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									    Freight For A Day
      September 20, 2006
An Elementary Guide to Understanding
Cargo Shipments in the Delaware Valley

   Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission
                      and the
    Delaware Valley Goods Movement Task Force
  Purpose of Freight For A Day
                                               Conduct scan of a “typical” day of
                                               freight activity for the
                                               Orchestrate freight data sharing
                                               Foster public education about
                                               Promote the Delaware Valley’s
                                               freight network
                                               Identify problems and
Delaware Valley Region Highlighted in Yellow
  Freight For A Day Parameters
                                          One 24 hour period:
                                          September 20, 2006
                                          All freight modes
                                          Illustrative manufacturers
                                          and agencies
                                          Transportation facilities
                                          and operations within
                                          Delaware Valley Freight

DVRPC East-West and North-South Freight
Corridors from the 2030 Long Range Plan
DVRPC Public Opinion Poll
August, 2006

  DVRPC Website:
                                               DVRPC’s planning
                                               partners pledged and
                                               delivered their
                                                  Member governments
                                                  Delaware Valley Goods
                                                  Movement Task Force
                                                  DVRPC Staff
The Oath of the Horatii, Jacques Louis David
Preparation and Execution of
Freight For A Day
                     Four months of
                       Committee meetings
                       Data requests
                       Site visit requests
                       Staff training (7 total)
                       Dry run
                     Three months
                     afterwards to complete
                     event summary
 Muhammad Ali
Activities on Freight For A Day
Employing a 24/7 Mentality
                             Field views (from
                                15 truck rest stops
                                11 NHS Connectors
                                4 operations centers
                                2 air cargo sites
                             Data reports
                                Over 50 reports
                                submitted by fax,
                                email, or phone (all
                                within 4 weeks of
                                September 20, 2006)

Photo: RAPID Center
National Highway System Connector Evaluations
Conducted concurrently with Freight For A Day, Sept. 20, 2006

                                               30.3 miles of officially
                                               designated NHS connectors in
                                               the Delaware Valley that carry
                                               100 trucks/day by direction
                                               Connectors serve 10
                                               intermodal facilities and 1
                                               freight village
                                               Connector evaluations
                                               conducted from 9AM-1PM
                                               5 teams of 10 planners and
                                               others performed evaluations
                                               Connectors evaluated for
                                               suitability for operations of
                                               large trucks
Camden, NJ Team; Photo: Andrew Ludasi          Terminal visits included
Activity Information Desired
                    Type of activity
                    Magnitude of activity
                    Time of day and daily
                    Modes used
                    Origins and destinations
                    Commodities handled
                    Benefits to the Delaware
Painting the Picture for September 20, 2006
                                          Driven by available and
                                          received data
                                          Summary data preferred
                                          over anecdotal
                                          Efforts to protect sensitive
                                          Some liberties taken
                                          Always a desire for more
  Triple Self-Portrait, Norman Rockwell
 A Freight Network that Spurs Job
 Growth and Economic Development
                                    Freight Related Employment
                                    in the Delaware Valley
                                    Agriculture and Mining 30,142 jobs
                                    and Utilities          113,987 jobs
                                    Wholesale Trade        130,417 jobs
                                    Manufacturing          287,260 jobs

Photo: Aker Philadelphia Shipyard   TOTAL                    561,806 jobs
                                       Source: U.S. Census Bureau
A Freight Network that Meets Consumer Needs
Deliveries by the PA Liquor Control Board to 60 Stores On Sept. 20, 2006

                                       Bucks County
                                           2,149 cases+2,069 bottles
                                       Chester County
                                           3,506 cases+5,452 bottles
                                       Delaware County
                                           3,819 cases+4,870 bottles
                                       Montgomery County
                                           4,201 cases+4,553 bottles
                                           7,392 cases+6,600 bottles
 Delaware Valley Weather Conditions
 September 20, 2006

                                   Sunrise at 6:47 AM and
                                   Sunset at 7:01 PM
                                      Minimum: 56 degrees
                                      Maximum: 70 degrees
                                   Precipitation: 0.00
                                   Highest wind speed: 23
                                   Average sky cover: 0.4
Source: National Weather Service
Ship Log for the Delaware Valley
September 20, 2006

                               Docked ships: 5
                               Ship arrivals: 6
                               Ship sailings: 5
                               Ship shifts: 3
                               Ship Types
                                  Tankers, container,
                               Ship Cargoes
                                  Containers, oil,
                                  steel, paper, military

Low tides: 6:27AM and 6:35PM
High tide: 12:03PM
Ship and Barge Locations in the Delaware
and Schuylkill Rivers
11:55 AM, September 20, 2006
                                                           Red symbols indicate a
                                                           ship or barge with
                                                           Automatic Information
                                                           System activated.
                                                           Straight red lines (i.e.,
                                                           pointers) indicate
                                                           movement and direction
                                                           of ship.
                                                           Depicted area extends
                                                           from Port Richmond, PA
                                                           and Pennsuaken, NJ
                                                           (upper right) to Marcus
                                                           Hook, PA and Logan
                                                           Township, NJ (lower

