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					                           Sheinberg Family YMCA of Weston                             Water Fitness Schedule
                           Competition Pool                                            (Classes Subject to Change)
   Time           Mon              Tues               Wed                Thurs                 Fri               Sat              Sun
  7:00 AM       Cardio Abs       Aqua Circuit     Cardio Combo           H2yOga         Instructor’s Choice                   (revised 2/3)
                   Terry            Terry              Terry              Terry                Terry

  8:00 AM     CardioCombo        Cardio Abs        Liquid Fusion      Shallow H2O          Low Impact
                   Terry            Terry              Terry              Terry              Tracey

  9:00 AM      Low Impact                           Low Impact                             Aqua Athletic
                  Tracey                              Debbie                                 Training

  9:30 AM

  10:00 AM     Arthritic H2O                       Arthritic H2O                          Silver Splash
                  Debbie                              Debbie                                 Debbie

  10:30 AM

  11:00 AM                                                                                 *Aqua Abs

  11:30 AM                         Plunge                                Plunge
                                    Terry                                 Terry

  12:30 PM                       Half-n-Half                            *Aqua Abs
                                    Terry                                 Terry

  5:00 PM                                                                                                                     Classes are 55

  5:30 PM                                                                                                                       Exception
                                                                                                                             *30 minute class

We recommend that you wear appropriate footwear when taking water fitness classes . This includes water shoes with tread, and water fitness
 sneakers; that does not include regular tennis shoes. Please bring water (plastic bottles only) with you to class. If you consider yourself a
                     ‘non-swimmer,’ please speak with your instructor about your swimming skills before class begins.

 Sheinberg Family YMCA of Weston ~ 20201 Saddle Club Road ~ Weston, FL 33327 ~ 954.424.9622 ~
Sheinberg Family YMCA of Weston ~ Water Fitness Class Descriptions
Aqua Abs
A 30-minute class focusing on core conditioning and muscular endurance of abdominals and core.
Aqua Athletic Training
A class that meets your high intensity needs, for those ready for a challenge. Class incorporates shallow and deep formats, cardio blasts, athlete training,
muscular strength and endurance. Also incorporates use of the pool deck and equipment! *This is an advanced class, PLEASE speak with the instructor
prior to attending.
Aqua Circuit
This new class offers a challenge for a moderate-high intensity class that does stations of cardio and muscular endurance.
Cardio/Arthritic H2O
A 55-minute workout emphasizing range of motion, gentle stretching and muscular strength.
A 55-minute class of cardio and Abdominal/Core- work in an interval-format. Great for cardio respiratory training and core strength.
Cardio Combo H2O
A combo of deep and shallow water workout that focuses on cardio conditioning and weight work. A moderate to high intensity level.
Deep Water Abs
A 30-minute with combinations of core stabilization to strengthen and stretch the abs using the flotation and buoyancy of deep water.
The traditional forms and movements of ancient yoga set in a warm water environment for a stimulating workout focusing on stretching.
Half and Half (Cardio and Yoga)
This class consists of ½ mid-high intensity cardio work and ½ yoga, toning and stretching.
Liquid Fusion
A moderate to high intensity cardio class combined with aquatic stretching. Techniques of A-Chi, Pilates and Yoga will be integrated for a relaxing stretch.
Low Impact
A class focusing on cardio work and muscular strength in shallow water. This class is a great place for beginners to start.

Shallow H20
A class focusing on cardio work and muscular strength in shallow water. A moderate intensity class that is a great place for beginners to start!
This is an older adult group water fitness program designed to enhance each individual’s quality of life and daily function. SilverSplash utilizes the physical
properties of the water to increase agility, range of motion and cardiovascular conditioning.

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Description: With the music in the cool water aerobics dance movement, not only cool comfort, better reduce joint wear and tear of exercise. Body swimsuit show you more revealing. The specific method is carried out in 1.3-1.6 m of water to land aerobics, ballet and physical ways such as training exercises.