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									                                             Activity Schedule for April 2011
                   Sunday        Monday            Tuesday         Wednesday         Thursday             Friday        Saturday
6:00-6:50am                    Indoor Cycling                     Indoor Cycling                      Indoor Cycling
                               (Karen B)                          (Karen B)                           (Karen B)
7:00-7:50 am                   Davinci TBC      Indoor Cycling    Davinci TBC       Indoor Cycling    Davinci TBC       Sunrise
                               (Tabitha)        (Karen B)         (Dolores)         (Tabitha)         (Dolores)         Yoga
                                                                                                                        (Karen J)
                               Sunrise Yoga                                                           Sunrise Yoga
                               (Karen J)                                                              (Karen J)
8:00-8:50 am     Sonoran       Indoor Cycling   Sonoran Stretch   Back Care &       Sonoran Stretch   Sonoran           Sonoran
                 Stretch       (Tabitha)        (Kathy M)         Core              (Kathy M)         Stretch           Stretch
                 (Rotation)                                       (Suzy)                              (Kathy M)         (Dolores)

                               Tai Chi          Golf Stretch &                      Golf Stretch &    Power Walk        Back Care
                               (Willie)         Conditioning                        Conditioning      (Dolores)         & Core
                                                (Judy)                              (Judy)                              (Suzy R)

9:00-9:50 am     Davinci TBC   Sonoran          Mind & Muscle     Sonoran Stretch   Mind & Muscle     Cardio Interval   20/20
                 (Rotation)    Stretch          (Kathy M)         (Suzy R)          (Kathy M)         (Dolores)         Fusion
                               (Tabitha)                                                                                (Dolores)
                                                Feldenkrais                         Feldenkrais
                               Stability                                                              Tai Chi           Tai Chi
                                                (Suzanne M)                         (Suzanne M)
                               Challenge                                                              (Willie)          (Willie)
                               (Suzy R)
9:00-10:20 am    Flow Yoga
10:00-11:20 am                 Gentle Yoga                        Gentle Yoga                         Gentle Yoga
                               (Suzie H)                          (Suzie H)                           (Kathy M)

10:00-10:50 am   Mat Pilates                    All Levels Flow   Mat Pilates       All Levels Flow   Buns, Legs &      Advanced
                 (Karen N)                      Yoga              (Rotation)        Yoga              Tummy             Yoga
                                                (Jill)                              (Jill)            (Dolores)         (Jill)
                 Power Walk
                                                                                                                        Power Walk
                 (Rotation)                     Upper Cuts                          Upper Cuts                          (Dolores)
                                                (Suzy R)                            (Suzy R)
10:30-11:50 am   Restorative
11:00-11:50 am                                  Water Fitness     Zumba             Water Fitness     Water Fitness     Water
                                                (Dolores)         (Kathy M)         (Dolores)         (Dolores)         Fitness
                                                NEW!!                               NEW!!             NEW!!             (Dolores)
11:00-12:20pm                                   Yin Yoga                            Yin Yoga                            Yin Yoga
                                                (Jill)                              (Jill)                              (Jill)
                                                                                                                        (Karen J)
12:00-12:50pm                                                                       Mat Pilates       Mat Pilates
                                                                                    PLUS!             PLUS
                                                                                    (Kathy M)         (Kathy M)

1:00-2:00pm                                                                                                             Nutrition
                                                                                                                        (Karen J)
4:00- 4:50 pm                  Back Care &      Mat Pilates       Hatha Yoga        Indoor Cycling    Zumba
                               Core             (Karen N)         (Tamara)          (Vera)            (Kathy M)
                               (Suzy R)
5:00-5:50 pm                   Hatha Yoga                         Restorative       Yoga-Lates        Hatha Yoga
                               (Jill)                             Yoga              (Vera)            (Katie)
                                                         Activities Description

