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									Canada Post:
Amnesty International Case Study
                Addressed Admail Service and Targeting Attract
                New Donors and Boost Donations
                Successful Amnesty International campaign demonstrates
                effectiveness of Addressed Admail service

6-219 (03-09)
                       Results of campaign demonstrate the value of targeted
                       Addressed AdmailTM service.

“With this small, 40,000-piece
 acquisition mailing, we
 successfully tested targeted
 Addressed Admail to add to
 our donor base, and also the
 average amount donated.”

Lee Seymour, Director of
Resource Development,
Amnesty International

Amnesty International
Amnesty International (AI) is a global charity
devoted to the promotion and defence of
human rights around the world. The charity’s
international efforts to raise awareness of
human-rights abuses and lobby governments
to free political prisoners has earned the
organization hundreds of awards and
accolades, including the 1977 Nobel Peace
Prize. Founded in England in 1961, AI now
has offices in 150 countries and a total of      A sophisticated                                  In an effort to improve the effectiveness
more than two million members. The charity       marketing strategy                               of its direct-mail campaigns, AI turned to
opened a Canadian office in 1973.                Given that communications and outreach           Canada Post and Generation5, a marketing-
                                                 are the heart of AI’s work, it is no surprise    research firm that specializes in targeting.
AI derives the vast majority of its revenues     that the organization has a relatively large
from private donations, including a very         public profile in Canada. AI reports are         Identifying potential donors
successful monthly giving program. AI needs      frequently quoted in the media; local groups     Generation5 predicts consumer behaviour
to continue to ensure a steady stream of         stage many public events; and the charity        by collating and analyzing information from
new supporters for the organization.             also produces a Canadian direct-response         a large number of sources, including client
                                                 television program.                              databases, Statistics Canada, the Bureau of
“Canadians have many options when it comes                                                        Broadcast Measurement and many others.
to charitable giving—there are more than         Fundraising campaigns differ widely in scale;    In all, Generation5 tracks more than
80,000 registered charities in this country,”    face-to-face street recruitment campaigns        10,000 attributes related to demographics,
says Lee Seymour, AI’s Director of Resource      have been successful as has the direct-          behaviours and attitudes.
Development in Canada. “To connect with          response television program in recruiting new
potential donors, we must continuously           donors to the organization. In direct mail, to   In many cases, Generation5 then uses these
demonstrate the importance and effectiveness     acquire names, AI trades mailing lists with      attributes to develop a profile of a client’s
of the work we do.”                              other charities.                                 current and potential customers. The profile
                                                                                                  includes characteristics common to a particular
                                                                                                  group of people such as AI supporters.

“Our company analyzes available data,            profile described urban dwellers with              To establish test groups, AI consulted mailing
establishes an appropriate target group and      higher-than-average levels of income and           lists rented from brokers and exchanged with
generates mailing lists of prospects—in this     education, and with no children living at          other charities. After eliminating the postal
case, people most likely to be interested in     home. Two distinct age groups emerged:             codes of current supporters, AI identified
supporting Amnesty International,” says          people in their 20s and those 60 years of          postal codes on the lists that matched those
Jim Green of Generation5. The company            age and older. Generation5 then compiled           of the prospects identified in the analysis.
recognizes that direct mail is a great way to    a list of prospects by finding postal codes        These prospects were randomly selected to
connect with particular segments of the          that match the profile but are not associated      receive one of the three mailers. For each
population. “The beauty of direct mail is that   with current donors. In theory, these              of the three mailers, a control group was
it allows you to reach precisely the people      prospects would be much more likely to             established, comprised of the postal codes
you want to reach,” adds Green.                  respond to appeals from AI. Based on               not identified in the analysis. Donations
                                                 potential to give and affinity with direct         received from each test group were then
For Amnesty International, Generation5 began     mail, AI decided to focus on the older age         tracked closely.
its research by studying information from the    group for direct-mail acquisition.
organization and its own internal databases.
Generation5 analyzed the postal codes of         Testing the theory with
regular AI donors and sifted through relevant
                                                 Addressed Admail service
data compiled, analyzed and published by
                                                 To test the validity of the theory, AI conducted
Statistics Canada and other organizations.
                                                 a 40,000-piece acquisition campaign using
In addition, Generation5 consulted its own
                                                 Addressed Admail service. The test measured
consumer databases, along with the
                                                 the relative effectiveness of profiling to
independent studies of spending habits
                                                 promote three direct mail appeal packages:
and consumer attitudes that the company
occasionally purchases.
                                                 •	 Monthly	giving	with	a	mission	focus
                                                 •	 Single	giving	with	a	mission	focus
Based on this data, Generation5 developed
                                                 •	 	 ingle	giving	with	a	focus	on	
a profile of AI’s strongest supporters. The
                                                    AI’s Darfur campaign

Amnesty International’s
fundraising challenge
Clutter and competition: There are more than 80,000 registered
charities in Canada. With falling direct-mail donor-acquisition
rates becoming an ever increasing challenge, which is the case for
many charities in Canada, Amnesty International seeks new ways
to recruit supporters and fulfill its mission of protecting and
promoting human rights.

     Trademark of Canada Post Corporation

Addressed Admail service + Targeting = Superior results
The results of the campaign demonstrate the advantages of profiling in conjunction
with Addressed Admail service. The response rate from the profiled group was higher
than that of the non-profiled group.

Profiled groups recorded higher response rates and average
gift amounts
 Package                      Change in response rate                 Change in average gift amount
 Single giving*               46 per cent higher                      27 per cent higher
                              than non-profiled group                 than non-profiled group
 Monthly giving**             17 per cent higher                      4 per cent higher
                              than non-profiled group                 than non-profiled group
 Darfur campaign** 8 per cent lower                                   16 per cent higher
                   than non-profiled group                            than non-profiled group

 * Percentage statistically significant with at least 90% confidence level.
** Percentage directional only.

The campaign also proved that targeting has a significant impact on gross revenue per
name mailed—a key concern for charities such as AI.

Gross revenue per name mailed
 Package                      Increase in gross revenue per name mailed
 Single giving*               85 per cent higher than non-profiled group
 Monthly giving**             22 per cent higher than non-profiled group
 Darfur campaign** 7 per cent higher than non-profiled group

 * Percentage statistically significant with at least 90% confidence level.
** Percentage directional only.

The limited 40,000-piece AI test demonstrates the advantages of using
Addressed Admail service to apply market intelligence. This remains to be
tested with larger sample sizes, but for a charity keen to expand its appeal
in Canada, the test results can point a way toward superior direct
mail campaigns.

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