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                        Recording Studios

          41 avenue Emile de Béco, B-1050 Brussels - Belgium
                       phone: +32 2 647 18 18
                       fax:    +32 2 649 84 51

                       Cartoons by Patrick Regout
Photography by Bill Funk, except guitar and drum photos by André Baranyi
           All music on this site was recorded at ICP Studios


SSL 4000 G series, 72 channel, with Total Recall
Meyer X-10 high powered monitor system with sub-woofer
Daylight in control room and recording areas
Private bar
Fast internet connection via WIFI

Neve 88R, 60 channel, with Encore automation, configured for stereo and 5.1 surround
Daylight in control room and recording areas
Private bar
Fast internet connection via WIFI

Vintage EMI-Neve A 3096, 36 channel, 4-band EQ type 1091
Daylight in control room
Private bar
Fast internet connection via WIFI

Vintage Telefunken/Siemens all tube mixing console, 18 channel
Daylight in control room and recording areas
Private bar
Fast internet connection via WIFI

Vast compliment of outboard equipment including vintage EQ racks, echo units, compressors, mic
pre`s, special FX, alternative monitors, etc… plus an immense collection of new and vintage guitars,
amps, drums, synths, mics, and over 500 guitar effects pedals—everything available at no extra

Elegantly furnished townhouses and lofts with luxury suites and apartments, directly adjacent to the
ICP studio complex. Meals cooked on-site by qualified in-house chefs.

Garden, barbecue, terrain de pétanque, indoor pool, gym, table tennis. Large screen TV with
Play Station, plus a vast collection of multilingual DVD`s. All apartments with DVD players, some
equipped with surround sound systems.

Our client list of recording artists.



CONSOLE                                        COMPRESSORS, LIMITERS & GATES

SSL 4000 G + Total Recall,                     Aphex Compellor
72-channel                                     Drawmer DS 201 dual gate (x2)
                                               Eventide Omnipressor
DIGITAL RECORDING                              Focusrite Red 3 dual comp/limiter
                                               Manley `Variable MU` comp/limiter
ProTools HD3/192, MacPro Intel Quad Xeon       Manley High Frequency Limiter
                                               Neve 32254 dual comp/limiter
ANALOG RECORDING                               Neve 33609 dual comp/limiter
                                               Summit TLA 100 tube levelling amp
Studer A800 MKIII 24 track                     Tube-Tech LCA-2A tube comp/limiter
Studer A80 1/2” 2-track                        Tube-Tech CL-1A tube compressor
                                               Urei 1176 LN peak limiter (x2)
PIANO                                          Urei 1178 dual peak limiter
                                               Valley People 610 dual gate-expander
Yamaha C7
                                               SPECIAL FX, EQ`s, MIC PRE`s
                                               Aphex Aural Exciter
Hammond A-100 + Leslie                         Audio & Design Panscan
Harmonium (electric)                           BBE 822 Sonic Maximizer
                                               BEL BF-20 stereo flanger
DIGITAL & ANALOG REVERB                        BSS DPR-901 dynamic EQ
                                               DBX FS 902 Dual De-Esser
AMS RMX 16                                     Demeter VTMP-2 tube pre amp
EMT stereo plates                              Drawmer DF 320 dual noise filter
Lexicon 480L                                   Focusrite Red 2 dual EQ
Quantec QRS                                    GML 8200 parametric EQ
Roland SRV 2000                                Roland DEP-5
Sony MU R201                                   Roland SDD-320 Dimension D
                                               Summit EQF 100 Tube EQ (x2)
DIGITAL DELAYS & PITCH CHANGERS                Summit Program EQ
                                               Summit TPA 200 Tube Pre Amp
AMS 15/80S Stereo delay                        TC Electronic 1210 Spacial Expander
     (ch. A 6,4 sec., ch. B 1,6 sec.)          Tube-Tech MP1A pre amp
BEL BDE 2400 delay                             Tube-Tech PEI-A tube EQ
Eventide H-3000 SE Harmonizer                  Yamaha SPX 1000
Eventide DSP 4000 Ultra Harmonizer
Lexicon Delta T                                MONITORING
Lexicon Prime Time II
Lexicon PCM 41 delay                           Meyer X-10 high power system with sub woofer
Roland SDE 2000 delay                          KRK Exposé 8
TC Electronic 2290 delay                       KRK 9000
                                               Yamaha NS10
                                               Genelec 1029 + 1030 + 1031



CONSOLE                                     COMPRESSORS, LIMITERS, & GATES

Neve 88R + Encore Automation,               Anthony Demaria Labs ADL 1000 tube comp/
60-channel, equipped for stereo and 5.1     limiter
surround                                    Audio & Design F769 X-R Vocal Stresser
                                            Chandler TG-1 comp/limiter
DIGITAL RECORDING                           Drawmer DS 201 dual Gate (x2)
                                            Focusrite Red 3 dual comp/limiter
ProTools HD3/192, MacPro Intel Quad Xeon    Gyraf Audio G10
Otari DTR 900 II - 32/64 track              Joe Meek Compressor
Sony 3324 A - 24/48 track                   Manley Electro-Optical levelling amp
                                            Manley `Variable MU` comp/limiter
ANALOG RECORDING                            Manley High Frequency Limiter
                                            Neve 32254 dual comp/limiter
Studer A800 MKIII 24 track                  Neve 33609 dual comp limiter
Studer A80 1/2” 2-track                     Ridge Farm Boiler
                                            Smart Research C2 stereo compressor
PIANO                                       Summit TLA 100 tube compressor
                                            Summit DCL 200 tube comp/limiter
Yamaha C7                                   Urei LA4 dual comp/limiter
                                            Urei 1178 dual comp/limiter
ORGAN                                       Valley People 610 dual gate-expander

