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The basis for great result   WOOD
 Skirtings & Mouldings                                                                                                    MAKE IT
To complete the great look of your wooden floor, Tarkett
offers a wide selection of skirting and mouldings – you can
be almost certain to find the perfect match for your floor.

Since wood is a living material
you should always leave space
– an expansion gap – of 1.5mm
per meter width of floor or a
minimum of 8 to 10mm between                                                        Solid Transition Mouldings
the floor and thresholds, pipes,                                                                                                Lacquer   Natura
steps, fireplaces, stone floors                                                  19
                                                                                    Reducer for 13-17 mm 58x19, 2,00 rm
                                                                                    /AK                                          s         s
etc. The expansion gap is hidden                                                    "EECH                                        s
                                                         58                         -ERBAU                                       s
by using skirting, mouldings
                                                                                    Reducer for 8-12 mm 44x12, 2,00 rm
or pipe collars. Consult www.                                             12        /AK                                          s         s
                                                                                    "EECH                                        s for more inspiration.                         44                        7ALNUT                                       s
                                                                                    End profile for 13-17 mm 38x19, 2,00 rm
                                                                         19         /AK                                          s
Tarkett Combistar profile is an                                                      "EECH                                        s
                                                                                    -ERBAU                                       s
innovative new product in the                                  32
                                                                                    End profile for 8-12 mm 32x12, 2,00 rm
Tarkett range. The transition                                            12         /AK                                          s
                                                                                    7ALNUT                                       s
profiles are available with a
                                                                                    Threshold moulding for 13-17 mm 58x19, 2,00 rm
genuine wood veneer surface           19                                            /AK                                          s         s
                                                                                    "EECH                                        s
and are fitted very easily. The                                                      -ERBAU                                       s
mounting rail is screwed down                                                       Threshold moulding for 8-12 mm 44x12, 2,00 rm
                                           12                                       /AK                                           s        s
and the profile is fixed onto                                                         "EECH                                         s
                                                                                    7ALNUT                                        s
it. This leaves room for great                                  44

flexibility and adjustment in                                                        Solid Profiles
order to make a perfect fit                                                                                                     Lacquer   Natura
between surface and profile.                                                         End cover profile 21 x 9 mm, 2,00 rm
                                                                                    /AK                                          s
                                                                                    !SH                                          s
                                                                                    -ERBAU                                       s
Clipstar veneer mouldings are
                                                                                    Corner beading 22x22 mm, 2,35 rm
available in a great number of                                                      /AK                                          s
                                                                                    "EECH                                        s
wood species. The clip system                                                       !SH                                          s
                                                                                    -APLE                                        s
is extremely user-friendly: the                                                     -ERBAU                                       s
                                                                    22              0INE 5NlNISHED                               s
moldings are fitted easily by
                                                                                    *Not lacquer
being mounted on the clips
that are attached to the wall

Matching surface finisher
No matter whether your wooden
floor is treated with Proteco
Lacquer or Proteco Natura you
can find matching profiles,
mouldings, stair noses and
pipe collars.
 EASIER                                                                        Skirtings & Mouldings

                  Combistar Transition Mouldings                                                        Pipe Covers In Solid Wood
                                                               Floorings       Floorings                                                              17,1 mm        22,0 mm
                                                                Lacquer         Natura
                                                                                                        Pipe covers in solid wood, 1
                  Flexible T-profile for 7-21 mm, 2,00 rm                                               /AK PCS BAG                                      s                 s
                  /AK                                              s              s                     "EECH PCS BAG                                    s                 s
                  !SH                                              s                                    !SH PCS BAG                                      s                 s
                  -APLE                                            s                                    -APLE PCS BAG                                    s                 s
                                                                                                        $ARK STAINED      PCS BAG                        s                 s
                  Flexible T-profile for 7-21 mm, 1,00 rm                                                                                                            cc: 40mm
                  /AK                                              s              s
                  /AK 7HITE                                        s              s                     Double pipe covers in solid wood, 1
                  /AK *AVA DARK                                    s              s                     /AK UNDRILLED PCS BAG (OLES TO BE DRILLED AFTERWARDS               s