Source: Maritime Exchange for the Delaware River and Bay
Spanning the Globe
Last Port of Call for Docked/Arriving Ships

                                   United States
                                     Newark, NJ
                                     Norfolk, VA
                                     Portland, ME
                                     Savannah, GA
                                   Foreign Countries
                                     West Africa
Class I Rail Service for Sept. 20, 2006
CSX, Norfolk Southern, and Canadian Pacific

                              33 trains traveled to
                              or from the region
                              13 trains passed
                              through the region
                              Additional local
                              service provided
Geographic Locations with Paired Rail Service
Both to and from the Delaware Valley
September 20, 2006
                              Allentown, PA
                              Annville, PA
                              Conway, PA
                              Chicago, IL
                              North Jersey
                              New York
                              Montreal and Toronto
                              North Carolina
Freight and Passenger Rail
Key Interface Points on September 20, 2006

                          Norfolk Southern and SEPTA
                             at Norristown, Kalb to
                             Sawmill to Ford
                          CSX and SEPTA (R3)
                             at West Trenton, Wing to
                             Trent to Wood
                          Conrail and NJ Transit
                          (Atlantic City line)
                             at the Delair Bridge
                          Amtrak Northeast Corridor
                             Wilmington to Morrisville
 Philadelphia-South Jersey
 Conrail Shared Asset Operations
 September 20, 2006

                         2,713 rail cars handled at
                         the following rail yards:
                            New Jersey
                               Frankford Junction
                               Pt. Richmond
                               South Philadelphia
                               Stoney Creek
Source: Conrail
Short Line Railroads of the
Delaware Valley
September 20, 2006

                        12 short line railroads
                        interchange with Class
                        I and other railroads
                        New Jersey example
                          Handled 74 rail cars
                        Pennsylvania example
                          Handled 83 rail cars
Truck Counts and Observations
September 20, 2006
                                            Total locations=83
                                               DRPA bridge tolls
                                               DVRPC classification
                                               New Jersey DOT Weigh-
                                               In-Motion stations
                                               New Jersey Turnpike
                                               mainline sensors
                                               New Jersey Turnpike tolls
                                               PennDOT roadside traffic
                                               Pennsylvania Turnpike

FHWA vehicle/truck classes included: 5-13
Truck Counts on Selected Highways
September 20, 2006

                                       NJ Highways=10 locations
                                          I-195, I-295, US 130, NJ 55, NJ
                                          68, NJ 73, and others
                                          Top activity location: I-295,
                                          Cherry Hill
                                       NJ Turnpike=10 locations
                                          From Exit 2 to Exit 8
                                          Top activity location: between
                                          #7A and #8
                                       PA Highways=28 locations
                                          I-76, I-95, I-476, US 1, US 202,
                                          US 422, PA 309
Source: Road-side sensors and weigh-      Top activity location: I-76 at
in-motion stations                        Montgomery Avenue
Truck Volumes at Toll Facilities
September 20, 2006

                     NJ Turnpike=9 interchanges
                        17,612 entries; 17,937 exits
                        Top local activity location: #7A,
                        I-195—Trenton, Hamilton
                     PA Turnpike=12 interchanges
                        33,534 entries; 31,420 exits
                        Top local activity location: #20,
                     DRPA bridges=4 sites
                        11,059 eastbound
                        Top activity location: Walt
                        Whitman Bridge
DVRPC Vehicle Classification Counts
Chester County, PA, September 20, 2006

                                 10 locations
                                 Performed in
                                 conjunction with the
                                 Highway Performance
                                 Monitoring System
                                 Top activity location
                                    Lancaster Pike (PA 41)
                                    near PA 841
Variation in Truck and Total Vehicle
Volume Profiles By Time of Day

    Note: Graphs incorporate aggregated data from
          6 different Pennsylvania highway locations
          on September 20, 2006.
Truck Rest Facility Site Visits
12:01AM-8:00AM, September 20, 2006

