Noc Letter from Landlord for Uk Visa by icc69644

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									                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Gulf Times
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Sunday, July 25, 2010       29

                                                                                                                   situation vacant

    A Reputable Company in Doha seeking to hire                                                                                                         WaNted urgeNtly
                                                                                                                                      PROCUREmENt & lOGiStiC aSSiStaNt
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      urgeNtly WaNted
   Project Manager                                                 Finishing Works Draftsman                                                                                                                    = ciVil eNgiNeer / QuaNtity surVeyor (mariNe WorKs)
                                                                                                                                      =   1-2 years experience in procurement follow up of mechanical           =	admiNistratioN / fiNaNce maNager
   Code: MID005                                                    Code: MID008                                                           and electrical materials.                                             =	HydrograpHic / laNd surVeyor
                                                                                                                                      =		 good command of office applications (excel, word)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                =	autocad draftsmaN
   • Degree in Architect or civil engineering                      • Preferably minimum 5 years of                                    =		 technician degree in mechanics or electricity is a plus .
                                                                                                                                                                                                                =	laN admiNistrator / Webmaster
                                                                                                                                      =		 preference will be given those having experience in
     with minimum 15 years experience,                                                                                                                                                                          =	accouNtaNt (peacHtree)
                                                                     experience in the same job.                                          substation construction projects.
   • Large scale/high level of complexity                                                                                             =		 good command of english / arabic is a plus.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                =	appliaNce tecHNiciaN / upHolsterer / carpeNter
                                                                   • Extensive knowledge of hotel                                                                                                               =	HeaVy eQuipmeNt operator / trailer driVer
     projects experiences (desalination,
                                                                     constructions, high rise buildings and                                                                                                       (gcc liceNse)
     refinery, pipeline etc.)                                                                                                         QUaNtitY SURVEYOR                                                         =	secretary / tecHNical coordiNator
   • Qatar or Gulf experience preferable,                            A-Class residential projects                                     =	      diploma/degree in civil engineering or Quantity surveying.
                                                                   • Extensive knowledge of AutoCAD                                   =       min 2 to 4 years of working experience in handling variance            for iNdustrial & HeaVy eQuipmeNt
   • Handling complete Project Management                                                                                                     of measurements & contractual.
                                                                   • Extensive knowledge of details                                                                                                                          (full / part time)
     (contract, operations, technical),                                                                                               =	      expert of Quantity calculations
                                                                   • Experience in architectural work                                         good command of office applications (excel, word)
   • Responsible for day to day and long term                                                                                         =	
                                                                                                                                      =	      preference will be given to those having experience in            =	iNstrumeNtatioN eNgiNeer / tecHNiciaN
     planning and prepare the budget in                                                                                                       substation construction projects.                                 =	electroNics eNgiNeer / tecHNiciaN
                                                                                                                                                                                                                =	dc & iNdustrial electriciaN
     accordance with the economic / financial                      Planning Engineer                                                  =	      good command of english / arabic is a plus.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                =	seNior Hydraulic mecHaNic
     plan of the project,                                          Code: MID009
   • Coordinating with Engineers, Client,                                                                                                              Interested candidates,                                seNd cV WitH salary expectatioN aNd Notice period to:
                                                                                                                                                please send detailed CV/RESUME to                                   E-mail / Fax: 411-0921
                                                • Preferably Civil Engineer with minimum 5
     Sub-contractors and Authorities etc. for all                                                                                                                                                                  SEaWORKS, PO BOx 23631, DOha – QataR
     necessary results, current, and stored       years experience                                                                                      Fax No. 4516765 or                                              please do Not send passport copies or
     appropriately.                             • Preparing and revising of Working and                                                         E-mail :                                              certificates by fax or e-mail
                                                  Target Schedules, Short Term Programs,
                                                 Resource/Progress Histograms, S-Curves
   Code: MID006                                   and Bar Charts using Primavera Project                                                  urgeNtly reQuired                                                       La cuisine catering in doha required
                                                                                                                                                                                                            =    indian cook
   • Degree in Architect and at least 5 years     Manager Release: 6.1 /                                                                     a leading international media company                               with at least 6 years experience in gulf
     experience on site and design & design     • Monitor Program.                                                                   in Qatar seeks additional staff for the following position:            =	rice      maker (indian - srilankan)
     coordination,                                                                                                                                                                                          =	philipino cook
                                                • Liaise with Construction Managers,                                                  Sales and Marketing Executive
   • Experience in hotel constructions, high                                                                                                                                                                =	pastry chef (philipino - srilankan)
                                                  Quantity Surveyors, Site Engineers and                                                  =     presentable personality graduated with 3 years
                                                                                                                                                                                                            =	female Waitress (srilankan - philipino - Keniya)
     rise buildings and A-Class residential      discipline supervisors to achieve the target                                                   experience
                                                                                                                                                                                                            =	Heavy & light drivers
     projects,                                                                                                                            =		   Has knowledge in recruitment field
                                                  program.                                                                                      good ability to analyze and learn
                                                                                                                                                                                                              (indian - srilankan - bangladeshi - philippine)
   • Good communication & team work skills • Prepares Look Ahead Schedules and                                                            =		
                                                                                                                                          =	    fluent in english and arabic
                                                                                                                                                                                                            =	assistant cook
                                                                                                                                                approaching key clients by emails, telephone                               from: 8am to 1pm, 4pm to 8pm
   Quality Control Engineer                       Analysis Reports                                                                        =		
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            fax No. 4865184, tel: 4127774
                                                                                                                                                calls, office meetings, and outdoor appointment
   Code: MID007                                 • Monitor and verify Material Submittals,                                                       dealings
                                                  Shop Drawings, process etc.                                                             =		   Qatar driving license
   • University degree
   • Preferably 5-10 years of experience in the
                                                • Prepares Weekly/Monthly Reports.                                                                                                                              secretary / pa
                                                • Monitoring and reporting Site Manpower                                              Software Engineer
     same job.                                                                                                                            =	    graduated with 3 years experience                            ReqUiRed foR a RepUtable constRUction co.
                                                  Production Report on weekly and monthly                                                       designing and encoding using JaVa, J2ee, Html
   • Advanced English and/or preferably                                                                                                   =                                                                  =    Diploma in Secretary, Administration with minimum of
                                                  basis.                                                                                  =     Knowledge of will be consider as plus                     5 years experience
     knowledge of Arabic language.                                                                                                              database application
                                                                                                                                          =                                                                  =	   Must be self motivated and able to work independently
   • Full knowledge of Qatar contracts.         Only qualified candidates are                                                             =     monitoring server and Hosting House                          =	   Must be organized & capable of sorting & filing in
   • Experience in hotel constructions, high                                                                                              =     Knowledge in designing Website                                    alphabetical order
     rise buildings and A-Class residential     requested to e-mail their CV’s                                                            =     technical document preparation                               =	   Work is in 2 shifts
   • Control the execution in progress is in    together with recent photograph,
                                                                                                                                           please send your cV’s and all information at email:
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  seNd cV to fax: 4447445
     accord with the international standards
     and norms.                                 covering letter mentioning the posi-                                                                                                                            a reputed orgaNizatioN urgeNtly reQuires
   • Ensure the product used at the construc
     tion is checked at the Quality Control     tion code you are applying for, quali-                                               Classified Advertisement space                                         secretary
   • Report the determined inappropriateness                                                                                            booking with text, pics &                                           the ideal candidate should be:

     to the Project Manager.                    fication and skills to HR Department.                                                    materials should be done
                                                                                                                                                                                                            = male graduate with minimum 3 years experience
                                                                                                                                                                                                            =		Highly spirited & motivated individual with proven track record in
                                                                                                                                                                                                               secretarial functions
                                                                                                                                             before 12.30 PM                                                =	 pleasing personality
                                                                                                                                                                                                            =	 aggressive and self-motivated / Fax: +974 4442205                                                                             for next day’s publication.                                         =	 good communication skills
                                                                                                                                                                                                            =	 can work under pressure with minimum supervision
                                                                                                                                                                                                            =	 must be with transferable visa

                    IMMEDIATE REQUIREMENTS                                                                           Quality Manpower                                                                                   interested candidates may send cv to:

                                                                                                         are you looking for experienced, certified, skilled Quality
 EHV/HV for Primary & Secondary Substation Construction Company in the State of                              Manpower ready to start locally (call off Basis)
 Qatar urgently requires the following category personnel for their Electrical Division.
                                                                                                       (No Visa Needed, recruitmeNt from abroad, traNsport, accommodatioN,                                         urgently required
                with minimum 5 years experience in
                                                                                                         certificatioN, iNsuraNce etc. absolutely free from aNy obligatioN)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Qualified teacHer
                Sub-station works up to 66KV/132 KV                             10 Nos.                 l    mechanical foreman / supervisors                                                                     for tuition in UK university courses with experience in:
                Protection activities up to 11 KV/66 KV                         10 Nos.                 l	   coded pipe Welders gtaW/smaW
                Cabling works up to 11 KV/66KV                                  10 Nos.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                1. financial accounting
                                                                                                        l	   pipe fabricators / fitters                                                                                       2. management accounting
        2.      CABLE JOINTERS for 11 KV/33 KV                                  20 Nos.                 l	   mill Wright fitters, industrial electrician
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              3. macro / microeconomics
                                                                                                        l    Heavy 	equipment mechanic / erectors,
                Qatar/GCC HV/LV cable jointing licence                                                       rigging foreman / riggers Qp certified                                                                        Candidates fulfilling the above are
                holders with minimum 4 years experience                                                 l	   Heavy equipment operators / fork lift operators with Qatari license                                         required to send copy of there C.V. to
                                                                                                        l	   Heavy and light duty drivers with Qatari license
        3.      ASSISTANT CABLE JOINTERS                                        30 Nos.
                HV/LV cable jointing experience
                                                                                                        l    Kahramaa certified industrial and building electricians                                           
                                                                                                        l	   instrument supervisors, technicians / fitters
                Minimum 2 years in Qatar/GCC                                                            l    electrical & instrumentation - testing & commissioning engineers.
                                                                                                        l	   safety officer / Qa/Qc engineer - experience in process industry /
        4.      ELECTRICIANS
                ITI Certificate holders with minimum 3 years experience
                                                                        20 Nos.
                                                                                                             autocad draftsman
                                                                                                             Welding & painting inspectors
                Should be able to read, write and speak in English                                      l	   dredging crew

             Please note that candidates from Qatar must have NOC
                                                                                                                  Fax: 4583311, Tel: 4510588, 4581177
                     Interested candidates are requested to send their CV to:                                       Mobile: 6112004, 6881146, 5829576                                                                     logistics
             Fax No. 4684509 or Email:                                                                                                                                 pErsonnEl
baby sitter / housemaid required: Full time. SAt -                  a huge company is looking for salesman, must be expert           wanted waiters (Indian, Nepali or Sri lankan) for a newly                                     Please Send cv to:
 thursday. location Al Sadd. Contact Mob: 6287212.                   on the field of sales market. Must be Indian from Kerala. For    opening Restaurant. Previous experience is necessary.
                                                                     further information please contact email: abdi_9999@             NOC or 6 months letter is a must. Contact: 7745590.                        
required Fashion designer (Haute Cautour). Send CV
 to                                                                                         urgently required Marketing executive. Result oriented,                                 or to fax: 4506662
                                                                    required: Female Secretary, should have a solid exp. in           (Part time or full time) for a IT Services company in Doha.
love children, like to work with them???? New Bilingual
                                                                     secretarial works, and correspondence works. Good                Experience in related field and resident visa holders
 nursery in Doha is looking for qualified female staff to work
                                                                     command of English & Arabic. Contact: 7553101.                   preferred. Contact: 3674727, 7276545, 4278313, email:
 among its vibrant team. If you have the qualification and the
 experience. Please send your CV to: ceeservices@yahoo.             sales, Distributing person needed for Cosmetics company.
 ca,                                                 No basic salary. But good commissions offered. Contact:         urgently required House driver fro Qatari. Min 3 years                                                  lost
                                                                     7592953, email:                             Gulf experience, at Arabic house. 6 months paper essential.
urgently required Driver and Forklift operator with
                                                                                                                                      Contact: 4434668, 5374331, 6749270.                                   lost: Academic Documents and Latrob University (Australia)
 experience & valid license. Sponsorship change is a must.          driver needed. A Construction company is in need of a
 Contact Mr. Basher Mob: 5530918, Off. Tel. 4583801.                 Light driver who can speak English and can communicate          wanted heavy duty driver, Qatar licence holder at                       Transcripts have been lost. Finder please contact immediately
                                                                     with Nepal and Bangla Workers. Contact: 6710062,                 least 2 years experience on Actross Tanker Trailers. Nepali /          on 5940494, 4315976. Finders will be suitably rewarded.
urgently required A Licenced female nurse for a
                                                                     6403510.                                                         Indian / Pakistani with change of sponsorship or NOC letter.          passport lost: Srilankan passport No. N1910510 issued
 Maternity Clinic. Please Fax CV to: 4417817.
                                                                                                                                      Contact: 3019702.                                                      to Mr. Dillan Raymond Roshan has been lost. Finder please
required urgently. A Neon & Arts Work shop in Qatar                 required Fitness trainer. Should have a good experience in
                                                                     fitness and gym field. Contact: 7900011.                        wanted Five nepal labours for a contracting company,                    handover to the nearest police station or contact 6066824,
 urgently requires following workers. 1. Graphic designer
                                                                                                                                      who has valid visa for sponsorship change. Send details to             5842149, 4313057.
 (Male or Female), 2. Artist, 3. Welder, 4. Screen printing         keralite Family wanted a full time house-maid, preferably         Fax: 4861127 / call: 5846217.                                         passport lost: Nepali passport No. 3553368 issued to
 worker, 5. Cladding worker. Applicants should have min. 2           Indian / Sri lankan. Contact: 5964908, 5486291.
 years experience in the related category. Please contact:                                                                           urgently required Private tuition for Maths & Biology,                  Mr. Khadak Bahadur Dhakal has been lost. Finder please
                                                                    required For a Contracting company. Trailer Driver,               CBSE, Class XII, Indian Syllabus. Experienced Indians may              handover to the nearest police station or contact 5822056.
 5236973, 5635480, 4278085.
                                                                     Mechanical Bnscheri - East Asian national, Fluency in            contact: 5022468.
security company, require Filipino Security guard with               Arabic. The experience of not less than 2 years. For more
 minimum of 2 years experience in the field of security, Age         information, please contact Tel: 4911222, Fax: 4911233,
                                                                                                                                     warehouse / store keeper wanted: Email: eng_                                                    matrimonial
 25 to 40 years old. Fax your CV to Fax No: 4413093.                                                                        
                                                                                                                                     required For a Contracting Co. Civil or Architect Engineer.            marriage proposals are invited from parents of
                                                                                                                                      Contact: 5646600, email:                           professionally qualified girls for IT Engineer (P.G from
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Australia) 173cm, fair, clean habits employed in an

   more classiFied contd. on Following page
                                                                                                                                                                                                             international audit firm in Trivandrum (Technopark) on a
                                                                                                                                                                                                             special official assignment Doha till August 5. Contact:
30          Gulf Times
            Sunday, July 25, 2010

