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									                                t raining                              DIETMAR DULLER

                                          olutions                       EXPERT FOR




                                                                        TRAINING IN



                                                                       EXCELLENCE AND

                                                                        SOFT SKILLS

Public corporate flight
             attendant Training
         excellence in all aspects
          Stand out from the competition
        Deliver a 5+ star service
          Exceed expectations
        Achieve a superlative reputation

I can really say that even though I thought I know everything,
                Dietmar showed me differently.
           Nathalie Reiffers, Corporate Flight Attendant, Luxembourg
 Course Overview

                           As a veteran in hospitality education with more than 20
                           years of international experience I am very proud to be
                           the founder of Training Solutions. Throughout my career,
                           I have worked on the premise that previously conceived
                           standards of excellence can always be exceeded.

                           It was this passion for achieving excellence in customer
                           service within the hospitality industry that led me to
                           become a specialist in the training of Corporate Flight
                           Attendants; It is also what makes the service we provide
                           at Training Solutions world class and more importantly
                           for you, the investment in your future which will without
                           doubt define you as a premier Corporate Flight Attendant.

                           Sincerely yours

DAY 1                                        DAY 2
Excellence in Customer Service               Excellence in Customer Service
Fine Dining                                  Soft Skills

   Professional      and     precise            Soft skills are increasingly sought
   table setting, knowledge and                 after by employers in addition
   understanding of the correct                 to standard qualifications as
   preparation and serving of                   organizations employing staff
   champagnes and fine wines to                 trained in the art of etiquette,
   techniques to facilitate working             courtesy,conversation and with
   under pressure and with the                  the ability to establish rapport,
   highest level of organizational              be self-aware and proactive are
   skills whilst maintaining a warm             generally more successful.
   and sincere relationship with the

 Excellence in Customer Service


  When it comes to fine dining,
  perfection is the only acceptable
  standard. After all, you are a
  direct reflection of the company
  you represent.

                                        Furthermore, it is your opportunity to
                                        demonstrate the knowledge,skills and
                                        finesse for which you have earned their
                                        trust and respect.

                                        Knowledge and skills that can only be
                                        fully achieved following participation
                                        at a highly specialized course such as
                                        ‘Excellence in Customer Service’.

 Morning                                Afternoon
 7.30 Coffee & croissant                14.15 Resume

 • Arranging a tray correctly           • Professional table setting for 4
 • Table settings according to meal &   • Breakfast and all of it’s
   beverage choices                       considerations
 • Serving & clearing of plates,        • Describing culinary dishes
   Dessert cutlery                        attractively

 11.00 Coffee break                     17.00 Coffee break

 • Exchange of cutlery, napkins etc     • Opening & serving champagne and
 • Professional table setting for 2       fine wines
 • Fast and precise table setting       • Introduction to premium spirits
   techniques                           • Preparation of cocktails to personal
 13.15 Luncheon
                                        19.30 Close

  Excellence in Customer Service

Your clients will come from multifarious
countries, industries and religions. They
will have different histories, languages,
and cultural preferences. However,
without exception, they will expect
superlative service from their Flight

The supremely high standard that must
be attained requires a sense of personal        As a Corporate Flight Attendant grows in
pride, attention to detail, dedication to       self-confidence, following our intensive
your duty and above all sincerity and           skills and knowledge-based training, they
warmth ensuring that clients' wants and         learn to anticipate the clients' desires and
needs are fulfilled.                            satisfy even their un-expressed wishes.
                                                Ultimately, the pursuit of excellence
                                                must come from the heart.

