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									Chair of Governors
                                                                                                Winter Term 2010 – Issue 3

Dear Parents/Carers

“Clear Heads - a BIG Thank You”
On behalf of the governing body, I would like to formally thank
Mr Glen Martin (Interim Headteacher) and Mrs Linda Johnson
(Associate Interim Headteacher) for stepping valiantly into the
breach created by the departure in May this year of former head,
Mr Andrew Warren. Their endeavour and leadership over the
past seven months have been a beacon to all around them.

Glen has worked exhaustively to create many strategies to                 Mr Glen Martin               Mrs Linda Johnson
maintain and raise staff morale during this important period in
Cedars’ development. I choose the word “exhaustively” as Glen is
already Headteacher at Shenley Brook End School in Milton Keynes, so during this time he has been managing two schools
of a similar size and complexity. To quote a member of staff:“Glen has been an immense, safe pair of hands”

Glen stated that his aims when he was appointed Interim Headteacher by the governing body, were to see the school
maintain and strengthen stability and achievement, and to ensure that the school was in excellent shape for the incoming
head, Steven Palmer who starts in January 2011. Glen did a huge amount of exploratory work on finance and budget,
helping Cedars deal with financial cuts that had already been commenced. He took strong charge of the curriculum, further
honing it to the benefit of all students, using his substantial and successful experience gained at Shenley Brook End. These
changes sometimes required taking difficult decisions, but carefully balanced at the same time with positively leading and
encouraging staff and students. As a result, staff are motivated, buoyant and keen to work with the incoming headteacher.
Glen has had a strong impact on discipline and behaviour in school, which has meant more students (and staff ) can
concentrate on learning and teaching, with levels of misconduct reduced. Overall, students are happier and more focused.
Glen also made a major, positive contribution to the appointment of the new headteacher.

Linda Johnson has also hugely gone that “extra mile” for Cedars during this interregnum period. Linda has been running the
school on those days when Glen is not in (three days/week) and in addition to this monumental task, she increased her
teaching workload. Linda has managed many, many student pastoral challenges. To quote a member of staff again,“She is a
rock: always here first thing in the morning and last out at night, never complaining - steering the school quietly, efficiently,
and professionally, with great attention to detail each day, week and term” Linda, too, made very significant contributions to
the new headteacher appointment.
So once again, I would like to thank Glen and Linda on behalf of all of the members of Cedars Governing Body.
Indeed, if everyone who reads this (staff, students, parents, carers) were to be gathered together at one time, then I would ask
you all to thank them and to give them a rousing, loud - raucous even - round of applause - with cheers and wolf whistles!.
Maybe you can hear it?
Thank you, both.
                                                                                                                    Tim Alberry
                                                                                                             Chair of Governors
Welcome from the Headteacher

Dear Parents/Carers

It seems a long time ago now but congratulations to all students who took public examinations in the summer - this year we had the
best A level results in the county. At GCSE, a total of 70% students achieved the coveted 5 or more A*-C grades and 98% achieved pass
grades in at least 5 subjects - a remarkable achievement. Well done to you all!
In September, we welcomed a number of new colleagues:

   Mrs J Bayly - Science Teacher             Mrs S Frost - Science Teacher                   Mr A Manley - Maths Teacher
   Miss S Bennett - Maths Teacher            Mrs J Gallie - Maths Teacher                    Mrs N Orneville - English Teacher
   Mrs A Butler - MFL Teacher                Mr J Gordon - Cover Supervisor                  Mrs E Pattison - School Sports Co-ordinator
   Mr S Cain - Teaching Assistant            Mr F Graeff - MFL Teacher                       Miss A Pionchon - Cover Supervisor
   Mrs K Casoria - Connexions                Mr T Holland - Science Teacher                  Mrs S Roberts - Teaching Assistant
   Miss K Choo - Science Teacher             Mrs S Jackson - Science Teacher                 Mrs M Stronach - Teaching Assistant
   Mrs M Cullen - PE Teacher                 Miss L Lawrence - Science Teacher               Mrs S Thompson - Cover Supervisor
   Mrs N Dunning - PE Teacher                Miss M Levey - Teaching Assistant               Mr A Williams - Music Teacher

Our students have been involved in many exciting activities since        The Cedars Coaching Academy during half-term was hugely
the last newsletter:                                                     successful again this year, going from strength to strength, with
                                                                         even more sports on offer and more people gaining recognised
✦ Our awards evening was a great success with 119 students               qualifications than before. Mr Hadlington and Mrs Breen deserve
  receiving School Awards; 829 receiving Student Awards and              special mention for their planning, organisation and immense
  79 6th Form students received Community Awards. Richard                hard work.
  Reynard, a former student, presented the certificates and gave
  an entertaining speech on his career on the London stage.              What a successful Craft Fayre! If you missed it, then you missed
                                                                         out on some cracking Christmas presents! The CSA put a huge
✦ A team of Year 9 mathematicians reached the final round of a           amount of time into making this the success that it was, and
  National Mathematics competition - the Edgehill Challenge.             raised over £1,500 for the school. We appreciate the huge
  They travelled to Lancashire for the final round of the                support we get from parents and carers in so many ways.
  competition in July. The students were presented with their
  certificates from Edgehill University by Mrs Quick, our Director       As you read this letter, Help Week will be underway, and the
  of Mathematics and Computing Specialism. This is a very                superb organisation by sixth form students so far means that
  prestigious award and the students had worked creatively               it looks to be another enjoyable and successful week.
  together for weeks to produce their final presentation; well
  done to them all.                                                      The charities we are supporting are:
✦ Congratulations to the twenty-five sixth form students who             ✦   NSPCC
  qualified as “Maths leaders” Do read the article on the Maths
                             .                                           ✦   Water Aid
  news page to find out more abut their excellent work.                  ✦   Willen Hospice
✦ In July, a party of students and teachers left these shores to         ✦   Great Ormond Street Hospital
  embark on the World Challenge Expedition to Venezuela; a
                                                                         ✦   Cancer Research
  wonderful experience for everyone involved. Again you can
  read the report and see the pictures elsewhere in the                  Please dig deep into your pockets!
                                                                         We would not be the fantastic school we are without the staff
The time and dedication given by members of staff to these               and students who work and study here. Thank you to everyone.
events is invaluable to the wonderful experiences that are offered       We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your
to our students, and is very much appreciated.                           support during this interim Headship period and to give our best
                                                                         wishes to Mr Stephen Palmer who will be taking over the reigns
We are in the middle of a very busy autumn term. Year 11 did             of Cedars from1 January 2011.
extremely well in their work experience placements before half-
term. Reports from the employers were very pleasing. Well done           With early best wishes for a very Happy Christmas and a
to all students for promoting such a positive image of Cedars in         successful New Year.
the community, and thank you to all those companies and
businesses who support the learning of our young people                  Mr G Martin                   Mrs Johnson
through their commitment.                                                Interim Headteacher           Associate Interim Headteacher

