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The sequence knife


									             Table of Contents


Foreword by Bobby Warren…..…………………..5

Constructing the Gimmicks………………….…..10


Additional Ideas…………...………………..……20

Sample Script by Floyd Collins…………..……...27

Sample Script by Robert Haas…………………...29

Drawing Duplication Effect……………………...33


Legal Disclaimer…………………………………41


     I dedicate this effect to my sister, Melanie. Growing
up together wasn't always easy. Sometimes I wasn't the
nicest big bro to you, but now we're closer than ever. I
want ed to thank you for everything you have done for
me and will continue to do. I'd als o like to apologize for
all the teasing I did, although you probably enjoyed a lot
of it (hehehe). You’re the best sis a brother could ask

   I hope we continue to grow stronger throughout the
years. You're the best!

         "Ummmma. Two Bucks!" (inside joke)

I would like to dedicate this effect to my sister Vickie who
bought me my first magic set when I was 8 years old and
            took me to see my first magic show.

             Thanks sis for giving me the best gift !!
          As we get older you never tire of my magic !

    (Floyd pe rforming 'Princess and the Pea' for his sister Christmas Eve
                              January 24, 2008)

                        Fore word
                    (By Bobby Warren)

                            With your purchase of Floyd
                        Collins ' Movie Time, you have in
                        your      hands     a    sure-fire
                        confabulation routine that is
                        audience-tested and ready to
                        create a sense of awe and
                        wonder with y our audienc es. In
                        Movie Time, t he performer seeks
                        help from the audienc e to
                        determine what movie will be
                        watched, what day it will be
                        returned and at what hour.

    The word "confabulation" is derived from Latin,
combining a prefix meaning "together" with the verb for
"chatting." The word can convey the sense of having a
casual convers ation, and within the field of psychology, it
carries the idea of having a false memory that is
believed to be true. Consequently, a confabulation
routine by mentalists draws heavily from this idea of a
false memory – or gaps in a memory that are filled.

    Before seeing Floyd perform Movie Time, I had seen
one of the top magicians in the world perform a dream
sequence confabulation routine. I must admit, it was
impressive. However, at the same time, it was so
unbelievable that it automatically made me think not at
the wonder and mystery but what might the gimmick look

   For me, Floyd's Movie Time retains the mystery,
wonder and awe of a confabulation routine, while
incorporating interconnected bits of information to fill the

gaps in the performer's story. Because all of the
information is related, the effect comes across as a
cohesive presentation and story.

   A strong point about Movie Time is that the prediction
remains in full view throughout the performance. During
the revelation, your helper opens up the DVD case to
see the correct movie was predicted. Inside is a card
from the DV D rental store containing the right day and
exact hour when the movie will be returned.

   What you are reading here is a basic explanation of
the routine, but do not dismiss how powerful t his
revelation is on an audienc e. Once I added Movie Time
to my shows, it immediately became the most talked
about effect in my performance.

     I must confess, I introduced Movie Time into my act
before I had thoroughly rehearsed it. But, I was eager --
very eager -- to see how it play ed. Because the effect
utilizes a simple yet deceptive method, I was able to
execute it, even if my patter was less than stellar (I first
used it in a Christmas show and deviated from Floyd's
presentation outlined in this manuscript). Despite my
presentation not being fully fles hed out, Movie Time still
killed. The audience loved it and spoke highly of it after
the show. (I enjoy talking to audienc e members to gain
feedback because I don't perform for myself, I perform
for them.)

   Unlike Floyd, I am not a creator of effects. So, I rely
on the creativity of people like him to form the basis of
what I do. Floyd's Movie Time has a permanent place in
my show becaus e of its simple execution, engaging plot
and entertainment value.

But, don't take my word for it. You now own a very
powerful routine. Practice the moves, rehearse your
presentation and expect to amaze your audiences.

                             Bobby Warren
                               Associate Editor
                               Linking Ring

The Effect:
     Movie Time is a confabulation routine that creates a
very startling revelation! On stage sits a generic DVD
rental case, while you invite a spectator to come on
stage to assist you. As you flip through a book of movie
titles you blindly ask the spectator to pick one movie title.
You then ask them to give you a random date of when
the movie is to be returned and a random time. When
you open the DVD case there is the DVD title the
spectator picked along wit h a reminder c ard with the
correct date and time the spectator predicted. There are
many confabulations out there, however, this one hits
home- it's quick, clean and has everything built in.

The Performance:
   You ask for a spectator to come on stage and assist
you with an experiment. You explain that you have
rented a DVD for the evening to watch when you get
home and you would like to see if you made a
connection with a movie that your audience might have
picked if put in the same situation.

     You show a plain DV D case and explain how you
spent a lot of time picking out this one title that
something drew you to pick it. You then ex plain you can
tell a lot about a person by what movie they pick.

     You now int roduce a book of movie titles. You flip
through and have the spectator read off a few of the
titles. Show that all the titles are different and random
movies. You explain how you use this book to keep track
of the movies you liked and want to watch again. You
then turn your head and have the spectator tell you
when to stop. You open t he book at that page and ask
them to remember this movie.

