Universal Industrial Colorants Series

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					                                           Universal Industrial Colorants
                                                              Series 5300

Product Description

I-Tint Industrial Colorants are suitable for use in solvent borne, high performance
General Purpose Industrial Paints, Maintenance Coatings and Automotive Refinishes.

As name indicates, I-Tint colorants are truly universal, in the sense, having wide
compatibility with variety of solvent borne binder systems.

I-Tint Industrial Colorants are strictly controlled for Tinting Strength and Rheological
Properties, which make them suitable for use in Volumetric as well as Gravimetric
Tinting System.

Product Design

Each colorant is designed carefully and contains a blend of binder, pigment, solvents
and dispersing agents. This unique blend results in excellent dispersion stability and
compatibility with wide range of coating systems.

I-Tint Industrial Colorants are based on Proprietary Acrylic Resin, which provides
excellent wetting and dispersing properties.

Pigments used are of high quality and will provide wide range of hues. These
pigments have good exterior durability, light fastness and chemical resistance.

Cleaner Tone and Colour Stability are the strengths of I-Tint Industrial Colorants.

Quality Control

I-Tint Industrial Colorants are controlled for 100± 2% Tinting Strength. The
rheological and physical properties are also maintained strictly within the acceptance

I-Tint Industrial colorants are being manufactured on a highly
sophisticated grinding mill which results in high quality stable
dispersion and cleaner tone.


Prior to direct use of I-Tint Industrial Colorants in any solvent borne product we
recommend to carry out laboratory tests for compatibility and other relevant

I-Tint Industrial Colorants are compatible with-

      1. Acrylics
      Thermoplastic / Thermosetting (hydroxyl functional / Carboxyl functional)
      2. Alkyds
      Air Drying/ Bake / Long, Medium & Short Oil / Silicone modified / Styrenated
      3. Cellulosic Lacquers
       Nitrocellulose / Cellulose Acetate Butyrate
      4. Polyurethanes
      Acrylic / Aliphatic / Aromatic / Oil Modified / Moisture Cured
      5. Epoxies
      Amide / Amine cured esters
      6. Chlorinated Rubber
      7. Melamine Formaldehyde
      8. Urea Formaldehyde

Product Range

Sr.      Colorant            Full    Tint    Specific
No.      Description         Tone    Tone    Gravity
1        White                               1.95

2.       Lamp Black                          1.08

3.       Yellow Oxide                        1.65

4.       Red Oxide                           2.01

5.       Burnt Umber                         1.50

6.       Middle Chrome                       2.09

7.       Scarlet Chrome                      2.12

8.       Phthalocyanine                      1.03
9.       Phthalocyanine                      1.08
10.      Quinacridone Red                    0.99
11.     Quinacridone                                  1.01
12.     Carbazole Violet                              0.99

13.     Mono Azo Red                                  1.08

14.     Organic Yellow                                1.09

Note: These shades are for indication purpose only.