Hammond C3 + Leslie                         SPECIAL FX, EQ`s, MIC PRE`s

DIGITAL & ANALOG REVERB                     Aphex Aural Exciter
                                            Audio & Design Panscan
ART Multiverb                               BBE 822 Sonic Maximizer
EMT stereo plates                           DBX FS 902 Dual De-Esser
Lexicon 960                                 Demeter VTMP-2 tube pre amp
Roland SRV 330                              Drawmer DF 320 dual noise filter
Roland SRV 2000                             Focusrite Red 2 dual EQ
Yamaha REV 7                                Lexicon 300 digital effects system
                                            Lexicon PCM 70 effects processor
DIGITAL DELAYS & PITCH CHANGERS             Manley Dual Mono Mic Pre Amp
                                            Manley Enhanced Pultec Equalizer
Eventide H-3000 SE Harmonizer               Manley Mid-Frequency Equalizer
Lexicon Prime Time II                       Roland SDD-320 Dimension D
Roland SDE 2000 delay (x2)                  Summit EQF 100 tube EQ (x2)
Roland SDF 330 delay                        Summit TPA 200 tube pre amp
TC Electronic 2290 delay                    TC Electronic 1210 Spacial Expander
                                            Yamaha SPX 90 II


                                            Focal SM-11 with Focal Manager
                                            Genelec 1029 + 1030 + 1031
                                            KRK Exposé 8
                                            Yamaha NS10
                                            Westlake BBSM-15



CONSOLE                                     SPECIAL FX, EQ`s, MIC PRE`s

Emi - Neve A 3096, 36 channel,              Aphex Aural Exciter
4 band EQ 1091                              BBE 822 Sonic Maximizer
                                            Drawmer DF 320 dual noise filter
DIGITAL RECORDING                           K&H UE 400 2-channel EQ
                                            Lexicon PCM 70 effects processor
ProTools HD3/192, MacPro Intel Quad Xeon    Orban 516EC Dynamic Brilliance Controller
Otari DTR 900 II - 32 track                 Ursa Major SST-282 Space Station
Sony 3324 A - 24 track                      Yamaha SPX 90
                                            Yamaha SPX 1000
Studer A800 MKIII 24 track
Studer A80 1/2” 2-track                     KRK Exposé 8
                                            KRK 9000
PIANO                                       Yamaha NS10
                                            Genelec 1029 + 1030 + 1031
Yamaha upright type LU 201 C                Westlake BBSM-15


Hammond A102 + Leslie


Klark Teknik DN 780
Lexicon 480L
Yamaha REV 7


Roland SDE 2000 delay
Roland SDE 3000 delay
Roland SDE 330 delay


Altec 436C compressor amplifier
Drawmer DS 201 dual gate (x2)
Neve 33609 dual comp/limiter
Pye Stereo Compressor
Ridge Farm Boiler
Urei LA4 dual comp/limiter
Urei 1176 LN peak limiter (x2)
Urei 1178 dual comp/limiter




Telefunken / Siemens 18-channel, all- tube mixing console (1959). Console features:

18 x mic/line inputs
 4 x main outputs
 5 x auxiliary outputs

42 x V72 pre amps for mic/line inputs +
    power for on board tube EQ`s

 1 x V74 amplifier for phantom power
 2 x U73b tube compressors
 1 x H481 tube oscillator
 4 x V76 output amps

The console has full patch / routing capabilities so that effects, compression, etc. can be inserted
before output.


ProTools HD3/192, MacPro Intel Quad Xeon


Yamaha Electric Grand Piano CP-70B


Portable Hammond L100P


Outboard gear for studio D: see listing “EQUIPMENT - AVAILABLE TO ALL STUDIOS”

                STUDIO D HISTORY

A WWII bunker in Essen, Germany big enough to shelter 500 people - the last place you`d expect
to find a vintage mixing console…

                                                     … not even easy to find the front door…

                                                  … not exactly luxury accommodation,
                                                  but we braved the cold, the dark and the damp…

… sign says “this way to studio” -- looks like we`re in the right place after all…

… but it looks like someone`s got here before us…

… luckily, the control cabin was in OK shape, and the desk is immaculate. 1959 Telefunken /
Siemens with more than 180 vacuum tubes… and everything works! Here`s ICP`s John Hastry with
Helmut Geldmacher, previous owner.
                                                      EQ`s are all tube, and faders are not
                                                      carbon but wired resistor. A clip system
                                                      on the faders provides mono to stereo

Mic pre amps are V72`s, and there`s a couple of tube compressors and even a tube oscillator for

The four output amps are V76`s and the 18 EQ`s are powered by more V72`s.

Here`s the last shot, minutes before we snipped all the wires and heaved the desk into the ICP
truck… it`s now safe in it`s new home up in studio D (see “pictures”), and it sounds as wonderful as
it looks.

