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									Dacorum Mencap Adults Directory 2009

                    Dacorum Mencap Adult
                    Directory January 2009
                      Directory of services for Adults with a
                                learning disability
                                                 Dacorum Mencap
                                          Registered Charity No 212549
                               44B High Street, Hemel Hempstead, Herts. HP1 3AE
                                        Telephone and Fax: 01442 247675

                              Dacorum Mencap has endeavored to print up to date
                              information but we cannot accept any responsibility if an
                              organization has closed or contact information has changed.
Dacorum Mencap Adults Directory 2009

How to use this directory
This directory is sorted into categories by what Dacorum Mencap thinks its main service, these services are:

      Advice, Support and Therapy            Respite care
      Advocacy                               Specific disabilities and
      Benefits                                conditions
                                              Swimming Club
      Carers Support
                                              Transport and Mobility
      Communication help
      Continence
      Day services
      Direct Payments
      Education
      Employment
      Equipment
      Grants
      Holidays
      Hospitals
      Housing and Accommodation
      Leisure, Recreation and Sport
      Local Health and Social Care
      Local Organisations
      Mencap
      Multicultural Organisations
      National Organisations
      Police and Legal Services
Dacorum Mencap Adult Directory January 2009

They are then sorted alphabetically.

There is an index in the back on page 60, which is sorted in alphabetical order, which is best if you are looking for something in

If you see that something is incorrect, know information has changed or think of something we have missed, there is a form in the
back of the directory with information on how to contact us.

                                                                  Page 3
Dacorum Mencap Adult Directory January 2009

                            BRIEF DESCRIPTION                      PHONE                      EMAIL                   WEBSITE              SERVICE
                      Provides leaflets on: Support for
Adult Care            Carers, Benefits for Carers, Advice
                                                             All of Hertfordshire
Services, Apsley 2    for Carers (legal information,                                                                    Go to
                                                             and Emergency
Brindley Way          Power of Attorney etc.) These can                          Advice, Support
                                                             number: 01438
Hemel Hempstead       be obtained from the Community                                            uk              then search 'Dacorum      and Therapy
                                                             737400, Hemel:
Herts.                Leaning Disability Teams. Carers                                                                 CLDT'
                                                             01442 454444,
HP3 9BF               can also ask for an assessment for
                      their needs.
                      Age Concern Dacorum run a
Age Concern
                      number of day centres and run a
Dacorum, Half
                      befriending service. They also have    Local: 01442
Moon Yard                                                                                                
                      a handyperson scheme who will          259049, National         admin@ageconcerndacor                              Advice, Support
High Street                                                                                           
                      do small jobs, free of charge. They    Free Helpline:                                            and Therapy
Hemel Hempstead                                                                                                         orum/
                      also provide a telephone service,      0800 00 99 66
                      hospital discharge service and
                      carers support.
BILD, (British
Institute for
                      General information about Learning                                                                                 Advice, Support
Campion House,                                               01562 723010                                
                      Disabilities                                                                                                        and Therapy
Green Street,
DY10 1JL
                      For parents and carers of children                                                                                 Advice, Support
Counselling                                                  01923 269125
                      or adults with learning disabilities                                                                                and Therapy

                                                                             Page 4
Dacorum Mencap Adult Directory January 2009

                      Has on-line directory of registered                                                                                  Advice, Support
College of                                                  0800 389 4873                                  
                      private OTs                                                                                                           and Therapy
Carers in Herts.
(Dacorum), 22A
                                                                              http://www.carersinhert   Advice, Support
High Street, Hemel    Advice and information to carers      01442 253344
                                                                                               .uk                       and Therapy
Hempstead HP1
Foundation, c/o       Aims to improve lives and
The Old               conditions of people with learning                                                                                   Advice, Support
                                                            01634 838739      
Courthouse, New       difficulties and challenging                                                                                          and Therapy
Road Avenue,          behaviour
Chatham, Kent,
Citizens Advice
Bureau,               Offer advice on a wide range of
                                                            Open, by
Berkhamsted, Civic    subjects including Welfare
                                                            appointment only,
Centre                Benefits, Housing, Legal Aid,
                                                            on Mon, Tues,                                   Advice, Support
161 The High          Financial Matters and Consumer
                                                            Wed, Fri, 10am-                                               k                 and Therapy
Street                Advice. Please make an
                                                            1pm, 01442
Berkhamsted           appointment before visiting the
Hertfordshire         Bureau.
                      Offer advice on a wide range of
Citizens Advice       subjects including Welfare            Open Mon, Tues,
Bureau, Hemel         Benefits, Housing, Legal Aid,         Thurs 10am-
                                                                                                            Advice, Support
Hempstead: Dacre      Financial Matters and Consumer        3.30pm, Fri 10am
                                                                                                                          k                 and Therapy
House, 19 Hillfield   Advice. Please make an                to 12.30pm, 01442
Road, HP2 4AA         appointment before visiting the       213368

                                                                            Page 5
Dacorum Mencap Adult Directory January 2009

                      Offer advice on a wide range of
Citizens Advice       subjects including Welfare             By Appointment
Bureau, Tring, 10     Benefits, Housing, Legal Aid,          Only, Open Mon,
                                                                                                           Advice, Support
High Street Tring     Financial Matters and Consumer         Wed, Fri, 10am-
                                                                                                                          k                and Therapy
Hertfordshire HP23    Advice. Please make an                 1pm, 01442
5AH                   appointment before visiting the        825775
                      The service aims to provide
Dacorum First         facilities for saving and loaning to
Credit Union, 1a      members who are saving. Anyone                                                                      Go to
Leys Road             who lives or works in Dacorum can                                                      Advice, Support
                                                             01442 400232    
Hemel Hempstead       apply for membership. Opening                                                              then search Dacorum       and Therapy
Hertfordshire         Hours: Monday 7.00pm-8.00pm;                                                                 First Credit Union
HP3 9TZ               Friday 12 noon-1.30pm; Saturday
                      Dacorum Women's Aid can offer
Women's Aid,                                                 Hertfordshire
                      temporary accommodation for
Sanctuary House                                              Helpline (10am to
                      women both with or without                                                                 www.dacorumwomen.o       Advice, Support
PO Box 190                                                   8pm Monday to   
                      children to escape from domestic                                                                      and Therapy
Hemel Hempstead                                              Friday): 08 088 088
                      violence. Also see National
Herts.                                                       088
                      Domestic Violence Helpline

                      The Disability Information Bureau
                      provides information and advice on                                                                 Go to
                      a vast array of topics, including                                                      Advice, Support
Bureau, PO Box                                               01438 737444  
                      equipment, transport, benefits,                                                            and search 'Disability    and Therapy
153, Stevenage
                      disability rights and sources of                                                            Information Bureau'

Disability Law
                      Advice on benefits, employment
Services, 39-45                                              Helpline: 020 7791                                                           Advice, Support
                      etc. with reference to disability                                                   
Cavell Street,                                               9800                                                                          and Therapy
London, E1 2BP

                                                                            Page 6
Dacorum Mencap Adult Directory January 2009

Druglink Ltd.,
Trefoil House, Red
                      Offers advice and information on                                                                                    Advice, Support
Lion Lane, Hemel                                             01923 260733    
                      drug related issues                                                                                                  and Therapy
Hempstead, Herts.,

                                                                                                                                          Advice, Support
Frank                 National drugs helpline                0800 776600                               
                                                                                                                                           and Therapy

Helios Clinic, 89-
97 Camden Rd,         Helios Homeopathy advice,                                                                                           Advice, Support
                                                             01892 577690                               
Tunbridge Wells,      Internet shop and list of courses                                                                                    and Therapy
Kent TN1 2QR

                      The people to contact if you are not
                      happy with something you have          Consumer Direct
County Council                                                                                                     dingstandards,         Advice, Support
                      bought or have paid to use.            helpline: 08454
Trading                                                                                                         www.consumerdirect.g       and Therapy
                      Anything from damaged goods to         040506
                      second hand cars.

