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Christy Lee's Courtyard Grille Blue Ridge Mountain Outfitters


									A business
                                             By Stacey Lanning

                                                                             Christy Lee's Tuscan Chicken Pasta

 Downtown Blue Ridge, Georgia has more than a few new
 businesses moving in. Combined with the Blue Ridge Scenic
 Railway train that runs through most of the year and the
 Blue Ridge Mountain Arts Association that hosts spectacular
 art events all year, it’s an unbeatable combination for visitors
                                                                    didn’t realize it would be their son
                                                                    Anthony who would become the
                                                                    true chef of the family. Anthony
                                                                    has now been named executive
                                                                    chef and is bringing the menu
 to the north Georgia mountains. Here is a look at just a few       at Christy Lee’s to an incredibly                 Tuscan Lump
 of the new businesses to the area.                                 desirable taste and presentation. The           Crab Tower Salad
                                                                    restaurant has quickly become known for
                                                                    bringing its great food and fantastic personalized service to
 Christy Lee’s Courtyard Grille                                     every customer that comes through the door.
          Specializing in incredible seafood, fresh shucked                  Christy Lee's treasures each and every customer that
 oysters and sterling silver hand cut filets, Christy Lee’s         walks through its doors. Whether the occasion is a birthday
 has become a staple in the Blue Ridge community, for               or anniversary or just old friends getting together, it will be
 its elegant dining indoors. But, if you get a chance to sit        a dining memory lasting forever.” Come and enjoy Christy
 in the stone courtyard, take it. You’ll be transported to a        Lee’s this year. For more information, call (706) 946-5100 or
 European chateau with worn stones beneath your feet, soft          visit
                                         music and fresh flowers
                                         surrounding you.
                                               Christy Lee’s        Blue Ridge Mountain Outfitters
                                         prides itself on being             The great outdoors!
                                         a family owned and         Since 42% of Fannin County’s
                                         operated business.         land area is comprised of
                                         Named for their            the Chattahoochee National
                                         youngest daughter who      Forest and the Cohutta
                                         loves to cook, owners      Wilderness, if you are in Blue
                                         Gary and Brenda            Ridge, you are hiking. Better

  8                                     Appalachian Country                       April/May 2011
be prepared.
Established in
2005, this full
service outfitter
has expanded to
three locations:
Blue Ridge,
Copperhill and
Owner Linda
Rice insists that her
store carry only the
best: The North Face,
Patagonia, Under
Armour, Mountain
Hardware, Marmot,
prAna, Chaco, UGG, Rainbow, Five Fingers, Smartwool,
Vasque, Olukai, Osprey, Camelback, Crocs, Kavu,
Timbuk2, Salomon, Smith Optics, Timex, Columbia
Watches and Emotion Kayaks.
          The store’s extensive inventory provides big city
selection, but it’s the small town personal service that will
bring you back. To enter Linda’s store is to sense her great
love for her Creator and respect for His creation. Blue
Ridge Mountain Outfitters is open seven days a week,
providing services like guided hikes, trail information and
in-store classes. Worldwide shipping is available for any
item in the store. As a proud sponsor of the Blue Ridge
Mountain Outfitters Family Adventure Race, Linda and
her team are eager to get visitors and residents alike into the
great outdoors. Blue Ridge Mountain Outfitters is located at
500 E. Main St. For more information, call (706) 258-3232
or visit www.hikeblueridge.

L & L Beanery
         Jim and Lynda
Thompson realized a need for
a place for her community to

