Networking and Resource Sharing Among Libraries The Intramuros Consortium Experience Corazon M Nera Director of Libraries Lyceum of the Philippines Member Board

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					Networking and Resource Sharing
Among Libraries: The Intramuros
    Consortium Experience

               Corazon M. Nera
Director of Libraries, Lyceum of the Philippines
      Member, Board for Librarians, PRC
Networking and Resource Sharing

  1. The Need for Resource Sharing
  2. Negative Feedbacks on Resource Sharing
  3. Definition of Resource Sharing
  4. The Resource Sharing Process
  5. Agreements
  6. Basic Records
  7. Technology
  8. System Alternatives
  9. Schema of a Resource Sharing System
  10. Basic Desiderata and Criteria
  11. Realizing the Goals
  12. Classification of Resource Sharing Network
  13. Requirements for Acceptable Operation
  14. Reprise on Goals
  15. Conclusions
Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

  1. Interlibrary Loan defined
  2. Steps for Interlibrary Loan
  3. Role of Librarian
  4. The Need of ILL Agreement
  5. Bibliographic Services
  6. Communications
  7. Networks
  8. Costs and Fees
  9. Technology
  10. Conclusion
Chronology of Events: The Intramuros Consortium

Consortium members:
   • Colegio de San Juan de Letran
   • Department of Labor and Employment
   • Lyceum of the Philippines
   • Manila Bulletin
   • Mapua Institute of Technology
   • Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila

March 15, 2001 - Submission of a 2-year Library
      Operational Plan for Lyceum; included is a project
      on the organization of a Library Consortium.
May 2001 - President Roberto P. Laurel announced his
      support to the project in the Lyceum faculty get
July 31, 2001 - Organizational meeting of 8 librarians in
       Intramuros representing Mapua, PLM, Letran,
       Lyceum and Manila Bulletin at MIT, the birth date
       of the Intramuros Library Consortium (ILC) with
       the purpose of maximizing the use of the varied
       resources of each member library. The idea is
       specialization rather than duplication of resources
       and services. Presiding was Corazon M. Nera.
           Major activities of the consortium as agreed
       upon: Resource sharing, Bibliographic services,
       Cooperative cataloging, Staff training and
       development (seminars, workshops, inservice
       training and OJT), Consultancy services, Staff
       sharing, Cooperative material development and
       OPAC services.
Areas of Specialization:
  • Letran - Business, Humanities
  • DOLE - Labor, Employment
  • Lyceum - Foreign Service, Diplomacy
  • Manila Bulletin - News and Events
  • Mapua - Engineering and Fine Arts
  • PLM - Health and Medicine
October 5, 2001 - President’s meeting of 4 academic
      institutions in Intramuros held at PLM. Atty. Roberto
      P. Laurel of Lyceum was voted the 1st Chair and Dr.
      Reynaldo Vea as the Vice Chair, with annual rotation
      of chairmanship. Subcommittees under the
      consortium include: Library Committee, Cleanliness
      and Environmental Committee, Student Affairs,
      Research and Publication, Security Committee,
      Registrar’s, Committee on Administrative Matters
      including procurement, Central Committee and
      Committee for Academic Affairs.
November 20, 2001 - Formal signing of the Memorandum
     of Understanding (MOU) at the Barbara’s
     Restaurant with MIT as host. Committee chairs
     were assigned, upon which Ms. Rebecca Jocson,
     PLM Chief Librarian assumed the chair for the
     Library Committee.
February 15, 2002 - Second Regular Meeting at PLM;
       turnover of leadership to Mrs. Rebecca Jocson and
       adaption of the Intramuros Library Consortium
       (ILC) Policy Guidelines to include: Definition,
       Purpose, Responsibility of Librarians, Fees,
       Conditions of Loans, Loan Rules and Regulations
       (Library Hours, Requirements of Use, Loans and
April 23, 2002 - Third Regular Meeting at Letran;
       discussion and approval of the ILC Official
       publication, the official letterhead of ILC, sharing
       of new acquisitions/current awareness service, and
       other publications, finalization of Policy Guidelines
       and presentation and approval of the ILC Logo.
September 24, 2002 - Fourth Regular Meeting at PLM;
      discussion and approval of upcoming seminars of
      librarians and support staff; ILC newsletter, and
      Christmas party.
October 25, 2002 - First Forum/Seminar on the theme,
      “Promoting Efficient and Effective Library Services”
      held at the Lyceum of the Philippines Audio Visual
      Room; Topics: Personality Development for
      Effective Library Staff and Customer Care for
      Efficient Library Services. Free registration of all
      the member library staff.
December 2002 - Launching of the Intramuros Library
     Consortium Newsletter, Vol. 1 No. 1.
July 31, 2003 - Fifth Regular Meeting at PLM; discussion
       and approval of the 2nd seminar for ILC librarians
       and support staff, the ILC Banner, presentation of
       the ILC Newsletter.
October 9-10, 2003 - First ILC Book Fair at Mabini Hall,
      Lyceum of the Philippines. Six (6) Book dealers and
      suppliers participated.
October 10, 2003 - Second Forum/Seminar on the theme,
      “Enhancing Efficiency and Effectiveness in Library
      Services” held at the Lyceum of the Philippines,
      Hall of Freedom; Topics: Introduction to Archives
      and Records Management and Preparing Project
      Proposal for Archives and Libraries. Free
      registration of all member library staff.
October 15-17, 2003 - Representation to the PAARL
      National Conference on Readers Services
October 17, 2003 - Representation to the PAARL Pearl
      Anniversary and Souvenir Program.
October 19-24, 2003 - Representation to the Congress for
      Southeast Asian Libraries in Brunei Darussalam by
      Mrs. Rebecca Jocson.
November 2003 - Participation in the National Book Week
November 6-7 2003 - Representation to the ALAP
     International Conference on Spanning the Digital
     Divide: Development of Digital Libraries
November 26-28, 2003 - Representation to the PLAI
     National Congress on Bridging the Digital Divide:
     Harnessing ICT’s for National Development.
November 28, 2003 - Participation to the Fellowship
     Program of the National Book Week Celebration.
December 18, 2003 - Year-end Consortium meeting at
     Mapua Institute of Technology. The ILC
     accomplishment report was presented by Mrs.
     Rebecca Jocson.
Researches on ILC (2003)
       - Inclusion of the Intramuros Consortium in a paper
       presented in India on Library Consortiums in the
       Philippines by Jocelyn Ladlad
       - Training and Development Needs of Intramuros
       Library Consortium Library Staff: an Assessment by
       Edrose Flores, CEU.
       - Motivational Factors for Job Satisfaction of
       Academic Libraries (Intramuros Consortium
       included) by Chloe Pagaduan, UP.

  Success factors:

  1. Administrative support
  2. Committed librarians / participants
  3. Beneficial to all stakeholders
  4. Recognition by management
  5. Influence to decision making

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