                                                                                                                                                                                0712/Store Action, SE/Laholms Lito, SE/19754120 GB Tarkett Intl./19754121 GB Balkan JV3/19754122 GB UK/19754125 GB Middle East/19754129 GB Baltics/19754139 GB For all.
                  !SH                                              s              s                     /AK     MM PCS BAG                                                 s
                  !SH 7HITE                                                       s
                  !SH #OGNAC                                       s              s
                  "EECH                                            s
                  -APLE                                            s
                  7ALNUT                                           s              s
                  -ERBAU                                           s
                  $OUSSIÏ                                                         s                     Veneer Mouldings (Adapted For New Clip System Clipstar)
                  *ATOBA                                           s              s                                                                   Lacquer         Natura

                                                                                                        Skirting 60x16 mm, (adapted for Clipstar), 2,4 rm
                                                                                                        /AK                                             s                  s
                                                                                                        /AK 7HITE                                       s                  s
                                                                                                        /AK *AVA DARK                                   s                  s
                                                               Floorings                                !SH                                             s                  s
                                                            Metal Decoration                            !SH 7HITE                                                          s
                                                                                                        !SH #OGNAC                                      s                  s
                  Flexible T-profile for 7-21 mm, 1,00 rm                                               -APLE                                           s                  s
                  -ETAL 3ILVER                                     s                                    #HERRY                                          s                  s
                                                                                                        "EECH                                           s                  s
                                                                                                        7ALNUT                                          s                  s
                                                                                                        *ATOBA                                          s                  s
                                                                                                   16   -ERBAU                                          s                  s
                                                                                                        !FRICAN -AHOGANY SAPELE                         s                  s
                                                                                                        $OUSSIE                                         s
                  Solid Stairnoses                                                                      Skirting 60x16 mm, foiled
                                                                Lacquer        Natura                   7HITE                                            s
                                                                Ultraloc       Ultraloc
                  Stair nosing for 14 mm 60x26 mm, 2,00 rm
             14   /AK                                              s              s
26                -APLE                                            s              s
                  "EECH                                            s              s

                                                                Lacquer         Natura
                                                               Combiloc        Combiloc
                  Stair nosing for 14 mm 60x26 mm, 2,00 rm                                              Skirting 80x16 mm, (adapted for Clipstar), 2,4 rm
                  /AK                                              s              s         78,5        /AK                                             s
                                                                                                        -APLE                                           s
                                                                                                        #HERRY                                          s
                                                                                                        "EECH                                           s
                                                                Lacquer        Natura                   7ALNUT                                          s
                                                                Ultraloc       Ultraloc
      48          Stair nose for 8,5 mm 48x19, 2,00 rm                                             16
                  /AK                                              s              s
            8,5   -APLE                                            s              s
                  "EECH                                            s
                  7ALNUT                                           s              s                     Skirting 60x22 mm, (adapted for Clipstar), 2,4 rm
                                                                                                        /AK                                             s
                                                                                           60           !SH                                             s
                                                                Lacquer        Natura                   #HERRY                                          s
                                                                Ultraloc       Ultraloc                 "EECH                                           s
       48                                                                                               -ERBAU                                          s
                  Stair nose for 13 mm 48x26, 2,00 rm
            13    /AK                                              s              s
 26               -APLE                                                           s                22
                  "EECH                                            s              s

                                                                                                        Box including 50 separate clips for Clipstar skirtings, 1x50 box
                                                                Lacquer         Natura                  Clips (50 clips in a box) fits to all Tarkett veneered profiles
                                                                                                        50 clips for appr. 25 rm skirting.
              5   Stair nosing / landing profile for 14 mm 66x20 mm + 40x14 mm,
                  2,00 rm
                  /AK                                            s           s
                  -APLE                                          s
                  "EECH                                          s
                  -ERBAU                                         s                                      Quadrant
                                                                                                                                                      Lacquer         Natura
                                                                Lacquer         Natura                  Quadrant 19x12 mm, 2,4 rm
                                                                 T-lock         T-lock                  /AK                                              s
      60                                                                                                !SH                                              s
                  Stair nose 14 mm 60x26 T-Lock, 2,00 rm                                                -APLE                                            s
                  /AK                                              s              s                     #HERRY                                           s
 26                                                                                                12
                  "EECH                                            s                                    "EECH                                            s
                  -ERBAU                                           s              s                     -ERBAU                                           s
BETTER                                                      Installation

 Useful installation equipment
 Once you have decided to install a genuine wooden floor from Tarkett, the next step is to get the right
 accessories. You may not need much in the way of extra material, but that makes it even more important to
 make the right choice. Accessories from Tarkett are made especially for our floors and are the natural choice
 for anyone who wants an end result that’s beautiful, hardwearing and problem free.