   Now you grab the DVD case and an index card. You
ask the spectator to tell you a date of when the movie
should be returned. You then ask for a time. You write
the spectators date and time on the index card and hand
them the DV D case.

   You now recap everything that has just happened.
The spectator now opens the case to find the DVD they
picked is the one you rent ed. As a bonus, there is a
reminder card inside the c ase that has the s ame date
and time as the index card has.

           Constructing The Gimmicks

There are some things you need to make and print for
this effect should you decide to construct the gimmicks
on your own. A completed set is already included in your

What You Receive:
 A spiral top sketch book force pad (blank)
 A gimmicked DVD case wit h 'Movie Time' insert
 Rent al return reminder cards (to print additional
  cards, template is included on DVD)
 This manuscript
 A performance and Instructional DV D

Other Props Needed (to make your own):
 Double-sided tape
 A craft knife
 A printer (to print templates)
 Card stock and plain paper.

First, we will begin walking you through how to construct
the Force Book. I believe a force book is THE BES T
way to force the movie title. Should y ou not want to use
this method to force the movie, additional ideas will be
presented at the end of this manuscript.

Creating the Force Book.
                                  Let’s     begin     by
                                  gimmicking the sketch
                                  book.    The sketch
                                  book will essentially
                                  become a S vengali
                                  book. You can buy
                                  the sketch books from
                                  any art supply or
                                  scrap book store.

                             Ensure there is a spiral at the
                             top of t he sketch book you
                             purchase. The next step will
                             be gaffing the pages.

                             Gaffing the book relies on
                             using short and long pages.
                             When you flip the book
                             normal it will show all the
                             non-force movie titles. When
                             you riffle the book upwards it
                             shows the force movie.

Gaffing the flip book.
   Cut about 2mm off the bottom of every other page.
The book will have Long, Short, Long, Short pages until
the end of the book. I used a craft knife and a ruler. This
has given me the best res ults. You may want to use
scissors or a c utting board- as long as t he cut is straight
and relatively equal you will be fine. Make sure to cut
every other page short. The first page should be a long

                                       On the inside
                                       of every long
                                       page write the
                                       name of s ome
                                       popular       but
                                       movie titles.
                                       They can be
                                       any    movie's
                                       you'd       like.
                                       Write them big
and bold on the long pages. It may be a good idea to

use pencil at first to make sure you've done it correctly.
Make sure these are movie titles that most people will
know; you want to peek their int erests early on in the
effect so mix it up with good well known movies. When
presenting this effect, you will be able to add many jokes
about the different movies printed within the book.

                                           On       every
                                           short    page
                                           write     your
                                           force movie.
                                           Note     using
                                           kid’s movies
                                           for the non
                                           force and a
                                           horror movie
                                           as the force
                                           creates a very
                                           odd    feeling
for your spectator. The movies you pick are up to you
but think about using a movie title that you c an patter
about after the effect is over. Alternatively make the
force movie one which can lead you into your next effect.
I have one set made up with Jaws as the force movie for
a show I did at a sailing club venue. The arrow points to
the end you need to cut short ap prox. (2mm)

                            The outside DVD cover
                            and gaffing the case.

                            Print and trim the outside
                            cover to fit your DVD case.
                            Once you have positioned it
                            in the case you can use a
                            craft knife to cut the slit.

Creating the DVD Ca se

                            The DV D case will have
                         a slit in it large enough for
                         you to slip t he reminder
                         card through. The slit is
                         placed just below the blue
                         line, which helps conceal it.
                         The slit is also placed here
                         so the card can fall through
                         into the inside cover.

                         Should you want to create
                         your own DV D insert using
                         the provided template, it's
                         best to print it (as well as
                         the reminder cards) on
                         heavier card stock.

The Inside Insert.

    When opening the DV D c ase, you will notice that the
inside ins ert overlaps and covers the slit through the
DVD. This is done to hi de t he slit once the DV D case is
opened. This inside cover is simply attached to the DVD
case by double-sided tape. When loading the reminder
card, the card will fall through behind the insert and land
on the bottom of the case. When the DV D case is
opened, the slit is concealed by the slightly longer inside
insert. Be careful while opening the DV Case, as you
do not want the reminder card to fall out.

   If you do not wish to use the inside cover just use a
black piece of construction paper, the black art will hide
the slit well. The main thing here is t hat you hide the slit
so when you open the DVD case it cannot be seen.

    Once everything is constructed, we will look at how
you will handle the forcing of the movie title and writing
on the reminder card.


    There are many different confabulation effects on the
market. I wanted one that combined movies and DV Ds.
There are plenty of movie effects on the mark et as well.
E verything I have found has left me wanting a little more
and a lot cleaner.

    One day I looked at an empty DVD case sitting on my
desk and thought I wonder how I can turn this into an
effect. The wheels started to spin and what you find here
is the outcome of many different methods and t rials. I
use this effect in my stage show and it never fails to get
a good applause. You will want to develop your own
patter for the effect and deliver with your own style.
Since I add a lot of humor into my routines I do not spell
out for you a script for this effect. I just find that my style
of funny is not for everyone and you almost need my
sense of humor to deliver it the way I do. So please
come up with your own script and patter it any way you

Forcing the Movie

Note: This is only one method. Additional methods
are listed at the end of this manuscript.

