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									AUA Conferences

    Merseyside CPD Afternoon/19th May
Annual NATIONAL Conference

• Held every Easter

• Large Conference

• Recent venues
     2008 York
     2009 Exeter
     2010 Warwick
     2011 Nottingham (April 18th – 20th)
Benefits of NATIONAL Conference

• Calibre of Plenary and Keynote Speakers
• Quantity and Choice of Working Sessions
             (5 out of 114!)
                 Administration and Management
                 Higher Education in Society
                 The Learning Experience
                 Personal and Professional Development
• Sharing Good practice/Networking opportunities
• Chance to live on another campus
• Social activities – Gala Dinner/Quiz
•   20th)
Format of 2010 Warwick Conference

• 4 parallel morning sessions for Network Coordinators,
  Newcomers, Postgraduate Certificate participants and
  International delegates
• Lunch
• Opening Plenary – Professor Les Ebdon - Chair of Million+
• Award Ceremony
• First working session - choice of 25
“The good, the bad and the ugly in professional communication”
“A route to recognition for staff working in recruitment and admissions”
 “Administrator to academic – is the move possible?”

• L
Format of 2010 Warwick Conference

Tuesday - Keynote speeches (2 out of 9)

Chief Executives of QAA, HESA, OIA, HEFCE, Universities UK

VC’s of Warwick & Loughborough,

Head of Leadership, Governance and Management HEFCE

Director of Memberships & Networks, Leadership
   Foundation for Higher Education
    Professor Bob Thackwray
           Director, Membership and Networks LFHE

HIGHER AMBITION –              How can we continue to “deliver
                                 wider participation and drive up
LOWER BUDGETS                    excellence” in a climate of
                                 public funding constraints and
                                 considerable cuts to HE
                                 budgets without seriously
Developing people in             compromising quality?
 hard times                    Exploring some reactions at a
                                 national and local level through
                                 the lens of staff and
                                 organisational development - If
                                 you think training is expensive
                                 ....try ignorance (Drucker)
Working Sessions Tuesday/Wednesday

Is small beautiful? Is bigger better? – Life at different institutions
Alternative to email overload – using technology to effectively
    communicate with staff and students
More with less - delivering better services with less resource
Administrators in Fiction
Kettles & Car Parks – Managing a faculty relocation
Well I wouldn’t start from here! – a beginner’s guide to managing an
    academic project
Turning the university supertanker – the professional administrator role in the
    delivery of change strategies
What Happens after what comes next? Uncovering the five key drivers of
    disruptive change in the next 5 years.
The student experience everyone’s business
Be your own fairy godmother – planning your own tailor-made work,
    domestic and leisure balance
Trust me I’m an administrator – what is professionalism in HE
  Trust me I’m an Administrator
• Matthew Andrews         The aim of this session is to encourage
                             reflection on trends within HE

• Academic Registrar at      management and administration and
                             how they relate to concepts of
                             profession, professionals and
  Oxford Brookes             professionalism.
  University              Learning Outcomes - participants will:-
                          • engage with the idea of what is meant
                             by being a professional and therefore
                             what might be meant by the
                             “professionalism” of HE administration
                             and management
                          • be able to reflect on the implications of
                             professionalism for their own role and
                             career development
                          • better understand how the AUA and
                             other organisations are contributing to
                             professionalisation within the sector.
North West Regional Conference

2009 – Manchester Metropolitan University
Keynote Speaker – Dr John Hogan – Registrar & Secretary at
  Newcastle University

Choice of 3 out of 9 sessions

Opportunity for networking and sharing good practice

120 delegates from 18 different institutions

14 Universities in the NW Region
North West Regional Conference
21st July 2010                University of Central Lancs

Keynote Speaker – Dean Van Leeuwen
      Mind the Gap
    A multi-media, humour-filled exploration of the different
    generations: Understand why people older and younger
    than yourself have different value systems and how a
    generation gap influences attitudes and behaviours

    By understanding the impact of different generations
    individuals can improve customer relationships and the
    productivity and interactions of their teams.
North West Regional Conference
21st July 2010

• How positive psychology can assist professional
  development – Professor Alan Mortiboys. Focus on factors which
   enable individuals and communities to thrive

• Developing the public servants of the future – the
  contribution of the UK Universities - Professor Paul Joyce
    What is different about the skills, knowledge and capabilities required in the future and
   what changes will universities and academic teaching staff have to make in order to
   support the development of future skills

• Professionalising customer service in HE – sharing
  best practice from the private sector – Jennifer Hinsley/ Anna
   Truman Senior Account Manager Marriott (UK)
   Critical examination of what HE institutions can learn from the private sector and how
   this can be exploited through partnerships and from professionalised customer
   services at the front line of universities
North West Regional Conference
21st July 2010 (Cont)

• Stagnant Teams – Will Clements
   Whether as a team member or as leader of a team – a humorous look at
   what happens when teams cease to be productive

• Change Management at Salford - Paul Cartwright, Director of
   Change Management Unit
   an insight into the advancement of the integration of recognised business
   improvement models into HE

• Exploring the academic/administrative divide –                   Dr Giles
   career framework opportunities for the “third space” and exploring the
   possibilities for rebalancing admin, leadership and management between
   administrative and academic staff
Save the date
21st July 2010 (9.30 – 4.00)

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