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        A Solo Movement Workshop
     February 26–27, 2011 | Seattle Washington
       for info:

                 Watch hundreds of FREE videos INCLUDING:
         Instructional Videos • Class Reviews • Vintage Clips and Historical Footage
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          Blues Moves • Dance Technique Exercises • Follower Styling • Tranky Doo

                     www. FreeSwingDanceLessons .com
Weekly calendar                                                                            4             Lookin’ & Feelin’ Good on the Dance Floor:
SSC membership Benefits                                                                    5             Improving Your Own Movement
Dance styles                                                                               6             with CASEY SCHNEIDER & MIKE FALTESEK
Teacher Round up                                                                           7
Special Events                                                                             8
Perfor mance Troupes                                                                       9
Local Bands                                                                               10
Recommended Music                                                                         11
Frequently Asked Questions                                                                12            Four hours of classes with Mike Faltesek (Falty) and Casey
Lindy Ettiquite                                                                           13           Schneider (Casey) to help you look good and feel even better
                                                                                                        with your dancing! The workshop will cover everything from
Vintage Shopping                                                                          14          Lindy Hop to solo movement as you learn tools to improve your
Online Resources                                                                          15            movement and push your dancing to the next level. Classes
                                                                                                                     are progressive through the day.
                                                                                                                  (Suited for intermediate and advanced dancers.)
 Savoy Swing Club is a non-profit corporation [501(c)3] located in Seattle, WA. Community members
have volunteered and contributed their time and energy since the organization was formed in 1993.
The mission of the Savoy Swing Club is to preserve and promote the enjoyment and cultural heritage

                                                                                                       SATURDAY, JANUARY 22, 2011
of Lindy Hop and related dances. To this end, the club offers instruction, gives performances, and
sponsors a variety of activities such as workshops, dances and social events to people of all ages.

LAYO U T A N D D E S I G N: Gabriella Cook | C O N TE N T : Daniel Newsome
E D ITO R IA L P H OTO G R AP H Y: Marc Dodobara | C OVE R: Bobby Bonsey                              $50 GENERAL ADMISSION / $38 FOR SSC MEMBERS
S P E C IA L T H AN KS TO: Savoy Swing Club and Marc Dodobara                                            REGISTER ONLINE: WWW.SAVOYSWING.ORG

                                                                                                                             SEATTLE SWING GUIDE | WWW.SAVOYSWING.ORG   3
                 MONDAY                     TUESDAY                         WEDNESDAY                   THURSDAY                              FRIDAY

     SAVOY MONDAYS                      BURN BLUE                       CENTURY                     HEPCAT SWING                       EAST SIDE STOMP
     9:30pm-Midnight                    9pm–1am                         BALLROOM                    9pm–Midnight                       9pm–Midnight
                                        EAST SIDE STOMP                                             BACK ALLEY BLUES                   BLUES
                                        9pm–Midnight                                                9:45pm-12:15am                     UNDERGROUND
                                        OLYMPIA SWINGS
                                        7:30–10:30pm                                                                                   LITTLE RED BLUES

Swingin’ Sonny’s                                    East Side Stomp                                   Century Swings
Mondays, 9:30pm-Midnight                            Tuesdays: 9pm–Midnight                            Wednesdays: 9:30pm-12:30am, +21
Description: Come dance with us every               Fridays: 8pm–Midnight                             Sundays: 9:30pm-12:30am, ALL AGES
Monday at Sonny Newman’s Dance hall! The            Description: East Side Stomp is a great place     Description: Every Wednesday and Sunday,
dance is open to people of all ages. Free for       to come and work out your swing — loads           dance to DJ’d music at the Century Ball-
current students in SSC classes. Five-week          of great dancers and fun music with a beau-       room in Capitol Hill. Wednesday is 21+ and
class sessions at 7:30 & 8:30 – register in         tiful floating hardwood floor and mirrors all     Sundays are all ages.Full bar & restaurant
advance online!                                     over the place! This is an ALL ages event!        available (The Tin Table). Drop-in lesson at
      $5 for the general public, $3 for SSC
PR ICE:                                             Free beginners lesson 9-9:30 on Tuesdays,         9pm.
members. Live music quarterly $10 general,          and 8:15–8-45 on Fridays.                               Lesson & dance $Lesson & dance $7.
                                                                                                      PR ICE:
$7 SSC members.                                     PR ICE:   Cost: $5, includes drop-in lesson.      Every 3rd Wednesday and 1st Sunday of the
          201 N. 85th St., Seattle, WA              LO CATI O N :Location:
                                                                      Kirkland Dance                  month: Live music with Glenn Crytzer and
(Greenwood area). The studio is on the 2nd          Center-835 7th Ave. Kirkland, WA.                 His Syncopators - lesson & dance: $11.
floor above a thrift shop, enter in the back.       W E B S ITE :             LO CAT I O N :   915 E Pine, Seattle.
W E B S IT E :                                                                   W E B S ITE :