                                      If you riffle the book
                                      this way you will see
                                      all   the     non-force

                                     When you riffle the
                                     book this way you
                                     can force the movie
                                     Turn your head and
                                     look away.

                                    Holding t he         book
                                    upright: riffle from the
                                    bottom page going
                                    upwards.          Instruct
your spectator to tell you when to stop. Once you stop,
open the book so they can see the page you stopped on.
This will be the force page with your movie title on it.

The DVD Case

                                         Before      your
                                         begins,    write
                                         the two digit
                                         year on the
                                         reminder card
                                         and slip the
                                         reminder card
                                         into the slit on
                                         the back of the
                                         DVD case until
                                         just the date
                                         and time are
                                         Leave the card
sticking out just enough to writ e on the lines. Lay the
DVD c ase wit h slit side down so the reminder card is
hidden from view.

     You will start out by forcing the movie using the
enclosed book (alternat e methods are discussed at the
end of the manuscript). Once you have forced the movie
title that is inside the DVD case you close the force book
and grab your index card and pen.

                                             Turn t he DVD
                                             case over slit
                                             side     facing
                                             you as to use
                                             the DVD case
                                             for a writing
                                             surface. Use
                                             the index card
                                             as            a
                                             cover of the
                                             reminder card
                                             as you flip
                                             over the case.
                                             Slide       the
                                             index      card
                                             just above t he

    Before the performance, on the index card put the
four digits for the current year. For example you would
write '2008' before the show. On the reminder card put
the two digits 08 at the end of the date line, this mak es a
nice little contrast. Remember, this is done BEFORE
your performance. Doing this will help you utilize the
'One Ahead' principle while double writing.

  You ask the spectator for a date but t here is a special
way you ask for your numbers that will t hrow off the fact

that you are double writing both on the index card and
the reminder card.

    Facing your spectator and the audience you ask for a
date, but ask for one number at a time. For example you
would say: "We need a date to return this DVD or I will
have to pay a big fine, so please give me a number for
the month. A number from 1 – 12." Allow you helper to
give y ou a number. Write this number down on the index
card. Ask for a day and as soon as they start to speak
write the month on t he reminder card and quickly write
the day on the index. Pause and say that’s odd and
smile, then say out loud and the year is 2008 as you say
this write the day on the reminder card. You can ham
this up a bit and say we c ould put 2009 as t he y ear and
it would be more accurate to “MY” return date. Say what
you will but don’t stray too far from 2008 because that is
what you already wrote down.

Now for the time: Ask for an hour and write it down on
the index card. Y ou then ask for the minutes and write
the time on the reminder card in full. Slip the reminder
card        down          inside        t he       case.
You then as if you wrote the wrong minutes down say,
did you say and then miss call the minutes. Onc e they
correct you say ok and scribble a line this time writing
the minutes on the index card.

                                  This may sound
                                 complicated but truly
                                 this way of double
                                 writing has never failed
                                 me. It is a one a head /
                                 one behind method I

use often. The pause and the mistake will give you
enough spacing that no one will suspect a thing.

You now turn the DV D case around with the index card
facing the spectator and hiding the slit. You recap
everything that was written on the index card and for the
first time you ask your spectator to name the movie they
had chos en. Write the movie title down on the index
card in front of the spectator big and bold. This takes all
the heat off the slit side of the DVD case.

The Reveal

   Slide the index card off the case and flip the case
down so the slit is facing the floor. Hand the case to the
spectator to open.

    Inside the case is the DVD that matches the title they
picked and a card. Ask them to remove the card while
you display the DVD inside and the index card. It's a
match! Remember to have your spectator take a bow
for a job well done!

                    Additional Ideas

   You can also create a fake receipt and place it inside
the DVD c ase, using add a number forc e you can also
reveal the amount you spent at the rental store. This
makes for a fourt h revelation if you feel you need it.

    Dan Harlan saw me perform 'Movie Time', and spoke
to me about the double writing afterword. He suggested
that instead of just putting the year on the paper and the
card, that you als o put the movie title on the index card
ahead of time as well. This way when you ask the
spectator for the movie title you can fill out the reminder
card in full. Good idea and another awesome way to do
the double writing.

Additional Force Ideas.

     (1) If the force book is not your thing, you could also
use a two way force bag. There are many high quality
clear force bags on the market or if you’re a do-it-
yourselfer making one with Zip Lock freezer bags is not
all that difficult. Simply cut up like squares with different
movie titles on them and in one side have all the same
(force) movie title in the other side have your indifferent
movie titles. Show that all are different then force the
movie that is inside the DV D case.

    (2) An additional way to force the movie is using
 blank playing cards and writing the names of the movies
on them. Using your favorite card force you can force
the name of the movie in the case. Although I feel the
sketch book is the strongest method, these other

methods will work just as well and are just as effective..

