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Dean’s Message
                                            The School of Merchandising and      Thailand. As part of this study-abroad course, students will attend an
                                      Hospitality Management is experienc-       international hospitality conference. What an exciting experience to be
                                      ing unprecedented growth! We reached       able to hear internationally known leaders in the hospitality industry and
                                      nearly 900 majors in Spring 2005. A        to meet students from all over the world.
                                      number of factors are contributing to
                                      this growth. I believe that most impor-          At the end of each semester, I have the opportunity to complete an
                                      tantly it is the quality of our programs   exit interview with each graduating senior. I look forward to these inter-
                                      and faculty, the involvement of our        views as they provide rich insights into each student’s UNT experience.
                                      board of governors in program develop-     With few exceptions, graduates feel they are well prepared for many career
                                      ment and student experiences, and the      options and are excited about their prospects. Also, graduates are positive
                                      innovative activities and formats that     about their SMHM experiences. Most often they tell me how much they
                                      are used in instruction. For example,      appreciate the SMHM faculty for their caring, mentoring, and teaching.
many faculty offer students 24/7 access to course information through            One hospitality management graduate summed his experience as
WebCT support. Students continue to be placed in exciting internships            “Hospitality management is a personal degree – it is who I am.” We feel
that quite often lead to their first career employment after graduation.         privileged to have the opportunity to make a difference in each student’s
      An exciting new aspect of SMHM is our dedication to helping stu-
dents understand the global industries that they will enter. In 2003 SMHM             If you haven’t done so recently, please re-connect with a former
launched a study-abroad program with merchandising students going to             SMHM classmate or professor. We are always thrilled to hear what is hap-
Malaysia. They toured factories, heard from leaders in retailing and man-        pening in your life. There are many ways that alumni can get involved in
ufacturing, and completed research projects while there. In 2004 they went       SMHM, just call and make a connection.
to Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta, People’s Republic of China. They
are returning to Hong Kong and China in 2005. Students have repeated-                  Best wishes for a safe and happy year.
ly stated that these trips have changed their lives, including how they see
the world and what they choose to do in their careers. In 2005, we launch              Judith Forney, Dean
a study-abroad program for hospitality management students. They will                  School of Merchandising and Hospitality Management
travel to Hong Kong, Macau, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and Bangkok,

                                                                                    In This Issue:
                                                                                    Recognition: Alumni Appreciation Day . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
                                                                                    Faculty Awards . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
                                                                                    Highlights: Faculty, Staff and Programs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4-5
                                                            years                   Faculty Editorial Board Members . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
                                                                                    Merchandising Study Tour . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
                                                                                    SMHM Research . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
 The Hospitality Management program                                                 SMHM: Faculty & Staff “On the Fast Track” . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8-9
                                                                                    In Memory . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11
   is celebrating its 20th birthday in                                              SMHM Professor for a Day . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .12
    2005. A gala celebration is being                                               Alumni Information . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13-14
                                                                                    Mission Statement . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14
          planned for Fall 2005.                                                    Hospitality Management/Merchandising Board of Governors . . . . . 15
             Congratulations!                                                       Alumni Update Form . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .16
Recognition                                                 Alumni Appreciation Day

                                   Merchandising Division – 2003
                                   Cecile Nance (BS 1967, MEd 1973)
                                        Ms. Nance is the Director of Personnel for Saks Fifth Avenue, Las Vegas. Her responsibilities include
                                   Employment, Training, Benefits Administration, and Legal Compliance. Ms. Nance also assists in recruiting for new
                                   store openings and serves on several corporate committees. She has held numerous management positions as an
                                   Assistant Buyer, Department Manager, Trainer, Human Resources Director, and Assistant Store Manager for Operations.

                                         Hospitality Management Division – 2003
                                                                       Connie Yates (BS 1971, MS 1979)
                                        Ms. Yates is the Director of Public Affairs for Tom Thumb Food & Pharmacy
and Randall’s Food Markets, a division of Safeway. She is featured on such Dallas/Fort Worth area shows as NBC 5’s
Five Talk Street, Good Day Dallas, and Good Morning Texas television program segments focusing on food quality, safe-
ty, and nutrition. Ms. Yates was the recipient of the 1995 J. R. Bost Award, the 2000 Robert B. Cullum and Charles
G. Cullum Award, and the 2002 Safeway Outstanding Achievement Award. Ms. Yates serves on the boards of the
University of North Texas School of Community Services, Wipe Out Kids Cancer, North Texas Business Section of
AAFCS, Dallas/Fort Worth Grocers Association, and the North Texas Food Bank.

                                   Merchandising Division – 2004
                                   Dr. Christy Crutsinger (BS 1985, MS 1987)
                                         Dr. Crutsinger is Chair and Associate Professor of the Merchandising Division at the University of North Texas.
                                   Dr. Crutsinger began her teaching career at the University of North Texas in 1987 as a lecturer. She received her Ph.D.
                                   from Texas Woman’s University in 1994. Under her leadership as Chair, the Merchandising Division received the pres-
                                   tigious American Textile Manufacturers Institute’s 2000 Award for Excellence for exemplary and innovative programs
                                   including the nation’s first 100% web-based graduate merchandising degree. Dr. Crutsinger is nationally recognized as
                                   a leader in innovative teaching and web-based course development.
                                         Her primary research has investigated influences on teens’ shopping patterns including studies on shoplifting,
                                   Internet use, and service expectations. Most recently, Dr. Crutsinger has investigated the impact of retail work experi-
                                   ences and expectations on career intentions of university students and presented the results at the National Retail
                                   Federation Expo in New York.
     Her service is extensive at the national, state, and local levels. Currently, Dr. Crutsinger is the Chair of the Innovative Teaching and Resources
Committee of the International Textiles and Apparel Association, President of the Texas Association of Family and Consumer Sciences, and a member of
the Sanger ISD Board of Trustees.

                                         Hospitality Management Division – 2004
                     Dr. Virginia Porter Dick (B.S. 1957, M.Ed. 1964), R.D., L.D., CFCS
     Dr. Dick received her Ed.D. from Oklahoma State University in 1968. In 1996, she became a Registered Dietitian.
      A Professor at Southwestern Oklahoma State for 28 years in Home Economics, she also taught at Southwest Texas
State, Oklahoma State, and Texas Woman’s University. Her research centered on curriculum development including
national telecasts as a part of World Food Day.
     Dr. Dick served as President of the Oklahoma Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (OAFCS) (1974-75)
and the Oklahoma division of the American Association of University Women (1985-1987). She has received numer-
ous awards including the OAFCS Professional Award. In 2002, she was inducted to the Wall of Fame at Bridgeport High
     She continues to practice as a Registered Dietitian in Texas and Oklahoma along with teaching part time at the
University of North Texas.

Faculty Awards
                                    Professional of the Year
                                    Dr. Johnny Sue Reynolds
                                          Dr. Johnny Sue Reynolds was recognized as the Professional of the Year at the 2004 Texas Association of Family
                                    and Consumer Sciences Annual Meeting in San Antonio, Texas. This award is the highest honor given by the associa-
                                    tion each year and recognizes members who have made major contributions to the family and consumer sciences pro-
                                    fession, displayed leadership abilities, and have been active in the association. Reynolds is professor and Associate Dean
                                    in the School of Merchandising and Hospitality Management. She is recognized for her scholarly contributions to the
                                    hospitality field as the author of over 20 research articles and a new textbook titled, Hospitality Services: Food and Lodging
                                    which has been adopted by the Texas Education Agency for use in high school hospitality classes.