                           90% utilization of 1,114 available,
                           demarcated spaces
                           Private truck rest stops=3 sites
                               All located in New Jersey on I-
                           NJ and PA Turnpike service
                           plazas=9 sites
                               Demand often exceeded
                               41 trucks parked on shoulder
                               areas along PA Turnpike
                           Welcome centers=3 sites
                               Parking limited to short-term
Active Highway Projects
Source: DVRPC’s September, 2006 TravelSmart
                        NJ Turnpike: bridge work
                        between Interchanges 4
                        and 5, and west of
                        Interchange 6
                        PA Turnpike: interchange
                        reconstruction at
                        Interchange 333
                        I-95 at PA 332: ramp
                        PA 309: road, bridge and
                        sound wall construction
 Photo: PA 309
 Highway Incidents and Major Events
 September 20, 2006
                                   NJ DOT Operations Center report
                                      6 major incidents
                                      Overturned commercial vehicle with
                                      driver fatality at Rt. 322 and Rt. 130, New
                                   PennDOT Operations Center report
                                      11 VMS events; 38 incident filings; 30
                                      service patrol incidents
                                   1 opening of the Tacony-Palmyra
                                   Bridge at 7:30PM
                                      5 additional openings of the Delair Bridge
                                   Phillies-Cubs baseball game at
                                   7PM (W, 6-2)
Photo: PennDOT Operations Center
Number of Help Wanted Ads
In Sunday Philadelphia Newspaper (Sept. 17, 2006)

                        Dispatcher                        1
                        Logistics assistant               1
                        Transportation Security Admin.    1
                        Traffic/transportation manager    2
                        Terminal/warehouse manager        4
                        Warehouse worker                  5

                        Truck Drivers                    45
Air Cargo
At Philadelphia International Airport for September, 2006

                                       Air mail (tons)
                                          Domestic: 1,141
                                          International: 74
                                       Air Cargo (tons)
                                          Domestic: 35,178
                                          International: 12,305
                                       Top carriers
Photo: Cargo K Loader
                                          US Airways
Plane Movements
At Philadelphia International Airport for September, 2006

                                         Air carrier
                                         General Aviation
Photo: MU2 Aircraft, Atlantic Aviation
Warehousing and Distribution
September 20, 2006
                     Suburban location example,
                     inbound shipments
                        Paper, medical device parts, and
                        food products from China, Canada,
                        and the US
                     Philadelphia waterfront
                     example, outbound shipments
                        Wheat gluten, cheese, honey, and
                        gun safes to South Dakota,
                        Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio, North
                        Carolina, and Pennsylvania
Enforcement, Safety, and Security
September 20, 2006
                                             Department of Homeland Security
                                                Announced release of $10 M for
                                                security upgrades
                                             Federal Railroad Administration,
                                             Region II
                                                Conducted inspections for signal and
                                                train control, HAZMAT, and operating
                                             PA State Police
                                                Conducted 87 vehicle and driver
                                             US Coast Guard
                                                Conducted vessel and facility
                                                inspections; responded to 1 vessel
                                             US Customs
                                                Scanned 49 containers and 1
Photo: Vehicle Cargo and Inspection System      Mercedes Benz using VACIS
Caretakers of the Environment
September 20, 2006
                     US EPA Region III Urban
                     Fleets Sector
                       Solid Waste Collection Vehicle
                       Wastehaulers Emission
                       Reduction Strategy
                     Waste Management,
                     Bucks County example
                       Received 979 loads of waste
                       and commodities; shipped 18
                       loads of leachate
Public Education and Professional

 FHWA Talking Freight monthly seminar series
   Timely topics with expert speakers from around the country
   Participation greatly facilitated through Webinar format
   Pre-registration required
   Past programs archived
 September 20, 2006 program: Freight Finance
   Innovative Finance for Freight Transportation
   Improving Fuel Economy and Air Quality on the I-5 Corridor
   Financing Freight Infrastructure
   Southern Tier Extension Railroad Project
On the Home Front
September 20, 2006 Deliveries
                                American College of
                                Physicians Building
                                  23 trucks total
                                     18 deliveries
                                     5 pick-ups
                                  10 boxes of copy paper
                                  10 bottles of water (5 gal.
                                  2 boxes of meeting supplies
DVRPC Offices, 8th Floor, ACP
                                  1 set of office furniture
Miscellaneous Daily Recap
September 20, 2006
 AAA Mid-Atlantic
    Average cost of diesel=$3.00/gallon; they respond to an average of 1,000
    roadside assistance calls per day
 Camden Iron & Metal
    5 locations reported significant truck and rail activity
 Exelon Eddystone Generating Station
    Each week, receives 3-4 deliveries of coal and 3 deliveries of magnesium
    sulfate via rail
 USPS Philadelphia Processing and Distribution Center
    Recorded 542 outbound trips and 519 inbound trips (most trips within the
    DVRPC region)
    1,200 drivers; 300,000 pieces delivered in the Philadelphia region everyday
Freight For A Day: Major Findings

                  The exercise highlighted the national
                  significance of the Delaware Valley’s
                  freight network and transportation
                  It spawned excellent publicity: Flood
                  of Cargo Poses Challenge for
                  Philadelphia Region (09/25/06,
                  Philadelphia Inquirer)
                  It led to the development of a
                  technical study on truck parking.
                  It established benchmarks which can
                  be revisited.
A Day Without Freight Is…

On September 20, 2006,
the Delaware Valley Freight Network Was…

DVRPC Staff Contact Information
                 Don Shanis
                 Ted Dahlburg
                 Walker Allen

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