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					Director of Personnel Services
Bruce Verspeak
Your Ref:                                                            Civic Centre Duke Street
Our Ref:      KK/ms/R479                                             Chelmsford Essex CM1 1JE
                                                                     DX 123305 Chelmsford 7
                                                                     Telephone:          01245 606606
                                                                     Facsimile:          01245 606203
                                                                     Direct Line:        01245 606440

Dear Sir/Madam


Thank you for your interest in the above vacancy. I am pleased to enclose:

i)      Job Description and Person Specification for the post
ii)     Brief outline of terms and conditions of service

If you wish to apply for the position please complete the enclosed application and equal opportunities monitoring
forms and return them to me by the closing date of 5th May 2006.

Guidance notes to help you complete the forms are set out on the next page. Please read these carefully. If you
have any queries or require assistance with completing the forms please contact myself or Jennie at the Civic
Centre on 606440. Please do not submit a CV instead of completing the forms.

The Council welcomes applications from people with disabilities and will make reasonable adjustments to the
workplace. Any special needs will be discussed after the selection procedure is completed. However if you
would find it helpful to discuss such matters in confidence, before making an application please contact me on the
above number.

Any other relevant information about the job and working for the Council will be issued to short-listed
candidates. It is intended that they will be notified within two weeks of the closing date. Therefore if you have
not heard by that date please assume that your application has been unsuccessful on this occasion. Due to
practical and economic reasons the Council does not write to unsuccessful candidates. However we are pleased
to provide feedback, to any candidates about their application. Please contact me on the above telephone
number if you would find this helpful.

Once again thank you for the interest you have shown in working for the Council. I look forward to receiving
your completed application.

Yours Sincerely

Mark Smith
Personnel Assistant

Your suitability for shortlisting will be assessed by examining the information you include on your application form
against the requirements specified on the Person Specification and Job Description. These guidance notes are to
help you complete the forms and will take you through section by section.

When completing the application form please ensure that you write in black ink or type the application so that it
can be photocopied. Application forms are available on the website and can be e-mailed
upon request.

Please do not submit a CV instead of completing the form. The application form has been designed so that
information can be compared on a like for like basis. If you do not have enough space on the form at any point, you
may continue on a separate sheet of paper. However, please do not enclose any other material such as printed

Job Details – Please insert the details of the job that you are applying for, including the reference number.

Personal Details - This section asks for some basic details about yourself. Please fill in the details requested.

Present or Most Recent Employment - Please give details including a brief summary of your main duties,
responsibilities and achievements.

Previous Employment - Please provide full details of your employment history. This should be in date order with
the most recent first. Please give as many details as you can and continue on the sheet provided if necessary.

Breaks in Employment History - Where you have had a break in your employment history, please give details
about the date and what you were doing at this time, e.g. travelling, bringing up a family, studying.

Education and Training - Please give as many details as you can about your education and training. For some
posts formal qualifications will be necessary but for all posts, other relevant training will be considered whether it
be acquired at work, in the home or your social life.

Further Information In Support Of Your Application - This is your opportunity to give information about your
abilities, experience, skills, knowledge and achievements from all areas of your life (e.g. home, work, leisure
interests). The information provided should demonstrate how you meet the criteria contained in the person
specification. Please remember that the selectors can only use the information you provide on your application and
will not make assumptions.

References – Please provide the details of two referees. The first should be your present or most recent
employer. The second referee should be a person who has knowledge of your skills and can comment on your
ability to do the job (this does not have to be an employer).

Declaration – Please read and sign the declaration.

Monitoring Form - The information you provide here is for monitoring purposes only. This form will be detached
from the other information provided before the selection process is undertaken.

   Please return your completed application form to Personnel Services, Chelmsford Borough
                Council, Civic Centre, Duke Street, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 1JE
Job Pack

                          APPOINTMENT OF

                  ARTS MARKETING OFFICER



 1.   Arts Marketing Officer - Job Description

 2.   Arts Marketing Officer - Person Specification

 3.   Outline of Conditions of Service

 Ref: R479
                                                                                                     SECTION 1

                               CHELMSFORD BOROUGH COUNCIL

                                           JOB DESCRIPTION

Service              Leisure & Cultural

Job Title            Arts Marketing Officer

Post Number          0236

Salary Grade         Scale 5/6/SO1 (Pay & Grading Review Pending)

Reporting To         Arts & Entertainments Manager

1.    Main Purpose of the Job

      To assist in the development and implementation of effective marketing and publicity campaigns for the
      Chelmsford Civic Theatres and Arts Development.

