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									Search Engine Optimization &
  Search Engine Marketing

          Stephan Spencer
        President, Netconcepts
        Search Engine Marketing
• 6 times more effective than a banner ad
• Delivers qualified leads
• 80% of Internet user sessions begin at the
  search engines (Source:
• 55% of online purchases are made on sites
  found through search engine listings (Source:
 Not doing SEM? You’re Leaving
       Money on the Table
• How much?
   – # of people searching for your keywords x expected
     clickthrough rate (10% is achievable) x avg.
     conversion rate x avg. $ you make per conversion
• Example: top-selling Christmas toy “Harry Potter
  game” had no big retailers in Google‟s top
  search results. Opportunity cost to Kmart,
  Target, etc. = millions!!
 Search Engines and Directories
• The search engines periodically explore and
  “index” your web site
• Directories are lists of sites organized by topic,
  usually editorially reviewed (e.g. Yahoo!, Open
  Directory, LookSmart)
 Most Important Search Engines
• Google (also powers Yahoo!, AOL Search,
• Inktomi (powers MSN Search, LookSmart‟s
  secondary results)
• Overture (supplies paid results to Yahoo, MSN,
  Lycos, AltaVista, etc.; Now owned by Yahoo)
• FAST (powers and Lycos)
     Most Important Directories

• Yahoo!
• Open Directory ( (also powers AOL,
  Lycos, Netscape, Hotbot, AltaVista, Google)
• LookSmart (also powers AltaVista, MSN Search
  - but not for long)
       Do search engines know
             you exist?
• Are ALL the pages in your site in Google, Inktomi,
  FAST, AltaVista, etc.?
• On Google, type the following
Comparative Search Visibility
Search engine             Estee
Google (& AOL, Yahoo)     34           1590
FAST (Alltheweb, Lycos)   90           1650
Inktomi (MSN, Hotbot)     24           ~500
AltaVista                 26           557
WiseNut                   4            6
          Announcing Your Site
• Search engines won‟t include you if they don‟t know your
  site exists
• Don’t submit if already in their index or if the search
  engine will likely find your site on its own (e.g. Google,
• Submit only once and only your home page
• Definitely submit to Open Directory, JoeAnt. Probably
  also Yahoo! $299/year, possibly LookSmart ($0.15/click)
• When submitting your site to directories, include relevant
  keywords in your site name & description
             Paid Inclusion?
• If all else fails
• Inktomi $39 for first page, then $25/page (12mos)
• AltaVista $39 for first page, then $29/page for
  next 9 pages, then $19/page for next 490 (6mos)
• FAST $34 for first page, then $16/page (12 mos)
• Teoma $30 for first page, then then $18/page (12
• Identify keywords that are popular and relevant
   – Overture ( and will
     give you relative search popularity
   – Ex: hair color 16000, hair coloring 4100, colorant 150
   – Google has a limited keyword research tool too:
• Incorporate keywords into title tags, hyperlink text,
  headings (H1 & H2 tags), and high up in the page
  (where they‟re given more “weight”)
    Optimizing Your Site For High
•   Every page of your site has a “song”
•   Title tag is the most important part of the page
•   H1 tags, hyperlink text, and alt tags are also important
•   Meta tags are not a magic bullet
•   Home page is the most important page of a site
•   Have text navigation and a site map
•   Custom 404 error page
antithesis of
                Link Building
• “Link popularity” affects search engine rankings
• Check your link popularity at
• Google PageRank™ - Links from “important” sites have
  more impact on your Google rankings
• Check your “PageRank™” with the Google Toolbar
  (download it from
• Pay attention to the text used within the hyperlink
                  Link Building
• Google Directory listings are ranked in order of
• Sites with higher PageRank get crawled earlier, faster,
  and deeper by Googlebot
• Your home page‟s PageRank gets distributed to your
  deep pages by virtue of your hierarchical internal linking
• Don‟t link to “bad neighborhoods”
• Read Eric Ward‟s ClickZ column on Building Links at
                Worst Practices
•   Frames, orphan pages
•   Dynamic pages w/ “?” or “&” or “cgi-bin” in the URL
•   Navigation in Flash, Java, Javascript, or pulldown boxes
•   Splash pages, content-less home page, Flash intros
•   Title tags the same across the site
•   Error pages in the search results (“Session expired”
               Worst Practices
• “Click here” links
• Superfluous text like “Welcome to” at beginning of title
• Auto-redirects
• Pop-ups
• Spreading site across multiple domains (usually for load
• Content too many levels deep
            Spamming Practices
•   Hidden or small text
•   Keyword stuffing
•   Targeted to obviously irrelevant keywords
•   Automated submitting, resubmitting, deep submitting
•   Competitor names in meta tags
•   Duplicate pages with minimal or no changes
•   Spamglish
          Spamming Practices
• Machine generated pages
• Pagejacking
• Doorway pages
• Cloaking
• Submitting to FFA (“Free For All”) links pages & link
• Buying expired domains with high PageRanks to use as
  link targets
                Google Secrets
• Googlebot spidering schedule & the “Google Dance”
• Frequently updated pages with high PageRank get
  indexed daily by Google
• The power of hyperlink text
   – “Google bombing”
   – Breadcrumb navigation
• Identify linking targets
   – Search Google for links to your competitors
   – Best linking targets revealed w/ PageRank meter
                   Google Secrets
• Power searching tips
   – inurl, intitle, inanchor, allinurl, allintitle, filetype, site, cache,
     daterange, etc.
• Dynamic page workarounds
   –   Googlebot stops one dynamic level deep
   –   Recode your scripts to use „path‟ instead of „query string‟
   –   URL rewriting plug-ins
   –   Move session IDs from URL to cookies
   –   Proxy or static pages
   Pay Per Click Search Engines
• Buy your way to the top
• Overture, Google‟s AdWords Select, FindWhat, Sprinks
  ( - just bought by Google), etc.
• Top 3 Overture bids get syndicated to Yahoo, MSN,
  AltaVista, etc.
• Google AdWords ads get syndicated to AOL Search
• Bidding frenzy (“light bulbs” = $1.30/click?, “web hosting”
  = $7.99/click?)
• Advanced tactics - dayparting, testing
  Tracking Return on Investment
• Measure what‟s important to your bottom line
   –   Not “hits” or even unique visitors
   –   Number of orders delivered by search engines
   –   Sales volume delivered by search engines
   –   Profit delivered by search engines
   –   Cost per conversion
}   Sales volume
    attributed to each
    keyword buy on