                                                                 April 2011
20/20 FUSION                     (∇)
                                  ∇                         GYROKINESIS                         (∇)
                                                                                                 ∇                       WATER FITNESS                      (∇)
This class fuses 20-minutes of indoor cycling with          Gyrokinesis movements are designed to open the               A great water workout for all fitness levels in
20-minutes of core and upper body conditioning for          joints, tendons, muscles, and ligaments to a higher          the open-air Spa pool, this class emphasizes
a dynamic workout followed by a cool-down and               degree of flexibility and strength using spiral              cardiovascular fitness, toning and flexibility
stretch.                                                    movements. Of tremendous benefit to golfers, sports          with the use of dumbbells and noodles.
                                                            enthusiasts, or for rehabilitation from surgery, this form   Sunglasses, hat, and sunscreen are
ADVANCED YOGA                    ( )                        of exercise benefits all ages and physical conditions.       recommended.
A vigorous workout for the experienced yoga
practitioner or athlete. Emphasizing movement,              HATHA YOGA                            (∇)
                                                                                                   ∇                     YIN-YOGA                           (∇)
strength and focus; a high intensity flow sequence          Rejuvenate your spirit at the end of the day with this all   Appropriate for all levels, Yin Yoga focuses on
combined with advanced postures provides for an             level yoga class. Postures are chosen to relieve stress,     the connective tissue, tendons, ligaments,
exhilarating 50 minute class.                               increase energy flow and restore mind/body balance.          bones and joints. Holding specific postures to
                                                                                                                         create suppleness in these areas also allows
ALL LEVEL FLOW YOGA                         (∇ )
                                             ∇              INDOOR CYCLING                    (∇- )
                                                                                               ∇                         for inner focus and stillness; a healthy balance
All Level Yoga is designed for students of all ages         Cycle within your optimal heart rate zone to improve         to the rigors of daily life.
and abilities. The postures are adjusted to                 your Basal Metabolic Rate. Have fun as you burn
accommodate individual needs.                               calories. A great workout for beginners as well as           YOGA-LATES ()
                                                            advanced cyclists. This class is a high intensity,           Enjoy Pilates and basic Yoga poses. This class is
BACK CARE & CORE                (∇)
                                 ∇                          calorie burner!                                              a combination of pilates and yoga. Start with a
Core conditioning exercises, low back strengthening                                                                      Pilates core workout and end with relaxing
moves and a deep stretch to condition the body’s            MAT PILATES                         (∇)
                                                                                                 ∇                       Yoga poses.
power house.                                                A method of body conditioning focusing on core
                                                            muscle strength, flexibility, stretch, and body              ZUMBA                             (∇)
BUNS, LEGS & TUMMY               (∇)
                                  ∇                         alignment.                                                   Zumba is a fusion of Latin and International
BLT uses the stability or bosu ball, to condition your                                                                   motivating music combined with unique dance
abs, sculpt your legs and shape your buns. All              MAT PILATES PLUS                 (∇)
                                                                                              ∇                          and fitness moves. The fast and slow rhythms
done with moves that are simple but challenging             Use of a foam rollers, magic circles and bands will          of the intervals burns calories while the
and easy on the joints.                                     enhance the exercises of the Pilates Mat Class and           sculpting movements tone and shape your
                                                            simulate some of the exercises done on the Reformer          body. This class can be a high intensity,
CARDIO INTERVAL                  (∇)
                                  ∇                         and Cadillac (Pilates Equipment). This class will            calorie burner!
No fancy choreography, just pure calorie burn. This         thoroughly work your core, stability, balance, flexibility
class combines cardio intervals with upper body             and muscle strength.                                         Class Keys
toning for strength and endurance.                                                                                       ∇ All levels: The instructors will provide
                                                            MIND & MUSCLE                    (∇)
                                                                                              ∇                              guidance for all participant levels in
DAVINCI TBC (TOTAL BODY CONDITIONING (∇)            ∇       This 50-minute systemic cardio workout combines                  theses classes.
Using resistance bands, body bars, handheld                 upper body strength with lower body movements to
weights and fitballs, you will tone and sculpt your         provide maximum fat-burn -designed for all fitness               Advanced: If you have been
major muscle groups in this energetic class.                levels. Fitness shoes are a MUST!                                 participating in group exercise for
Stretching is included to complete this total body                                                                            some time and are proficient in
workout.                                                    RESTORATIVE YOGA                 (∇)
                                                                                              ∇                               performance.
                                                            Gentle, rejuvenating, relaxing yoga postures with an
FELDENKRAIS                        (∇)
                                    ∇                       emphasis on Pranayama practice.
Learn to move with a minimum of effort and                                                                                      Hours of Operation
maximum efficiency. Continued use of the method             SONORAN STRETCH                   (∇)
                                                                                               ∇                                     Monday-Sunday
can relieve pain and lead to higher standards of            A combination of static and rhythmic movements
achievement in sports, the martial arts, dancing and        designed to increase flexibility and stability for
                                                                                                                                       Fitness Center
other physical disciplines. The goal of Feldenkrais         improved range of motion.                                                5:30 am - 7:30 pm
is to take the individual from merely functioning, to
functioning well, free of pain and restriction of           STABILITY CHALLENGE                (∇)
                                                                                                ∇                        Spa Pools and Niwas (locker rooms)
movement.                                                   Fun and challenging functional strength exercises                    5:30 am – 7:30 pm
                                                            designed to utilize the "core" for added muscular                            480-595-3500
FLOW YOGA                       (∇)
                                 ∇                          strength, flexibility and balance training.
The gentle continuous flow of Asana poses
                                                                                                                         All classes and lectures are complimentary
incorporates breath, movement, and meditation. A            SUNRISE YOGA                     (∇)
basic knowledge of yoga postures is recommended                                                                              and are 50 minutes in length, unless
                                                            Greet the day with a yoga warm-up flow, followed by
for this class.                                             Sun Salutation progressions in this basic yoga class.
                                                                                                                                      otherwise noted.
                                                            Improve body awareness, mobility, flexibility and
GENTLE YOGA                      (∇)
                                  ∇                         strength with a guided focus of mind, body and spirit.        Class equipment, e.g., pilates mats and
Focus is on breath, releasing deeper tissues, and                                                                        bikes are on a first come first serve basis.
increasing pelvic and core strength, suitable for all       TAI CHI                              (∇)
                                                                                                  ∇                      Each class follows a format which includes
levels.                                                     Classical Tai Chi with attention to form which promotes       a progressive warm-up and sequence of
                                                            circulation of vital life-force energy, reduces stress,                      exercises.
GOLDEN DOOR POWER WALK                      (∇)
                                             ∇              and promotes harmony within the body.
This metabolism-boosting walk gives you the cardio                                                                       For your safety and for the courtesy of other
respiratory benefits of speed-walking in a serene           UPPER CUTS                        (∇)
                                                                                               ∇                          guests, classes are closed 5 minutes after
desert estate setting.                                      A sculpt & strength training class that focuses on                    their scheduled start time.
                                                            upper body--chest, back, arms and abs. Stretches also
GOLF STRETCH & CONDITIONING                   (∇)
                                               ∇            included to balance the workout. All upper body
Functional integration of core muscles incorporating        muscles will be worked, including rotator cuff (scapula)
balance, flexibility, dynamic stretching and body           & forearm muscles (often weak links and injury prone).
awareness.                                                  Great for the golfer & tennis player!

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