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2010/2011 Boston University
trUstee scholarship competition essay

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Boston University Trustee Scholars are encouraged to develop well-informed and well-reasoned views of
important political, social, and artistic issues. We select students who have a sense of how to present persua-
sive arguments in support of their views. With that in mind, please respond to one of the statements below in
an essay of no more than 600 words.

    1. A recent survey of American scientific literacy chose to exclude the arguably fundamental topics of
    human evolution and the cosmological big bang. The reason given for this was that topics that can touch
    on individuals’ religious beliefs obscure the measurement of scientific knowledge. Do you agree or disagree
    with this exclusion and why?

    2. In democracy, there is an assumption that people have access to accurate and informed reports about
    public events and issues. Yet, the Internet has led to a decline in public-service reporting in the US and the
    growth of opinion blogs and specialized websites. Do you think the Internet is a friend or foe of democracy,
    and why?

    3. What do you consider to be President Obama’s major international challenge, and how would you sug-
    gest he solve it?

Please either fill out this form electronically, save it, and email it, along with your essay as an attached
Microsoft Word document, Adobe PDF file, or plain text document to You may also print this
form and mail it, along with your essay to:
     Boston University Admissions
     Scholarship Coordinator
     121 Bay State Road
     Boston, MA 02215

Please note that all application and nomination materials must be submitted by December 1, 2010.

Boston University’s policies provide for equal opportunity and affirmative action in employment and admission to all programs of the University.       TE


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