SPECIAL FX, COMPRESSORS, EQ`s, MIC PRE`s, DI`s, misc studio gear

Altec 1591 compressor                     Neumann rack:
Altec 1612BV limiter amp                       OE-DUO EQ`s
Amek 9098 dual comp                            U473 compressors
Amek Channel in a Box                          U476 mic pre`s
AMS DM 2-20 tape phase simulator          Pultec HLF-3C Filter (2)
Aphex Aural Exciter C2                    PYE compressors
ART Proverb                               Radial CabBone speaker cabinet switchers
Audio Design Vocal Stresser               Radial JDV MK3 Super DI’s
Avalon AD2022 Dual mic pre                Radial JDX – Amplifier DIs
Avalon U5                                 Radial Phase Adjusters
Binson Echorec black face/gold face       Radial Twin ISO Isolator
Binson 4-channel tube mixer               Radial SGI guitar interfaces
Blue Robbie mic pre amp                   Radial X-amp reampers
Boomerang Phrase Sampler                  Retrospec Juice Box
Boss BE-5B Bass Multi-Effects             Reussenzehn Birdie rotating horn
CADAC rack:                               Rockman Stereo Chorus Delay + Sustainer
     G268E EQ`s                           Roland SRE 555 Chorus Echo
     G255 compressors                     Roland Dimension D
Climax tube DI                            Roland D2 Groove Box
Danelectro DTB-1 Talk Box                 Roland HPD-15 Hand Sonic
DBX 160X comp/limiter                     Roland MD8 Midi Interface
DBX 120X-DS subharmonic synth             Roland SPH 323 Phase Shifter
Dolby A-types model 361                   Roland RE-3 Space Echo
Drawmer DL 221 dual comp/limiter          Roland RE-201 Space Echo
DW Fearn VT-2 tube pre amp                Roland SBF 325 Stereo Flanger
EAR 823 MQ                                Roland SVC 350 Vocoder
Echoplex, tube + transistor models        Sherman filter bank
Electro Harmonix 12AY7 mic pre amp        Sherman 4 x filter bank
Elektrix MoFx                             Siemens V72 mic pre racks
Elektrix Warp Factory Vocoder             Siemens V76 mic pre racks
 EMT 156 compressor                       Sony MUR 21
EMT rack:                                 SPL-SX2 Dynamic Processor
     256 compressors                      SVT Vacuum Tube Direct Injection
     260 filter limiters                  TC Electronics Fireworx
     261 limiter compressors              TC Electronics Finalizer
Fairchild 660 compressor                  Tech 21 Sans Amp
Fulltone Tube Tape Echo                   Technics 1200 MKII turntable
Gates SA-39B (2)                          Teletronix LA-2A (x2 rack)
HH Multi-Echo                             Theremin
Joe Meek Voice Channels                   Thermonic Culture Vulture
Klein & Hummel UF 400 EQ                  Tri-Tronics CA 1782 compressor
Korg A3 Processor                         Urei 1122 transcription pre-amp
Lexicon 102 Digital Delay System          Urei 546 dual parametric EQ
Lexicon 224 Digital Reverb                Valley People 440 dual compressor
Leslie guitar interface                   Valley People Gain Brain
Linn Adrenalinn                           Valley People Kepex II
Manley Tube Direct Interface              WEM Copycats
Metasonix Agonizer                        WSW Compressor
Metasonix Butt Probe                      Yamaha REV-1 Digital Reverb
Moog 3-band parametric EQ                 Zoom 9012 sound processor
Moog 12-stage phaser
MXR Pitch Transposer
SPECIAL FX, COMPRESSORS, EQ`s, MIC PRE`s, DI`s, misc studio gear (con’d)

Auratone 5C Super Cube
Focal SM-11                               ACCESSORIES
Genelec 1019
Genelec 1029A                             ICP carries a complete line of accessories
Genelec 1030A                             for our backline gear inlcuding drum skins &
Genelec 1030                              sticks, guitar picks, capos, instrument cleaning
Genelec 1031                              products, metronomes, tuners, strings, all types
Genelec 1032                              of leads and cables, amp tubes, etc. For most
KRK 6000                                  of our outboard gear, including vintage models,
KRK 9000 B                                we have full user manuals.
Proac Studio 100
Tannoy Ellipse 8
Yamaha NS10


ICP’s arsenal of standard microphones is
complemented by a unique collection of vintage
ribbon and condenser mics, including a large
selection of stereo pairs, all available at no extra

Our vintage Neumann collection of over 30
condensor mics includes models from as early
as 1927, and several rare WWII period types.
The bottles, kapsels and power supplies are all
maintained with only original vintage parts to
preserve their unique sound quality.

ICP’s full lineup includes more than 200 mics
from the following manufacturers:

              Brühl & Kjaer
              Groove Tubes
              Standard Electric
              Yamaha SubKick

ELECTRIC & ACOUSTIC GUITARS                        Vox organ guitar
                                                   Welson (60’s)
ICP’s collection of new and vintage guitars is     Z-Vex Teardrop, Wah Probe + SHO (2)
regularly serviced by professional luthiers to
ensure playabilty and tonal accuracy               12-STRING ELECTRIC GUITARS