      Professional Instructor
      Student Rates
      Discounts on block booking
      Assistance with theory test
      Pass Plus Registered
               For further information phone
           Alan on 01525 373155
Danube News

We are pleased with how the Year 9s have settled into their new house tutor groups and I would like to thank
the older students for making them so welcome. A couple of sixth formers have been exceptionally helpful
and I thank them for their commitment to vertical tutoring and helping everyone settle in so well, especially
Louisa Smith in Year 13. Form tutors should be your first ‘port of call’, so please make sure that letters of absence, information about
appointments or holiday requests are sent, by letter, to the form tutor.

Staff Changes Mr A Manley has replaced Mr Newton as tutor of D1; Ms J Gallie has replaced Mrs Hughes as tutor of D5;
Miss S Bennett has replaced Mrs Cashman as tutor of D9.
Over the next few weeks we have Years 10 and 11 taking their GCSE exams and we hope they get the results they deserve. This is a
stressful time for students, who are now beginning the season of exams, modules, mocks and final papers. It was good to see so many
parents/carers at the recent Year 10 consultation sessions and at the open evening for Sixth Form choices. Year 13 consultations are on
29 November.

House Logo We held a house wide competition to design our house logo. The winning entry above was designed by George Lewis,
Poppy Pamplin, Natasha Jefcoate & Emma Hyde

House Leaders I would like to introduce our House Leaders:
       House Leader - Boy: Adam Corbett; House Leader - Girl: Charlotte Jefcoate; House Sports Leader: Ishmael George-Kacou;
       House Entertainments Leader: Emily Scott; House Support Rep: Jack Walker

Help Week If you have older children at the school you will certainly know about Help Week! For parents/carers new to the school,
this is a fantastic week; beginning Monday 22 November, organised by the sixth form where we raise money for different charities. We
have been busy getting ready and preparing stalls for our Circus day. May I take this opportunity to thank our two house leaders, Adam
and Charlotte, for all their suggestions, support in motivating the tutor groups and in developing the fund raising ideas.
Please do not hesitate to contact us in the Danube office if you have any concerns. A reminder of contact details can be seen below.
Head of House: Mrs A Calloway
Pastoral Support Assistant: Mrs N Franks
Telephone: 01525 219373 or 219374                             Email: a.calloway@cedarsupper.beds.sch.uk

Lena News
It has been a very successful start back to the school year for Lena house. This has been the first time that we
are together as a complete house, with all the Year 9 and 12 students joining us. As we go around each of the
Lena tutor groups at tutor time there is a really friendly atmosphere and students from different year groups
are now starting to mix and get to know each other. Our house song is “Eye of the Tiger” and we have named
our Siberian tiger Tina. We have had mixed fortunes in the quizzes and house competitions. We are currently last in the quiz, but at
least are the winners in this week’s house competition!
Help Week This year each house has been given responsibility for a day. Our day will be the Monday, the Festival Day! We will be
raising money through tent photos, busking and would I lie to you. Come on Lena - let’s raise loads of money for the really good causes!
Student Voice This week we will be having our first Lena Student Council meeting. Congratulations to the students who have been
voted in to the different positions:
         House Leader - Boy: Jon Vernon; House Leader - Girl: Rebecca Sandham; House Sports Leader: Harry Pickering
         House Entertainments Leader: Kit Hedley; House Support Rep: Chris Vernon
Well done as well to the tutor group representatives. We look forward to working together and sharing our ideas for improving the
house and the school.
Year 11 Work Experience Well done to Year 11 students for a successful week of work experience. We have had excellent reports
back from employers about the way in which students conducted themselves.

   Act, Sing and Dance at Stagecoach –
   here at Cedars on Saturdays!                                                                                Now running
                                                                                                                parties too!
   Here’s a way to spend weekends that’ll have 4-18 year olds buzzing
   Enrol them at Stagecoach Leighton Buzzard where they learn to act, sing and dance.
   The skills they learn aren’t just for the stage. Our students grow in confidence and self-esteem ... Skills for life!
   There’s no audition – all they need is enthusiasm.

   Call Wendy Ashman on                  01525 222715
   Email: leightonbuzzard@stagecoach.co.uk www.stagecoach.co.uk/leightonbuzzard

Lena News - continued

Attendance We have been monitoring attendance closely since September and appreciate parents/ carers ringing in on a daily basis to
notify us of any absences. Could we please remind you to send a note to confirm the reason when your child returns to school. This will
alleviate the need to make phone calls home. Thank you to parents/carers for helping to encourage good attendance and punctuality to
school. We are pleased that the majority of students in Lena house have good attendance and are arriving to lessons on time.
Uniform Well done to the majority of students for coming to school looking smart and wearing the correct uniform. A reminder that
hoodies and Ugg boots are not allowed to be worn in school. Parents/carers should also note that facial piercings are not allowed at
Contact Details Please keep us updated on changes of address, contact numbers and medical conditions. Details below if you
would like to contact the year office directly.
As ever, many thanks to parents/carers for their continued support!
Head of House: Miss H Rowe / Mrs H Shapter-Wheeler
Pastoral Support Assistant: Mrs T Foreman
Telephone: 01525 219345/01525 219372 Email: lena@cedarsupper.beds.sch.uk