                                                                                                                                                        to let

                     Experience Luxury at The Pearl Qatar

        p          p                 y
       Open for inspection on Saturday 11 am
        to 1 pm & Sunday 4 pm to 6 pm
       La Rivera Luxury Residence Tower 11 A
        Porto Arabia
       St di 1 2 & 3 b d
       Studio,1,               it     ti
                     bedroom units renting
        from 8000 QR to 20,000 QR
       Amenities include spa, gym, swimming
        pool, children play area
       Secure covered parking, 24 hrs security,
        concierge & centralized A/C

                                   CALL NOW FOR VIEWING AND INFORMATION

                                                              Contact - 5477287
                                                                                                                   411 3818                                                                                                                           For rent :
                                                                                                                                                                        FOR RENt StORES                                                                RESIDENTIAL VILLA ( f/f )
                                                                                                                                                                                  in Al sAiliyA AreA                                                       AT AL RAWDA AIRPORT
                                                                                                                                                                              Close to industriAl AreA                                                 RESIDENTIAL fLAT ( S/f )
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                AT AL SADD
                                                                                                                                                                        Spaces starting from 200 sqm to 400 sqm.                                COMMERCIAL OffICE SPACE ( fLAT )
                                                                                                                                                                    suitable for welding workshop, carpentry activities                                 AVAILABLE AT SALWA ROAD

                      land available                                               Prime Retail and Office Space                                                         and store of different kinds of materials.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            DIRECT fROM ThE LANDLORD, WITh OUT COMMISSION
               for development by owner suitable for                                     are available for lease, near ramada signal
         international schools/polyclinics etc.                                                 on suhaim bin hamad street.                                            For inspection, contact 3603287                                               For more details please call on
     in an excellent location close to Villagio /Hyatt plaza.                               Book your Retail Space, Showroom or                                                                                                            tel: 4501122 / 4502211 mob : 7222216 / 7222214
    construction, lease and other details will be discussed
                                                                                       Office Space in one of Doha’s prime locations.
        with interested parties that are looking to set up
                                                                                                  For further details, please call:
                                                                                                                                                                 oNe Villa
                 or expand on a long term basis.

 For further details call:
                                                                                                                                                                    iN maitHer
 5176760/5061319/5846875/4329363, ext # 30
                                                                                                                                                                     7 rooms,
                                                                                                                                                                  6 batHrooms,

   Avail of the Best and Lowest Summer Offers!!!
 al sadd (3 b/r, dining, living)          old ghanim, (2 b/r, dining, living)
                                                                                    Villa for reNt
                                                                                                three bedrooms
                                                                                                                                                                  driVers room,
                                                                                                                                                                 Housemaid room.

                                                                                                                                                                  5252710, 5477590
 F/F Only qr 9,000                        F/F Only qr 5,500
                                                                                                   semi furnished villa
 Handasa str., (2 & 3 b/r, dining, living) muntazah, (2 b/r, dining, living)                               and
 2B/r,S/Fqr5,500&F/Fqr6,000               S/F qr 5,500 & F/F 6,000
                                                                                                   two bedrooms
                                                                                                   fully furnished villa
                                                                                                                                                                                      homes 2 rent
                                                                                                                                                                         Special Offers - Short and Long Term Lets
                                                                                  available at al markhiya area                                                     New1-2-3 Bedroom Apartments in Ain khalid,Madina kalifa
                                                                                                                                                                              Simeisma and Bin Omran from 4500.
                                                                                       coNtact mob: 6870939                                                      Free High Speed Internet, Cable T.V, Telephone, Electricity & water
                                                                                                                                                                  To look through our wide selection of property please
                                                                                                                                                                          contact us direct on 4134400 or 5597769
                     Direct Real Estate                                                                  commercials
                      British Managed Company
Mansoura 3 bed f/f flats QR7000, Compound Villas from QR10,500                   Office space in C-ring, d- ring, Al Sadd and Salwa roads.
                                                                                                                                                                                 under british management                                FlaTs available
Abu Hamour 3 bed villa f/f own pool QR13,000, Zig Zag 2 bed s/f                     1800 Sqm Open land with 250Sqm Storage area qr                                                                                                          Musherieb &al saad
  QR8000-3bd s/f Qr10,000, Pearl units from QR9000 one bed
                                                                                          35000/-, Warehouses and labour Camps                                        big staNd aloNe Villa aVailable
      West Bay & lagoon properties available & many more                                                                                                          in mamoura (Near mamoura complex) for staff / family
  Office space showrooms Industrial Zone Store We have it All                                in industrial Area, price negotiable.                                                                                                      for info, pls call: al taMez for projects
    Weekly Cleaning Service available for you home call now                              contact:                                        with 20 rooms with attached bathrooms + 2 big hall.                  tel: 441-8983 / 441-8987, Mobile: 6006787
              Office 4421472        Janet 5870916                                                                                                                       contact 5829159, 6959552, 4352007                                     
      Rahma - 5834641 Khaled 3633066 Joseph 5868768                                            6442344, sama properties
     Email -
                                                                                                      apollo real estate                                                            apollo real estate                                    Fully furnished family accommodation
       2 bedrooms fully furNisHed flat at                                        Doha’s Leading Real Estate Agency can offer you/ - 3 B/R S/F Villa comp Al-                 Luxury 3 bedroom Semi Furnished or
   doHa ciNema aNd lulu Hyper marKet area.                                      Waab pool & Gym QR 13,000/ - 3 B/R F/F villa comp near Airport 10,000/ - 4 B/R      Fully Furnished Flats in The Pearl, overlooking marina,              available at Al Murra near Industrial area.
  2 B/r F/F flat at najma near Al Fardan exchange doha                           Villa WestBay + pool QR 24,000/ - 4 B/R Villa Lagoon landscape gardens QR              balconies, access to facilities, from QR 18,000.                  2 bedrooms, big hall & majlis, kitchen &
 Cinema. 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, hall, kitchen, balcony with                       25,000/ - 4 B/R S/F Villa Nice Garden near Schools QR 12,000/ -2 B/R F/F                      For Sale: 5 B/R Villas – QR 1.6M;
     parking. rent qr. 5300 only. Also fully furnished 3                                      Flat Bin Omran QR 6,500/ & 3 B/R 7,500/ -3 B/R +                                                                                                        toilet, work area.
                                                                                                                                                                         Flat in Zigzag 3 B/R + Maid’s Rm – QR 1.8M
  bedrooms (Medium Size) 2 bathroom, hall & Kitchen with
  new furnished flat just near lulu Hypermarket. Family or
                                                                                            Maid’s Rm S/F Villa Comp near Ramada QR 13,000 / -
                                                                                                                                                                      Call Sal 3190644, abu 5850815 Office 4689522                          Rent QR5000/- incl W&E expenses.
                                                                                               call sal 3190644, abu 5850815, Office 4689522
          executive bachelor. rent qr. 5500 only.                                  e-mail :;                             Email:                                 Contact: 5441491, 5319096.
                please contact 5830627, 5826561.                                                                                                                           Web:

a-OnE REaL ESTaTE: FLATS: 1 B/R F/F Flat Bankstreet                             sama properties U/F, S/F, F/F STAND ALONE VILLAS 4,                                                                                                            stores for rent in industrial area:
                                                                                                                                                                 Flat For rent at old airport area QR. 5500. For
 QR-4000. 2 B/R U/F Flat Airport QR-4500. 2 B/R S/F&F/F                          5, 6 & 7 Bed room + Out House Qrs. 11000/- onwards. (For                         more inquiries please call 5217826, 5511187 and 4654501.               1) Street 13, 320 sqm + (8) rooms + (8) toilets
 Flat Al Handasa QR-5500&6000. 2 B/R U/F A/c Flat Old                            families & Senior Staff) in all prime locations. COMPOUND
                                                                                                                                                                 Flat For rent: Al Ghanem Area Qr. 5000. For more                         + 2 kitchens, using for storage or workshop
 Ghanim QR 4800. 2 B/R S/F&F/F Flat Airport QR-5500&7000.                        VILLAS: 3, 4, 5 Bed Rooms with all amenities Qrs. 10500/-                                                                                              (QR30,000). 2) Street No 38, 450 sqm + 13 big
                                                                                                                                                                  inquiries please call 5217826, 5511187, 4654501.
 2 B/R S/F&F/F Flat Muntazah QR-5500&6000. 2 B/R F/F                             onwards, Locations – HILAL, OLD AIRPORT, ABU HAMOUR,
 Flat Doha Jadeed QR 6500. 3 B/R U/F A/c Flat Bin Mehmood                        MAMOURA, AL WAAB, C-RING RD, GHARAFA, DUHAIL,                                   room For rent: Najma area, Qr. 2500. For more inquiries                    rooms + 9 toilets + 2 kitchen QR30,000/-
 QR-7500. 3 B/R F/F Flat Airport QR-5800. 3 B/R F/F Flat                         WEST BAY LAGOON, BIN MAHMOD, LUQTHA, & more .                                    please call 5217826, 5511187, 4654501.                                           Feel free to call: 6564934.
 Mannai R/A QR-8000. 3 B/R U/F A/c Flat Mamoora                                  CALL NOW: 5845246 / 6442344                                                     Fully Furnished Flat for rent. 2 bedroom + 2 bathroom
 QR-7000&7500. CONTACT:Abid Moosavi:6703463,4410851,                            sama properties apartments: Un-furnished 1 B/R                                    + hall + kitchen near Home center. Contact: 5703944,                 zigzag: 2 b/r U/F 7500/- 2 B/R, large F/F 11,000/- 3 B/R S/F
 4425769.                                                                        Qrs. 3500/-, 2 B/R Qrs. 4500/-, 3 B/R Qrs. 6500/-, Fully-                        7916578.                                                              11,000/- Pearl - 2 B/R, F/F Tower 5, 16,000/- 2 B/R F/F Town
                                                                                 furnished flats 1 B/R Qrs. 4500/-, 2 B/R Qrs. 5500/-, 3 B/R                     one room and two room available for family in Matar                    house - 17,000/- 4 B/R, S/F Town house - 18,000/- West
                                                                                 Qrs. 7000/-, In Prominent Locations. S/F & F/F Apartments                        Qadeem, Mansoura, Hilal, Abu Hamour, Maijar and Dafna.                Bay: Luxury villas with pool starting price QR27,000/- Al
 Villa Mamoora QR-12000&14000. 4 B/R U/F A/c Villa E Ring
 Road –QR 13500. 3 B/R S/F Villa Nr.Ramada QR-12000. 4                           available in THE PEARL QATAR & ZIG ZAG Tower from Qrs.                           Contact: 3297324, 5519681.                                            Hilal: 5 B/R F/F villa in compound 10,500/- Contact:
 B/R S/F Villa Rayyan QR-12000. 4 B/R S/F&F/F Villa                              12000/- onwards. CALL NOW: 5845246 / 6442344.                                                                                                          5579070.
                                                                                                                                                                 one room, toilet, kitchen available for family in Al Khor and
 Nr.Corniche QR-11000&14000. 4 B/R U/F&F/F Villa Al                             TaRiq gROuP inTERnaTiOnaL (Tgi) - Offers daily,                                   near Corniche side and behind New Lulu Hyper market.                 bitmax real estate: Nice fully furnished apartment near
 Khartiyat QR-10500&12000. 4 B/R F/F Villa Ain Khalid                            weekly, monthly and yearly contracts F/F flats with 2 B/R, 2                     Contact: 3215726, 7629868.                                            Sana (Behind Gaint store) 1 bedroom, 1 hall, 1 bathroom,
 QR-10000. 4 B/R U/F Villa New Salatha QR-13500. 3 B/R                           bathroom, living / dining room, kitchen and shaded parking                      one room and two room available for family in Azizia and               kitchen. Rent QR4500/- Weekly & Monthly. Please call:
 F/F Villa Hilal QR – 10000. 4 B/R U/F&F/F Villa Garaffa                         in Al Sadd, Al Nasr, Al Muntaza and Bin Omran Area. We                           near Marmara Istanbul Restaurant. Two room fully furnished            5664292, 3154354, 4363696.
 QR-10000&12000.           CONTACT:                 Abid                         also have S/F of F/f 1 or 2 B/R in ZigZag Tower West Bay                         available and Bin Mahmoud. Bachelor room available.                  For rent: Villa in Madina Khalifa North, close to Al Meera.
 Moosavi:6703463,4410851, 4425769.                                               Lagoon and the Pearl Qatar. For more queries please call                         Contact: 5494511, 7904654.                                            Contact: 5492046.
                                                                                 4212462, 4428454, 5523704, 5837120, 5885213, 5522487.
a-OnE REaL ESTaTE: STAND ALONE VILLA: 3 B/R U/F                                                                                                                  Flat 2 big b/r, 2 bathroom, 1 hall, 1 kitchen, balcony,               labour camp. 13 rooms + 12 bathroom + 1 kitchen at
 Villa Al Saad QR-9000. 3 B/R U/F A/c Villa Airport QR-13000.                   hotel rooms From qr. 150 per night. Discount for 1                                parking at Mansoura. Villa for labour or staff 8 big B/R, 8           Industrial area, St.24, Contact mob: 5824011. Emad.
 4 B/R U/F A/c Villa New Salatha QR-12000. 5 B/R U/F A/c                         week and over, special rates for long stay, Free high speed                      bathroom, hall, kitchen at Wakra near Pearl Dawar. Villa for
                                                                                 internet. Call 4134400 or reception 7675517, email. office@                                                                                           1 big room, 1 drawing room + attach toilet + kitchen
 Villa Al Rowdha QR-13000. 5 B/R U/F A/c Villa Mamoora QR                                                                                                         staff or labour, 9 B/R, 9 bathroom, big hall, kitchen, big yard
                                                                        Under british Management                                                                                                               QR3200/- 1 bedroom + 1 drawing room + attach toilet +
 – 14000. 5 B/R U/F A/c Villa New Salatha QR-14000. 4 B/R                                                                                                         at Wakra near Q.Tel Dawar. Flat 3 B/r, 3 bathroom, 1 hall,            kitchen QR3000/- 1 bedroom + 1 drawing room + attach
 U/F A/c Villa Airport QR-15000. 4 B/R U/F with A/c Villa Al                    Flat For rent: Two bedrooms, one hall, kitchen in Al Sadd                         kitchen, Balcony at Mansoura. Villa4 B/R, 4 bathroom, 1 hall,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        toilet + kitchen QR2800/- 1 bedroom + 1 drawing room +
 Waab QR-15500. 4 B/R F/F Villa Al Rowdha QR-15000. 5                            area near QNB. For more details please contact: 5012375,                         Mugalina near Capital police station. Contact 5840314,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        attach toilet + kitchen QR2700/- 1 bedroom + 1 drawing
 B/R U/F A/c Villa Mamoora QR – 13000. 5 B/R S/F Villa                           6842298, 4419787.                                                                6488047, 5884306.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        room + attach toilet + kitchen Qr2600/- Only for family.
 Airport QR – 15000. 7 B/R U/F A/c Villa Airport QR – 20000.                    company accommodation available at Al Wakra full                                 luxurious Fully Furnished oFFice with fully                            Contact: 3461530.
 CONTACT: Abid Moosavi:6703463,4410851, 4425769.                                 furnished for seventy labour accommodation and unfurnished                       equipment (Apple PCs) for sale in Al Sadd next to Royal
                                                                                 villas for staff and labours. Catering, Laundry and                                                                                                   For rent: Commercial flat in a prime location in Al Mumtaza.
Flat / villa portion available for Family / Staff                                                                                                                 Plaza. Contact 6574902.
                                                                                 transportation also available. Please contact 6520320,                                                                                                 Fitted with split A/c. Contact: 6720921.
 accomodation in Doha Jadeed & Daffna with 2 Bed +                                                                                                               studio For rent, fully separated. One bedroom + 1
 Kitchen + Hall & Toilet. Contact: 5829159, 6959552,                             7148686, Tel: 4647573, email:                                                                                                   royal group real estate: Labours / Bachelors / Staff
                                                                                                                                                                  kitchen + 1 bathroom. Close to Crazy signal. Contact:
 4352007                                                                        available 1 bedroom with bathroom, split A/C, with W/E.                           5966107.                                                              accommodation available in Doha, Al Wakra, Ain Khalid,
                                                                                 24 hours maintenance and cleaning, security. Available for                                                                                             Saniya, Gharaffa, Many more. Only for company. Contact
Flats & villa (staFF/Family) 2 bedroom, bath, hall,                                                                                                              oFFice For rent in palm tower overlooks directly on Doha
                                                                                 Engineers and Staff. Location St. No. 2, Industrial area.                                                                                              Richard, 5288766, Tel/Fax: 4649924, email: rgqatar2009@
 kitchen. With AC, flats available in Mughalina Near Crazy                                                                                                        Corniche. Floor No. 20, 213 sqm, price is negotiable.
                                                                                 Contact 6920392, Fax: 4670115.                                                                                                               
 Signal.2 bedroom Villa with Remote Garage available in                                                                                                           Contact 4933344 for more details.
 Wakra Near Qtel R/A. Rent: 4500 – 4000. For more details,                      oFFices For rent: Old Airport area, Starting Qr. 9000 upto                                                                                             pearl tower (port oF arabia) Deluxe 1,2&3 B/R
                                                                                                                                                                 2 b/r, living room, 2 bath, with A/c splits units Apartment
 Please Contact: 6772652, 5829159 & 7414134                                      14000. For more inquiries please call 5217826, 5511187 and                                                                                             Direct Marina view. Large balconys with spectacular views of
                                                                                                                                                                  in commercial / residential building. Umm Ghuwalina St.
                                                                                 4654501.                                                                                                                                               Marina and Podium. S/F, private parking, Amenities included.
For rent: Semi Furnished 2 bedrooms flat includes hall,                                                                                                           Rent QR4500/- Contact: 4440014 / 4310746 / 5404908.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Rent QR10,000/- 20,000/- Call Zeeshan - 3190810, Alan -
 majlis, 2 bathrooms, kitchen. 3 bedrooms flat includes hall,                   villas For rent: Old Airport area, commercial and                                pearl qatar: sabban tower 13th floor Brand new
                                                                                 residential. 8 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, 2 halls, 1 dining and                                                                                            3350860.
 majlis, 2 bathroom, kitchen. 4 bedrooms villa, hall, majlis,                                                                                                     Luxury 2 bedroom Apartment (154 Sqm) with 2 balcony + 2.5
 bathrooms + kitchen. Directly from the owner. Contact:                          1 sitting room. For more inquiries please call 5217826,                                                                                               4 bedroom un/F villa in Al Waab. 4 bedroom, 4
                                                                                                                                                                  toilet, open sea view with 1 car parking, swimming pool, gym
 5629472, 6727952.                                                               5511187 and 4654501.                                                                                                                                   bathroom, hall, kitchen, dining, split A/c covered car parking
                                                                                                                                                                  and other facilities rent optional S/F QR15,000/- or F/F
                                                                                                                                                                  QR17,000/- pm (direct from owner). Please call: Mr. Khet              maid room, bathroom separate, total 5 bedroom villa
                     to let contd. on Following page                                                                                                              Raj 6796824, 4411196, email:                     available in compound near to Decoration R/A, Salwa road.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Rent with A/c QR12,000/- pm. Please contact: 3286919.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Gulf Times
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Sunday, July 25, 2010     31