                                                    Olympia Swings
Bur n Blue at Waids                                 Tuesdays: 7:30–10:30pm                            HepCat Swing Dance
Tuesdays, 9pm–1am                                   Description: Dance to DJ’ d music! No Part-       Thursdays: 9pm–Midnight
Description: Blues dancing every Tuesday            ner Necessary. All Ages Welcome. Beginning        Description: The longest running ALL ages
night since 2007! Ages 18+. Drop-in lesson          swing dance lesson at 7pm.                        dance in Seattle! Dance is FREE while en-
8-9pm. Full bar available                           PR ICE:   Cost: $5 (except for special events     rolled in Intermediate or beginning swing -
      Cost: $5 before 9pm, $7 after 9pm. $2                                                           Lindy Hop classes with HepCat Productions
                                                    LO CATI O N :   805 E 4th Ave, downtown Olympia
student discount.                                                                                     PR ICE:   $5, or $13 on nights with live music.
                                                    W E B S ITE :
LO CAT I O N :   1212 E Jefferson St,                                                                 LO CAT I O N :   704 19th Ave East, on Captiol Hill
W E B S IT E :                                                                     W E B S ITE :

     SATURDAY                           SUNDAY
                                                                                                 ARE YOU A MEMBER?

                                                                        Members of Savoy Swing Club enjoy a number of benefits including

                                                                                       $2 off Savoy Mondays at Sonnys
                                                                                        $2 off of Blues Underground
                                                                                       $15 off any Savoy Class Series                         N
                                                                                                                                         BIG O G
                                                                                          $20 off of Camp Jitterbug                      S WIN
HALO                               CENTURY
                                                                                        $20 off of Killer Diller Weekend
9:30pm-12:30am                     BALLROOM
                                                                       Those are just a few of the benefits. A year-long membership is only $60 for
                                                                        an individual, or $40 for students and seniors. As an added bonus, you are
                                                                            supporting the programs of Savoy Swing Club, like this publication!

                                                                       info: |

  Back Alley Blues                                  Little Red Blues
  Thursdays: 9:45pm-12:15am                         Second and forth Friday: 7pm–3am
  Description: A blues venue dedicated to the       Description: Come enjoy blues at the Little
  exploration and study of blues dance. Free to     Red Bistro, with live music and dancing in
  BluesProgressions students.                       the front (Free!), and lessons, dancing and
  PR ICE:   $5                                      late night blues in the back.
                                                    PR ICE:   $12
              the U-Studios near 45th and
  LO CAT I O N : At
  University Way. Head N in Alley behind                          Little Red Bistro, 400 Dexter
                                                    LO CATI O N : The
  University bookstore.                             Ave N (on the corner of Dexter and Har-
  W E B S IT E :           rison, South Lake Union)

  Blues Underg round                                HaLo
  First and third Fridays: 9:45pm–1am               Saturdays: 9:30pm-12:30am
  Description: Like most Savoy Swing Club           Description: Every Saturday night, dance to
  events, this event is ALL ages! Free introduc-    DJ’d music at HaLo, the Century Ballroom’s
  tory blues lesson at 9:00pm.                      sister space in Capitol Hill. This event is ALL
                                                    ages. Drop-in lesson at 9:00pm.
  PR ICE:$5 for the general public, $3 for SSC
  members. Free for current students in Savoy       Price: Lesson & dance: $7.
  classes.                                                   500 E Pike Street, Seattle WA.
                                                    LO CATI O N :

  LO CAT I O N : Address:
                    340 15th Ave. E, Seattle,       (above Brocklind’s Costume Shop)
  WA. Dance Underground is downstairs be-           W E B S ITE :
  low the Bagel Deli
  W E B S IT E :

                                                                     Are you a teacher, promoter band
                                                                     leader or business owner looking to
                                                                     reach out to the dance community?