                                                                               ‘Fessor Graham Award
                                                                                                     Dr. Richard Tas
     Richard Tas, professor Hospitality Management, won the 2003 ‘Fessor Graham Award, the highest honor bestowed
by the student body at UNT. The award recognizes one faculty member each year for outstanding and unselfish service
beyond the call of duty to students. It is named for the late Professor Floyd Graham, who taught at UNT for more than
40 years. Dr. Tas is the founding director of the Hospitality Management program at UNT. He teaches Survey of
Beverages, Orientation to the Hospitality Industry, Internship in Hospitality Management, and Hotel and Restaurant

                                    The 2003-2004 National Food Service
                                    Management Institute Research Scholar
                                    Awarded by the Applied Research Division, University of Southern Mississippi
                                    Dr. Priscilla Connors
                                          The Applied Research Division (ARD) of the National Food Service Management Institute is the only U.S.
                                    Department of Agriculture funded unit that conducts research to enhance training and technical information available
                                    to foodservice personnel. Research projects are intended to improve the general operation and quality of Child Nutrition
                                    Programs and Child and Adult Care Food Programs. The Research Scholar Award provides professional opportunities
                                    to collaborate with ARD research scientists and conduct foodservice management research. The Research Scholar par-
                                    ticipates in ARD research conferences, presents ARD research at national and international conferences, and provides
                                    leadership on at least one major research project. The Research Scholar Award provides funding for 50% faculty release
time, travel to conferences, and research related expenses. This is a national competitive award for which there is only one recipient annually. Dr. Connors
is an Associate Professor of Hospitality Management.

                                    President’s Council University Service Award
                                                                                                     Dr. Juliet Getty
     Dr. Juliet M. Getty received the President’s Council University Service Award. It recognizes a full-time, tenure-track
faculty member for a record of outstanding university service at UNT over at least a five-year period. Dr. Getty is an
Associate Professor of Hospitality Management. Her award was the result of her service to the university as Chair of the
Faculty Senate and Chair of the Institutional Effectiveness Committee for SACS Accreditation Reaffirmation.

Highlights                                                     Faculty, Staff, and Programs
• An article by Drs. Christy Crutsinger, and Dee        published in the Journal of Foodservice Business     Council on Hotel, Restaurant, & Institutional
  Knight titled, “The Impact of Part-Time Retail        Research.                                            Education in Seoul, South Korea.
  Work Experiences on Career Choice: A
  Qualitative Approach to Model Development”           • Dr. Johnny Sue Reynolds, Dr. Lisa Kennon, and      • Dr. Lisa Kennon, Li Zhang (Hospitality
  was published In The TAFCS Research Journal.           Eunice J. Filler (UNT Hospitality Management         Management graduate student), and Dr. Juliet
                                                         Alumnus) had an article titled, “Bed and             Getty presented, “The Impact of U.S. Quick
• Dr. Lea Dopson had an article published titled,        Breakfast and Restaurant Strategic Alliances:        Service on the Patronage of Chinese Urban
  “Future of Hotel Education: Required Program           Increasing Revenue While Alleviating Innkeeper       Consumers” at the Annual Council on Hotel,
  Content Areas for Graduates of U.S. Hospitality        Burnout” published in the TAFCS Research             Restaurant, and Institutional Education Annual
  Programs Beyond the Year 2000 – Part II” in the        Journal.                                             Conference in Palm Springs, California.
  Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Education.
                                                       • Dr. Johnny Sue Reynolds, Dr. Pauline Sullivan,     • Dr. Tammy Kinley and Gina Tran
• Drs. Judith Forney, Park, E.J. and Lynn                and Kelley Cours (UNT Merchandising                  (Merchandising Alumnus) presented, “The
  Brandon had an article titled, “The Influence of       Alumnus) had an article titled, “Family Friendly     Challenge of the Perfect Fit: Jeans” at the
  Ethnicity on Hedonic and Utility Store                 Entertainment Venues: To Whom are Their              International Textile and Apparel Association in
  Attributes” published in the TAFCS Research            Web-Sites Marketed” in the ERTR Review of            Savannah, Georgia.
  Journal.                                               Tourism Research.
                                                                                                            • Drs. Tammy Kinley, Bharath Josiam, and Youn
• An article by Dr. Juliet Getty titled, “Lodging      • Dr. Joan Clay received the Best Paper Award at       Kim presented, “Why and Where Tourists
  Quality Index (LQI): Assessing Customers’              the International Council on Hotel, Restaurant,      Shop” at the International Council of Shopping
  Perceptions of Quality Delivery” was published         and Institutional Education Annual Conference        Centers Annual Conference in Bal Harbour,
  in the International Journal of Contemporary           held in Palm Springs, California.                    Florida.
  Hospitality Management.
                                                       • Drs. Bharath Josiam and Tammy Kinley               • Drs. Tammy Kinley, Judith Forney, and Youn
• An article co-authored by Dr. Bharath Josiam           received the Conference Best Poster Award at         Kim and Jennifer Wilbanks (Merchandising
  titled, “Tandoori Tastes: Perceptions of Indian        the International Society of Travel and Tourism      Alumnus) presented, “Shopping Center
  Restaurants in America” was published in the           Educators Annual Conference held in                  Attributes Based on Travel Motivation” at the
  International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality      Providence, Rhode Island.                            American Collegiate Retailing Association in
  Management.                                                                                                 Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
                                                       • Dr. Priscilla Connors presented, “A Compari-
• An article by Drs. Tammy Kinley, Bharath               son of Menu Planning Options and Achieve-          • Drs. Dee Knight and Christy Crutsinger pre-
  Josiam and Youn Kim titled, “Why and Where             ment of the School Meals Initiative Nutrient         sented, “Retail Work Experiences: Implications
  Tourists Shop: Motivations of Tourist-Shoppers         Standards” at the Joint Meeting of the Fifth         for Retaining College Students in the Industry”
  and Their Preferred Shopping Center                    International Food Data Conference and the           at the American Collegiate Retailing Associa-
  Attributes” was published in the Journal of            27th U.S. National Nutrient Databank                 tion Spring Conference in Montreal, Quebec.
  Shopping Center Research.                              Conference in Washington, D.C.
                                                                                                            • Dr. Lisa Kennon presented, “Survey of Food
• “Clothing Size Variation in Women’s Pants,” an       • Drs. Christy Crutsinger, Hae Jung Kim and Dee        Safety Education Needs for Low-Income
  article by Dr. Tammy Kinley, appeared in the           Knight presented, “Career Expectations as            Consumers” at the FNCE ADA Food and
  Clothing and Textiles Research Journal.                Antecedents of Retail Job Satisfaction and Job       Nutrition Conference and Expo in San Antonio,
                                                         Intention” at the International Textile and          Texas.
• An article by Christy Trotter (graduate student),      Apparel Association Conference in Savannah,
  Drs. Judith Forney, Youn Kim and Pauline               Georgia.                                           • Merchandising Alumni Kim Duncan, Ann
  Sullivan titled, “Lifestyle Shopping Center: A                                                              Ingram, S. Pookulangara, Ruttivut, K., and
  Retail Evolution Of The 21st Century” was            • Drs. Lea Dopson and Richard Tas presented, “A        Gina Tran and Dr. Christy Crutsinger present-
  published in the Journal of Shopping Center            Practical Approach to Curriculum Develop-            ed, “Retail Product Knowledge Seminar:
  Research.                                              ment: Making a Mirage into an Oasis” at the          Implementing Collaborative Service Learning
                                                         Annual International Council on Hotel,               As A Pedagogical Tool For Teaching” at the
• An article by So Yon Lee (UNT Hospitality              Restaurant, and Institutional Education              American Collegiate Retailing Association
  Management alumnus), and Drs. Johnny Sue               Conference in Palm Springs, California.              Winter Conference in New York City, New
  Reynolds and Lisa Kennon titled, “Bed and                                                                   York.
  Breakfast Industries: Successful Marketing           • Dr. Reneè Jackson presented, “Visual
  Strategies” was published in the Journal of Travel     Merchandising Concepts in a Virtual World” at      • Jennifer Wilbanks (UNT Merchandising alum-
  & Tourism Marketing.                                   the International Textile and Apparel Associa-       nus) and Drs. Lynn Brandon and Judith Forney
                                                         tion Annual Meeting, in Savannah, Georgia.           presented, “Operationalizing the Concept of
• Drs. Juline Mills (UNT Hospitality                                                                          Lifestyle Merchandising in the Home
  Management alumnus) and Joan Clay had an             • Dr. Bharath Josiam presented, “Curry Cuisine:        Furnishings Industry” at the Texas Association
  article titled, “Restaurants in the Sky: Consumer      Perceptions of Indian Restaurants in Malaysia”       of Family and Consumer Sciences Annual
  Preference for Brand Name Foods In-Flight”             at the First Asia-Pacific Conference of the          Meeting in Arlington, Texas.
Highlights                    Continued