Murray House News
I would like, firstly, to welcome all the Year 9 and 12 students into Murray house, as well as welcoming back
the Year 10, 11 and 13 students. Everyone has settled very well into their new tutor groups and made a really
promising start to the new school year. I would also like to take this opportunity to welcome parents and
carers of students in Years 9 and 12 into Murray. It was nice to see some of you at the recent consultations,
and I look forward to meeting more of you as the year progresses.
Congratulations to the students who have been elected to senior posts on the House Council:
      House Leader - Boy: Robert Barwood; House Leader - Girl: Ellen Goodwin; House Sports Leader: Jack Gambrill;
      House Entertainments Leader: Oscar Bowen-Schofield; House Support Rep: Laura Butterworth
As part of the election process students had to do a speech in assembly and campaign around the tutor groups. I would like to
congratulate and thank all the students who took part in this and hope to see them standing for election again next year. Forms have
also elected representatives and congratulations to:
        Sophie Mann M6, Oliver Baines M1, Cambell Kenneford M11, Emma Game M10, Gianni Desimone M10, Joe Gaudoin M8,
        Sophie James M12, Amy Simms M12, Charlotte Lay M2, Macauley Bates M2, Munashe Jera M4, Clare McCabe M9, Max Ward M3,
        Piers Nolan M7, Jack Gambrill M5. I look forward to working with them over the next few months.
Murray students have now chosen their house song “Land Down Under” by Men at Work. We are doing reasonably well in the quiz and
Friday competitions, but I would like to see some improvement in our rankings over the next few weeks! As I write this, Help Week is
fast approaching and I will be encouraging all Murray students to help organise an event or support an event so that we can raise as
much as possible for the chosen charities.
Before the summer holidays we launched a summer photograph competition, which was won by Lois Gudgeon in Year 13. I have
included her lovely photograph taken whilst she was working in Kenya over the summer holidays, so that we can all see some last
minute sunshine before the depths of winter set in!
We are very pleased that we have been able to send so many praise postcards home to students in the last few weeks, and look forward
to sending even more - look out for one arriving through the post soon!
The Murray tutor team has also seen a few changes this term as teachers have moved on in the
summer. We were joined by Mrs Cullen and Mrs Dunning in September. Mr Matthews has
replaced Mrs Williams whilst she is on maternity leave. We can be contacted by email or
telephone, see details below. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions,
comments or concerns.
Head of House: Mrs C Goring-Farrow
Pastoral Support Assistant: Mrs K Williams
Telephone: 01525 219323 / 01525 219364 Email: murray@cedarsupper.beds.sch.uk

                                                                                                                Kev Field
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                                                                                                                Using the unique LDC
                   Your local specialist school uniform shop                                                    system of teaching.
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       Beaver, Cub, Scout, Rainbow, Brownie and Guide Uniforms
          Dancewear, Ballet Shoes, Tap Shoes and Jazz Shoes                                                     Discounts when courses
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  Mail Orders & Shop: 63 North Street, Leighton Buzzard, LU7 1EQ
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          Thursday closed all day; Friday 9am-5pm; Saturday 10am-4.30pm

Orinoco News

It has been a busy start to the year made more difficult because both Miss Franks and I have had
absences. I hope no-one had to wait too long for a response to any contact. Anyway, normal service has
now been resumed and Orinoco House seems to be settling in well. We are proud of our winning streak in
the weekly quiz and Friday competitions. I would like to welcome two new members of staff who joined Cedars in September and are
Orinoco form tutors: Mr F Graeff and Mrs A Butler.

During Help Week Orinoco has been allocated the Thursday to raise money and I will be encouraging all Orinoco students to get
involved in organising an event. I will be running a crockery smashing stall myself.

Our house council has now been selected and we have set up an e-mail address so that students can pass on their issues for us to
follow up and discuss. Congratulations to the following students who are taking on the senior roles:
        House Leader - Boy: Matt Fisher; House Leader - Girl: Bethany Hack; House Sports Leader: Jack Whitehouse;
        House Entertainments Leader: Dominique Morgan; House Support Rep: Jade Le Roux

The Orinoco students also voted for a house song which is “Crocodile Rock” by Elton John and our mascot has been named Snappy!

As I write this,Year 11 have just completed their work experience and I am frequently reminded that they do not have long to go before they
make serious decisions about what they plan to do after GCSEs. There are only three school weeks before they start mock exams which have
been moved to before Christmas.They can find the details of college courses in the Connexions library or on-line and they should have
attended the Sixth Form evening to see what opportunities they have here at Cedars. They will all have sixth-formers in their tutor groups, so
they should take the opportunity to talk to them about how they reached their decisions; I am sure they will be happy to give them support.

We need to focus a little more attention on making sure all our students arrive on time and have all the correct equipment. There is
often a valid reason for someone being late, but we have a number of students who are late repeatedly. Please help ensure that your
children are well organised and get here on time. We are moving into winter now a popular time for hoodies and Ugg boots. May I
remind parents/carers that neither of these items are school uniform and I will be confiscating them, so please send your children into
school in warm coats and appropriate school footwear. Thank you.

Head of House: Ms S Berrisford
Pastoral Support Assistant: Miss N Franks
Telephone: 01525 219322 / 01525 219367
Email: orinoco@cedarsupper.beds.sch.uk / orinococouncil@cedarsupper.beds.sch.uk

Zambezi News
Firstly, I would like to give a warm welcome to all new Year 9 and 12 students, parents and carers. I hope
everyone has settled in well and enjoying their first term. Secondly, I would like to apologise for my recent
absence and I am delighted to be back working in the house office. I would like to give a big thank you to
Miss Franks for holding the fort and doing an amazing job while I have been away.

Students in Zambezi house have been busy selecting a house theme tune:“Oh Africa“ by Akon; a name for our house mascot: Zammy
the shark! (Thank you to Harry Binding, Z12 for suggesting that!) and a house logo. Congratulations to Ashley Burchill, Z4 for designing
our new logo; we are all extremely proud of it. Well done, also to Ben Volpi, Z12 who came second in the logo competition with another
fantastic piece of artwork.

We have been busy voting in our house elections and have appointed five students to form our house council:
      House Leader - Boy: George Soave; House Leader - Girl: Sarah Dalton; House Sports Leader: Poppy Smith;
      House Entertainments Leader: Lizzie Mounter; House Support Rep: Eddie Brooks

Congratulations and well done to you, all I am certain you will do a fantastic job.

