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					                                             Microsoft Virtualization: Data Center to Desktop
                                             Customer Solution Case Study

                                             Fire Department Extinguishes High IT Costs,
                                             Ups Availability by Using Virtualization

Overview                                     ―[With Hyper-V] We can now maintain IT services even
Country or Region: Sweden
Industry: Government—Local                   if one of our two data centers completely breaks
Customer Profile
                                                                Jan Wisén, Chief Fire Officer, Greater Stockholm Fire Department
The Greater Stockholm Fire Department
provides fire and emergency medical
response to Stockholm, Sweden, and
nearby communities. It is the largest fire   In 2008, Stockholm, Sweden, and nine nearby municipalities
brigade in Sweden, with 15 fire stations.
                                             decided to consolidate their emergency services to cut costs.
Business Situation                           The resulting Greater Stockholm Fire Department worked with
When Stockholm, Sweden, and nine
nearby cities merged their fire
                                             Lan Assistans, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, to merge two
departments to save money, they needed       IT departments, and succeeded in trimming servers by 80
to consolidate their IT holdings and also
create a disaster recovery capability.
                                             percent using the Windows Server 2008 Datacenter operating
                                             system with the Hyper-V technology. It also deployed Microsoft
The Greater Stockholm Fire Department
                                             System Center data center solutions to manage the new IT
has consolidated servers using the           landscape, and Microsoft Application Virtualization to deliver
Windows Server 2008 operating system
with Hyper-V technology, and manages
                                             applications to PCs as needed. In addition to reducing servers by
its environment using Microsoft System       80 percent, the fire department has reduced licensing costs for
Center data center solutions.
                                             some applications by 80 percent and will ultimately save
Benefits                                     U.S.$140,000 annually on IT resources. The fire department is
 Servers reduced 80 percent
 IT staff costs cut by U.S.$140,000
                                             delivering higher application availability and can now cost-
 Higher availability                        effectively scale its IT infrastructure.
 Easier scalability
―We decided early on to                   Situation                                      applications to individual PCs across 15 fire
                                          Municipalities around the world are facing     stations. ―Employees share PCs because
standardize on Microsoft                  starkly reduced budgets due to the             rotating crews are staffing fire stations 24
                                          economic recession that began in 2007. In      hours a day,‖ explains Jan Wisén, Chief Fire
software for the new                      Sweden, the city of Stockholm and nine         Officer of the Greater Stockholm Fire
data center, because                      surrounding municipalities decided to          Department. ―However, if only 30
                                          consolidate their emergency services to        employees wanted to use a certain
Microsoft software is less                cooperate and cut costs. Thus, in January      application, such as Microsoft Office Visio
                                          2009, the Stockholm Fire Department,           2007, the IT staff had to deploy the
expensive than other                      which served six municipalities, merged        program to all 100 PCs so that it would be
options, and more                         with the Södra Roslagens Fire Department,      available whenever it was needed. This was
                                          which served six municipalities, to form the   a licensing expense and also consumed IT
people understand it.‖                    Greater Stockholm Fire Department, with        resources to update and secure so many
                                          15 fire stations and 850 employees.            desktop applications.‖
  Camilla Ågren, Project Leader, Donald
                       Davis & Partners
                                          From an IT perspective, the merger created     While it was reorganizing its IT department,
                                          opportunities to streamline and simplify.      the Greater Stockholm Fire Department
                                          However, the new Greater Stockholm Fire        also wanted to create a disaster recovery
                                          Department had to figure out how to trim       capability between Stockholm and Täby, so
                                          duplicated services and infrastructure.        that if a critical server went down in one
                                          There were two data centers to consolidate,    location, the application—and
                                          one in Stockholm, and one in Täby,             department—could continue running from
                                          Sweden, which had served the Södra             the other location. All the department’s key
                                          Roslagens Fire Department. Each of the two     fire-response processes can run without IT
                                          IT departments had previously maintained       support, so that nothing can interfere with
                                          a small internal staff but outsourced key      community protection, but many
                                          applications and IT management tasks to        computerized applications are critical to
                                          local IT providers.                            operations. The most critical application is a
                                                                                         mapping system that tells firemen where to
                                          The original Stockholm Fire Department         go when there is a fire. Another application
                                          had approximately 30 Windows operating         runs a private fire-alarm response service
                                          system–based servers in house, and the         that the department offers to businesses
                                          Södra Roslagens Fire Department had            and citizens. This is a revenue-producing
                                          approximately 15 servers running both the      service that must be operational at all
                                          Windows Server 2003 operating system           times.