MALE (Men's
Advice Line and
Enquires), 1st        A confidential helpline for any man
                                                             Helpline: 0808 801   www.mensadviceline.or     Advice, Support
Floor Downstream      who is or has experienced violence
                                                             0327                             uk                             and Therapy
Building, 1 London    from their partners or ex-partners.
Bridge, London,

National Debt
Line, Tricorn
                      Can provide telephone advice on                                                           www.nationaldebtline.c    Advice, Support
Hagley                                                       0808 808 4000
                      handling your debts.                                                                                   and Therapy
Birmingham B16

                                                                            Page 7
Dacorum Mencap Adult Directory January 2009

National Domestic
Violence Helpline,
Women's Aid
                      A 24-hour freephone helpline for
Federation of                                                                                             Advice, Support
                      people experiencing domestic            0808 2000 247                            
England, Head                                                                                    uk                                         and Therapy
                      violence or abuse.
Office, PO BOX
391, Bristol, BS99
Patient Advice
and Liaison
                      PALS provides confidential advice                                                                   Go to
Service- PALS,
                      and support for anyone using                                                      then   Advice, Support
Charter House,                                                01707 361281    
                      services from West Herts. Primary                                                           search Patient Advice     and Therapy
Parkway, Welwyn
                      Care Trust.                                                                                  and Liaison Service.
Garden City, Herts.
                      Hertsreach Dacorum assists those
                      who are challenged by drugs
Turning Point         and/or alcohol to help turn their
Hertsreach            lives around. They offer a
Dacorum,              Structured Day Program,
Charleston House,     alternative therapies to include                                                                www.turning-         Advice, Support
                                                              01442 240 579
13 High Street,       swimming, acupuncture, art                                                                       and Therapy
Hemel Hempstead,      therapy & percussion therapy. We
Hertfordshire, HP1    offer key work, counselling, a drop
3AA                   in advice and information service
                      with evening appointments
                                                                                                                    www.national-uk-       Advice, Support
UK Debt Line          Advice on debt problems                 0800 0731 7973
                                                                                                                    and Therapy
                      This is a self advocacy group is for
                      people with learning disabilities and
                      runs in Hemel Hempstead. It
Hemel                                                         Toni Vyse: 07956
                      generally meets on the last                                                                                            Advocacy
Campaigners                                                   307710
                      Monday of the month except on
                      Bank holidays when it meets on the
                      last Thursday of the month.
                                                                              Page 8
Dacorum Mencap Adult Directory January 2009

Agency, Carol
                      Provides one to one advocacy for
Warren House, 551                                          01438 846010            Advocacy
                      people with a learning disability.
Lonsdale Road,
Stevenage, Herts.

Benefit Enquiry       Advice for sick, disabled or their
                                                           0800 882200                                        Benefits
Line                  carers.

Carer’s Allowance     Information about claiming Carer's
                                                           01253 856123                                                               Benefits
Unit                  Allowance

                                                           Child Benefit: 0845
Child and                                                                                                            Go to
                                                           302 1444, Tax
Working Tax                                                                                         then   Benefits
                                                           Credit: 0845 302
Credits helpline                                                                                              search 'Tax Credits'

Crisis Loans                                               0800 169 5198
Hemel                                                      (Job Centre Plus)

Borough Council
Housing and
                      This Section might be able to
Council Tax
                      provide some assistance especially
Benefits, The                                                                      housing.benefits@dacoru
                      to those living in council           01442 867868                                  Benefits
Benefits Section,                                                               
                      accommodation or over 65 years of
Civic Centre,
Marlowes, Hemel
Hempstead, HP1

                                                                          Page 9
Dacorum Mencap Adult Directory January 2009

Disability Living
Allowance and/or      To claim: form DLA1 (separate
Attendance            claim for under 16s), Disability      0845 712 3456                                   Benefits
Allowance             Contact and Processing Unit

                                                                                          Got to
Hertfordshire         Can give general benefit advice.
County Council        Contact should be made through                                                        Benefits
                                                                                    and search 'benefit
Benefits Advice       Adult Services.

Herts. Co. Council
Benefits Advice                                                                                             Benefits

Job Centre Plus,
Government                                                  0800 055 66 88 (to
Buildings, 1          Centre for information on jobs and    claim benefits),
Waterhouse Street,    benefits in Hemel Hempstead           Hemel branch:                   uk
Hemel Hempstead,                                            01442 426000
Herts. HP1 1EU

                      Advice for anyone who has a claim
                                                                                           Go to
                      to benefit support, they can go
Money Advice                                                01992 556370, 
                      through the details of benefits you                                                   Benefits
Unit                                                        01992 555555            then search 'Money
                      are entitled to, and which are the
                                                                                       Advice Unit'.
                      best benefits for you.
Tax Office, Inland
Revenue, Lord
                      They deal with tax enquires and
Alexandra House,                                            01441 437300 or
                      should be able to offer advice and                           Benefits
Waterhouse Street,                                          0845 302 1458
Hemel Hempstead,

                                                                         Page 10
Dacorum Mencap Adult Directory January 2009

                      This is a Hertfordshire County
                      Council service provided through
                      Adult Care services. It aims to
                      enable relatives and friends who
Breakaway for
                      look after dependent people of any
Carers, Apsley 2,                                                                                                         Go to
                      age to take a break by arranging
Brindley Way                                                                 
                      for someone else to take over.          01442 454280                                                                 Carers Support
Hemel Hempstead,                                                                                 rg                 then search Break
                      Referral is by GP, voluntary
Hertfordshire HP3                                                                                                    Away for Carers.
                      agencies or by clients self referral.
                      Services include Sitting
                      (companionship and support),
                      Sleep-in care and Host families
                      (short stay away from home)

                      A county-wide organisation, set up
Carers in
                      to provide information and support
                      to carers. Information is provided
(County Wide),
                      free of charge on: local practical                                                
The Red House,                                                01992 586969                                                                 Carers Support
                      services, support groups,                                                                            uk
119 Fore Street,
                      residential and home care services,
Hertford, SG14
                      transport, holidays, equipment for
                      daily living and benefits.

Carers in
                      Information and support for carers
(Local), 22a High                                                            
                      in the local area. They also provide    01442 253344                                                                 Carers Support
Street, Hemel                                                                                              uk
                      training and support.
Hempstead, HP1

Carers UK, 20         Information and support for carers,
Great Dover Street    they also have political campaigns
                                                              020 7378 4999            Carers Support
London                for appreciation and increasing
SE1 4LX               support for carers.

                                                                             Page 11
Dacorum Mencap Adult Directory January 2009

                                                               National Helpline:
                                                               0845 450 0350,
                                                               North & East
                      Voluntary organisation offering help     Hertfordshire
                      to carers and people with care           Crossroads
Crossroads            needs. They provide care workers         (Hitchin): 01462
                                                                                                          Carers Support
Caring for Carers     for a specific period of time to do      455578, Hertsmere
                      tasks carers usually carry out, to       Crossroads
                      give them much needed time off.          (Borehamwood):02
                                                               08 905 1158,
                                                               Crossroads: 01438

Association of
Speech &
Therapists in
Independent           Information on independent speech                                                  Communication
                                                               01494 488306
Practice,             and language therapy                                                                               m                  help
Coleheath Bottom,
Speen, Princes
Risborough, Bucks,
HP27 0SZ

                      Cued Speech is a method of
                      signing for the deaf which clarifies
Cued Speech
                      the lip patterns of normal speech
Association UK9
                      by using eight hand-shapes in four                                                                                 Communication
Jawbone Hill,                                                  01803 832 784  
                      positions near the mouth. In this                                                                                     help
Dartmouth, Devon,
                      way every sound uttered looks
                      clearly different. It can be learnt in
                      about 20 hours.

                                                                              Page 12
Dacorum Mencap Adult Directory January 2009

Herts. Interpreting
& Translation
Service, 48 High       Covers most languages. May be a        01442 867212 or          interpreting@communitya    www.hertsinterpreting.o   Communication
Street, Hemel          charge                                 0845 4500273               ction               rg                 help
Hempstead, Herts.,

Makaton Charity        Makaton is a form of
(The), Manor           communication using speech,
House, 46 London       gesture and facial expression. It is                                                                                 Communication
                                                              01276 606760      
Road, Blackwater,      commonly used for children and                                                                                          help
Camberley, Surrey      adults with learning disabilities
GU17 0AA               which effect communication.

                                                              Head office: 01912
Attends, 3rd Floor,
                                                              427120, PaperPak
The Old Post
                                                              UK Ltd (UK
Office, St. Nicholas   Supplier of incontinence products.                              info@attendshealthcare.c
                                                              distributor): 0800                                 Continence
Street, Newcastle      Referral via GP, school nurse etc.                                        om
                                                              597 5009,
upon Tyne, NE1
                                                              Deliveries number:
                                                              0845 0540532
Bladder and
                       Provide an information service for
                       those with, or are caring for, those   01536 533255,
SATRA Innovation                                                                       info@bladderandbowelfou    www.bladderandbowelf
                       with continence problems. They         Nurse Helpline:                                                                Continence
                       have taken over the Continence         0845 345 0165
                       Foundation and InContact.
Northants, NN16

                                                              For St Albans,
                                                                                                                   Go to www.wherts-
                                                              Harpenden or
Continence             Advice on incontinence products.                                   enquiries@herts- and search
                                                              Hemel: Harpenden                                                               Continence
Advisory Service       For deliveries check 'Attends'                                        'Continence Advisory
                                                              Memorial Hospital
                                                              on 01582 711524

                                                                             Page 13
Dacorum Mencap Adult Directory January 2009

                      Jarman Day Centre is a Herts.
                      Adult Care Service for adults with
Adult Care
                      Learning Disabilities who have a
Services, Jarman
                      wide variety of needs and live in                                                                    Go to
Day Centre, Old
                      the Dacorum area. There is a                                 jarman.dayservice@hertsc
Crabtree Lane, off                                            01442 255903                                                                  Day services
                      daytime programme of activities,                                            then search 'Jarman
St Albans Road,
                      both centre based and in the                                                                      Day Centre'
Hemel Hempstead,
                      community, creating opportunities
                      to learn new skills and develop

Earthworks, West      Based in St Albans it offers day
Lodge, Hill End       services and training in gardening.                              earthworks@earthworksst     www.earthworksstalban
                                                              01727 847311                                                                  Day services
Lane, St Albans,      May offer placements to people                                     
AL4 0RB               from Dacorum.