     (3) Alternative performance would be to use two
spectators, one for the movie force and one to give you
the time and date of the return. You may also wish to
break this down and have three s pectators one for each
item to be revealed in t he case. Depending on the size
of the audience I have done this effect with as many as
four. This again is up to you and your style of

Some thoughts from Marc Spelmann:

    (4) The basic principle is a list of roughly 8 movies
on a piece of paper, you mention that you can never
decide on what movie to rent so a simpl e tec hnique you
have is to write your top 8 choices numbered 1 - 8. You
go into the store and ask the guy in the video store to
name a number from 1 - 8. Whichever number he names
the movie by the side of that number is the one you rent.

     In other words you leave it to chance. As you are
saying this you have opened your wallet and flashed a
list to the audience and replaced it back in your wallet.

   They then call out a number from 1 - 8 in our example
we'll say number 5, and you ask a person to help you
out on stage. You hand them the list and they read out
the choices. When they have finished you mention that
they named number 5 and the movie by that number is
'The Godfather'. Job done.

   You simply have an index of 8 lists, on list 1 in
position 1 is Godfather, the rest of the numbers can have
any random films. On list 2 in position 2 you have 'The

Godfather', list 3 position 3 "the Godfather'.     Now
depending on what number they call you retrieve that list
so 'The Godfather' falls on the named number. In our
example list 5 would be retrieved showing 'The
Godfather' in position 5.

    I would also add another element to the reminder
return card.. The date is great but maybe a user name
as well as it could be one of those 24hr rent als that you
can arrange on the internet, also a recommendation of
your next rental?

Some thoughts from Robert Haa s:

      (5) In playing with Floyd's ingenious routine, I have
considered an alternate way to gimmick the box using a
real movie.       Suppose you wish to force the movie
'Finding Nemo', you would purchase a copy from your
local movie store (a real copy of t he movie). You would
then wrap it any type of wrapping paper. You will then
carefully place a slit through the wrapping paper all the
way until you have reached the inside of the box. Be
very careful when doing this because you do not want to
damage the movie. Once finished, place a thicker
ribbon around the package. This ribbon will help hide
the slit. Now, t he present will be VIS UALLY inspectable.
I would then create patter that you purchased a movie
for your nephew and you wanted to see if the audience
would have picked the same movie. Force the movie,
and when it is time to reveal it, they will see the actual
title was wrapped in the wrapping paper. Furthermore,
ask them to remove the shrink wrapping from the movie
and t o open the case. Inside, t hey will find a small
birthday card signed with everyone's names who you
had just chosen moments ago (using a nail-writer).

        Note: Sometimes movies already have inserts
which come with them. I usually will open the movie
myself first, remove the "Extras" and then re-wrap the
movie using cellophane DV D wrappers (available at
movie stores) and then wrap it in t he wrapping paper.
The spectator never notices the difference!

    Whilst the helper is reading the card, you can secretly
switch the movie out for an un-gimmicked case and give
it to the helper as a s ouvenir. P eople will definitely be
looking at it in the lobby after the show trying to figur e it
out. This is best done by having the non-gimmicked
duplicate copy right inside your table. While reading the
card, take the gimmicked copy under your table and
quickly come up with the non -gimmicked copy. If done
smoothly, nobody will notice and it makes a nice gesture
to award your helper for doing a great job!

    (6) When forcing the movie title, I've also had some
luck with using an alternative way other than the "flip
through" force. If you have your helper insert one finger
slightly into the book anywhere they want and then turn
to that page, it will land on the movie title (thank you Max
Krause for this idea!) Should you have difficulties doing
this force, you may be required to trim an additional
millimeter off of eac h of the short pages.         I've even
instructed the helper t o riffle t hrough the pages
backwards, stop at a page, and then flip the book open
to that page (instead of you doing it). Using audience
management techniques, this is also an effective way
because you are "hands-off." Play with the various
methods and see which one you like best!

    (7) I think this routine works great with lots of
participation from the audience. To choose random
helpers, I love t he use of throwing a beac h ball into the
audience. For this effect, you can play s ome famous

music from movies (Wizard of Oz, etc) while having the
ball thrown around a few times. After about :30 s econds
have passed, ask the person holding the ball to stand up
and ask them for a month. Double-write the month and
start another song.       Do this until all the required
information is collected to fill out the rental card. You'll
be surprised to see that nobody really looks at you, but
instead looks to see if the ball is coming to them!

   (8) The included DVD with this package has all the
 necessary documents so you can customize your
inserts and reminder cards. It is always a great idea to
customize these based on your venue. Perhaps a local
movie rental place in your town will be more believable
than 'Star Movie Rentals'

   (9) Should you not like to use movies, the same
concept can be applied to video games and CDs.
Customize this effect to suit you, your character, and
most importantly, your audience!

    (10) Many of us have heard of NetFlix, a popular
online based movie company which sends you out CDs
in sealed envelopes. Perhaps create a routine where
you have the audience guess which NetFlix movie you
rented. Using t he force book, you can force the name of
the movie inside the NetFlix envelope.

        Note: Many adhesive seals can be reopened by
holding it over steam. You may be able to hold the
NetFlix movie over a boiling pot of water to open the
envelope (without ripping it) and inserting an
aforementioned prediction into the envelope.

