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									Helping deliver inclusion by design

The Access and Sustainability
Advisory Service
The Access and Sustainability Advisory Service

The project is funded by the Bridge House Trust.

It is primarily aimed at groups that are applying to the
Bridge House Trust’s Access to Buildings programme but is
open to London’s voluntary sector as a whole.

The service guides voluntary groups through the whole
process of improving access and sustainability - from audit
to completed works.
The website -
Contains resources relating to access and sustainability
The advice service

Provides handholding and signposting support.

The Access and Sustainability Adviser is available as a
sounding board throughout the building project.

The Adviser will come and visit you and discuss your
project if necessary.
Helping deliver inclusion by design

Case studies
Case study 1

Enquiry                     Assistance given

Women’s charity             • given information on the DDA
                            • signposted to the NRAC for an
• converting an old           access audit
  library into office and   • given guidance on accessible
  training space              kitchen and ramp design
                            • given assistance on what items
                              to include in the BHT
Case study 2

Enquiry                    Assistance given

Children’s hospice         • given information on automatic
                             door systems, health and safety
                             and fire evacuation issues, pros
• The children are
  finding the front door     and cons of different systems
  very heavy to use        • helped with manufacturers and
                           • given advice on access audits
                             and BHT funding
Case study 3

Enquiry                    Assistance given

Citizen’s advice bureau    • information on access audits
                             and the DDA
• concerns about lack of   • signposted to access
  physical access to         consultants
  upper floors             • help with prioritising access
                           • design guidance
                           • information on how to find and
                             engage an architect and what
                             to include in a brief
Case study 4

Enquiry                    Assistance given

Disability charity         • information on access
                             consultants and environmental
• wants to turn existing
  large building in to     • Part M and Part L of the
  state of the art           Building Regulations
  conference and office    • best practice guidance
Helping deliver inclusion by design
Contact details

Pontus Westerberg
Centre for Accessible Environments
70 South Lambeth Road
London SW8 1RL

Tel 020 7840 0125, fax 020 7840 5811

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