         April/May 2011                              Appalachian Country   9
                                            gather over seven years    Mercantile
                                            ago. They decided a        at Blue
                                            warm, inviting coffee      Ridge, an
                                            shop was the answer. It    eclectic
                                            is the place that many     store with
                                                    in Blue Ridge      something
Above: Russell Stookey sits with Chief Johnny       go for coffee,     for
 Scearce. Below: Owner Lynda Thompson               tea, smoothies,    everyone.
                                                    bagels, scones     Angela
                                                    and deserts, not   makes
                                                    to mention the     every effort
                                                    FREE wi-fi.        to buy
                                                    It is also the     American made products and to sell
                                                    perfect spot to    at prices her customers can afford.
                                                    enjoy a quiet      There’s not another store with this
                                                    afternoon          much variety in the North Georgia
                                                    reading by         area. You can find quilts, boots,
                                                    the fireplace,     clothing, cabin décor, antiques and
     studying for a test, a small meeting, or a group Bible study.     genuine animal skin rugs. There is
              After Lynda had been opened several years it came        also a wonderful selection of knives,
     to her attention that chef Kathy Wilson, who was well know        jewelry and homemade soy candles.
     from Ellijay, wanted to bring her talents to Blue Ridge.          The Mercantile is also known
     Lynda hired her on the spot without really knowing where          for carrying items from local artists including birdhouses,
     she could use her. Soon after, they opened a café next door       stained glass, Native American jewelry by Chief Harry, art
     to the coffee shop with great service and amazing food.           work, handmade furniture and hand painted signs. It’s really
     The cafe grew and was taking up space in the coffee shop          the kind of store you have to see to believe.
     between 11:00 & 2:30 so when a spot became available at                     Angela loves that her store was originally a
     612 East Main street, Jim and Lynda knew they couldn’t            mercantile years ago. In the spirit of that tradition she also
     pass up the opportunity to open the second coffee shop, L         carries items that her customers use everyday like gourmet
     & L Beanery East.                                                 food, Buck wood stoves, gas logs and children’s toys.
              L & L Beanery East opened the doors to customers         Because of her selection and great prices, Angela has a large
     in December of last year. Decorated in earth tones with           local customer base that love the fact they can find what
     an antique mirror hanging behind the espresso machines,           they need to decorate their home without having to leave
     and an outdoor deck shaded by an antique tree, it is clear        their community to shop. The Mercantile is as unique as the
     that Jim and Lynda have created another home away from            people that come together to make this store a success. For
     home. Lynda is quick to point out that while atmosphere is        more information, call (706) 632-3366.
     important, it is people that make a place. This main street
     location has quickly become known for the same quality
     service, and most importantly, the same quality coffee,           PJ’s Rusted Buffalo
     that Jim and Lynda have prided themselves in for almost a                   It is impossible to pass
     decade. For more information, call (706) 632-3242.                by PJ’s Rusted Buffalo when
                                                                       walking down Main Street once
                                                                       you notice the orange glow of
                          Mercantile at Blue                           Himalayan Salt Crystal lamps.
                                                                       A natural air purifier that is
                          Ridge                                        great for people with asthma,
                               Mercantile at Blue Ridge's owner,       allergies, and migraines, they also
                          Angela, always dreamed of owning an          sell Himalayan table salt which
                          antique store. When she visited Blue         is only 3% sodium, but 100%
                          Ridge many years ago she fell in love        taste. The tremendous flavor
                          with the area. Her family bought a           comes from the over 84 trace minerals that our bodies need.
                          second home in Blue Ridge and finally        It is great for people with acid reflux and can decrease blood
                          made the move to the area permanently.       pressure. And while the salt might draw you in, the variety
                          Six months ago, she opened the               of other products you’ll find will keep you shopping for

      10                                  Appalachian Country                        April/May 2011
 Welcome to Blue Ridge, Georgia!

some time.
          Pam and Joe Chadwick
opened a store in McDonough, GA
over 13 years ago as a custom finish
iron furniture store. They quickly
expanded into home décor lines and
stayed nine years until they decided to
relocate in Ellijay, GA in 2006. With
their success in Ellijay, they recently
opened a second location in Blue
Ridge in 2010. They sell framed art
prints, lamps, and other unique decor
at very reasonable prices. Pam and
Joe love to shop every week to find
new and different items for the home.
The inventory is changing constantly.
Please come in and meet Betsy, the