Educational Packet Production                                                  Faculty Editorial Board Members:
     Drs. Lisa Kennon and Carolyn Bednar co-produced a 23-minute edu-
cational video titled Food Safety for Families. The video was also produced
in Spanish entitled Manejo Seguro De Los Alimentos Para Su Familia. This       • Lynn Brandon          Editorial Board, Journal of Computer-Aided
project was supported with grant funds from the United States Department                               Environmental Design and Education
of Agriculture. The video targeted safe food handling practices for partici-
                                                                               • Bharath Josiam        Associate Editor – North America. Journal of
pants in the federally funded WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) pro-
gram. A total of 82 WIC State program directors received a master copy of                              Vacation Marketing.
each video and a copy of an Educational Packet on a CD.                                                Editorial Board, Journal of Travel and Tourism
Offices held by Faculty and Staff in                                                                   Editorial Board, Praxis – The Journal of Applied
                                                                                                       Hospitality Management
Professional Organizations
                                                                               • Johnny Sue Reynolds   Editorial Board, Journal of Family and Consumer
International                                                                                          Sciences
Christy Crutsinger                                                                                     Editorial Board, TAFCS Research Journal
 Chair, Teaching Innovations and Resources Committee, International            • Christy Crutsinger    Editorial Board, Journal of Family and Consumer
 Textiles and Apparel Association (2003-2004)
                                                                                                       Editorial Board, TAFCS Research Journal
Lea Dopson
 Board of Governors, Eta Sigma Delta International Hospitality                 • Lisa Kennon           Editorial Board, Journal of Family and Consumer
 Management Honor Society                                                                              Sciences
                                                                                                       Editorial Board, TAFCS Research Journal
Jerry Dickenson
  Chair, University Professors—Special Interest Group, Club Managers           • Judith Forney         Editorial Board, Journal of Family and Consumer
  Association of America                                                                               Sciences
  Chair, Club Management—Special Interest Group, International Council         • Tammy Kinley          Editorial Board, Journal of Family and Consumer
  on Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Education                                                    Sciences

Tammy Kinley                                                                   • Richard Tas           Editorial Board, Journal of Family and Consumer
 Vice President of Operations, International Textile and Apparel Association                           Sciences

Christy Crutsinger
 President, Texas Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (2004-

Lea Dopson
 Secretary/Treasurer (2002-2003), Vice-President (2003-2004), Texas
 Chapter of the Council on Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Education                                     Please take a few
Lisa Kennon                                                                                           minutes to complete the
 Secretary of Texas Association of Family and Consumer Sciences.
                                                                                                       “Survey of Graduates”
Johnny Sue Reynolds
  Counselor/Past President, Texas Association of Family and Consumer                                      which is included in
  Sciences (2003)
                                                                                                        this Alumni Exchange.
Christy Crutsinger                                                                                         Your comments will
 Board Member, League for Professional Women
                                                                                                  help improve our programs.
Textbook author:
Dr. Johnny Sue Reynolds is the author of a new high school Hospitality
Management textbook titled, Hospitality Services: Food and Lodging,
published by Goodheart-Willcox.

Merchandising                                                                                            Study Tour

Hong Kong and China are “Classrooms” for UNT Students
      Most students enrolled in the 2004 Merchandising and Marketing Hong Kong/China study abroad program had no idea they could accomplish so
much in three weeks! They did know that Drs. Dee Knight and Lou Pelton, co-directors of the program, had planned a full itinerary.
      The program was billed as a “cultural immersion,” and students were treated to a variety of cultural experiences including dim sum, Stanley Market,
night markets, 10,000 Buddhas Monastery, the Dragon Boat Festival, and even sky walking in Macau!
      Professional appointments included briefings by executives at the U.S. Consulate; Fossil East; Li & Fung, the world’s largest trading company for time-
sensitive goods, demonstrations of hard and soft goods testing at the J.C. Penney Hong Kong Merchandise Testing Center, and the Institute of Textiles and
Clothing at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Of course, merchandising students took every opportunity to observe and participate in consumer behav-
ior as they shopped in the variety of retail stores that are an important aspect of living in Hong Kong.
      A highlight for many students was touring textile, apparel, and accessory factories in southern China. Our group was officially welcomed by The
People’s Government of Shaxi Town Zhongshan City that hosted our visit for two of the four days we were in China. This was the first visit of a U.S. uni-
versity to the factories and a television camera followed our group during the tours. During our 14-course dinner with business executives and government
officials, students were excited to see coverage of our visit on the Chinese nightly news! The Chinese hosts were a bit apprehensive about hosting a group
of U.S. university students whom they had heard could be “naughty boys and girls.” Dr. Knight asked them what they thought of the University of North
Texas students after our visit. They said, “The U.S. students wrote down everything we said, asked serious questions, and were so polite!” Needless to say,
Dr. Knight is ready to travel with our SMHM students again!

      Students preparing for an “air shower” before entering a                               Students shopping at a night market in Hong Kong.
      dust free assembly area of designer watches in a subsidiary
      of Fossil.

                                                                                         Students shopping at a night market in Hong Kong.
      Students ready to sky walk in Macau.