2.    Duties and Responsibilities

      2.1    Supervise on a day-to-day basis the Group Bookings Coordinator (p/t annual contract) and casual
             staff engaged in marketing activities.

      2.2    Assist the Press and Publicity Officer in the development of a marketing plan in line with
             programming strategies for the theatres and for arts development, and in the production and
             implementation of a market research strategy.

      2.3    Devise, in consultation with other marketing and appropriate programming staff, appropriate publicity
             campaigns to ensure maximum possible take up of tickets for all shows and activities staged by the
             Theatres and Arts Development.

      2.4    Prepare copy for designated publicity material (including theatre season and film brochures and
             Theatre Programmes) for designer and for production and manage the print buying process.

      2.5    Prepare, on behalf of Leisure and Cultural and Parks Services, copy for weekly Arts and Leisure
             section in Essex Chronicle.

      2.6    Work closely with publicity and marketing staff employed by Newpalm Productions so as to ensure
             that the shows promoted by the company are well-publicised – particularly with regard to printed
             media - and that the relevant requirements of the current contract with the company are met.

      2.7    Proof check all marketing and publicity material, and ensure that all information (incoming and
             outgoing) is as accurate as possible (including the Theatres and Arts Development websites).

      2.8    Work with corporate Publicity and Marketing staff to ensure that corporate requirements with
             regard to printed publicity and marketing material are met at all times.

      2.9    Update the Arts and Entertainments website ensuring at all times that it is used as an effective
             publicity tool for Arts & Entertainments.
     2.10   Organise special (non-press) competition and discount voucher promotions for the theatres and
            attend launches.

     2.11   Ensure, in conjunction with the appropriate supervisory staff, that the Box Office staff are fully
            briefed with regard to forthcoming events and on appropriate data capture requirements.

     2.12   Ensure that the Council’s involvement in the promotion of arts activities receives adequate profile
            including through Council-supported external organisations such as Chelmsford Cathedral Festival
            and Essexdance. Check and update information about service on external websites and regular
            publications such as Theatre Tokens brochures etc.

     2.13   Co-ordinate implementation throughout Leisure and Cultural and Parks Services of an annual
            agreement on advertising with the Essex Chronicle and any other agreed media outlets.

     2.14   Update records, compile marketing lists and assist Marketing Research Officer with research using
            the PASS system.

     2.15   Receive appropriate training and act as facilitator for Arts and Entertainments user focus groups.

     2.16   Assist in the coordination of any arrangements agreed with sponsors.

     2.17   Offer advice and assistance where required on marketing and publicity issues to local arts

     2.18   To act as joint Key Operator for the photocopier, printers and fax machine situated on the ground
            floor of the clinic building, liaising with appropriate IT and Facilities management support staff as
            required to ensure that all problems are dealt with immediately.

     2.19   Attend corporate meetings as may be necessary.

     2.20   Provide occasional emergency duty management cover in any of the venues as and when required.

     2.21   Carry out such other duties as may be required from time to time by the Arts and Entertainments
            Manager including working on the Chelmsford Spectacular or other major events promoted by
            Leisure and Cultural Services as required and agreed.

3.   Work Location

     You will normally be based at the Civic Centre, but you may be required to work from any other
     location within the Borough should circumstances make it necessary.

4.   General Conditions

     A.      This Job Description is subject to your Conditions of Employment which, in the event of
             conflict, shall take precedence. The post holder will carry out the duties specified above
             and such other duties as may be required from time to time. The Job Description may be
             reviewed and amended in the light of any changes that are made.

     B.      It may be necessary from time to time, for you to work hours in excess of, or differing
             from, the hours agreed under the Flexitime Scheme.
C.   It will be necessary for you to be trained in, and use, new technology as it is   introduced
     into the Council's activities.

D.   It is a condition of employment that you may be required to assist in the organisation and
     running of elections or referenda that take place in the Borough, relating to Parish
     Councils, the Borough Council, the County Council, Parliament and the European
     Parliament, or other similar bodies. You will normally only be required to carry out
     election and referenda duties when there are insufficient experienced volunteers from
     within the Council's service who are available for and able to carry out such duties.