}   Sales volume
    delivered by each
    search engine
A non-

Number of
delivered by
each search
engine and
      Benchmarking / Competitive
•   Number of pages in each search engine
•   Google PageRank™ & Link popularity
•   Alexa ranking (get toolbar from
•   Positions in the search results for important keywords
•   What keywords are they targeting? (check their metatags)
•   Monitor over time, as they will change
    – Do it manually after hours, or use Google API, and don‟t use
      WebPosition to check or you may get your IP address banned
  Picking the Right SEM Agency
3 Step Process
  1. Check their site‟s and clients‟ sites‟ PageRanks
     with the Google Toolbar
  2. Ask them for a list of keywords that they‟ve
     targeted for their site and their clients‟ sites. Check
     Google for their positions and then
     Overture/WordTracker for their popularities.
  3. Check references
Components of a Search Engine
      Marketing Plan
• Keyword Research
• Baseline (# of pages in search engines, PageRank,
• Competitor Analysis
• Site Optimization Plan (URL rewriting, title tags, H1
  tags, etc.)
• Linking Plan (do it yourself or use Eric Ward)
               In Summary
• Google is the king
• Focus on the right keywords
• Have great keyword-rich content
• Build links, and thus your PageRank™
• Measure your ROI of SEM in terms relevant to
  your bottom line
• Continually monitor and benchmark
              Further Reading
• State of Search Engine Cataloging (published by
  Catalog Age and authored by yours truly!)
• Feel free to email me at
• If you‟d like a complimentary Search Engine
  Visibility Report for your web site and up to 2
  competitors, email me with their web addresses
• Thank you!

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