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Inviting your friend to join a

Skills building 1: finding information
   ★Reading questions carefully before you
    begin can give you a good idea of the
    information you are looking for.
   ★Looking for main points and key words
    play an important role. Main points are
    the general ideas of the passage. Key
    words convey important or useful
    information such as names, numbers and
Dear Dr Health,
I think too many people take weight-loss pills without really knowing
   that they can damage their health.
I read about a Canadian actress who had to go to hospital because
   she took some weight-loss pills. She lost 7 kg in two months.
   However, the pills contained something that causes liver failure, so
   she had to get a new liver. A young Chinese man donated part of
   his liver to save her life.
Recently, my cousin read about a new weight-loss pill and she really
   wants to try it. I’ve told her the story of the actress, but she
   won’t listen. She’s only 12, but has become a girl who is worried
   about her figure and how she looks. She often refuses to eat. My
   aunt is worried that my cousin will buy the pills in secret. She
   says health is priceless. She thinks that children must eat properly
   as they are growing all the time.
What do you think I should do? How can I help my cousin?
Best wishes,
Guo Xilin
Better Body Gym
Special offer! 1 month free membership!

Join us today and receive:
• a free T-shirt
• 2 free personal training hours
• 1 month free membership

Build the body you’ve always wanted!
Get fit! Get healthy!
35 classes every week, including yoga, aerobics and

Two branches in the city! More to open in Shanghai and
Open from 6 a.m. to midnight, 365 days a year.
Call 5555 4567 for more information.
We’re here to help you!
                Better Body Gym
Build the body you’ve always wanted! Get fit!
 Get healthy!

Start fighting the fat—join Better Body Gym. We have some of the
   best equipment of any gym in the world, with 3,000 square
   meters of equipment and 35 classes every week, including yoga,
   aerobics and swimming.

Our personal trainers will be happy to help you improve your shape.

What’s more, for the next two weeks we are offering 1 month free
Quick! Join us now and make the most of this special offer!

Call 5555 4567 for more information.
1 Membership fee:
¥500 per year for students (first month free)

2 Number of gyms in the city:               2

3 Where are the gyms in the city?
One in Jin Shan Road, one near the King Hotel.

4 What do you get for free?
a T-shirt, 2 free personal training sessions, 1 month free membership

5 How big is each gym?
3,000 square meters

6 Is there a health café at the gym?              No.

7 Can you get advice from a personal trainer?                    Yes.

8 What do you need to do to join?
Provide with your ID number.

9 Do you need to be 18 to join?                 No.

10 How can you find out more?
Call 5555 4567.
Possible example
 Dear Wu Tong,
 How are you? I know you’re thinking of joining a gym. I think you
    should join Better Body Gym. It is not expensive. It costs just
    500 Yuan a year for a student. If you join now, you can get one
    month free membership, which is open to anyone aged 14 or over.
    One of its branches is near the King Hotel, which is not far away
    from your home. It opens from 6 a.m. to midnight every day. So
    it is very convenient for you. Whenever you are free, you can go
    there. They have very good equipment and there are 35 classes
    every week, including yoga, aerobics and swimming. If you want
    to know more, you may call 5555 4567.
 Best wishes!
 (student’s name)
Thank you!

  —Produced by Karen Ren