You Must Be Born Again by gjjur4356


Must Be
John 3:1-17
 Have you
 been born
From This Story We Learn That:
   “You” is personal
       Religious heritage is not personal spiritual life
          Nicodemus was a descendant of Abraham
          He still may never “see” the kingdom of God

          He was only partially right. Jesus was a prophet

          Until he sees Jesus correctly (Lord and Christ), he
           will not see the kingdom of God
From This Story We Learn That:
   “You” is personal
   “Must” – means it is not optional
       Spiritual, inward transformation is essential
       The heart, thinking, desires, and will must be
       Man must be willing to enter God’s kingdom
        on God’s terms
From This Story We Learn That:
   “You” is personal
   “Must” – means it is not optional
   “Be” –means to enter a state of being
   “Born Again” –Start all over with life
       To enter into a new way of thinking and living
       Essential Ingredients of birth:
          Seed – Luke 8:11; 1 Pet.1:22-25
          A nurturing lodging place for the seed – a good
           and honest heart
         The Results of Real Birth
   A totally dependent life
       We know nothing and learn quickly
       We crave for food and have a demanding cry
        for it regularly
       Innocence and acceptance
       A loving family
                  The Born Again
   See the Kingdom of God
       With the eyes of understanding
       Have tasted the powers of the age to come
       Have been translated out of darkness
       Have been translated into the kingdom of God’s dear
   Are born of the Spirit
   Are born of the water and spirit
       The Holy Spirit instructs to baptism in water in the
        name of Jesus Christ for remission of sins

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