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									San Francisco State University Faculty Resource Guide
Presented by the Center for Teaching and Faculty Development
 Welcome to San Francisco State University                     Housing for Faculty
                                                                 On-Campus Housing                                     11
   SF State Vision, Mission, and Values                          Off-Campus Housing                                    11
      San Francisco State University Mission Statement    1
      University Strategic Plan                           1    Childcare Assistance
                                                                 Associated Students Children’s Center                 11
   SF State Basic Information
      San Francisco State History                        2     Calendars
      University Facts                                   2       SF State Calendar                                     12
      School Motto, Colors, and Mascot                   2             Academic Calendar                               12
                                                                 Class Schedule                                        12
   SF State News and Publications
                                                                 Holiday Schedule                                      12
      SF State News                                      2
                                                                 Instructional Technology and Faculty                  12
      CampusMemo                                         2
                                                                 Development Training Schedule
      e-News                                             2
      SFSU Magazine                                      2     Important Administrative Information
      The Garden                                         2       Human Resources                                       12
   Getting to Campus                                                   Benefits                                        12
          How do I get to SF State?                      3             Human Resources Practice Directives             12
          Where and When Can I Park?                     3             and Guidelines
      Campus Shuttle Service                             3             CSU Salary Schedule                             12
          Lot 25\Daly City BART Station Shuttle Route    3       Personal Access Code (PAC) Setup                      13
          Night Time 19th Ave\BART Direct                3       Telephone Services                                    13
          Shuttle Service                                        OneCard                                               13
                                                                 Keys                                                  13
   Public Transportation Options                                 Listserves                                            13
      511.Org Bay Area Travel Guide                      4       Copying                                               13
      FasTrak                                            4             Copy Centers                                    13
      San Francisco Municipal Railway (Muni)             4       Business Cards                                        13
            NextBus and NextMuni                         4
      Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART)                      4    California State University
      Muni Fast Pass                                     4                                                             14
                                                               The California State University System
   Getting to Know the Campus                                  CSU Faculty Resources
      SF State Campus Map                                5       Academic Affairs                                      14
      SF State Campus Photo Tour                         5       Academic Human Resources                              14
      Self-Guided Tour                                   6       Academic Senate                                       14
      Campus Buildings                                   6       Campus Human Resources Link                           15
      Construction Updates                               6       Community Service Learning                            15
   Satellite Campuses                                            Employee Relations                                    15
      SF State Downtown Campus                           6       Faculty and Staff Homepage                            15
      Pacific Plaza                                      6       Impact Report                                         15
      Romberg Tiburon Center for Environmental Studies   6       Institute for Teaching and Learning                   15
                                                                 Labor Relations                                       15
   Campus Safety                                         7       News                                                  15
   Emergency Preparedness                                        Professional Development                              15
      Preparing in Advance for an Emergency              7       External Resources for Professional Development       15
      Communication During an Emergency                  7
   On Campus Dining Options
                                                              Your Professional Life at SF State
      Student Center Restaurants                         8     Policies and Guides
      Other Campus Restaurants and Cafes                 8       Policies and Procedures Guides                        16
      The Vista Room                                     8       New Faculty Resource Guide                            16
                                                                 Faculty Manual                                        16
   Off Campus Dining Options
                                                                 Bulletin                                              16
      Stonestown Galleria Restaurants                     9
      West Portal                                         9
                                                               Retention, Tenure and Promotion (RTP)                   16
      Ocean Avenue                                       10    Confidentiality                                         16
      Great Highway                                      10    Disabilities and Instructional Strategies               17
      Lake Merced/Daly City                              10
      Inner Sunset                                       10    Office of Protection for Human and                      17
      Farther Afield                                     10    Animal Subjects
   Physical Activities                                         Grant Writing
     Recreational Sports Program                         11      Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP)      17
     FitnessPlus                                         11      Institute for Civic and Community Engagement (ICCE)   17
     The Village Fitness Center                          11      Grants.Gov                                            17

                                                                                                                 Page i
San Francisco State University Faculty Resource Guide
Presented by the Center for Teaching and Faculty Development

SF State Colleges                                               The SF State Student Experience
  List of SF State Colleges                             18        Academic Support
  University Organizational Chart                       19          Undergraduate Advising Center                  26
                                                                          Faculty Resources for Advising           26
Faculty Support Services                                            Graduate Advising                              26
                                                                          Forms for Graduate Students              26
  Academic Affairs                                      20          The Learning Assistance Center (LAC)           26
  Office of Faculty Affairs (OFA)                       20          Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)          26
  The Center for Teaching and Faculty Development       20          American Language Institute (ALI)              27
                                                                    Student Support Services (SSS)                 27
  SFSU Bookstore                                        21          Testing Center                                 27
     Textbooks for Classes                              21          Faculty/Student Mentorship Program             27
  J. Paul Leonard Library                               21
                                                                  Campus Life
     Library Services for Faculty                       21          Associated Students Inc. (ASI)                 27
     Subject Area Librarians                            21          Community Involvement Center (CIC)             27
     Electronic Reserve System (ERes)                   21          Office of Student Programs and Leadership      28
  Disability Programs and Resource Center (DPRC)        21          Development (OSPLD)
     Ensuring Access Through Collaboration              21          Financial Aid                                  28
     and Technology (EnACT)                                         Office of the Registrar                        28
  Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP)      22
                                                                  Health and Well-Being
  Institute for Civic and Community                     22
                                                                    Student Health Services                        28
  Engagement (ICCE)                                                 Creating Empowerment through Alcohol and       28
  Office of International Programs (OIP)                22          Substance Abuse Education (CEASE)              28
                                                                    The Sexual Abuse Free Environment (SAFE)
Technology                                                          Counseling and Psychological Services Center   29
   Academic Technology                                  23          SF State AIDS Coordinating Committee           29
      Audio-Visual Needs for Classroom Instruction      23
      Technology Enhanced Classrooms                    23        Career Support
            The Collaboratory                           23          Career Center                                  29
            The Electronic Classroom                    23          Jobs/Employment Opportunities at SF State      29
      Instructional Technology Training                 23          Community Involvement Center (CIC)             29
      Resource Guides                                   23      San Francisco Bay Area
      Personal Online Workshop and Event                24
      Registration (POWER) System                                 San Francisco Visitor’s Site                  30
      Online Teaching and Learning Support              24        CitySearch                                    30
            iLearn                                      24        San Francisco Chronicle                       30
            courseStream                                24
                                                                  Earthquake Preparedness                       30
            ePortfolio                                  24
                                                                  California Department of Education            30
Division of Information Technology (DoIT)               24
   Class Roster on the Web                              24        San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department 30
   Web Grades                                           25        Northern California Higher Education          30
   Computer Help Desk                                   25        Recruitment Consortium
   SF State Email                                       25     Every effort has been made to ensure that the web
   Campus Computer Labs                                 25     URLs in this resource guide are up to date. However,
   Technology Policies                                  25     please keep in mind that some URLs may have changed
   Technology Training                                  25
                                                               since the publication of the resource guide.
Digital Information Virtual Archive (DIVA)              25     Publication Date : July 2007

This resource guide is available for download in accessible format at the main Center for Teaching and Faculty
Development web site.
Content Editor : Kelli Stanley
Cover Photography : Bob Moyce
Layout and Design : Bob Moyce
Special thanks to all the departments and units that contributed to this project.