                                                  tender                                                                               notice                                                                                                         For sale

                                                                                                                        leaving For good

                                                                                                                                                                                          w w w. g u l F - t i m e s . c o m
         invites loCAl quAlified ContrACtors to quote for the following suPPly,                               Mr. stAnley Alex rodrigues
                      in ACCordAnCe with qAPCo tender ProCedures                                               holder of indiAn PAssPort no. g3450051
                                                                                                                      qAtAr id no. 27635618621
    sn.     reFerence no           description oF service     tender        tender         closing
                                                            document         bond           date                                    Above person is leaving Qatar
                                                             Fee (qar)       (qar)
                                                                                                                                     for Good. Anybody having any
                                                                                                                                   claims against him should report
    1.          RFq-                supply oF qapco           500.00       35,000.00      1staugust
                                                                                             2010,                                 to us within 3 days from the date
            1103001531/t3           corporate diary                                        12:00pm                                    of publication of this notice.
                                     and calendar
                                                                                                                                    No claims whatsoever shall be
                                     For year 2011
                                                                                                                                      entertained after this period.

                                                                                                                    phone no. 4980276, 4980277, Fax: 4980885
  Interested Companies having good track record in provision of such services in Qatar can obtain tender                        mobile: 5406502,
  documents for the above service as follows:                                                                         email:

  • Issuance Dates: From Sunday, 25th July 2010 to Wednesday,                                                                     leaving For good                                                                             For sale: Toyota Hilux pickup, double cabin 2007 model.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Please contact 5219780.
    28th July 2010 between 8:00am and 14:00pm                                                                         Mr. rAM bAhAdur rAi                                                                                      For sale: Kitchen equipments 6 months old, grinders, food
  • Place of issue:                                                                                                   holder of nePAlese PAssPort no. 4500794
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Warmer Dough mixer, different sizes of tables, chapatti Oven
    Qatar Petrochemical Company, (QAPCO)                                                                                         id no. 27252414112
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                etc... 20% discount from the actual bill rate. Contact:
    Doha Office, Abdullah Abdul Ghani Building (Toyota Tower), Tel.: 4242444.                                                    The above said person is leaving the country                                                   5857994.
  • Tender Bond: (Bank Guarantee) must be enclosed along with the offer. Quotations without the tender                          for good. Anybody who has any claim against                                                    For companies and establishment. For sale: Saudi
     bond will be rejected.                                                                                                        him should submit the same to us within                                                      Cement (18-1/2) for each bag (delivery) and Asphalet
  • Submission of Tender:                                                                                                                2 days from this notice date.                                                          (Potomeen) 480 USD for each time. Brokers are welcome.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Contact: 7125711.
    The Tender and accompanying documents shall be bound securely together and enclosed in a sealed                               We will not be responsible for any claim,
                                                                                                                                          whatsoever after this date.                                                          For sale: Kia Careto 2007 model, silver colour, 60,000kms
    envelope and to be delivered to QAPCO’s Head Office in Doha                                                                                                                                                                 only done in very good condition.V4 1.6 Price QR23,000/-
          The Tender Committee                                                                                   contact tel: 4312982, Fax: 4313214                                                                             Contact: 6004202.
          Qatar Petrochemical Company                                                                                                                                                                                          For sale: Kia Carens Ex 2006 model, 38,000kms only
          P.O. box. 756, Doha - Qatar                                                                                                                                                                                           done, fully Auto, dark blue colour, in very good condition.
          [Al- Abdul Ghani Tower (Toyota Tower)]                                                                       dandy company announces that                                                                             Price QR31,000/- Contact: 7880877.
                                                                                                               Mr. MohAMed fAsly Abdul sAlAM                                                                                   two big shop For sale, at Doha near New world centre.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Total rent QR6000/- 7000/- Contact: 4314267 / 4432330 /
  • For any clarification or inquiries on the above subject, please send your queries addressed                      holder of srilAnkAn PAssPort no. n0848343
                                                                                                                                 id no. 27314404730                                                                             6625767 / 5361253.
    to Materials Manager on fax No: +974 477-0459.                                                                                                                                                                             honda accord 2.4 VTi-E 2006 model, full option, excellent
  • Payment for Tender document fee shall be accepted by Cash, Debit/Credit card.                                                    is shortly leaving our company. Anybody                                                    condition, Royal Blue colour, mileage 61,000km, QR41500/-
                                                                                                                                        having any claims against him must                                                      or nearest offer. Please call Mahesh on 5860792.
                                                                                                                                         contact us within 3 days from the
                                                                                                                                      publishing date of this announcement.                                                    car For sale. Nissan Tiida 2006 model, 50,000km,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                istimara upto 5/2011. Price QR24,000/- (nego). Contact:
                                                                                                                                     We will not be responsible for any claims
                                                                                                                                            whatsoever after this date
                                For hire                                                                                                                                                                                       For sale: Porta Cabin 12x3m Very good condition with fire
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                insultation outside. Please call: 5514947, 6592198,
                                                                                                            dandy co. ltd, tel: 4422980, Fax: 4440243                                                                           4581426.
                                         bacKhoe loadeR                                                                                                                                                                        shop For sale: Two Shutter shop, ground + mezzanine +
                                            foR hiRe                                                  to let                                                             For rent                                               bath + kitchen + four split A/c + parking area, fully decor,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                near New-World Centre. Rent QR22,000/- Key Money
mobile craNe aVailable
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                QR3,50,000/- Contact: 5575201.
16 toN to 450 toN
                                                                         5 bedroom F/F compound villas. 5 bedroom, 4                            boat For rent, 32 feet per 1000 in one day. Please call:                       For sale: Kia Carens: 2004 model, silver colour, QR11,000/-
=		 teleHaNdler
                                                                          bathroom, hall, kitchen, dining split A/c, covered car parking         5557742.
=		 40 ft trailors, boom trucK,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Contact details: 5814975.
    Water taNKers
=		 NacHal (dump trucK) 19cu3 / 32 cu3
                                                                          24 hours security 24 hours in call free service gym, pool, fully
                                                                          furnished compound villa available in Airport road Al Rawada.
                                                                                                                                                                                                 accommodation available
=		 WHeel loader 966, buldozer d8
=		 grader 12g/14g
=		 roller 1 toN, 3 toN, 10 toN                                           Rent fully furnished QR12,500/- pm            Please contact:
=		 Jcb bacKHoe, bobcat, toWer
    ligHts, compressor, WeldiNg plaNt
=		 maNlift 15 mtrs to 43 mtrs.                                                                                                                 accom/available for Filipino family. Free W&E, Internet,                       room For rent: Family only, Frij - Imran area. Call:
                                                                         3 bedroom F/F Flats 3 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom, hall,
                      call for iNQuiry                                                                                                           TFC w/ split A/c, nice, peaceful & quiet villa in Al Asiri area (near          6940423, 7104462. QR1300/-
                                                                          kitchen, dining, split A/c covered car parking, 24 hrs security,
             5535476 (MR. Munir), FAX: 4672399.                           24 hrs in call free service fully furnished flat, available in Bin     Salata Jadeed). Rent QR800/- only. Please call: 5423163.                      Furnished 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 1 sitting & 1 kitchen.
         e-mail: (al farhan est.)                                                                                           single room with balcony in sharing flat sharing kitchen &                      Location - Dafna. Rent QR4000/- For family. Contact:
                                                                          Mahmoud. Rent fully furnished QR9000/- pm. Please
                                                                          contact: 3286919.                                                      toilet at Al Hilal area, beind Al Emadi bld. Betwwen Mansoura                  6009605.
                                 wanted                                  3 bedroom stand alone villas. 3 bedroom, 2.5                            & The Mall for Filipino family only. Rent QR1800/- Contact                    F/F Family accommodation in Bin Omran ie: 2 big rooms, 1
                                                                          bathroom, hall, kitchen, dining, split A/c, covered car parking,       Osama, 5203822.                                                                big sitting room, sitout _ bathroom & kitchen (with ADSL
                                                                          unfurnished stand alone villas available near to Ind. Area.           spacious bedroom with A/c in Najma behind Dasman                                connection) from 31st July 2010 to three months. QR3300/-

