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					                                                                                                                    Volume I
                                                                                                                    Issue I
                                                                                                                    September 2008

                                                                                                                    Editorial Team:
                                                                                                                    P R & Media Committee
                                                                                                                    Shivalik Institute of Management Education & Research

From the Dean’s Desk                            Message from Executive Director                                CEO’s Message
I would like to con-                            “The distance doesn't matter; it is                            Communication is one of the major
gratulate the PR & Me-                          only the first step that is the most                           factors which differentiates the human
dia Committee for tak-                          difficult.”                                                    race from other species. We have been
                                                I find these remarkable words very                             able to make so much advancement in
ing this initiative. This
                                                close to my experiences. Today, I am                           all spheres of life because of our ability
newsletter bursts upon                          glad to announce that, Simerites have                          to put across our thoughts and ideas to
(the already overloaded)                        come across this phase, once again,                            each other so effectively.
info-age environment.                           and the first issue of “SiMER Pulse”                           In management, communication can
                                                is before us.                                                  make or break a well thought / planned course of action.
My suggestion is that it has to be different.
                                                                                                               At SiMER a need was felt to enhance communication
Don’t throw it just yet. We mean to enter-      The initiative being taken up by the students is worth         amongst the SiMER fraternity.
tain, inform (educate!! Yet again?) and well,   appreciating. I would also like to congratulate the sin-       I would like to congratulate the PR& Media Committee to
share. So long it comes from the heart it       cere efforts of PR & Media Committee, for making this          have come up with the idea of “SiMER Pulse”, and thank
                                                newsletter a success.                                          them for putting in the hard work to bring the idea to real-
will reach where it intends to. The empha-
                                                I am sure that this newsletter will act as a platform for      ity.
sis should be less on sermonizing and           its readers to come ahead with their views and thoughts        This newsletter is intended to provide a formal platform to
more on meaningful content. Our first           and I hope that the newsletter                                 both students and staff to express their views and
effort is joint collective expression of our    will give a picture to the innovative notions of intellec-     thoughts.
                                                tual minds .                                                    I would invite all the members of SIMER family to con-
identity and culture- of what we are and
                                                                                                               tribute and participate in this new beginning “SiMER
what we stand out in the clutter.               I welcome you all to another journey of knowledge and          Pulse” and try their best to nurture this idea.
My call to you all is to drop your hesitation   wisdom.                                                        Every great achievement starts with an idea, Hope that
and share what you think you can.               Happy Reading.                                                 this endeavor finds its own pinnacle of success and
                    Mr. Gautam Pherwani,                                                                       achieves its due objectives.
                                                                                    Mr. Ajay P Verma,                                                  Mr. Lokesh Verma,
                   Dean Academics, SiMER                                     Executive Director, SiMER                                                         CEO, SiMER