                                          and Novell NetWare. Users in the newly
                                          merged organization had to negotiate           Solution
                                          multiple application logons and e-mail         In November 2008, the Greater Stockholm
                                          messaging systems.                             Fire Department called on Lan Assistans, a
                                                                                         local Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and
                                          At the same time that it was consolidating     one of Sweden’s most knowledgeable IT
                                          hardware and software to trim costs, the       solutions providers, to help consolidate the
                                          Stockholm Fire Department wanted to            two data centers and build one streamlined
                                          automate and centralize routine IT             IT organization. ―We decided early on to
                                          management tasks so that it could reduce       standardize on Microsoft software for the
                                          IT staffing costs, too. One of the most        new data center, because Microsoft
                                          labor-intensive tasks was deploying            software is less expensive than other
―Hyper-V had all the                         options, and more people understand it,‖        Thirty Virtual Machines on Four Hosts
                                             says Camilla Ågren, Project Leader for          The department deployed the Windows
functionality that the                       Donald Davis & Partners, a consultant firm      Server 2008 Datacenter operating system
                                             that represented the Greater Stockholm          with Hyper-V in May 2009. The Datacenter
Stockholm Fire                               Fire Department in merging the two IT           edition offered clustering capabilities and
Department needed,                           organizations.                                  free operating system licensing for up to
                                                                                             four virtual machines on each host server.
cost far less [than                          The department initially hoped that it could    The Greater Stockholm Fire Department
                                             reuse existing servers, but because of poor     deployed Windows Server 2008 Datacenter
VMware], and would                           design in one of the data centers, Lan          on four physical production servers—two in
simplify vendor                              Assistans recommended that the                  Stockholm and two in Täby—and two test
                                             department start with a clean slate using       servers in Stockholm. On these four
management.‖                                 modern hardware and software.                   physical production servers, the
                                                                                             department has created 30 virtual
 Börje Carlsson, Technical Project Leader,
                            Lan Assistans    Virtualization a Key Strategy                   machines, which run the Windows Server
                                             Lan Assistans also recommended using the        2008 Enterprise operating system. It still
                                             Windows Server 2008 operating system            has 10 stand-alone physical servers, but
                                             with the Hyper-V virtualization technology      these will be migrated onto the virtual
                                             to achieve both server consolidation            hosts by the end of 2010.
                                             efficiencies and cost-effective failover
                                             between the two data centers. ―Using            The department purchased HP DL380 host
                                             Hyper-V to implement server failover would      servers, each with two quad-core Intel Xeon
                                             be far simpler than using physical servers,‖    processors. Rather than deploy a storage
                                             says Börje Carlsson, Technical Project          area network, the department is using an
                                             Leader at Lan Assistans. ―Other IT              HP MS60 Direct-Attach Storage unit and
                                             consultants that the department spoke with      the hard disk drives in the servers for data
                                             recommended using VMware, because it            center storage. The IT staff implemented a
                                             had a longer track record. But Hyper-V had      failover capability at the application level by
                                             all the functionality that the Stockholm Fire   running critical applications in duplicate at
                                             Department needed, cost far less, and           each location. If an application or server
                                             would simplify vendor management.‖              fails at one location, it continues to run
                                                                                             from the other.
                                             The Greater Stockholm Fire Department
                                             purchased a Microsoft Enterprise Client         The fire department will eventually
                                             Access License Suite, which made the move       virtualize all its data center workloads,
                                             to an up-to-date Microsoft software             including line-of-business applications, e-
                                             foundation even more affordable. This           mail messaging, and databases. One
                                             license suite gives organizations access to     Microsoft SQL Server 2008 database serves
                                             11 of the most popular Microsoft                the department’s financial application,
                                             infrastructure, communications,                 another serves the alarm-response
                                             collaboration, management, and security         application, and a third serves the mapping
                                             programs, such as Windows Server, System        application.