        April/May 2011                    Appalachian Country   11
Ellijay manager, or Kathy, manager of the Blue Ridge store         hears a very similar
and all of the ladies of PJ’s. Pam and Joe are sure that when      message from her
you leave you will have found a new friend in the North            customers, "Thank
Georgia Mountains. PJ’s is open seven days a week all year         you for being here...
around. As a small business, they recognize that money is          we have needed a
tight, and consider it a compliment when someone chooses           store like this here
to purchase from them. They truly are sincere when they            for a long time!"
say how much they appreciate your business. For more               Paige attributes the
information, call (706) 946-8111 for Blue Ridge or (706)           success of Majestic
515-8111 for Ellijay.                                              Child to her original
                                                                   concept, that is, to
                                                                   provide superior
                       Paula’s Wardrobe                            customer service
                           Paula Harvey opened her upscale         while providing
                       consignment and boutique on April           quality products at
                       2, 2010. For many years, Paula              affordable prices.
                       desired to open a unique shop in a          She did not want the store
                       small city where she could interact         to be perceived as a high
                       with the community. In her beautiful        end, high priced boutique
                       store on Main Street, Paula has the         but rather a clean, colorful
                       gift of service. She takes great joy in     store with department store
                       helping other women feel wonderful          quality and prices.
                       and confident about themselves in                    Paige has learned
                       how they dress and their overall            from her career in banking
                       appearance. With casual and formal          how customers want to be
                                     designs, there is truly       treated and she has instilled
                                     something for every           those values in all of her
                                     woman at Paula’s. Paula’s     employees. Majestic Child
                                     Wardrobe offers a vast        is known for everyday wear,
                                     array of designer clothing    special occasion clothing,
                                     along with an eclectic        gifts and accessories. The
                                     mix of jewelry, handbags,     store carries a large line of
                                     hats, gloves, scarves and     dresses, raincoats and boots,
                                     shoes from well known         shoes, hairbows, hats, toys and
                                     designers.                    books. Clothing sizes range
                                    Paula goes out of her way      from newborn to size 16.
                               to carry upscale consignment                 Majestic Child is located
                               (in both junior and misses          in Blue Ridge at 624 E. Main
                               sizes) and retail accessories.      Street and can be reached at
                               Once you find that perfect          251 632 8327. Additionally,
                               outfit, you won’t leave the store   a second store has been opened
                               before finding the perfect scarf    in Hiawassee at 140 N. Main
                               and hat to go along with it.        Street.
Paula’s Wardrobe is also the best choice for making money
from your old clothes, however there are restrictions so all       Posh on Main
clothes are up-to-date and clean. Whether it’s Paula’s warm                 “Spoil Your Soul.” It’s the slogan of Blue Ridge’s
personality or the great selection that brings customers           Posh on Main and very appropriate. You don’t even have to
in, Paula’s Wardrobe is the place to find great buys. For          walk through the door to realize Posh on Main is a special
more information, call (706) 946-6405 or visit www.                place. Owners Matt Garrett and Millie Hughes create store                                          displays that somehow blend the hometown feel of Blue
                                                                   Ridge, Georgia with the trend setting shopping of Rodeo
                                                                   Drive. The style of Posh prides itself on being a step ahead
Majestic Child                                                     of anything you can find at a mall. They carry clothing lines
        Virtually everyday, Paige King at Majestic Child           from companies out of New York and Los Angeles, while

12                                    Appalachian Country                        April/May 2011
                                                                                             Blue Ridge Scenic Railway
                                               maintaining      were thrilled to finally
                                               prices even      be living and working
                                               high school      in Blue Ridge. The
                                               students can     restaurant is testament
                                               afford. Posh     to Danny’s desire to
                                               even features    bring a local feel to
                                               local talented   his customers and
                             artists. Millie says she has       develop a restaurant
                             several customers that come        that is accessible to
                             to her store every weekend to      all. Along with great
                             see what new items they have       service and food,
                             received that week. Both Matt      Harvest on Main has
                             and Millie are warm, caring        the feel of a family
                             people that truly love spoiling    cabin or lodge with
                             their customers. They have         its roaring fireplace,
                             specials every week with some      open kitchen and
                           of the most adorable things.         southern hospitality.
                                   Millie, who formally                   Danny's
                           decorated model homes, is a          passion for using fresh, locally grown products spawned
                           genius at arranging the store.       another project. Along with his wife, Michelle, they are
                           Everywhere customers turn,           focusing on their newest project of bringing an agricultural
                           there’s a new, breathtaking          and culinary center to Blue Ridge. This thrilling venture will
                           something. It’s a little bit of      feature an impressive sustainable garden, honey production,
                           cute meets edgy and daring.          smokehouse, classroom, professional kitchen (with cooking
                           But she doesn’t want that to         classes) and outdoor cooking facility. Michelle's goal is
                           stop you from treating the store     to connect families in need with
                           like a closet. Customers are         partners in agriculture, creating
                           welcome to try on anything           a sustainable farming center that
                           they see. With his charm and         feeds the community and helps
                           friendliness, Matt also helps        incubate new businesses in Blue
                           customers feel instantly at ease.    Ridge. It will be a one-of-a-kind
                           The store carries jeans, purses,     tourist destination as well. To
                           TokyoMilk beauty products,           get involved or donate resources,
                           and many handmade items not          call (239) 992-2404. For more
                           found anywhere else in north         information on Harvest
                           Georgia. Open only a year, Matt      On Main, call (706)946-
                           and Millie have become fixtures      6164 or visit www.
                           in this Blue Ridge community. You
                           For more information, call (706)     can also be friends with
                           258-2237 or check out their          them on Facebook @
                           website coming soon!                 harvestonmain!

Harvest on Main
         Harvest on Main makes its home in a stately lodge
building in the heart of downtown. A delight for the senses,
the decor is just what you'd expect to find in a destination
mountain community. Chef and owner Danny Mellman's
cooking can best be described as creative American cuisine
with a southern twist. With a varied and acclaimed culinary
background, Danny brings his eclectic cooking style to the
community with a focus on fresh, high-quality ingredients
taking advantage of local production as much as possible.
After vacationing in here for six years, Danny and his family

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