Boathouse Response To Union Rally

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   ● The average tenure of present employees of the Boathouse is 3-10 years
   ● The Boathouse is the highest revenue generating concessionaire of the more
     than 400 operators in the Parks Department system; channeling much needed
     dollars back to the City.
   ● Local 6 no longer represents a single stand alone restaurant in New York City.

Facts about the frivolous nature of the Local 6 charges:

   ● Local 6 has filed an unfair labor practice charge against the Boathouse for having
     a holiday party that was better than past years and having a special children’s
     holiday party this year.
   ● Local 6 contends that 14 employees were fired. However they failed to mention
     that these employees were let go because the Boathouse opted to have a full
     time staff and reduced the employees based upon seniority. The workers who
     were let go were on-call, part-time banquet staff, some of whom worked as little
     1-2 days a week and 300 hours a year. (Please note that 2 of the 14 have since
     been rehired as full time seasonal banquet employees.)
   ● Local 6 has failed to mention that current Boathouse employees have filed
     charges against the union that include harassment and intimidation.

History of NLRB filings against the Boathouse:

   ● Prior to Dean Poll’s involvement with Tavern on the Green there had been ZERO
     NLRB charges filed against him since he took over the Boathouse in 2000.
   ● Dean Poll was awarded the concession at Tavern on The Green in August of
     2009; within two weeks Local 6 had filed charges against Dean Poll and the
   ● Since the break down in negotiations with Local 6 over Tavern on the Green
     there have been 30 unsubstantiated NLRB charges filed against the Boathouse.

Description: “Today’s rally by Local 6 is yet another example of the union attempting to force its will on the employees of the Boathouse while at the same time depriving them of their right to vote. If the employees of the Boathouse want union representation they are entitled to decide that for themselves by way of a secret ballot election.”