6-STRING ELECTRIC GUITARS                          Danelectro Bellzouki
                                                   Fender Stratocaster XII
American Showster Belair AS 57,Floyd Rose          Fender XII Jazz Master
Burns Brian May (gold)                             Hagström 12
Burns Steer                                        Rickenbacker Roger McGuire
Chandler Baritone                                  Vox Teardrop 12
Charvel “Surfcaster”
Danelectro                                         SEMI-ACOUSTIC 6-STRING
Fender Jaguar
Fender Jazzcaster, Will Ray “Hellcaster”           Debreuille electric Dobro
Fender Jazzmaster                                  Gibson ES 225T
Fender Squier Stratocaster                         Gibson ES 295
Fender Stratocaster, John Jorgenson “Hellcaster”   Gibson ES-325
Fender Stratocaster, Lace Sensor pickups           Gretsch White Falcon, model 9594
Fender Stratocaster, Pink Paisley re-issue         Hagstrom D’Aquisto model
Fender Telecaster, Custom Shop                     Hofner model 457EZ
Fender Telecaster, Blue Flower re-issue
Fender Telecaster, Pink Paisley re-issue           SEMI-ACOUSTIC 12-STRING
Fender Telecaster Baritone
Framus Nashville                                   Dobro 12-string
Fritz Brothers Roy Buchanan Tele model             Framus 12-string
Gibson Explorer
Gibson Flying V                                    ACOUSTIC 6-STRING
Gibson Les Paul Gold Top
Gibson Les Paul Professional                       Bucolo gypsy guitar
Gibson Lap Steel                                   Continental Dobro, steel resonator
G&L ASAT, Soap bar pickups                         Epiphone John Lennon (electric)
Godwin Organ Guitar                                Gibson J-200
Gretsch Silver Jet                                 Gibson J45 Rosewood Custom Shop
Hagström III                                       Gibson L00
Hailwood ZZ Custom Deluxe                          Gibson L1
Henning Doderer, Sitar guitar                      Glissentar
Jerry Jones, Sitar guitar                          Harwood model K22-C
Jerry Jones Baritone, Longhorn                     National Tenor Dobro
Kramer, aluminum neck                              Ovation Thunderbolt TB01
Mellobar                                           Silvertone acoustic
Mosrite, Moseley Trem bar                          Scharpach spruce top
Music Man Stringray I                              Taylor acoustic
National Val pro                                   Weisenborn Hawaiian lap slide
Paradis                                            Yairi YB1 baritone
Rickenbacker double neck (guitar/bass)
Silvertone                                         ACOUSTIC 12-STRING
Trussart Les Paul Style
Supro Dual Tone                                    Concorde WT-500
Uli Kurtinat Telecaster, Sustainer pickup          Gibson J200 JR-12
Uli Kurtinat Telecaster, Bigsby trem bar           Martin D12-20
Uli Kurtinat Telecaster, Hipshot Trilogy


Epiphone Jack Cassidy                    Continental Dobro, steel resonator
Fender Precision Special                 Epiphone John Lennon (electric)
Framus Nashville                         Gibson J-200
Fritz Brothers Kay model                 Gibson L00
Gibson EB-3                              Gibson L1
Gibson G3 Grabber                        Glissentar
Gibson Les Paul Professional             Harwood model K22-C
Gibson RD                                National Tenor Dobro
Gibson Thunderbird                       Ovation Thunderbolt TB01
Gretsch hollow body                      Silvertone acoustic
Hagström hollow body                     Scharpach spruce top
Hamer 12-string                          Taylor acoustic
Hofner Violin Bass                       Weisenborn Hawaiien lap slide
Lakland 55-94 5-string                   ACOUSTIC 12-STRING
Le Fay 6-string
Music Man Stingray 5-string              Concorde WT-500
Ovation bass                             Gibson J200 JR-12
Paul Reed Smith, active                  Martin D12-20
Paul Reed Smith, fretless, active
Rickenbacker 4001                        ELECTRIC BASSES
Sadowsky Jazz bass, active
Warwick Jack Bruce Cream Reunion         Epiphone Jack Cassidy
                                         Fender Precision Special
ACOUSTIC BASSES                          Framus Nashville
                                         Gibson G3 Grabber
Henning Dodener 5-string fretless        Gibson Thunderbird
Stoll, fretted                           Gretsch hollow body
Stoll, fretless                          Hagström hollow body
Takamine TB10                            Hamer 12-string
Warwick Alien                            Hofner Violin Bass
                                         Lakland 55-94 5-string
CLASSICAL GUITARS                        Le Fay 6-string
                                         Music Man Stingray 5-string
Admira Artista                           Ovation bass
Esteve Kristel ¾ size                    Paul Reed Smith, active
                                         Paul Reed Smith, fretless, active
SEMI-ACOUSTIC GUITARS                    Rickenbacker 4001
                                         Sadowsky Jazz bass, active
Gibson ES 225T                           Warwick Jack Bruce Cream Reunion
Gibson ES 295
Gretsch White Falcon, model 9594         ACOUSTIC BASSES
Debreuille electric Dobro
                                         Henning Doderer 5-string fretless
SEMI-ACOUSTIC 12-STRING                  Stoll, fretted
                                         Stoll, fretless
Dobro 12-string                          Warwick Alien
Framus 12-string