                                                                                                                        Articles published in UNT InHouse

SMHM                                           Research
                                                                                                                                          by Rufus Coleman

Women’s pants sizes quite “elastic”                                                      Nutritionist with plenty of
                                   According to UNT Associate Professor of               food for thought
                             Merchandising Tammy Kinley, size doesn’t mat-               By Alison Clark
                             ter. Women’s pants size, that is! In fall 2001                    Priscilla Connors knows that education
                             Kinley began studying the differences between               could be the greatest weapon in the war on
                             the labeled sizes and actual measurements of                childhood obesity. Connors, an associate profes-
                             women’s pants. She found that pants were typi-              sor of merchandising and hospitality manage-
                             cally much larger than their labels indicated.              ment, is an expert in the area of food safety and
                                   Kinley: “We measured over a thousand                  nutrition.
                             pairs of pants. We measured the closed waist, the                 “I’m interested in our foods and what we
                             inseams and the crotch seam, which was from                 do with them,” she says. Connors studies the
                             the center front waistband to the center back               ways that people behave toward food and how that affects their health. One
                             waist band. We found that there was a great deal            example of this is called the “switching mechanism.”
of discrepancy within size categories of measured sizes 4, 6, 8, 10,12 and 14.                 “If I am bored with whatever I am eating, I can easily switch to anoth-
We made sure all of them were regular length, no talls, no petites, and all of           er food because there are so many readily available choices,” Connors says.
them fit the natural waist. And the range in measurements within size cate-              “In the past, when there was not so much variety, the monotony of a single
gories was significant for every single size category.”                                  food was one thing that tended to turn off the impulse to keep eating and
      This “vanity sizing” makes it difficult for women to shop for pants.               helped prevent obesity.”
Kinley suggests that designers continue this practice because it creates cus-                  Connors became intrigued by nutrition when writing her dissertation,
tomer loyalty, makes their patrons feel better and impacts retailer sales. And           a study of milk handling practices in elementary schools, at Texas Woman’s
the more expensive the pants, the more suspicious the label.                             University. Before seeking her doctorate, Connors worked as a school lunch
      Kinley: “We analyzed the data according to price and found that                    director, and she later became a professor at Syracuse University. She’s been
expensive pants, which I determined were those $100 or above, were signif-               at UNT for seven years and teaches principles of nutrition while maintain-
icantly larger on all but one dimension than inexpensive pants, and in this              ing her status as a licensed dietician.
study inexpensive pants were those that cost $50 or less.”                                     Recently, Connors worked in conjunction with Denton Community
      The government created standardized sizing charts in the 1940s, but                Hospital on a study designed to provide information of patient acceptance
today actual sizing has little correlation. While Kinley and her colleagues              of different menu items by measuring how much of the food the patients
explore alternate sizing systems, she concedes that the current method does              actually ate.
have some benefits.                                                                            In addition, she is working on a project with the Texas Department of
      Kinley: “An advantage of all of this size range that goes on is that lots          Human Services called the “Healthy School Meals Initiative.” This state pro-
of different shaped bodies can be fit. So I don’t want to leave the impression           gram follows mandates set by the U.S. Congress and Department of
that I think all sizing should be standardized because all bodies are not stan-          Agriculture requiring school lunch programs to meet federal standards con-
dardized.”                                                                               cerning balanced meals and nutrient requirements. Connors travels all over
                                                                                         Texas, visiting private schools and state-run facilities where children are in
Professor says Indian eateries are                                                       residence, such as juvenile detention centers and shelters.
experiencing a U.S. boom                                                                       Connors is also interested in the National School Lunch program,
     Typically in America, when we think of                                              which provides meals to all students in participating schools and studies the
Asian food it’s Chinese or, more recently, Thai                                          viability and importance of school lunches being served to kids today.
food or Japanese sushi. But Indian food doesn’t                                                “We live in an era where children often are not getting exposed to well-
even register on our palates.                                                            balanced meals in their homes,” Connors says. “What the schools serve is
     That’s about to change, according to                                                important because children may be eating two out of three meals at school.”
University of North Texas Associate Professor of                                               Along with this area of research, Connors wants to become involved in
Hospitality Management Bharath Josiam. In                                                making children aware of the parallel between using food for psychological or
places like England, Indian cuisine dominates                                            emotional reasons and increasing their risks of chronic disease and obesity.
with as many as 10,000 Indian restaurants in operation, from small mom                         “I hope to do research about eating habits and obesity in children in
and pop restaurants to trendy themed places. This type of cuisine also has               connection with the increase of Type II diabetes in children. This is a disease
taken hold around the world from Tokyo to Sydney.                                        that is normally found in middle-aged adults, but is now found among pre-
     Some Indian restaurants in the United Kingdom recently have received                teens,” Connors says.
recognition in the Michelin Guide, a listing of exceptionally good European                    When she is not working on research or teaching, Connors enjoys
restaurants.                                                                             nature walks to see wildflowers and identify plants.
     While the connections between the U.K. and India go back over two                         As for other hobbies, she says with a smile, “I have three teenagers.”
centuries, only since the late sixties has the Asian-Indian community been
immigrating in large numbers to the U.S. And this is part of the reason the              National Retail Federation Presentation
popularity of Indian food in the U.S hasn’t come as quickly, Josiam says.                     Drs. Dee Knight, Christy Crutsinger and Hae-Jung Kim presented
     According to Josiam’s study, part of the problem is that the American               “Retail: It’s More than a Part-Time Job—Transitioning College Recruits
palate isn’t as open to the high levels of spiciness in Indian food. There is also       into Career Tracks” at the National Retail Federation’s (NRF) Big Show in
a perception, not necessarily a reality, of lower health standards in the mom            New York in January 2004. The presentation was based on their research
and pop Indian restaurants. But it’s changing as the restaurant owners                   funded by Saks Inc. which investigated the impact of retail work experiences
change.                                                                                  and expectations on student’s intent to pursue a retail career.
     “Typically the people opening these restaurants aren’t hospitality indus-                The National Retail Federation is the world’s largest retail trade associ-
try professionals, but entrepreneurial Indians,” he says. “But that’s starting           ation, with membership that comprises all retail formats and channels of dis-
to change also. Both the food and the business people are evolving to the                tribution including department, specialty, discount, catalog, Internet and
next level and hopefully changing these perceptions.”
                                                                                                                           SMHM Research, Continued on page 10
SMHM                                              Faculty and Staff “On the Fast Track” at the
                                                  Texas Motor Speedway Club
A. Priscilla Connors                H. Marissa R. Sanchez         I. Ernestine Denmon          J. Joan Marie Clay                 K. J.T. Whitaker
   Associate Professor                 Lecturer                      A.S.P.I.R.E. Advisor         Professor                          Lecturer, The Club at
   Nutrition                           Textiles and Textile              Human Resources/Legal                Gateway Center
   Research Methods                      Evaluation                                               Cost Controls                                                       

B. Christy Crutsinger
   Associate Professor and Chair
   Service Excellence, Fashion
      Theory, & Internship

C. Joronda Crow
   Assistant to the Dean                                              C                                G                              K                  M
D. Sarah Kim                                A

   DARS Advisor

E. Dawn Paine
   Secretarial Assistant                                                               F
                                                                                                                                                 L             N
F. Juliet M. Getty
   Associate Professor
   Hospitality Marketing

G. Richard F. Tas, Ph.D.
   Professor and Graduate
   Orientation to the Hospitality
   Survey of Beverages
   Hotel and Restaurant
     Operations: Theory and

                                                                      L. Maria Kim                 M. Reneé Jackson               N. Dee Knight
                                                                         Assistant Professor          Assistant Professor            Assistant Professor
                                                                         Apparel Evaluation           Introduction to E-             Introduction to Fashion
                                                                         Aesthetics and                  Merchandising                  Merchandising
                                                                            Environment               Textile Evaluation             Promotion
                                                                         Brand Development            Virtual Merchandising          Merchandising Ventures

O. Lisa Kennon                  P. Sylvia Kim                       Q. Judith Forney           R. Johnny Sue Reynolds       S. Jerry W. Dickenson
   Associate Professor             Assistant Professor                 Dean                       Professor and Associate      Dedman Chair in Club
   Food Safety                     Consumers in a Global               Professor of                 Dean                          Management
   Facilities Planning                Market                             Merchandising            Diversity                    Club and Resort Management
   Restaurant Development          Advanced Merchandising                Human Relations              Internship                     Applications                                         
                                   Global Textiles and
                                      Apparel Industries                                                                    T. Lynn Brandon
                                                                                                        Associate Professor
                                                                                                                               Introduction to CAD
                                                                                                                               Home Furnishings I
                                                                                                                               History of Furnishings
                                                                                                                               Decorative Accessories