Well done to our Year 11s who have recently returned from work experience. I have heard many glowing reports from local businesses
and positive experiences were had by all.

Zambezi News - continued

With winter well and truly upon us I would like to remind students and parents/carers about uniform. All coats and scarves need to be
removed in lessons. Hoodies and Ugg style boots are not allowed; only black leather boots worn under trousers are acceptable. Please
refer to the student hand book if you are unsure. If students wish to wear t-shirts under their shirts to keep warm, then these should be
plain white and must not be visible.
I am looking forward to the remainder of this term with lots of events and activities taking place including Help Week, which is always a
lot of fun and gives us an opportunity to raise money for charities chosen by the students.
If you have any questions or concerns about anything please do not hesitate to contact myself or Miss Franks in the House office.
Head of House: Miss K McIntosh
Pastoral Support Assistant: Miss T Franks
Telephone: 01525 219321 / 01525 219348        Email: zambezi@cedarsupper.beds.sch.uk

Sixth Form News
We are already well into the second half of the term and I am pleased with the way sixth formers have settled into their studies.
Year 12 seem to have developed a good work ethic and Year 13 are busy sorting out their life after Cedars.
Progress Reports Progress Report 1 has been issued and we are now busy following up the current performance of members of
Years 12 and 13. Some students will be seen by their form tutors, whilst others will be interviewed by me. Our aim is to help our
students to achieve the best they possibly can and, in many cases, students are working very well.
UCAS At the time of writing, we are making very good progress with the processing of UCAS applications. Form tutors have been
superb, turning round references quickly. Members of Year 13 have also been very co-operative in terms of meeting our internal
deadlines and then following up requests to come to see me to sort out any problems. We have two students applying to Cambridge
this year and four students have applied to read medicine. Many students are now receiving offers, and I will be holding an assembly
shortly after Christmas to explain how to respond to these. In the meantime, please encourage your son/daughter to come to see me
on an individual basis if they need help on any issue relating to UCAS.
Careers and the Future This year, I am spending more time improving the advice and guidance offered to sixth form students.
Year 12 have a higher education activity to complete before the end of this term. Please start discussing and encouraging them to think
about their future options for life after sixth form. I will be having an assembly with Year 12 soon after the January exams to discuss
what options are open to them.
Other News The parent/carer consultation evening for Year 12 students will be held on Thursday
3 February 2011 between 6.00pm and 9.00pm.
I would like to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Ms B Bestic
KS5 Co-ordinator

Attendance: Holiday and Attendance Guidelines
Why is it important to attend school? If students are to achieve their potential, good attendance and punctuality are critical. The link
between attendance and achievement is well documented. Figures from the DfE (Department for Education) demonstrate this very clearly.

                        Attendance Level                                                        Achievement
          Students with 93.5% and above attendance                                 75% achieve 5 or more A* to C grades
           Students with 89% and below attendance                                  25% achieve 5 or more A* to C grades

                            OSBORNE MORRIS & MORGAN
                                 SOLICITORS AND ESTATE AGENTS
                                        ONE SERVICE – ONE FEE *
                                                   For more information call:
                                     Leighton Buzzard 01525 378177
                                                         * Plus VAT + Expenses

Attendance: Holiday and Attendance Guidelines - continued

We want all our students to achieve the very best results that they can. In addition, students with irregular attendance:
✦ Get behind with work ✦ Lose the thread of the topics being taught ✦ Become demotivated on return to school
✦ Lose friendships ✦ Miss out on important career and guidance inputs ✦ Miss out on extra-curricular opportunities
✦ Are less likely to feel part of the school ✦ Are likely to become involved in anti-social behaviour
What is good attendance? The school target for attendance
                                                                                     100%                             Outstanding
is 94%. In discussions with the Education Welfare Service, we
have introduced the guide opposite for parents/carers.                             97%-99%                              Excellent
It should be remembered that 90% attendance is equivalent to                       94%-97%                                Good
one day of absence every fortnight. Over an academic year this
amounts to four weeks of absence (100 lessons missed!)                              92-94%                            Satisfactory
We will contact you if we have concerns about the attendance                        90-92%                         Cause for concern
level of your son or daughter. We will also reward students, who
attend well and are punctual, with praise certificates in assemblies.             Below 90%                    Serious cause for concern

Holidays in Term Time We strongly discourage the taking of holidays during term-time. A two week holiday in term-time means 50
hours of teaching missed and several homeworks too. Students often find it difficult to catch up. You should be aware of the following:
✦ Any request for holidays in term-time must be made in writing to the relevant Head of House
✦ The regulations only allow us to grant leave of absence for up to ten days in any academic year in ‘special circumstances’ .
  This is not a right and we are advised by both the DfE and Local Authority to refuse requests which do not meet the requirements
  of ‘special circumstances’.
✦ Requests must be received at least two weeks before departure. The letter must detail the exact dates, the reasons for requesting
  the holiday within term-time, as well as full details of other siblings within local schools who are asking for holidays within term time.
✦ In considering such requests, we will take into account:
       The time of year (permission will not be granted for holidays immediately before or during any examination period, controlled
       assessments or internal assessments)
       How long the holiday will be and how much it will disrupt the student’s education
       The attendance record of the student
       Whether it meets the ‘special circumstances’ requirements
It is important to note that if a holiday request is not authorised and the holiday is still taken there is a possibility of being penalised.
The Fixed Penalty Notice can be up to £50 per parent/carer per child. If the parent/carer does not pay the Penalty Notice it may lead
to prosecution. Schools are not obliged to provide work for students during holidays taken in term-time.
Punctuality Parents/carers are also responsible for ensuring that their son/daughter arrives at school punctually. School starts at
8.55am each day and students are late if they are not in their classroom by 9.00am. We will contact you if we have concerns about
What can parents/carers do?
✦ Ensure students arrive on time each day, well equipped and in a fit state to learn
✦ Take an interest in the education of their son/daughter by talking to them about school and by attending school events
  (eg consultation/information sessions)
✦ Ring the school before 9.00am on each day of absence
✦ Send a letter when their child returns to school, explaining the reason for the absence
✦ Be alert to any signs that might indicate bullying or other issues that may affect school attendance
✦ Inform the school immediately if there are any matters that arise that may affect the attendance of their son/daughter

Miss L Hines
Assistant Headteacher

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                                                              •   Local male and female instructors

          0800 678 3008                                       •
                                                                  Non-smoking environment
                                                                  1.3 CdTi Air-Conditioned Manual Vauxhall Corsas
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          apollomotoring.co.uk                                •   Most major debit and credit cards accepted

Revision Tips

Revision tips for parents/carers to help keep you and your
child sane - GCSEs and beyond!
Like it or not, exams are going to dominate your household for the next couple of years. But it
doesn’t all have to be cranky teenagers and frazzled parents/carers - there is an easier way. We
hope that by following some of the guidance in this document you will be able to assist your
child in their passage through this next stage in their development without too much trauma.