Intensive Support
Team (IST, The
Orchards), Ashley     An outreach support service for the
Close, Off Bennetts   community, no longer acts as a day                                                           www.hertspartsft.nhs.u
                                                              01442 248602                                                                  Day services
End Close,            service, but deals wider within                                                                       k
Bennetts End,         Hemel Hempstead.
Hemel Hempstead,

                      They provide a sheltered
Sunnyside Rural       agriculture-based day service for
Trust, c/o Civic      people who have learning
Centre, 161-163       disabilities. It has centres based at                            info@sunnysideruraltrust.   www.sunnysideruraltru
                                                              01442 863364                                                                  Day services
High Street,          two separate sites in the                                               
Berkhamsted, HP4      Berkhamsted area. Open Mon- Fri,
3HD                   9am to 3pm. Referral through
                      Community Learning Disability.

                                                                             Page 14
Dacorum Mencap Adult Directory January 2009

                      Open Monday to Friday: 9.30am-
                      3.30pm. Waterside is a flexible,
                      general purpose day care service
The Waterside         with education and training                                                                      Go to
Centre, 63            opportunities for adults with                                                    
                                                             01923 260092                                                                Day services
Waterside, Kings      learning disabilities. It provides                                                       then search 'Waterside
Langley, WD4 8HE      meaningful activities to develop                                                                Centre'
                      clients' potential and extend their
                      range. Referral through Community
                      Learning Disability Team.

                      Leonard Cheshire Direct Payments
Leonard Cheshire      Support Scheme offer home visits,
                                                             01295 713250                               Direct Payments
Direct Payments       advice and support with Direct

University of
                      An organisation which helps and
School of
                      mentors people into higher
                      education varying from vocational      01707 285217                                 Education
Education and                                                                                                      ertfordshire
                      qualifications to work based
                      learning or even degree level.
College Lane,
Hatfield, Herts.,
AL10 9AB

                      Available to those from 13-19 years
                      old and up to 25 if they have a
Connexions, G         learning disability. Connexions is a                                                       www.connexions-
Block, West Herts.    youth service providing advice,        01442 261511,                                 ,
College, Marlowes,    guidance, support and personal         Helpline: 080 800                          ,         Education
Hemel Hempstead,      development services. Information      13 2 19                                             www.connexions-
HP1 1HQ               on careers, learning, money,                                                     
                      housing, health, rights and

                                                                            Page 15
Dacorum Mencap Adult Directory January 2009

                      Foxes Academy is a training hotel
Foxes Academy
                      and catering college for young
The Esplanade
                      people with learning disabilities.                                                
Minehead                                                      01643 708529                                                                Education
                      They run a hotel which teaches its                                                                   uk
                      students different parts of the
TA24 5QP
                      hospitality business.

Learndirect, 1st
                      Offers flexible online training which
Floor South, Swan
                      is available at Pitman Training, the    National: 0800
Court Waterhouse
                      Hemel Hempstead Learndirect             101901, Hemel:                               Education
Street Hemel
                      centre, or from any computer that       01442 867810
Hempstead HP1
                      has access to the internet

                      South and West Transition
                      Programme. Duration: Up to 2
Oaklands College,     years. This is a transition             Contact the college
Redbourn Centre-      programme for young people aged         through the main
alongside St Luke's   16-18 with moderate learning            switchboard: 01727
School                difficulties to prepare for full lime   737080
                      education or training on a main
                      college campus.

                      Oaklands College currently make
                      provision for approximately 800
                      students with learning difficulties
                      and/or disabilities. The provision
                      available is diverse and range from
Oaklands College,     support to students on mainstream
St Peters Road, St    courses through to highly               01727 737080        Education
Albans                specialised programmes for
                      students with profound and
                      complex leaning difficulties. If you
                      would like special guidance about
                      these programmes please contact
                      the college.

                                                                             Page 16
Dacorum Mencap Adult Directory January 2009

SKILL: National
Bureau for
Students with         Advice and information on issues
Disabilities,         concerning further and higher          0800 328 5050             Education
Chapter House         education.
18-20 Crucifix Lane
London SE1 3JW
                      A part time programmes are
West Herts.           offered at Cassio (Watford) and
College, Dacorum      Dacorum (Hemel Hempstead)
                                                             01923 812000 or
Campus,               campus for adults with learning                                                          Education
                                                             01923 812345.
Marlowes, Hemel       difficulties. A varied programme is
Hempstead             run over four days following the
                      Essential Skills Award.

Access Ability,                                                                                                     www.connexions-
Herts. Careers                                                                          aadutyadviser@herts-, or
Services, Delta       Careers advice for people with a                             ,                go to
                                                             01462 704901                                                                   Employment
House, Avenue         disability up to the age of 25.                                 shirley.wilson@hertscc.go
One, Letchworth,                                                                                    then search 'Access -
SG6 2HU                                                                                                                Ability Team'

                      Work Solutions offers help and
                      support to people whose situation
                      makes it difficult for them to get
Work Solutions,
                      and keep a job. They also help
Apsley Two                                                                                                                Go to
                      employers to implement their equal
Brindley Way                                                                                             
                      opportunities policies. However,       01442 454464                                                                   Employment
Hemel Hempstead                                                                                                     then search 'Work
                      they can only help people who
Herts.                                                                                                                  Solutions'
                      meet Adult Care Services eligibility
                      criteria, incapacity benefit
                      claimants and lone parents on
                      income support.

                                                                            Page 17
Dacorum Mencap Adult Directory January 2009

British Red Cross
(Medical Loans),      Equipment, such as wheelchairs,
1/2 Hammer Lane,      commodes, walking aids and bath
                                                            01442 260157          Equipment
Adeyfield, Hemel      equipment, for short-term loans of
Hempstead, Herts.     up to 6 weeks.
HP2 4EU,
                      In general most equipment can
                      only be provided once as
                      assessment has been completed
                      by an Occupational Therapist or
                      District Nurse, or by a member of
Equipment                                                                                    Go to
                      Adult Care Services Team. For
Provided by                                                                  
                      further information contact either                                                       Equipment
Health or Social                                                                     then search 'Adult Care
                      your G.P Surgery or Adult Care
Services                                                                                    Services'
                      Services team locally. This type of
                      equipment might include hospital
                      beds, commodes, hoists, pressure
                      relieving and those for
                                                                                            Go to
Health Centre,        Occasionally have equipment for
                                                            General Inquires:
Hemel Hempstead:      use. Referrals through GP or                                                             Equipment
                                                            01442 216062              and search 'Health
Marlowes              Community Nurse.

                                                                                            Go to
                      Occasionally have equipment for
Health Centre,                                                              
                      use. Referrals through GP or          01442 823600                                       Equipment
Tring: Station Road                                                                   and search 'Health
                      Community Nurse.

                                                                           Page 18
Dacorum Mencap Adult Directory January 2009

Action on
                      This service for disabled people
Disability (HAD),
                      where equipment can be viewed as         General Inquires:
Woodside Centre
                      there is a permanent exhibition. An     01707 324581
The Commons                                                                              Equipment
                      Occupational Therapist is available     Wheelchair Hire:
Welwyn Garden
                      via referral from Adult Care            01707 384260

                      A wheelchair repair service. The
                      wheelchair clinic also refers clients
                      to the Special Seating Clinic which
                      is based at the Royal National                                                                      Go to
2 Maxted
                      Orthopaedic Hospital, Stanmore.                                  service@millbrookhealthc
CourtMaxted                                                   01442 240541                                                                 Equipment
                      Referrals are through Community                                          then search 'Millbrook
                      Learning Disability Team or                                                                      Healthcare'
                      specialist health staff as St Peter's
P2 7BL
                      House for people with a learning
                      disability who need a wheelchair.

NHS Wheelchair
Clinic, Harperbury    The clinic assesses clients' needs      01923 427262 or
Hospital, Harper      and supplies them with a                Free Phone 0800                                                              Equipment
Lane, Shenley,        wheelchair if appropriate.              181067
Herts. WD7 9HQ

Telephones for
                      Telephones for the Blind provide
the Blind Fund, 7
                      telephones for the blind residents
Huntersfield Close,                                           01737 248032                                        Equipment
                      of the UK and raises funds for this
Reigate, Surrey,

                                                                             Page 19
Dacorum Mencap Adult Directory January 2009

Community Trust,
48 High Street        Gives small grants to groups and
                                                              01442 231396           Grants
Hemel Hempstead       individuals in the Dacorum area.