Wishes from DCR
“A task well begun is                                                        Retail Explosion in Chhattisgarh
half done”                                      Retail outlets, shopping malls, plazas, multiplexes….These on its own. After all, everything is planned and designed
Congratulating the PR                           buzzwords have become indicators of development in             by the national luminous architect Hafeez Contractor,
& Media Committee                               every part of the country today. Every day, various popu-      Mumbai. So lets tot-up for the month of June, to get in-
on the successful in-                           lar multinational brands are coming to India, and, on the      troduced to various other brands like Westside, Harra,
                                                other hand, the scenario today is proving itself to be one     Long Horns, Moti Mahal Deluxe, Moustache….; and the
ception, compilation &                          of the golden eras for the budding entrepreneurs to flour-     list is countless.
publication of “SiMER Pulse”.                   ish. Should there be any reason, for our state to lack be-     Another big name in the retail garland for the city is
Communication is defined as a process by        hind in the race?                                              ‘Treasure Island’, located at Bilaspur Road, again, on NH
which we assign and convey meaning in an        Chhattisgarh has become a sought destination for the in-       6. The mall offers multiplex by PVR, hotels, kiosks, gam-
                                                vestors today. And these giants are not only the domestic      ing zones, etc., with anchor stores of Pantaloon, Big Ba-
attempt to create shared understanding.         ones. The pace with which the capital city, i.e., Raipur is    zaar, MAX, Pizza Hut, and many more are yet to join. .
This process requires a vast repertoire of      growing is remarkable. The 55th largest agglomeration of       The Mall will include a 100-room hotel, which tells how
skills in intrapersonal and interpersonal       the country is, no doubt, one of the fastest developing        colossal the mall will be. The parent group, i.e. Entertain-
processing, listening, observing, speaking,     cities not only in the state, but also in the whole domain.    ment World Developers Pvt. Ltd. (EWDPL), Indore is
                                                And when we count Durg and Bhilai together, the figures        also having plans for a residential township, ‘Treasure
questioning, analyzing, and evaluating. Use     hike-up just incredible.                                       City’, adjacent to Samta Colony, Raipur.
of these processes is developmental and         Retail industry is one of the thriving sectors in the Indian   There are various other projects in the queue, like Ambuja
pertains to all areas of life: home, school,    economy, and our state is nowhere                                                   Mall having an investment of about Rs
community, work, and beyond.                    out of the picture. The launch of                                                   300 crores; Mani Group’s (Kolkota) 4
                                                City Mall 36 has already set the mo-                                                lakh Sq.ft. mall in the city; a 3.5 lakh
To enhance these skills through mutual          tion.                                                                               Sq.ft. shopping mall by Prabhatam
exchange is the quest which continues           City Mall 36 was the first enormous                                                 Developers, Future Group’s Cinemax,
through life. Also, excelling in listening,     shopping mall in this constituency,                                                 Velocity III, RK Mall and few more,
observing, speaking, analyzing and evaluat-     started on 16th of August 2007. The                                                 summing up to about 11 in the city. A
                                                mall is having a built-up area of about 3,50,000 sq. feet,     Regional Trade Centre on a 50 acre stretch is also being
ing makes us different. It makes SIMER-         offering 4-screen, 1280 seater multiplex from the well-        planned near Mandi. Omaxe will build an IT Park in
ites-a better manager.                          known brand INOX. It also enjoys the credit to introduce       Raipur.
The objective of “SiMER Pulse "is ex-           Future group’s Big Bazaar Hyper-mart in this region.           Although most of the private companies have pitched
change of understanding. Exchange re-           Globus, Wills lifestyle, Cross Color, Toy Story, Chique,       their tent in the region, but even the State Government
                                                Amoeba, Passport, etc., thanks to City Mall 36.                too is not lagging behind. Its RDA Mall is on the anvil,
quires feedback. Would request all readers      The pilot project of Avinash Developers Pvt. Ltd.              which is being cordially awaited by the populace. Com-
of “SiMER Pulse” to send forth their feed-      (ADPL), ‘The Magneto’, is one of the names in the catalog      mercial property development in Chhattisgarh will receive
back; bouquets or brickbats, so that it         that is going to be accomplished most early of all others,     a boost with the Reliance group’s investment of Rs. 1 bil-
helps us in clearly defining the idea and       located on NH 6, towards the proposed new Raipur -             lion in developing multiplexes in Raipur, Bhilai, Bilaspur,
                                                Naya Raipur.                                                   Korba, Raigarh, Ambikapur and Rajnandgaon, whereas
purpose of “SiMER Pulse”.                                         Magneto is going to have 6 lakh square       real estate market and infrastructural development has
                                                feet of total build-up area, consisting various attractions    already taken pace in various parts. International Park
                  Mrs. Manisha A.Verma          like a huge atrium and food court, multiplex by PVR, a         Plaza, Sterling Resorts and Club Mahindra have displayed
             Director- Corporate Relations,     Disco/PUB, banquet halls, hypermarket, entertainment           concern in setting up operations in places of tourist inter-
                                                and gaming zone, etc., and ya! A huge parking space for as     est in Chhattisgarh.                     (Cont. on Page 3)
                                   SiMER        much as 700 cars at a time. So, no more parking problems
                                                now. Relax! Of course, the infrastructure would be class
                          ALL IT TAKES IS COMMUNICATION                                                                                        Events @ SiMER
Leadership, change management and              communicate about change on a "need        How? (It’s the most difficult ques-                  Induction:
communication are so intimately linked         to know basis". The basic rule of thumb    tion to answer off all.)                             SiMER conducted the Induction Pro-
that it's really not possible to be success-   is that communication should take place    Another decision you need to address is              gram (18t July to 22nd July) for its 3rd
ful at the first two without well devel-       directly between the manager and em-       to choose between & how to communi-                  batch, 2008 -10. The induction pro-
oped communication skills. Part of suc-        ployees when employees NEED TO             cate in group settings or in one-on-one              gram enabled the students to realize
cess in managing organizational changes        KNOW OR WANT TO KNOW. “You                 meetings with employees. What are the                their enormous potential, and get
lies in the manager's ability to choose the    are better off over-including people in    advantages of each approach?                         them well-verged with the essence of
right channel(s) of communication that         your communication, than leav-             Communicating in groups ensures that                 management.
match the context and to phrase the            ing people out.”                           each person present is hearing the
messages properly.                                                                        same information at the same                         1st Anniversary of batch 2007 – 09
Leadership has as its corner stone, the        What?                                      time. Group communication also allows                 On the 8th of August, 2nd batch com-