                                             Center Configuration Manager, and System
                                             Center Operations Manager.                      Centralized Server Management and
                                                                                             At the same time that it deployed Windows
                                                                                             Server 2008 Datacenter with Hyper-V, the
―[With Microsoft                            Greater Stockholm Fire Department              V), part of Microsoft Desktop Optimization
                                            licensed a suite of Microsoft System Center    Pack (MDOP) for Software Assurance, to
virtualization                              data center solutions for managing,            more efficiently deliver applications to 850
                                            monitoring, and backing up its physical and    users in 15 locations. App-V eliminates the
technologies] We have                       virtual servers. Using the Microsoft Server    need to install software on individual
more flexibility and                        Management Suite Enterprise license, the       computers and instead enables IT
                                            fire department was able to license four key   personnel to deploy applications to
scalability than ever                       System Center programs for a far more          regional servers and then stream the
                                            reasonable price than licensing them           needed applications from those servers to
before.‖                                    individually.                                  client computers as needed. ―Applications
Börje Carlsson, Technical Project Leader,                                                  can follow users instead of machines,‖
                           Lan Assistans    The IT staff uses Microsoft System Center      Carlsson says. The department is currently
                                            Virtual Machine Manager 2008 to create         delivering 10 applications using App-V and
                                            virtual machines, manage virtual machines      one software image.
                                            and physical servers, monitor server
                                            performance, back up server workloads,         The department uses Microsoft System
                                            and handle all routine server management       Center Configuration Manager 2007 to
                                            tasks. The staff uses this program in          distribute App-V applications to fire-station
                                            conjunction with Microsoft System Center       servers, and from there, applications are
                                            Operations Manager 2007 to proactively         streamed to individual computers. Linking
                                            monitor server performance. Staff members      System Center Configuration Manager and
                                            can add more CPUs or memory to virtual         App-V gives the Greater Stockholm Fire
                                            machines or physical servers to keep           Department a unified deployment
                                            application performance levels high and        experience and reduces the overhead of
                                            avert slowdowns or failures.                   building an extra App-V deployment
                                                                                           mechanism. Today, all fire department
                                            The IT staff also uses Microsoft System        employees access applications using App-
                                            Center Data Protection Manager 2007 to         V, and the department plans to increase the
                                            back up applications and data between the      number of virtualized applications.
                                            two data centers over a high-speed data
                                            connection. System Center Data Protection      The fire department also uses the Terminal
                                            Manager is continuously backing up data        Services Gateway role of Windows Server
                                            between virtual machines in the two            2008 to enable remote users to connect to
                                            locations. If one data center goes down for    terminal services and remote desktops
                                            any reason, the virtual machines at the live   from any Internet-connected device. To
                                            location will take over. ―We were able to      better protect client computers, the fire
                                            achieve a very effective and cost-effective    department deployed Microsoft Forefront
                                            disaster preparedness setup using System       Client Security for PC-level virus protection.
                                            Center Data Protection Manager, without
                                            additional third-party software,‖ Carlsson     Benefits
                                            says. ―It was very easy to do.‖                By embracing server and application
                                                                                           virtualization, the Greater Stockholm Fire
                                            Dynamic Application Streaming                  Department has been able to reduce server
                                            To complement the efficiencies provided by     and application licensing costs by 80
                                            Hyper-V server virtualization, the Greater     percent, trim IT staff costs by U.S.$140,000
                                            Stockholm Fire Department also deployed        annually, increase application availability,
                                            Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-     and effectively scale costs.
―Licensing costs for                         Servers, Software Licensing Reduced 80         our geographically dispersed organization
                                             Percent                                        used to [require] an entire day of travel for
[critical] applications are                  The Greater Stockholm Fire Department will     just a single PC. Using System Center
                                             ultimately consolidate 30 physical servers     Configuration Manager, we can distribute
reduced by 80 percent                        to 6 Hyper-V servers, an 80 percent            one application to all 850 PCs in one day.‖
with App-V.‖                                 reduction. Microsoft estimates that such a
                                             consolidation will reduce energy costs by      Also, with a cost-effective, high availability
 Börje Carlsson, Technical Project Leader,   $16,367 annually.                              infrastructure, the fire department lowers
                            Lan Assistans                                                   the cost of routine maintenance work. The
                                             Desktop software licensing costs, too, have    IT staff can easily perform software and
                                             decreased with the use of App-V. ―We           server upgrades during normal business
                                             currently have about 10 applications that      hours by performing maintenance work in
                                             have to be available on every PC, and some     one data center while delivering IT services
                                             of them are very expensive,‖ Carlsson says.    from the other.
                                             ―Licensing costs for these applications are
                                             reduced by 80 percent with App-V.‖             Higher Application Availability
                                                                                            In addition to reducing IT staff time, the use
                                             Last but not least, the fire department has    of App-V helps keep desktop applications
                                             greatly reduced its software licensing costs   more secure. ―We eliminate the opportunity
                                             by taking advantage of various Microsoft       for users to uninstall or corrupt
                                             licenses, which it estimates has reduced the   applications; with App-V, the applications
                                             overall solution cost by 30 to 50 percent.     are always running perfectly,‖ Carlsson says.