     For info, rates and design inquiries email:                                   SEATTLE SWING GUIDE | WWW.SAVOYSWING.ORG   5
Until the 1990’s when swing began to gain in popular ity once again, there was no distinc-
tion between the different styles of swing dancing, and ever yone simply called it the “Lindy
Hop” or “Jitterbug”. Today, however, the lindy has evolved into many different styles.

Jitterbug                                       no exact science, it just depends on who you     individual expression and improvisation.
Back in the 30’s and 40’s, Jitterbug was        are asking. What you really need to know is      Originating in house parties and smoke-
simply another term for Lindy Hop. Today it     that its a fun starter dance to get you out on   filled bars, the dance is more about musical
has different meanings depending on where       the floor right away.                            interpretation and partner interaction than it
you are. Some people tend to call East Coast                                                     is about memorizing choreography or showy
Swing or “6 count swing” the Jitterbug. In      Savoy Style Lindy Hop                            performance steps.
many other cities it is still used as another   Lindy Hop originated in the Savoy ballroom
word for Lindy Hop. Technically, the term       in Harlem, thus being called Savoy Style. It     Balboa
Jitterbug simply means fast swing dancing.      is a dance of African and jazz roots, heavily    Balboa originated in the crowded ballrooms
                                                relying on a grounded, relaxed posture and       of California in the 1930s. It is composed
East Coast Swing                                crazy movements. This is the dance that          mainly of fast and flashy footwork, which
East Coast Swing is a term for the 6 count      Frankie Manning danced, and it was the           gives the dance a very smooth look. Compli-
part of Lindy Hop (Triple Step, Triple Step,    style in which air steps were first developed.   cated footwork is stressed because the dance
Rock Step). Often people start by learning      Traditional Savoy Style dancers, inspired by     floors were too crowded for large move-
“East Coast Swing” to get the feel of partner   Frankie Manning and the many movies and          ments. This dance is usually done to very
connection, triple steps, etc. When you’ve      clips of Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers, try to keep     fast music.
mastered a few East Coast Swing steps,          it this way. Lindy Hop styles emphasize im-
you’ve actually learned the 6 count patterns    provisation and playing with the music and       Collegiate Shag
of Lindy Hop. The term East Coast Swing         your partner.                                    Shag is much like Balboa, and it is also done
is often used interchangeably with the term                                                      to fairly fast music. Shag is unique because
“Jitterbug”... Nowadays Jitterbug can mean      Blues Dance                                      “trucking”, or breaking away from your
“fast dancing of any style”, “East Coast        Blues dance is a versatile partner dance form    partner and traveling all over the floor, is
Swing” or “East Coast Swing with the triple     quickly gaining popularity across the nation.    part of the dance along with crazy-legged
steps taken out (Step Step Rock Step)”. Its     Free of a basic step, the dance emphasizes       footwork and other silly variations.

                                                                     The Seattle scene has many classes and talented teachers.
                                                                    Here are a few dancers you might meet at a weekly dance.

NAME: Anna    Blair                NAME: Ben White                     NAME: Casey Schneider           NAME: Chris   Chapman
DANCING AT:   HepCat Swing         DANCING AT: East Side   Stomp       DANCING AT: Savoy Mondays       DANCING AT:   HepCat Swing

NAME: Daniel Newsome               NAME: Darla   Weideman              NAME: Gaby    Cook              NAME: Jo Ann Coker
DANCING AT: Savoy Mondays          DANCING AT:   Century Swings        DANCING AT:   Savoy Mondays     DANCING AT: Belltown   Speakeasy

NAME: Jodie   Fleischman           NAME: Joshua Welter                 NAME: Justin Hill               NAME: Kevin Buster
DANCING AT:   Left Foot Boogie     DANCING AT: Century     Swings      DANCING AT: Savoy   Mondays     DANCING AT: Century    Swings

NAME: Lizzy   Boyer                NAME: Lorraine O’Neal               NAME: Mark    Kihara             NAME: Melanie Huot-Lavoie
DANCING AT:   Burn Blue            DANCING AT: Savoy Mondays           DANCING AT:   Century Swings     DANCING AT: Century Swings