ability to communicate. When we use            If you need to determine what to com-      people to interact with each other about             pleted the 1 year duration successfully
the word communicate, we are referring         municate, keep in mind what you are        the changes and can help people develop              and the anniversary was celebrated by
not only to the words one uses to trans-       trying to accomplish through your com-     a sense of team, particularly in a climate           students with enthusiasm.
fer factual information to others, but         munication about the change. So give       of adversity. Communicating in groups                Independence Day :
also to other "messages" that are sent         information that will reduce uncertainty   also has some disadvantages. In many                 SiMER celebrated Independence Day
and received. What might these other           and ambiguity regarding the change, pre    organizations there will be people who               on 15th August. Mr. Ajay P. Verma,
messages be? Related to change the             -empt the hidden information system of     will not feel comfortable talking in a               (Executive Director, SiMER) hosted
leader sends a good number of messages         the grapevine, so that you can ensure      group context. But there re some issues              the flag, followed by National An-
like-a sense of confidence and control         that incorrect anxiety provoking infor-    that cannot be discussed within a group.             them by the students. Cultural activi-
(or lack thereof) to employees, his or her     mation is not                                                      Communicating                ties were performed by students.
own feelings about the change, a sense         spreading. An-                                                     on a one-to-one
of purpose and commitment (or lack             other rule of                                                      basis has the ad-            Krishna Janmashtami :
thereof), the degree to which he/she           thumb, when                                                        vantage of pri-              The birth of Lord Krishna was cele-
accepts the reactions and feelings of em-      deciding what                                                      vacy.       When             brated in SiMER with the celebration
ployees.                                       should be com-                                                     bad news is com-             of “Matki Fod” on 23rd of August.
                                               municated,                                                         municated, the
What Is Communication?                         communicate                                                        person receiving             Birthday Celebrations:
There are all kinds of models of commu-        as much infor-                                                     the news is less             As a tradition SiMER family cele-
nication, some basic and some com-             mation about                                                       pressured       to           brates the birthdays of the students
plex. For our purposes let us say com-         the change as is                                                   withhold their               every month. Warm Wishes to Ravis-
munication is “CREATING UNDER-                 available     to                                                   reactions. One-
                                                                                                                                               hankar, Ramkishore, Vijayta, Ta-
STANDING”.                                     you.     Obvi-                                                     to-one communi-
Through words, actions, body language,         ously, you need                                                    cation also allows           nushree, Ruchi, Ankur, Jitendra,
voice tone, and other processes you            to exercise judgment where there is con-   more in-depth exploration of the per-                Amarjeet, Amit, Dimple, Anand, Ta-
send many messages about yourself, the         fidential and/or sensitive information     son's feelings, ideas and reactions to the           run, Soma and Kanak from the
changes , and your or ganiza-                  involved, or when your information may     change. A disadvantage to using one-to-              ‘SiMER Pulse’ team.
tion. This constitutes precisely one-half      be unreliable. Be aware that if you only   one communication is that it may frag-
of the communication process. The sec-         have a small amount of information         ment your team. In general, it is wise to            SiMER launched its journal : Si-
ond half consists of verifying that the        about a negative change, communicating     use both written and oral communica-                 MER Pragati
message you intended to send was actu-         it may increase anxiety levels and ram-    tion. The more emotional the issues, the             Continuing with the practice of learn-
ally received and interpreted the way you      pant speculation. If you choose to state   more important it is to stress oral com-             ing with leading, SiMER came a step
intended. The only way that you can be         your own reactions to the change, state    munication first. Written communication              ahead, launching its Management
sure you have created understanding is         them quickly (particularly if they are     can be used as backup.
                                                                                                                                               Journal : “SiMER Pragati” which is an
to listen to the people you are communi-       negative).
cating with, and make special effort to                                                   Finally, there is no substitute for good judgment,   international publication by the insti-
encourage them to reflect back to you When?                                               leadership and change management; not only           tute, and is 1st management journal
what they have heard (and what they The longer you wait to communicate                    leaders but everyone needs to be reflective and      by any of the autonomous manage-
make of it).                              details of change, the more likely you are      thoughtful about the ways they communi-              ment institute in Central India. The
                                          to extend the period of adjustment. This        cate. There is also no substitute for LISTEN-        theme for the 1st issue was “Retail”,
Communication and Change -- Who, is because, it is very difficult to "keep a              ING, and receiving feedback from your staff          for which research papers had been
What, When, How?                          lid" on anything in organization, and           and colleagues about how you communicate.
                                                                                                                                               received from the renowned manage-
As a change leader you need to make even if you are silent, your staff will               Remember-communication never stops whether
decisions about who you must commu- likely hear vague things through the                  you do something or even when you do nothing,        ment thinkers all over the globe. The
nicate with, what needs to be communi- grapevine. Grapevine information tends             and so improvement will also never stop.             theme for 2nd issue is “Redefining
cated, when you will communicate and to be sketchy enough that it creates a                                                                    Leadership in new era”, papers for
how you will do it. We will take a look high degree of anxiety, and also a high                                                                which are invited. Queries with re-
at each of these in turn.                 degree of mistrust of management.                                                                    gards to subscription of the journal
                                          So, the earlier you communicate the less                                    Rahul Rustagi,           and submission of papers is invited at
Who?                                      likely erroneous or upsetting informa-                                     Personnel Banker,
Managers sometimes have a tendency to tion will come through the grapevine.                                               HDFC Bank            “pragatithejournal@gmail.com”

