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									                           Lease of Unfurnished Apartment

        Agreement made on the (date), between (Name of Lessor) of (street address,
city, state, zip code), referred to herein as Lessor, and (Name of Lessee), of (street
address, city, state, zip code), referred to herein as Lessee;
      Whereas, Lessee desires to lease Apartment No. (number) of the Building known
as (name of building) located at (street address, city, state, zip code); and
      Whereas, Lessor desires to lease said Apartment (hereinafter called the
Apartment) to Lessee pursuant to the terms and conditions of this Agreement;
     Now, therefore, for and in consideration of the mutual covenants contained in this
Agreement, and other good and valuable consideration, the parties agree as follows:
I.     Lease of Premises; Rent; and Security Agreement
       A.     Lessor hereby leases to Lessee, and Lessee hereby leases from Lessor,
       said Apartment to be used and occupied by Lessee as a residence and for no
       other use or purpose whatever, for a term of (number) years beginning on (date),
       and ending on (date), at a rental of $___________ per month, payable monthly,
       in advance, during the entire term of this Lease, to Lessor at the address set
       forth above, or to any other place that Lessor may designate.

       B.      On the execution of this Lease, Lessee deposited with Lessor the sum of
       $_______________, receipt of which is acknowledged by Lessor, as security for
       the faithful performance by Lessee of the terms of this Lease Agreement, to be
       returned to Lessee, without interest, on the full and faithful performance by
       Lessee of the provisions of this Lease Agreement.

II.   Number of Occupants
      Lessee agrees that the Apartment shall be occupied by no more than (number)
persons, consisting of (number) adults and (number) children under the age of (number)
years without the prior, express, and written consent of Lessor.

III.   Assignment and Subletting
       Without the prior, express, and written consent of Lessor, Lessee shall not assign
this Lease, or sublet the Apartment or any part of the Apartment. A consent by Lessor to
one assignment or subletting shall not be deemed to be a consent to any subsequent
assignment or subletting.

IV.    Showing Apartment for Rental
       Lessee grants permission to Lessor to show the Apartment to new rental
applicants at reasonable hours of the day, within (number) days of the expiration of the
term of this Lease.

V.    Entry for Inspection, Repairs, and Alterations
      Lessor shall have the right to enter the Apartment for inspection at all reasonable
hours and whenever necessary to make repairs and alterations of the Apartment or the
Apartment building, or to clean the Apartment.

VI.     Utilities
        Electricity, gas, telephone service, and other utilities are not furnished as a part
of this Lease. These expenses are the responsibility of and shall be obtained at the
expense of Lessee. Charges for water and garbage service furnished to the Apartment
are included as a part of this Lease and the expense shall be borne by Lessor.

VII.   Repairs, Redecoration, or Alterations
       Lessor shall be responsible for repairs to the interior and exterior of the
Apartment, provided, however, that repairs required through damage caused by Lessee
shall be charged to Lessee as additional rent. It is agreed that Lessee will not make or
permit to be made any alterations, additions, improvements, or changes in the Leased
Apartment without in each case first obtaining the written consent of Lessor. A consent
to a particular alteration, addition, improvement, or change shall not be deemed a
consent to or a waiver of restrictions against alterations, additions, improvements, or
changes for the future. All alterations, changes, and improvements built, constructed, or
placed in the Apartment by Lessee, with the exception of fixtures removable without
damage to the Apartment and movable personal property, shall, unless otherwise
provided by written agreement between Lessor and Lessee, be the property of Lessor
and remain in the Leased Apartment at the expiration or earlier termination of this

VIII. Animals
      Lessee shall keep no domestic or other animals in or about the Apartment or on
the Apartment premises without the prior, express, and written consent of Lessor.

IX.    Waste, Nuisance, or Unlawful Use
       Lessee agrees that he will not commit waste on the Apartment premises, or
maintain or permit to be maintained a nuisance on the Apartment premises, or use or
permit the Apartment premises to be used in an unlawful manner.

X.    Lessee’s Holding Over
      The parties agree that any holding over by Lessee under this Lease, without
Lessor's written consent, shall be a tenancy at will which may be terminated by Lessor
on (number) days' notice in writing.

XI.   Parking Space
      Lessee is granted a license to use parking space No. (number) at Building for the
purpose of parking one motor vehicle during the term of this Lease.

XII.   Option to Renew
       Lessee is granted the option of renewing this Lease for an additional term of one
year on the same terms 
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