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									Ancient Rome

  By: Jenna
• My project is about Ancient Rome. Rome
  is the capital of Italy. It is in Europe.
  Ancient Rome was very different from
  Rome today. I am going to talk about
  ancient civilization in Rome.
• Roman history is divided into three main
• 1) Before the rise of Rome
• 2) The Roman Republic
• 3) The Roman Empire
     Before the rise of Rome
• Before the rise of Rome there was the
  Stone Age and the Bronze Age. During the
  Stone Age about 12 000 years ago some
  people were living in caves in Italy. They
  left some stone tools and some
  engravings on bone. During the Bronze
  Age the people of Italy learned to use
  bronze from the people of West Asia.
  People lived in small towns and spoke
     The Roman Republic
• It was during the Roman Republic the rich
  people decided they didn’t want to be ruled by
  kings anymore. Rich people wanted more power
  for themselves. But the rich people couldn’t get
  rid of the kings all by themselves. They needed
  the poor men to fight for them. So they promised
  the poor men they could have a lot of power in
  the new government. In this time there were a lot
  of wars in the Roman Empire. Julius Caesar ran
  the government for about ten years.
          The Roman Empire
• During the Empire time people were
  getting tired of all the fighting and killing.
  Many kings ruled at this time such as:
• 1) Julius Caesar
• 2) Augustus
• 3) Tiberius
   Roman Empire (continued)
• In the year 410 AD the fall of the Roman
  Empire occurred. The city was destroyed
  and many people were killed. After the fall
  of the Roman Empire Italy was divided
  into 3 parts: the Islamic South, the Papal
  Middle and the Holy Roman Empire in the
                 The Baths
• In ancient Rome the public baths were extremely
  popular. Roman women and men tried to visited
  the baths at least once everyday. The baths had
  hot and cold pools, towels, slaves to wait on
  them, steam rooms, saunas, exercise rooms and
  hair cutting salons. These baths also had
  reading rooms and stores. People loved them.
  At one time there were as many as 900 public
  baths in ancient Rome. A trip to the bath was a
  very important part of ancient Roman daily life.
  Could kids use the baths? NO!! Could slaves
  use the baths? NO!!
           The Colosseum
• The Colosseum was a huge public
  entertainment center. It could seat 45 000
  people. This is where the ancient Romans
  gathered for bloody fighting between men
  and wild animals. This is where they threw
  people to the lions. Many prisoners were
  thrown in with the lions. To see people
  being killed was very entertaining to the
  ancient Romans.
The Colosseum
              The Forum
• The Forum was the main marketplace and
  business center where the Ancient
  Romans went to do their banking, trading,
  shopping and marketing. It was also a
  place for public speaking. Ancient Romans
  loved to talk and argue. People in the
  Forum would stop and listen to arguments.
  The Forum was also used for festivals and
  religious ceremonies.
      Gods and Goddesses
• The Ancient Romans had gods for nearly
  everything. There were temples all over
  Roman Empire. There was a temple in the
  forum. Every home had a household god.
  The Ancient Romans brought offerings of
  meat and other items to temples. They
  honored their gods everyday.
 Gods and Goddesses (continued)
• Some Ancient Roman gods and
  goddesses were:
• 1) Gaea – Mother Earth
• 2) Uranus – Father Sky
• 3) Jupiter – God of the sky
• 4) Neptune – God of the sea
• 5) Juno – Goddess of women
• Children in Ancient Rome played with balls,
  board games, hobbyhorses, kites, tiny models of
  people, models of animals and hoops. The
  hoops were made of metal and had bells on
  them to warn people to get out of the way.
  Children also walked on stilts, played tic-tac-toe
  and knucklebones which is a lot like jacks only
  played with bones. Boys played war and girls
  played with rag dolls and dolls of wax or clay.
  The Ancient Romans loved games. They played
  ball games and lifted weights.
• Dogs were the most common pets. The
  Ancient Romans also had many kinds of
  birds like pigeons, ducks, quail and geese.
  They also had monkeys for pets.
• Roman children studied reading, writing
  and counting. They read scrolls and
  books. They wrote on boards covered with
  wax and used pebbles to do math
  problems. They were taught Roman
  numerals and studied Latin, Greek,
  grammar and literature. School was not
  free so poor kids didn’t go.
• ~~Breakfast~~                 • * *Lunch**
• Ancient Romans who            • Lunch was usually a cold
  were poor would have a          meal eaten about 11:00
  breakfast of bread ( dry or     A.M. It was bread, salad,
  dipped in wine ), olives,       olives, cheese, fruit, nuts
  cheese or raisins. Rich         and cold meat. After
  Romans would eat meat,          lunch the ancient
  fish, fruits, vegetables,       Romans enjoyed a
  bread and honey.                midday rest or siesta for 2
  Romans ate with their           to 3 hours. Everybody
  hands.                          took a nap and the
                                  streets were deserted.
                                  Even the kids got a 2 to 3
                                  hour break from school.
• Most of the time the poor Romans had a
  dinner of porridge and vegetables.
  Sometimes they would eat fish, bread,
  olives, wine and meat. Rich Romans had
  large dinner parties with lots of wine. They
  spent hours at dinner. The men would lie
  on couches to eat and be entertained with
  music. The women and children had to eat
  in a separate room.
• The very early Romans wore a toga. A
  toga is a sheet wrapped around the body.
  Later on the Romans wore tunics which
  looked like long tee-shirts. Tunics were
  made of cool linen for summer and warm
  wool for winter.
            Clothing (continued)
• ** Men**                       • ~~Women~~
• Roman soldiers wore armor.     • Roman women loved
  Men wore rings. Some men         necklaces, pins, earrings,
  wore as many as 16 rings.        bracelets and friendship rings.
  They wore long hair and full     Pearls were their favorites.
  beards. Men wore sandals on      Women died their hair golden-
  their feet.                      red. They carried fans made of
                                   peacock feathers. Women’s
                                   sandals were brightly colored.
                                   Children wore a locket around
                                   their neck given to them at
                                   birth called a bulla. They
                                   believed it protected them
                                   against evil.
• Poor Romans lived in apartment houses called
  flats above their shops. In the flats an entire
  family might be all crowded into one room,
  without running water. They didn’t have toilets.
  They had to use public toilets. The rich Romans
  lived in family homes. They were made of brick
  with red tile roofs with rooms around a central
  courtyard. The windows and balconies faced the
  courtyard. There were paintings on the floor.
  There was very little furniture and no carpeting.
  Great grandparents, grandparents , parents and
  kids usually live together.
House Plan
• One of Italy’s famous inventors was
  Leonardo Da Vinci. He invented a flying
  machine. Our helicopter is based on his
  concept. H e was also a famous artist. The
  telescope was also invented in Italy as
  well as cursive hand writing, the
  thermometer, electric battery and
  liposuction. Opera also started in Italy.
              Rome Today
• Ancient Rome was very different from
  Rome today. The population of Rome
  today is 2 655 970. The cities are large
  and modern. There are no longer kings
  and emperors. The baths, the Colosseum
  and the forum are for tourists now. People
  live in modern houses and dress in
  modern clothes. Pasta is the most
  common food. After lunch Italian still enjoy
  the siesta.
            What I Learned
• I learned so much about Ancient Rome. I
  learned about the Colosseum and how
  they use to throw men into the arena with
  wild animals. I also learned about the
  Baths. I found out that the kids and slaves
  were not allowed to use the baths. I don’t
  think that was fair!!
           ~*! The End !*~
• Thank you for watching my show. I hope
  you liked it!

                  *!~ Jenna ~!*

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