                                        Another Quality Publication From
                                The Center for Teaching &
                                 Faculty Development
                                                                                                                   Page ii
Welcome to San Francisco State University
  SF State Vision, Mission, and Values
   San Francisco State University Mission Statement
 Welcome to San Francisco State University
     To create and maintain an environment for learning that promotes respect for and appreciation
     of scholarship, freedom, human diversity, and the cultural mosaic of the City of San Francisco
     and the Bay Area.
     To promote excellence in instructional and intellectual accomplishment.
     To provide broadly accessible higher education for residents of the region and state, as well
     as the nation and world.

    University Strategic Plan
     The SF State strategic plan is a remarkable document. Brief and deceptively simple, it
     encompasses within just seven goals an ambitious yet achievable plan of action for the
     University in 2005-2010.
          Goal 1 – Social Justice
          San Francisco State University demonstrates commitment to its core values of equity
          and social justice through the diversity of its students and employees, the content
          and delivery of its academic programs and support systems, and the opportunities
          for both campus and external constituencies to engage in meaningful discourse and
          Goal 2 – Writing
          San Francisco State University makes writing central to education and ensures that
          its graduates write proficiently.
          Goal 3 – Graduate Program Assessment
          San Francisco State University offers high-quality post-baccalaureate education

                                                                                                              Welcome to San Francisco State University
          widely recognized for its intellectual value and contribution to society.
          Goal 4 – International Development
          San Francisco State University provides its students, faculty, and staff with
          international experiences, perspectives, and competencies.
          Goal 5 – Full Participation
          San Francisco State University provides its students, faculty, and staff with the
          resources that enable them to participate fully in university life.
          Goal 6 – Resource to Community
          San Francisco State University is a recognized leader in providing intellectual, social,
          and cultural resources to the expanded community.
          Goal 7 – Institutional Purpose
          San Francisco State University’s internal and external constituencies understand its
          purpose and value and find these a source of connection and pride.

                                                                                                     Page 1
                                            San Francisco State University Faculty Resource Guide

                                                SF State Basic Information
                                                 San Francisco State History
                                                      An interactive history of one of the nation’s great public universities. Enjoy.

                                                     University Facts
                                                      Data and information about the students, faculty and staff, programs, community partnerships,
                                                      financial data etc.

                                                SF State News and Publications
                                                 SF State News
                                                      Read about the latest happenings at SF State and about
                                                      the faculty and students making a difference in our
                                                      community and around the world.

                                                      CampusMemo is a University newsletter published by
                                                      the Office of Public Affairs, providing news, information
                                                      and campus event listings. It is produced weekly during                School Motto
                                                      the fall and spring semesters and monthly during the                  “Experientia Docet”
                                                      summer. CampusMemo is distributed via e-mail to                           - Latin for
                                                      faculty and staff.                                                   “Experience Teaches”

                                                     e-News                                                                  School Colors
                                                                                Purple and Gold
                                                      SF State’s newsletter for Alumni, Students and Friends.
                                                                                                                            School Mascot
                                                     SFSU Magazine
                                                      A twice-yearly publication of San Francisco State
Welcome to San Francisco State University

                                                      University for its alumni, faculty, staff, students, donors,
                                                      and friends.

                                                     The Garden
                                                                            Alligator, officially known
                                                      Monthly newsletter published by the Center for Teaching                 as Alli-the-Gater.
                                                      and Faculty Development for faculty of San Francisco
                                                                                                                             The Gater mascot
                                                      State University.
                                                                                                                          originated in 1931 when
                                                                                                                          a reader of the student
                                                                                                                        newspaper the “Bay Leaf”
                                                                                                                        suggested the alligator as a
                                                                                                                        mascot due to its strength
                                                                                                                           and determination to
                                                                                                                               achieve goals.

                                            Page 2
                                       San Francisco State University Faculty Resource Guide

Getting to Campus
  The San Francisco State Department of Parking and Transportation provides extensive information
  on getting to campus by personal or mass transit. Maps and parking information are available if
  you plan to drive, but be sure to check out the mass transit alternatives.

       How do I Get to SF State?

       Where and When Can I Park?
         Lot 19 staff and faculty permit applications will be allocated through the colleges or
         Staff & Faculty can order their yearly permit for $216 online through the Fiscal Affairs
         web site or their semester permit for $81:
         Correspondence should be directed to

 Campus Shuttle Services
  The San Francisco State Transportation Department
  provides free shuttle service to the campus community
  during the fall and spring semesters. All shuttles are
  wheelchair accessible.

       Lot 25\Daly City BART Station Shuttle Route
         From Monday through Friday, 7:00 am to 7:00 pm, every 20-25 minutes four SF State
         shuttles will be running the Lot 25 and Daly City BART Route.

            Shuttle drop off and pick up stops are (listed in order):
                   Lot 25
                   University Park North Apartments/Stonestown Shopping Center
                   19th Avenue
                   Daly City BART Station
                   Library
                   Tapia at Humanities/Student Services

                                                                                                     Welcome to San Francisco State University
                   Residence Halls
                   North State Drive (Parking & Transportation Office/SFSU Police Department)

       Night Time 19th Ave\BART Direct Shuttle Service
         From Monday through Thursday (no night service on Fridays), 7:00 pm to 10:30 pm,
         every 25 to 30 minutes. Shuttles pick up only at 19th Avenue and the Daly City BART

                                                                                            Page 3
                                            San Francisco State University Faculty Resource Guide

                                                Public Transportation Options
                                                 511.O rg B ay Area Trave l Gu i d e
                                                      511.Org is the authority on public transportation in the Bay
                                                      Area. From current traffic conditions to best routes for
                                                      bicycles, 511.Org has you covered.
                                                      Check out the Trip Planner section at to find the best
                                                      possible public transportation route between two locations.

                                                        For those who travel frequently across any of the Bay Area bridges, FasTrak speeds up the
                                                        process by allowing drivers to travel non-stop through all Bay Area toll plazas. Your toll is
                                                        automatically collected from your prepaid account.

                                                     San Francisco Municipal Railway (Muni)
                                                      The Muni system covers all the trains and buses within San
                                                      Francisco. Serving the City since 1912, Muni’s fleet includes
                                                      historic streetcars, modern light rail vehicles, diesel buses,
                                                      alternative fuel vehicles, electric trolley coaches and the world
                                                      famous cable cars.

                                                           NextBus and NextMuni
                                                             NextBus and NextMuni use Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking satellites to
                                                             provide arrival information and real-time maps for both buses and trains within San

                                                     Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART)
                                                      The BART system links communities in the East and South Bay
                                                      with San Francisco. BART also offers service to both the Oakland
Welcome to San Francisco State University

                                                      International Airport and the San Francisco International

                                                     Muni Fast Pass
                                                      For ease of use while traveling in San Francisco, nothing beats
                                                      the Muni Fast Pass. Available at the numerous locations
                                                      throughout the city as well as the Cesar Chavez Student
                                                      Center Information Desk on campus, the Muni Fast Pass allows
                                                      unlimited rides on all of Muni’s buses, trains, and cable cars as
                                                      well as all BART trains within San Francisco.