All Year 11 students have been given their own updated copy of a revision handbook which has been used successfully at Cedars for
many years. Encourage them to read this and to follow some of the advice contained within it.

5 steps to exam success:
1. WHY revise?
   ✦ It is a skill that needs to be learned; time spent revising for mock exams will pay dividends when revising for the real exams.

2. WHEN should revision start?
   ✦ Students should start NOW - the hardest part of the revision process is getting started. Establishing a daily routine for revision is
   ✦ Have they made a revision timetable? 40-50 minute slots followed by a 10 minute break are considered the optimum.
   ✦ Encourage them to tick topics off on their revision timetable as they complete them - it is very satisfying!
   ✦ Revision is all about repetition; it is the continual re-reading of notes that allows information to lodge in the long-term memory
     (3 - 5 reviews should ensure that it is retained).
   ✦ Make sure they have a healthy balance between study time and free time - obviously as the exams approach they will need to
     curtail their social life.

3. WHAT do they need to revise?
   ✦ Do they know which topics they have to cover?
   ✦ Have they any gaps in their notes?
   ✦ They should start with the most difficult topics and remind them that
     they can seek help from their teachers if they do not understand
   ✦ Have they got the correct equipment - post-it notes, paper, pens etc?

4. WHERE should they revise?
   ✦ Have they got a study area in their room?
   ✦ Do they work well on their own or do they prefer to work with family
     members around them? If they like to work at the kitchen table make
     sure they have a box with all their resources so that they don’t spend
     15 minutes of their revision session finding a pen that works! Make sure
     other family members do not disturb them.
   ✦ Some students find listening to music helpful, working with the TV on
     isn’t. If they don’t like working in silence then they should incorporate this
     skill into their revision as the examination hall will be completely silent.

5. HOW do they revise and how can you best support them?
   ✦ Simply reading notes is not enough - they need to be active with their
     revision - do something with the information.

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                                                                                                                  FULLY APPROVED

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We are delighted to welcome three new maths teachers to the
department this year: Miss Bennett, Mrs Gallie and Mr Manley. We look
forward to working with them.
It has been good to see students returning to maths lessons, focussed
and striving to achieve their best. All students should have a fully
stocked pencil case consisting of pen, pencil, ruler, rubber and
calculator, together with a protractor and pair of compasses for when
required. In addition they should always have their exercise book for all
lessons. Please ensure that your son/daughter continues to bring this
equipment to all maths lessons.
                                                                                        Some of the maths leaders with their awards
We were all pleased for the Year 11, 12 and 13 students, who did so well in                        after the presentation
their external exams in the summer. The maths department are delighted
with the results in all exams taken: GCSE, Financial studies, AS and A level Maths and Further Maths. 72% of Year 11 gained a grade A* - C
and 69% of A level students gained a grade A*, A or B. All students taking Further Maths gained a grade A or A* which was an
exceptional performance at this particularly challenging A level. Many congratulations to all the students for their hard work and best
wishes in all they do as they pursue their next stage in education.

Exam fever has hit Year 10 with their first GCSE module having taken place on 9 November. We wish them all well in the new style of
taking Maths GCSE exams from now on.

In October, we were delighted to present last year’s Maths Leaders with their certificates in recognition of their hard work and effort in
gaining this prestigious award. They were among one of the first cohorts in the country to receive this award and it was a particular
pleasure to work with these students and to see them develop their skills in leadership in a mathematical environment. We are really
proud of them and all they achieved.

We are again providing maths activities outside the classroom for all year groups - see the curriculum newsletter for individual details -
and feel that these are valuable experiences enabling students to put the maths they learn into practice. The UK Maths Challenge
is happening again for Year 9 -13, the National Cipher Challenge and the Student Investor Challenge, where students can “play” at the
stock market with £100,000 of virtual money. The winning team will receive a trip to New York in the summer. See your maths teacher
to register a team. There is plenty going on to enable students to use their maths and see the relevance of what they learn.

As usual at this time of year, we hear from Southampton University advertising the “National Cipher Challenge.” It is a weekly code
breaking challenge with many prizes along the way. See the website www.cipher.maths.soton.ac.uk and have a go. There are prizes up
to £3000 for the winners, as well as weekly cash prizes. It is well worth a go.

Mathematical Pi Each year we offer students the chance to buy the “Mathematical Pi” magazine. This is a short maths booklet full of
puzzles and problems. If you would like your son/daughter to have a copy of this, which is published 3 times a year, please complete the
form in this newsletter and send it with £2 in an envelope to Mrs Lewis in the maths department by Friday 3 December 2010.

Mrs Adams
Head of Mathematics

                                                                  Request for “Mathematical Pi” magazine
Name:............................................................................................................................ Tutor group: ..............................................

I wish to order “Mathematical Pi” and enclose £2 for the annual subscription. I understand that I will receive 3 copies of the magazine
over the year.