Warm Front, Eaga                                              0800 316 2805,
                      Grants such as heating repairs/loft
House, Archbold                                               (call 0800 072
                      insulation including families with                               customer.response@eaga
Terrace, Jesmond,                                             9006 for benefits                              Grants
                      special needs and in receipt                                    
Newcastle Upon                                                check to check
Tyne NE2 1DB                                                  entitlement)

Break, 1 Montague
Road, Sheringham,     Holidays for adults and children
                                                              01263 822161      Holidays
Norfolk, NR26         with special care needs

DISH, P.O. Box
                      Will supply a list of holiday centres   0800 181067,
St Albans                                                                              Holidays
                      suitable to those with disabilities.    01727 852998

Family Holiday        For families on low incomes,
Association, 16       referred by a welfare agent. Must                            info@FamilyHolidayAssoci       www.familyholidayasso
                                                              020 7436 3304                                                               Holidays
Mortimer Street,      have at least one child aged 3 or                              
London, W1T 3JL       over.

                                                                             Page 20
Dacorum Mencap Adult Directory January 2009

                      Foxes Academy is a training hotel
Foxes Academy         and catering college for young
The Esplanade         people with learning disabilities.
Minehead              They run a hotel, for the general     01643 708529                                                                  Holidays
Somerset              public, which teaches its students
TA24 5QP              different parts of the hospitality

HAD (Herts.
Association for
the Disabled),
Woodside Centre,      Organise holidays and run a hotel
                                                            01707 324581             Holidays
The Commons,          at Clacton-on-sea.
Welwyn Garden
City, Herts, AL7

Herts.                Can sometimes give grants
                                                                                                                        Go to
Convalescent          towards convalescence, breaks
Trust, 140 North      after a period of illness, where a    01992 505886                                                                  Holidays
                                                                                                                  then search 'Herts.
Road, Hertford,       particular need exists both for the
                                                                                                                  Convalescent Trust'
SG14 2BZ              carer and patient.

Holiday Care
Service, The          An information and advice resource    Admin and Advice:
Hawkins Suite,        who also produce a guide on           0845 124 9974,                             
Enham Place,          suitable places for disabled people   Information: 0845                                             k
Enham Alamein,        both in this country and abroad.      124 9971
Andover, SP11 6JS

Livability, 50
                      Offers specialist accommodation
Scrutton Street,
                      and hotels in the UK for those with   020 7452 2000       Holidays
London, EC2A

                                                                           Page 21
Dacorum Mencap Adult Directory January 2009

Options Holidays,
Greyhound Farm
                      Not-for-profit organisation
House, Barnsley,                                             07000 790348,   www.optionsholidays.c
                      supplying supported holidays for                                                                                    Holidays
Cirencester,                                                 01285 740491                      .uk            
                      people with learning disabilities

                      Will provide a holiday directory and
Royal Mencap                                                              
                      sometimes consider requests for        020 7696 5519                                                                Holidays
Society                                                                                        uk
                      grants towards holidays.

Tourism for All
UK, c/o Vitalise,
                      Information and support for people
Shap Road
                      with disabilities, regarding           0845 124 9974,                           
Industrial Estate,                                                                                     Holidays
                      accessible tourism, also respite       0845 124 9971                                                k
Shap Road,
Kendal, Cumbria,

Travel and
                                                             01442 867800,
Tourism               Hold general information on days
                                                             Open: Mon- Fri
Information, Civic    out and UK holiday destinations                               information.centre@dacor
                                                             9.30- 5.00pm,                                    Holidays
Centre, Marlowes,     and may be able to assist with                             
                                                             Saturday 10.00am-
Hemel Hempstead,      bookings and tickets.
Herts. HP1 1HH

Travel and
                                                              01442 823347,
Tourism               Hold general information on days
                                                             Open: Mon- Fri
Information, Tring:   out and UK holiday destinations
                                                             9.30- 1.00pm,           Holidays
99 Akeman Street,     and ay be able to assist with
                                                             Saturday 10.00am-
Tring, Herts, HP23    bookings and tickets.

                                                                          Page 22
Dacorum Mencap Adult Directory January 2009

Vitalise, Holidays
Enquiries and
                      Information on holidays and respite
Bookings, Shap
                      care for severely disabled people.    General Enquires:
Road Industrial                                                                Holidays
                      For more information check the        0845 345 1972
Estate, Shap Road,
                      website or call.
Kendal, Cumbria

Hospital, Carlton                                                                                           www.westhertshospital
                      Local Hospital                        01582 760196                                                            Hospital
Road, Harpenden,                                                                                       
Hertfordshire, AL5

Hemel Hempstead
General, Hillfield
                                                            01442 213141 or                                 www.westhertshospital
Road, Hemel           Local Hospital                                                                                                Hospital
                                                            0845 402 4331                              
Hempstead, HP2

Luton &
Hospital, Lewsey                                            01582 491122 or
                      Local Hospital                                                                        Hospital
Road, Luton,                                                0845 127 0 127
Bedfordshire, LU4

Mount Vernon
                      Local Hospital                        01923 826111                                    Hospital
Road, Northwood,
Middlesex, HA6

                                                                           Page 23
Dacorum Mencap Adult Directory January 2009

Queen Elizabeth II
Howlands, Welwyn      Local Hospital                      01438 314 333       Hospital
Garden City, AL7

St Albans City
Hospital, Waverley                                        01727 866122 or         www.westhertshospital
                      Local Hospital                                                                         Hospital
Road, St Albans,                                          0845 402 4330      

Watford General
Hospital, Vicarage
                                                          01923 244366 or         www.westhertshospital
Road, Watford,        Local General Hospital with A&E                                                        Hospital
                                                          0845 402 4332      
WD18 0HB
Adult Care            These group homes are operated
Services Group        by HCC Adult Care Services in
Homes: 139 Lawn       Dacorum. The area management                                                         Housing and
                                                          1442 263504
Lane, Hemel           team is located at 130 Lawn Lane.                                                   Accommodation
Hempstead, HP3        Referral through Adult Care
9JF                   Services.

Adult Care            These group homes are operated
Services Group        by HCC Adult Care Services in
Homes: 150            Dacorum. The area management                                                         Housing and
                                                          1442 256092
Jupiter Drive,        team is located at 130 Lawn Lane.                                                   Accommodation
Hemel Hempstead,      Referral through Adult Care
HP2 5NP               Services.

Adult Care            These group homes are operated
Services Group        by HCC Adult Care Services in
Homes: 35             Dacorum. The area management                                                         Housing and
                                                          1442 232774
Micklefield Road,     team is located at 130 Lawn Lane.                                                   Accommodation
Hemel Hempstead,      Referral through Adult Care
HP2 4PF               Services.

                                                                        Page 24
Dacorum Mencap Adult Directory January 2009

Aldwyck Housing
Association, 6
Houghton Hall                                               Head Office: 01582
Business Park,        A Housing Association offering        869100 Customer                                                              Housing and
Porz Avenue,          some special needs housing.           Service: 0845 7                                                             Accommodation
Houghton Regis,                                             626026
Bedfordshire, LU5
Care Choices
Limited, 4 Valley     Disabilities Care Register provides
Court, Lower          information on housing options in                                                Housing and
                                                            01223 207770                              
Road, Croydon, Nr     Hertfordshire. A nice brochure and                                       .uk                                      Accommodation
Royston, Herts., S    loads of great information.
G8 0HF
Borough Council
Housing Advice        For information and advice about
                                                                                                                                         Housing and
Centre, Civic         housing problems and council          01442 228900     
Centre, Marlowes,     houses
Hemel Hempstead,
Herts., HP1 1HH
                      A variety of accommodation units is
Dacorum               provided in the area, some of
Borough Council,      which specifically cater for people
Civic Centre,         with learning disabilities. The                                                                                    Housing and
                                                            01442 228800                              
Marlowes, Hemel       department also works alongside                                                                                   Accommodation
Hempstead, HP1        Housing Associations and the CLD
1HH                   Team through a Learning Disability
                      Housing Forum.
Emergency Night       An independent charity helping
Shelter (DENS),       homeless people from ages 18-65.
                                                                                                                                         Housing and
Bury Lodge, 1         They offer a night shelter whilst     01442 262274      ,uk
Queensway, Hemel      people are getting back on their
Hempstead, Herts.,    feet and a day centre.