                                         Epiphone Mandobird


All of ICP’s new and vintage amps and reverbs are      Kendrick 2112 Texas Crude
regularly serviced using original parts to preserve    Kendrick 2112 Texas Crude Harmonica amp
original tone                                          Klemmt Echolette BS40
                                                       Klemmt Echolette M40
Acoustic model 165 combo                               London City 200 W lead
Acoustic model 220                                     Magnatone Troubador
ADA-MPI                                                Marshall JCM 800 Kerry King
Ampeg 2 x 15 cabinet                                   Marshall JMP 50 W + stack
Ampeg Portaflex combo                                  Marshall JMP MKII Randy Rhoads
Ampeg Reverb Rocket                                    Marshall JCM 800 lead + stack
Ampeg SVT-200T (transistor)                            Marshall 4140 combo
Ampeg SVT 350 W + 8 x 10 cabinet                       Marshall Super Bass 100 head
Ampeg SVT-VR                                           Marshall 30th anniversary + stack
Ampeg V4 lead + stack                                  Marshall JCM 800 Zakk Wylde + cabinet
Ampeg VL-1002 Lead                                     Marshall JTM 45 hand-wired reissue
Ashdown bass rig used by John Entwistle:               Marshall Mode IV + cabinet
- RPM-1 preamp                                         Matamp First Lady
- PM-1000 power amps                                   Matamp Series 2000
- 2 x 12” cabinets                                     Matamp Series 2000 reverb
- 1 x 15” bins                                         Marshall Orange Crunch TSL 100 + cabinet
Bag End speakers                                       Matchless Clubman 35 + cabinet
BBE 651 pre amp                                        Matchless DC 30 combo
Bluetron Bluedrive                                     Matchless reverb RV-1
Bluetron Blueverb                                      Matchless tremelo/vibrato TV-1
Bogner Ecstacy 100 W combo                             Matchless 4 x 10 cabinet
Carlsbro CS 100 TC                                     Music Man 210 Sixty-Five (hybrid)
Chandler Tube Driver TDR-101                           Orange Matamp
Charlie acoustic combo                                 Orange OR120 (pictogram)
Crate Blue Voodoo 6212 combo                           Orange OR-120 lead + cabinet
Crate Vintage Club 50 combo                            Orange 200 W slave unit
Demeter TGA-3 tube amp                                 Peavy EVH 5150 lead + stack
Fender Band Master head                                Pignose model 7-100
Fender Bassman 100 + 2x15 cabinet                      Pignose 150 R Crossmix
Fender Montreux combo (transistor)                     Premier Reverb model 90
Fender Princeton combo (transistor)                    Reussenzehn EL34 + cabinet
Fender Tweed Band Master combo                         Reussenzehn Birdie rotating horn
Fender Twin Reverb                                     Reussenzehn Chicago No. 2 Lead
Fender Vibrolux                                        Roland Jazz Chorus 120
Flot-A-Tone combo                                      Roland Cube 60 bass combo
Flot-A-Tone vintage combo                              Roland GP8
Gibson Thor bass combo (transistor)                    Roland GP16
Gibson BR-9 lap steel amp                              Selmer 50 bass cabinet
Gibson Mercury head + cabinet                          Selmer Truvoice
Groove Tube guitar pre amp                             Smokey cigarette pack amps
Hagström GM 128C                                       Sovtek Freedom Amp
Hagström Bass 210                                      SWR Redhead bass combo
Hartke 3500 head (hybrid)                              THD Combo 20 W
Hartke 410 bass module                                 Tone King Continental
Hartke 412 lead module                                 Tone King Imperial
Hiwatt Custom DR103 + cabinet                          Tone King Comet 20 (1 x 12”)
Hiwatt Custom Jimmy Page 040                           Tone King Comet 20 (2 x 12”)
Hughes & Kettner Tube Crunch Master                    Tone King Comet 40 (2 x 12”)
Hughes & Kettner Tube Cream Machine                    Tone King Meteor 20 W (6V6)
Hughes & Kettner Tube Metal Master                     Tone King Meteor 30 W (EL84)
JMI JM 30/4                                            Tone King Meteor II 30 W (EL84)
JMI JM 30/6                                            Tone King Meteor II 40 W (6V6)
Kendrick reverb                                        Trace Elliot V4 bass head
Kendrick 2410                                          Trace Elliot GP II bass combo

Trace Elliot GP7 bass combo
Trace Elliot acoustic bass combo
Trace Elliot acoustic guitar combo
Vox AC 30 head + cabinet
Vox AC30 Super Twin
Vox AC30 Super Twin (re-issue)
Vox AC50 Foundation Bass + cabinet
Z-Vex Nano Amp
Roland D2 Groove Box
Watkins Dominator


More than 500 new and vintage effects pedals
from the following manufacturers:

Ampeg                       Jacques                          Univox
Aphex                       Last Gasp                        Voodoo Labs
Austone                     Line 6                           Vox
Automagic                   Lovetone                         Way Huge
Award Session               Maestro                          Z-Vex
Banner                      Marshall
Banzai                      Matchless
Barber                      Menatone
BBE                         Mesa Boogie
Big Briar - Moogerfooger    Metasonix
Bixonic                     MI Audio
BJ                          Mill Hill
Black Box                   Moog
Boss                        Morley
Budda                       Mu-Tron
Carlsbro                    MXR
Centaur                     MXR / Custom Audio Electronics
Cesar Diaz                  Option 5
Colorsound                  Overdrive Electronics
Countryman Associates       Passac
Crowther Audio              Pharoah
C-Tech                      Prescription Electronics
Custom Audio Electronics    Rat
Danelectro                  Real McCoy
Dean Markley                Red Witch
Demeter                     Retrospec
Digitech                    Reussenzehn
Digitec X-Series            Rick Gram
DOD                         Road Runner
Dredge-Tone                 Roger Dennis
Dunlop                      Roger Linn
Durham                      Roger Meyer
Earnie Ball                 Roland
E-Bow                       Ross
Electro Harmonix            Sadowski
Elka                        Schaller
Emma                        Sobbat
ENGL                        Stamps
Fender                      Smart People Factory
Foxx                        Snarling Dogs
Frantone                    SPF
Fulltone                    Sustain Punch
Gretsch                     Sweet Sound
Guyatone                    T.C. Electronics
Heil                        Tech 21
Home Brew Electronics       Tonebone
Hughes & Kettner            Total Sonic Annihilation
Hush Systems                Trace Elliot

ACOUSTIC DRUM KITS                                       CYMBALS, STANDS, misc.