Signed:.......................................................................................................................... (Parent / Carer)
                                                                                                                                                             Please return to Mrs Lewis by Friday 3 December 2010

                                                                                                                                                                    DIAMOND CABS
                                                                                                                                15 BELL ALLEY
                                                                                                                                 YOUR LOCAL
                                                                                                                                  TAXI FIRM
                                                                                                                                                        450 - 450                           01525

                                                                                                                                                               LEIGHTON AND SURROUNDING AREAS
                                                                                                                               • Office in Bell Alley open 24 hours at the weekend                    10 cars - 20 drivers
                                                                                                                               • Wheelchair friendly
                                                                                                                               • 4, 6, 8 seaters available
                                                                                                                               • Standard rates
                                                                                                                               • All cars and drivers are fully insured
                                                                                                                               • Even though we specialise in airport, station, corporate contracts
                                                                                                                                 and school runs, we have cars available for all occasions

                                                                                                                               15 Bell Alley, Leighton Buzzard, Beds, LU7 1DG • 01525 450450

PE Department

It has been a very busy start to the year for sport and the PE department. There have been many great clubs available for the students
to participate in for enjoyment, fitness and competition.
Cedars netball and hockey teams have had a successful and very busy start
to the season. The U14, U15 and U16/18 hockey have been participating in
the South Beds league this term and so far are undefeated. All of the
teams have played exceptionally well with determination and great skill.
Cedars was also represented at the U16 and U18 outdoor county hockey
tournaments and U18 indoor county tournaments throughout September
and October. Cedars performed well at all events and the girls showed
great team spirit, exceptional play and were a credit to the school. Good
luck to all of the other age groups in their coming county tournaments.
The U14, U15, U16 and U18 netball teams have also been playing in the
South Beds league; they too have had lots of success so far. Cedars netball
teams are looking forward to the county tournament in Bedford at the
Bunyan Centre.
Good luck in all future fixtures and continuing success in the leagues.
Mrs Douglas, Miss Walker, Mrs Dunning and Mrs Cullen                                                U14 Hockey Team

Cedars Equestrian Team

                                                                              The Equestrian Team has been set up with funding from
                                                                              Learning Community 2 Extended Services.

                                                                              The team made their debut at the National School
                                                                              Equestrian Association county and regional qualifiers at
                                                                              Keysoe College on Monday 25 October.

                                                                              The 70cm team comprising Olivia Jonas D10, Ashlie
                                                                              Powell O9, Lucy Heast D2 and Bethan Atkins O12
                                                                              finished overall in 3rd place with stylish double clears
                                                                              from Olivia and Lucy, an unfortunate 4 faults for Ashlie
                                                                              and unfortunate elimination for Bethan. Olivia also took
                                                                              the individual 1st place in the 70cm class, qualifying for
                                                                              the championships in December.

                                                                              The 80cm team comprising Olivia Jonas D10, Ashlie
                                                                              Powell O9, Helena Stokes M3 and Fern Birdsey D10 all
                                                                              had good rounds with 4 faults each for Olivia, Helena and
                                                                              Fern, but a fast double clear from Ashlie finished her
                        Lucy, Olivia, Beth and Ashlie                         individually in 5th place.

In the 90cm and 1m individual class Jessica Godleman M8 had 12 faults in each, both very well ridden rounds and pleasing results for
her. Cathy Comerford M3 was eliminated from the 90cm and withdrew from the 1m.

It was a fantastic day with some hot competition from some very high profile schools. The team displayed fantastic spirit and
conducted themselves in a very respectful manner.

Mrs C Powell
Team Co-ordinator

School Sports Co-ordinator

Sports Leadership Conference
Twelve students from Cedars were invited to attend the Bedfordshire and Luton Sports Leadership Conference. The Sports Leaders
were involved in lots of different activities, including dodgeball, netball, badminton, dance and team building skills. All the Sports
Leaders loved the experience of meeting with students from other schools and trying out new activities. It was great to see them
develop their leadership skills and see their confidence grow throughout the day. By giving the students this leadership experience, it
allows them to have community volunteering opportunities locally, with the support of the School Sports Partnership and team
BEDS&LUTON, and to progress them along the coach development pathway.

Leighton-Linslade Young Ambassadors
Jack Gambrill and Coral Richardson (Cedars) and Harry Jell (Vandyke) are the Leighton-
Linslade Sports Young Ambassadors. Young Ambassadors are selected due to their
sporting talent and, more importantly, due to their outstanding commitment and
ability as Young Leaders or volunteers.
The role of a Young Ambassador involves increasing participation in school sport and
PE, spreading the word of the Olympic and Paralympic Values - respect, friendship,
personal excellence, courage, determination, inspiration and equality - and promoting
the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.
The three Young Ambassadors are set to launch a new programme ‘Linking Leaders’
with all Young Leaders across the School Sports Partnership, the leaders range from
Year 3 to Year 13. They are also set, this term, to go into school assemblies throughout
the town promoting school sport and PE.
Mrs E Pattison
School Sports Co-ordinator

Cedars Hits 1000!
Cedars Coaching Academy recently graduated its 1000th coach. Now operating
throughout the year, participants are able to select from a roster of more than 200
courses from almost 100 sport-related activities.
The coach Sue Deas, attending a Netball Level 1 course was a landmark for the academy,
the 1000th certified coach.
The picture shows Laura Swanston, Coaching Development Manager, Team Beds & Luton;
Sue Deas the 1000th coach to qualify at Cedars Coaching Academy and Callum Irving,
Coaching Network Manager at Sports Coach UK.
In 2010 participants from as far afield as Manchester, Plymouth, Glasgow and even a
group from Sweden passed through the academy’s doors.
Callum Irving, Coaching Network Manager at sports coach UK, commented,“The work at Cedars Academy is a tremendous advert for
how people’s enthusiasm for sport and sports coaching can build into a highly successful programme for delivering the qualified
people that underpin community sport. The staff at the academy, the school which hosts it and the many volunteers who enable it to
run, deserve great credit for putting a huge amount of work into improving the experience of all who take part in sport”
Planning is already underway for 2011, with further details available at www.cedarscoachingacademy.com

Your career in sport starts here!
Mr G Hadlington
Academy Director

World Challenge Expedition to Venezuela - Summer 2010

On 12 July 2010 32 students, 2 teachers and 3 World Challenge leaders
embarked upon a month-long expedition to Venezuela in South America.
The students had spent 18 months planning their groups’ itineraries and
raising £3,500 each to go. They organised a number of fund-raising
activities to which friends and family were invited and encouraged to part
with their cash and a large number of the students also secured part-time
jobs. Their determination and hard work paid off and all 32 of them
boarded a plane bound for South America early on a Tuesday morning.
Upon arriving in Venezuela, the students and staff split into their respective
teams and went their separate ways. Throughout the month, each team
completed a gruelling acclimatisation trek to prepare them for an
exhausting 5-day trek across the Andes. The main trek saw the teams
walking through difficult terrain both high up in the hills and deep into the
hot and humid jungle, eating ‘interesting’ versions of porridge and pasta
and sleeping in tents in a variety of spectacular locations.