                                                                   Management Jargons
Management jargon is a combination of words, phrases, and sentence constructs 3. Calm market
which can be used to obscure a statement. Jargon is less specific and thus less clear         a. . A steady price
than ordinary English. Occasionally, management may use jargon to hide their own      "We are experiencing a calm market"
lack of knowledge when answering employee's questions.
                To start with, let us begin with some jargons, their meanings, and 4. Deal with
usage.                                                                                        a. Handle and/or dispose of something in such a way that it may not solve and/
                                                                                                  or answer anything directly
                                                                                                  b. A postponement and/or avoidance
1. Accommodate concerns
                                                                                          "We will deal with that when the time comes"
        a. Make room for opinions
        b. Make an allowance for a preference
                                                                                          5. Effect the production
        c. Tolerate a different point of view
                                                                                                   a. To reduce output
"We will try to accommodate your concerns"
                                                                                                   b. A reduction in output that is not desired
                                                                                          "The weather may effect the production of corn"
2. Band aid
                                                                                                                                                                         Sunil K Patel
        a. A quick temporary fix which when the fix works, is frequently ignored be
                                                                                                                                                                            PGDM II,
        cause of the higher expense to permanently fix the problem.
"Can we put a band aid on the problem?"
 “Commitment and Quality are the key words for Mr. Vinod Jain, Managing Director, Deshlehra Industries Ltd. Mr. Jain is a
civil engineer from GSITS Indore. He is in the business of industrial fabrication since 1992, and has emerged as a renowned in-