NAME: Michael “Dargoff ” Darigol   NAME: Michael “Falty” Falesek       NAME: Peter   Flahiff           NAME: Robin Nunnally
DANCING AT: Century Swings         DANCING AT Savoy Mondays            DANCING AT:   East Side Stomp   DANCING AT Belltown Speakeasy
Emerald City Blues Festival                       Portland Lindy Exchange                            dancers in the world, and then a weekend
November 12–14, 2010                              March 4–6, 2011                                    full of classes and dances. If you live in Se-
                                                                                                     attle, its not to be missed.
With competitions, dances and the fantastic       Portland hosts a weekend-long dance party.
Kim Massie playing with Solomon Douglas,          Enjoy daytime activities, DJed dances and
this is the premier weekend to dance and          fun late nights.
compete in blues in Seattle.                                             Seattle Lindy Exchange                                                                             August, 2011

                                                  Savoy Swing Jam                                    A weekend festival of swingin’ jazz and
Killer Diller Weekend                             March, 2011                                        dancing. 3 days of live music and social
December 3–5, 2010                                                                                   dancing in Seattle, with Large dance floors,
                                                  Savoy Swing Jam is a Seattle tradition. Its
                                                                                                     outdoor jams, special performances and local
Savoy Swing Club is proud to announce the         unique vibe includes free contests, fun prizes
                                                                                                     and national musicians and dancers.
4th annual Killer Diller Weekend 2010. De-        and plenty of free dancing for all!
cember 3rd-5th, 2010 Seattle, WA With na-                                                  
tionally renowned instructors Andy Reid &
Nina Gilkensen! Featuring 2 days of classes
                                                  Camp Jitterbug                                     Camp Balboa Seattle
with national instructors, the 6th annual                                                            September 2–5,2011
Killer Diller Ball, 3 nights of dancing to live   May 27–30, 2011
                                                                                                     Camp Balboa takes place over Labor Day and
music, competitions including the Harvest         Camp Jitterbug and the Jump Session show
                                                                                                     is devoted only to the art of Balboa. They
Moon Lindy Hop Competition, late night            takes place over Memorial day weekend, and
                                                                                                     have boot camps throughout the year to help
dancing, and more.                                is one of the biggest events in the country.
                                                                                                     you get up to speed.                       There is a show featuring all of the best

                                        Bobby Bonsey photography
                                        I produce videos for variety of clients and purposes. Strength in
                                        promotional work, feature length, and short films. I have recently
                                        won a few film festivals and edited a film which won the Interna-                 MASSAGE
                                        tional Family Film Festival in Hollywood.                                       Lauren Kayda, LMP
                                                                                                                          (206) 819-3162

                                                                                                             Savoy Swing Club
                                                                                                             Perfor mance Troupe
                                                                                                             The Savoy Swing Club Performance Troupe
                                                                                                             started off it 18th season with a bang,
                                                                                                             providing six performances in the first two
                                                                                                             months (Aug/Sept). Their main objective is
                                                                                                             to help spread the joy of Lindy Hop and jazz
                                                                                                             movement, and to promote the Savoy Swing
                                                                                                             Club wherever they perform.
                                                                                                             Every September the troupe holds auditions
                                                                                                             to maintain or increase its membership. They
                                                                                                             selected five new dancers to join this year
                                                                                                             since losing one Follow to a busy schedule
                                                                                                             and one Lead who became pregnant (yes,
                                                                                                             that’s actually true!).
                                                                                                             SSCPT is one of the longest running swing
                                                                                                             dance troupes in the world today. The other
                                                                                                             known groups include Rhythm/Harlem Hot
                                                                                                             Shots from Sweden, the Jiving Lindy Hop-
                                                                                                             pers from London, and The Big Apple Lindy
                                                                                                             Hoppers from New York. As of September
Front row: Prim Santoro, Tahlia Holt, Margot Richardson, Pat Prentice. Second row: Jandy Cao, Gwen Rivera,   30, SSCPT has made 308 appearances from
Diane Kirkwood. Third row: Stephen Johnson, Scott Reding, Mark Willson, Leeds Main, Chris Rideout. Fourth    British Columbia to southern California.
row: Nathan Gibbs, Eric Herzog, Winfield Hobbs, Mike Grady, Keith Reynolds, Mike Wendt, Guy Caridi. Top
row: Susanna Chung, Trish Root, Shelley Herzog, Cheryl Smothers, Kate Arnold. Missing: Mark Hill, Tatiana    Learn more at:
Kaminsky, Gina Nakamura