                                                              One of the most appealing aspects of any World Challenge expedition is
                                                              the project phase which provides students with an opportunity to work
                                                              with native people in remote communities and to learn about different
                                                              cultures. The students threw themselves into a variety of tasks from
                                                              planting trees at the top of a mountain to building a toilet for the locals
                                                              to use. The villagers really made the students feel welcome and they
                                                              clearly appreciated the time and effort that the teams put into the work
                                                              that they carried out.

                                                             The expedition
                                                             did have some
                                                             less strenuous
                                                             moments too,
                                                             such as an awe-
                                                             inspiring visit to
                                                             Angel Falls, the
highest waterfall in the world. After a four-hour longboat journey and a
one-hour trek through the jungle the 1km-high waterfall came into view
and, despite being quite far away from the water, we could still feel the
spray hitting us. It was absolutely magical and well worth the trek.

                                                              As with any
                                                              expedition, rest
                                                              and relaxation
                                                              in the final few days is vital and, luckily, the students thought ahead and
                                                              planned visits to beautiful beach resorts where swimming, eating and
                                                              reminiscing about our amazing expedition were the order of the day.
                                                              It really was the best way to end the month and it allowed the students
                                                              some time for reflection - and a bit of fun too!

                                                              The expedition was the culmination of 18 months hard work by the
                                                              students and the staff and the fantastic experiences that we all shared
                                                              will be with us for a lifetime.

                                                              Miss E Whalley
                                                              Expedition Leader

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                                                                          • Pilates • Acupuncture • Reflexology • Ergonomics
                                                                                                                                             in Private Practice
                                                                          • Massage • Indian Head Massage • Pre & Post natal Care

                                                                                                                  26 Lake Street, Leighton Buzzard, Beds. LU7 1RX

                                                                                                                      01525 377751

Design and Technology

New Logo for 2010/11              Following on from our inaugural logo competition last year, we have again
received some great entries from our current Year 9 cohort and are pleased to announce Jayden Newman
(L1) as the winner; you can see his design here. Keep an eye out for the logo appearing around the
department and on our literature.
Design and Technology Exhibition and Awards Evening 2010                                Many thanks to all those who attended our first
ever exhibition and awards evening back in July. It was a great success and the feedback we have received has been hugely positive,
both for students and staff alike. The coursework on display really highlighted the range of courses we run and the varied nature of
outcomes our students create. The awards ceremony allowed us to give out five awards for the differing areas of our curriculum.
The winners were as follows:
       GCSE Design Project of the Year 2010                       Georgina Ashley
       Engineer of the Year 2010                                  Liam Herring
       A-Level Design Project of the Year 2010                    Emily Duke
       BE Aerospace Award for Commercialism 2010                  Emily Ramsden
       2010 Designer of the Year Award                            Matthew Hill
The DT department would like to thank BE Aerospace for sponsoring the ceremony and donating prizes. The ceremony was also
attended by CocoMango who provided the department with soaps designed by our students. We anticipate putting these on sale at
future parent/carer sessions.
Sponsorship Over the next few months we will embark on a mission to gain sponsorship to move our department into the new
future. We need to begin replacing some of our traditional machines with industry standard CNC machines, such as laser cutters and
CNC lathes. Such equipment is prohibitively expensive, yet the commitment to our students is, as always, high. We believe that seeking
corporate sponsorship will help us achieve this ambition and we will look for interested parties over the course of the year. If you would
like to know more, or might be interested in helping, please get in touch.
Collection of Last Year’s Coursework                     The coursework created by last year’s GCSE and A-Level students is now available
for collection. Any work left will, eventually, be recycled if unclaimed, as we cannot contact all students. Please try to collect work by the
end of November. If you know of students or families that this applies to, but who have now left Cedars, I would be grateful if this
message could be passed on.
Mr P Simmonds
Team Leader - Design and Technology

Science Department
Students in Years 11 and 10 should now be thinking seriously about the exams they will take this year. Both year groups will have
coursework to complete, some of it being done next term. Both will face mock exams in December, which will determine their tier of
entry into the real GCSE exams in the summer.
Some of Year 11 will be re-sitting Core Science exams in January and many will need to repeat a piece of Core Science coursework over
the next six months to improve their marks/grades. All students will need to begin revision now if they are to perform their best.
Years 12 and 13 may also be re-sitting modules of AS or taking AS or A2 modules for the first time in January. They will all be facing
in-class coursework over the next six months so will need to start thinking about all these tests now.

Dr G Everett
Team Leader - Science

Mikey Ciancio, L3 has reached the semi finals of the Young Drummer of the year competition. Good luck for February!
Emily Mowbray, M11 has once again been chosen for the National Youth Orchestra; a magnificent achievement.

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Library & Resources Centre

We have had a very busy start to this new academic year. We have now met all of our new Year 9 students when they came to the
Library for their induction sessions and fiction classes. Quite a few have already become regular visitors to the Library at lunchtimes and
break times which is good to see. Year 9 students have also been given a reading list produced by the Library to give them ideas on new
books to read.
New Year 12 students have completed a set of subject-based Library induction activities to help them find key resources for their
subjects in the Library and on the Internet. It is hoped this will help them to carry out more effective research, use a wider range of
information resources and produce better quality coursework.
We have compiled a reading list for Cedars Sixth Formers. It is very important for all Sixth Form students
to read widely, both fiction and non-fiction, regardless of A level subjects being studied. University and
college admissions tutors and employers are looking for well-read, rounded individuals.
Year 11 students have been issued with a revision Guide, produced by the Library, to help get them
started on revising for their mock GCSE exams in December and for the real exams next summer. We
have also produced a guide for parents/carers, who want some tips on how to help and encourage their
children with revision and to cope with the stress of exams. This is now available on the school website.
Overall, it has been a good start to the year and we have been impressed by the enthusiasm and
keenness to learn shown by many of the new students.
Mrs A Woolfson, Mrs M Perrott and Mrs E Corbett