                                            Page 4
                                        San Francisco State University Faculty Resource Guide

Getting to Know the Campus
 SF State Campus Map
  When the weather is clement— which it is, most of the time— traversing the campus is like a trip
  through a park.

                                                                                                      Welcome to San Francisco State University

 SF State Campus Photo Tour
   This web site will help you pinpoint building locations on campus and recognize buildings when
   you see them.

                                                                                             Page 5
                                            San Francisco State University Faculty Resource Guide

                                                Getting to Know the Campus
                                                 Self-Guided Tour
                                                      Take yourself on a campus tour with this downloadable map and information.

                                                     Campus Buildings
                                                      Navigate each campus building online, using a mixture of text links, photographs, and
                                                      interactive building floor plans. If you know the name of the building, you can locate a
                                                      particular department or office within it.

                                                     Construction Updates
                                                      Get the latest information on the master plan and renovations and expansion of the J. Paul
                                                      Leonard Library.

                                                Satellite Campuses
                                                      SF State currently has three satellite campuses located in the Bay Area. Each unique satellite
                                                      campus fulfills a different purpose pertaining to the overall mission of San Francisco State

                                                        SF State Downtown Campus
                                                           835 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94103
                                                           Opened in early 2007, the downtown SF State campus
                                                           occupies an entire floor of the Westfield Shopping
                                                           Center. Conveniently located at Market and Powell,
                                                           the downtown campus is accessible by both BART and
                                                           Muni lines through the Powell Street station.

                                                                                                Pacific Plaza
                                                                                                   2001 Junipero Serra Blvd, Daly City, CA 94014
Welcome to San Francisco State University

                                                                                                   Home to SF State’s Public Research Institute and the
                                                                                                   Urban Institute.

                                                        Romberg Tiburon Center for
                                                          Environmental Studies
                                                           3152 Paradise Drive, Tiburon, CA 94920
                                                           Located about thirty minutes north of San Francisco
                                                           on the Tiburon Peninsula, the Romberg Tiburon Center
                                                           is the only academic research facility situated on San
                                                           Francisco Bay.

                                            Page 6
                                    San Francisco State University Faculty Resource Guide

Campus Safety
  The University Police Department is a diversified organization that provides professional
  law enforcement, parking and transportation and traffic coordination. A proactive, service-
  oriented agency trained to respond to the needs of the community, they respond to all
  emergencies 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Emergency Preparedness
  The SF State campus has historically been a very safe campus. In the event of a major
  emergency, University Police will activate the appropriate elements of the campus Emergency

  Preparing in Advance for an Emergency
    Know where the yellow emergency phones, fire exits and stairways are in the buildings where
    you work or research. The phones call directly into University Police.
    Know our University Police emergency numbers: 911 for an immediate emergency; 415.338.7200
    for a less immediate matter.
    Use your intuition: If you have a concern for your safety or the safety of others, call 911.

  Communication During an Emergency
    Building alarm systems:
    If you hear an alarm, leave the building immediately. To help persons with mobility disabilities,
    take them to the nearest stairwell and notify University Police.
    Building Voice Announcement Systems:
    Many of the residence halls and academic buildings have a voice announcement system on
    every floor linked to the alarm system. The announcement system will be used to give you
    information and instructions.
    Building Coordinators:
    Every building has a safety coordinator trained to help with building evacuation. Orange vests
    identify building coordinators.
    On our compact central campus, loudspeakers atop police vehicles are an effective way of

                                                                                                            Welcome to San Francisco State University
    reaching you.
    E-mail and Voicemail:
    In the event of an ongoing emergency, updates will be sent through e-mail and voicemail.
    News and updates will be posted on the main SF State web site.

                                                                                                   Page 7
                                            San Francisco State University Faculty Resource Guide

                                                On Campus Dining Options
                                                 Student Center Restaurants
                                                      Whether you are meeting a friend for lunch or you simply need a cup of coffee or a quick snack
                                                      between classes, the Cesar Chavez Student Center offers a variety of food and beverage choices.
                                                      You can choose from a range of international cuisines throughout the Student Center.
                                                      Up to date hours and menu items can be found on the website.
                                                           Plaza Level
                                                             Bagels, Smoothies, Frozen Yogurt:                      Natural Sensations
                                                             Espresso Drinks, Coffee/Teas:                          Café 101
                                                             Mexican/Latin American Specialists:                    Taqueria Girasol
                                                             Breakfast, Sandwiches, Soups/Salads:                   Gold Coast Grill
                                                             Convenience Stores:                                    Lobby Shop, Snackademic
                                                           South Plaza
                                                             Fresh Fruit, Juices, Sandwiches:                       Carmelina La Petite
                                                             Hot Dogs, Polish Sausages:                             Bark-N-Bun
                                                           Lower Conference Level
                                                             Beers/Spirits, Pasta, Salads:                          The Pub
                                                           Recreation and Dining Level
                                                             Asian:                                                 Asia Express
                                                             Pizza, Pasta:                                          Pizza and Pasta
                                                             Deli Sandwiches, Salads, Soups:                        New York Minute

                                                     Other Campus Restaurants and Cafés
                                                      Station Café
                                                         Located on 19th Avenue in front of the Humanities & Social Sciences Building
                                                      HSS Café
                                                        Located in HSS 121
                                                      Café Rosso
                                                         Located in the plaza behind Burk Hall
Welcome to San Francisco State University

                                                      Taza Smoothies and Wraps
                                                         Located on the northeast corner of the Village at Centennial Square
                                                      The Village Market and Pizzeria
                                                        Located in the Village at Centennial Square plaza
                                                      Subway Sandwiches
                                                        Located in the Village at Centennial Square plaza

                                                     The Vista Room
                                                      The Vista Room is the campus fine dining option. Students in Hospitality and Management
                                                      classes prepare and serve lunch on campus Monday through Friday during the fall and spring
                                                      semesters. Located on the fourth floor of Burk Hall in room 401, the Vista Room is a model for
                                                      “experiential learning” made possible by the students, instructors and staff of the Department
                                                      of Consumer and Family Studies/Dietetics and the Department of Hospitality Management.
                                                      For the latest menu or more information, visit the web site.