Rainier Rhythm                           Sister Kate                              Swing-amajig                          UW Swing Kids
                                                                                  Swing-amajig is a professional        The UW Swing Kids are a
Rainier Rhythm is a team run             Sister Kate is an all-female
                                                                                  Lindy Hop performance team.           student group that runs regular
by Daniel Newsome and Gabri-             performance troupe, specializing
                                                                                  Like the original lindy teams of      lessons and dances at the cam-
ella Cook. This team is a tryout         in vintage dances of the jazz
                                                                                  the 30's, we get our inspiration      pus ballrooms and in the “Red
level team for advanced dancers          era. Drawing inspiration from
                                                                                  from the ever changing impro-         Square”. They have bigger events
that wish to compete in national         dances from the 1890s-1950s,
                                                                                  visational dynamic of the social      about four times a year, often
competitions. Last year they             Sister Kate’s repetoire includes
                                                                                  dance floor. We enjoy working         featuring live music and special
were the winners at the Ultimate         the Charleston, vintage blues
                                                                                  together to create collaborative      performances. All dances (which
Lindy Hop Showdown for the               and burlesque, Cotton Club and
                                                                                  performance pieces that high-         take place on the UW campus)
team division. They are often            Busby Berkeley tributes, and
                                                                                  light the feeling and vitality of     free to students and open to the
seen performing at location and          movie recreations.
                                                                                  this classic American dance.          general public.
national Lindy Hop events.

                                                                                                                             Like th is new
                                                                                                                                            sl ette r?

 SISTER KATE COCKTAIL PARTY AND CABARET SHOW                                                                               Gabriell a Co
                                                                                                                          Gra ph ic D es
t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t                                                                                              ign So lutio ns
Saturday January 29 | 8:30pm to 12:30am | Odd Fellows Building: West Hall
                                                                                                                          www.g ab riel
                                                                                                                                          la cook .com

                                                                                                             SEATTLE SWING GUIDE | WWW.SAVOYSWING.ORG      9
Glenn Crytzer                                   The Careless Lovers                           ence as a swing dancer and dance instructor
                                                                                              gives him an understanding unique among
and his Syncopators                             The Careless Lovers are a new Seattle band
                                                                                              musicians of the music that swing dancers
The Syncopators are a jazz band dedicated       made up of musicians, many of whom are
                                                                                              and blues dancers like to dance to! His influ-
to the popular music of the 1920’s, 1930’s      also dancers. They feature New Orleans
                                                                                              ences as a pianist include Erroll Garner, Os-
and early 1940’s. Founded in 2007 by band       style small group Jazz, with an emphasis on
                                                                                              car Peterson, Gene Harris, Count Basie, and
leader Glenn Crytzer, the group has become      dancable tunes. They are often seen busking
                                                                                              Thelonious Monk. His small groups (such as
a favorite among dancers and jazz fans in       in Pike Place market or on Broadway. They
                                                                                              the Solomon Douglas Trio) play a mixture
the Seattle area. Their musical influences      are quickly becoming the favorite band for
                                                                                              of musical styles including blues, old-school
include Benny Goodman, Fats Waller, Louis       house parties and small events.
                                                                                              swing, and groovy mainstream swinging jazz
Armstrong, John Kirby, Jelly Roll Morton,                   with tinges of bop and soul-jazz.
and more. The group has been featured at
Camp Jitterbug, the Seattle Lindy Exchange,
the Emerald City Blues Festival, the Savoy
                                                Solomon Douglas
Swing Jam, the Century Masters’ Weekend,        Solomon’s bands (including the Solomon        The Blue 4 Tr io
Harlem Nights, and the Killer Diller Ball,      Douglas Swingtet, Back Pocket, Corner
                                                                                              The Blue 4 Trio plays Wednesday nights at
and is the house band at Seattle’s Historic     Pocket, and the Solomon Douglas Trio) have
                                                                                              the Pink Door in Post Alley. They perform
Century Ballroom.                               played at countless exchanges, camps, work-
                                                                                              music that swings. Nat “King” Cole Trio
                                                shops, and other events in North America,                                                                           meets the Mills Brothers. Fats Waller meets
                                                Asia, and Australia since 2000. His experi-
                                                                                              Fats Domino. Slim Galliard meets Fred
                                                                                              Astaire. It is music of many decades and no
                                                                                              decade in particular, all happening at the
                                                                                              same time, woven into a seamless, beautiful
                                                                                              whole. At the core of this group’s sound
                                                                                              are the band’s sometimes sweet, sometimes
                                                                                              rough-hewn three-part harmony vocals and
                                                                                              a piano-ukulele-bass-and-drums rhythm sec-
                                                                                              tion that swings in a variety of textures. For
                                                                                              booking call 206-832-5372 .