DW - 10 / 12 / 14 / 16FT / 22 x 17                       Large selection of new and vintage crash,
Noble & Cooley 10 / 12 / 14 / 16FT / 22 x 17             ride, Chinese and hi-hat cymbals, stands, kick
Sonor Signature 13 / 14 / 16FT / 22 x 17                 pedals and hardware + accessories
Fidock Blackwood 12 / 14 / 16 FT / 24 x 18
                                                         DIGITAL DRUMS
Hayman 12 / 13 / 16FT / 24 x 14
Ludwig 13 / 16FT / 22 x 14                               Boss Hand Clapper
Premier 13 / 14 / 16FT / 22 x 14                         Emu Emulator SP 12
Rogers 12 / 16FT / 20 x 14                               Korg Rhythm 55
Slingerland 12 / 13 / 14 / 15 / 16FT / 24 x 14           Linn Adrenalinn
Staccato Thunderhorn 8 /10 / 12 / 14 / 16 ft / 22        Linn Drum II
Royal (1957) 13 / 16 ft / 20 x 14                        Roland DDR 30
                                                         Roland Hand Sonic
SNARES                                                   Roland Octapad
                                                         Roland PD 31 pads with controller
Large collection of more than 30 wood, steel,            Roland R8
brass and acrylic snares from the following              Roland TR 727 Latin Percussion
manufacturers:                                           Roland TR 808
                                                         Simmons Clap Trap
Ayotte                                                   Simmons SDSV + pads
DW                                                       Yamaha RX5
Gretsch                                                  Yamaha RX11
Fidock                                                   Yamaha RX21 Latin Percussion
Hayman                                                   ULT-Sound pad controller
Leedy (1924)
Noble & Cooley
Valley Drum Shop


Gon Bops Alex Acuña 4-piece Conga set
Gon Bops Alex Acuña Bongos
Tama Octabans
LP Potato Congas
Yamaha Daxdad
Various djembe
Large selection of Latin and African percussion



Akai S 950                                         Yamaha TX 216
Akai S 1000                                        Yamaha Electric Grand Piano CP-70B
Casiotone M10                                      Yamaha Midi Rack
Diamond CRB Computer Band 2000
Emu Proteus I
EMU Proteus II                                     SEQUENCERS
EMU Vintage Keys
Emulator II                                        Atari ST 1040
Emulator III                                       Atari Falcon
Emu World                                          Linn Adrenalinn
Emu Pro-Cussion                                    Roland MC4 + OP8
Farfisa Professional 100                           Roland MSQ 700
Farfisa VIP 200 R                                  Roland MC 500
Fender Rhodes Piano Bass                           Roland D2 Groove Box
Fender Rhodes Seventy-Three
Fender Rhodes Seventy-Three + “Suitcase” cabinet
Hammond B3 + Leslie 122
Hammond C3 + Leslie 122
Hammond A108 with model 147 Leslie
Hohner Clavinet
Hohner Melodicas
Hohner Pianet
Jennings Organ
Korg Wavestation A/D
Korg EX M1R
Kuertzweil K 2000
Mini Moog
Memory Moog
Oberheim Matrix 1000
Oberheim Matrix 6R
Oberheim OBSX
Panther electric organ
PPG Wave 2.3
Roland D 50
Roland JX8P
Roland U 220
Roland Juno 2
Roland Juno 60
Roland Rhodes MK 80
Roland SH-101
Roland MKS 20
Sequential Circuits Prophet 600
Vox Continental 300
Waldorf Wave
Wurlitzer 200 electric pianos
Yamaha DX 7
Yamaha DX 7 II FD



Elegantly furnished townhouses and lofts with luxury suites and apartments, directly adjacent to the
ICP studio complex.

Spacious garden, with adjacent covered area provides a place to relax and enjoy summer barbecues.
Indoor pool leads out to garden area.

The ICP studio complex has 2 elegantly furnished townhouses including 4 suites, 5 two-room
apartments, 3 apartments and 4 lofts providing luxurious living accommodation. All suites, apartments
and lofts have bath, TV with DVD player and radio/CD player. Some have jacuzzi whirlpool baths
and/or surround-sound multimedia stations.

Full board with fresh meals cooked by qualified in-house chefs. Special meal requirements can be
accommodated. Barbecues can be arranged during summer months.


ICP Studios are easily accessible by car, train and air transportation. We are within minutes by
cab from Brussels National Airport and Brussels Gare du Midi which has terminals for Thalys and
Eurostar. We are also easily accessible via the main autoroutes.

Secure parking is available for our
residents with easy access to apartments
and lofts.



ICP is only minutes away from downtown Brussels and within walking distance from the Bois de la

On and around the ICP studio complex, our guests can use the following at no extra cost:

Large covered area adjacent to garden provides an excellent terrain de Pétanque

Heated indoor swimming pool, with access to garden area and speaker connection from central
music center.

Gymnasium, with professional quality exercise machines and training equipment, with adjacent
shower area.

Table tennis can be played indoors or out.

Spacious central area has Mac computer with fast internet connection as well as a large screen
TV with DVD, CD, VCR, radio, Play Station and X-Box. We have more than 800 DVD and Play
Station/X-Box titles to choose from at no charge.


                       REFERENCES                     In house engineers / mixers / producers
                                                      • Christian “Djoum” Ramon
                                                      • Michel “Shelle” Dierickx
                                                      • Erwin “Wax” Autrique
                                                      • Phil Delire
       A                        B                                                               D                    E
     A                          Babylon Fighters         Brings                                 Da Wax              E-Life
     Absynthe Minded            Backstreet               Bros                                   Etienne Daho        Lavvi Ebbel
     Isabelle A                 Bad to the Bone          Bucolo                                 Dali 2003           Echo & The Bunnymen
     Acid                       Vincent Baguian          Buddah-Bar Living                      Ellen Ten Damme     Echt
     Luc Van Acker              A Balladeer                Theater                              Lea Dan             Ego
     Adamo                      Bambou & Lulu            Stomy Bugsy                            Kris Dane           Stéphan Eicher
     L’Affaire Louis Trio       Bap                      Rodolphe Burger                        Dani                Eiffel
     Quyhn Ahn                  Alain Bashung            Burma Shave                            Dauga               El Fish
     Julie d’Aimé               Axel Bauer               David Byrne                            Micheline Dax       Electric Mop
     Air-V                      Emma Baya                                                       Stephan Debruyn     Eline
     Chantal Akerman            Beef                                                            Charlie Dee         Les Elles
     Fawzi Al-Aiedy             François Bernheim                                               Mayane Delem        Elmer Food Beat
     George Alain               Frédéric Berthelot                                              Alain Delon         Elsa
     Acda & De Munnik           Betty Goes Green                                                Michel Delpech      Employees
     Alive                      The Bet                                                         Pieter-Jan Desmet   Enjoy Destroy
     Allez Allez                Bévinda                   C                                     Janez Detd          Marie Espinosa