                                            Page 8
                                           San Francisco State University Faculty Resource Guide

Off Campus Dining Options
 San Francisco is a foodie’s paradise. Culinary delicacies from around the world mingle and merge
 in neighborhoods like Clement Street, the Castro and the Mission District. And don’t overlook the
 touristy sensation of fresh crab and sourdough at Fisherman’s Wharf, pizza and gelato in North
 Beach, and the exquisite French restaurants that pepper the Gallic quarter through Bush Street
 and Polk Gulch. You’re in San Francisco—explore the city, and discover your own gastronomic gold

 Stonestown Galleria Restaurants
      Food Court:                         2nd Level, Multi-ethnic booths
      Full Service, 1st Level:            Chevy’s Fresh Mex (Mexican), 415.665.8705
                                          Olive Garden (Italian), 415.661.6770
      Sandwiches, 1st Level:              Boudin’s Bakery & Cafe (near Macy’s), 415.564.1849
      Cafe, 1st Level:                            Nordstrom’s Department Store
                                          Borders Bookstore
      Bakery, 1st Level:                  Eppler’s Bakery, 415.731.5544

 West Portal         take   M    streetcar or 17 bus or 28 bus from 19th Ave. & Holloway Ave.
      Asian:                              New Tsing Tao, 811 Ulloa St., 415.566.9559
                                          Xiao Loong, 250 West Portal Ave., 415.753.5678
      Bakery, Desserts:                   West Portal Bakery, 170 West Portal Ave., 415.681.4546
      Burgers/Sandwiches:                 Bullshead, 840 Ulloa St., 415.665.4350
                                          Submarine Center, 820 Ulloa St., 415.564.1455
      Cafés:                              Squat & Gobble Café, 1 West Portal Ave., 415.665.9900
                                          The Village Grill, 160 West Portal Ave., 415.681.5299
      California Cuisine:                 Café for All Seasons, 150 West Portal Ave., 415.665.0900
      Indian:                             Roti, 53 West Portal Ave., 415.665.7684
      Japanese:                           Fuji, 301 West Portal Ave., 415.564.6360
      Mexican/American:                    El Toreador, 50 West Portal Ave., 415.566.2673
      Peruvian:                           Fresca, 24 West Portal Ave., 415.759.8087

                                                                                                              Welcome to San Francisco State University
      Pizza and Pasta:                    Mozzarella di Bufala Pizzeria, 69 West Portal Ave., 415.661.8900
                                          Paradise Pizza, 393 West Portal Ave., 415.759.1155
      Polish:                             Old Krakow, 385 West Portal Ave., 415.564.4848
      Thai:                               Silver Spoon, 272 Claremont Blvd. (between Dorchester Way
                                          and Ulloa St.), 415.682.8011
      Turkish:                            Bursa Kebab, 60 West Portal Ave., 415.564.4006

                                                                                                     Page 9
                                            San Francisco State University Faculty Resource Guide

                                                Off Campus Dining Options
                                                 Ocean Avenue take M streetcar or 17 bus or 28 bus from 19th Ave. & Holloway Ave.
                                                       California International:        Lakeside Cafe, 2529 Ocean Ave., 415.337.0359
                                                       Desserts:                        Zanze’s Cheesecake (take out only), 2405 Ocean Ave., 415.334.2264
                                                       Italian:                                 Villa D’Este, 2623 Ocean Ave., 415.334.0580
                                                       Mandarin:                        Taipei Chinese Restaurant, 2666 Ocean Ave., 415.753.3338
                                                       Sandwiches:                      Ambrosia Bakery, 2605 Ocean Ave., 415.334.5305

                                                  Great Highway          take 28 bus from Stonestown Galleria
                                                       American:                        Beach Chalet Restaurant and Brewery,
                                                                                        1000 Great Highway, 415.386.8439
                                                                                        ocean side of Golden Gate Park
                                                       Seafood:                         Cliff House, 1090 Point Lobos, 415.386.3330

                                                  Lake Merced/Daly City
                                                       American/California:             Cypress Grill (Harding Park Clubhouse), Harding Park Golf
                                                                                        Course, 99 Harding Rd., 415.664.4690 ext. 111
                                                                                        Boulevard Café (Daly City), 2 Poncetta Dr., 650.755.3400
                                                       Italian:                         Joe’s of Westlake (Daly City), 11 Greenwood Ave., 650.755.7400

                                                  Inner Sunset
                                                       American:                        Park Chow, 1238 Ninth Ave., 415.665.9912
                                                       Fusion:                          Pomelo, 92 Judah St., 415.731.6175
                                                       Hamburgers:                      Johnny’s Hamburgers, 2305 Irving St., 415.681.7666
                                                       Thai:                            Marnee Thai, 1243 Ninth Ave., 415.731.9999

                                                  Farther Afield
                                                       French:                          Le Charme French Bistro, 315 Fifth St., 415.546.6128
                                                       Italian:                         Firenze by Night, 1429 Stockton St., 415.392.8585
                                                       Chinese/Hakka/Dim Sum:           Ton Kiang, 5821 Geary Blvd., 415.752.4440
Welcome to San Francisco State University

                                                       Mexican:                         Zazil, 845 Market St. #400 (Westfield Center), 415.495.6379
                                                       Pizza:                           Gaspare’s Pizza House and Italian Restaurant, 5546 Geary
                                                                                        Blvd. 415.387.5025
                                                       Vegetarian:                      Greens, Building A Fort Mason Center, 415.771.6222

                                            Page 10
                                        San Francisco State University Faculty Resource Guide

Physical Activities
 Recreational Sports Program
   The Recreational Sports Program has a wide variety of recreational, competitive and instructional
   opportunities available for faculty, students and staff. Stop by whenever the facilities are open.
   Enjoy your lifelong pursuit of health!

   The mission of the FitnessPlus program is to improve the fitness and well-being of SF State
   employees and retirees. The program provides a culture supportive of positive lifestyle attitudes
   and practices, by offering convenient, high quality opportunities for participants to live a more
   healthy, balanced and active life. Check the web site to get more information about specific

 The Village Fitness Center
   The Village Fitness Center serves faculty, staff, students, and alumni of San Francisco State
   University. With convenient hours of operation, knowledgeable fitness professionals, and top-
   of-the-line equipment, the Village Fitness Center offers a wide range of services in a spacious
   and stress free environment!

Housing for Faculty
 On-Campus Housing
   University Park North is a convenient apartment complex for SF State faculty, students and staff.
   Visit this website to see floor plans and find out more about policies and applications.

 Off-Campus Housing
   SF State Housing & Residential Services has compiled this list of resources for students, staff and
   faculty searching for Bay Area housing.

Childcare Assistance

                                                                                                           Welcome to San Francisco State University
 Associated Students Children’s Center
   The Associated Students Children’s Center provides SF State students, faculty, and staff with
   a state-of-the-art and developmentally appropriate campus childcare program for children
   between the ages of six months and five years. Because of the center’s popularity and small
   size, there is often a waiting list for admissions. For more information, call 415-338-2403 or visit
   the web site.
   Many of your colleagues are also searching for quality child care. Sharing information and
   resources is often the best way to find what you need.

                                                                                                 Page 11
                                            San Francisco State University Faculty Resource Guide

                                                 SF State Calendar
                                                      SF State’s multiple online calendars offer pertinent
                                                      information for faculty, staff and students.
                                                      You can find out about what’s happening on campus,
                                                      locate meetings of interest, and discover workshops
                                                      and special events. Select a specific calendar using
                                                      the drop down menu to get information on the areas
                                                      of interest to you.
                                                           Academic Calendar

                                                  Class Schedule
                                                      Access information about important dates and deadlines, registration, fees, final examination
                                                      schedules, and more.