                    RequiRed                                              Salwa road. Rent with A/c QR8000/- pm. Please contact:
                                                                                                                                                 center and Toyota building for immediate occupation for non
                                                                                                                                                 cooking Bachelor / couple. Rent QR1750/- (nego). Call:
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Please call: 5388330.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               two bedroom accom/available in a villa. Room rent
                                                                         1 bedroom F/F Flats. 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, hall,                       5734960.                                                                       QR3200/- Hilal area near Birla Primary School & Old
          Licensed                                                        kitchen, dining central A/c, covered car parking 24 Hrs
                                                                          security in call free service. Rent incl W&E and Internet fully
                                                                                                                                                Family accom/available for Indians / Sri lankans near MES
                                                                                                                                                 School, Abu Hamour (1 bedroom + kitchen + bathroom) in a
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Dasman centre (Lamcy). Contact: 5215194. For family.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Family accom/available in Old Airport area. Near Lulu
     industriaL kitchen                                                   furnished flats available in Airport road. Rent fully furnished
                                                                          QR5000/- pm. Please contact: 3286919.
                                                                                                                                                 villa compound. Monthly rent QR2100/- incl W&E. Please
                                                                                                                                                 contact: 7054396.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Hypermarket. Two master room, 1 big bathroom, 1 big
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                kitchen sharing (Malayali family only). QR3000/- Contact:
                      doha / ind. area                                   2 bedroom F/F doha jadeed. 2 bedroom, 1.5 bathroom,                    F/F two bedroom, one living room, one bathroom, one                             5546056.
                                                                           hall, kitchen, dining, split A/c, covered car parking, 24 hrs
                            200m min.     2
                                                                           security. 24 hrs in call free service gym. Rent fully furnished
                                                                                                                                                 kitchen part of villa, separate entrance, remote parking, with
                                                                                                                                                 play ground only for 5 months. Rent only 4000/- Airport road
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               room For rent for Filipino family only. Located at Najma,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                back of Hot bread bakery. Please contact: 5372846. Rent
                                                                           QR6500/- pm Please contact: 3286919.                                  behind Ramees. For family. Contact: 5682514.                                   QR1300/-
           contact 6811592                                               5 bedroom stand alone villa. 5 bedroom, 5 bathroom,
                                                                           hall, kitchen, dining, split A/c, covered car parking, unfurnished
                                                                                                                                                one room with big space without sharing bathroom and                           exe. bachelor sharing accom/available near Al Safeer
                                                                                                                                                 kitchen, Bin Omran near the Hamad Hospital, beside Hitmi                       centre, Airport, furnished, attached bathroom & kitchen
                                                                           stand alone villa available in Al Sadd. Rent with A/c                 park, including W&E Rent QR2300/- For family. Contact:                         facility. Rent QR700/- Call: 3558629.
                                                                           QR12,000/- Please contact: 3286919.                                   7253870.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               2 b/r, one kitchen & 1 toilet, 1 sitting room, S/F in a part
                                                                         FLaT BEhinD LuLu - aiRPORT. 3 bedroom, 3 toilets, sitting,
                                services                                  dining, kitchen, deluxe 5000/- Flat 2 bedroom, Najma 4500/-
                                                                                                                                                one spacious bedroom, Sitting, kitchen and one
                                                                                                                                                 bathroom in New Salata near Birla Public School. Rent
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                of villa, totally separate for family. Rent QR2800/- Near
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Airport Rameez. Contact: 5541927.
                                                                          Villa deluxe near Fish market 4 bedroom, hall, majlis, A/c,
                                                                                                                                                 QR3000/- Contact mob: 5813009, 6006804.                                       s/F Family accom/available for rent at Hilal, behind Kharama.
certiFicate attestation For Qatar, UAE, Kuwait,                           10,000/- Contact Abdulla 5504914.
 Oman, Saudi and all other countries from Foreign Ministry of                                                                                   room available in Mumtaza, back of Al Andalus petrol for                        1 sitting room, 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom & kitchen with
                                                                         independent building, near Hyatt Plaza / Zoo, 3 B/R, 2
 Delhi - India, UAE, Kuwait, Oman and Qatar. UroGulf is the                                                                                      sharing accommodation for couple or bachelor Filipino only.                    separate entrance. For family. Rent QR2500/- nego. Contact:
                                                                           bath, kitchen, Split A/c, QR4500/- month (W&E included) 2
 only registered attestation company in India.  Contact:                                                                                         QR800/- Call: 7034594 or 5904057. Look for Nel.                                6721817 / 4417470.
                                                                           B/R, kitchen, 2 bath + fridge & Washing machine, A/c,
 5206783, 3101862. Email: www.                      Kharthiyat. QR3900/- Fully furnished. Luxurious in Gharaffa          exe. bachelor accom/available near Salwa road, in a                            room available for both exe. bachelor / family in Muaither                                                               QR5500/- Call: 5718706 (msg) for appointment.                         neat clean tiled villa, with A/c’s. Rent QR1750/- Contact:                     near Muaither sports Club. Rent QR3000/- Contact: 3622753,
attestation: Indian / UK / USA Certificate Attestation. Call:            For rent: 2 Semi furnished villas (5 bedrooms) at Hilal                 6601880.                                                                       5260873.
 Helpline Group. Qatar Tel. No. 4351974, 6542014, UAE -                   16,000/- for each villa. 2, 3 f/f bedroom flats at Mansoura and       part oF a villa for rent. 1 bedroom, 1 sitting, kitchen &                      Furnished room available for a non cooking executive
 00971 50 6715339, India - 00919447421742. www.                           Al Matar QR7000/- 8000/- Contact: 5837214.                             bathroom. Ceramic tiled. Rent QR2800/- nego in Al Rawdha                       bachelor in a flat at Doha City. Rent Qr. 2000 / month.                                                                                                                              area. E’ring road. Behind Kahrama building. Please call:
                                                                         room For rent, only Filipino near PSD, Madina Khalifa in                                                                                               Contact 5792871.
goodwill cargo. Special summer offer. World wide                          Big villa, Price QR1800/- 2300/- Contact: 7649009. Free                5242645.                                                                      philipino Family accommodation: Beside Lulu Hyper.
 cargo services, Door to Door Services (Worldwide) FCL/LCL                W&E. For couple.                                                      part oF a villa for rent. 2 big bedrooms, 1 bathroom,                           Attached bathroom and kitchen, at Mathar Qadim, rent QR.
 Services (World wide). Road transportation to GCC. Clearing
                                                                         oFFice space to rent by Midmac R/A 170 sqm full or                      kitchen & sitting. Rent QR4000/- (nego), in Matar Qadeem.                      2500. Contact 5692004, 3262855.
 & Delivery (Sea/Airport).Call now 4626549, 5528399,
                                                                          part. Contact: 3514257.                                                Behind Lulu Hyper market. Please call: 5242645.                               2 medium size bedroom, sitting, bath & kitchen in a new
 6100318, Email:
                                                                         oFFice For rent: 100% commercial building, very good                   old airport area: Near to Lulu Hyper market and Doha                             villa with A/c without A/c available. Rent QR3400/- opp
we do maintenance and services of Window A/C,
                                                                          for new licence or renewal in the heart of the Doha city + 2           Bank. 2 B/R flat with ceramic floor (2 B/R, hall, kitchen, toilet)              Womens Hospital of Hamad. Philippines & Indians preferred.
 Split A/C and refrigerator. Call us on any time any where on
                                                                          split A/c & lot of parking space. Rent QR8500/- Call Mr.               available in a villa pent house, for small Indian family.                       Near Sports R/A. Bin Omran area. Contact: 5857994.
 Mob: 6343920.
                                                                          Rafique 5575201.                                                       Monthly rent QR3575- Please contact with tel: 6626641.                        Fully Furnished sharing accommodation available, rent
services available, Collection of Sewage water,
 Inspection of Sanitary pipes with Camera, Clearing of                   labour accommodation for rent. 15 rooms at St.26 & 7                   Family accom/available between M.E.S Indian School and                          Qr. 700. Internet connection ready to use, Crazy Signal /
 blockage, Manual & by Machinery cleaning of Industrial,                  rooms in St.47 area and also available 300 sqm. store at               Cambridge School, Mamoura. 2 bed, bath, hall, kitchen                          Airport road. Ideal for bachelor, Filipino only. Please contact
 Chemical & Septic tanks, Spray insecticide. Guarantee 03                 St.38 in Industrial. W&E, Sewage charged include. For                  QR3500/- Please call Sajan, 5730503.                                           6557248.
 months. Contact: 6432140.                                                details contact: 5821314, 5812455, 5266146, Ph: 4504571,              F/F exe. bachelor accom/available in a villa behind Lulu,                      available in august 1st. One big room in a villa at Hilal
                                                                          Fax: 4606461. Email: Website:                   Old Airport. With ADSL, W/E Rent QR2300/- Contact:                             area behind Gulf-Times for Filipino couple / bachelor.
                                 business                                                                          6637173.                                                                       Furnished with internet and Pinoy TV Channel incl W&E.
                                                                         Full villa For rent. 7 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 2 big                    big s/F rooms available in Doha Jadeed. 4 bedrooms with                         Rent QR2000/- Contact: 4566180 / 6614890.
sponsor available, A Good Qatari sponsor is available                     hall, maid room, ceramic tiled with split A/c’s. in Opp. Abu           2 bathrooms & kitchen (Sharing) for small family of any                       bedroom at Mughalina, opp Abu Baker Mosque. Satalite
 for any type of small & big business. Only sponsorship no                Hamour petrol station, near MES School. Please call:                   nationality. Rent starting from QR1500/- incl W&E. Please                      and internet available. Rent QR2000/- For bachelor. Call:
 investment. Call Mr. Rafique - 5575201.                                  5242645, 5126187, 6902416, 5630380.                                    call: 7858599.                                                                 6602695.

         w w w. g u l F - t i m e s . c o m
      more classiFied contd. on Following page
32        Gulf Times
          Sunday, July 25, 2010