     Good manners have much to do with emotions. To make them
        ring true, one must feel them, not merely exhibit them.
                       Amy Vanderbilt, American authority on Etiquette

  Morning                                       Afternoon
  7.30 Coffee & croissant                       14.15 Resume

  • Corporate identity                          • Warm but professional
  • Flight attendant philosophy &                 communication
    attitude                                    • Positive & effective body language
  • handling difficult situations
                                                16.00 Coffee break
  11.00 Coffee break
                                                • Exceeding customer expectations
  • Introduction to good manners &              • Understanding your clients
    etiquette                                     personal needs
  • General protocol/precedence                 • Cultural differences & customs
  • Children and their considerations           18.00 Award of Certificate for
                                                “Excellence in Customer Service”
  13.15 Luncheon

t raining                    Benefits
    urpass even the most discerning
                         client’s expectations

   ptimize your time management and efficiency
                  to improve your organization
                      in all aspects of your job

   earn by ‘doing’ and increase your
                understanding, your retention
                             and your expertise

   tilize tips and tricks of the trade
             to differentiate yourself from the

   ailor -made courses to ensure your
                 personal needs are fully met

   ndividual growth assured though in-
                 depth training and education

   ut-shine the competition with impeccable
       manners and a warm, approachable style

   o longer alone: Work alongside other
   Flight Attendants and learn through and
                             with each other

   et new standards of excellence as a
                  Corporate Flight Attendant


     Dietmar represents a high level of professionalism and the trainings sessions are excellent.
          Dietmar delivers the training which is specified to our needs with enthusiasm,
                             a great amount of knowledge and passion.
                              Management of Global Jet Concept, Luxembourg

      Real case scenarios are discussed, exercises and role play are used and at the end of the
         day you do not even realize that you are attending a training seminar. Enriching!
                         Dominika Sabatowska, Corporate Flight Attendant, Germany

                  He is a good listener, understanding and open for our difficulties
                     and problems and he always looks for possible solutions.
                           Sandra Patierno, Corporate Flight Attendant, Switzerland

            All different topics were covered in a stimulating and enthusiastic ambiance.

                      Sonia Neuenschwander, Senior Corporate Flight Attendant, France

          Dietmar is an outstanding teacher who enjoys transmitting his passion to others.

                           Marie Waendendries, Corporate Flight Attendant, France

                 His level of knowledge, professionalism, enthusiasm, and attention
                        to detail are a valuable asset for our flight attendant
                             Kristel Henriod, Cabin Crew Manager, Switzerland

    I personally enjoyed his positive attitude and his professionalism. Those qualities allow him
      to create the unity of a group and allow you to discuss problems and to express yourself.
                             Elena Nikitenko, Corporate Flight Attendant, Russia

We used to attend Flight Attendant Training in one of the most famous Swiss Hospitality Management
   Schools. The professionalism of Dietmar Duller, his attention to the little details as well as his
         personality convinced Albinati Aeronautics to choose him as our exclusive trainer.
                    Stefano Albinati, Managing Director, Albinati Aeronautics, Switzerland

    Even after a long day you feel like you want to know more! I can really say that even though
                    I thought I know everything, Dietmar showed me differently.
                         Nathalie Reiffers, Corporate Flight Attendant, Luxembourg


Recognized certificates are awarded
after the completion of the training.

Over 200 Corporate Flight Attendants
who are working for business aviation
companies      have    already    received
certificates from Training Solutions.

This addition to your CV is a very positive
one as it makes you instantly more likely
to attract interest from future employers.

                      Tell me and I forget Show me and
                  I remember Involve me and I understand”
                                  Ancient Chinese Proverb

Being a Corporate Flight Attendant has
many challenges! The standards are
impossibly high, the hours can be long and
the clients understandably demanding. It
can also be a solitary and at times lonely
existence as many Attendants work on
their own without colleagues to confide

This unique and very specialized
Corporate Flight Attendant training course
will not only equip you for the rigors and
demands of your role but will also give
you the possibility to share your experiences and challenges with others, making
new friends and colleagues along the way. For my part, I will do my utmost to ensure
your success in business aviation through my very personal and detailed approach
along with my commitment and dedication to your training. It is this commitment
that I believe has led to the success I have enjoyed throughout my career and which I
know intend to pass onto you and your business through our prestigious and rigorous
training programme.

I am looking forward to establishing long term relationships with all my participants
and please consider me both your mentor and your friend. ..........And remember, it’s
a small world in Business Aviation!


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