub-

If you do not wish your child to participate in their camp forum group please make it known to
them that you do not want them to join. Crusaders leaves it up to parents to instruct their chil-
dren and will not be held responsible if a child joins against their parents’ wishes.

To read Crusaders full ‘Online Forum Policy’, please visit
onlinepolicy. To educate your children regarding appropriate behaviour online you may like to
look at this helpful brochure:

*Crusader full-time staff will also be able to view and administrate the group, to ensure ap-
propriate content

Your camp’s fervr site will open soon at:

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