Visit to Cologne
Twenty-two students from Cedars, together with four guests from Vandyke’s
Sixth Form, accompanied me to the beautiful city of Cologne at half term.
This war-ravaged city has undergone an amazing transformation and is well
worth a visit.
Our visits included Cologne’s famous cathedral with its twin spires (most of
us managed to overcome our vertigo and climb the 535 steps to the top),
the chocolate factory on the banks of the Rhine and Phantasialand.
I am indebted to Mrs Bolton and Ms Pionchon who accompanied me and
gave up most of their half-term break.
I thoroughly enjoyed the students’ company; their behaviour was exemplary.
Next stop: Berlin with Year 9 in February.
Mr M Whalley
Modern Foreign Languages Department

Cedars held its annual Remembrance Service at the Linslade War Memorial in Mentmore Park at 1pm on Thursday
11 November. Associate Headteacher, Mrs Johnson, commented:“It was a pleasure to have representatives from
students, staff, governors, former staff, the local community, and the British Legion” As part of the service, a Roll of
Honour of Cedars students who have lost their lives in conflicts was read out; a poignant link between the past and
the present, especially remembering the young men and women currently serving in Afghanistan. There were
readings by Head Girl and Head Boy, Molly Rushworth and Alex Jonas, sixth-former Ellen Goodwin, and Year 10 student
Zedric Grosvenor; the Sounding of the Last Post was played by bugler Luke Galloway, also a sixth-former. Wreaths and crosses were laid
by staff and students, including a wreath by the town mayor, Gordon Perham, on behalf of the local community.

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  when contacting the Advertisers.
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  Magazine is brought to you at no
    cost to Cedars Upper School.
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  local businesses in appreciation of         SHORT TERM – Offering children placement for periods up to 2 years.                          affordable price.
    their commitment to the School.           PERMANENT – Offering placement until children reach independence.
                                                                                                                               Plastering, Painting, Decorating, Dry Lining,
                                                  RESPITE – Providing weekend and short break placements.                       Rendering, Ceiling Repairs, Tiling, Flooring,
                                                 Ongoing training and 24 hour support is provided to all carers.              Wall Papering, Bathroom & Kitchen installations.
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Young Enterprise Company Programme
The year’s Young Enterprise calendar has begun and, following an inspiring introduction from Paul Thompson, the East of England
Marketing Manager for YE, a large number of Year 12 students signed up to find out more. After the selection process was completed,
we have ended up with two teams who will compete against each other and many other schools within the country.
After only one business meeting, both groups have made many decisions and have impressed me with their enthusiasm and
commitment. They have chosen names, Initiative and Pryme, selected directors and made plans for the Cedars Christmas Craft Fayre,
where they will be selling their wares.
I wish both teams lots of luck and hope that you will support them, if you see them at any of the selling opportunity events they will attend.
Mrs A Newcombe
Young Enterprise Link Teacher

Cedars School Association                                                       Registered Charity No. 1033660

Stamps and Tokens
Please continue to send in the tokens from Nestle cereal packets. A collection box for
these and Target Stamps from the LBO can be found in the library and at reception.

                                  200 Club Winners
                Here is the list of lucky winners from the last three months:
        Month                  Amount                  Number                 Winner
       July 2010                  £40                     187                 Mrs MA Cloke
                                  £20                     149                 Mrs G Travis
     August 2010                  £40                     171                 Gill Roche
                                  £20                      53                 Mr D Friday
   September 2010                £100                     153                 Elizabeth Dent
                                  £40                      40                 Mrs Jenner
                                  £20                      89                 Mrs Julie Lock

There are still 19 vacant numbers. If you would like to support the school by being a member, for an annual subscription
of £12, please contact Mary Flach (01525-378262 or email edmund.flach@btopenworld.com

Emergency Procedures During Severe Weather Conditions
Please find below information on what you, as parents/carers, should do if severe weather occurs this winter.
In the event of severe weather conditions, information will be available on:
1. Cedars website:            www.cedarsupper.beds.sch.uk
2. Recorded message on Cedars’ main telephone number: 01525 219300
3. Three Counties website:    www.bbc.co.uk/3counties
4. Three Counties Radio/Heart FM
5. Central Bedfordshire website
If your son/daughter has already left for school, staff will make arrangements for him/her to be sent home, provided you can be
contacted and appropriate care at home is in place.
Every effort will be made to provide work and supervision for students for whom adult supervision at home cannot be arranged, and
who therefore need to remain at school.

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Dates for your Diary

                            Autumn Term 2010
                            Wednesday 1 September 2010
                                                       Friday 17 December 2010
                            (students start Thursday 2 September 2010)

                            Spring Term 2011
                            Tuesday 4 January 2011 Friday 8 April 2011
                            (students start Wednesday 5 January 2011)
                            Half Term                  Week commencing
                                                       Monday 21 February 2011
                            Professional Development Day
                                                     Tuesday 4 January 2011

                            Summer Term 2011
                            Tuesday 26 April 2011    Friday 22 July 2011
                            (students start Wednesday 27 April 2011)
                            Half Term                  Week commencing
                                                       Monday 30 May 2011
                            May Day                    Monday 2 May 2011
                            Professional Development Days
                                                     Monday 26 April 2011
                                                     Friday 1 July 2011

                            Autumn Term 2011 - subject to amendment
                            Monday 5 September 2011
                                                       Friday 16 December 2011
                            (students start Tuesday 6 September 2011)
                            Half Term                  Week commencing
                                                       Monday 24 October 2011
                            Professional Development Days
                                                     Monday 5 September 2011
                                                     Monday 31 October 2011

                            Spring Term 2012
                            Tuesday 3 January 2012 Thursday 5 April 2012
                            (students start Wednesday 4 January 2012)
                            Half Term                  Week commencing
                                                       Monday 13 February 2012
                            Professional Development Day
                                                     Tuesday 3 January 2012

                            Summer Term 2012
                            Monday 16 April 2012        Monday 23 July 2012
                            (students start Tuesday 17 April 2011)
                            (students finish Friday 20 July 2012)
                            Half Term                  Week commencing
                                                       Monday 4 June 2012
                            May Day                    Monday 7 May 2012
                            Professional Development Days
                                                     Monday 16 April 2012
                                                     Monday 23 July 2012

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