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									                JOHN KYE BAGADHA
                                            CURRICULUM VITAE

                                             P.O Box 29790 Kampala
          E-mail: .
              Tel. +256-0772494729/+255-0789-370045/+256 -414 -322591
                               Home +256 – 0771-696333


               I am currently working with ASARECA as Head of Internal Audit. Prior to joining ASARECA, I spent thirteen years
               working with FINCA Microfinance (MFI) that later transformed into FINCA Uganda, a Micro- Deposit taking Institution
               While still with FINCA, I was elevated to regional level and became Regional Auditor for the Africa Region, a position I
               held for over 6 years. I have ample experience as an accountant and administrator acquired while working with a Medical
               Health Centre and Bus Transport company respectively. I have broad exposure both locally and internationally working in
               auditing and performing management roles.

               My international work experience with the Africa region includes having worked in Burundi, Eritria, Ethiopia, Rwanda,
               Kenya, Madagascar, Sundan, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi, DRC – Congo, and South Africa, and also Washington DC
               home of FINCA Uganda’s head office.

               I have practical and hands-on- experience of fraud investigation and training which was conducted by the Fraudstop Uganda.
               The major assignment was when I was sent to FINCA South Africa in 2003 to conduct a fraud investigation.

               In 1996 I was responsible for starting and setting up the Internal Audit Department of FINCA Uganda (FU), spearheading
               its growth in the organization up to December 30, 2008. In 2009 I embarked on the same at ASARECA.

               I am familiar with the requirements of donor funds as ASARECA and FINCA are mainly funded by various donors
               including World Bank, USAID, PRESTO, ARBDC, DFID, COOPIBO, K2-Consult and Hivos-Triodos Fonds/Triodos
               International Fund Management.

               My management responsibilities were held at country and regional levels as the Audit Manager FINCA Uganda and the
               Regional Internal Audit Manager – Africa respectively.

               I have experience in MFI transformation processes. As head of internal audit department I was part of the transformation
               team of FINCA Uganda who played a major role of ensuring proper systems were in place to enable the institution be
               granted MDI status. This was achieved and FINCA was the very first MFI in Uganda to be regulated MDI.

               I have ample experience in process mapping and risk management and I also led FINCA Uganda team to identify and
               develop the Institution and branches Risk profiles, Risk policies and Risk Framework with the help of Micro-save Africa tool.

               I also set up the internal audit departments and trained auditors in other FINCA affiliates including; Uganda, Zambia,
               Tanzania, DRC - Congo , South Africa and now ASARECA.

               It was my duty to ensure that quarterly risk assessment reports by all countries that included evaluation of compliance with
               network and local credit, liquidity, and market risk management policies were completed and risks identified at Audit
               Committee meetings of each affiliate.

               I have a wealthy of experience in financial and operational auditing of not-for-profit organizations, extensive microfinance
               and bank auditing experience, ability to apply current audit theories & principles and excellent organizational skills with
               attention to details. I am a team player with a collaborative, straightforward approach, I have strong interpersonal skills with
               ability to establish professional relationships internally and externally. I also have a strong commitment to diversity in the
               workplace plus being intuitive and people oriented.

               I worked as a consultant in Tanzania for six month with Unitus – Innovative solution to Global Poverty based in US on
               transformation efforts to become Micro deposit taking institution and as well as to build capability and knowledge .

               I also worked as consultant with Tujijenge Tanzania Ltd to set up internal Audit department, recruited and trained
               auditors, assisted in system immigration to Orbit (Neptune) Computerized accounting Banking and loan tracking system.

               I was a part time consultant with the Uganda Institute of Bankers (UIB) and the recent traini ng was on Credit risk for the
               Postbank audit team.

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                     I am very focused on achievements in both personal life and in teams. I build results oriented teams, strong professionalism,
                      very objective and transparent.

                     I am confident that I will deliver to your expectation.

                     Date of Birth:       23h March 1964

                     Place of Birth:      Kamuli

                      Home District:      Kamuli

                     Marital Status:      Married


                               Head of Internal Audit - ASARECA Funded by Development Partner established a Mult-donor trust
                                fund (MDTF) administered by the World Bank(June 2009 – Todate)
                               I have set up ASARECA’s Audit Unit.
                               Functionally reports to the Board Finance and Audit Committee, and administratively to the Executive Director.

                               Advise management in the areas of internal control, risk management and anti -fraud & corruption and
                                contributes to the fulfilment of ASARECA’s corporate goal and objectives.
                               Reviews the financial management arrangements of the sub grantees funded through ASARECA to facilitate
                                smooth operations and mitigate any fiduciary risks.