                                                                    al asmaKH real estate
                                                                    call centre: 4360265                              , Website:,
                                                                                                                                             Location: Ramada Junction behind Chili’s Restaurant
compound villas:                                                    brand new stand alone villa (MAMOURA) with 4                      60 Flats alsaad : Semi New 2 bedroom Fully Furnished                   pearl qatar : 5th floor Fully Furnished 1 Bedroom Flat
beverly hills garden 1 ( AL WAAB) : 4 bed room semi                  bedroom 2 master 2 B/R w/ shared bathroom, big living,            Flats (ALSAAD) with 1.5 bathrooms, Hall, Kitchen, 24 hours             with 1.5 bathroom, Store room, Swimming pool, Gym and
 furnished luxury compound Villas with 5 bath rooms, big hall,       and dinning, nice kitchen, outside maid’s room, driver room,      security & maintenance. Please call Corali 6004684, Ezra               Club house, Restaurant, SPA, Rent QR12000. Please call
 kitchen, maid’s room, Big swimming pool, Children play area,        outside kitchen, shaded parking with remote garage. Rent          6002356, Roy 6004636, Amy 5541608, Mohamed 5892510,                    Chin 6002394.
 Conference room, Ladies and Gents gymnasium, sauna,                 Qrs. 12,500. Please call Hameed 5861071.                          Chin 6002394.                                                         pearl qatar: sabban Tower 4th Floor Brand New
 Jacuzzi, clubhouse, mini theatre, Coffee shop, Billiards,          stand alone villa (RAYYAN AREA) : Semi new 4 bed                  49 Flats alsaad : Semi New 3 bedroom Fully Furnished                    Luxury 2 bedroom Apartment with astonishing Marina view
 squash court, tennis court, 24 hours security & maintenance.        room unfurnished villa with 4 bath rooms, living and dining       Flats (ALSAAD) with 2.5 bathrooms, Hall, Kitchen, 24 hours             , 228sqm, semi furnished with Swimming pool, Gym, SPA,
 Please call Hamilton 6005246, Kris 5896302, Nailya 5855271,         rooms ,nice kitchen, outside maid’s room. Rent Qrs 11,000/-.      security & maintenance. Please call Aby 5850413, Hamilton              Club house. Please call Nailya 5855271
 Nalin 6002395, Nizar 5890462, Mohamed 5892510.                      Please call Mohamed 5892510.                                      6005246, Corali 6004684, Ezra 6002356, Roy 6004636,                   pearl qatar (La Riviera) 14th floor : 2 bedrooms apartment
beverly hills garden 2 ( AL WAAB) : 4 bed room SF                   semi new stand alone ( OLD AIRPORT) 5 B/R, 4 masters,              Amy 5541608.                                                           at La Riviera Tower (F) at the Pearl Project, Rent: FF Qrs.18,
 luxury compound Villas with 5 bath rooms, big hall, kitchen,        big living, big dinning, big kitchen with appliances, outside    42 doha jadeed Flats :Semi New Luxurious, fully                         000/- SF 16,000/-. For more inquires please call: Nailya
 maid’s room, Big swimming pool, Children play area,                 maid’s room, big kitchen w/ swimming pool, open area for          furnished 1 bedroom Flats with 1.5 bathroom, large sitting,            5855271.
 Conference room, Ladies and Gents gymnasium, sauna,                 garden. Rent Qrs. 16,000. Please call Hameed 5861071.             kitchen, Split AC’s, 24 hours security & maintenance. Please
                                                                                                                                                                                                             pearl qatar (UDC Tower): 1 bedroom apartment at UDC
 Jacuzzi, clubhouse, mini theatre, Coffee shop, Billiards,          semi new 2 stand alone villas ( AL WAHKRA) for                     call Alvin 5890207, Kris 5896302, Aby 5850413, Hamilton
                                                                                                                                                                                                              Tower at the Pearl Project, Rent: FF Qrs.13, 500/- SF
 squash court, tennis court, 24 hours security & maintenance.        Senior staff 5 B/R, 3 masters, 2 bed with sharing bathroom,       6005246, Corali 6004684, Ezra 6002356.
                                                                                                                                                                                                              12,000/-. For more inquires please call: Nailya 5855271.
 Please call Kris 5896302, Nailya 5855271, Nalin6002395,             big hall with living and dining, guest toilet, nice kitchen,     novotel residence: Semi New Luxurious, Fully furnished
 Nizar 5890462, Mohamed 5892510, Roy 6004636.                                                                                                                                                                pearl qatar (Port Arabia): 2 & 3 spacious flats with
                                                                     outside maid’s room, big kitchen. Rent Qrs. 15,000. Please        2 bedroom flats with 1.5 bathroom, large sitting, kitchen, split
                                                                                                                                                                                                              balcony, maid’s room, provided LCD, Satellite, water &
beverly hills garden 3 ( AL WAAB) : 4 bed room FF                    call Hameed 5861071.                                              AC’s, 24 hours security & maintenance. Please call Amer
                                                                                                                                                                                                              electricity included. Rent S/F Qrs. 15,000. Please call Daniel
 luxury compound Villas with 5 bath rooms, big hall, kitchen,       semi new 2 stand alone villas ( DAFNA ) ( Family                   6883055, Nailya 5855271, Alvin 5890207, Kris 5896302,
 maid’s room, Big swimming pool, Children play area,                 or Senior Staff) 8 Bed room , 6 Bath rooms, big hall with         Abby 5850413, Hamilton 6005246.
 Conference room, Ladies and Gents gymnasium, sauna,                                                                                                                                                         pearl qatar: sabban tower -d Brand New Luxury
                                                                     living and dining, kitchen, maid’s room. Front and Back yard.    35 semi new 2 b/r & 3 b/r Flats (al saad) with 1.5 &2.5
 Jacuzzi, clubhouse, mini theatre, Coffee shop, Billiards,                                                                                                                                                    Flat with 2 Bed room 2.5 bath room,Big sitting area, both
                                                                     Rent Qrs. 16,000. Please call Mohamed 5892510, Amer               bathroom, Hall, kitchen. Rent: 2 B/R Qrs. 7,000/- & 3 B/R Qrs
 squash court, tennis court, 24 hours security & maintenance.        6883055.                                                                                                                                 bedrroms and Sitting areas having Balcony, Dining, Kitchen,
                                                                                                                                       8,000/-. Please call Ayesh 6004953, Nalin 6002395, Amer
 Please call Nailya 5855271, Nalin 6002395, Nizar 5890462,                                                                                                                                                    with Swimming pool, Gym, SPA, Club house, Rent F/F
                                                                    apartments:                                                        6883055, Nailya 5855271, Alvin 5890207, Kris 5896302.
 Mohamed 5892510, Roy 6004636, Corali 6004684.                                                                                                                                                                17,000/-. Please call Amy 5541608.
                                                                    beverly hills tower : Luxurious, Fully Furnished 1 , 2            brand new 3 b/r Flats (mansoura) with 2.5 bathroom,
beverly hills garden 4 ( AL WAAB) : 4 bed room                                                                                         Hall, kitchen , Split ACs, Facilities like 2 Swimming Pools,          zig zag tower : brand new 2 b/r Flats 2 bathrooms,
 FF luxury compound Villas with 5 bath rooms, big hall,              & 3 bed room Flats bathroom, large sitting and dining ,                                                                                  big living, guest toilet, nice kitchen, 1 master maid’s room,
                                                                     kitchen, and Centralized AC’s, Swimming Pool, Gym,                24 Hrs Security Maintenance. Rent: UF with Ac’s starting
 kitchen, maid’s room, Big swimming pool, Children play                                                                                Qrs 6750/- SF Qrs 7250/-. Please call Aby 5850413,                     sea view. 23rd floor. Swimming pool, gym, security reserve
 area, Conference room, Ladies and Gents gymnasium,                  Children’s Play area, Children’s Swimming Pool, Sauna                                                                                    basement car parking. Rent Qrs. 15,000/- short term
                                                                     room, Steam room, Jacuzzi, Coffee shop, Beauty Saloon,            Amer 6883055, Mohamed 5892510, Ezra 6002356, Kris
 sauna, Jacuzzi, clubhouse, mini theatre, Coffee shop,                                                                                 5896302.                                                               available. Please call Hameed 5861071.
 Billiards, squash court, tennis court, 24 hours security &          Multi- purpose Hall, Restaurant, Bank ATM, Parking, 24
                                                                     hours security & maintenance. Please call Raydan 5895354,        216 brand new 2 & 3 bed room Fully Furnished                           zigzag tower (a) 27th Floor. 2 Bedrooms, 4 Bathroom,
 maintenance. Please call Hameed 5861071, Nalin 6002395,                                                                                                                                                      Kitchen, Living, Dining, Maidsroom, Car Park (170 sq/mts)
 Nizar 5890462, Mohamed 5892510, Roy 6004636, Corali                 Neveen 5532499.                                                   Falts in compound (T.V Round about) with 1.5 and
                                                                                                                                       2.5 bath room,1 big hall,Centralized AC’s, covered parking,            Semi- furnished. Rent: Qrs. 11,000/-. Please call Nalin
 6004684, Aby 5850413.                                              regency residence: Luxurious, Fully Furnished Flats
                                                                                                                                       elegant furnitures & kitchen, 24 hours security, facilities such       6002395.
beverly hills garden 5 ( AL WAAB) : 4 bed room FF                    with 1, 2 and 3 Bedrooms, large sitting and dining , kitchen,
                                                                     and Centralized AC’s, Swimming Pool, Gym, Children’s              as Gym, Swimming Pool, Club House, Billiards. Rent 2 BR               brand new 84 2 br Flats 140 1 br Flats (near SANA
 luxury compound Villas with 5 bath rooms, big hall, kitchen,                                                                          9000/- and 3 BR 11000/- . Please call Daniel 5861109, Chin             MARKET) 2 bedrooms with 1 full bathroom, hall, nice kitchen,
 maid’s room, Big swimming pool, Children play area,                 Play area, Coffee shop, spa, Hall, Restaurant, Parking, 24
                                                                     hours security & maintenance. Please call Raydan 5895354,         6002394, Nizar 5890462, Ayesh 6004953, Nalin 6002395,                  with split AC’s, elevator, parking, 24 hours maintenance and
 Conference room, Ladies and Gents gymnasium, sauna,                                                                                   Amer 6883055, Nailya 5855271.
                                                                     Neveen 5532499.                                                                                                                          security. Rent 2 BR Qrs 4,500/- 1BR Qrs 3,500. Rent starts
 Jacuzzi, clubhouse, mini theatre, Coffee shop, Billiards,
                                                                                                                                      56 F/F apartments in a compound near tv r/a                             by August 2010. Please call Hameed 5861071.
 squash court, tennis court, 24 hours security & maintenance.       al asmakh residence 115 apts: ( AL SAAD)
 Please call Daniel 5861109, Nizar 5890462, Mohamed                  Semi New Luxurious, FF 1& 2 bedroom Flats with bathroom,          (near dess), (47 2 B/R and 9 1B/R).Each flats with 2                  semi new 3 & 4 br Flats (air port) with 2 bath room
 5892510, Roy 6004636, Corali 6004684, Aby 5850413, Alvin            large sitting, American style kitchen, and centralized AC’s,      Bedroom, 2 Bathrooms, Nice Kitchen and Living Room plus                Hall, kitchen, for staff. Rent UF Qrs 6,000/- and 6,500/-
 5890207.                                                            Swimming Pool, Gym, Sauna room, Jacuzzi Steam room, 24            Pool, Gym,24 Hr Secuirty. Rent:                                        Please call Chin 6002394
beverly hills alrayyan ( AL RAYYAN) : 4 bed room                     hours security & maintenance. Please call Hameed                  2 B/R QAR 6,500 & 1 B/R QAR 5,500. Please call Daniel                 oFFice space:
 FF luxury compound Villas with 5 bath rooms, hall, kitchen,         5861071, Corali 6004684, Ezra 6002356, Roy 5850413,                5861109, Amy 5541608, Mohamed 5892510, Chin 6002394,
                                                                                                                                                                                                             al asmakh business centre ( wakra tower) :
 Big swimming pool, Children play area, Conference room,             Amy 5541608, Mohamed 5892510, Chin 6002394.                        Nizar 5890462, Ayesh 6004953, Nalin 6002395.
                                                                                                                                                                                                              Commercial Office Space (Near Old Moven Pick Hotel)
 Ladies and Gents gymnasium, sauna, Jacuzzi, clubhouse,             ein khalid gate compound apartment : (EIN                         star executieve class luxurious Brand New                               available in Tower with 165 Sqm, with centralized AC’s,
 mini theatre, Coffee shop, Billiards, squash court, tennis          KHALID) Semi New , FF 2 bedroom flats with bathroom,              Flats, Fully furnished 2 bedroom and 3 bed room Flats with             Toilet and Pantry, Common Area Cleaning, Security with
 court, 24 hours security & maintenance. Please call Mohamed         large sitting, American style kitchen, and AC’s, Swimming         2 bathroom, large sitting, kitchen, and centralized AC’s, with         CCTV, Sprinkler fire safety system. Rent Qrs 135 per
 5892510, Roy 6004636, Corali 6004684, Aby 5850413, Alvin            Pool, Gym, 24 hours security & maintenance. Please call,          all facilities, Rent FF 2 BR and 3 BR starting from 8,000/-.           Sqm. Available to view from 1st Jan 2010. Please call Nizar
 5890207, Amer 6883055.                                              Aby 5850413, Hamilton 6005246, Corali 60046, Ezra                 Please call Daniel 5861109.                                            5890462, Aby 5850413, Chin 6002394, Kristian 5896302,
ein khalid gate villas( EIN KHALID) : 4 bed room FF                  6002356, Roy 6004636, Amy 5541608.                               semi new Fully Furnished 2 b/r Flats ( ramada                           Mohamed 5892510, Alvin 5890207.
 luxury compound Villas with 5 bath rooms, big hall, kitchen,       new mushireb residence 5: ( MANNAI R/a) brand                      signal) with 1.5 Bath room, Hall, kitchen, Gym, Parking, 24           regency business centre: Commercial Office Space
 maid’s room, Big swimming pool, Children play area,                 New Luxurious, FF 1 bedroom Flats with 2 bathroom,                hrs Maintenance,. Rent Starting from 7000/-. Please call               (Near CORNICHE) available in Tower with 165 Sqm, with
 Conference room, Ladies and Gents gymnasium, sauna,                 large sitting, American style kitchen, and centralized AC’s,      Amer 6883055, Mohamed 5892510, Feras 5891467.                          centralized AC’s, Toilet and Pantry, Common Area Cleaning,
 Jacuzzi, clubhouse, mini theatre, Coffee shop, Billiards,           Swimming Pool, Gym, Sauna room, Jacuzzi, Steam room,             brand new 2 bedroom Fltas ( airport) consist                            Security with CCTV, Sprinkler fire safety system. Rent Qrs
 squash court, tennis court, 24 hours security & maintenance.        24 hours security & maintenance. Please call Alvin 5890207,       of 2 bedroom, Living & dining hall, Kitchen, Bathroom,                 135 per Sqm. Available to view from 1st Jan 2010. Please call
 Please call Hameed 5861071, Roy 6004636, Corali                     Kris 5896302, Aby 5850413, Hamilton 6005246, Corali               Guest toilet, Split AC’s. Rent Qrs 6000/- Please call Rami             Mohamed 5892510, Alvin 5890207, Amy 5541608, Nailya
 6004684, Aby 5850413, Alvin 5890207, Amer 6883055,                  6004684, Ezra 6002356.                                            5508595.                                                               5855271, Roy 6005636, Amer 6883055.
 Ayesh 6004953.                                                     mushireb residence 1 : ( MANNAI R/a) Semi New                     5 Flats 2 b/r (bin omran) behind Town Center with 1.5                  doha admin tower: Commercial Office Space (Near
asmakh garden 1 (AL HILAL) : 4 bed room SF compound                  Luxurious, Fully Furnished 1 bedroom Flats with 2 bathroom,       bathrooms, split AC.Rent Qrs. 5,000. Please call Mohamed               GRAND HAMAD STREET) available in Tower with 365 - 730