                                                                           Page 25
Dacorum Mencap Adult Directory January 2009

                      Available through Dacorum
                                                                                                                            Go to
Disabled Facilities   Borough Council, these grants
                                                                                                               Housing and
Grants for Owner      enable alterations and adaptations      01442 228000
                                                                                                                  then search 'Disabled    Accommodation
Occupiers             to be made so that the disabled
                                                                                                                     facilities Grants'
                      may continue to live at home.
Hanover Property
Management, 2
                                                                                                                                            Housing and
Seldon Hill, Hemel    A Housing Association.                  01442 242419                               
Hempstead, HP2
Praetorian, White
Lion House
                      Run various specialist projects in                                                   Housing and
70 Queensway                                                  01442 292300                                
                      the Dacorum area.                                                                                    Accommodation
Hemel Hempstead
Housing Options,
                      Housing Options is a free housing
Stanelaw House
                      advisory service for people with
Sutton Lane
                      learning disabilities, their families                            enquiries@housingoptions   www.housingoptions.or     Housing and
Sutton                                                        0845 4561497
                      and their supporters. They can help                                                   Accommodation
                      discuss the different options
OX29 5RY
Livability, 50
Scrutton Street,      Offers specialist housing for people                                                                                  Housing and
                                                              020 7452 2000    
London, EC2A          with disabilities.                                                                                                   Accommodation

Home Harpenden
                      Provides a range of care, respite
Mencap Society,                                                                                          ,
                      and accommodation services for                                   office@harpendenmencap                               Housing and
Stairways, 19                                                 01582 460055                                        www.harpendenmenca
                      both Adults and Children. Referral                                                                   Accommodation
Douglas Road,                                                                                                 
                      through social worker.
Harpenden, Herts.,

                                                                             Page 26
Dacorum Mencap Adult Directory January 2009

Paradise                                                     Warehouse
Furniture Project,                                           Collection: 01442
                      A furniture recycling and
Furniture                                                    263197,
                      restoration project that can be of
Warehouse, c/o                                               Warehouse Admin       paradise_project@talk21.c                               Housing and
                      use to people on a limited income
DBC Housing                                                  Line: 01442                      om                                          Accommodation
                      and help them set up home etc.
Dept., Paradise                                              241716, Training
                      Open afternoons only.
Industrial Estate,                                           Line: 01442
Hemel Hempstead.                                             413194
                      Advice on all housing problems,        0844 515 1944 or
Shelter Herts.,
                      rent, repairs etc. Mortgage arrears,   0207 505 1944 ,
Queensway House,                                                                                       Housing and
                      housing benefit, illegal eviction.     Freephone                                    
Queensway,                                                                                        uk                                      Accommodation
                      Mon, Wed, Fri, 9am to 1pm. Mon,        Helpline: 0808
Hatfield, AL10 0LS
                      Tues, Thurs 1pm to 5.30pm.             8004444
Seymore Court
Sheltered             Supported living from housing
                                                                                                                                           Housing and
Housing,              officers. You need to be referred by   01442 824639
Frogmore Street,      ACS or your Social Worker.
Sheltered             Supported living from housing
                                                                                                                                           Housing and
Housing, 19-21        officers. You need to be referred by
Shrublands Roads,     ACS or your Social Worker.
                      Sheltered housing is a service that
                      allows people to stay independent,
                      but with the added peace of mind
Sheltered             of regular visits from supported                          Housing and
                                                             01442 228347
Housing               housing officers and 24-hour                                             k                         heltered         Accommodation
                      emergency care home. You need
                      to be referred by ACS or your
                      social worker.
Walsingham            Specialist Accommodation for           For 1 Ashley close:
Homes, 1 & 2          those with learning disabilities.      01442 219091, For                              Housing and
Ashley Close,         Need to be referred by social          2 Ashley Close:                    m                                         Accommodation
Hemel Hempstead,      services                               01442 258226

                                                                            Page 27
Dacorum Mencap Adult Directory January 2009

Walsingham            Specialist Accommodation for
Homes, 39             those with learning disabilities.                                                 Housing and
                                                             01442 251840                             
Adeyfield Road,       Need to be referred by social                                             m                                       Accommodation
Hemel Hempstead       services
Sheltered             Supported living from housing
Housing, 1            officers. You need to be referred by   01442 891808                                                                  Housing
Weston Road,          ACS or your Social Worker.
Arts Education
Team, The Old         Artistic activities for young people                                                                                 Leisure,
Town Hall Theatre,    and adults including those with        01442 228098                                                               Recreation and
High Street, Hemel    additional needs.                                                                                                     Sport
Berkhamsted and
                      Social club for adults with learning
Tring All Saints
                      difficulties. Meets fortnightly on     Wendy: 01442                                                                  Leisure,
Gateway Club, c/o
                      Thursdays, 7.30pm to 9.00pm, All       874438 Jean:                                                               Recreation and
Dacorum Mencap,
                      Saints Church Hall, Shrublands         01442 874613                                                                   Sport
44b High Street,
                      Road, Berkhamsted
Hemel Hempstead
Dacorum Mencap
Friendship            A scheme linking volunteers with
Scheme, 44b High      individuals to share their time and                             elaine.precious@dacorum   www.dacorummencap.
                                                             01442 247675                                                               Recreation and
Street, Hemel         interests and provide mutually                                 
Hempstead, HP1        enjoyable experiences.
                      Earthworks is a Horticultural
                      Project for people of all abilities.
                      Activities include heavy and light
                      gardening, building work and
Earthworks, 16        conservation. There is also a                                                                                        Leisure,
                                                                                      earthworks@earthworksst   www.earthworksstalban
Gombars, St.          contract group which does garden       01727 847311                                                               Recreation and
Albans, AL3 5NW       and conservation work for a small                                                                                     Sport
                      payment. People can join
                      Earthworks as a volunteer or as a
                      trainee, for which there is a day

                                                                            Page 28
Dacorum Mencap Adult Directory January 2009

                      Social club for adults with learning
Gateway Club          difficulties. Meets fortnightly on                                                                                     Leisure,
2000. Leader-         Tuesdays, 7.30pm to 9.30pm,              01442 218101                                                               Recreation and
Sarah Bailey          Jarman Centre, Old Crabtree Lane,                                                                                       Sport
                      Hemel Hempstead

                      A riding school which provides
Riding for the
                      sessions for individuals as well as
                      carriage driving by arrangement.                                                                                       Leisure,
Gaddesden Place                                                                         info@gaddesdenplacerda.    www.gaddesdenplacer
                      Individual riders can arrange to join    0845 241 5309                                                              Recreation and
                      rides on Saturday or Sunday at 12                                                                                       Sport
Gaddesden, Near
                      noon, or other times by
Hemel Hempstead
                      The ROAR scheme (Recreational
                      Opportunities Allowing Respite)
                      takes groups of adults with
                      Learning Disabilities out on social
                      activities in the community and as
(Recreational                                                                                                                                Leisure,
                      a result unpaid carers receive well                               Liz.walker@dacorummenc     www.dacorummencap.
Opportunities                                                  01442 247675                                                               Recreation and
                      deserved respite. The ROAR                                            
Allowing Respite),                                                                                                                            Sport
                      scheme organises a monthly
Dacorum Mencap
                      programme of activities. Most
                      activities take place in the Dacorum
                      area though they do sometimes go
                      further afield.
                      Meets at Rickmansworth
                      Aquadrome. Severely disabled
                      people and wheelchair users sail
                      boats which are either operated by
                      a simple tiller and single rope, or by
                      a joy stick operated by only one         0845 345 0403,
Sailability                                                                       Recreation and
                      finger. Sailability, which is an         023 80604243
                      offshoot of the Royal Yachting
                      Association, uses trained and
                      experienced volunteer sailors as
                      teachers, and is available in the
                      summer months only.
                                                                              Page 29
Dacorum Mencap Adult Directory January 2009

                      Advises disabled and elderly
                      people and their families on how to
Thrive, The
                      adapt their gardens and find                                                          www.carryongardening.        Leisure,
Geoffrey Udall
                      gardening tools and techniques to     01189 885688                                 ,            Recreation and
Centre, Beech Hill,
                      'Carry On Gardening' . They also                                                         Sport
Reading, RG7 2AT
                      support a national network of
                      garden and horticultural projects.

www.disabilityspo     National free website to be a one-                                          
                                                                                                                                      Recreation and             stop resource of useful information                                                           .uk

                      The Adult Care Services
                      Department works with the NHS,
                      District Councils and other
Adult Care            statutory and voluntary agencies to                                                           Go to
Services (ACS),       assess, arrange and develop care                                                   Local Health and
                                                            01438 737400
Hertfordshire         and support in the community. This                                                    and search 'Adult Care      Social Care
County Council        covers older people, adults with                                                            Services'
                      learning disabilities, physical
                      disabilities and those needing
                      sensory services.

Chiropody Clinic,
                                                                                                                   Go to
Health Centre,        NHS Treatment for the elderly and
                                                                                                         Local Health and
Marlowes, Hemel       homebound. GP can make                01442 216062
                                                                                                            and search 'Marlowes        Social Care
Hempstead, HP1        referrals.
                                                                                                               Health Centre'

Counselling:          Offers a range of information,
Sexual Health and     counselling and training service to                                                          Go to
Relationships,        people with learning difficulties,                         consent.ESU@hertspartsft     Local Health and
                                                            01923 670793
Consent, Woodside     and to carers and trainers, around                                       then search             Social Care
Road, Abbots          the issue of relationships, sexual                                                        'CONSENT'
Langley, WD5 0HT      health and abuse.

