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					                                            Getting Started                                     Revised 12/10/10
Intro to Business:
     Access, click Getting Started. At bottom left watch recorded Getting Started Webinar.
     On right side, print 4 referenced documents; 4 step invite, focus board, passport to success, top 5.
     On Resources & Tools tab, listen to Byron Schrag’s PUSH PLAY Training before you start inviting.
     Make your names list, show the business to your top 5-10 immediately using meetings, DVDs, travel parties.
     As you enroll members in the business, get them to duplicate and show their top 5-10 immediately.
     Additional sources of information located on .biz site/marketing/download videos/training:
           o Watch 4 step invite with Dave Watson before you start inviting.
           o Watch Focus Board with Byron Schrag
     Familiarize yourself with website for same presentations as “Just Push Play” DVD
Set your Goals:
     Know your Why!!! Why is becoming successful in WV a must for you? __________________________
     Set Short Term, Mid Term & Long Term Goals. Set Financial, Personal & Relationship Goals.
        (Make a List…you must know why you want to do this, write them down.)
     Set your Weekly Time Commitment & develop your game plan for success (# Meetings, # Just Push Play)
     Get your Six Memberships. 4 pay no more, 2 more get your money back
Get Registered:
RBS (your
     Login in to your back office with your member ID or URL or Email and follow instructions to get setup.
     Corporate Office Customer Service in Dallas: 972-805-5100
LTC (your
     Register 1 cell number per member at Save # on your cell: 1-888-699-8847
     Tax Advice Hotline: 1-800-505-7434
     Use LTC login (located at bottom left of your homepage) to access LTC Rates for members
DT (you
     Register for Sizzle text: Dream Trip Announcements 77007 - Text “dream”
     Plan a dream trip: Date___________ Location______________________________
Keys to Success:
     DECIDE to do it!
     Work Smart & Be Consistent
     Build your belief system in the products, industry, comp plan
     Learn to invite, close, follow up, and stay plugged into the system
     Schedule your Grand Opening (Travel Party)
     Expose your top 5 prospects weekly
     Listen to Drive Time University!
     Attend Monday night Acceleration Training Conference Call weekly: 7pm, 712-432-8912, Pin 904188#
     Attend Regional & National Training events, get your team there. Event____________ Date ________
     Review the following educational websites for reference: and
          Duplicate this process within 24-48 hours of enrolling a new member

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