                           The major responsibilities:

                               Audit of the process used to identify measure, classify, and report financial and operating information to ensure
                                its integrity and conformance to generally accepted accounting principles.

                               Review the processes and systems in place for compliance.

                               Determine the degree of compliance with those policies, plans, procedures, laws and regulations which have or
                                could have a significant impact on operations and reports of ASARECA.

                               Assess the economy and efficiency with which the resources of ASARECA are employed and assets are

                               Determine whether ASARECA’s objectives, goals, associated control procedures are effective and efficiently

                               Assess compliance with established standards of business ethics and the procedures for reporting violations or
                                probable violations of organisation policies.

                               Work with staff of ASARECA to ensure there is compliance with established set procedures and guidelines.

                               Provide an independent report on all internal control processes and advise on the procedures to mitigate the

                               Ensure that results from internal audit work are properly communicated to the appropriate management or staff
                                in the form of written reports, consultation, and advice or through, any other appropriate means.

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   Review the ASARECA’s progress towards stated Operations risk objectives, goals and risk tolerances.

   Periodically review ASARECA’s Operations risk framework and consider the loss experience, effects of external
    market changes, environmental factors, and the potential for Operations risks that are associated with new
    activities or systems;

   Ensure appropriate reporting to senior management and the Board.

   Plan and conduct annual risk awareness and management seminars attended by staff.

   Periodically assess, investigate and recommend appropriate controls in the existing and new processes to
    minimise the loss to ASARECA.

   In liaison with the Head of Information and Communication unit, put in place checks/controls to ensure the
    completeness, integrity and relevance of management information systems.

   Ensure implementation of controls as part of the risk management process.

   Liaise with the heads of units to identify the risks facing the respective units and assess the effectiveness of the
    related controls.

   Prepare and submit quarterly reports to the Executive Director, the Board Finance and Audit Committee and
    management summarising Operations risk exposure, internal control assessments and recommendations for
    managing the risks identified.

   Provide a report to the Board of Directors on internal controls and processes for managing risks.

   Developing a fraud risk profile and undertaking regular review s of the fraud risks.

   Establishing effective anti-fraud procedures and fraud response plan.

   Recommend controls to prevent fraud.

   Establishing appropriate mechanisms for reporting fraud.

   Carry out post-procurement evaluations of the the secriteriat and sub grantees.

   Assess the capacities of the financial management of prospective sub grantees before entering into contracts with
    the prospective sub grantees.
   Conduct reviews of financial reports and financial management systems of sub-grantees

   On an ad hoc basis carry out desk and on-site reviews of sub grantee procurement activities to verify adherence
    to best practice procurement procedures and ASARECA principles of procurements reporting to Management
    and the Board cases of non-compliance to internal procedures or ASARECA principles making
    recommendations for improvement.

   CONSULTING and BANKING - Tanzania(Jan 2009 – May2009)

   Advisor to Tujijenge Tanzania Ltd in Dar es salaam set up internal Audit department, recruited and trained
    auditors and. assisted in system immigration to Orbit (Neptune) Computerized accounting Banking and loan
    tracking system.

   Unitus – Innovative solution to Global Poverty based in the United States of America.
   Led unitus consulting team. Provided advisory services and technical support to work with Institutions to
    accelerate their growth.
   Advised and assisted Micro Finance Institutions in Tanzania (Tujijenga Tanzanaia Ltd and Tujijenga Microfinance)
    with their transformation efforts to become Micro deposit taking institution and as well as to build capability and
   Internal Audit Manager FINCA – UGANDA, a Micro Deposit-taking Institution (MDI) Finance
    Enterprise (September 2004 – December 2008)

          After the transformation I was responsible for the overall internal audit program for the MDI, and operating
           independently of other departments. This position reported to the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors. I
           administered the Audit Policy and coordinated the activities of the MDI’s external auditors and Central Bank

     Duties & Responsibilities:

