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					As the famous phrase say “You are what you eat”. More and more people worldwide are becoming aware of what goes into their bodies. People are more health conscious due to the prevalence of chronic illness which eventually leads to death. They say that prevention is better than cure and one way to prevent illness is to lead a healthy lifestyle which includes eating a healthy diet. What else is the best source of a healthy diet but to know the benefits of organic food? Click Here For Food4Wealth Best Deal Now! Organic food is defined as something that is grown naturally, without using any chemicals like pesticides, insecticides, herbicides which are harmful to human health. In the case of livestock’s, they do not use any kind of drugs or hormones. Organic food is synonymous to natural food. So, what are the benefits of organic food? Let’s narrow down the long list. On the health benefits, it can help in the longevity of the person. It boosts up one’s immune system which helps in fighting off diseases. It can help in the prevention of cancer, heart problems and many others. If you want to shed off those extra pounds, an organic diet will most fit you. By patronizing organic food you also help the environment .There will be less damage, less wastes, less toxins to the environment. Economically, it helps people have extra income and they become more productive. What are the disadvantages? One is the cost of these foods, it’s a little costly and that we have to admit that other people are not fond of eating vegetables. But we can always start and grow our own organic food in our backyard. We only need commitment,

time and effort to start our own organic garden. Though there are a few disadvantages, the advantages still weights more. Let us now start to live Healthy, Eat Healthy. The best way to do it is through the organic way. Organic food is the way to go.