                                                  Holiday Schedule

                                                  Instructional Technology and Faculty Development
                                                    Training Schedule
                                                      A wide range of workshops and training sessions are offered in areas related to instructional
                                                      technology and classroom pedagogy.

                                                Important Administrative Information
                                                 Human Resources
                                                      Everything you ever wanted to know about human resources and more can be found on the
                                                      SF State HR Web Site. You can download forms, check your retirement or paycheck schedule,
Welcome to San Francisco State University

                                                      access SF State policies and procedures, and find valuable information about benefits and
                                                      other HR related matters.

                                                                Help Line: 415.338-1875
                                                           Human Resources Practice Directives and Guidelines
                                                                Policies and guidelines for many HR practices.
                                                           CSU Salary Schedule
                                                                Salary schedule files are updated on an ongoing basis.

                                            Page 12
                                        San Francisco State University Faculty Resource Guide

Important Administrative Information
 Personal Access Code (PAC) Setup
  You’ll need your PAC number to access many of the electronic resources available to faculty.
  You can check your status or retrieve your information (identification number and PAC) online at

 Telephone Services
  Extensive information on how to navigate the phone system at SF State. Your Academic Office
  Coordinator will be your best resource on getting your phone set up, but this web site will act as
  a reminder if you need it. Much of this information is also available in the front section of the
  SF State phone directory.

  The OneCard is the University’s official photo identification card, and it also serves as your
  Library card. You can obtain the OneCard at the SF State OneCard Office located in SSB103.

  Your department will handle all the forms necessary for you to obtain the keys you need for your
  office, the faculty designated rest rooms and other facilities to which you need access. Please
  check with your Office Coordinator to make sure you receive your keys.

  You can set up an e-mail listserve for your class. Find out how through this web site.

  Check with your Department Chair or Academic Office Coordinator for your copy allocation, the
  process you need to follow and the location of available machines. There are numerous self-
  service copy machines located in the library and across the campus.

        Copy Centers

                                                                                                        Welcome to San Francisco State University
         Rapid Copy Center, J. Paul Leonard Library 1st Floor 415-338-2120

         Campus Graphics & Printing, Cesar Chavez Student Center, 415-502-6454
         Copy Central, 2336 Market Street, San Francisco 415-431-6725
         Copy Edge, 1508 Ocean Avenue, San Francisco 415-587-5345
         Kinko’s, 1597 Sloat Boulevard, San Francisco 415-566-0572

 Business Cards
  Check with your Academic Office Coordinator about getting business cards printed.

                                                                                              Page 13
                                California State University
                                  The California State University System
                                        The CSU is a leader in high-quality,
                                        accessible, student-focused higher
                                        education. With 23 campuses, 417,000
                                        students, and 46,000 faculty and staff,
                                        we are the largest, the most diverse,
                                        and one of the most affordable
                                        university systems in the country.
                                        We offer unlimited opportunities to
                                        help students achieve their goals.
                                        We prepare graduates who go on to
                                        make a difference in the workforce.
                                        We engage in research and creative
                                        activities leading to scientific,
                                        technical, artistic and social advances.
                                        And we play a vital role in the growth
                                        and development of California’s
                                        communities and economy.

                                  CSU Faculty Resources
                                   Academic Affairs
                                        CSU systemwide academic policies, data and reports.

                                    Academic Human Resources
                                        Faculty Recruitment Survey, salary programs and campus Faculty Affairs/Academic
California State University

                                    Academic Senate
                                        Faculty body that recommends academic policies to the Board of Trustees and the

                              Page 14
                                        San Francisco State University Faculty Resource Guide

CSU Faculty Resources
 Campus Human Resources Links
  Links to campus HR sites for faculty and staff.

 Community Service Learning
  Community service for your students throughout the CSU.

 Employee Relations
  Policy planning and implementation, and employee grievances/complaints.

 Faculty and Staff Homepage
  More links for faculty and staff.

 Impact Report
  Detailed information on the CSU’s statewide social and economic impact.

 Institute for Teaching and Learning
  Resources to support faculty in their teaching and professional development.

 Labor Relations
  Bargaining updates and the collective bargaining agreement.

  Latest news from the CSU, its 23 campuses, and the Office of the Chancellor.

 Professional Development
  Resources available for systemwide training.

 External Resources for Professional Development
  Links to “Tomorrow’s Professor Listserv”, “Jossey-Bass publications”, “Exchanges”, “Exchanges
  Journal Book Reviews”, and “American Council on Education”.
                                                                                                  California State University

                                                                                        Page 15
                                       Your Professional Life at SF State
                                         Policies and Guides
                                           Policies and Procedures Guides
                                               A central database of all policies and procedures in effect on the campus.

                                           New Faculty Resource Guide
                                               Academic Affairs publishes a helpful website with links to information on household relocation,
                                               community services, and campus resources.

                                           Faculty Manual
                                               The SF State Faculty Manual provides information about a variety of topics, including
                                               employment, hiring, retention, tenure and promotion, faculty professional development,
                                               academic policies and procedures, and campus facilities and services.

                                               The official SF State bulletin for the current academic year.

                                         Retention, Tenure and Promotion (RTP)
                                               Information about Academic Senate Policies on RTP, an RTP Deadline Calendar, a guide
                                               to prepare for RTP and WPAF, and some examples of SF State Department/Program RTP

                                               A guide to protect confidential data. It also contains procedures on management of student
Your Professional Life at SF State

                                     Page 16
                                       San Francisco State University Faculty Resource Guide

Disabilities and Instructional Strategies
   Learn about the different resources available to campus faculty with the goal of creating a
   barrier-free learning environment for students with disabilities. This information will help answer
   your questions about accommodations for students with disabilities, assist you in making your
   classroom accessible, and enhance your students’ academic experience at SF State.

Office of Protection for Human and Animal Subjects
   The Office of Protection for Human and Animal Subjects is charged with protecting the safety
   and welfare of humans and animals used in research at or in conjunction with this university.
   Check on their site for how-to tips and a FAQ.

Grant Writing
 Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP)
   ORSP helps SF State faculty members obtain and manage funds to support research, student
   training, and community-based projects. You can subscribe to a Funding E-lert to receive e-mail
   announcements of funding opportunities in your area of interest.

 Institute for Civic and Community Engagement (ICCE)
   San Francisco State is a national leader in Civic and Community Engagement. This office provides
   significant support for faculty seeking to integrate the principles and practices of service learning
   into their curriculum. They offer grants, workshops, and support in this area.

 Grants.Gov is your source to find and apply for Federal government grants. There are over 1,000
   grant programs offered by all Federal grant making agencies.

                                                                                                            Your Professional Life at SF State

                                                                                                  Page 17
                    SF State Colleges

                      List of SF State Colleges
                          Updated and extended information on each college can be found in the University Bulletin.