                                                                           Page 30
Dacorum Mencap Adult Directory January 2009

Borough Council       Civic Centre, 161-163 High Street,                                                                               Local Health and
                                                              01442 228917                             
Offices:              Berkhamsted, HP4 3HB                                                                                               Social Care
Borough Council       Civic Centre, Marlowes, Hemel                                                    Local Health and
                                                              01442 228000                             
Offices: Hemel        Hempstead HP1 1HH                                                          k                                       Social Care
                      Victoria Hall, Akeman Street, Tring,                                                                             Local Health and
Borough Council                                               01442 228951                             
                      HP23 6AA                                                                                                           Social Care
Offices: Tring

                      These teams compromise of social
                      workers, community nurses,
                      assistants and other specialist staff
                      working together to assist people
                      with learning disabilities gain
                      access to both mainstream and
                      specialist services in order to live
                      as independently as possible. They                                                               Go to
Disability Team,                                                                                      Local Health and
                      also work in partnership with           01442 454444                             
Apsley 2, Brindley                                                                               uk                                      Social Care
                      specialist Day Care. Residential                                                           and search 'CLDT'
Way, Hemel
                      Services from both the statutory
Hempstead, Herts.,
                      and voluntary sectors as well as
                      the Local Council Housing
                      Departments and Housing
                      Associations to organise suitable
                      accommodation and appropriate
                      care support.

                      The community dentist offers this       Hemel Hempstead:
                      specific specialist service for those   01442 249312.
                      with physical and for learning          Tring: 01332                                                             Local Health and
Dental Care
                      disabilities or particular health       823789                                                                     Social Care
                      problems. Referral is through GP,       Emergency: 07699
                      or Health Visitor or CLD Teams.         8796110

                                                                             Page 31
Dacorum Mencap Adult Directory January 2009

Harmoni Out of        GP assistance outside regular                                                           Local Health and
                                                             0845 605 600
Hours GP Service      surgery hours                                                                             Social Care

                      This clinic is open to anyone with a
                      learning disability who finds it
                      difficult to access general health
                      services for any reason. It is
                      offered either at the local Jarman
Clinic, Access via                                                                                            Local Health and
                      Day Centre or as a home visit. The     01442 454444
Community                                                                                                       Social Care
                      service provided is a full basic
Learning Disability
                      health assessment and/or the
                      opportunity to talk to the Learning
                      Disability nurses about any other
                      issues or concern.

                      Hearing Clinic call clinic for more
                      information. Hearing Aid repairs
                      are carried out at St Albans City
Difficulties,                                                                                 Go to
                      Hospital on Tuesdays and
Hearing Aid                                                                      Local Health and
                      Thursdays from 11.00am to              01442 216062
Services, Marlowes                                                                    then search 'Marlowes     Social Care
                      12noon and then at Hemel
Health Centre,                                                                            Health Centre'
                      Hempstead Hospital on
Hemel Hempstead
                      Wednesdays from 10.00am to

                      Responsibility for services
County Council,
                      including schools, careers,            01438 737555 or                                  Local Health and
County Hall, Pegs                                                            
                      libraries, trading standards, social   01992 555555                                       Social Care
Lane, Hertford
                      care etc.
SG13 8DQ

                      Information about local health                                                          Local Health and
Practitioner                                                 01707 390855   
                      services etc.                                                                             Social Care
Services Unit

                                                                            Page 32
Dacorum Mencap Adult Directory January 2009

Hospice of St
Francis, Spring
Garden Lane, off
                      Local Hospice providing care for                                                                                 Local Health and
Shootersway,                                                01442 869550   
                      those with life limiting illnesses.                                                                                Social Care
Herts., HP4 3GW
                                                                                                                      Go to
                      Offer help, support and advice for    For Hemel ring:
                                                                                                          Local Health and
Hospital Teams        anyone going into or coming out of    01442 287170 or
                                                                                                               and search 'Hospital      Social Care
                      hospital                              01442 287171
Iain Rennie           Nursing service for those who are
                                                            01442 890222 or                                                            Local Health and
Hospice at Home       terminally ill - referral via GP or                        
                                                            01494 877200                                                                 Social Care
Nursing Service       District Nurse
                      Intensive Support Teams provide
                      outreach services across the
                      County. They work with people with
Intensive Support
                      learning disabilities who also have
Team (IST) for
                      mental health needs; this includes
People with
                      behaviours that challenge. The
                      teams consist of nurses, doctors,                                                       www.hertspartsft.nhs.u   Local Health and
Disabilities, The                                           01442 248602
                      psychologists, administrators and a                                                              k                 Social Care
Orchards, Ashley
                      social worker in West Herts.
Close, Hemel
                      Referrals can be made directly to
Hempstead HP3
                      the teams by the Community
                      Learning Disability Team, Crisis
                      Assessment & Treatment Team
                      and LD Services in the Trust.
                      Provides confidential information
                      on a wide range of health related
                      subjects including: - Local NHS
                      services, common diseases and
                                                                                                                                       Local Health and
N.H.S Direct          conditions, local and national self   0845 4647                               
                                                                                                                                         Social Care
                      help groups, how to complain
                      about the NHS and how to
                      maintain and improve your own
                                                                           Page 33
Dacorum Mencap Adult Directory January 2009

NHS East of
England Health
Authority, Victoria
                       Monitors all health services in the                                                                       Local Health and
House, Capital                                               01223 597500                        
                       East of England                                                                                             Social Care
Park, Fulbourn,
Cambridge CB21

                       An O.T service for equipment and
Occupational           adaptations can be obtained via       01438 737400 or                                                     Local Health and
Therapy                Dacorum CLDT. See also                01442 454444                                                          Social Care

                       West Hertfordshire PCT covers
West                   Dacorum, St Albans, Hertsmere,
Hertfordshire          Watford, Three Rivers and their
Primary Care           surrounding villages. They can give
Trust, Charter         you information about local health                             enquiries@herts-                           Local Health and
                                                             01707 390855                      
House, Parkway,        services, information on leading a                                                     Social Care
Welwyn Garden          healthy life, how to give up
City, Hertfordshire.   smoking and details about how to
AL8 6JL                contact the Patient Advice and
                       Liaison Service.

Counselling and
Information            Counselling and information
Service, Urban         service for 14- to 25 year olds.
Access, Dacorum        Have counsellors experienced in                                                         Go To
One Stop Shop          learning disability. Leaflets and                                            Local Health and
                                                             01442 252868
(Connexions),          advice on a range of issues                                                        and search 'Urban        Social Care
West Herts.            including drugs, self harm,                                                             Access'
College, Dacorum       sexuality, relationships, college
Campus, Hemel          courses and depression.
Hempstead, HP1

                                                                            Page 34
Dacorum Mencap Adult Directory January 2009

British Red Cross
(Medical Loans),
Leighton Buzzard,
                      Provide short-term loans of            Central Distribution
Red Cross Centre,                                                                                                                          Local
                      wheelchairs commodes, bedpans,         Centre at Harlow:                      
Unit 11, Industrial                                                                                                                     Organisations
                      walking and bathing equipment.         01279 428569
Park, Billington
Road, Leighton
Buzzard, LUT 4AJ

                      Guide for people who have speech,
                      sight, hearing or dexterity
                                                             Freephone 0800                                                                Local
British Telecom       problems. They also have a free                                                   
                                                             800 150                                                                    Organisations
                      '1571' service where you can listen
                      to your voicemail messages.

                      Community Action Dacorum aims
Community             to provide a circle of support to
Action Dacorum,       voluntary organisations and
48 High Street,       community groups. Our role is to       01442 253935   
                                                                                                                      k                 Organisations
Hemel Hempstead,      promote and encourage all types of
HP1 3AF               voluntary organisations in

                      Information about County                                                                       Go to
Councillors:          Councillors is available from                                                           ''        Local
                                                             01992 555555
County                County Hall, information centres                                                         and search 'County       Organisations
                      and libraries.                                                                              Councillors'

                      Information about Borough and                                                                  Go to
Councillors:                                                                                                                               Local
                      Parish Councillors is available from   01442 228000                                     ''
Dacorum                                                                                                                                 Organisations
                      Dacorum Borough Council                                                                and search 'Councillors'

                                                                            Page 35
Dacorum Mencap Adult Directory January 2009

                      Dacorum Borough residents on low
Dacorum Card          incomes are entitled to this free                               communications@dacoru    http://www.dacorum.go      Local
                                                             01442 228619
Hotline               card to obtain discounts on good                                                Organisations
                      and services in Dacorum.

                                                             Dacorum Domestic
Dacorum Family
                                                             Violence Helpline
Violence Helpline,
                                                             (10am to 8pm
Dacorum Women’s
                      Information and confidential service   Monday to Friday):
Aid                                                                                                            www.dacorumwomen.o         Local
                      to all affected by violence in the     08088 088 088,   
Sanctuary House                                                                                                         Organisations
                      home.                                  National Domestic
PO Box 190
                                                             Violence Helpline
Hemel Hempstead
                                                             (24 hrs a day):
Herts. HP2 4GH
                                                             0808 2000 247

Hemel Hempstead
Gazette,              Hemel Hempstead Gazette is the
Newspaper House,      local newspaper. They report local                                               Local
                                                             01442 262311                            
39 Marlowes,          news stories as well as events in                                      .uk                                       Organisations
Hemel Hempstead,      Hemel.
Herts., HP1 1LH

Herts. Aid (for HIV
and Aids), York       Provides a service for those
House45 Baldock       affected by HIV and Aids. Phone        01920 484784   
StreetWareHertford    contact Mon- Fri 10am- 5pm
shireSG12 9DH

                                                                            Page 36
Dacorum Mencap Adult Directory January 2009

                      A useful website to find out about                                                                                      Local
Herts. Direct                                                                                           
                      anything going on in Hertfordshire.                                                                                  Organisations

Herts. Interpreting   Can arrange language- interpreting
and Translation       services for organisations in
Service, 48 High      Hertfordshire, particularly where                               interpreting@communitya    www.hertsinterpreting.o      Local
                                                             01442 867212
Street, Hemel         people do not speak English and                                         rg              Organisations
Hempstead, HP1        need assistance or confidential
3AF                   advice. There is a charge.