 Villa with 5 bath rooms, big hall, kitchen, maid’s room,            large sitting, american style kitchen, and centralized AC’s,      5892510.                                                               Sqm, with centralized AC’s, Toilet and Pantry, Common Area
 swimming pool, gymnasium, 24 hours security & maintenance.          Swimming Pool, Gym, Sauna room, Jacuzzi, Steam room,
                                                                                                                                      42 Fully Furnished Flat one bedroom (oFF c-ring                         Cleaning, Security with CCTV, Sprinkler fire safety system.
 Please Call Corali 6004684, Aby 5850413, Alvin 5890207,             24 hours security & maintenance. Please call Amer 6883055,
                                                                                                                                       road) with attached bathrooms, American kitchen style,                 Rent Qrs 135per Sqm. Available to view. Please call Roy
 Amer 6883055, Ayesh 6004953, Chin 6002394.                          Nailya 5855271, Alvin 5890207, Kris 5896302, Aby 5850413,
                                                                                                                                       good size living & dinning, guest toilet, cutleries & cookery,         6004636, Amer 6883055, Ezra 6002356, Nalin 6002395,
al Faisaliya ( AL WAAB) : 4 bed room Semi Furnished                  Hamilton 6005246.
                                                                                                                                       gym, security 24/7, parking. Rent Qrs. 5,500 /-Please call             Corali 6004684, Ayesh 6004953.
 compound Villas with 3 bath rooms, big hall, dining, kitchen,      mushireb residence 2 : ( MANNAI R/a) Semi New                      Daniel 5861109                                                        brand new oFFice space near Grand Regency Hotel
 Swimming pool, Tennis court, Basket ball Court, Squash,             Luxurious, Fully Furnished 1 bedroom Flats with 2 bathroom,
                                                                                                                                      12 Flats (musheireb area) with 3B/R, 2.5 bathroom,                      & CHN University, Area’s from 71M2To 3200M2, central AC,
 Children play area, Gymnasium, 24 hours security &                  large sitting, american style kitchen, and centralized AC’s,
                                                                                                                                       balcony. Rent S/F Qrs. 8,500/- F/F Qrs. 9,000. Please call             covered parking for each 50M2. Please call Corali 6004684,
 maintenance. Please call Daniel 5861109, Aby 5850413,               Swimming Pool, Gym, Sauna room, Jacuzzi, Steam room, 24
                                                                                                                                       Daniel 5861109, Ezra 6002356, Hamilton 6005246, Nizar                  Ayesh 6004953, Hamilton 6005246, Nizar 5890462, Aby
 Alvin 5890207, Amer 6883055, Ayesh 6004953, Chin                    hours security & maintenance. Please call Daniel 5861109,
                                                                                                                                       5890462, Roy 6004636.                                                  5850413, Chin 6002394.
 6002394, Amy 5541608.                                               Ayesh 6004953, Nalin 6002395, Amer 6883055, Nailya
                                                                     5855271, Alvin 5890207, Kris 5896302.                            umbab tower: (BEHIND EZDAN TOWER) Brand New                            23 commercial Flats available (SALWA Rd). Starting
                                                                                                                                       Fully Furnished 2 and 3 bedrooms wth facilities. Rent 2                from 145 Sqm 2 Rooms, Spacious Reception, 2 bath room
 : 3 bed room Semi Furnished compound Villas with 4 bath            mushireb residence 3 : ( MANNAI R/a) Semi New
                                                                                                                                       BR Qrs 12,000/-, 3 BR Qrs 15,000/-. Please call Daniel                 and kitchen. Rent Starting from Qrs 7,000/-, 9,000/-, 10,000/-
 rooms, big hall, dining, kitchen, club house, Swimming pool,        Luxurious, Fully Furnished 1 bedroom Flats with 2 bathroom,
                                                                     large sitting, american style kitchen, and centralized AC’s,      5861109, Ezra 6002356, Hamilton 6005246, Nizar 5890462,                , 15,000/-. Please call Daniel 5861109.
 Gym. 24 hours security & maintenance. Rent 14,000Qrs.
 Please call Alvin 5890207, Amer 6883055, Ayesh 6004953,             Swimming Pool, Gym, Sauna room, Jacuzzi, Steam room,              Roy 6004636 Aby 5850413.                                              oFFice space in MUNTAZA (near THE CENTRE) with
 Chin 6002394, Amy 5541608, Ezra 6002356.                            24 hours security & maintenance. Please call Hameed              79 brand new Flats (Al Sadd Area) near Royal Plaza                      105 m2, nice furnishing and Split A/C. Rent QRS. 12,500/-.
mamoura villa : 5 bed room Fully Furnished compound                  5861071, Chin 6002394, Nizar 5890462, Ayesh 6004953,              with 2 B/R Semi Furnished. Covered parking, split AC’s, 24             Please call Amy 5541608.
 Villas with 5 bath rooms, big hall, dining, kitchen, club house,    Nalin 6002395, Amer 6883055, Nailya 5855271.                      hours security, very nice finishing. Rent Qrs. 7,000. Please          oFFice space in ummgwalina close to VIP R/A 2BR,
 Swimming pool, Gym. 24 hours security & maintenance.               najma 28: Semi furnished 2 bedroom flats with 1.5                  call Mohamed 5892510, Amer 6883055.                                    1Hall, Kitchen w/ Modern Decoration. Rent QR12000.
 Please call Amer 6883055, Ayesh 6004953, Chin 6002394,              bathrooms, Kitchen, Big hall. 24 hour security & maintenance.    semi new 3 bedroom Fully Furnished Flats( AL                            Please Call Chin 6002394.
 Amy 5541608, Ezra 6002356, Hamilton 6005246.                        Rent 6,500Qrs. Please call Amy 5541608, Mohamed                   SAAD) with 2.5 bathroom, Hall, Kitchen, covered parking.              oFFice space in palm tower 150sqm Tower B, Sea
khawla garden villa : 4 bed room Semi Furnished                      5892510, Chin 6002394, Nizar 5890462, Ayesh 6004953,              Rent Qrs 8000/- Please call Aby 5850413,Ezra 6002356.                  View, 30th floor with AC and 2 Car Parking. Rent QR200 per
 compound Villas with 3 bath rooms, big hall, dining, kitchen,       Nalin 6002395.                                                   semi new 2 bedroom Flats (AIRPORT AREA) with 1.5                        SQM (negotiable). Please call Amer 6883055, Aby 5850413,
 Play area for Children, Swimming pool. 24 hours security &         42 sana Flats : (SANA R/a) Semi New Luxurious, fully               bathroom, Separate sitting area, Kitchen & dinning. Rent               Mohamed 5892510.
 maintenance. Please call Ayesh 6004953, Chin 6002394, Amy           furnished 1 bedroom Flats with 1.5 bathroom, large sitting,       Qrs 7,000/-Please call Amy 5541608.                                   shops space:
 5541608, Ezra 6002356, Hamilton 6005246, Kris 5896302.              kitchen, Split AC’s, 24 hours security & maintenance. Please     corporate deal only: For Rent any Number of Flats at
                                                                     call Ezra 6002356, Roy 6004636, Amy 5541608, Mohamed                                                                                    shop For rent 4x10 + Toilet + Mezanine floor. Located
north gate: 75 brand new luxury compund                                                                                                the 206 Flats building Complex at a very prime location at Al-         near Attiya Market Industrial Area. Rent Qrs 15,000/- Please
 villas ( Off Salwa Road and near Aspire Zone) Each                  5892510, Chin 6002394, Nizar 5890462.                             Nase area on Mohammed Bin Al-Qasem St. 2 & 3 Bedrooms                  call Hameed 5861071.
 Villa has 4 rooms, nice Living and Dining, Backyard, Pool,         mansoura 44 : Brand New semi furnished 2 and 3 bed                 apartments Fully Furnished. The complex has the Facilities
 Gym, Children’s Play Area, Clubhouse, Tennis Court and              room Flats with 2.5 bathroom, Hall, Kitchen, covered              of: Swimming pool, Children play area, Laundry, mini market,          stores and labour accommodations:
 Basketball. Fully Furnished QRs14,000. Please call Daniel           parking, 24 hours security & maintenance. Please call             Ladies and Gents Gymnasium, sauna,Jacuzzi, Steam                      labour accommodation (INDUSTRIAL AREA) 40
 5861109, Chin 6002394, Amy 5541608, Ezra 6002356,                   Hamilton 6005246, Corali 6004684, Ezra 6002356, Roy               security & maintenance. Rent Qrs.9,000/- per 2 B/R flat per            rooms, Sharing toilets, Rent Qrs 1,200/- Per Room + One
 Hamilton 6005246, Kris 5896302, Nailya 5855271.                     6004636, Amy 5541608, Mohamed 5892510.                            month, & Qrs. 10,000/-per 3 B/R flat per month, including              Month Free. Please call Wassim 5863164.
tawar compund : 46 deluxe villas in a compound                      umm ghwalina 21: (UMM GHWALINA) Semi New Luxurious,                electricity,water,& internet charges. For inquiries please            labour accommodation (INDUSTRIAL AREA) street
 (T.V Round about) Fully furnished villas with 4 Bedrooms, 1         fully furnished 1 bedroom Flats with 1.5 bathroom, large          call Rami : 5508595                                                    no. 46 , 60 one bedroom 3x3 m, 6 big kitchen, 24 toilet,
 big hall , 4.5 bathroom, Centralized AC’s, covered parking,         sitting, kitchen, Split AC’s, 24 hours security & maintenance.   pearl tower : port o way- 6 15th Floor. Semi                            24 Shower. Rent Qrs. 800 per month. Please call Hameed
 elegant furnitures & kitchen, 24 hours security, facilities such    Please call Kris 5896302, Aby 5850413, Hamilton 6005246,          -furnished 2 Bedrooms Apartment (170 Sqm) with big hall,               5861071.
 as Gym, Swimming Pool, Club House, Billiards. Rent FF               Corali 6004684, Ezra 6002356, Roy 6004636.                        2.5 Bathroom, Kitchen, Good Marina view and Sea view.                 labour accomodation: (al waab) Available for 150
 18,000/-. Please call Daniel 5861109, Amy 5541608, Ezra            gulF residence 1: (Near Shara Kharaba) Semi New ,fully             Both bedrooms and the hall are with balcony, Swimming                  employees, 28 Big Sized rooms , 3 Big Kitchen, 20 toilets,
 6002356, Hamilton 6005246 Kris 5896302, Nailya 5855271,             furnished 1 bedroom Flats with 1 bathroom, sitting, American      pool, Gymnasium, Clubhouse, Spa and Restaurant. Rent:
                                                                                                                                                                                                              20 Showers, Rent w/ AC’s Qrs40,00/-. Please Call Aby
 Nalin 6002395.                                                      style kitchen, with AC’s, 24 hours security & maintenance.        Qrs. 13,000/-. Please call Aby 5850413.
                                                                                                                                                                                                              5850413, Ayesh 6004953.
west bay lagoon lake (LAGOON LAKE): Fully                            Please call Nailya 5855271, Alvin 5890207, Kris 5896302,         pearl qatar: Brand New Fully Fiurnished 1 B/R with 2
                                                                                                                                                                                                             open land For rent 60,000 sqm near Al Khor Qatar
 Furnished Luxury compound villa with 4 Master bed rooms             Aby 5850413, Hamilton 6005246, Corali 6004684.                    full bathroom, big living, balcony, 6th floor with facilities. Rent
                                                                                                                                                                                                              Gas round about. Rent Qrs. 2 /sqm. Please call Hameed
 + Maid’s room + 2 Living rooms + Kitchen. Facilities:              gulF residence 2 : (Ferij Abdul Aziz) Semi New , fully             Qrs. 10,000. Please call Hameed 5861071.
 Swimming pool, gymnasium, Billiard, access to the beach             furnished 1 bedroom Flats with 1 bathroom, sitting, American     pearl qatar : Brand New Fully Furnished 2 B/R with 2
 & Marinna.Rent:Qrs.23,000/-. Please call Nailya 5855271,                                                                                                                                                    For sale : lands, apartments, villas, stores
                                                                     style kitchen, with AC’s, 24 hours security & maintenance.        full bathroom, big living, guest toilet, nice kitchen, 3 balcony
 Ezra 6002356, Hamilton 6005246, Kris 5896302, Nalin                                                                                                                                                          and accomodations
                                                                     Please call Nalin 6002395, Amer 6883055, Nailya 5855271,          sea view, 13th floor with facilities. Rent Qrs. 17,000. Please
 6002395, Nizar 5890462, Mohamed 5892510.                            Alvin 5890207, Kris 5896302, Aby 5850413.                         call Hameed 5861071.                                                  pearl tower: Luxurious 2 bed room Flat with 3 bath room,
compound villa (abu hamour) Semi furnished 3                                                                                                                                                                  Living, Dining, Kitchen, Office room, Sea view and Marina
                                                                    la- martin residence : (OLD GHANIM ) Semi New ,fully              pearl qatar: sabban tower Brand New Luxury 2
 Bedroom villa, with living room, dining room, family room,                                                                                                                                                   view area 176 Sqm, 2 Car Park . Sale Price: 2.2 Million
                                                                     furnished 2 bedroom Flats with 1.5 bathroom, sitting,             bedroom Apartment with astonishing Marina view , 228sqm,
 maids room,nice finishing, with swimming pool and 24 Hr                                                                                                                                                      Please call Nailya 5855271.
                                                                     kitchen, with AC’s, 24 hours security & maintenance. Please       semi furnished with Swimming pool, Gym, SPA, Club house,.
 Security.Rent:Qrs.13,000/-.Please call Kris 5896302,Corali          call Nizar 5890462, Ayesh 6004953, Nalin 6002395, Amer            Please call Nailya 5855271                                            pearl qatar port arabia Brand New 2 master B/R, 2
 6004684.                                                            6883055, Nailya 5855271, Alvin 5890207.                                                                                                  big bathrooms,big living w/ guest toilet, sea view balcony,
                                                                                                                                      pearl qatar : sabban tower 17th Floor, Brand New
compound villa ( old airport) : Semi furnished 4                                                                                                                                                              nice kitchen, window curtain w/ remote, 2 reserve car
                                                                    rayan Flats: ( RAYYAN- AL SHAFI                    ST.) Semi       Luxury F/F 2 Bedroom Apartment with 2 balconies + 2.5
 Bedroom villa, with living room,swimming pool, billiards            New Unfurnished 2 bedroom Flats with 1.5 bathroom,                toilet open sea view with 2 car parking, swimming pool , gym           parking, swimming pool. Gym, 24 hrs security, lot area 170
 room,Gym & Garden, 24 hrs maintenance and Security.                 sitting, kitchen, with AC’s, 24 hours security & maintenance.     and facilities. Please call Hamilton 6005246, Roy 60045636,            sqm on 11th floor. Sale Price 2.5 Million. Please call Hameed
 Please call Mohamed 5892510.                                        Please call Mohamed 5892510, Chin 6002394, Nizar                  Nalin6002395, Chin 6002394, Ayesh 6004953                              5861071.
stand alone villas:                                                  5890462, Ayesh 6004953, Nalin 6002395, Amer 6883055.             pearl qatar : la riviera Tower – Luxurious 2BR. 2.5                    Free hold land For sale (WESTBAY LAGOON) sqm
zam zam darbasti (Near Ain Khalid R/a) : 3 bed room                 70 apartments al saad: Semi New 2 bedroom fully                    Bathroom, French designed full fitted Kitchen, separate                3,000 sea view. Sale Price Qrs. 450 per sqm. Please call
 semi furnished stand alone villa with 2.5 bath rooms, living        furnished Flats with 1.5 bathrooms, Hall, Kitchen with a          dining, living balcony seaview, total size 176sqm. +2 reserved         Hameed 5861071.
 and dining rooms , kitchen. Please call Hamilton 6005246,           gym, parking. 24 hours security & maintenance. Please call        parking, outstanding amenities, floor with luxurious his/her          open land For sale Total area : 6,663 sft – asking price
 Kris 5896302, Nailya 5855271, Nizar 5890462, Mohamed                Roy 6004636, Amy 5541608, Mohamed 5892510, Chin                   separate SPA, gym & pool Rent S/F 15000/- per month.                   Qrs.180 per sqf. Located at Maither Area near Furusia R/A.
 5892510, Roy 6004636.                                               6002394, Nizar 5890462, Ayesh 6004953.                            Please call Hameed 5861071                                             Please call Hameed 5861071
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Gulf Times
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Sunday, July 25, 2010   33