     Alucard                    Benjamin Biolay                                                 Deus                Gabriel Evan
     l`Ame Soeur                Elise Berry              Fabien Cahen                           Jan Dewilde         Evil Superstars
     Amina                      Blackbox Revelation      John Cale                              Diesel Park West    Extince
     Elizabeth Anaïs            Gérard Blanchard         Calogero                               De Dijk             Michel Eyan
     Anakine                    Dirk Blanchart           Pierre Cardin                          Van Dik Hout
     Lois Andréa                Bløf                     Philippe Catherine                     De Div
     Angel Bite                 Blonde Amer              Alain Chamfort                         Diving with Andy
     Dick Annegarn              Jean Blaute              The Charms                             De Dolfijntjes
     Richard Antony             Fred Blondin             Charts                                 Miss Dominique
     Joseph d’Anvers            Blunk                    Louis Chedid                           Anna Domino
     L’Appuntamento             Jeff Bodart              Daniel Chenevez                        Dorval
     Dan Ar Braz                Brigid Boden             Claw Boys Claw                         William Dunker
     Arbeid Adelt               Frank Boeijen            Jesse Clegg                            Thomas Dutronc
     Arid                       Jo Bogaert               Johnny Clegg
     Arno                       Bollock Brothers         Coralie Clément
     Arsenal                    Boris                    Clouseau
     Gildas Arzel               Isabelle Boulay          Cobraz
     Ashbury Faith              BP Zoom                  Mélanie Cohl
     Au Petit Bonheur           Brahim                   Charlélie Couture
     Jean Louis Aubert          André Brasseur           Cream & Spices
     François Audrain           Claudia De Breif         Crésus
     Das Auge Gottes            La Brigade               The Cure
     Hugues Aufray              Dany Brillant

     F                                                 I
     Fabienne                Ghinzu                    Il Divo               Kassov                Laïs
     Lara Fabian             Paskal Gil                Indochine             Kat Onoma             The Land
     Fairuz                  Gorki                     Les Innocents         Katherine             Ilse de Lange
     Mylène Farmer           Richard Gottainer         Ivan`s Land           Kaz Lux               Larson
     The Fatal Flowers       Grand JoJo                Izia                  Keimzeit              Bernard Lavilliers
     Fatals Picards          La Grande Sophie                                Kent                  Marc Laurens
     Faubert                 Green Lizard                                    Keren-Ann             Olivier Laurent
     The Feel                Angelina Grifo                                  Alicia Keys           Viktor Lazlo
     François Feldman        Raymond van het                                 Khadja Nin            Franck Legall
     Nilda Fernandez           Groenewoud                                    Cheb Khaled           Marc Lelangue
     Louise Féron            Gruppo Sportivo                                 Khéops                Jo Lemaire
     La Fiancée du Pirate    Gun Club
                                                        J                    The Kids              Lemon
     La Fille d’Ernest                                                       Sandra Kim            Lenou
     Flamma Flamma                                     Jah Wobble            King Jack             Nicholas Lens
     Fou                                               De Jazzpolitie        Peter Kingsbery       Herbert Léonard
     Frédéric François                                 Jenifer               Peter Kitsch          Philippe Léotard

     Manuel Franjo                                     JMX                   Klaus Klang           Christine Lidon
     Fred                                              Caroline Jokris       De Kreuners           The Lightning Seeds
     Fredericks, Goldman &   H                         Georges Alain Jones   Krezip                Lilicub
       Jones                                           Junkfish              Stefanos Korkolis     Gini Line
     Front 242               Johnny Hallyday                                 K`s Choice            David Linx
     Fox the Fox             Halo                                            Kyd Moses             Little Steven
     Fury in the Slaughter   Françoise Hardy                                                       Lodeal
       House                 Billie Lee Hart                                                       Loop the Loop
                             Haywood                                                               Natali Lorio
                             Thierry Hazard                                                        Louise Attaque
                             Ozark Henry                K                                          Love Bizarre
     G                       Bart Herman                                     L                     Fay Lovsky
                                                       Patricia Kaas
     Gadjë                   Herman Brood & His Wild                         L5 (Popstars)         Renan Luce
     Lulu Gainsbourg           Romance                                       La Phaze              Luke
     Gamine                  Patrick Hernandez                               Lady & Bird           Luna Scape
                                                       Son Kalo
     Gangsters d’Amour       Hooverphonic                                    Peter Van Laet        Luna Twist
     Gordon Gano             Sophie Hunger                                   Myriam Lafar
                                                       Marcel Kanche
     Garrick Brothers                                                        Lafayette
                                                       Mory Kante
     P.A. de Garrigues                                                       Philippe Lafontaine
                                                       Kas Product
     Nicolas Ghetti

