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Past and present
Entertainment has changed a lot
since 1950 to now. MOVIES,MUSIC AND
By Josh,Ethan,harry and emily
The 50’s
   The hit television show "I Love
    Lucy" was the top-rated show of
    the decade. The Mickey Mouse
    club was a total phenomenon.
    Kids everywhere were
    watching this show.
The 1960’s

    The Beetles, one of the most
    successful musical phenomenon
    ever, began their first tour of the
    United States in 1964. Paul
    McCartney, John Lennon, George
    Harrison, and Ringo Starr made up
    this musical group.
   There was many different types of
    entertainment in the 1970's.
     There were also many different
    styles of music in this decade. Disco
    dancing became popular with the
    release of the movie Saturday Night
    Fever. Also, heavy metal rock music
    was born in the 70's. A popular
    heavy metal bands was Led Zeppelin;
    David Bowie was another heavy
    metal rocker. In the late 1970's, a
    new rock movement, known as "punk
    rock" became the rage.
   Television was transformed in the 1980s.
    With the advent of cable, the three major
    networks -- ABC, CBS and NBC -- lost their
    monopoly on what Americans viewed in
    their living rooms. In the late Seventies,
    Time Inc.'s Home Box Office became
    available. In 1980, Ted Turner unveiled
    the Cable News Network (CNN). Media
    baron Rupert Murdoch paid a billion
    dollars for Twentieth Century Fox and,
    with Barry Diller, created TV's fourth
    network, Fox.

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