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									                               Transition Plus Newsletter Page 3

        Feature Teacher                                    Feature Teacher
                    By: Ryan
The other day, I met with John Fox, teacher at
Transition Plus. We discussed his life as a
teacher. I also learned about some of John’s

Ryan: Where did you attend college to earn
your teaching license?
John: I attended St. Cloud State University.
Ryan: How long have you been working at
Transition Plus as a teacher?
John: 10 years at this Transition Plus and 5
years as a paraprofessional at another             John: “My favorite current guitar is the one I
Transition Plus.                                   own which is a Fender Stratocaster 97” and my
Ryan: What got your attention to decide to         Yamaha acoustic guitar I have owned since I was
work as a teacher in Special Education at          twelve years old. My dream guitar would have
Transition Plus?                                   to be a old Fender Telecaster from the late
John: A good friend of mine’s mom suggested        50’s.Or an old Gibson with “soap bar pickups”
that “I should take a chance in this career”.      which are called P 90’s these days, instead of
Ryan: What do you like about Transition Plus?      using standard humbuckers.
John: I enjoy working with this particular age     Ryan: Do students and teachers call you other
group. This is a fun age.                          names besides John or Mr. Fox?
Ryan: Do you think you change students life’s at   John: You can call me anything you want as
Transition Plus day to day?                        long as you don’t call me late for dinner.
John: Yes, I have. Some people call me a
miracle worker.                                    I want to thank John for taking the time to sit
Ryan: Do you have any hobbies?                     down with me. I also want to thank him for all
John: Yes. I play guitar.                          the work he does at our school.
Ryan: How long have you been playing guitar?
John: “I have been playing guitar for 28 years
and I love it.”
Ryan: What is your favorite guitar and do you
have a dream guitar?

Continued above……..

Newsletter staff:

Writers: Raisa, Brien, Ryan, Loren and
Photographers: Raisa, Ryan, and A.K.
Teacher: Paul Gruber

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