                                                             Hemel Hempstead:
                      People can be referred to this
Meals on Wheels,                                             01442 228085
                      service by doctors, district nurses,
Borough Meals                                                Kings Langley:
                      Social workers, home carers, etc. If
Manager: Civic                                               01442 228085             moiradavies@dacorum.go                                  Local
                      they have physical or health
Centre, Marlowes,                                            Berkhamsted:                                                    Organisations
                      problems and are unable to
Hemel Hempstead,                                             01442 866737
                      prepare meals for themselves.
HP1 1HH                                                      Tring: 01442
                      There is a charge for the meals.

Meals: Frozen
Meals, Dial a
                      Deliver pre-packed frozen meals to
Shopper, Lammas
                      Berkhamsted, Tring and Hemel
Road,                                                                               www.dial-a-             Local
                      Hempstead areas on a Monday            01296 662988
Cheddington,                                                                                     uk                 Organisations
                      afternoon. Full brochure and
Leighton Buzzard,
                      information on request.

                      Provides a wide variety of frozen
                      foods delivered straight to the door
Meals: Wiltshire                                                                                                 www.wiltshirefarmfoods       Local
                      in one person sized portions to        0800 773 773
Farm Foods                                                                                                                .com             Organisations
                      anywhere in the UK. Call or check
                      website for a brochure.

                                                                            Page 37
Dacorum Mencap Adult Directory January 2009

Hertfordshire, 3
                      A service that helps neighbours in
Halsey Drive,                                                                   www.mediationherts.or      Local
                      dispute. Open: Monday – Friday          01442 268044
Gadebridge, Hemel                                                                               uk                          Organisations
                      9.30 am to 4 p.m.
Herts., HP1 3SE

                                                              Kings Langley
                                                              Good Neighbours:
                      These schemes provide a variety
                                                              01923 262781,
                      of voluntary service to anyone
                                                              Flamstead and
Neighbourhood         facing problems that they cannot                                                                                       Local
                                                              Markyate Care:
Help                  easily manage themselves. All are                                                                                   Organisations
                                                              01582 841212,
                      slightly different in nature so it is
                                                              Woodhall Farm
                      best to make enquires first.
                                                              Community Centre:
                                                              01442 250458

                      Manned by a full time coordinator
                      to promote Neighbourhood Safety
Watch Support
                      and Neighbourhood Watch in                                       andy.reynolds@herts.pnn.                              Local
Office, County                                                01442 271020
                      Dacorum and provide a link                                                                       Organisations
Police Station,
                      between the Police and
Combe Street,
                      Neighbourhood Watches.
Hemel Hempstead,
Herts., HP1 1HL

                      This is a service available to
Pass: Personal
                      people with disabilities who have
                      already been assessed by a social
Support Service
                      worker as being eligible for direct                                                                                    Local
(HCC), 7 Weltech                                              01707 321442     
                      payments. PASS will help the                                                                                        Organisations
Centre, Ridgeway,
                      individual recruit and employ a
Welwyn Garden
                      carer and help them manage the
City, AL7 2AA
                      direct payments system.

                                                                             Page 38
Dacorum Mencap Adult Directory January 2009

Pregnancy: LIFE
                                                             LIFE National
and Pregnancy
                                                             Hotline free-phone:
Care Centre, 23a      Advise and counselling about                                                                                          Local
                                                             0800 915 4600,                           
High Street, Hemel    pregnancy, abortion, testing etc.                                                                                  Organisations
                                                             Hemel: 01442
Hempstead, HP1

                                                             01442 426740,
Registrar,            For registration of Births,
                                                             Open: Monday,
Dacorum Register      Marriages, Partnerships and
                                                             Wednesday and
Office                Deaths, clients are requested to
                                                             Thursday - 8.30am
The Bury              contact the office during the                                  dacorum.registrars@herts                               Local
                                                             to 5.00pm
Queensway             opening hours. All visits are by                                                                Organisations
                                                             Tuesday - 8.30am
Hemel Hempstead       appointment only. This will ensure
                                                             to 7pm
Herts.                that clients are seen promptly and
                                                             Friday - 8.30am to
HP1 1HR               will avoid lengthy waiting times.

                      Free Counselling service dealing
Relate, The Gables
                      with relationship problems. Open:      01442 262618,
3 St Mary's Road
                      Monday-Thursday: 9.00am-               Telephone 'Crisis'                              Local
Hemel Hempstead                                                              
                      9.30pm;                                helpline: 01442                                              uk             Organisations
                      Fridays: 9.00am-4.00pm;                266838
                      Saturdays: 9.00am-12.00noon.

Samaritans, (Local
Branch) 45 St
John's Road,
                      A national organisation that give 24
Watford,                                                     National Helpline:
                      hour help to anyone who needs
Hertfordshire,                                               o8457 909090                                                                   Local
                      someone to talk to. You can                             
Address to write to                                          Watford: 1923                                                               Organisations
                      contact them by phone, email or
for support: Chris,                                          23333
                      face to face.
P.O. Box
9090Stirling, FK8
2SA WD17 1QL

                                                                           Page 39
Dacorum Mencap Adult Directory January 2009

                      This service means you can stop
                      getting unwanted phone calls from
Service, DMA                                                                                                Local
                      companies. However if you sign up        0845 070 0707
House                                                                                                                 tps/              Organisations
                      you might loose out on companies
70 Margaret Street
                      giving you useful information.
London, W1W 8SS

Victim Support,
The Lemarie
                      Provide free, confidential support
Centre, 524 St                                                                      western@victimsupporther   www.victimsupportherts      Local
                      and information after they               01923 212 766
Albans Road,                                                                                       Organisations
                      experience a crime.
Watford WD24

Voting by Post,
Electoral             Electors who are unable to vote in
Registration          person (has to be officially verified)
                                                                                              elect-                                       Local
Offices, Civic        may apply to have name placed on         01442 228230                           
Centre, Marlowes,     the 'Post Voters' list and should
Hemel Hempstead,      contact this address

                      Support is given in court by our
Witness Service,
                      Witness Service staff based in
Magistrates Court,
                      Crown and Magistrates Courts.
The Court House,                                                                    wsherts.west@uk.uumail.c   www.victimsupportherts      Local
                      Trained volunteers based in all          01442 239 382
Dacorum Way,                                                                                  om                      Organisations
                      court centres offer emotional
Hemel Hempstead
                      support and practical information
                      about court proceedings.

                                                                              Page 40
Dacorum Mencap Adult Directory January 2009

                      Dacorum Mencap seeks to offer
                      social support and practical advice
                      to people with learning difficulties,
                      their families and carers. We also
                      assists with the operation of school
                      holiday play schemes and run a
                      befriending scheme supported by
Dacorum Mencap,       unpaid carers. We monitor services
44B High Street,      and liaise with statutory and other                              admin@dacorummencap.
                                                              01442 247675                                  ,            Mencap
Hemel Hempstead,      voluntary bodies, working with                                
HP1 3AE               people who have a learning
                      disability and their carers. We aim
                      to keep our members informed and
                      involved through the monthly
                      newsletter. Dacorum Mencap also
                      offers services in the following
                      fields: Advocacy, Carers Support,
                      Leisure and Recreation.

                      Provide support, advice,
                      residential, leisure and
Stairways, 19                                                                          office@harpendenmencap   www.harpendenmenca
                      occupational services for people        01582 460055                                                               Mencap
Douglas Road,                                                                               
                      with learning disabilities and their
Harpenden, AL5
                      families and carers.

Royal Mencap
Society, National
                      A helpline for anything to do with      0808 808111 or                          
Headquarters, 123                                                                                            Mencap
                      learning disabilities                   020 7454 0454                                               uk/
Golden Lane,
London, EC1Y 0RT

                                                                             Page 41
Dacorum Mencap Adult Directory January 2009

Royal Mencap
Society: Herts. and
Beds District,
Mencap                Provides information and
Community             campaigns for users, carers and
Development           professionals. This office holds                                 mike.powderly@mencap.o
                                                              01622 678422                                   Mencap
4 East Court          further contact names and contacts                              
South Park            for all local Mencap Societies and
Business              Gateway Clubs.
Enterprise Road
ME15 6JF

St Albans
                      St Albans Mencap provide
103 Stanley
                      information and support for those
Avenue                                                                                 enquiries@stalbansmenca   www.stalbansmencap.o
                      with a learning disability and their    01727 851472                                                              Mencap
Chiswell Green                                                                               
                      carers. They also offer a friendship
St Albans
                      scheme and other activities.