          Accountable for the development and coordination of the MDI’s internal audit activities.
          Developed and implemented internal audit policies, procedures, and programs.
          Reviewed accounting procedures.
          Surveyed functions and activities in assigned areas to determine the nature of operations, and adequacy of the
           system of controls to achieve established objectives.
          Supervised or conducted independent audits of bank records and activities, and prepared varied analyses of the
           department’s field visits and branches for management.
          Supervised, conducted, evaluated and reported on the testing and adequacy of the bank’s internal controls over
           financial reporting.
          Investigated and determined causes of irregularities, and errors. Managed and executed all internal audit
           investigations performed involving local staff, village banks and clients in any area and at any time as need arose.
          Recommended corrective action and suggested improvement.
          Advised top management and the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors on audit and internal con trol
          Examined the risks that the organization faced.
          Reviewed the financial activities of FINCA Uganda for compliance with policies and procedures, and with
           Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and International Accounting Standards (IASs).
          Reviewed the credit management of the groups and individuals clients.
           Reviewed the management letters to confirm that they are commercially realistic and professionally sound in
           accordance with the audit regulations.
          Reviewed the FINCA Uganda legal compliance according to FINCA International and FINCA Uganda policies,
           procedures and manuals guidelines, USAID rules and regulations according to MDI Act 2003 and Uganda laws.
          Facilitated seminars on risk management techniques to branch managers and heads of department.
          Supervised the activities of assistant auditors assigned to review of various organizational and branch activities.
          Provided executive management within the assigned locations with reports on audit coverage and the results of
           the audit activities.
            Maintained effective working relations with operating management.
          Assisted in the ongoing review of the Bank Regulatory Reporting project, including assessment of project
           deliverables and targeted reviews of certain Accounting and Operations processes that directly impact quality of
           the regulatory reporting and returns to Bank of Uganda (BOU)
          Prepared clear and concise audit programs, work-papers and audit findings during targeted reviews of certain
           accounting and operations processes that directly impact on the quality of the regulatory reporting.
          Tracking and following up on open audit and regulatory issues with the clients.
          Analyzed business processes and procedures, and participation in project meetings with Accounting, Operations,
           Compliance, and IT.
          Reviewed information management systems for accuracy and reliability.
          Evaluated controls relating to the bank assets to ensure their adequacy and continued existence.
          Reported all findings promptly together with recommendations to the CEO and presented quarterly copies of
           these reports to the Board Audit Committee.

     Supervisory                                                                                            Responsibilities:

          Managed subordinate employees in the auditing department. Responsibilities included interviewing and training
           Audit staff; planning, assigning, and directing work; appraising performances; and disciplining Audit staff plus
           addressing complaints and resolving problems.
          Provided training for FINCA Uganda staff and developed training programs for them.

Regional Internal Audit Manager (RIAM) - FINCA AFRICA (1998 - 2006)

This is a position I held concurrently as the Regional Internal Auditor and FINCA Uganda Internal Audit Manager.

The duties were:
Responsible for the overall set up of audit departments, recruitment and training of staff in the Africa region which includes
5 countries ; Tanzania, Zambia, DRC – Congo, Malawi and South Africa..

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Ensured that affiliates in the African region were compliance with the organization’s policies and procedures. This was
accomplished through the functional management of the regional internal audit resources.

Supervised affiliate audit programs with a staff of 30 auditors in all 6 countries under my supervision.

Prepared comprehensive, long-range programs of audit coverage. Identifying those activities subject to audit coverage.
Established the related department structure, obtained and maintained an audit staff capable of accomplishing the internal
auditing function. Developed a system of cost and schedule control over audit projects. Established standards of
performance and, through reviews, determined whether performance meets the standards. Provided executive management
within the assigned location with reports on audit coverage and the results of the audit activity, and interpreted those results
so as to improve the audit program and the audit coverage. Prepare summaries of audit report to the respective audit
committees of the board of each country including Uganda. Conducted annual seminars for the auditors in the Africa region
and attended conference both in the region and Washington.

Major Activities – Management

     -     Supervised all the Affiliate Internal Audit Managers.
     -     Reviewed and approved work plans of affiliate internal auditors within the region.
     -     Ensured that results are communicated to regional management and board of directors.
     -     Ensured that follow up actions are taken on a timely basis.
     -     Provided the FINCA International Internal Audit Manager with summary reports of each affiliate and an
           overview of regional issues.
     -     Drafted Regional management reports on each affiliate.
     -     Assisted affiliate Internal Auditors whenever appropriate.
     -     Implemented and ensured compliance with the comprehensive, monitoring and capacity building mechanisms.
     -     Reviewed standardization and policy of Affiliate Internal Audit Committees to ensure that they are in line with
           the policy of FINCA International Audit committee.
     -     Supervised and where required directed the consolidation of annual internal audit and review of each affiliate.
     -     As directed, conducted emergency reviews and investigation in accordance with the FINCA International review
     -     Ensured follow-ups were carried out to evaluate the extent to which management implemented Internal Audit

Major Activities – Administration

     -     Ensured that the guidelines and policies for planning and administration of financial resources required by the
           audit in the affiliates to achieve company objectives were followed. This included budgeting, managing
           expenditures, acquisition and accounting for resources.
     -     Verified statistics and financial information reported by the country Directors and Regional Director.
     -     Ensured that the information required for quarterly fraud reports by each country is captured.
     -     Ensured that quarterly risk assessment reports by country that included an evaluation of compliance with
           network and local credit, liquidity, and market risk management policies were completed and risks identified at
           Audit Committee meetings of each affiliate.
     -     Ensured the development and supervision of the schedules one year in advance.
     -     Oversee the conduct of annual internal audit for each FINCA International affiliate in the region .
     -     Convened monthly hot spot meetings with the Regional Director and other members of management teams in
           the region.