     M                    Mickey 3D             No Man`s Land           Astor Piazolla     Rinôçérôse
                          Mikado                No One is Innocent      An Pierlé          Gabriel Rios
     M                                          Noir Désir              Jerome Pijon
                          Miossec                                                          Dick Rivers
     Sipho Mabuse                               Noise Abroad            Plattel
                          Mira                                                             Roadrunners
     Jennifer MacCray                           Claude Nougaro          Pleymo
                          Mistigri                                                         Roland and the Blues
     Machiavel                                  Nourith                 Michel Polnareff
                          Moby                                                              Workshop
     The Machines                               Nova Star               Polo
                          Mokaiesh                                                         Mick Ronson
     Mad Sheer Khan                             Les Nuits Blanches du   Das Pop
                          Molodoï                                                          Alexandra Roos
     Mado                                         Capitaine             Pork Pie
                          Stephane Mondino                                                 La Rumeur
     Francis Maggiulli                                                  Positive Noise
                          Pascal Mono
     The Magical Flying                                                 Postmen
                          Christie Moore
       Thunderbirds                                                     Pow Wow
                          Nina Morato
     Maïdi                                      O                       Bill Pritchard
                          Marc Morgan
     Makali                                                             Prohom             S
                          Jean-Pierre Morgand   Odieu
     Miriam Makeba                                                      Purple Schulz
                          Pierre Morin          Ol                                         Sabine Sabine
     Mama`s Jasje
                          Hubert Mounier        Olive                                      Saez
     Mano Negra
                          Mousta                Wim Opbroeck                               Saian Supacrew
     Les Maracas

                          Georges Moustaki      Orchestral Manoeuvres                      Sandrine
     Florent Marchet
                          Alison Moyet            in the Dark                              Sanne
                          Karin Mulder          Luci Van Org
                                                                        R                  Sarah
     Faith Marousse                                                     Racoon             Megumi Satsu
                          Fayruz Munier         Natalie Oz
     Melissa Mars                                                       Alan Rankine       Saule et les Pleureurs
                          Elliott Murphy
     Herman Martin                                                      Raphael            The Scabs
                          Jean Louis Murat
     Masdongar                                                          Martin Rappeneau   Pierre Schott
                          Musard                                                           Scooter
     Maskara                                                            Pierre Rapsat
                          Mypollux                                                         B.J. Scott
     Souad Massi                                P                       Ian Raven
     Matteo                                                                                Marc Seberg
                                                Pablo`s Eye             Axelle Red         Marie Amelie Seigner
     Maurane                                                            Red Zebra
                                                Florent Pagny                              Helene Segara
     Mauss                N                                             Reef
                                                Gael Palacy                                Selena
     Mauvaises Langues                                                  Reggie             Selig
                          Nadiya                Papa Wemba
     Melatonine                                                         Reglyss            Romane Serda
                          Natalia               Hervé Paul
     Melville                                                           Blaine Reiniger    Shakaponk
                          Nastjenka             Philippe Pascale
     De Mens                                                            Renaud             William Sheller
                          Nena                  Cyril Paulus
     Mes Souliers sont                                                  Revolting Cocks    Silver Sun
                          The Neon Judgement    PDM Big Band                               Simple Minds
       Rouges                                                           The Rhythm Junks
                          New Fast Automatic    Axl Peleman                                Sinsemilia
     Frank Michael                                                      Marc Ribot
                            Daffodils           Bruno Pelletier                            Sita
     Paul Michiels                                                      Richenel
                          Niagara               Paul Personne                              Soapstarter

                        T                        U                         W                    Z
     Sofa Planet        T99                      Philippe Uminski          Anton Walgrave       Zap Mama
     Soledonna          Rachid Taha              Urban Dance Squad         Wallen               Zaïko Lange Lange
     Jerome Soligny     Talk Talk                Urbanus                   Elisa Waut           Zazie
     Willy Sommers      Tanger                   Urban Robot               What For             Zebda
     Son Kalo           Tara                                               White Lies           Julie Zenatti
     Dominic Sonic      TC Matic                                           Sam Willcox          Zenzila
     Alain Souchon                                                                              Ziskakan
                        Technotronic             V                         Matt Willis
     Soul Sister                                                                                Zwap
     Soulwax            Diane Tell               Sviatoslav Vakarchuk      Viola Wills
     Wim Soutaer        Les Têtes Raides         Stan Van Samang           Willy Willy
     Soviet Sex         Serge Teysot-Gay         Roel Vanderstukken        Ophélie Winter
     Spook & the Guay   Allan Theo               Zjef Vanuystel            Within Temptation
     Squeeze            Hubert Félix Thiéfaine                             Witness
                                                 Variations Enigmatiques
     Star Academy       Toots Thielemans                                   Tom Wolf
     Emly Starr                                  Vaya Con Dios
                        Gene Thomas              Les Vedettes              Won Ton Ton
     Stepping Stones    Arnaud Thouvenel
     Stoppok                                     Vendest
                        Victoria Tibblin         Velvet Spine
     The Stranded

     The Stranglers     Sabine Tiels             Johan Verminnen
     Strictly Rockers   Timo                     Vicomte
     Subway             Titouan Lamazou          Pablo Villafranca         X
     Sunny Side Up      Winston Tong             Les Visiteurs             Xander de Buisonjé
     Superbus           Touloulou                Jac Vitali
     Supersub           Les Tricheurs            Vitalic
     Stoppok            Tristan & Yseult
     The Stranded                                Volumia!
                        Tony Truant              Les VRP
     The Stranglers     Will Tura
     Strictly Rockers   Alain Turban                                       Y
     Sunny Side Up      Arnold Turboust                                    Gabriel Yared
     Superbus           Twice                                              Yasmine
     Supersub                                                              Les Yeux Noirs
                                                                           Paul Young
                                                                           Young Gods
                                                                           Youssou ‘n Dour

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