    (11) When the helper reads out the informatio n on
the rental card, it might be a good idea to instruct her to
"read the information P RINTE D on the information

card…" This little subtlety will make the effect play a lot
bigger. The audienc e members who are seated will
believe that the information is actually P RINTE D (i.e.
typed) on the reminder card- not handwritten. The
helper onstage with y ou will simply read the "print" on
the card as per your instructions. It 's a little subtlety that
makes the effect play A LOT bigger!

     (12) Restate the events before the reveal. Before
 you get ready to hand the DV D to the helper on stage,
recap what has happened. By doing this, it will help you
to fill in gaps that your audience may have. It will also
help you semi -negate the fact that you even touched the
box. If you hand your spectator t he box and say briefly -
"Let's recap what happened. I had a DV D sitting here in
full view the whole time. The audience randomly chose
a specific movie, date and time which I had no influence
over at all. I gave you the box and have been nowhere
near it…." (which is untrue because you were actually
holding it while writing the info on the index card.
However, by phrasing it this way, some audience
members may have believed that you really never went
near it. Be careful how you phrase your words. They
can make your routine twice as strong.

    (13) If you're handwriting is poor (like mine), you can
type the name of the movie on your computer in
Microsoft Word. Change the font and size to something
that res embles handwriting (most computers c ome with
the font 'Lucida Handwriting' which is what I use.) I
change the font size to something that will fit within the
pages of the book and print it out of my printer. Then,
using tracing paper, I will trace the font that I ha d just
printed. Now turn the tracing paper over and retrace
what you had just done on the ot her side. Turn the
tracing paper back over to the original side and position
it on your book where you want it to be. Then, go back

over the lines again. When you remove the tracing
paper, you will notice that the lead from the back of the
tracing paper made a nice template to go over with a
thicker black marker. This is the method I use and it
works 100% of the time.

    (14)    Should you not wish to constantly print
Reminder Cards for every performance, it is possible to
laminate them and write on them using a grease pencil
or dry-erase marker. When explaining the reveal as in
bullet (11), you can even use the word 'laminated' with
'typed'.    It might make it seem that much more
impossible. By laminating the cards, it also makes it
reusable. You can simply clean it off and are ready for
another performance.

                   Closing Remark s

    Just a note here about Movie Time; A ndy Nyman
created a similar effect yet not the same handling and
load, as Movie Time, Andy’s effect is one of many on his
“Get Nyman DVD”. Andy's prediction is a DV D in a
paper bag. Inside the paper bag is a membership card
with the random membership numbers generated by the
audience. Although I was not aware of his effect at the
time of creating and releasing Movie Time I c ertainly
want to credit his creative effect. Thank you once more
and I hope you truly enjoy this effect as much as I do.

                    Sample Script I
                     (By Floyd Collins)

                          "My wife and I are celebrating a
                      very special moment this week end.
                      It’s called no children in the house
                      for t wo days!"

                       "On my way to the show this
                    evening, I stopped and pick ed out a
                    movie for my wif e and I t o enjoy
when I get home. I must admit I am bit forgetful and I
sometimes get in a rush."

     "Is there anyone here who enjoys movies? The lady
in the front row would you come up here and give me a
hand. I have here a DV D that I pick ed up at the movie
rental and this is my movie book . My wife a nd I will write
down movies we have seen on the big screen and would
lik e to see again on our small screen. This way when we
go to the rental store the movie we pick is one we k now
we will enjoy."

    "Tak e a look all different movies." (Point out t he ones
you really like and why as you flip the book) "I do t his
because, as I said, I am very forgetful. In my rush to get
here on time, I went into the store pick ed up a movie and
left. Never did I look at the book ! I want to mak e sure I
selected the right movie. I will flip through the book you
tell me stop! I will turn my head and you t ak e a look at
the movie you stopped me on. Remember this movie!"

(Flip book look away and force the movie Finding Nemo)

   "Ok do you have this movie? Have you ever see n this
movie?" (If they have say “This is great that means you
have a bond with it as much as I do ” if they say no say

“This is great so you will focus just on t he name and not
anything relat ed to the movie you may not have lik ed this
positive energy will help”)

   "Now I need you to close your eyes. Envision in your
mind that you are in a movie rental store. You have this
movie in your hand. I will write down your ans wer on t his
index card. What time will I have to return the move?
Start by giving me the fist number the hour only. Ok and
the minuets? You are doing great! Now is that AM or P M
OK! Now for t he Date! Start with the number for the
month. And the Day, Ok we all k now the year will be…"
(Say the current year)

    "You can open your eyes now. For the first time what
is the name of the movie you pick ed? Finding Nemo! Ok
lets recap! You said I need to ret urn the move on…
(Give dat e) And the time will be… (Give Time). I hope
your right because I lost the little reminder card!! (This
will get a little laugh) And the movie is Finding Nemo! Is
that correct?"

    "Ok for the first time please open the DV D case and
let’s see if what I pick ed is a good movie. (The helper
will be a little shocked) Hey there is the reminder card,
what does it say? (Have the helper read the reminder
card) Have your helper tak e a bow for a job well done!