FINCA International Policy Assurance

     -     Ensured that affiliates test for compliance with all FINCA International policies and procedures.
     -     Continually updated the internal Audit Policy to test for compliance with all new policies and procedures.
     -     Followed up on all audit findings.
     -     Created a comprehensive internal audit Policy framework that provided specific guidance on the audit function
           and administration.
     -     Ensured that all external audit recommendations are being properly implemented by the Affiliates

Internal Auditor - FINCA – UGANDA, a Micro Finance Institution (MFI) (February 1996 – 2004)

    Set up FINCA Uganda’s Audit department, recruited, trained and supervised. auditors.
    Reviewed the financial activities of FINCA Uganda Village Groups, Business loan s, Salary loans and of FINCA Uganda
     itself for compliance with the organization’s policies and procedures.
    Performed financial, loans and project audits of FINCA Uganda’s head office and branches.
    Responsible for assessing and reporting on FINCA Uganda’ s controls structures as well as its written policies and

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                   Responsible for ensuring efficiency and effectiveness of the internal audit function in the organization.
                   Managed and supervised 6 audit staff.
                   Organized and performed complete audits of all FINCA Uganda’s departments both at head office and at the
                   Ensured that all audits within FINCA Uganda were performed in accordance with International auditing standards and
                    the requirements of the local laws and regulations.
                   Reviewed FINCA Uganda’s legal compliance in accordance with FINCA International and FINCA Uganda policies,
                    procedures and manuals guidelines, USAID rules, Donors’ reports and regulations according to local Uganda laws.
                   Provided technical assistance by recommending adjustments to any internal control structures, policies, procedures and
                   Coordinated any internal or external information flow as program interests required from time to time.
                   Developed and coordinated all projects as need arose based on the approval of the Audit Committee.
                   Supervised confidential investigations involving staff and clients.
                   Executed finance audits as internal inspector without any limits on random and/or regular basis, developed finance
                    structures in form of recommendation on day to day basis.
                   Performed audits of USAID government grants - A110, A122, A133 and other governments’ grants.
                   Performed program advisory activities through reviews, observations and generation of reports.

               Accountant/Administrative Manager Iganga Road Health Centre. (1990 January to 1996 January)

                   Headed the Account, Finance and Administration of the Centre.
                   Ensured the establishment of a sound system of controls within each area of the Centre’s responsibilities.
                   Monitored the use of resources in pursuit of the defined objectives of the Centre.
                   Custodian of the Centre’s funds and maintained the Centre’s accounts.
                   Reviewed and where necessary made recommendation for improvements in the Centre’s procedures and system of
                     internal controls.
                   Ensured proper maintenance of the Centres assets register and the assets existence.
                   Ensured efficient and effective use of resources in pursuit of the defined objectives of the Centre.
                   Participated in administrative and operational Centre meeting
                   Introduced responsibility accounting, budgeting and reporting techniques.
                   Provided on the job training for staff especially in accounts and finance department.
                   Initiated the idea of long term strategic planning.

               Accounts Assistant - Taddeo Group of Companies          (1986 October to 1990 January)

                    DUTIES INCLUDE:
                      Writing petty cash payment vouchers and petty cash book.
                       Prepared salaries and wages.
                      Posting nominal ledger.
                      Vouched personal cards for the staff debtors account and trade debtors and creditors for services and goods

               Other Experience
                         I have ample computer working knowledge of MS. DOS based computer system and application esepcailly
                          spreadsheets using Lotus 1-2-3, Microsoft Excel introduction and intermediate.
                         Microsoft word and Access application 2 levels introduction and intermediate.
                         GMS computerized loan tracking system.
                         SIEM computerized accounting, Banking & loan tracking system.
                         QuickBooks computerized accounting system
                         SAGE computerized accounting system
                         Orbit (Neptune) Computerized accounting Banking and loan tracking system.
                         Sunsystems computerized accounting system
                         VISION Executive software report extractor.
                         VIRTUALCITY - Grant Management Information System
                         VIRTUALCITY- Project Management Information System

               Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) – (In progress).