                                  dustrialist, as well as a kind philanthropist in the society.   ”
SiMER Pulse: Sir, would you like to tell our read-            ment here for any entrepreneur?
ers something about yourself?                                 Mr. Jain: See we are in this business since 1992 and
Mr. Jain: Basically I use to write Vinod Jain. By pro-        Chhattisgarh was formed in November 2000. So after
fession I am an engineer, did my engineering from             Chhattisgarh becoming the separate state, political           scope for amendments?
GSITS Indore Civil branch in 1990. Got married,               environment is one issue which has changed consid-            Mr. Jain: What I feel is that the concept of project
having a daughter and a son. So am having a complete          erably. And apart from that there are a number of             should be in at least 3 to 4 semesters in graduation
family today, and well settled professional as well as        other issues too. If I put them in priority wise, politi-     courses, rather than in last semesters as we are having
personal life. As far as my hobbies and interests are         cal scenario may be I will put in later part. Because         today. It should not be like projects are asked to be
concerned, I love driving. Also, I like to utilize my         once your business becomes really very big- where             done only at college levels. Students should get field
spare time in photography, as well as reading.                various political decisions are required; then it effects.    exposure even at higher-secondary level. Minor pro-
                                                                                                                            jects can be given to them, as per their fields of inter-
SiMER Pulse: Would you like to tell us about                  SiMER Pulse: How do you handle competition?                   est. They should get the feeling how the people are
y o u r                b u s i n e s s ?                      Mr. Jain: As I told earlier, the two things, quality and      working in the competitive scenario, as the age for
Mr. Jain: Being an engineer, I always thought of to           the schedule, help you a lot, even from the starting to       maturity level has come down to a great extent.
have some constructive activity which take some               the end. Costumer satisfaction is most essential. Since
shapes, drawings, designs, form of feasibility, etc. So,      the beginning we have been practicing it as a policy.         SiMER Pulse: How do you see year 2008 for your
industrial fabrication clicked in our mind. We had            We never thought of short term profits.                       business prospects?
different peoples who were already in this line in                                                                          Mr. Jain: We are very hopeful. People, do not plan to
Bhilai. Since the beginning itself, my business group,        SiMER Pulse: What are the HR challenges in                    fail, they fail to plan. See everything takes shape in 3
or I should say, my family has guided me that any act         your organization?                                            steps. First of all, it gets a picture in our mind, then
of mine should always be quality oriented. Whatever           Mr. Jain: From the very initial, the people who are           you draw a sketch plan of it, and then finally it comes
you say, the commitment must be there. Thus, from             liable and efficient, we have always tried to save their      to its original shape. Planning is very important. You
very outset of fabrication too, we have went for the          interest too. Though at the beginning we were very            should have a good plan, and once you plan it, you
quality work, and it’s the result of that hard and qual-      small, but their interests, their responsibilities like       don't have the time to re-plan it. So we are hopeful
ity oriented work of us, that we are here today.              their family, home, etc; for such matters we have al-         enough that this year is going to be very fruitful for
                                                              ways provided them the complete freedom to look               our business.
SiMER Pulse: When you look back to the begin-                 for, but the completion of work was mandatory. We
ning, what were the initial hurdles during the                have not made the time-bond office type system. It is         SiMER Pulse: What are the hopes you are having
start up of your new business? How did you han-               a time-bond work type system.                                 from the youth, and what message you would like
dle those challenges?                                                                                                       to give them?
Mr. Jain: Being started as a fresher, I too had lack of       SiMER Pulse: Your views about Corporate Social                Mr. Jain: The level of education and maturity you all
practical knowledge, as most of the universities em-          Responsibility (CSR)? How far do you and your                 are having is very much appreciable. So this zeal you
phasis more on theoretical aspect. In our times, the          firm find to be engaged with it?                              all should put into your work, after completion of
situation was even more critical. But basics, of course,      Mr. Jain: Although CSR has emerged as a term in               your education. Try to make India boost. Don’t run
always help you in life. Commercial impact, and form-         recent past, but we have been practicing it since the         for jobs in other countries. You all are having ample
ing a good team, which will work as per your require-         day one; either in the fashion of time, or money. My          potential and are fabulous, and our country too is a
ments, as per your mind setup, is very challenging.           grandfather was the president of “Gaushala Samiti”. I         land of opportunities today. Be always ready to give
If I feel to do the job this way but if your people don't     am linked to the JCees, and my father is associated           your maximum for the development of our country.
have similar thoughts about the situation, things go          with different committees for social welfare causes.          Ultimately you are getting from this society only.
very difficult. After all, I am not going to do the job.      Wherever our factories are situated, we use to spend          And my message is also that make your mind clear for
It’s the team which is going to work.                         time and money for the education, festivals, health           the long term acts. Don't go for short term profits. So
                                                              purposes, etc. We have always come forward for the            don't switch to one organization to other for merely
SiMER Pulse: Formation of Chhattisgarh as a                   benefit of the local.                                         short term profits. You will be the winner.
new state has come with many changes- political,
economic, social, etc. So in light of all these               SiMER Pulse: What are your views regarding to-                                                     SiMER Pulse Desk
changes, how supportive is the business environ-              day's education system? Do you feel there is any