This i s my basic script that I perform for movie time.
You will need to customize it and change it to meet
your needs. You can substitute wife with, girl friend,
best friend, family or anyone you would share a
movie with. This effect plays well for holidays and
special events like birth day parties as well.

                   Sample Script II
                     (By Robert Haas)

                        "I'm sure similar to many of you,
                    me and my fiancé, Aurelia, love going
                    to the movies. We probably go onc e
                    or sometimes even t wice a week . The
                    other day when we were in the
                    movies, she gave me a great idea to
                    try during one of my shows. I'd lik e to
                    try this for you all tonight. However,
                    since my fiancé couldn't be here
tonight, I'm going to go into the audience and pick a
beautiful assistant to help me with this next experiment.
(said to guy- "No Sir put your hand down, not you!")
(assistant is chosen)

     "Hello, and what 's your name? E veryone please
welcome Jenny to the stage. So, tell me Jenny, do you
lik e to watch movies? (said in a similar scary voice to
that of the movie 'Scream') "What's your favorite scary
movie? Gremlins!? Great! Hehehe. So, Jenny, I bet
you would lik e to k now why you're standing up here,
huh? Well, the other night we were in the movies and
my fiancé gave me this cool idea to try. You see,
k nowing I'm a mentalist, she always challenges me to
things. She always says 'can you guess what I'm
think ing now? Can you guess what I bought you for
Christmas ' (said as if y ou're mocking her). However,
she said that since we both love movies so much that it
might be a great idea to combine it with mentalism.
Jenny, sitting on my table, what do you see? A DVD
case, correct. Now Jenny, before this show began I
went to my local rental shop and rented a movie that I
was going to watch tonight when I get home with Aurelia.
However, when I go to the shop, the manager simply
puts one of the movies that is on my list into t he case,

but didn't tell me which one. I was in a rush because I
was running a little late to the show."

    "Here I have a book with hundreds of DVD titles
printed on them (although it's only roughly 30 or so- this
makes it play stronger by adding this little subtlety ). I
k eep this list as a diary of my favorite movies or movies
that I would lik e to watch again or would lik e to see one
day. It's easier f or us to do it this way so we don't rent a
movie that is no good or that either one of us do not
want to see. As you can tell, they are all very different. I
would lik e you to randomly select any movie as I flip
through the book , and that will be the movie that YOU
have randomly chosen.

     (As I flip through book, helper chooses movie)

    "Have you chosen a movie? Great. Now, I want you
to k eep that movie in mind and don’t forget it. I have
here an index card because in a minute we are going to
ask our audience members for some information and I
don't want to forget or anything. Now, usually my
manager puts a reminder c ard in my bag when I check
out, but he must have forgotten to do it- or I must have
ran out without it because I was behind schedule. So,
let's try an experiment. Let's come up with our own
reasonable return date sometime this year….because
I'm not rich! I also hate late fees! Then, we can call the
rental s hop and see when the manager says the movie
is to be returned. It would be prett y cool to see if it
matched. We can put him on speak er phone and
everything too. To accomplish this, we will randomly
select people from t he audience. I will tak e out this brick
and t hrow it into the audience (really a foam brick) If you
catch it, then please stand. I'm k idding, it's made of
foam" (squish brick to show it is soft) (a beach ball can
be used as well)

                (Throw Brick Into Audience)

    "OKAY, who has the brick now? Please stand. I
want you to think of any mont h when I should return the
movie. August? E xcellent. Throw the brick again. Now
the day? 30? August 30, Ok ay! The year is 2009, so
that one is easy. Alright, and now for t he time - we need
hours and minut es. Throw the brick . Ma'am, what hour
should we return the movie? 4pm? Great. Please
throw the brick . And what minute should we ret urn the
movie? 39? Ok ay. So what I wrote down here is
August 30 , 2009 at 4:39pm. Would everyone agree
that's what has been said. Jenny, as the spok esperson
for the audience would YOU agree? Ok ay, so now let's
recap what has happened."

    "I had on my table a DVD case which I had not
opened nor went near. I chose a beautiful assistant to
help me randomly choose a movie which she believes
may have been in the case. S he could have chosen
ANY of the titles in the book , but she settled on one of
the movies. I don't k now what it is, nor does anyone out
there. Then, since the k nuck lehead manager forgot to
include the reminder card, I through a foam brick into the
audience and had a month, day, hour and minute
chosen randomly by all of you. Everything was fair and
everything was random. J enny is holding the DV D case
and I have not been near it. Before we call Mr.
Manager, Jenny, before you open the case, I want you
to tell everyone the name of the movie that you had
visualized. Sea Biscuit! Excellent. Now, Jenny, please
slowly and carefully open the DVD case to see if we
have a match. What does the DV D say inside of it
Jenny? Sea Biscuit! What do you k now, it's a match!
Let's give Jenny a round of applause.

   "Wait, what 's that in there Jenny? A reminder card!
Oh wow. That ’s weird, he usually just puts it in the bag
with the movie. J enny, what is the name of the movie
PRINTE D on the reminder c ard? S ea Biscuit. A nd
Jenny, what is the date we need to return the movie?
August 30 . Excellent. And is there a time print ed on
there when we are supposed to return it? It says 4:39.
What do you k now, it really work ed. Let's give Jenny a
round of applause as she mak es her seat."