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                      Certificate of Membership – The Institute of Internal Auditors – January 2006

                      Master of Science – Finance & Account 2007

                      Bachelor of Business Administration- Nkumba University

                      Higher Diploma in Accountancy - Nkumba University 1986

                      O and A Levels - Jinja Senior Secondary School from 1977- 1983


                           2 Skill improvement Programme for Internal Auditor at the Uganda Institute of Bankers Kam pala (June 97)

                           3 Management Information System and Controls in Kampala. (December 1997)

                           4 Finance For Small and Micro-Enterprises Course organized by The Kenya School of Monetary Studies Nairobi
                           (November, 1998) Sponsored by British Council)

                           5 Quality Customer Service at Nakawa Vocational Training Institute (June 1998)

                           6 Village Bank Internal Account Management (August, 1998)

                           7 Management and Supervision of Personnel in Micro Finance Institution May, 1999) Sponsored by Austrian

                           8 Portfolio Management Course in Kampala (May, 1999)

                           9 Management, Budgeting & Internal Auditing in Kampala (July 1999)

                           10 GIRAFFE appraisal and rating methodology (June 2001

                           11 Fraud & Computer Auditing Skills by Fraudstop Uganda limited (April 2002

                           12 Marketing for Financial Institutions (May 2002)

                           13 Internal Control & Fraud Prevention for Micro-Finance Institutions (July 2002) Sponsored by USAID and SPEED.

                           14 Risk Management Audit by MMBAKER & Co. (May 2003)

                           15 Practical Auditing in Banking by Kisaka & Co. (August 2003)

                           16 Leadership and Team Building by Makerere University Business School – (April 2003)

                           17 HRM, Internal Audit & Public procurement – The Institute of Public Accountant of Uganda (ICPAU) – July 2003

                           18 Personal Skill Development Program by Acclaim Africa – (February 2005)

                           19 Money Laundering and Auditing – The Institute of Public Accountant of Uganda (ICPAU) – April 2005.

                           20 Institutional and Product Development Risk Analysis by Microsave Africa – Nairobi (May 2005)

                           21 Change Management by Kaiken Management Consultants (June 2005).

                           22 Certificate of Continuing Professional Education by The Institute of Internal Auditors – (May 2006)

                           23 Certificate of Continuing Professional Education by The Institute of Internal Auditors – (April 2007)

                           24 Certificate of Continuing Professional Education by The Institute of Internal Auditors – (April 2008)

                           25 Performance Management by Raiser (May 2008)


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                                  Huys Link Community Initiative Limited
B O AR D MEMB ER                   P.O. Box 399; Entebbe
                                  Entebbe. Tel: 0414 – 320144 / 0414 – 378198
                                  E-mail: huyslinci@yahoo.c o.u k;
                                  Huys Link Community Initiative is a Non-Government Organisation working with and for children and youth
                                  in difficult circumstances. The objective is to work for the protection and development of vulnerable children
                                  and youth in difficult circumstances

                                 Foundation for Child Education Africa: A Non-Government Organisation whose major objective is to
B O AR D MEMB ER                  promote child eduction especially those who are forced to drop out of school because of lack of school fees
                                 Tujijenge Uganda: Micro-finance company operating in Busia and Soroti, affiliated to Tujijenga Africa based in
B O AR D CHAIR MAN                Dar-es-salaam Tanzania, snd the first of which began lending in June 2009.
                                 CIA – Uganda Chapter and affiliated member of CIA Uganda Chapter affiliation to CIA -USA

                         Mr. Ouma Tom Hannington
                     1   Bayport Financial Services Uganda Ltd
                         Country Operations Manager
                         P.O Box 1171
                         KAMPALA, UGANDA.
                         Tel: +256- 312- 264402
                         Mob: +256 – 0772 200705
                         Email: g.
                         Mr. Ruhabuka Charles
                     2   Chief Operation Officer
                         FINCA Uganda
                         P.O Box 24450
                         Tel +256-414-231134
                         Mob +256-0772-466370
                         Email; cruhabuka@finca.or.u g
                         KAMPALA, UGANDA
                         Ms. Felistas Coutinho
                     3   Executive Director,
                         Tujijenge Afrika,
                         P.O Box
                         DAR ES SALAAM, TANZANIA
                         Mob: +255-0784-232455
                         Engineer Aaron Mwidu Kabilizi
                     4   Ag. Commissioner - Rural Water Department
                         MINISTRY OF WATER AND DEVELOPMENT
                         Directorate of Water Development, Luzira
                         P.o box 20026
                         KAMPALA, UGANDA
                         Tel: +256 414 2211383
                         Mob: +256-0772-400876
                         Email;      aaron.kabirizi@mwe.go.u g.

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