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					                                                                                                                                     chainsaw accessories
Chainsaw Accessories
                           chainsaW chain
                           if you are running professional saws and buying branded chain loops, chances are that you are
                           paying too much.

                           Most contractors and professionals buy chain by the reel and join it into loops themselves. When you
                           do the sums, you can save $, and you will have the tools to repair broken chains or replace damaged
                           links. if you haven’t already bought a breaker or spinner, you will pay for both tools in what you save
                           in the first dozen loops or so. alternatively we will join up loops for you, for a small fee.

We stock the most popular styles of Oregon / husqvarna chain in 25’ and 100’ reels for prompt despatch. Oregon chain is used
by tree contractors world-wide who need a fast cutting reliable chain at a reasonable price. When you phone, please have your
saw details, bar length or drive link count, and any codes or numbers from your existing chains. This will help us to identify
your chain and supply the correct replacement.

5024884-01                                                           fiLing Kits
eLectric chain grinder                                               Complete filing kit to simplify the work of
240v                                                                 keeping your chain in trim. The filing kit
a professional chain grinder for fast and                            contains a file handle, combination gauge
accurate chain sharpening, with a                                    or a file gauge and depth gauge, two
sliding vise to ensure correct                                       round files and one flat file.
sharpening of chisel chains.
                                                                                             round Files
                                                                     5/32", 11/64", 3/16", 7/32"
Suitable for all chain pitches
and types.                                                           — for chainsaw sharpening
                                                                     1/2" Flat Files

5024886-01                                                           — for depth gauge filing

Mini Bench grinder- 240v                                             chainsaW fiLes & fiLe
Compact and reliable grinder giving
professional and accurate grinding                                   Quality round and flat saw chain files
performance. easy to use for fast,                                   single cut for precision filing. Plastic
efficient chain sharpening and                                       file handles to suit also available.
can be used to sharpen 1/4",
3/8" lP, .325", 3/8" and .404" chains.
                                                                     Professional range of high
5024887-01                                                           quality Felling and Splitting
12v Bar Mount grinder                                                Wedges. available in
This compact, transportable                                          polyamide,magnesium or steel.
grinder allows professional and
accurate sharpening without the
need to remove the chain from
the guide bar. This Grinder
operates on a 12 volt battery
with heavy duty battery clamps,
and can be used to sharpen 1/4",
3/8 lP, .325", 3/8" and .404" chains.

poLesaW BoX                                                                                Fitted with hinged and lockable door.

Protect your polesaws from transport damage,                                            Can be mounted inside the canopy of
weather and theft with these sturdy boxes.                                          chipper trucks, or on the racks of a ute.

Specially designed to suit most models                                       Standard colours are black and dark green (orange
including ‘echo Pwer-Pruner’, ‘husqvarna’                               available on request).
and ‘Stihl’ petrol polesaws, as well as any
of your hand polesaws, non-
conductive poles etc.

                                                                      T r e e C a r e M a C h i n e ry 1 8 0 0 6 5 5 5 7 7         21
chainsaw accessories

                         CsTH                                                           5056652-50 Chain Breaker
                                                                                        5056652-52 rivet Spinner
                         husqvarna protective trousers
                         Professional                                                   chain MaKing accessories
                         trousers that are                                              Rivet Spinner: Made in welded steel, to spin saw chain rivet
                                                                                        heads to match factory-spun rivets of new chain.
                         royal Blue with
                                                                                        Chain Breaker: made of welded steel, the breaker has a
                         mesh panels in
                                                                                        specially designed leverage and a unique anvil for driving bar
                         the back of the
                                                                                        nose rivets.
                         legs for greater
                         Polycotton outer
                         fabric with 100%
                         cotton lining.
                         screenprint for
                         added visibility. Belt loops on the waist as well as buttons
                         to attach braces. heavy Duty zip fly. Side pockets & deep
                         hip pocket with velcro flap. Zips in lower legs for easy
                         accessibility. Certified nZS 5840.1988.

                       professionaL protective chaps
                       Premium quality
                       protective Chaps for the
                       professional user. The
                       Chaps feature heavy duty
                       nylon outer fabric,
                       adjustable clips up the leg
                       to secure them in place,                                         5056653-15
                       fully adjustable waist
                                                                                        head protection
                       straps, and reflective
                                                                                        Complete husqvarna helmet
                       screenprint for added
                                                                                        with visor, hearing protectors,
                       visibility. Certified to aS/
                                                                                        sun peak and neck guard.
                       nZS 4453-3 1997.
                                                                                        replaceable lining and push-out
                                                                                        air vents. The visor provides
                                                                                        good visibility and good water
                                                                                        run-off and is also resistant to
                                                                                        Uv light. reinforced visor holder,
                       coMfort gLove With saW protection                                which makes the helmet more
                       Shaped and reinforced                                            stable. The hearing protectors can be adjusted vertically and
                       palm. exposed areas are                                          sideways and ensure good noise exclusion, despite low
                       seamless and reinforced                                          pressure.
                       with leather. Waterproof
                       kid leather palm and hard-                                       gB670
                       wearing, water-repellent                                         also available UltraSafe
                       polyester back.                                                  helmet which comes with:
                                                                                        Sturdy high density
                                                                                        polyethylene hard-hat. 6 point
                                                                                        padded suspension for
                                                                                        comfortable fit. Premium
                                                                                        ratchet tight suspension
                                                                                        system which easily adjusts for
                                                                                        snug, comfortable fit. Fully adjustable hearing protectors
                                                                                        (29db) with extra soft cushioning, which easily rest in the
                                                                                        “flip out“ position when not in use. low glare steel mesh
                                                                                        visor designed for ventilation & heat deflection.

                   22 T r e e C a r e M a C h i n e ry 1 8 0 0 6 5 5 5 7 7

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