Recommended Artists
Lionel Hampton • Count Basie • Jimmy Lunceford • Duke
Ellington • Ray Charles • Louis Armstrong • Carmen McRae
Miles Davis • Ella Fitzgerald • Nina Simone • Benny Goodman
Artie Shaw • Brenda Lee • Chick Webb • Ella Fitzgerald • Louis
Prima • Wynonie Harris • Andrews Sisters • Bill Haley • Chuck
Berry • Ernestine Anderson • Fats Waller • Slim Gaillard 4 Dinah
Washington • Lester Young • Nat King Cole • Pee Wee King
Ray Bryant • Harry James • Will Bradley • Bob Wills • Janis
Martin • Joe Liggins • Hank Balland • Camille Howard • Little
Richard • There are hundreds more! It takes a lifetime to
discover them all!

Recommended CD’s
Oscillatin’ Rhythm (compilation) • Count Basie, the Deca Col-
lection • Jivin’ Jamboree I and II (compilation) • Honkers and
Bar Walkers I and II (compilation) • Mary Stalling Manhattan
Moods • Louis Prima Capitol Collectors Series • Mighty Blue
Kings Meet me At Uptown • The Best of Louis Jordan (compila-
tion) • Benny Goodman Best of Benny Goodman • The Best of
Cab Calloway (compilation)

Record Shopping Tips
•    If it has dancers on the cover, it probably sucks. The excep-
     tion is Jump Blues collections. If the title has the word
     zoots, hipsters, or daddy-o, be sure to give it a listen before
     buying as it may not be in the Swing Jazz vibe.
•    Know the store’s return policy.
•    Start with “Best of ” and Compilations, and choose classics
     like Duke Ellington and Count Basie over newer “Swing”
     like Cherry Poppin’ Daddies. Trust us, you’ll enjoy them
     more in the long run, and they are easier to sell back if you
     don’t like them.
•    Try and on the
     internet. They’re great resources.
•    When you like a song, don’t be shy to ask the DJ what he
     just played. Most DJ’s really don’t mind.
•    Try shopping e-bay or Amazon Zshops for cheaper prices.
•    Read liner notes to find out interesting history about the
     era. You’ll have automatic conversational tidbits when hang-
     ing out with dancers.

