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									                              March 2009

 Hot Deals and Discounts from NEA Member Benefits

NEA members get a five percent (5%) discount and free shipping on
all orders, regardless of size, from SmileMakers, an online supplies
discounter and a division of Staples. Members may also sign up for
 T a h r’ lb” i wad n on ( rh 0 e t) o e c
“ e c es Cu , whc a r so ep it wo t 1 c ns fr a h
dollar spent. First-time orders qualify for 25 extra points. Points may
be applied toward future purchases. Access SmileMakers at


                  B y i t ”for March 2009
NEA Click & Save “ u -l h s

NEA Click & Save, the online discount buying service for NEA
members, highlights select retailers and merchants each month. These
         Buy-lights”are available throughout March.
featured “

Target:                       10% off
Panasonic:                    Up to 40% off
JC Penney:                    Save up to 70%
Brooks Brothers:              15% off
Dell:                         7% off

Join the more than 72,000 NEA members already registered for NEA
Click & Save. Go to today!

Get the Most Out of Your 2008 Tax Return—with Help
and Discounts from H&R Block!

H&R Block is ready to help with your 2008 taxes! Download a
discount coupon and save up to $40 on your in-person tax consultation
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                           NEA MEMBERS SAVE 38%                        Pay only $14.85
                           A Course in Happiness: Mastering the Three Essential Life Skills
                           That Underlie True and Lasting Contentment

                           According to Dr. Horowitz, in order to identify the root causes of our
                           discontent, it is necessary to consider all the experiences, memories,
                           and emotions that constitute selfhood, the true "I" in each of us. A
                           Course in Happiness guides readers through a strenuous but deeply
                           rewarding education in mastering the three essential life skills that
                           underlie the achievement of this level of self-understanding:

                             · INTEGRATION: the ability to assemble all the pieces of one's self
                             into a whole, understood, and respected "me."
· INTIMACY: the capacity to remain closely connected to the warmth of relationships with family,
friends, and others in a social community.
· INTEGRITY: an awareness of which of one's values are most dear and which are lower in
priority-and then to be true to what is most important, even in the midst of conflict.
Retail Price: $23.95. Offer valid 3/1/09 –4/15/09. Discount will be applied at checkout.
Go to and click on the NEA Bookstore link.


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