                     (end of effect)

    This is some basic patter you can use to get you
started developing your own routine with these props.
Remember, creating a routine which is true to your
character and yourself is what is important. Both Floyd
and I have omitted some of our jokes, etc because they
are ours and work best for us. We have our own distinct
character and our jokes and lines that work well with it.

    Come up with your own character and create your
own routine.     It is unfortunate that many magicians
emulate others instead of being themselves. To be
successful, you have to be Y OU. As Robert Frost once
wrot e "…two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the
one less traveled by, and that has made all the
differenc e."

    Enjoy this routine. It can easily become a staple in
your act as it has become in many others. Good luck
with the effect and thank you onc e again for purchasing

        Drawing Duplication Effect

    This effect comes as an added bonus for those of you
who purchased the complete Movie Time package. This
is a neat effect created by Floy d Collins that is easy to
do and extremely effective. Parts of this can be used in
conjunction with Movie Time, or as a stand -alone effect.
Without furt her ado, here it goes.

    Movie Time can be more than a confabulation
routine. You can also use the book for a drawing
duplication. To setup the book for drawing duplications, I
use simple objects that are easy to draw that relate to
the move title.

    If I have the movie let’s say “A Christmas Story” on
one of my pages I will draw a Christmas tree, for
“Finding Nemo” a small fish, for “Twister” a small
tornado. Get creative, every movie should have a simple
object or shape that you can place on the page. If you
find that you can’t come up with a shape of object for a
movie, simply pick a different movie. For best results
make sure your force movie has a very simple object. I
use Finding Nemo for my force movie so I use a simple
fish that most anyone over the age of nine can draw.

    What will happen is that you will force a movie on
your helper using the book. You will then ask them to
think of an object relating to that movie that mak es the
movie stand out.

   Make sure to use a black marker and practice making
your drawings before committing them to the book. Keep
in mind on your force page if you cannot draw it then
most likely your helper will not be able t o as well. So I
suggest when you settle on an object for your force page
ask around, see if your friends or family can reproduce
your object after looking at it for a few seconds. You may
also wish to mak e up a book just for drawing
duplications without the movie title.

Script Sugge stion
Now that you have your added drawings in your force
book we are ready to perform. Just like you have done
in Movie Time the confab version force a page on your
spectator. The script I use follows, you are welcome to
use it or make your own. I have omitted the spectator's
portion of the script.

Sample Patter
    "I simply love movies, I also forget simple things
about them after I have left. When I go and see a movie
that I would not mind seeing again, I write t hem down in
this little book so that I will remember them if I ever
decided to rent it later. I also find it helpful if I remember
something about the movie that will help jog my memory.
So I doodle little shapes on t he page that helps remind
me what the movie is about. For example here is
________________ and look the shape I drew for this

           (show to audience the flip book)

   "Do we have anyone in the audience who lik es to
doodle or draw?" (Most of the time you will get
someone to raise their hand, if not I have a way for
you to do it bellow that does not require the helper
to draw at all.) "Great would you please come up here
and give me a hand with this experiment. May I ask
what is your name? Sue? Good to meet you Sue! Sue,
do you draw professionally or as a hobby? As a hobby-
excellent. As you can see I am no pro!"

(flip the pages to show the drawings are all different)

    "Sue can you visualize images ? Lik e can you close
your eyes and still see the image in your mind? Yes?
Great! I will flip through this book you tell me when to
stop. I will turn my head and you tak e a peek at the
image on the page where you told me to stop at.
Remember this image implant it in your mind. You will
then pick up this drawing board and mark er and re-draw
this image. Do you think you can do that for me?

      (Point to your drawing board and marker)

   "I will be back to back with you and try and see with
our minds what image it is you drew. I will then try and
reproduce this image on my drawing board.            Any
questions ? No? Great! Ok sue here is the book tell me
when to stop. Ok tak e a look . Do you have your image
Sue? Good! Ok ay, now pick up your drawing board and
mark er. Please turn away from me and I will go back to
back cheek to umm back of my legs with you …."

 (I say thi s bi t of busine ss because I am 6 foot. you
 can drop the last bit. You can add a lot of humor in

   right here!) (You are now in position with your
   "Sue I want you to start drawing and as you do
please visualize your shape as your drawing it. "

             (Start the drawing process)

   "Ok Sue it seems you’re done." (Look for a shadow
or no movement to key that she is done. Never ask if
they are done you are a mind reader right you
should know thi s)       "Sue hold your board facing
yourself. Sue for the first time turn your board around
and show the audience what you drew." (Thi s i s a
good opportuni ty for some laughs. Look at her
drawing and say WOW you are good, peek at your
drawing and shake your head like you really messed
up!!) (Slowly turn yours around and show your
drawing and it’s a match. You need not sa y anything
here just turn it around and take your applause.)

  "Please give a big round of applause for my helper

                   (end of routine)

    This a basic drawing duplication routine to get you
started. Using the Movie Time book makes forcing an
object very easy.