                                     Acoustic Swing, Gypsy Waltzes
                                     Greatest hits of the 20s & 30s     
                                                                       SEATTLE SWING GUIDE | WWW.SAVOYSWING.ORG   11
What’s the best way to learn?                           chance to try dancing with lots of people. We call     like to do, there are dancers that do dress vintage
We recommend taking a few beginning classes to          this social learning theory, and its one of the best   often, even out to weekly events, and there are
get the basics down first. You can pick up a few        ways to learn to dance. If you don’t want to rotate,   some great stores in Seattle and online that will
steps from the drop in classes before the dance, or     you don’t have to. Of course when going out for a      sell you some great threads. Check out our section
sign up for a series class from any one of the plac-    night of dancing, nobody needs a partner so long       dedicated to this topic.
es around town offering instruction, such as Savoy      as they have the courage to ask others to dance
Swing Club Mondays, Russian Center Thursdays            (Please don’t be shy!).                                Where can I interact with dancers, teachers,
or the Century Ballroom on Wednesdays.                                                                         bands etc?
                                                        What should I wear?                                    Besides on the dance floor,, and
I took a couple of classes and I don’t get it!          You will find a variety of styles on swing             much discussion nowadays is done on Facebook.
Am I hopeless?                                          dancers, but a good rule of thumb is to dress          Its nice to use becuase you will get invited to
Not at all. Learning to dance is a process, one that    nice and semi-casual, with clothes in which            lots of small fun events and parties that might not
can take a lifetime to master, and at least a few       you can move comfortably and look good as              necessarily get advertised any other way.
weeks to get started with. We recommend trying          well. Look your best and you will have an
at least four classes to get the basics of any one      easier time getting to know the swing dance            Who is Frankie Manning?
dance down, especially if you are new to dancing.       community. For classes, remember you will              Frankie Manning is one of the original Whitey’s
As you progress, learning moves and other dances        be moving so wear something comfortable                Lindy Hoppers, a famous dance troupe of the
gets a lot easier. But it is something anyone can       and wear well-padded shoes that don’t fall             1940’s, who starred in many different movies from
do, and benefit from both physically and mentally.      off to protect your feet.                              that period, including Hellzapoppin’ and Day at
Most of the best dancers in the world are not                                                                  the Races. He has been accredited with inventing
“naturals”; they progressed through hard work and       Do I need to dress vintage?                            the first air steps ever done in Lindy. Frankie trav-
good attitude.                                          Although vintage is and always will be in fashion,     eled the world teaching Lindy Hop until he was
                                                        if you don’t find it to your taste you have no need    95. He was a major contributor to the interna-
Do I need a partner?                                    to worry, since a lot of dancers don’t. Most swing     tional appreciation and knowledge of Lindy Hop.
No! As for classes, almost all classes we teach allow   dancers today tend to dress up vintage for special
you to drop in as a single. Singles, and most of the    dances, rather than weekly night club dances.
class will rotate every few minutes, so you’ll get a    However, if you decide it is something you’d

Wondering if it’s okay to tell that those crazy kids in the corner to        •   Do not do aerials when it is crowded, or if there is any chance
stop doing aerials before they land on you? Or the new guy that                  you may hit someone.
he’s hurting your shoulder socket? Or maybe you’re just not quite            •   Girls, its OK to ask the boys to dance! Don’t be shy! Either way
sure how to suggest your friend start wearing more deodorant since               guys should walk her back to her seat! (And guys, please ask the
she’s taken up dancing? Well, we may not have all the answers, but               girls to dance too!
here are a few of the dancing scene’s fundamental concepts to help
you refine your dancing social graces:                                       •   Do not spit gum on the floor. It ruins shoes, and can really be
                                                                                 annoying for people who have to clean it up.
•   Do not criticize others on the dance floor. The social floor is
    not a place to exchange information                                      •   Tip your bartenders!
•   Do not take being turned down to dance personally. Often                 •    If you go to a bar to hear music, please buy a drink and tip.
    people may be tired, nursing an injury, or just don't like the               Nothing is more embarrassing than hearing the bartenders talk
    song. Try asking later. If you get a second "no", wait for them              negatively about the “cheap swing kids” who drink nothing but
    to ask you.                                                                  water all night and don’t even tip.
•   Do not wear perfume or cologne. Without a doubt someone                  •   If you want to dance with someone, ask them right away. Do
    will dislike the scent (or may be allergic).                                 not follow them around all night trying to get up the courage,
                                                                                 as this may appear creepy.
•   Try to apologize if you accidentally bump into someone on the
    dance floor. It is bound to happen, especially when the floor is         •   Try to keep an attitude of humility. Its easy to get a big head
    crowded.                                                                     when you have a ton of cool moves.
•   Do not take it personally if someone bumps into you, even if             •   If you sweat a lot, bring two shirts!
    they forget to apologize. By the way, don’t forget to apologize          •   Don’t be afraid to ask your teachers to dance! We love dancing
    when you bump into people!                                                   with beginners, and we love to help make your night an enjoy-
•    Always wash your hands after using the restroom, and through-               able one. Don’t be intimidated!
    out the night, it helps to keep us all healthy! Colds, flus and          •   Treat everyone as you would want to be treated. Kindness is
    the like are no fun, and are spread quickly in this swing dancing            always a good rule!
    social environment!

                                      Beginning Lindy Hop
                                      Want to start swing? This class is
                                      designed to get you swinging out
                                      and having fun. No pervious experi-
                                      ence or partner necessary!

                                      Beginning Balboa
                                      Tired out by fast tunes? Learn basic
                                      balboa and footwork, turns and
                                      techniques to take your dance to
                                      the next level. No partner neces-
                                      sary. Some dance or Balboa experi-
                                      ence helpful but not necessary.