Retail Explosion in... (Cont. on four-lane, logistics and supply chain about 30%. About 5% of the working going to have in near future.
Page 3) One of the most respectable management has become more efficient. population is government employees. All As literacy is growing at a pace of 30% in
business houses in the country, the           Raipur has been the center of trade and         these figures count to affluent popula-       the city, the awareness of consumers
Tatas are already set to crown the            business activities of the state too.           tion of the city, which is 36.30%. Thus, it   regarding various brands and products is
city with the Taj, i.e., a five star ho-      Abundant availability of natural re-            indicates a good market potential in the      also increasing, with the higher reach of
tel, The Taj.                                 sources, electricity and low labor costs        city.                                         (newspapers, magazines, television) on
What are the reasons behind the keen          have collectively stated into large-scale       19.24% of the crowd comes under high          the population. And the city is already
interest of investors particularly in this    industrial development. Moreover,               FMCG spending heads, which again is a         having a literacy rate of 72%, which is
region? Creation of Chhattisgarh as a         Raipur, Durg and Bhilai account for al-         motivating force for the market. Al-          higher than the national rate of 59.5%.
separate state and Raipur as capital can      most half of the total urban population         though the percentage of people spend-        Although people are more comfortable
be considered to be in the top of them,       in Chhattisgarh.                                ing highly on consumer durables is quite      today in spending a part of income on
which has led to adding an administra-        It is India’s biggest iron market and all       low (13.64%), but it clearly indicates that   various goods and accessories, a saving
tion function to the existing trade and       major and local cement manufacturing            there is huge scope in the market for the     growth of 65% ultimately refers how
business function. This has also led to       companies have a presence in the city,          same.                                         vastly the disposable income is going to
migration of scores of heads in the city,     and is believed to become one of the            The Market Intensity Index for the            rise.
which raised the population promptly,         highly developed cities of India and the        Raipur market is 86.50, which is a meas-      Substantial hoist in the number of
and thus, the demands. And this is not        commercial capital of central India.            ure of the actual number of transactions      schools, colleges and universities in the
the end of story. The declaration of es-      Spotted under Jawaharlal Nehru Na-              taking place in the market in relation to     region is again a matter to thrive the
tablishment of new capital – Naya             tional Urban Renewal Mission, Raipur is         the potential number of such transac-         market, as youth is the major spending
Raipur, which envisages an addition of        enjoying the opportunity to spend more          tions.                                        group. And how can we overlook the
about 6 lakh population by 2020 is also       than 700 crores directly for the develop-       The car and phone owning population in        mounting profits made by Bhilai Steel
one of the prime reasons for increase in      ment purposes.                                  the city is 7.32% and 15.35%, respec-         Plant year after year.
land transactions and development ac-         Let’s have an overview of the economic          tively, which shows that there is a huge      Well, the reasons are many, but one
tivities.                                     condition and market dynamics of the            scope for the relevant companies for          thing is sure, that the city is going to
Raipur is located in the heart of the state   city.                                           their products and services in the city.      have a ball of time in retail buzz, and the
and occupies a strategic position on the      The current population of the city is           Even the growth figures are highly lucra-     ultimate winner will be the consumer.
national transport network, which in-         about 12 lacs. Broadly, about 20% of the        tive. Roughly, the city is experiencing an    Let’s be ready. Its time for us to be the
cludes 4 national highways, broad gauge       working population is engaged in busi-          employment growth by 30% per year,            Czar. Enjoy!
and narrow gauge railway connectivity         ness activities, 20% comes under private        and a population growth rate of 15%,                                 Team Placements,
and air links with other important cities     undertakings, and a major part of the pie       both of which clearly indicates the raise                                      PGDM II
of the country. With the construction of      goes to the rated employees, which is           in demand for products the market is                               placements@simer.in
                                                              Placements at SiMER
SiMER achieved a new horizon when the promising managers of its founder
batch entered the corporate arena in flying colours. With 50 offers for 24 stu-
dents, every student had a choice to enter a company of their own choice.
SiMER achieved 100% placement, with a highest package of 5.5 lacks per
Moreover, on completion of 1st year of their PGDM Program, the students
from PGDM I completed their Summer Internship Program from various
corporate houses across the country.
Lets have a look on the offers in hand to the promising managers of SiMER
Batch 2006-08:

