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									Adding Graphics to a Worksheet
Adding Graphics to a Worksheet

   This lesson will cover:
      • How to insert an object to a worksheet?
      • How to draw an object on a worksheet?
      • How to format inserted object on a

   These topics are from Chapter 7 of the text...
   What can you draw?
You can add graphics to your worksheets and charts to make
them more visually appealing, to create more interesting
reports, or to add emphasis. For example, you can display a
logo, an image of a product or a flowchart on your worksheet.
Graphics can be added as graphics files, ClipArt, or objects
drawn with Excel’s own drawing tools.

You can draw your own objects, dramatically enhance text and
add descriptive “text boxes” (with all the associated lines and
arrows) using Excel’s included drawing features.
    Types of Graphics used in Excel
There are several basic types of graphics you can add to an Excel

• ClipArt - Microsoft has a clipart library that comes with Office 2003,
          additional clipart can be downloaded from Microsoft’s Design
          Gallery Live.
• Graphic image files - such as GIFs, JPEGs, bitmaps, and Windows
          Metafiles (wmf).
• AutoShapes – AutoShapes are predefined objects that can be inserted
          onto worksheets and charts.
• WordArt - WordArt objects are predefined fonts that have been
          customized into various styles. They can be inserted onto
          worksheets and charts just like an AutoShape.
• Digital images - such as those from scanners and digital cameras.
Inserting a graphic object…or any object
compatible with Excel 2003 can be done from
the Insert menu. To insert a graphical object
select Picture…then choose the appropriate
menu command…
…such as the ClipArt command, which displays Office’s Clip
Viewer…you can see that there is more here than just ClipArt. You
could also search the topics in the Search in box.
        Insert a Picture from a File

• Click Insert Picture From File
• In the Insert Picture Dialog box, locate the
  folder that contains the picture that you
  want to insert, and then click the picture file
• Click Insert to embed the picture in the
…selecting the From File command displays the Insert Picture dialog box. By
default it looks in the My Pictures sub-folder of the My Documents folder for
image files. Images are shown on the right as you select them from the file
browser on the left…
                  Insert WordArt Text
•   From the Insert menu, point to Pictures and click WordArt
•   Click the WordArt effect you want, and then click OK
•   In the Edit WordArt Text dialog box, type the text you want
•   Finally, you can change the font type, size, and make the text bold and
…selecting the AutoShapes command displays the AutoShapes toolbar.
AutoShapes can be selected and inserted onto a worksheet by clicking on a
button…hovering your cursor over a button displays a text description of what
it represents…
   The Drawing toolbar…

The Drawing toolbar contains most of the functions used to
create and modify graphic objects within Excel. To display
the Drawing toolbar click on the       button on the standard
toolbar or right click on any toolbar to display the shortcut
menu and select the Drawing command…

…the Drawing toolbar, like all toolbars can either be docked
or undocked. Many times you will find it docked at the
bottom of the Excel window…
       The Drawing Toolbar…
   The Drawing Toolbar can be used to access most of Excel’s object drawing
   and formatting features as noted here…
                                             Object Manipulation and Placement options
                                             Select an Object(s)
                                             Free Rotate
                                             Lines or Arrows

                      Rectangles or Ovals
                                 Text Box
                     WordArt and ClipArt
     Fill color, Line color and Font color
Line styles, Dash styles and Arrow styles
                               3D Effects
The first button on the toolbar, from the
left, is the Draw menu. It contains
commands that move or spatially
manipulate objects…
To create (or insert) an
AutoShape click the
AutoShapes button on the
Drawing toolbar and then
select a type…here a Stars
and Banners type was
    Moving and Resizing an Object

Select the object first
and then choose
AutoShape from
Format menu to
specify the exact
location and size of the
drawing object using
Format AutoShape
dialog box
You can change the
orientation of a
drawing object by
rotating or flipping it.
You can insert multiple objects in a worksheet
and create interesting effects by adjusting how
they interact with each other.
You also can group several objects together on a

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