What do you do if nobody in your audience can draw
or doodle?
   If you do not have any one in the audience who says
yes to drawing or doodling, you can switch gears a bit
and just have them look at the drawing without
reproducing it.

Sample Patter for a Non-Drawer
   "Ok we don’t have anyone who can draw! Do we
have anyone who can close their eyes?             Great!
Outstanding. I can do that too. We are in luck ." (Have
helper come on stage and go through motions of
having them stop on the force shape )

    "Sue hold on to this book but mak e sure I can’t see
it." (Have helper hold the book close to their chest)
"Sue, please close your eyes and vision this drawing.
Put it on the big screen for me. Think of the movie title
and how this drawing relates to the movie you landed
on."     (Start drawing the impression you are
receiving) (I normally chat up my helper by saying
things like "keep focusing", "okay, okay, I am seeing
your image. It’ s a bit fuzzy but I am seeing it.")

(For the reveal do as above but have the spectator
turn around the book to the force page with the
image on it. As a little touch I will sometimes also
write the name of the movie title on my drawing.)

Afterthoughts by Robert Haa s
   After playing with this drawing duplication effect, I
have thought of another presentation idea for this.
When creating your force book, select movies that can
be easily depicted and duplicated by a small drawing.
Below is a list of ideas to get you started:

        'Finding Nemo'           fish
        'Titanic'                boat
        'Twister'                tornado
        'Charlotte's Web'        spider
        'Babe'                   pig

   This list is generally a symbol or picture the average
person will think of when you mention a specific movie to
them. For purposes of explanation, we will use 'Twister'
as the force movie.

     Using your sketchbook, force the movie 'Twister' on
your helper. There will be no pictures on the pages, just
the word 'Twister'. Tell your helper that you want them
to think of an image relating t o the movie. It can be any
image at all, but the main image that they see when they
think of this particular movie. 99% of the people will say
a tornado. Tell them to attempt to draw this image on
paper and visualize it in their mind as you begin to draw
it at the same time. Of course, you will both end up with
a tornado on your pads!

     To take this one step further, you can then get into
the Movie Time effect by saying " Now, you may think it
was odd that I had drew the same image as you, but in
realit y, I k new way ahead of time you were going to pick
'Twister' as your movie choice. Know ho w I k new?
Because I rented it from th e movie store today right
before I came to the show." You can then have your
helper pick up the DVD case ,which was in full view the
entire time, to find the movie inside. In other words,
combine this duplication effect with Movie Time and you
will have a sure-fire hit.

   We hope you enjoy this little bounce effect included
as an added bonus. I hope you get tons of mileage out
of both of these routines. They are truly reputation
makers and are extremely powerful.

Thank You,

Floyd Collins

   Thank you, God, for the task, for the opportunity to
accomplish it, and for mercies and miracles along the

   Thank you to every person who has ever purchased
one of my products. You encouraged my spirit and
enabled me to do what I love most.

    Another thank you goes to Floy d Collins. Floyd, it
has been my pleasure working with you on 'Thoughts
Transmitter 2000' and 'Movie Time'. You truly are a
creative genius and I thank you for letting me be part of
these wonderful effects. I hope we can collaborate more
often to make more high quality magic products.

    Special thanks also go to all who have contributed to
this routine. Marc Spelmann and Dan Harlan have all
been instrumental in their thoughts and ideas.

   A special thank you goes to the Magic Café for their
creative ideas and inspiration.

    Finally, I would like to thank my mother, and my
wonderful fiancée, Aurelia. Thanks for supporting me
and urging me on. Mom, you're wonderful and thank
you for believing and always being there for me.
Aurelia- if I wrote down everything I ever wanted in a
future wife and best friend, I would not have believed I
could meet someone better. All of your continued
support and sacrifices are appreciated. I love you to

       To those of you who laughed at me, thank you.
             Without you I wouldn't have cried.

 To those of you who just couldn't love me, thank you.
     Without you I wouldn't have k nown real love.

      To those of you who hurt my feelings, thank you.
           Without you I wouldn't have felt them.

       To those of you who left me lonely, thank you.
       Without you I wouldn't have discovered mys elf.

     But it is to those of you who thought I couldn't do it;
                    It is you I thank the most,

         Because without you I wouldn't have tried.

                Legal Disclaimer

Copyright Protection.
   This effect is fully protected under the copyright laws
of the Unit ed States of America, and all count ries with
which t he United States has reciprocal copyright

Prohibition of Unauthorized Copying.
    Any unauthorized c opying of this DV D, manuscript or
any other content included in this package is strictly
forbidden by law. Except as otherwise permitted by
applicable law, no part of this effect may be reproduced,
transmitted in any form, by any means now known or yet
to be invented, including, without limitation e-mailing or
file trans ferring, without prior written permission by
Magic Enhancer.

Perform ance Rights.
   Television performance rights using 'Movie Time' is
reserved. To perform 'Movie Time' on television or any
other broadc ast media, you must receive express written
permission from both Robert Haas of Magic Enhancer
and Floy d Collins.



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