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									Welcome and thank you for your interest in J.Hilburn!

Founded in the Dallas in 2007, J. Hilburn is a men’s clothier whose goal is to build the next great luxury brand in
men’s apparel and revolutionize the way men buy their clothing. My name is Sally Buchanan and I am the local
representative for the J.Hilburn product line in Northern Michigan.

J.Hilburn offers luxurious custom fit shirts for a fraction of the price you typically pay at your traditional retailer –
Brooks Brothers, Nordstrom, Saks, etc. -- without the hassle of going to the store to shop! At your convenience, I
will meet with you at your home or office and take 10 different measurements to ensure your shirt fits perfectly.
Not only are the shirts custom made to your measurements, but you also select from over 40 style
options, including collars, cuffs, plackets, pockets, sleeves, back pleats and monograms.

Our shirts have three great price points based on fabric quality -- $79, $99 and $149. We source our fabrics from
the same Italian textile mills where the high-end shirt makers (Brooks Brothers, Facannable, Ike Behar, Thomas
Pink, Zegna, etc.) get their materials. These designer brands order shirts in volumes of 100,000 per run, and thus
can only afford to offer a small number of fabric selections. Handcrafting one shirt at a time, J. Hilburn can offer
over 250 fabric choices, basically any fabric that the mill produces. It takes about 18 months for the brand names
to buy the fabric, mass construct the shirts and put them on the rack at your favorite retailer. It takes J. Hilburn
two-to-three weeks to custom make and deliver your shirt directly to you.

Typically, a $150 designer shirt constructed in identical fabric, would sell for $79 at J. Hilburn.
J. Hilburn is able to offer you such extraordinary value at significantly lower prices as we do not carry the huge
overhead or advertising costs incurred by the luxury brands and because we sell direct, you do not have to pay the
retail markup. As your style consultant, I am your single point of contact and will ensure your satisfaction with
every purchase.

J. Hilburn has also recently added sweaters, trousers, belts and cuff links to their collection. Eventually they plan
to offer a full-line of luxurious men’s apparel that will generally sell for half the price of ready-to-wear clothing
found at traditional retail stores.

What J. Hilburn has to offer is unparalleled. Aside from great quality and value, perhaps the best part is the
“priceless” convenience of not going to the store!

We have an excellent promotion running for Father’s Day. From June 7th until June 20th, you can spend $150
with J.Hilburn and get $25 off your purchase or $250 and get $50 off. That includes gift card purchases as well!

For more information or to make an appointment, please contact me by email or phone:

Sally Buchanan, Style Consultant

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