E.   You will carry out your responsibilities with due regard to the Council's Equal
     Opportunities policy.
                                                                                     SECTION 2
                                      PERSON SPECIFICATION

                                     ARTS MARKETING OFFICER

                                                                 ESSENTIAL   DESIRABLE

Educated to degree standard or equivalent                            E           -


A good knowledge and understanding of the following is
   • Print buying                                                    -          D
   • Desk top publishing software such as Corel Draw                 E          -
   • The framework within which local authorities operate            E          -


At least one years' practical Marketing experience including:
    • Print/advertising production (copy-writing, design             E           -
        supervision, proofing)
    • Using computerised ticketing system customer                   -          D
        databases (preferably the Pro Venue Max or PASS II

Personal Qualities and Attributes

Candidates will be required to demonstrate the following
skills and attributes in relation to the post:

Good organisational skills                                           E           -

The ability to work and act :

 - sensitively within a corporate and political environment          E           -

 - within financial constraints                                      E           -

 - decisively within an established framework but also able to       E           -
   work on own initiative when required

 - with multiple priorities and to meet targets and deadlines        E           -

Good verbal and written communication skills including the           E           -
ability to produce clear and understandable letters and

Creativity and imagination                                           E           -
Self motivation                                   E   -

Word processing and keyboard skills               E   -

Desk top publishing software such as Corel Draw   -   D

Web design                                        -   D


Flexibility in working hours is required          E   -

A full driving licence                            -   D
                                                                                            SECTION 3
                            OUTLINE OF CONDITIONS OF SERVICE

The following is an outline of the main terms and conditions of service attached to the post. More
detailed information can be provided on request or discussed at the interview stage. With the
exception of the salary range, the general conditions of service are those determined by the NJC for
Local Government Services.

MEDICAL - The appointment is subject to the receipt of a satisfactory medical report from the
Council's Occupational Health Physician. The successful applicant will be asked to complete a medical
questionnaire, which is then assessed by the Doctor. The candidate may need to undergo a medical
examination if the Doctor considers this necessary.

GRADE AND SALARY - £18,450 to £25,476 (Scp 22 to Scp 31) per annum. Please note that
progression beyond Scp 28 (£23,079) per annum is discretionary.

Please note that the Council is about to embark on an Equal Pay and Single Status Review, as part of the
2004 National Pay Agreement. This review will embrace all posts in the Council, therefore the above
grading (or rate of pay) and salary range may be subject to change in the light of the outcome of the Pay

LENGTH OF CONTRACT - This appointment is for a fixed term period to cover for maternity

HOURS - The normal working week for office staff is 37 hours. Normal office hours are worked
between 8.45 a.m. and 5.15 p.m. from Monday to Thursday, 8.45 a.m. and 4.45 p.m. on Friday. Staff are
able to vary their working hours under a flexible working hours scheme operated by the Council.

The duties and responsibilities of the post may require the postholder to work in excess of and outside
the office hours specified above. The grading and salary of this post fully takes into account these
working requirements. Overtime is not automatically payable above Scp 26.

ANNUAL LEAVE - Entitlement to annual leave is dependant upon an employee's salary point and
service as follows:

                Salary Point                        Service
                                                  *up to 5 yrs                           *after 5 yrs

                  22 - 28                           21 days                                25 days

                  29 - 43                           22 days                                25 days

*Continuous service with a local authority.

In addition you will be paid for 8 bank holidays and 2 extra statutory days per annum.

The Council also currently closes it main offices over the Christmas/New Year period.

SICKNESS - The provisions of the national Scheme of Conditions of Service apply which provides for
up to 6 months full pay and 6 months half pay after 5 years continuous local government service.

PENSION - You will be entitled to join the Local Government Pension Scheme. The employee's
contribution is 6% of salary. Further details can be provided on request.
NOTICE - The period of notice is one month, rising to 2 month’s once Scp 29 is reached.

PROBATIONARY PERIOD - The appointment is subject to a six months probationary period.


Busy Bee Childcare Vouchers:

The council runs the Busy Bee childcare voucher scheme for staff, which can save you up to 10% on
childcare costs.

Free Life Assurance: The Council operates a free life assurance scheme for all employees in addition
to the normal pension "Death in Service" benefits.

Professional Fees: The Council will pay the annual subscription to one professional body if this is a
requirement of the post.

Social Club: The Council has provided accommodation and support to the local branch of UNISON
for a social club, membership of which is also open for non union members.

Smoking: A smoking ban applies in all areas of the Council's buildings.

Equal Opportunities: Chelmsford Borough Council wishes to be known as an Equal Opportunities
Employer by the community as a whole and by other employers in the Borough.

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