                        College of Behavioral and Social Sciences
                                 Main Office: HSS-359                        Phone: 415.338.1846
                                 Dean: Joel Kassiola                         Associate Dean: Dawn Terrell

                        College of Business
                                 Main Office: BUS-321                        Phone: 415.338.1276
                                 Dean: Nancy Hayes                           Associate Dean: Caran Colvin

                        College of Creative Arts
                                 Main Office: CA-254                         Phone: 415.338.1471
                                 Interim Dean: Ronald Compesi                Acting Associate Dean: Ronald Caltabiano

                        College of Education
                                 Main Office: BH-501                         Phone: 415.338.2687
                                 Dean: Jacob E. Perea                        Associate Dean, Graduate Studies: David Hemphill

                        College of Ethnic Studies
                                 Main Office: EP-121                         Phone: 415.338.1693
                                 Dean: Kenneth Monteiro                      Associate Dean: Laureen Chew

                        College of Extended Learning
                                 Main Office: One Stop Student Center        Phone: 415.405.7700 ext. 5
                                 Dean: Gail Whitaker                         Associate Dean: Jim Bryan

                        College of Health and Human Services
                                 Main Office: HSS-204                        Phone: 415.338.3326
                                 Dean: Don Taylor                            Associate Dean: Wanda Lee

                        College of Humanities
                                 Main Office: HSS-359                        Phone: 415.338.1541
SF State Colleges

                                 Dean: Paul Sherwin                          Associate Dean: Elise Earthman-Wormuth

                        College of Science and Engineering
                                 Main Office: HSS-359                        Phone: 415.338.1571
                                 Dean: Sheldon Axler                         Associate Dean: Sung Hu
                    Page 18
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            SF State Colleges
San Francisco State University Faculty Resource Guide

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Page 19
                                                                                                                                                          Robert Corrigan
                                                                                                                                                        University President
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Don Scoble
                                                                                                         Patricia Bartscher        Sheila McClear                                    Jim Kohn          University Corporation,    Associated Students
                                                                                                          University Counsel       Special Projects                               Academic Senate       San Francisco State
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Guy Dalpe
                                                                                                                                                                                               Robert Strong            Cesar Chavez
                                                                                                                                                                                              Franciscan Shops         Student Center
                                                                                                 John Gemello                        Leroy Morishita                           J.E. Penny Saffold                          Lee Blitch
                                                                                             Provost/Vice President                  Vice President                              Vice President                         Vice President
                                                                                                Academic Affairs                Administration and Finance                       Student Affairs                    University Advancement
                                                        University Organizational Chart

                                                                                                Academic Affairs                Administration and Finance                       Student Affairs                    University Advancement
                                                                                          Academic Planning and                Budget Administration and                Athletics Program                        Development
                                                                                            Educational Effectiveness            Operations                             Career Center                            Government Relations
                                                                                          Academic Program                     Campus Asset and Space                   Counseling and Psychological             Public Affairs and Publications
                                                                                            Development                          Administration                           Services                               Special Events
                                                                                          Academic Resources                   Capital Planning, Design, and            Disability Programs and
                                                                                          Academic Technology                    Construction                             Resource Center
                                                                                          Curriculum                           Division of Information                  Student Opportunity Program
                                                                                          Faculty Affairs                        Technology                             Student Health
                                                                                          Graduate Studies                     Enrollment Planning and                  Student Programs/Leadership
                                                                                          Institute for Civic and                Management                               Development Office
                                                                                            Community Engagement               Facilities and Services                  University Police Department
                                                                                          International Programs                 Enterprises
                                                                                          Research and Sponsored               Student Financial Aid
                                                                                            Programs                           Fiscal Affairs
                                                                                          Testing Center                       Housing and Residential
                                                                                                                               Human Resources, Safety, and
                                                                                                                                 Risk Management
                                                                                                                               Internal Audit
                                                                                                                               Office of Undergraduate
                                                                                                                               Registrar’s Office
                                                                                                                               Student Outreach Services
                           Faculty Support Services
                              Academic Affairs
                                     Academic Affairs is composed of nine colleges, the University Library, and a broad array of
                                     offices that provide services and support to the university. The other units of Academic
                                     Affairs include the Provost’s Office; the J. Paul Leonard Library; the Divisions of Graduate and
                                     Undergraduate Studies; and the Offices of Academic Planning and Educational Effectiveness;
                                     Academic Program Development; Academic Resources; Faculty Affairs and Professional
                                     Development; International Programs; and Research and Sponsored Programs. All these areas
                                     work together to foster an environment that promotes high quality teaching and learning in
                                     an urban context of significant demographic diversity supported by the Provost’s Office.

                              Office of Faculty Affairs (OFA)
                                     SF State supports numerous opportunities for professional development in the areas of
                                     teaching, research, scholarship, and creative activities. The Office of Faculty Affairs and
                                     Professional Development Web site has compiled a partial list of these opportunities with
                                     links to information regarding eligibility, deadlines, etc.
                                     Faculty members should also check with their department chairs and college deans about
                                     other funds that may be available for research and special projects.

                              The Center for Teaching and Faculty Development
                                     The Center for Teaching and Faculty Development supports the needs
                                     of faculty in all stages of their careers at San Francisco State University.
                                     In carrying out our threefold mission—to serve and support faculty
                                     as teachers, as scholars and professionals, and as persons—we have
                                     developed many resources for the journey ahead.
                                     In addition to a full program of regular workshops designed to
                                     enhance and inform your life as an educator at SF State, CTFD offers The Center for Teaching &
                                     consultations with faculty and staff on topics related to teaching and    Faculty Development
                                     professional development. We are always happy to make individual
                                     appointments or help with department-wide or group concerns in any way we can. The Center
                                     also offers a superb collection of books and media on subjects ranging from teaching tips to
                                     grant writing, all available for semester-long check-out, and publishes The Garden, a monthly
                                     newsletter. More information on a variety of teaching topics and professional development
                                     issues is available from our website.
Faculty Support Services

                                     We are the Center … and we’re here to serve.

                           Page 20
                                       San Francisco State University Faculty Resource Guide

SFSU Bookstore
  For the best educational prices on computers check out the SF State
  Bookstore. In addition to course textbooks and readers, magazines
  and books, and a variety of office supplies, the SFSU Bookstore has
  equipment, software, accessories and technology related books.
  You can also shop and buy online through the website.

       Textbooks for Classes
         The bookstore can also help you, the faculty, to order textbooks for your class. Check
         out the site for more details or contact the bookstore if you have any questions.

J. Paul Leonard Library
  The SF State library has one of the finest collections of electronic resources in the CSU. Their
  collections can be found on the Library Web site and the support necessary to use the materials
  is made available online and in regularly scheduled workshops.

       Library Services for Faculty

       Subject Area Librarians

       Electronic Reserve System (ERes)
         Make required readings easy for your students to access by using the ERes system
         provided by the library. The library staff will take your materials, convert them to .pdf
         files and protect them behind a password so that only your students will have access
         to them. This is one of the most popular services for faculty and students. Give your
         students access to reserved readings anytime and any place.

Disability Programs and Resource Center (DPRC)
  Provides equal access to the classroom and to campus related activities for faculty, staff, and
  students with mobility, hearing, visual, functional, and learning disabilities. Support services
  include test accommodations, note taking, lab assistance, mobility services, sign language
  interpreters, reader services, tutoring and more.