                            S                                                                                               U. Charlie Foster
               Q                                                                                                               Lecturer, General Manager -
                                                                                                                                 The Club at Gateway Center
                                                                V                                                              Restaurant Operations I & II

                                                                                                                            V. Lynne Hale
                                                                                                                               Senior Academic Advisor
           P                                                U
                                                                                                               Y            W. Tammy Kinley
                                                                                                                               Associate Professor
                                                                                                                               Consumer Studies
                                                                                                                               Merchandising Problems

                                                                                                                            X. Lea Dopson
                                                                                                                               Associate Professor and Chair
                                                                                                                               Hospitality Management
                                                                                                                               Cost Controls
                                                                                                                               Hospitality Accounting and

                                                                                                                            Y. Bharath Josiam
                                                                                                                               Associate Professor
                                                                                                                               Travel and Tourism
                                                                                                                               Hotel Management Systems
                                                                                                                               Hotel Operations
                                                                                                                               Research Applications

                                                                                                   •   Name
                                                                                                   •   Title
                                                                                                   •   Courses taught
                                                                                                   •   E-mail address

SMHM                   Research, Continued from page 7

independent stores as well as the industry’s key trading partners of retail        the student was awarded the internship. Although it was a long and tedious
goods and services. NRF represents an industry with more than 1.4 million          process, Jackson never stopped encouraging her.
U.S. retail establishments,                                                              “There is nothing that makes me prouder than seeing a student get an
more than 20 million employ-                                                       internship doing something they have worked so hard for,” Jackson says.
ees and 2002 sales of $3.6 tril-                                                         It’s from moments like those, when she sees “students get excited about
lion. Retail executives, deci-                                                     their careers,” that Jackson gets her reward for a job well done. She says some
sion-makers, and trendsetters                                                      of her favorite UNT memories are of commencement ceremonies and the
benefit from the many educa-                                                       joy of cheering for her students.
tional opportunities offered at                                                          Jackson’s students appreciate her teaching style because they always
the annual BIG SHOW in                                                             know where they stand, explains Tammy Kinley, assistant professor of mer-
New York.                                                                          chandising and hospitality management.
                                                                                         “Working with Dr. Jackson is a real pleasure. I admire her consistency,
UNT professor                                                                      dependability, honesty and integrity. She expects a lot from her students and
                                                                                   they deliver,” Kinley says. “She is a wonderful person to know.”
creates curriculum for WIC parents                                                       When she’s not at work, Jackson enjoys reading, sewing and playing
      In collaboration with professors in the Texas Woman’s University             with Chase, her poodle. She also enjoys watching computer-animated films
Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences, Lisa Kennon, University of              because she enjoys “the great advances that have been made in computer
North Texas associate professor of hospitality management, is educating mil-       animation.”
lions of low-income parents involved in the federal program Women, Infants
and Children (WIC).
                                   With a $131,000 grant from the U.S.             Coming full circle
                             Department of Agriculture, Kennon and her col-              For faculty members Joan and
                             leagues developed videos and educational guides       Raymond Clay, teaching is only half of
                             on food preparation and safety for WIC partici-       their role as university citizens. Assisting
                             pants across the county.                              students in the form of scholarships is the
                                   WIC provides nutritious foods, nutrition        other integral part. “It’s like completing
                             counseling and referrals to health and social         a circle,” explains Joan, professor of hospi-
                             organizations for low-income, pregnant, post-         tality management.
                             partum, and breast-feeding women as well as                 Both have worked on the scholarship committees for their individual
                             infants and children up to age five. Using vouch-     departments and recognize the benefits that such funds bring.
                             ers, participants can purchase items like iron-for-         “Scholarships help students focus their efforts on education,” says
                             tified infant formula and infant cereal.              Raymond, D/FW Institute of Internal Auditors Professor of Accounting, “as
      The WIC program is in every state, 33 Indian tribal organizations and        opposed to working many hours while attending school.”
every U.S. province, serving more than 7 million people each month.                      Therefore, the couple decided to join the President’s Council, which
      Pregnant women and young children are considered a high-risk group           raises money for UNT scholarships. Their annual membership dues will
for food-borne illnesses. Kennon and her colleagues surveyed WIC directors         fund one $500 accounting scholarship and one $500 hospitality manage-
and conducted focus groups with WIC clients in Denton, Dallas and                  ment scholarship.
Tarrant counties. Results showed lack of knowledge on safe methods for                   “The way the council is structured to give back to our areas is attrac-
cooling foods, thawing foods and judging when food is safe or unsafe to eat.       tive,” says Joan. ‘It’s an opportunity to acknowledge our giving as a couple
      As a result of the data collected, Kennon and her colleagues developed       and as individuals.”
a series of bilingual materials — 22-minute videos in English and Spanish                “We thought about joining and found it to be positive for us and for
along the a resource packet of information for the WIC counselors. Other           students,” agrees Raymond. “It’s a growing area of giving.”
materials include games and activities for clients in both English and                   More information about the President’s Council can be found at
Spanish aimed at improving food safety. The materials cover everything   
from cleaning and cooling food to preparing formula and storing breast milk
safely.                                                                            UNT merchandising students determine hottest gifts
      The material is being distributed by WIC directors across the country        of the 2004 holiday season
to be disseminated to the more than 11,000 branches of the program.                      The students in the Aesthetics and Environment course taught by
                                                                                   Christy Crutsinger, associate professor of merchandising and chair of the
Helping students learn how to meet their goals in                                  merchandising division, selected the hottest items for the 2004 holiday gift-
the real world                                                                     giving season while evaluating Internet web sites for a class project.
      Reneé Jackson says she doesn’t expect her                                          The 44 merchandising students in the course studied the influence of
students to leave her class knowing everything.                                    product functionality and aesthetic appeal on consumer decisions. Here are
She just expects them to be prepared to deal                                       a few of the top items and shopping themes.
with real-world situations.                                                              For him, think high-tech goodies such as MP3 players and portable
      “My goal is to help develop strategists so                                   DVD players. For her, focus on rejuvenation and wardrobe boosting such
they can meet their goals,” says Jackson, assistant                                as a gift certificate for a day at the spa, Ugg boots, or the hot-selling book by
professor of merchandising who coordinates the                                     Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo, He’s Just Not That Into You: The No-Excuses
e-merchandising program at UNT.                                                    Truth to Understanding Guys. For kids, remember all things retro: Cabbage
      Jackson, whose degrees are in fashion                                        Patch dolls, Care Bears, Strawberry Shortcake, Transformers action figures,
design, textile science, and clothing and textiles,                                or Dancing Elmo, a doll that dances to the tune of the disco classic
joined the UNT faculty in 2000.                                                    “YMCA.”
      She takes pride in her students and invests time and energy in making
sure they are successful in both her classroom and the real world. She recent-
ly spent time with a student who was working on landing a career-changing
internship with After seven months of pursuit and phone tag,

Highlights                                                   Faculty, Staff, and Programs

                                                                             ART Awards Annual Conference
                                                                                   Dr. Lynn Brandon and ART Executive Director Sharon Davis. Dr.
                                                                             Brandon was invited to join a panel of national judges in 2003 and 2004 to
                                                                             evaluate and select the companies and individuals at the top of their field in
                                                                             manufacturing, retailing, product design, and sales representation of decorative
                                                                             accessories. The ARTS Awards annual gala event was held at the Apparel Mart
                                                                             Great Hall. She also participated at several of the Annual ART Conferences in
                                                                             various capacities including speaker and seminar facilitator.
                                                                                   ART is the association of decorative accessory manufacturers, retailers,
                                                                             representatives and other professionals who are dedicated to promoting the
                                                                             industry. ART’s prime objective is to support and build the accessory industry
                                                                             and includes the areas of accent furniture, lighting, permanent botanical, wall
                                                                             art, and decorative accessories. ART provides seminars and conferences and
                                                                             maintains a presence at High Point and Dallas markets.