                                                               Know your Colleagues

Name :                   Nishant Sahu                                                   Name :                   Sheetal Pandey

PGDM Trimester:          Trimester I, PGDM I                                            PGDM Trimester:          Trimester IV, PGDM II

Qualification:           B.Com, Shri Shankara                                           Qualification:           B.Com, Vipra College,
                         charya Mahavidyalaya,                                                                   Bilaspur
                                                                                        Hobbies:                 Listening to music,
Hobbies:                 Playing Guitar and                                                                      interior decoration, dancing
                                                                                        Specialization:          Marketing & HRM
Dream of life            To be a successful entrepreneur
                                                                                        Super Specialization: Retail Management
My role model:           Mr. Narayana Murthy
                                                                                        My role model:           Ms. Kalpana Chawla
e-mail id.:              nishantsahu.simer@gmail.com
                                                                                        e-mail id.:              sheetalpandey.simer@gmail.com

For next issue, our kind readers are requested to mail us their views on the topic : “Should cell phones be banned in college campus?”, either in favor
or against the topic. Best articles would be published in next issue of our newsletter SiMER Pulse, under special column.

                       For feedback, articles, suggestions, , and queries with regards to sponsorships, kindly mail us at pr.simer@yahoo.com

                               Shivalik Institute of Management Education & Research
                                               (Approved by AICTE, New Delhi)
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