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									For students at River Eves
      in grades 3 – 5
December 6–7, 2010
The top 2 projects per category
       will advance to the
     County Fair in January.
11 Categories to choose from:
    Animated Graphic Design
   Non-Animated Graphic Design

   Digital Photography

   Digital Video Production

   Multimedia (with sound and/or images with text)

   Non-Mulitmedia

   Robotics

   Internet

   Project Programming

   3-D Modeling

   Case Modification (decoration)

  (See State Fair website for complete descriptions.)
    11 Categories to choose from:

   All categories can be entered as
    an individual or a team of 2.

   There will be 3 extra events at the
    County and State Fairs that we
    will not have here at River Eves:
    Hardware (grades 7-12 only),
    Programming Challenge (grades 7-12 only),
    and Technology Literacy Challenge.
Must be an original design
 which allows for motion
Animated Graphic Design Example
Non-Animated Graphic Design
is computer-created original
art project that has no motion.
Non-Animated Graphic Design Example
Non-Animated Graphic Design Example
Non-Animated Graphic Design Example
Digital Photography
 Digital Photography

This category is defined as any
computer-created original project
using photographs.

The project must be displayed
on a computer in the program
in which it was created.

Software may include, but not be
limited to, Photoshop, Corel Draw,
Microsoft Photo Editor.
Digital Video Production
 Digital Video Production

This category is defined as
any original video project
that has been edited on a
computer with digital video
editing software and exported
into a digital video format.
The project must be displayed
for viewing on a computer.
     Computer-based reports
  or creative presentations which
include sound and/or images with text.
                Multimedia Example
How does this help the sea turtles?

                                   Sea turtles spend 90% of their
                                     lives in the ocean. Learning
                                     about where sea turtles
                                     spend their lives helps
                                     scientist discover the
                                     reasons why they are
                                     endangered and what to do
                                     about it.

   Map taken from Caribbean
Conservation Corporation website
Multimedia Example
Multimedia Example
Projects, without sound,
 using non-multimedia
Non-Multimedia Example
Non-Multimedia Example
Working functional pieces of electronics
         in which movement and intent is controlled
             through student-created programming
Robotics Example
Robotics Example
Robotics Example
Websites, Chat Rooms,
 Interactive Games,
   Bulletin Boards,
 Podcasts, and Blogs
Self-executing programs created using
programming languages such as
3-D Modeling

 This category is defined as any
 original artwork that had been
 created and can be modeled in
       three dimensions.
3-D Modeling
CASE Modification

A student may decorate, paint,
add lights or moving parts
to any working computer.
CASE Modification

Use your imagination and fancy up
 those computers for a fun event!
 How to Register for the Fair

• Select a category (team or individual).
• Return the parent consent form and
  registration form to your teacher.
• Complete your project.         (It’s OK to ask
 for advice, but you must do the work YOURSELF.)

• Present your project and worksheet for
  judging on the day of the fair.
 WHEN ???
• Start on your project now.

• Registration ends November 3, 2010.

• Projects are due on November 29-30.

• Projects will be on judged on December 6
  (& 7th if needed).

• The Fair Open House & Awards Ceremony
  will be on Tuesday evening, December 7.
            Technology Fair
Project Viewing & Awards Ceremony

 • Tuesday, December 7, 2010:

   • Projects will be on display immediately
     following the chorus holiday concert,
     approximately 6:35 p.m.

   • Awards Ceremony will be immediately
     following the Project Viewing, approximately
     7:10 p.m.
Interested in
 the Fair???
Go   to the River Eves website
for registration forms and info.
Talk to your teacher or Ms. Britt
for more information.
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