New Honor Society for Hospitality
Management Program
       The Hospitality Management program initiated the first members into its
new international honor society, Eta Sigma Delta. ESD is an honor society that
recognizes exceptional academic achievement among hospitality and tourism
students at the baccalaureate level. Eta Sigma Delta is administered by the
International Council on Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Education
(I-CHRIE), the leading international association devoted to hospitality and
tourism education. The professional benefits include an opportunity for out-
standing students to distinguish themselves in the eyes of educators, recruiters
and industry executives in an increasingly competitive industry. Educational ben-
efits include the opportunity for ESD chapters to provide a stimulus for students
to strive for academic excellence.                                                L to R: Kalyani Rogers, John Reno, Kristin Ingersoll, and James Findley.

 Super Duo                                                                               In Memory
                                                                                             Alicia Lynette “Lee” Hawkins (MS ’00), a manager for
      December 2004 graduates Kara Ames                                                 Romano’s Macaroni Grill in Austin, Texas, died Wednesday,
 and Evangelina Rangel can be considered                                                December 29, 2004 as the result of injuries sustained in an
 “Super Duos” in the School of Merchandis-                                              automobile accident. She was 30 years old and a native of Baton
 ing and Hospitality Management. They                                                   Rouge, Louisiana. She graduated from Southern University with a
 each received two degrees at the December                                              major in institutional foods. Alicia earned her master’s degree in
 Commencement, and both completed a                                                     Hospitality Management in 2000 from the University of North
 study-abroad semester and were scholarship                                             Texas. While at UNT, she was employed as a Degree Audit Review
 recipients. Kara completed her B.S. with a                                             Advisor for the School of Merchandising and Hospitality
 major in hospitality management and a B.A.                                             Management. She was an active SMHM Ambassador and a mem-
 with a major in German. She completed her                                              ber of the Society of Student Hotel Managers. Her contagious smile
 study abroad in Germany. Eva completed                                                 and abundant energy made her an asset to the program. A scholar-
 the B.S. with a major in merchandising and                                             ship has been established in Alicia’s name. The Alicia Hawkins
 a B.A. with a major in French. Her study            Memorial Scholarship will be awarded each year to a UNT Hospitality Management student.
 abroad was in Paris, France.                        Contributions to this scholarship fund can be made by completing the form at the end of this Alumni
                                                     Exchange. Alicia will be deeply missed by us all.

SMHM                               Professor for a Day
Name of Professor For A Day   Course Title                   Company/Organization        Topic
Michael Allen                 Promotional Strategies         Joe’s Crab Shack            Are Effective Promotions Just About Price?

Espartaco Borga               Restaurant Operations II       La Duni Latin Café          Latin Cuisine
Tom Brett                     Recent Developments            Texas Motor Speedway        Levy Restaurants. Foodservice for Sports Venues
Lane Cardwell                 Recent Developments            Industry Boards             Hospitality Board of Directors
Dick Cassidy & Susan Loher    5800 - Legal Aspects           ClubCorp                    Human Resource Laws
David Doggett                 Cost Controls                  Texas Alcoholic Beverage    TABC Rules and Regulations
Brad Evers                    Restaurant Operations II       ClubCorp                    New American Cuisine
Ron Gay                       Survey of Beverages            Glazer’s Beverage           Imported Beers
Gaylord Texan                 Recent Developments            Gaylord Texan               Tour and Opening of New Hotel
Tereze Gruntmane              Advanced Merchandising         Za Za Couture (Children’s   Domestic Or International Production Sourcing:
                              Applications                   Apparel Manufacturer)       A Designer’s Dilemma
Mary Harakopus                5800-Legal Aspects             J.C. Penney’s               Laws for Retailers
Amy Havens                    Decorative Accessories         Montaage                    Manufacturing And Selling Decorative Accessories
Greg Hirsch                   Orientation to Hospitality     Sysco Foods                 Introduction To Food Distribution Companies
Sharon Horton                 Recent Developments            Starwood Hotels             Incentive/Motivation Programs
Jay Johns                     Recent Developments            TGI Friday’s                Hospitality Resources for Managers
Laura Kornegay                Managing a Diverse Workforce   Carlson Restaurants         Diversity Beyond Color
Beat Kotoun                   Survey of Beverages            Kobrand Corporation         Porto Wines
Rick Martino                  Advanced Merchandising         Russell Newman              The World Is Our Workshop
Sherry McKenzie               Human Resources                Prism Hotels                Benefits
Kathryn Miller                5800-Legal Aspects             Zale Corp                   Trademarks and Advertising Laws
Wendy Moats                   Consumer Studies               Barnes and Noble            Programs That Work
Jim Moon                      Merchandising Strategies       Army and Air Force          Product Development
                                                             Exchange Service
Kenneth Reimer                Managing a Diverse Workforce   Baker Bros American Deli    Ethics In The Workplace
Bradley Richardson            Internship                     Job Smarts                  Career Opportunities 2004
Michael Silipo                Introduction to Apparel        J.C. Penney                 Retail: Part-Time Job Or Promising Career
Ken Smith                     Orientation to Hospitality     Hilton Hotel Company        Trends In The Lodging Industry
Jim Stika/Tony Hines          Merchandising Strategies       J.C. Penney                 Merchandising Distribution
Lloyd Tidmore                 Promotional Strategies         Dillard’s                   Driving Merchandise Through The Store
Norman Werback                Managing a Diverse Workforce   WerbackRose, Inc.           Sexual Harassment
Westin Stonebriar Hotel       Hotel Operations               Field Trip                  Hotel Operations
Debbie Williams               Advanced Merchandising         Meridian Sourcing and       How To Find The Best International Apparel
                              Application                    Design                      Production
Dee Wilson                    Human Resources                UNT Career Center           Negotiating Salaries
Robert Wolf                   Recent Developments            Lone Oak Vineyards          Texas Estate Vineyards
Hotel Zaza                    Hotel Operations               Field Trip                  Upscale Boutique Hotels

