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Martin Bromiley - Home - AvMA


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									Martin Bromiley
• Investigation
• Systems/systems v People
• Frontline understanding of “HF” and non-
  technical skills (knowledge, examination,
  simulation, assessment)
Some “systems”….

•   Briefings
•   Time out & speaking up
•   Double checking
•   Checklists
•   Reporting systems
Clinical Human Factors Group
We are independent, impartial, and work
in a voluntary capacity…
Our vision is to engender human factors
thinking in the hearts and minds of all
healthcare staff and stakeholders.
From board to ward and beyond…
Clinical Human Factors Group
• Prof Jim Reason – Emeritus Professor,         • Nikki Maran – Consultant Anaethetist, Scottish
  Psychologist, University of Manchester          Clinical Simulation Centre
• Dr Jane Carthey – HF and Patient Safety       • Murray Devine – Head of Safety Strategy,
  Specialist                                      Healthcare Commission
• Prof Helen Muir – Professor of Aerospace      • Linda Watterson – Royal College of Nursing
  Psychology, Head of Department of Human
  Factors, Cranfield University                 • Allan Goldman – Consultant Intensivist,
• Prof Rhona Flin – Professor of Psychology,
  Industrial Psychology Research Centre,        • Stephen Ramsden – Chief Executive L&D
  University of Aberdeen                          NHS Trust
• Prof Tony Giddings – Retired Consultant       • Dr Beverley Norris – HF Specialist
  Surgeon and former member of the Council of     representing the NPSA
  the Royal College of Surgeons of England
                                                • Hugh Rogers – representing the NHS Institute
• Jane Reid – Chair, Association of
  Perioperative Practice                        • Gill Hastings – Assistant Director, Health
• Chris Sadler – Consultant Anaethetist &
  Director of Barts and The London Medical      • Andy Newton – Clinical Director, South East
  Simulation Centre                               Coast Ambulance Service Trust
In aviation 75% of accidents are caused
by human factors…
…what’s the figure in healthcare?
•   Consultant Anaesthetist
•   Consultant Anaesthetist
•   ENT Surgeon
•   Senior ODP
•   ODP
•   Recovery Nurse
•   Recovery Nurse
Thank you……

• www.chfg.org
• Copies of a DVD covering human factors in
  healthcare (based on this presentation) can be
  obtained free of charge from
What about my journey and lessons
along the way?

• Trying to understand what happened/early life
• Trying to understand the wider system and other
  clinical perspectives
• Developing a “message”/”lessons to learn” from
  what happened
• Developing the CHFG
• Living a life!

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