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					             1960   BEECHCRAFT PLANES
                                                                                       SHAR-PEI PUPPIES
                                                                                       Encouraging customers to give real bundles of love, NM
                    Both sped along the skyways at more than three miles a             presented Shar-Pei puppies. The heritage of these rare and
                    minute, and both were available in a choice of color, style,       beautiful creatures can be traced as far back as the Han
                    and cabin arrangement—with any number of combinations              Dynasty in China (206B.C.–A.D.220).
                    of individual navigation equipment.

                                                                                       WOODEN STEER OR HORSE DESK                                         1984
             1962   JUNK FOR CHRISTMAS
                    Our inspired idea: Give a real Chinese junk, made in Hong
                                                                                       For the dedicated horsewoman, we offered the services
                                                                                       of artist Michael Speaker to create her favorite animal or
                                                                                       a fantasy one. For the cattleman: one singular, life-size
                                                                                       Longhorn steer.
                    Kong to the finest U.S. yacht standards, in a choice of bright
                    colors or natural wood. Thirty feet long, the boats featured
                    teakwood decks, mahogany planking, and three sails.

                                                                                       Our 25th anniversary His & Hers gift was a magnificent pair
                                                                                       of yellow diamonds. The rectangular, starburst-cut 56-carat
                                                                                       diamond was the largest ever to be certified “intensely
                    HOT-AIR BALLOONS                                                   natural yellow” by the Gemological Institute of America. Its
HIS & HERS          We offered an escape from the maddening throngs in the             mate, a 21-carat pear-shaped natural yellow diamond, was                  SREH & SIH
                    solitude of free-flying balloons—one for him, and one for          certified as flawless.
                    her. Easy to inflate, easy to land. Wasn’t Christmas fun?

                                                                                       VINTAGE MOTORCYCLES                                                1992
             1967   CAMELS
                    For people wanting to slow down, we would fly a pair of
                                                                                       For Neiman Marcus customers, motorcycle maestro Dale
                                                                                       Walksler would scout for, secure, and style a1939–1942
                                                                                       Harley-Davidson to specifications. All options, from colors to
                                                                                       type of transmission, were the customer’s to decide, and the
                    the slowest, surest beasts on the land from California to the      mechanical condition was top-notch.
                    private oasis of their choice.

                                                                                       BREATHING OBSERVATION BUBBLES                                      1994
             1971   MUMMY CASES
                    For him and her: the gift of gifts from the land of mother Nile.
                                                                                       It was a new dimension in sub-aqua adventures. Bellaqua’s
                                                                                       Breathing Observation Bubble, known as BOB, allowed for
                                                                                       spectacular visibility of colorful underwater life at depths of
                    These ancient relics were richly adorned and approximately         up to 40 feet—without disturbing the environment.
                    2,000 years old.

                                                                                       CRACKER JACK PRIZES                                                1998
                                                                                       Remember the thrill of finding the prize in a box of Cracker
                                                                                       Jack®? That was the idea behind this selection of very special
                    DIRIGIBLES                                                         prizes in authentic Cracker Jack boxes. His: A pair of limited-
                    A gift that had them floating on air—our colorful, hot-air         edition silver vermeil and enamel cuff links in the shape of the
                    dirigibles promised to help recipients rise above it all.          traditional Cracker Jack box. Hers: An 18-karat gold ring with
                                                                                       a ruby, emerald, or sapphire in place of the plastic “jewel.”

             1980   OSTRICHES
                                                                                       LIFE-SIZE ROBOTS
                                                                                       Designed and built at International Robotics, these two
                    We gave customers the option of providing a foster home
                                                                                       multifunctional robots were the most advanced adult-size
                    for an engaging pair of young ostriches until time for transfer
                                                                                       interactive remote-controlled versions out there. With on-
                    to a favorite zoo or wildlife park. Or, the option to adopt the
                                                                                       board computers for user-friendly functionality in daily use,
                    babies and build a “herd” of their own.
                                                                                       they stood nearly six feet tall.

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