Alumni                                      Information

                   1970s                            Michael F. Pistana (93) is Director of Leisure
                                                    Sales for the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, NV.
Gwendolyn Davis (78) started a new private                                                              Jessica Foret (00) is Sales Account Manager at
school, “Shiloh Village Montessori High School”     Michael I. Cohen (94) is Director of Revenue        Marriott Hotels in New Orleans, LA.
in Birmingham, AL.                                  Management for Raffles International Hotels &
                                                    Resorts in Chicago, IL.                             Lori Dane Graham (00) works for a home
                                                                                                        builder in Lubbock, TX.
                   1980s                            Angelyn Armes Horrell (94) is the Retail
Margaret Morovic (80) is Instructor of Hospi-       Coordinator for the Four Seasons Resort.            Lavada L. Lusk (00) is Front Office Manager at
tality Management at Tarrant County College in                                                          the Holiday Inn Select in Lewisville, TX.
Arlington, TX.                                      Susan Perez (94) is General Manager of the
                                                    Courtyard by Marriott-Market Center in Dallas,      Juline Mills (00) is an Assistant Professor of
                                                    TX.                                                 Hospitality Ecommerce, Department of
                   1990s                                                                                Hospitality and Tourism Management at Purdue
Mary P. Pettigrew Cochran (90) is Manager of        Peter Razey (94) is Territory Manager for           University.
Special Events for Texas Motor Speedway in Fort     Allergan in Lake Oswego, OR.
Worth, TX.                                                                                              Sylvia Oyervides (00) is an Assistant Buyer, Zale
                                                    Traci Dunn (94) is Director of Diversity for the    Corporation, Irving, TX.
Keith Su (91) is Corporate Marketing Analyst for    North American Division of Compass Group in
MGM Mirage, Inc. in Las Vegas, NV.                  Charlotte, NC.                                      Danielle Sibley (00) is the Visual Manager at
                                                                                                        Nordstrom, Hurst, TX.
Anna Bayes (91) is pursuing her doctorate degree    Rebecca Perezz Diaz (95) is Sales Manager for
from Texas Woman’s University and owns her own      the El Paso Convention and Visitors Bureau, in El   Sarah Yeonsook Kim (00) is DARS Advisor for
jewelry company.                                    Paso TX.                                            the UNT School of Merchandising and
                                                                                                        Hospitality Management, Denton, TX.
Bill Cheek (92) is Director of Food & Beverage      Trenda Trevino (95) is Manager at P.F. Chang’s,
for the Omni Dallas Hotel at Park West in Dallas,   China Bistro, in Austin, TX.                        Blythe Beck (01) works for the Mansion on
TX.                                                                                                     Turtle Creek Culinary Department, Dallas, TX.
                                                    Captain Jeff Butler (97) is Operations Manager
Marcia Murphy (92) is Vice President of Client      for Mile Mark Watersports in St. Croix, US Virgin   Kristin Burke (01) is Catering Director for
Marketing for in Los Angeles,        Islands.                                            Timarron Country Club in Southlake, TX.
                                                    Jennifer Flemming (97) is Manager, Travel &         Chelle Denton (01) works for the Army Air
Jeff Castner (93) is Vice President for Danmar      Conferences for Edison Schools in Knoxville, TN.    Force Exchange Service and has recently been
Hotels Inc. in Boca Raton, FL.                                                                          deployed to Iraq.
                                                    Julee Emmons (98) is the Trade Show Director
Bill Cole (93) is Director of Operations for The    for Barse & Co., Dallas, TX.                        Ashley Epstein-Zrodlowski (01) works for
Warwick in Houston, TX.                                                                                 Strategic, Equipment and Supply Corporation,
                                                    Tiffany M. Garrett (98) is Catering Sales           Gernsbacher Division in Fort Worth, TX.
Carrie Carter (92) is a buyer for Zale Corpora-     Manager for the Dallas Cowboys Football Club in
tion, Irving, TX.                                   Irving, TX.                                         Taryne Galindo (01) is Program Development
                                                                                                        Coordinator for the YMCA, Dallas, TX.
Paul Ellis (93) is General Manager at Hoffbrau      Veronique Liu Kinder (98) is General Manager
Steaks in Bedford, TX.                              at Tony Roma’s in Grapevine, TX.                    Jessica Heil Carlson (01) works for Ocean to
                                                                                                        Ocean, a sourcing company.
Lisa Coleman (93) is Inventory Control Manager      Jennifer Nowakowski (98) works for Claude-
for Sally Beauty Company.                           Anne de Solene, a French linen company in           Shanan Huerta (01) works in Sales for the
                                                    Dallas, TX.                                         Kitchen Source.
Chad Enloe (93) works for the Dallas Conven-
tion & Visitors Bureau, Dallas, TX.                 Jordan Roth (98) works for SBC in Dallas, TX.       Alan D. Miller (01) is Clubhouse Manager for
                                                                                                        Columbia Country Club in Chevy Chase, MD.
Carrie Reid Layton (93) is a third-grade teacher    David K. Smith (98) is Manager at El Guapo in
in the Denton Independent School District,          Denton, TX.                                         Bonny Serna (01) is Guest Care Manager for
Denton, TX.                                                                                             Courtyard by Marriott in Plano, TX.
                                                    Amy Anderson (99) is Regional Visual Coordi-
Kimberly Kottler Benner (93) is a design con-       nator for Aaron’s Rent to Own Furniture.            James Bond (02) is Director of Catering at
sultant for Ethan Allen.                                                                                Woodhaven Country Club in Fort Worth, TX.
                                                    Brent Reaves (99) is Vice President of Manage-
Michelle Rudman Maffey (93) is Director of          ment for Smokey John’s in Dallas, TX.               Pedro Joel Da Silva (02) works for Tony Roma’s
Hotel Marketing at the Bellagio Hotel in Las                                                            in Florida.
Vegas, NV.                                          Gina Villarreal (99) is a Merchandise Analyst,
                                                    Zale Corporation, Irving, TX.                       Katrena Drake (02) is an Assistant Buyer for JC
Eduardo Moreno (93) is Clubhouse Manager for                                                            Penney Company, Plano, TX.
the River Crest Country Club in Fort Worth, TX.                                                                                Continued on next page
Alumni                Continued
Katie Gates (02) is Catering Manager for the           Jenny Luong (03) works in Maternity, Outer-           Michelle Foster (04) works in Studio 121,
Corporate Market at the Hilton San Antonio             wear, and Swimwear Dept for             Nordstrom, Frisco, TX.
Airport, San Antonio, TX.
                                                       Stacie Malek (03) is employed as Visual               Denise Jones (04) is an Assistant Buyer for
Dorene Louise Lacey (02) is General Manager at         Merchandiser by Lacks Furniture in Corpus             Gadzooks.
Chili’s in Lewisville, TX.                             Christi, TX.
                                                                                                             Melissa Kerby (04) is pursuing an advanced
Joong Jin Lee (02) is a Merchandiser for               Kristin Matthews (03) is Sportswear Merchan-          degree in architecture at Oklahoma State
JCPenney Korea in Seoul, Korea.                        dise Administration Coordinator at The Apparel        University.
Jamie Monson (02) is Catering Manager at the                                                                 Chris Kuykendall (04) is the Assistant Area Sales
Hyatt Regency Hotel in Dallas, TX.                     Marlo Munn (03) is a Lighting Designer for Lee        Manager for Dillards.
Justin Moore (02) is in Bar Operations at The                                                                Mindy Lewis (04) works for Ocean to Ocean.
Mansion on Turtle Creek, Dallas, TX.                   Allison Orcutt (03) works in Human Resources
                                                       at Nordstrom, Hurst, TX.                              Jennifer McIntosh (04) works for RT Sourcing.
Marissa Sanchez (02) is a Merchandising
Lecturer at the University of North Texas,             Kathryn Parnell (03) is the Lead Manager at           Jaturon “Eddie” Pruekpairojkul (04) is the
Denton, TX.                                            Club Libby Lu.                                        Assistant Manager, Bangkok Marriott Resort &
                                                                                                             Spa, Bangkok, Thailand.
Amanda Smith (02) is a Manager for Club Libby          Lakshmi Parola (03) is Sales Coordinator/
Lu.                                                    Revenue Manager at the Embassy Suites Hotel in        Brittney Pruitt (04) is a Team Leader for Target
                                                       Houston, TX.                                          Corporation.
Kerri Bain (03) is the Manager of Customer
Service/Communications at Nordstrom, Frisco,           Tassilo Pereira (03) is Front Office Agent at the     Jessica Stewart (04) is Membership Assistant at
TX.                                                    Park Hyatt Hotel in Zurich, Switzerland.              the Tower Club in Dallas, TX.