                                                                                                                     situation wanted

                                                                     indian male, MBA 2 years experience looking for challenging        a Filipino mechanical engineer, is looking for a
  environmental specialist (ms ) iema aFFiliate                        career opportunities, preferring administration, operations,      suitable job, with six years experienced in production.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Safety officer, indian male.
                   with 8+ years experience,                           marketing. Visa status - visit. Contact: 7878589,                 Quality control and knowledgeable in Autocad operation 2D           Having three years experience in Qatar. Degree
   specialised in Compliance monitoring, EIA, EMP / EMS,                                          & 3D applications. Please call: 6316944, email:                        with diploma in fire and safety engg. OSHA
  HAZOP, ISO 14000 series and sustainability designing on            looking For job, Filipina 27 years old. Sales associate    Transferable visa.                          Certified with medic first aid. Good knowledge
           visit visa looking for suitable placement.                 cashier, receptionist, waitress under graduated in computer       accounts assistants, BS Accountancy graduate Filipino                 of safety in Police service. Looking for suitable
        Contact, 7540798.                       secretarial, with pleasing personality. Contact: 6338604,          male 21 years old with 3 years working experience in
                                                                      7346394.                                                           accounting field. Proficient in computer using MS Office &          placement. Email:
it proFessional mcse 9 years UAE/India Exp. in IT                    draughtsman, Autocad. Have access course in British                 Peachtree. Multi task, flexible, fast learner & hardworking.
                                                                                                                                         Family visa. Contact: 6250140.                                     indian male 28 years, M.Com Graduate, four years
  Infrastructure, IT Operations, Servers / Desktops / Email           college & also excellence in speaking English. Work one
                                                                                                                                                                                                              experiences, two years experiences in Africa (Angola).
  Support, seeking for suitable placement. Contact +974               year experience in Zera Internation Non-Goverment                 FiLiPina - 21 years old, having 3 years experience as
                                                                                                                                                                                                              Looking for a suitable placement. Now on visit visa. Contact:
  3258802.                                                            organisation. Specially experience in computer field &             Receptionist and Secretary. Seeking for a job that
                                                                                                                                                                                                              3596307, email:
draughtsman indian, 4 years experience in Dubai and                   Autocad. Email: Mob: 6593078.                   commensurate the qualification. Contact: 7745820, email:
                                                                                                                                                                         interior designing draughtsman, Indian male 24
 well experienced in Autocad, Photoshop and PDMS. Looking            26 years old male, Seeking for job, with experience 3
                                                                                                                                                                                                              years, having 5 years experience in this field, including 6
 for suitable placement. Contact: 3238568, 5368083.                   years in insurance field. Underwriting, property dept & motor     Filipina 29, with 4-1/2 years experience as a Secretary /
                                                                                                                                                                                                              month Gulf experience. Specialised in 3Ds Max, V-ray,
indian male,, with 5 years experience in Sales and              claims dept. Contact: 00963 932 539739, email: kerop84@            Admin assistant in UAE / Phils. Looking for a suitable
                                                                                                                                         position. Bachelor degree holder and fluent in English.              Autocad, Photoshop etc.. Looking for suitable job. Visa
  operations in a reputed NBFC, looking for a suitable job in
                                                                                                                                         Kindly contact mob: 7093005, email: gdpinecta@yahoo.                 status - visiting visa. Contact: 7715312, email: syameshku@
  Doha. Transferable visa. Phone 3656878, email: vrbala27@           quantity surveyor / Estimator for full time or part time                                                                       
                                                                                                                                         com                                                           Sri lankan youth with 4 years (2 years in Qatar) experience
                                                                                                                                        senior accountant, Filipino male, with over 18 years                Filipina 28, business management graduate with 4 years
quantity surveyor / estimator, Sri lankan male, more                  in a reputed civil structural and architectural and having
                                                                                                                                         experience in Jeddah, K.S.A in the Accounting field, including      experience as administrative assistant at beauty products
 than 3 years experience in construction field. Familiar with         degree holder. Seeking for suitable placement. Contact:
                                                                                                                                         financial reports, budget and accounting policies &                 company. Seeking for office job. Contact: 7792286, email:
 primavera & Autocad. B.Tech HND in Quantity Surveyor (UK             3257326, 7289966, email:
                                                                                                                                         procedures. Looking for job. Contact mob: 7961883, email: 
 Qualified). Having transferable visa. Looking for a suitable job.   7 years gulF experienced Indian male Accountant                                                      electronics and telecommunication Engineer,
 Contact: 7708836, email:                           (M.Com,. PGDCA) with knowledge in Logistics has valid
                                                                                                                                        10 years audit experience, Sri lankan Auditor seeking                Indian male 24 years having 2 year experience in telecom,
msc microbiology indian male 28, QA / QC Chemist                      GCC LMV Licence seeks job. Contact: 6644296,
                                                                                                                                         a Auditor or Accountant job. Qualified IAB (U.K) AAT (S.L)          and 1 year Qatar experience in broadcasting (technical)
 in Analytical club. Having 4 years experience seeking for  
                                                                                                                                         CIMA (UK) Partly. B.Com (S.L) B.A Hons studied in U.K.              looking for a suitable placement. Visa status - Business.
 suitable placement. Please call: 6073685, 6920842, email:           purchaser / oFFice assistant. Indian male 30, on                                                                                        Contact: 6142396, email:
                                                                                                                                         I.E.L.T.S (U.K) (5.5). Familiar in Peachtree, Mayob. Contact:                                            visiting visa, 4 years experience in GCC looking for suitable      7403005, email:                             autocad draughtsman, Indian male with five years
Filipino, 23 years old, on transferable visa, is seeking              position. Contact: 5178588, email:
                                                                                                                                        3 years experience Sri lankan Accountant seeking a                   experience as Autocad draughtsman. Looking for suitable
 employment in sales. With retail sales experience in Qatar          Filipina, with 6 years experience in the Gulf region with good                                                                          placement. Contact: 5946397, email: ukmechstar@gmail.
                                                                                                                                         suitable position 23 years old. CIMA (U.K) Partly qualified
 and Philippines. Please contact: 6260012.                            communication skills, highly motivated, computer literate is                                                                           com
                                                                                                                                         Peachtree familiar. I.E.L.T.S (UK) 5.0. Contact: 6687351,
Filipino male nurse, 22 years old, single, looking for                seeking for a position as a Secretary / Admin assistant.           email:                                          Fiberglass technician & laminator (Foreman)
 suitable job that fit the qualification, with transferable visa.     Contact: 5733254.
                                                                                                                                        Filipina husband sponsored Bachelors degree / post                   works in all kids of Fibreglass. Can assemble UAV & Yatch.
 Contact:     5353682,      email:          electrical & i.t engineer (Degree), with 7 years +                                                                                      Visit visa transferable. Contact: 6106011.
                                                                                                                                         graduate 5 years administrative clerical experience looking
 Experienced on Hospital & Clinic.                                    working experienced (Kahramma Regulation) Both in                  for suitable position. Contact mob: 5280273, email: bebet_         Filipina cia / cpa under husband sponsorship. With 7
sales and marketing executive, Indian male 29, 5                      construction project & Oil and Gas field. CCTV, 3CX, VSAT                                                      years experience in auditing & controls. Have travelled &
 years UAE experienced in whole sales and retail. Computer            Installation, telephony, data, networking. Smoke detector,
                                                                                                                                        bs accountancy graduate, Filipino, 11 years total                    conducted internal audit in several European countries.
 literate. Seeking suitable placement. Contact: 5632759.              Advanced safety training, fire fighting, Hazard control by
                                                                                                                                         work experience in Accounts, receivables, payables and              Excellent communication skills and proficient in MS Office
                                                                      PEC, OSHA, PetroED. Contact: +974 - 6947233, 7731984,
sri lankan nurse, Seeking for a suitable job. Four years                                                                                 sales. Proficient in MS Office application, looking for suitable    application. Looking for internal auditor, finance analyst or
 experience in Nursing & good knowledge on Oncology                                                                                      post. With transferable visa. Contact: 6220836, email:              suitable position. Please contact: 5122723.
 pharmacy, Safe handling of Cytotoxic drugs, medical                 Filipino male, Sales Manager with 13 years experience in                                               hr & admin senior oFFicer with ten years experience
 laboratory. Looking for a suitable job with transferable visa.       Industrial, commercial and retail products (2 years GCC
                                                                                                                                        Filipino, with 8 years extensive background in Sales &               (UAE & Qatar) and having transferable visa / NOC. Seek
 Contact: 3491689.                                                    experience). Contact: 5563680, randy_sd_senga@yahoo.
                                                                                                                                         Marketing. Contact: 7949280.                                        suitable job in professional company. Call: 6028904.
                                                                      com Transferable visa. Immediate hiring.
indian, looking for IT Support job. CCNA Certification. Valid                                                                                                                                               Filipino Female nurse 25 years old, bachelor of science
                                                                     Filipina proFessional, with 7 years managerial                     it proFessional: Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE),
  driving licence. Transferable visa. 10 years experience.                                                                                                                                                   in nursing (4 years) with licence, IELTS Passer, On visit visa
                                                                      experience for sales, marketing and customer relations for          CCNA, MCSA (Messaging) MCTS, Security (Ethical Hacking)
  Contact: 5034931, email:                                                                                                                                                                (1 month) is looking for secretary / admin assistant /
                                                                      British and American accounts, transferable visa. Contact:          Masters in IT, 2 years experience in system and Network
accountant, Sri lankan female 27, husband visa. CIMA-                                                                                     administration. Transferable visa / NOC. Seeking suitable          receptionist or any position. Proficient in MS Word, Excel,
                                                                      5563028, for immediate hiring.
 UK qualified. 4 years experience. Proficient in MS Office &                                                                              placement. Please contact mob: 6339240, email: cali.abd@           Internet. Please contact: 7445322, email: paning85@yahoo.
 Oracle GL. Fluent in English. Contact: 6313603, email:              civil engineer, Male 29 years old, 4 years Qatar                                                                     com                                              experienced is looking for any suitable job, skilled in Autocad
                                                                                                                                        accountant, Diploma in accounting & AAT Qualified Sri               sudanese mandoup. With to work for a Mandoup
                                                                      2D & 3D Max, having Qatari driving licence. Contact:
hr proFessional with 6+ years exceptional track record                                                                                   lankan male, has more than six years experience here in             (Representative) in a suitable field. Companies and
                                                                      6638517, email:
 in HR Management and Associated areas. Excellent                                                                                        Qatar in the field of Accounting & finance & have valid Qatar       organisations. Contact: 6467735, email: midoogazalie@
 communication and computer skills. NOC available.                   bs environmental science graduate, Filipino male,                   driving licence. Looking for suitable placement. Please   
 Transferable visa. Contact mob: 5344814, email: ahmed.               6 years work experience in various position such as                contact: 5484861, 5351023.                                         accountant (indian) M.Com, with over 6 years of                                                  Environmental management & Liaisoning, Technical works
                                                                                                                                        cad draughtsman / cad operator. Sri lankan male                      experience including - 2 years in Qatar, computer literate
                                                                      and administrative works. Looking for suitable placement.
indian male 25, MBA (HR & Marketing), BSc. IT with 4                                                                                     with 3 years work experience is seeking for suitable                with working experience in Tally, Peachtree and Focus
                                                                      NOC available. Contact: 6876835.
  years experience, 2 years HR & Administration experience                                                                               placement. Well knowledge in 2D & 3D in Autocad, QS                 Accounting packages is available for part time placement.
  in Qatar. Strong IT background. Work visa (NOC available).         sri lankan male 26, 3 years Qatar experience as Cargo               Diploma and MS Office. With transferable visa. Contact:             Contact: 7735647.
  Contact: 6458704, email:                       Dispatch officer and 5 years local experience as sales             5419973, email:                                indian autocad draFtsman m.e.p (Diploma) with 3
                                                                      executive & store assistant. Sound knowledge in all kind
qualiFied proFessional, Filipina under husband                                                                                          accountant, 2 year exp, master in commerce. B.Com,                    years of experience in India. Well versed with plumbing
                                                                      computer operating system, Graphic designing. Fluent in
 sponsor with supervisory and administrative backgrounds.                                                                                Indian male, 23 years, looking for suitable job. Call: 5458442,      drawings, plans, elevation & isometric view is looking for a
                                                                      Hindi & English. Looking for a suitable post. Contact:
 Theoretically and practically well-versed in engineering,                                                                                                                          suitable part time / full time placement. Contact: 5651288.
                                                                      3657820, email:
 sales & marketing. Team player & able to work under                                                                                                                                                        sri lankan male cleaning supervisor with ten years
                                                                     sri lankan male, 29 years old. Looking for office admin /          Filipino male, QA / QC Engineer / Inspector. 4 years
 pressure. Contact: 7915462, email:                                                                                                                                                       experience, sound knowledge in read, write, speak English
                                                                      clerical / documentation jobs. 6+ years of experience (Sri         experience on civil engineering and Architectural works. 2
saFety engineer, 32 male bachelor of engineering and                                                                                     years on UAE. Computer literate, MS Office, Autocad,                fair communication skills in Urdu, Arabic. Looking for
                                                                      lanka and Qatar). Higher diploma IT (UK). Visa transferable
 cooperate member of Nigerian institute of safety professionals                                                                          Primavera. Contact: 5998649, email: molina_darwin@                  supervising or any clerical post. Transferable visa. Contact:
                                                                      (NOC). Contact: 3618498,
 with over 5 years in experience in construction oil and gas                                                                                                                              7280263.
 with years transferable visa. Seeking for suitable placement.       specialist, Data analysis / office administration, Filipino
                                                                                                                                        mba proFessional, possessing a 6 years (Gulf & Asian)               instrumentation / electrical engineer, Indian
 Contact: 7703911, email:              male 28, BS Math Grad, with 7 years experience (2 years as
                                                                                                                                         of dynamic industrial experience in business administration,         male 26, B.Tech + Diploma, 5 years in operation, maintenance
                                                                      Admin supervisor). Proficient in MS Office (Expert in MS
male 23 years old, One year experience as Accountant,                                                                                    Business development and admin & finance. Looking for                construction and oil field experience in Instrumentation and
                                                                      Excel) with excellent English communication skills. Holding
 proficient knowledge in computer software such as SAP                                                                                   suitable placement. Contact: 7417202, 3064143, email:                Electrical fields. Contact: 6317506, 5979986. On visiting
                                                                      business visa. Contact: 3065639, email: efrenmas@yahoo.
 B-ONE Tally ERP.9, Peachtree, and MS Office product suits                                                                      (NOC available).                                 visa. Email:
 such as Word & Excel. Visa details: Job visa. NOC available.                                                                                                                                               Filipino 27 years old, Graphic designer, with 5 years
                                                                     saFety / receptionist / Admin. Assistant / Sales lady.             english / maths / ielts Teacher has B.Tech IELTS Band
 Contact: 7007803.                                                                                                                                                                                           experience looking for a Graphic artist job with transferable
                                                                      Filipina 27 years old with 3-1/2 years experience as               7, English certifications with over 5 years of teaching
electrical engineer, Filipino 26, with 4 years experience                                                                                experience, seeking for teaching opportunity in institutions,       visa. Contact: 6447608, 7115963, email: ianpebres@gmail.
                                                                      Secretary. Proficient in English. Graduate of associate in
 (2 in UAE). Proficient in Autocad and MS Office. Business                                                                               schools. Contact: 6628582, email:              com
                                                                      computer technology. Computer literate. competent and has
 visa. Contact: 3085789, email:                                                                                                                                                     Financial services operation Manager. With regional
                                                                      good organisational skills. Under business visa. Can start        26 years old nigerian male, Safety engineer / officer
looking For job, Welder and Fabricator with many years                immediately. Contact: 6183221, 4501606.                            with degree in Health education and environmental science,          and Global experience. Nearly 15 years exp. including 10
 of experience. Looking for welding works and fabrication.                                                                               6 years experience. Looking for suitable position. 5 years in       years in financial services industry. Contact: 6757197, email:
                                                                     bs computer science Graduate 29 years old Filipino.
 Please contact: 7398339.                                                                                                                Qatar, transferable visa. Contact mob: 5374080, email:    
                                                                      Well adapt of pre-fabricated construction company process
irish male 34, Carpenter with degree in civil seeks                   flow, General office Admin / Customer service can do multi                                         indian it engineer, having 5+ years of work experience in
  construction manager / supervisor / engineer position.              tasking. Contact mob: 6171398.                                    mechanical engineer, with good experience in MEP,                     software development, database admin and web applications.
  Immediate start. NOC, in Doha 2 years. Contact: 7260669.                                                                               Autocad and HVAC, Nigerian male, with 6 years plus                   Good experience in Dotnet technologies. Seeking suitable
                                                                     accountant, Sri lankan male 26, 5 years exp. in Accounting
Filipina, Comp. Programmer graduate w/6 years experience                                                                                 cognate experience. Possess work / transferable visa.                position. Transferable work visa available. Contact: 7238754,
                                                                      and Auditing. CIMA (UK) London (A/L), dip in MS Office.
 as office secretary / Doc. controller. Has admin background.                                                                            Seeking suitable placement in a reputable company. Contact:          email:
                                                                      Excellent skill MS Excel, Word, Quick books. Transferable
 Proficient in MS Office. Good command in English. Can join           visa (NOC). Contact: 7867733.                                      +974 5641897, email:                           male 21 years old, Muslim, A graduate of B.A Science in
 immediately. Under business visa. Contact: 3498429.                                                                                    looking For job: Over 17 years experience in sales &                 Info. Management. 5 years experiences in IT. Sec & Office
                                                                     Filipino saFety oFFicer, 25 years old, with more than 4
accountant, qualified in Sri lankan chartered Accountancy                                                                                marketing 3 years in Doha. With background in Administrative        management, computer Graphics & teaching. Fluent in
                                                                      years of experience in construction industry. OSHA Certified
 (ACA), and BSc (Accountancy) special and ASCMA, has                                                                                     works, operations office manager, looking for any positions,        English, oral & written. Contact: 7964406, email: hilal_
                                                                      accredited     with international association of safety
 over 14 years experience in accounting, finance, auditing                                                                               with Qatar driving licence. Contact: 5869276. Email:      
                                                                      professionals. Transferable visa with NOC. Email:
 and treasury management in banks and finance. Real          Mob: 7337507.                                                                       autocad draughtman, Sri lankan male, 2.5 years
 Estate, Hospitality, Freight forwarding and Logistic sectors is                                                                        sri lankan male 34, looking for driver / messenger / sales           Autocad experience (one year in Doha) MEP, Civil 2D & 3D
                                                                     Filipino saFety oFFicer, w/4 years experience as Site
 looking for immediate placement. Contact: 7181431, email:                                                                               job. Having two years Qatar exp. Valid Qatar driving licence        Structural, Qualify: Diploma in Cad & Building studies, QS,
                                                                      Nurse and Safety officer. Certified under OSHA, International                                                                                                                     holder. Visa transferable or six month NOC available.               Excel, 3D max, Photoshop, with NOC. Please call:
                                                                      association of safety member, transferable visa, w/ NOC.
Filipina 26, English major graduate, excellent in English                                                                                Looking for immediate vacancy. Please contact: Ikram                6818969.
                                                                      Email: Mob: 7279274.
 communication, computer proficient. Seeing for customer                                                                                 5981607, 5981684.                                                  driver, sri lankan male, with 6 years light vehicle
                                                                     sri lankan male, holder of BBA from USA and CIMA (UK)
 service / receptionist job. 2 years call center experience.                                                                            indian male, 29 years, four years Gulf experience in sales           driving experience in Doha, can speak English, Arabic,
                                                                      part qualified with banking and Audit experience (Familiar
 Contact: 5272780 / 5173282, email:                                                                                     & marketing dept (Banking Industry), with valid Qatari driving     Hindi, Malayalam & Tamil. NOC available. Please contact:
                                                                      with accountancy packages). Seeking suitable placement.
electrical Foreman, Good knowledge of Electrical and                                                                                      licence and have achieved three awards for the best                3249644.
                                                                      Holding transferable visa. Please contact: 6035041.
 Electrical appliances installation and industrial, building                                                                              performance in citibank, UAE. Looking for suitable placement.     administrative / procurement Officer, Filipino male
                                                                     Filipina, BSBA Graduate, 3 years experience in clerical job          Contact: 4182247, 6044153, email:
 electrical and fire alarm system. Good knowledge of security                                                                                                                                                29 years old with transferable visa. Seeking for suitable job.
                                                                      as Secretary looking for a job w/ transferable visa. Proficient
 solutions (CCTV Escorts etc) Safe (HSE) under maintenance                                                                              computer engineer, Filipino male, 26 years old. 3 years              Responsible and Hardworking Guaranteed. Contact:
                                                                      in MS Office applications. Contact: 7002887.
 in Oil & Gas, services & Generator. Contact: 6133454.                                                                                   experience in research and development field. Worked as             3226752, 4325319, email:
                                                                     Filipino, 24 years old, experienced in PC Troubleshooting,          Document controller, Technical assistant and system engineer.
mba 11 years oF international Work exposure in                                                                                                                                                              Filipino male, 9 years combined experience in construction,
                                                                      MS Office applications, 3 years experience as Quality              Looking for suitable job, with 3 months transferable visa.
 sales & marketing seeking employment at senior manager.                                                                                                                                                     recruitment, admin and call center. Looking for job. Placement
                                                                      controller, looking for IT / QC / Admin staff / Assistant or       Please contact: 3099846, email:
 Level in Electronics appliances FMCG Trade. Six years                                                                                                                                                       as Document controller, secretary or admin assistant.
                                                                      Document controller position. Computer literate, proficient in
 Qatar experience. Valid Qatar driving licence. Key skills                                                                              autocad mep draughtsman, MEP / Civil Draughtsman                     Transferable visa. For urgent hiring. Contact: 5260862.
                                                                      MS Office. Can start immediately. Visa transferable with
 profit center head key accounts corporate management.                                                                                   Sri lankan male, having diploma in Autocad and having good         have completed mba from University of Wales from
                                                                      NOC. Contact: 6319683, email:
 Please contact: Mob: +91 944                                                                                     experience in 2D, 3D drawings, Also can work with                   London, having computer knowledge. Looking for job.
 7777 932.                                                           Filipina, 26 years old, Professional, graduate of BSB               Architectural, Structural and MEP Draughts, Sufficient in MS        Contact: Mob: 6024581.
                                                                      Administration major in Mgt, with 2 years experience in            Office 2007 application and fluent in English. Transferable
indian male 29, Commerce graduate & computer literate, 3                                                                                                                                                    indian Female, MBA with 7 years of experience in HR
                                                                      Secretarial &HR / Admin jobs, 3 years experience as Quality        visa     with     NOC.      Contact:   7878615,       email:
  years experience in accounts (credit controller). Seeking                                                                                                                                                   (Human Resource) seeking a job in an reputed organisation.
                                                                      controller. Looking for secretarial, admin / acctg assistant,
  suitable job. On visit visa. Contact: 3034117, email: msufile@                                                                                                                                              Experience in learning & development recruitment, HR
                                                                      document controller related positions. Computer literate,                                                                                                                             Filipino male, looking for suitable placement, LAW &                  Generalist, HR admin, RP available & Can join immediately.
                                                                      proficient in MS Office. Can start immediately. Visa
Filipina, Graduate of bachelor secondary education in                 transferable with NOC. Contact: 6319682, email: ecinaj_            Management Grad. 16 years managerial experience,                     Contact: 7641299, email:
 English, looking for Secretary cum Receptionist. 3 years                                                         proficient in MS Word, Excel, under business visa. Contact:        Filipino male 24, University graduate, bachelor of science
 experience in secretarial job & 2 years in Dubai contracting                                                                   7654723.                                        in Electronics and communications engineering with 2 years
                                                                     Filipina, Professional, graduate of BS Education, with more
 company under business visa Transferable. Contact:                                                                                     Filipina 36, looking for a secretarial / receptionist /              experience as IT Assistant in Technical department. With
                                                                      than 10 years experience in primary, intermediate &
 3815368 / 7370032, email:                                                                                        administrative / office assistant. With 2 years Middle East         knowledge in networking, computer hardware and software
                                                                      secondary teaching & admin jobs. Looking for secretarial,
civil engineer, Master of Project Management (USA) +                  teaching, admin, document controller positions. Computer           experience. Highly competitive person, can do multi tasking         including computer applications. Contact: 5384394, email:
 PMP + long experience in Qatar. Looking for Contract                 literate, proficient in MS Office. Visa transferable with NOC.     jobs and very hard working. Have transferable working visa.
 Manager position with multinational organisations, Banks.            Contact: 6319685, email:                   Please contact: +974 - 6938281, Email: connieanareta@              civil engineer, Egyptian male, 9 years experience 5 years
 Contact:                                                                                                                                                                in Doha. Seeking for suitable job. Contact: 3099201.