                                      5 week series : $55 in advance
                                      $60 at the door. $40/$45 at
                                      the door for members. Regis-
                                      ter early online and save

                                      Nov 29 -Dec 27
    SIGN U &
                                                                                                    SEATTLE SWING GUIDE | WWW.SAVOYSWING.ORG       13
                                                    Lucky Vintage                                     things, and they display them well. They of-
                                                    4742 University Way NE                            fer a lot of gently used contemporary brands,
                                                                                                      without focusing too much on vintage or
                                                    Nestled just north of the major hustle and        vintage looking clothing.
                                                    bustle of The Ave, the clothes and acces-
                                                    sories at Lucky Vintage seem to be chosen
                                                    not so much for their vintage-ness but for
                                                                                                      Red Light Vintage
                                                                                                      312 Broadway E
                                                    their stylishness; wonderful and well-edited
                                                                                                      4560 University Way Northeast
                                                    goodies line racks arranged by style and size
                                                    (browsing is a cinch). Cheeky handwritten         Red Light Vintage is always my first stop on
                                                    tags ("this dress screams 40s sexpot librar-      Broadway. They have a huge selection (be
                                                    ian!") adorn every item.                          sure to check out downstairs) and they do a
                                                                                                      great job with accessories, so if you’re look-
                                                    Fremont Vintage Mall                              ing for that perfect hat, glasses or vintage
                                                    3419 Fremont PL. N                                jacket to make the outfit, chances are they
                                                                                                      have the item you are looking for.
                                                    Fremont Vintage Mall is the sister store to
                                                    Atlas clothing. Featuring a items from the
                                                    20's to present, they offer a wide selection of
                                                                                                      Atlas Clothing
                                                                                                      1419 10th Ave
                                                    dresses, shoes, skirts, demin and accessories.
                                                    Located between 34th and 35th in down-            Just a few blocks up from Red Light, and
                                                    town fremont, this place is a find for vintage    quite near the Century Ballroom is Atlas
                                                    outfits.                                          clothing. Now in a new location this store
                                                                                                      has some really well selected clothing, and
                                                    Buffalo Exchange                                  doesn’t try to crowd too much clothing in
                                                    4530 University Way NE                            too small of a space like many other cloth-
                                                    2232 NW Market Street                             ing stores do. They also pull from a number
                                                                                                      of suppliers which gives better selection.
                                                    Buffalo Exchange has become a standard            If I had to pick out their strength, its most
                                                    for vintage shopping. They buy lots of good       certainly shoes.                                             
This is the place where most of us got those        This website features a collection of articles,   The Savoy Style Swing Dance Shop is a top
fancy dance shoes we wear. They have all            videos, images and tips for any all-female        web destination for videos and swing dance
kind of fancy kicks for the boys, and pleny         vintage jazz dance group.                         related goods.
of wedges and other popular swing dance
styles for the girls. Their return policy is fan-                             
tastic, and they always ship quickly. Highly        Yehoodi is the chat place on the web for          Your guide to local information on events,
recommended.                                        swing dancers. You can waste many hours           dances, bands, special workshops and clothes.
                                                    reading the various opinions of swing danc-                           ers here. It can be fun and educational.
This is a place on the web where you can                                                              This site shows some of the best finds for
get free short clips on how to do various                              Swing Dancers on ebay.
swing dance moves!                                  When you’re ready to take the plunge,
                                                    Remix Vintage Shoes has the very best.                                     Worth every penny, these shoes will last          See some of the best vintage and modern
See a calendar of national events.                  you for years.                                    fashion discussed here.

     Awesome Lindy Sweat Fest                                                                              We’ll make you the man
                                                                                                           mama warned her abou

     with Jodi Fleischman & Mark Kihara
     call: 206 251 7658 or find us online:

                                                                        f e a t u r in g

join us DECEMBER 3 –5, 2010           K   w w w.KILLERDILLER

Do you look like a DORK
 on the dance floor!?!?

Get mad skillz in only
four private lessons.
Rebecca Brightly, pro
swing dancer, will fix
your funk. Contact by    rbrightly@
email for appointment.
                                                    SEATTLE SWING GUIDE | WWW.SAVOYSWING.ORG   15
se at t le swing guide | w w