Tiffany Bryan (03) is a Merchandiser for               Thomas Pistana (03) is Hotel Consulting and           Shelby Kristina Turnbow (04) works for the
VeolcityFM, a consulting company that serves as a      Valuation Analyst, DFW Office, for HVS Inter-         Stockyard Hotel, Fort Worth, TX.
liaison between Chinese manufacturers and U.S.         national in Flower Mound, TX.
vendors.                                                                                                     Rebecca Umberson (04) is an Assistant Buyer for
                                                       Sunny Punjani (03) is the Front Office Manager,       Gadzooks, Dallas, TX.
Christine Marie Carlton (03) works for                 Holiday Inn-Riverwalk in San Antonio, TX.
Nordstrom in Las Vegas, NV.                                                                                  Cheryl West (04) is General Manager, Fairfield
                                                       Rachel Nicole Ross (03) works for the Magnolia        Inn & Resorts, Grapevine, TX.
Dominque Crouch (M.S. 03) works for the                Hotel in Dallas, TX.
International Trade Administration, Department                                                               Taylor Westbrook (04) is a Visual Merchandiser
of Commerce, and United States Government.             Maricela Ruiz (03) works in the Sales Depart-         and Buyer for Drexel Heritage, Southlake, TX.
                                                       ment of the InterContinental Hotel in Dallas, TX.
Kim Duncan (03) is a showroom owner and                                                                      Alumni From the School of
manager at the World Trade Center, Dallas, TX.         Merirobyn Thomas (03) is Executive Adminis-
                                                       trative Assistant for Adam’s Mark Hotel & Resort      Merchandising and Hospitality
Alexis Jean East (03) works for Nordstrom              in Dallas, TX.                                        Management Teaching in Colleges
Galleria, Dallas, TX.
                                                       Gina Tran (03) is an Assistant Buyer for Neiman       and Universities
Reagan Fendrick (03) is Private Events Director        Marcus Direct.                                        Arthur James – Northlake College, Dallas –
for Oakmont Country Club in Corinth, TX.                                                                          Hospitality Management
                                                       Callie Wineman (03) recently spent three weeks        Lynda Martin – Stephen F. Austin State
Kendall Lynn Guest (03) is Product Coordinator         in the remote town of Tutova, Romania, caring for
for Fossil, Richardson, TX.                            36 abandoned children in The Failure-to-Thrive             University – Chair of Family and
                                                       Clinic.                                                    Consumer Sciences
Andria Jackson (03) is an Assistant Buyer for                                                                Juline Mills – Purdue University – Hospitality
Zale Corporation, Irving, TX.                          Lizzie Appleton (04) is in the Assistant Buyer             Management
                                                       training program at Tuesday Morning.
                                                                                                             Sanjunkta Pookulangara – Western Illinois
Kimberley Anne Jones (03) works for Mervyn’s
as an Executive Team Leader.                           Kimberly Black (04) works for JC Penney in                 University – Merchandising
                                                       product development, St. John’s Bay Division.         Allen Powell – Arkansas State University –
Mark Krug (03) is Concierge at The Mansion on                                                                     Hospitality Management
Turtle Creek, Dallas, TX.

                   Merchandising Mission Statement                                               Hospitality Management
              To provide educational experiences that result in the critical                       Mission Statement
              analysis of consumer-driven production through distribution             To educate students for management and leadership in the
               systems, product evaluation, and product use in domestic             hospitality industry and to contribute to the profession through
                      and international textile, apparel, and home                             teaching excellence, research, consultation,
                                 furnishings industries.                                                  and service activities.

Max Abbott, Enersyst Development Center, Inc.
                                                                                  Board of Governors
                                                                     Laura Kornegay, ClubCorp
Sandi Bailey, Hotel Association of Greater Dallas                    Suzanne V. LaBrecque, University of North Texas
Stephen J. Benkowitz, DFW Airport Marriott                           Joel Loeb, Marriott International
Ron Boyd, Ben E. Keith Food                                          Richard (Joe) Malone II, Army & Air Force Exchange Service
Bill D. Bretches, Embassy Suites Dallas-Frisco                       Lynda March, Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas
Tom Brett, The Speedway Club at Texas Motor Speedway                 Paul W. McCallum, Grapevine Convention and Visitors Bureau
Lane Cardwell, Jr., P.F. Chang’s Bistro                              Charles L. McIlvain, Idle Time Tours Inc.
Thomas J. Corcoran, Jr., FelCor Lodging Trust Inc.                   Robert H. McPherrin, Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention
Mark Czaus, Consolidated Restaurant Operations, Inc.                    Center
Joyce Duesman, Pepsico, Inc.                                         Kate Mashburn, FelCor Lodging Trust Inc.
Tracey Evers, Greater Dallas Restaurant Association                  Wendy Moats, Starbucks
Corey Freeman, Ambler & Hickerson, Inc.                              Stephen D. Moffett, SDM Financial, Inc.
Bob Fugazi, John Q. Hammons Hotels & Resorts                         Viran Patel, Nanu Companies
Doug Harman, Fort Worth Convention & Visitors Bureau                 Sam L. Perry, Hilton Reservations Worldwide
Kenneth J. Heymann, UNIFOCUS                                         Ken Reimer, Baker Bros. American Deli
David D. Hickerson, Ambler & Hickerson, Inc.                         Kenneth M. Smith, Hilton Hotels Corporation
Kelly Hicke, Doral-Tesoro Hotel and Golf Club                        Tom Smith, Hyatt Regency DFW
Greg Hirsch, Sysco Food Services of Dallas, L.P                      Frank Steed, The Steed Consultancy
Sharon Horton, Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide, Inc.           Bill Tyler, Sodexho
Joseph Humphry, Humphry Services Corporation                         John R. Weeman, Jr., Partners in Development
Bob Jameson, The Renaissance Worthington Hotel                       Mike Zampino, El Guapo’s
Dave W. Johnson, Aimbridge Hospitality, LP

Merchandising                                                                         Board of Governors
Abid Abedi, Adea Solutions                                           Cricket Lee, mBRIO Group LP
Donna Arp, Arp Lotter Investment Inc., KCB Corp.                     Cindy Mahan, Nordstrom
David Battye, Bass Pro Shop Outdoor World                            Kathleen Mason, Tuesday Morning
Jerry Broccoli, Army and Air Force Exchange Service                  Laurey Peat, Laurey Peat Associates, Inc.
Ruth Crowley, Harley-Davidson Motor Company                          Cathy Pringle, Sally Beauty Company, Inc.
Elizabeth Falconer, Position By Design                               Allison Roy, Target
Richard Gundy, The Equity Group                                      Joseph Ruggiero, Joseph Ruggiero & Associates
David Gebhart, Global Views, Inc.                                    Pam Wilson, Deloitte & Touché Management Solutions &
Rich Hollander, The Buxton Company                                      Services
Kathy Honz, Sterling Jewelers Inc.                                   Bill Winsor, Dallas Market Center
Matthew Hudson, Big Feet Store                                       Steve Woodward, Bombay Company
Kimberly Kottler Benner, Ethan Allen Gallery

      School   of

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