       Ensuring Access Through Collaboration and Technology (EnACT)
         DPRC, in partnership with CTFD, promotes the implementation of Universal Design for
                                                                                                      Faculty Support Services

         Learning (UDL) through a U.S. Department of Education funded EnACT grant. EnACT
         (Ensuring Access through Collaboration and Technology) provides campus faculty with
         the skills, support and training necessary to ensure that students with disabilities are
         provided a high post-secondary education.

                                                                                            Page 21
                           San Francisco State University Faculty Resource Guide

                               Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP)
                                     This office helps faculty obtain and manage external funds to support research, student
                                     training and community-based projects. You can subscribe to a Funding E-lert to ensure that
                                     you receive e-mail announcements of funding opportunities in your area of interest.

                               Institute for Civic and Community Engagement (ICCE)
                                     The Institute for Civic and Community Engagement provides
                                     opportunities for civic engagement and leadership development
                                     at San Francisco State University for students, faculty and
                                     community members. Through innovative courses, experiential
                                     learning, political engagement, participatory action research
                                     and direct services, they partner the resources and expertise of
                                     the urban university with the needs of diverse communities.

                               Office of International Programs (OIP)
                                     The Office of International Programs supports faculty in the integration of international
                                     perspectives into their curriculum through funding, travel and study opportunities.
Faculty Support Services

                           Page 22
 Academic Technology
   The Academic Technology unit supports the integration of technology into teaching and
   learning at SF State, in both physical and virtual environments. This support includes:
                Integrating classroom teaching and learning technologies into curriculum
                         (presentations, student response systems, etc.)
                Integrating online teaching and learning components into curriculum (learning
                         management systems, e-Portfolios, video streaming, etc.)
                Faculty development, training, and support related to technology integration
                Faculty computer lab and equipment check-out
                Technology classroom reservations
                Media services (video, photography, and graphics)
                Media collection and distribution

  Audio-Visual Needs for Classroom Instruction
   Hours of operation, support services, media catalog and tutorials on audio-visual equipment.

  Technology Enhanced Classrooms
       The Collaboratory
       Looking for innovative ways of engaging your students in class discussions? This is the
       place to come. The Collaboratory is a computer assisted communication classroom
       designed to provide a safe environment in which students can practice and perfect their
       classroom interactions. This site provides a description of the facility, how others have
       used it effectively and how to schedule it for your class.

       The Electronic Classroom
       Faculty may occasionally require class computers for their students and the Electronic
       Classroom meets this need. Faculty can schedule it up to three times per semester, per
       course section.

  Instructional Technology Training
   A Wide range of workshops and training sessions are offered in various areas related to
   instructional technology and learning, from iLearn to developing your own web site.

  Resource Guides
   Resource guides and information on various software programs.

                                                                                         Page 23
             San Francisco State University Faculty Resource Guide

                   Academic Technology
                   Personal Online Workshop and Event Registration (POWER) System
                       Faculty and staff can reserve the Collaboratory and the Electronic Classroom, and register
                       for workshops using the POWER system. Check the calendar for workshop offerings that fit
                       your schedule. If you can’t find one, start a “Lucky 8” workshop and Academic Technology will
                       create one for you and your peers.

                   Online Teaching and Learning Support
                            Help Desk: 415.405.3536
                            As SF State’s supported learning management system, iLearn
                            allows you and your students to share course materials, facilitate
                            interaction opportunities, and assess performance in many ways.
                            From the home page, you will find the latest announcements and
                            system status, useful tips and tricks for using iLearn, and links to help and technical support
                            resources for both students and faculty. You and your students can log in to iLearn using your
                            SF State ID and PAC number.

                            courseStream provides a variety of streaming media options to students in large format
                            and/or online classes. Students can view a live webcast (PowerPoint and video) or review
                            the archive in webcast or podcast format. Students can also search an entire semester
                            of lectures by keyword and then jump right to a specific point in a video clip for easy

                            Students, faculty, departments, and institutions are increasingly using electronic
                            portfolios. SF State now offers support for students who would like to create and publish
                            an electronic portfolio. Electronic portfolios provide new opportunities for assessing
                            achievement and learning outcomes over time as well as presenting an evolution of work
                            in response to interactions with instructors, mentors, and classmates.

                   Division of Information Technology (DoIT)
                            Help Desk: 415.338.1420
                         The DoIT Web site provides information on all services and support provided by the university-
                         level information technology office. Their support ranges from online help to workshops for
                         students, faculty and staff.

                       Class Roster on the Web
                         Find out who’s in your class, if they have the necessary prerequisites for the course, what
                         grades they have obtained in related classes and other important contact information about

                         your students at this web site. This resource is constantly updated as students add and/or
                         drop your class. You will need your ID number and PAC number to access the information.

             Page 24
                                         San Francisco State University Faculty Resource Guide

Division of Information Technology DoIT
 Web Grades
  This new service allows you to view class rosters, enter grades, review exceptions and view class
  reports online.

 Computer Help Desk
  If you need information on how to access your SF State Internet account from off campus or the
  answer to numerous other questions concerning the use of computers on campus, this is the
  place to go. You can search their knowledge base or submit requests for assistance online.

 SF State Email
  DoIT handles email for the SF State campus. You can always access your email through Webmail
  or email DoIT with any concerns or problems. Go to to learn
  more about setting-up your SF State Account.

 Campus Computer Labs
  There are several computer labs around the campus. Some colleges have their own computer
  labs, which are restricted to specific users. Please contact your administrator for more details.

 Technology Policies
  Information about various campus technology-related policies.

 Technology Training
  DoIT offers short courses and workshops throughout the year on many of the most popular
  software applications used by SF State students, staff and faculty.

Digital Information Virtual Archive (DIVA)
  The Digital Information Virtual Archive (DIVA)
  is a web-based digital file management and
  sharing system for faculty in support of their
  teaching, research and service activities. DIVA
  also combines a rich Open Repository which
  stores compelling digital files from across
  the University, CSU and community groups. A
  unique web document builder allows faculty to combine text, images, audio, video and rss feeds
  to create online presentations or assignments and special tools like a Slide Show builder gives
  faculty powerful digital teaching options.

  Faculty are provided a personal DIVA homepage where they can upload up to 4 gigabytes of
  digital files and manage them along with the best of what they find in the DIVA Open Repository.
  DIVA can be an alternative to iLearn when faculty just need a simple web page and don’t have

  time or inclination to spend the time learning web authoring. Group areas provide space to share
  files with research colleagues, within committees, or informal working groups; Participants can
  be from SF State or anywhere in the world.

                                                                                            Page 25
                                  The SF State Student Experience
                                      Academic Support
                                       Undergraduate Advising Center
                                            The Advising Center is a university service staffed by professional counselors, interns, and peer
                                            advisors committed to providing guidance and information to help undergraduate students
                                            enjoy a successful college experience. Services provided: Counseling for Continuing Education
                                            Students (GE requirements), Liberal Studies Students, undeclared majors, new students, and

                                                 Faculty Resources for Advising
                                                   Faculty can go to this website and find more resources to help you when advising
                                                   students. It includes worksheets by major, an advising calendar and some workshops
                                                   about advising.