     Start boxes - for a quick start. Make life easy with Tarkett’s
     practical Start box. The box contains a tapping block, pull bar
     and 30 plastic spacers – basically the essentials for getting
     started. Suitable for installing floors 14 mm or thicker. For
     thinner floors such as Viva or laminate floors, we recomend
     the Tarkett Start Up Kit.

                                                                        Underlay - different types of floors and room require diffrent
                                                                        underlay. With products including Cellfoam, Tarkofoam,
                                                                        Tarkoflex, Tarkoflex light, Ragfelt, Tuplex and Polyethylene
                                                                        film, Tarkett offers solutions for every occasion. Consult your
                                                                        local dealer about which underlay you need.

                                                                        Protective floor covering - is to be used for temporary
                                                                        protection of wood floors at both new building and renovation

                                                              Spacers - Used to create an expansion
                                                              gap between wall and floor. Available in
                                                              plastic or wood.

                                Tapping blocks and pull bar - Hard-wearing and indispensable
                                accessories specially made for Tarkett floors.

                                                                  Tapping block              Pull bar. A must for getting between the wall
                   Tapping block with handle                      without handle             and floor when the last plank in a row needs to
                   600x80x20 mm                                   200x80x20 mm               be tapped into place.
                                                                                Care &
                      FASTER                                                 Maintenance

Keep your wooden floor in shape with
Tarkett’s original care products
To make sure that your floor stays beautiful and ages with style, Tarkett has developed some of the best
cleaning and maintenance products in the world. The products have been developed to work optimally with
our range of floors treated with Proteco Lacquer and Proteco Natura.

Tarkett’s care and maintenance kits contain the cleaning products necessary to keep your wooden floor in
perfect condition. You can get a Tarkett refreshing kit for lacquered floors with the basic ingredients for
proper floor treatment. The Tarkett cleaning set contains an ergonomic, adjustable aluminum handle, a
unique mop made of micro fiber and polyester. If your floor should get damaged, the Tarkett repair kit is
a practical container that includes bars of hard wax in various colors, a melting device + a gas refiller and a
spatula – the perfect kit for repairing small dents or other damages.

                                                    Refresher - cleans and protects the varnish on
                                                    your wooden floors. Refresher contains microscopic
                                                    varnish pigments that will reinforce varnished
                                                    surfaces and remove thin scratches.
                                                    The treatment re-establishes the original gloss
                                                    and shine of the floor and gives a completely new

                                                            When you’ve finished -’s a good idea to
                                                            protect your new floor with felt pads. Remember to
                                                            clean the protective pads regularly and replace them
                                                            with new once when necessary.
                                                                                            Lacquers & Adhesives
                                                                                             With our full range of adhesives and primers we can offer
                                                                                             adhesives for glue-down installation of all types of wooden
                                                                                             floors. Tarkett adhesives have been developed by Tarkett and
                                                                                             our partners who manufacture our adhesives to ensure the best
                                                                                             positive interaction with Tarkett’s wooden floors.
                                                                                             Tarkett floor lacquer is a product in Tarkett’s Proteco concept. The
                                                                                             lacquer is very hard wearing and suitable for use in home and in
                                                                                             public environments.

                                                                                             Adhesive - with adhesives like MS-P, K, D and PD you have a wide choice when
                                                                                             you need to glue-down your wooden floor. Consult your local dealer about
                                                                                             which glue you need.

                                                                                                                                    Lacquer - Tarkett Floor lacquer is a very robust,
                                                                                                                                    hard wearing water-based single-component
                                                                                                                                    lacquer for wooden floors. The lacquer is suitable
                                                                                                                                    for use on cleaned, untreated and sanded wooden
                                                                                                                                    surfaces and on factory lacqured wooden surfaces.
                                                                                                                                    We have been focusing on being able to offer an
                                                                                                                                    environmentally sound lacquer with the strength
                                                                                                                                    to live up to the Proteco name.

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