 situation wanted contd. on Following page
34        Gulf Times
          Sunday, July 25, 2010

                                                  situation wanted                                                                                        education

civil engineer, Filipino male, with more than 9 years             arabic male, 9 years experience in sales & marketing 2            medical / engineering entrance coaching (Aieee,
 experience, more than 3 years experience in Doha as Site          years in Qatar. Good command in English, driving licence.         Aipmt, IIT, Jee, State Entrance, SAT) in collaboration with
 Engineer in high rise building. Knowledge in Autocad, MS          Transferable visa. Looking for a job. Contact: 6123748.           Elite Edu- Consultancy India. Complete coverage of XI and
 Office. Looking for suitable job. Under work visa with NOC.      Filipino muslim (male), Civil Engineer. Looking for job            XII Topics. Classes handled by retired Indian professors.
 Contact: 7501568.                                                 with (9) years of experience. Please contact: 3815066.            Also vacation crash tuition (STD. I-XII). Contact: New Indian
Filipino male, 10+ years Managerial exp. in Sales &                                                                                  Education Centre, Al Mansoura, Ph. 4439250, 4358743,
                                                                  architect, egyptian, 2007 Graduate, 2 years UAE
 Marketing. Impl. of promo plans, territorial mgt. sales                                                                             Helpline Prof. Mrithunjayan, Mob: 5153823.
                                                                   experience Residential, Commercial projects. 3DsMax,
 forecast, strong leadership and people skills. Looking for any    AutoCAD 2D and 3D. Photoshop, Illustrator, Archicad,             utilize this vacation effectively: Children’s Summer
 suitable position. Can also work as Admin / Sales / Mktg          Sketchup and Revit. Fluent in English and French. Seeks           camp, computer package, Easy Maths, Karate, Dance,
 coordinator. Contact: 6337921, email: philipjosephnucum@          suitable placement. Contact 3683800.                              Crash Tuition Classes ST 1 to XII, Medical / Engg Entrance,                                                                                                                           SAT, ACT, Toefl, IELTS, Fire and Engg, UG, PG, B.Ed,
                                                                  sales manager, 12 years experience in UAE. 4 years in
Filipino 25 years old. Looking for a job. Experience in                                                                              M.Phil, Spoken Arabic & English, Secretarial Training,
                                                                   Qatar (Food stuff). Contact: 7117353.
 computer office related work. Please contact: 3672488,                                                                              Abacus; Karate, Play School and KG. Contact 4439250,
                                                                  Filipino, with 8 years experience in Procurement part,             4358743, Helpline 7024309, 5376456.
                                                                   Import / Export coordinator shipping industry, warehousing,
having 13 years exp. in it, ITIL, CCNA, MCSE, LPI                                                                                   summer vacation classes: Starting 15th July (Two
                                                                   on business visa. Please call: 6098354.
                                                                                                                                     months). Crash tuition for classes V-XII covering 2nd & 3rd
 certified, good in SYS Admin, Networking, Service delivery.
                                                                  nursing graduate with secretarial experience, Filipina 23          term Syllabus. MED / ENGG Entrance coaching for AIEEE,
 Transferable visa / NOC. Seeking suitable placement.
                                                                   years old, computer literate and knowledge in MS Applications,    IIT-JEE, AIPMT, State Entrance. Regular tuition for CBSE,
 Please contact: 6041524, email:
                                                                   fluent in English and has good communication skills, versatile    KB, Pakistan, IB, American & British Syllabi (Special Batches
Filipina, 17 years experience in Admin / Doc. Control and          and hardworking. Transferable visa and can start immediately.     for O-A-AS Level November Examination. Contact National
 Secretarial field with excellent typing skills, 3 years           Contact 7807927, email:                         Education Centre 4663106, 4676355.
 experience in managerial position. With valid driving licence.   mechanical engineer, Filipino, 41 years old, two years            Family computer centre oFFers High quality training
 Can start anytime with transferable visa (NOC / Release).         in Qatar and looking for Mechanical works, Safety Officer,        offered for AutoCAD 2010, 3Ds Max 2010 and Primavera
 Call: 5001837.                                                    AutoCAD or Steel Fabrication and Erection works with NOC          6.7, assures individual attention. Highly qualified and
FEmaLE aCCOunTS aSSiSTanT - Indian female with 3                   and visa transferable. Contact 6253036, email: fmagisan@          experienced instructors. For more details call 4435361 /
 years experience in accounts, good knowledge of Tally,                                                           4370779. or visit us at www.
 Oracle, MS Word, Excel. Looking for suitable position.           indian national male 25, BCom graduate, on visit visa    
 Contact: 5596487 or click here                having sufficient accountancy background and computer           al khor ummal qura education centre. Summer
saFety oFFicer, w/6 years experience in abroad and also             proficiency in Tally, Peachtree, Quickbooks and MS Office        Vacation Magic: Motivation Kit, Study Kit, Visual Magic of
 speak Arabic & English. Contact: +974 - 7820967, email:            seeks suitable placement. Contact 6017009, rajithfars@           Computer. Spoken English, Spoken Arabic and special                                                                                      tuition for all subjects. Email: ummalquaraeducation@yahoo.
Filipino, 33 years old, Certified Mechanical Engineer,            Filipino 25 years old, experience in PC Troubleshooting,           com, Tel: 4213170, Mob: 3112108, Fax: 4796525.
 MBA Degree, experienced project, facilities, operations,          networking, MS Office application, 2 years experience as         aljazeera asian education centre: Tuition classes
 maintenance (TPM/RCM) Management. Skilled SAP / MS                Safety instructor (Red Cross) looking for IT/Safety related       for CBSE syllabi: (QAR:200 per subject) Physics, Chemistry,
 Office, AutoCAD, Automation / Instrumentation, seeking            jobs. Family visa (Transferable). Contact 6976523, 4880753,       Biology Mathematics, English, Accountancy by well qualified
 supervisory / managerial position. Contact 3585848,                                                    and experienced Indian Teachers (Ladies), Spoken English,                                         hardworking Filipina with 5 years Gulf experience in               Spoken Arabic (Basic and advance), Secretarial Training,
indian male 25, looking for job in Logistic / Cargo executive.     Sales, Administrative and customer service, 12 years exp. in      Accounting package (manual and computerised), Computer
  Qualification degree, FIATA - DGR with 2 years experience.       Administration and teaching in Philippines, computer literate,    courses. Tel: 4122723, 4122741, 3546511.
  Contact: 7220095.                                                looking for suitable job. Contact 3815390.                       international travel & tourism Diploma from Canada
looking For a suitable job as Supply technician /                 Filipina, 7 years experience in teaching, 2 years experienced       (4months) Airline Ticketing and Travel & Tourism management
 data entry / store keeper. Filipino, with 5 years GCC             in Secretarial seeking for secretary / teacher position.           course with Amadeus computer reservation course(2 Months),
 experience proficient with MS office with transferable visa       Proficient in MS Office, good command in English on visit          Amadeus CRS Professional Training travel agency staff (14
 and can start immediately. Contact: 5626502 / 3403634,            visa. Contact 7196760, email:            hours). Travel Agency training will be provided). Contact Al
 email:                                       ph                                                                 Jazeera Asian Education Centre, Fareej Bin Umran 4122723,
                                                                                                                                      4122741, 3546511.
hardworking Filipina with 5 years Gulf experience in              Filipino male (muslim), Civil Engineer, looking for job
 Sales, Administrative and customer service, 12 years exp. in      with 5 years exp. in construction. Please call: 3815072.
 Administration and teaching in Philippines, computer literate,   accountant, male, Filipino, CPA, looking for suitable job.
 looking for suitable job. Contact 3815390.                        15 years experience in various industry, IT Savvy,
ba marketing graduate, With 9 years work experience                Knowledgeable in ERP, SAP, Oracle, Pegasus, SAGE
 in Marketing, Communication, PR & Administrative works.           Peachtree, Quickbooks, design / Manager accounting
 Proficient in MS Office, fluent in Arabic, English & French.      system. Please contact 6027410, 7811717, email:
 Contact mob: 5213347, email:                                                    w w w. g u l F - t i m e s . c o m
communication and electronics Engineer, Syrian                    syrian male with two years of experience in IT and
 Nationality, expert in Network technology and communication       Networking communication, speak 3 languages (English,
 systems and have CCNA, MCSE, A+ Courses with excellent            French, Italian), certified from Cisco (CCNA - CCNP),
 experience in computer software programme and MS                  Microsoft (MCP, MCDST) with good communications skills,
 Office, Very good English language. Contact: 7581280,             looking for job in different fields. Contact email:
 5807670.                                                , Mob: 5614874.

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