                                        Graduate Advising
                                            Students admitted to a graduate degree or an advanced credential program are assigned a
                                            major program advisor by the department offering the program. The Graduate Studies advisor
                                            is available to counsel students on a variety of issues, including admission, career exploration,
                                            academic and personal stress, and university policies and procedures.

                                                 Forms for Graduate Students

                                        The Learning Assistance Center (LAC)
                                            The Learning Assistance Center, a provider of individual and group academic tutoring in reading,
                                            writing, math, sciences and study skills primarily for lower division courses, has compiled
                                            information from all over campus on student tutoring. On their website a student can click on
                                            the type of tutoring he or she needs and find all the places on campus that can help. There,
                                            you can also find information on tutoring for upper division and graduate courses throughout
                                            disciplines. Scheduled and drop-in tutoring appointments are available.
The SF State Student Experience

                                        Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)
                                            The Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) at SF State provides educational support services
                                            for students from economically and educationally disadvantaged backgrounds. EOP is
                                            comprised of several units offering retention services to assist EOP students in completing
                                            their degree requirements. These units include: advising, tutorial, Summer Bridge Program,
                                            and pre-college programs.

                                  Page 26
                                         San Francisco State University Faculty Resource Guide

Academic Support
 American Language Institute (ALI)
   Services provided: Assistance and support for students from other countries in learning English
   and developing the skills necessary for success at an American university. The ALI provides
   counseling and services to help acclimate students to the American university (i.e., housing,
   medical care, social activities, college selection, etc.). Advanced students can be matched with
   American “Conversation Partners” for additional language practice.

 Student Support Services (SSS)
   Participants attend mandatory tutoring in English and math, bi-weekly advising, semester
   workshops, and career and graduate school fairs. Participants receive priority enrollment for
   one full year in General Education (GE) Segment I classes. As part of their financial aid package,
   SSS students are given the maximum allowed in grants and scholarships. Students are also
   provided opportunities to participate in cultural events at SF State and throughout Northern
   California. A computer lab is available for writing papers, checking email and doing research on
   the internet with free printing.

 Testing Center
   The Testing Center coordinates and administers educationally required standardized testing
   (including scoring, recording, and reporting results); scores and reports class testing using
   our Zeus Program (faculty may request a Zeus handbook by calling 8-2271); processes faculty
   evaluations on the tally (faculty Evaluation Services) and provides results report to departments.
   It also performs evaluation and research related to university needs, consults and assists faculty,
   staff, and students performing, designing and/or processing studies, and provides provides an
   academic skills program free to all SF State students.

 Faculty/Student Mentorship Program
   The Faculty/Student Mentorship Program (FSMP) strives to help first-time freshmen, lower-
   division, and transfer students make a successful transition from high school or community
   college to San Francisco State University.

 Campus Life
  Associated Students Inc. (ASI)
     ASI is the central campus-governing agent, responsible for Student                                  The SF State Student Experience
     Government and Student Organization funding, and a number of other
     campus programs and services, such as the Children’s Center, EROS, the
     Legal Resource Center, Performing Arts, and the Women’s Center.

   Community Involvement Center (CIC)
     The CIC offers credit units (graded) to students for participation in various community
     involvement programs: internships, learning intensive programs, and on-campus programs.

                                                                                               Page 27
                                  San Francisco State University Faculty Resource Guide

                                        Campus Life
                                         Office of Student Programs and Leadership Development (OSPLD)
                                             Student organizations are at the center of activity at San
                                             Francisco State University, providing events, educational
                                             programs and service to the campus and local community.
                                             The Office of Student Programs and Leadership Development
                                             welcomes students at SF State to get involved in student
                                             life on campus through the over 200 student organizations
                                             registered each academic year.

                                            Financial Aid
                                             The Office of Financial Aid provides financial aid counseling, employment eligibility
                                             verification for student assistants, and Work Study clearance forms for Work Study student

                                            Office of the Registrar
                                             The Office of the Registrar houses and maintains student records, processes transcripts and
                                             grades, issues diplomas, and verifies enrollment.

                                        Health and Well-Being
                                         Student Health Services
                                             Student Health Services provides basic medical care for illness and injuries, lab, and x-ray
                                             procedures, women’s services, health and nutritional education/counseling, immunizations,
                                             and more.

                                            Creating Empowerment through Alcohol and Substance
                                              Abuse Education (CEASE)
                                             Drug and alcohol education and prevention program; classes, presentations, and counseling
                                             programs for San Francisco State University residents, peer education programs, referrals,
                                             and counseling.

                                            The Sexual Abuse Free Environment (S.A.F.E)
The SF State Student Experience

                                             The S.A.F.E place is located in Cesar Chavez Student Center and offers crisis intervention
                                             and referrals in cases of sexual violence, harassment and relationship violence. For more
                                             information, please visit their website or call 415.338.2819.

                                  Page 28
                                      San Francisco State University Faculty Resource Guide

Health and Well-Being
 Counseling and Psychological Services Center
   The Center provides an opportunity for students to freely explore personal problems or concerns.
   Students come to the center for reasons as varied as the people themselves; personal problems
   involving relations with parents or peers, emotional or social difficulties, relationship conflicts,
   anxiety or depression, sexuality and orientation, concerns about academic progress or direction,
   and other issues. Faculty can contact them for advice on counseling students.

 SF State AIDS Coordinating Committee
   This committee coordinates educational programs, researches policy, and disseminates resources
   and referrals regarding HIV/AIDS.

Career Support
 Career Center
   The Career Center provides career counseling, career related assessments, personality tests,
   career search, resumé skills, career workshops, career fairs, and job listings.

 Jobs/Employment Opportunities at SF State

 Community Involvement Center (CIC)
   The CICS/AUI Team works with University faculty to develop Commmunity Service-Learning
   courses in various departments throughout the University.

                                                                                                          The SF State Student Experience

                                                                                                Page 29
                         San Francisco Bay Area
                            San Francisco Visitor’s Site
                                   The San Francisco Convention and Visitor Bureau’s official site.

                                   You can find businesses, events, and other happenings with CitySearch San Francisco.

                            San Francisco Chronicle
                                   Check this San Francisco Chronicle site for news updates, traffic, weather, and events happening
                                   in the City and Bay Area.

                            Earthquake Preparedness
                                   This is a handbook that provides information about the threat posed by earthquakes in the
                                   San Francisco Bay region and explains how you can prepare for, survive, and recover from
                                   these inevitable events.

                            California Department of Education
                                   This site offers a school directory for public and private institutions in northern California and
                                   throughout the state.

                            San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department
                                   Enjoy all that San Francisco has to offer in terms of the great outdoors! A wealth of physical
                                   activity options await you in your own back yard—get out there and explore the city’s great

                            Northern California Higher Education
                              Recruitment Consortium
                                   The Northern California HERC supports the efforts of each of its member institutions to recruit
                                   and retain outstanding faculty, administrators, and staff through the sharing of information
                                   and resources.
San Francisco Bay Area

                         Page 30

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