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									Rupp Carriveau
Civil and Environmental Engineering

Fields of Interest:
• Physics of rotating fluids
• Vortex formation
• Vortex dynamics
• Wave mechanics
• Renewable energy solutions
Holger Eichhorn
Chemistry and Biochemistry

Fields of Interest:
• Mesomorphic materials
• Nano-structured anisotropic materials
• Soluble metal nanoparticles
• Design of new organic protective ligands
Ron Barron
Mathematics and Statistics

Fields of Interest:
Computational Fluid Dynamics, CFD modeling of flow
  through automotive engine cooling fans, Modeling of
  two-phase flows with application to high-speed
  rotary atomizers and paint spray, computational
  aeroacoustics, numerical investigation of sediment
  transport, scouring process caused by the impact of
  fluid flow on sand beds.
Jonathan Wu
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Fields of Interest:
• Computer vision
• Active vision
• Embedded vision
• Machine learning
• Statistical pattern recognition
• Biomedical image analysis
• Wireless sensor systems
• Distributed sensing
• Sensor fusion
Fazle Baki
Odette School of Busniess-Management

Fields of Interest:
•   Manufacturing Process Planning
•   Cellular manufacturing
•   Flexible Resources Scheduling
•   Traveling Salesman Problem
Edwin Tam
Civil and Environmental Engineering

Fields of Interest:
• Design for environment
• Life cycle analysis
• Materials Recycling
• Management Environmental Effects from industry
Ming Zheng
Mechanical, Automotive & Materials

Fields of Interest:
• Premixed Diesel Combustion
• Active Flow Control
• Modeling
• Diagnosis, and Dynamometer tests
• Biofuel and Biodiesel engine tests
Derek Northwood
Senior Chair in Faculty of Engineering

Fields of Interest:
• Synthesis of nanoparticles;
• Catalysts and membrane materials for fuel cells;
• Surface engineered materials for improved performance;
• Applications in the automotive and manufacturing
Chris Weisener
Great Lakes Institute for Environmental
 Research/ Earth Science

Fields of Interest:
• Contaminant stress on ecosystems in changing global
• Environmental tracers
• Applied synchrotron science
Ramaswani Balachandar
Executive Director, Centre for Executive
Fields of Interest:
• Industrial Applications
• Mechanical Engineering
• Turbulence
• Civil Engineering
• Jets
• Bridge Piers
• Scour Erosion, Sprays
• Air And Water Flow
• Nozzles
Jill Urbanic
Industrial & Manufacturing Systems

Fields of Interest:
• Process Planning & Manufacturing Systems Design
• Product Design for Manufacturing Complexity Modelling
• Rapid Manufacturing/Rapid Prototyping, Reverse Engineering
Roman Maev

Fields of Study:
• Real time ultrasonic monitoring and feedback of weld quality;
• Sensors and Remote Controlling;
• Signal and Image Processing Algorithms and Software;
• Biomedical Ultrasound Diagnostics;
• Environmental bio-monitoring;
• Nanomaterials properties and applications;
• Supersonic spraying and deposition of materials.
Azab Ahmed
Industrial & Manufacturing Systems

Fields of Study:
• Process Planning & Design (Reconfiguring Process Plans,
  Hybrid Process Design, Scheduling)
• Mathematical Programming & Non-traditional Optimization
• Manufacturing Systems and Assembly Design & Planning
• Group Technology & Product Platforms
• Robotics Control.
Narayan Kar
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Fields of Study:
• Energy-efficient motor drives for hybrid electric vehicle and
robotics applications
• ANN/Fuzzy based vector control of DFIG in wind power
• Efficient and economical design of electrical machines
• Development of power line fault classification unit for Essex
Power Corporation
Jerald Lalman
Civil and Environmental Engineering

Fields of Study:
• Anaerobic Biotechnology;
• Industrial Wastewater Treatment;
• Conversion of Biomass Waste to Value Added Products;
• Electrochemical Treatment of Groundwater Pollutants, using
Fenton's Reagents to Degrade Recalcitrant Compounds
Bill Zhou
Mechanical, Automotive & Materials

Fields of Study:
• Fuel Cell; Diesel, Engine;
• Nano-materials;
• Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV); Hybrid/Electric Vehicle (HEV);
• Aircraft Engine;
• Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD);
• Clean Coal Combustion Technology;
• Fluid Mechanics;
Andrzej Sobiesiak
Mechanical, Automotive & Materials

Fields of Study:
• Internal Combustion Engines;
• Alternate Fuels;
• Combustion;
• Measurements in Flows and Flames
Esaignani Selvarajah
Odette School of Business, Management

Fields of Study:
• Production scheduling;
• Optimization;
• Heuristic algorithm development;
• Batch scheduling in supply chains;
• no-wait machine scheduling.
Keith Taylor
Chemistry and Biochemistry

Fields of Study:
• Enzyme based methods for industrial waste water treatment
• Environmental Engineering
• Removal of aromatics (BTEX, PAH, PCB) from wastewater.

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