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									  Name of Company:
Well Name & Number:                                                                   Drilling Application
   Microsoft Excel 97 Date: April 22, 2011                                        ASSORTMENT of MINI-APPLICATIONS
                                                                                       ASSORTMENT of MINI APPS

   WELL CONTROL - Surface BOPs - Wait & Weight                                     FIND THE LENGTH FOR A BALANCE PLUG
Pump Output, bbl/stroke? =                                                Hole Size, in? =
MD of Well, ft? =                                                         DP OD, in? =
TVD of Well, ft? =                                                        DP ID, in? =
Bit or Hole Size, in? =                                                   Sacks of Cement to Use? =
Depth Casing Set, ft? =                                                   Yield/Sx, ft³? =
... Casing ID, in? =                                                      Depth Bottom of Plug, ft? =
Length of Drill Pipe, ft? =                                                                           SOLUTION
... Drill Pipe OD, in? =                                                  Plug Height or Length                                     #DIV/0!
... Drill Pipe ID, in? =                                                  Depth to Top of Plug                                      #DIV/0!
Length of HWDP, ft? =                                                     Water Ratio                                               #DIV/0!
... HWDP OD, in? =                                                        Barrels to Displace or Balance Plug                       #DIV/0!
... HWDP ID, in? =
... Drill Collars OD, in? =                                                    MUD WEIGHT TO MAINTAIN BHP WITHOUT RISER
... Drill Collars ID, in? =                                               Air Gap (RKB to Water), ft? =
Current Mud Weight, ppg? =                                                Water Depth, ft? =
Slow Pump Pressure? =                                                     TVD of Hole, ft? =
Shut-in Drill Pipe Pressure, (SIDPP)? =                                   Current Mud Weight, ppg? =
Shut-in Casing Pressure, (SICP)? =                                        Weight of Sea Water, ppg? =
Pit Gain, bbls? =                                                         Mud Weight For Required BHP                               #DIV/0!
                     KILL CALCULATIONS
Mud Weight to Kill                                       #DIV/0!                    FIND A NEW TVD                       Find New TVD "X"
Initial Circulating Pressure                                0             Angle Last Survey? =                            TVD           MD
Final Circulating Pressure                               #DIV/0!          MD Last Survey? =
STKS - Kill Mud Surface to Bit                           #DIV/0!          TVD Last Survey? =                                X
STKS - Kill Mud Bit to Surface                           #DIV/0!          MD For New TVD? =
STKS - Full Circulation                                  #DIV/0!          Result New TVD                   0'                X = #DIV/0!
Estimated Length of Kick, ft                             #DIV/0!
Estimated Density of Kick Material, ppg                  #DIV/0!                     FIND A NEW MD                        Find New MD "Y"
Estimated Max Casing Pressure for a Gas Kick             #DIV/0!          Angle Last Survey? =                             MD          TVD
                                                                          TVD Last Survey? =
              DIFFERENTIAL TEST LINER TOP                                 MD Last Survey? =
Top of Liner, TVD? =                                                      TVD For New MD? =
Mud Weight, ppg? =                                                        Result New MD                    0'                Y = #DIV/0!
Differential Test Pressure, psi? =
Drill Pipe ID, in? =                                                          WATER CUSHION TO PERFORATE UNDERBALANCE
TVD Length of Mud in Drill Pipe, ft                      #DIV/0!          Formation Pressure, psi? =
Volume Mud to Fill Drill Pipe, bbls                      #DIV/0!          Amount of Underbalance PSI to Perforate, psi
Differential Test PSI in EMW, ppg                        #DIV/0!          Density of Fluid For Cushion, ppg
                                                                          Tubing or Workstring Capacity, bbl/ft? =
   Fluid Column to Remove to Perforate Underbalance                       Water Cushion, bbls                          #DIV/0!
 Amount of Underbalance, psi? =
 Amount of Nitrogen Cushion, psi? =                                                        REQUIREMENTS TO MIX KCL
 Weight of Fluid in Hole, ppg? =                                          Total Volume to Build, bbls? =
 BHP or Formation Pressure of Zone, ppg? =                                Weight of Base Fluid, ppg? =
 TVD of Zone, ft? =                                                       % KCl Required, (1-10)? =
*TVD length of fluid column to displace with N2 #DIV/0!                   Pounds of KCL in One Sack? =
                                                                          Sacks of KCl Required                                     #DIV/0!
                    AVERAGE HOLE SIZE
Volume of interval from Caliper Log, ft3? =                                                BUOYANCY EFFECT ON BHA
Length of Interval, ft? =                                                 Mud Weight in Use, ppg? =
Average Hole Size, in                                    #DIV/0!          Weight of BHA in Air, Lbs? =
                                                                          Weight of BHA in Mud*,lbs                                      0
               TEMPERATURE CONVERSION                                     Max Available Weight to Run on Bit*,lbs                        0
Centigrade temperature, º? =
Fahrenheit temperature, º? =                                                      MINIMUM PERMISSIBLE DRILL COLLAR SIZE
Centigrade to Fahrenheit                                   32             Bit Size, in? =
Fahrenheit to Centigrade                                 -17.778          OD of Casing Coupling, in? =
                                                                          Minimum Drill Collar Size*,in                               0.000
1. Support 20K to 35K string weight.                                                 CAPACITY OF RECTANGULAR MUD PIT
2. Shouldn't pump off with the string weight it supports.                 Length of Pit, ft? =
3. Have a drill-off rate between 1' and 5' per minute.                    Width of Pit, ft? =
                                                                          Barrel per Inch of Depth of Fluid                            0.0
     References: Halliburton Cementing Handbook, Baker Oil Tools Handbook, *DRILCO Drilling Assembly Handbook and WCS Well Control School Manual
                                                                THE END

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