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 Myke Zykoff HHP, C.Ht.

 STEM CELL                                     IRON MAN
 BREAKTHROUGH                            BRENDAN
 Dr. Nathan Newman                        BRAZIER
 S Factor
                                         5   TOP
                                                           AN INTERVIEW WITH PRO-
                                                           FESSIONAL IRONMAN TRI-
                                                           ATHLETE BRENDAN BRA-
                                                           ZIER. “I’M 34 NOW, SO I’VE
                                                           STILL GOT MY BEST YEARS
                                                           AHEAD OF ME”
                                                           By Mark Ariel

                              IRON MAN                                 rendan Brazier is one of only

                                                           B           a few professional athletes in
                                                                       the world whose diet is 100
                                                           percent plant-based. He’s a professional
                                                           Ironman triathlete, bestselling author
                                                           of Thrive: The Vegan Nutrition Guide to
                                                           Optimal Performance in Sports and Life,
                                                           and the creator of an award-winning line
                                                           of whole food nutritional products called
                                                           Vega. He is also a two-time Canadian
                                                           50km Ultra Marathon Champion.
                                                                LA Health News met up with
                                                           Brazier, currently on a book tour, during a
                                                           quick stop over in Los Angeles.

                                                           You seem to travel quite a bit. How do
                                                           you stay fit while traveling - what do
                                                           you do if you have to stay indoors?
                                                           One of the great things about running is
                                                           that it can be done most anywhere. I’m
                                                           on the road about 200 days a year but
                                                           have no problem fitting enough running in
                                                           to race competitively. Right now I’m on a
                                                           book tour in Canada and am training for
                                                           the San Fransisco marathon that’s on July
                                                           26th. I just get up early and get a good
                                                           run in before the kayos of the day unfolds.
                                                           It also acts as a form of active meditation
                                                           that complements the rest of the day. I do
                                                           bodyweight exercises in my hotel room
                                                           as well, I have something called a Jungle
                                                           Gym that always me to train anywhere.

                                                           You have a hectic schedule. What do
                                                           you do to de-stress.
                                                           I run because I enjoy it. It’s that simple. I
                                                           believe my success as an athlete is directly
                                                           related to my love of sport. Since I perceive
                                                           it as stress-relieving, it is. For me there’s no
                                                           better way to mentally de-stress than going
                                                           for a long bike ride or run.

                                                           What are your latest projects and what
                              PHOTO: Brandin Photography   are you working on now?
Thrive in 30 just launched. It’s a       your long term goals?
30-day online program made up            I’d like to continue improving as
of concise written and video seg-        an athlete. I certainly want to run
ments that I filmed in and around         a good marathon time within the
LA. I created it to help busy people     next few years. I ran 2:29 when
transition to a high-performance,        I was 24 and I know I can run
whole food, plant-based diet. My         faster now. That’s one of the great
goal for creating it was to develop      attributes of endurance sports;
a more efficient way to get the           it takes decades to build up the
information in my book to people         aerobic engine, so patients are a
who may not take the initiative          virtue. Provided their diet is good
to actually read it. So I imple-         and they stay injury free, most en-
mented Thrive in 30 as a way to          durance athletes peak in their late
deliver concise, applicably info.        30’s. I’m 34 now, so I’ve still got
Three emails a week get sent to          my best years ahead of me.
participants for four weeks. Each               I plan to continue formulating
email consists of a distilled written    innovative Vega line extensions
component with only the most per-        too. And, I certainly have a few
tinent info along with a short video.    more books in me.
In about 20 minutes a week, for
                                         For more info visit
four weeks, you can gain enough
applicable info to immediately
begin making significant health and
performance gains. Since I think         TRIATHLON
the info can significantly help most      TRAINING TIPS
everyone, the whole program is           IRONMAN TRIATHLETE
free at:              BRENDAN BRAZIER’S TOP
      ... I just finished writing a       TRAINING POINTERS
follow-up book to Thrive called
Thrive Fitness. It includes a step-      1 POSITIVE ATTITUDE
by-step fitness program than              Enthusiasm and enjoyment of the
                                         sport is necessary for success.
doesn’t require gym access. Based
on my Ironman training regi-
                                         2 DON’T GO BUCK WILD
men, but molded into a practical         Pace yourself. Enthusiasm is
“high-return” program that only          great but it often overflows at the
takes 45 minutes three times per         beginning, leading to overtrain-
week, the results have proven to         ing and most likely injuries or at
be impressive. It also discusses         the every least, general fatigue.
the non-physical benefits that can
be garnered from physical exercise       3 START SLOW
such as right brain stimulation and      AND EASE INTO IT
therefore improved creativity. It will   The most common mistake
                                         people make when attempting
be published by Da Capo in Janu-
                                         triathlon training is doing too
ary, 2010.
                                         much too soon.
      We also just launched a new
flavor of Vega, Vanilla Chai. And         4 PREVENT RUNNING
later this year we’ll launch a new       RELATED INJURIES
Vega product called Vega Sport           The number one reason for not
Performance Optimizer. It’s what         continuing a running program is
you’d drink before and during a          injury. And the number one reason
workout to boost performance with        for injury is building up mileage
natural whole food ingredients.          too quickly. Increasing mileage
It launched in Canada in April           by no more than 10% a week is a
                                         good way to prevent injuries.
and has proven to be extremely
popular. Essentially, it’s a natural
                                         5 FOCUS ON ABS
plant-based sport drink.                 I train abs five days a week be-
                                                                                 FOR WHOLE SALE AND DIST RIBU T IONS,
                                         cause a strong midsection helps          PLE ASE CALL US AT (8 18 ) 3 4 4 -3 3 7 0
Sounds awesome... On a per-              prevent low back injuries and
sonal level, what are some of            increases running efficiency.

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