                                             IT Staffing Costs Reduced by $140,000          Through the use of Hyper-V, the
                                             Annually                                       department also has higher availability for
                                             The department has also reduced IT             its business-critical applications. Previously,
                                             staffing costs. ―By consolidating the two      neither the Stockholm nor Täby Fire
                                             departments and using Hyper-V and              Departments had disaster protection. Using
                                             System Center solutions to gain                Hyper-V, the Greater Stockholm Fire
                                             management efficiencies, we have realized      Department can easily and cost-effectively
                                             IT staffing costs [savings] of SEK1,000,000    implement a disaster recovery solution.
                                             [$140,000] to date,‖ Ågren says. ―We expect    ―We can now maintain IT services even if
                                             to save another SEK1,000,000 within            one of our two data centers completely
                                             another year by continuing to automate         breaks down,‖ Wisén says. ―We can also
                                             tasks that are now manual.‖                    measure variables that impact availability
                                                                                            using System Center Operations Manager
                                             IT efficiencies come from faster server        and focus on the right issues so that we are
                                             setup, faster application packaging and        putting our effort where it has the most
                                             deployment, and faster application testing.    impact.‖
                                             For example, creating a virtual machine
                                             takes about an hour, whereas deploying a       Easier Scalability
                                             physical server can take a week or longer if   Even though the Greater Stockholm Fire
                                             the server needs to be ordered. ―We            Department now has a lean, consolidated
                                             estimate that we will reduce application       IT infrastructure, its services will continue to
                                             packaging and deployment time by 50            grow as the communities it serves continue
                                             percent using App-V,‖ Ågren says.              to grow. Now, when the IT staff needs to
                                             ―Deploying an application manually within      add more servers or more performance to
For More Information                                  an application, it can do so immediately. It       Microsoft Virtualization
For more information about Microsoft                  doesn’t have to requisition and set up new         Microsoft virtualization is an end-to-end
products and services, call the Microsoft             physical servers.                                  strategy that can profoundly affect nearly
Sales Information Center at (800) 426-                                                                   every aspect of the IT infrastructure
9400. In Canada, call the Microsoft                   ―We can simply create new virtual machines         management lifecycle. It can drive greater
Canada Information Centre at (877) 568-               on a handful of host servers, assign               efficiencies, flexibility, and cost
2495. Customers in the United States and              additional virtual machines to an                  effectiveness throughout your organization.
Canada who are deaf or hard-of-hearing                application, or assign more CPUs to a              From accelerating application deployments;
can reach Microsoft text telephone                    virtual machine, if an application needs           to ensuring systems, applications, and data
(TTY/TDD) services at (800) 892-5234.                 more power,‖ Carlsson says. ―We have               are always available; to taking the hassle
Outside the 50 United States and                      more flexibility and scalability than ever         out of rebuilding and shutting down
Canada, please contact your local                     before.‖                                           servers and desktops for testing and
Microsoft subsidiary. To access                                                                          development; to reducing risk, slashing
information using the World Wide Web,                                                                    costs, and improving the agility of your
go to:                                                                                                   entire environment—virtualization has the                                                                                        power to transform your infrastructure,
                                                                                                         from the data center to the desktop.
For more information about Lan
Assistans products and services, call 08                                                                 For more information about Microsoft
522 329 00 or visit the Web site at:                                                                     virtualization solutions, go to:                                                                            

For more information about the Greater
Stockholm Fire Department, visit the
Web site at:

                                                       Software and Services                            Technologies
                                                          Microsoft Server Product Portfolio            − Hyper-V
                                                           − Windows Server 2008 Datacenter              − Microsoft Application Virtualization
                                                           − Windows Server 2008 Enterprise
                                                           − Microsoft Forefront Client Security     Hardware
                                                           − Microsoft System Center                    HP DL380 servers
                                                             Configuration Manager 2007                 HP MS60 Direct-Attach Storage
                                                           − Microsoft System Center Data
                                                             Protection Manager 2007                 Partner
                                                           − Microsoft System Center Operations         Lan Assistans
                                                             Manager 2007
                                                           − Microsoft System Center Virtual
                                                             Machine Manager 2008 R2

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