                      Watford Mencap society can offer
                      advice and support with problems
                      as well as practical help with caring
Watford Mencap,       and respite. Some of their schemes
The Old Town Hall     provide opportunities for leisure
                                                                                       enquiries@watfordmenca    www.watfordmencap.or
105 High Street       activities and play. They also have     01923 713620                                                              Mencap
Rickmansworth         a number of residential homes, and
Herts. WD3 1AN        occasionally there are vacancies
                      for adult residents. They also have
                      charity shops in Bushey and

Wills and
                      Booklets, trusts and seminars           Helpline 0808 808                        
Legacies: Royal                                                                                                                         Mencap
                      available                               1111                                                     gacies
Mencap Society

                                                                             Page 42
Dacorum Mencap Adult Directory January 2009

                      A Day centre organised by Age
                      Concern Dacorum and meets
Cinnamon Club,        Tuesdays from 10.30am to
Highfield             3.00pm. Fresh cooked vegetarian
Community Centre      meals cooked by a professional
Bellgate              cook. The group sits and chats,                                                        Multicultural
                                                             01442 259049
Highfield             has a singsong, sometimes have                                                        Organisations
Hemel Hempstead       speakers, or occasionally go on
Herts.                outings to temples in London or
HP2 5SB               Luton or go shopping. Both
                      Gujarati and Urdu are spoken at
                      the club

Day Care Centres,
Age Concern, Half
                      Age Concern run two groups for
Moon Yard, High                                                                       www.ageconcerndacor    Multicultural
                      the elderly within ethic communities   01442 259049
Street, Hemel                                                                            Organisations
                      in the area
Hempstead, Herts.

                                                             Africans in
                                                             Dacorum: 01442
                                                             Cultural Group:
                      Local support groups for different     01442 253935,
Local Support                                                                                                Multicultural
                      minority groups in the Dacorum         Caribbean
Groups                                                                                                      Organisations
                      area.                                  Woman's Group:
                                                             01442 211992,
                                                             Club Italia: 01442
                                                             872424, Dacorum
                                                             Chinese School:
                                                             01442 398565,

                                                                            Page 43
Dacorum Mencap Adult Directory January 2009

                                                            Dacorum Indian
                                                            Society: 01442
                                                            245672, Dacorum
                                                            Thai Community:
                      Local support groups for different
Local Support                                               01442 405961,                                                              Multicultural
                      minority groups in the Dacorum
Groups                                                      Muslim Welfare                                                            Organisations
                                                            Association: 01442
                                                            253935, Pakistani
                                                            Women's Network:
                                                            01442 392886

Academy               A local centre offering courses for
The Community         anyone in the community with
                                                                                     welcome@worldshapers.o    Multicultural
Centre                children's centre, groups for         01442 269804
                                                                                                        uk             Organisations
Datchet Close         teenagers, and learning courses for
Hemel Hempstead       adults.

Cinema for Carers
(The Cinema
                      Card holder is entitled to 1 free
                      ticket for a person accompanying
Association Card),                                                                                                                      National
                      them. Must be in receipt of DLA or    0845 123 1292                            
Network House, St                                                                                                                     Organisations
                      Attendance Allowance or
Ives Way,
                      registered blind. Card costs £5
Sandycroft, CH5

                      A useful website if you want to fin
                      out anything about what the                                                                                       National
                      government can do for you as well                                                                               organisations
                      as general advice and tips.

                                                                           Page 44
Dacorum Mencap Adult Directory January 2009

Disability Law
                      May be able to give advice on
Service, 39-45                                               Helpline: 020 7791                                                        National
                      benefits, employment, etc. With                      
Cavell Street,                                               9800                                                                    Organisations
                      reference to disability legislation.
London, E1 2BP

                      National disability newspaper with
                      relevant news articles, job adverts,                                             National
Disability Now,
                      personals section and living                                                                  uk               organisations

                      Advice and information on
Disabled Living       equipment for those with                                                                                         National
                                                             0845 130 9177 
Foundation            disabilities from jar openers to                                                                               organisations

Home Farm Trust,
The Home Farm         Supported living, residential care,
Trust Ltd.,           supported employment, short                                                                                      National
                                                             0117 9302 600   
Merchants House,      breaks, advocacy, ICT training for                                                                             Organisations
Wapping Road,         people with learning disabilities
Bristol, BS1 4RW

                      Leonard Cheshire is a campaign
Leonard Cheshire      group for the rights of disabled
Disability 66 South   people. They also provide                                                                                        National
                                                             020 3242 0200
Lambeth Road          information and advice on respite                                                                              Organisations
London SW8 1RL        care, housing services and day

                                                                          Page 45
Dacorum Mencap Adult Directory January 2009

Medic Alert
Foundation, 1         Charity providing life-saving ID
Bridge Wharf, 156     system for people with hidden          020 7833 3034  
Caledonian Road,      medical conditions
London, N1 9UU

                      National network of disability
                      organisations. Also provides keys
RADAR Key             (small charge) for adapted toilets                                                                                  National
                                                             020 7250 3222   
Service               for disabled people. To purchase                                                                                  Organisations
                      key, go to Hemel Hempstead Civic
                      Centre and ask for Cash Office
Tanni and Anni,
                      Specially designed adaptive
Clothes), Unit 16
                      clothing, great for use with a                                                                                      National
Town Yard                                                    01538 381430    
                      wheelchair or for those with limited                                                                              organisations
Industrial Park
Leek, Staffordshire
ST13 8BF
Constabulary ,
Berkhamsted:                                                 For all
Police Station, 187                                          Hertfordshire non-                                                        Police and Legal
                      Berkhamsted Local Police Station                                                
High Street,                                                 emergency calls:                                                              Services
Berkhamsted,                                                 0845 33 00 222
Hertfordshire, HP4
                      Headquarters for local police.
Constabulary                                                 For all
                      Although they don't allow visits you
Headquarters,                                                Hertfordshire non-                                                        Police and Legal
                      can call them to report crime that                                              
Stanborough Road,                                            emergency calls:                                                              Services
                      doesn't need a 999 call or ask for
Welwyn Garden                                                0845 33 00 222
City, Herts.

                                                                            Page 46
Dacorum Mencap Adult Directory January 2009

Hemel Hempstead:                                            For all
Police Station,       Hemel Hempstead Local Police          Hertfordshire non-                             Police and Legal
Combe Street,         Station                               emergency calls:                                   Services
Hemel Hempstead,                                            0845 33 00 222
Hertfordshire, HP1

                                                            For all
Tring: Police
                                                            Hertfordshire non-                             Police and Legal
Station, 63 High      Tring Local Police Station                           
                                                            emergency calls:                                   Services
Street, Tring,
                                                            0845 33 00 222
HP23 4AB
Courts, The Court
House, Dacorum                                                                         www.hmcourts-       Police and Legal
                      Local Magistrates Court               01923 297500
Way, Hemel                                                                             Services
Hempstead, Herts.

Adult Care
Services Respite      Respite care providing short breaks
Care Homes, 35        for carers. Service accessed          1442 232774                                     Respite Care
Micklefield Road,     through Adult Care Services.
Hemel Hempstead

Adult Care
Services Respite
                      Respite care providing short breaks
Care Homes,                                                 01442 214790 or
                      for carers. Service accessed                             Respite Care
Care-Tech, Tewin                                            01442 214796
                      through Adult Care Services.
Road, Hemel

                                                                           Page 47
Dacorum Mencap Adult Directory January 2009

Livability, 50
Scrutton Street,      Offers respite care for people with
                                                             020 7452 2000      Respite Care
London, EC2A          disabilities.

Age Concern, Half     Monday to Friday 9.30am to
Moon Yard, High       4.30pm. Offers support to older                                                                                      Specific
Street, Hemel         people, their carers and relatives,    01442 259049                                                               Disabilities and
Hempstead, HP1        Also befriending, day care, handy                                                                                   Conditions
3AE                   person's scheme and insurance.

Al-Anon, 139
Leighton Buzzard      A self-help group with local                                                                                         Specific
                                                                                         enquiries@al-             enquiries@al-
Road, Hemel           meetings for relatives and friends     0207 403 0888                                                              Disabilities and
Hempstead, Herts.,    of alcoholics                                                                                                       Conditions

Alcohol: HAPAS
                      A Counselling network for Herts.,
(Herts. Alcohol
                      where free and confidential
Problems                                                                                                                                   Specific
                      assistance is provided. Available
Advisory                                                     01438 718374            Disabilities and
                      by appointment only: it is a service
Service),30 High                                                                                                                          Conditions
                      available to the individual, their
Street, Welwyn,
                      family and friends.
Herts., AL6 9EQ

                                                             01904 644026 or
Anonymous, PO         A self-help organisation holding                                                                                     Specific
                                                             national 24 Hour                                    www.alcoholics-
Box 110 Toft          regular meetings for suffers of                                                                                   Disabilities and
                                                             Helpline: 0845                           
GreenYorkYO1          alcohol abuse.                                                                                                      Conditions
                                                             7697 555

Allergy UK, 3
White Oak Square,                                                                                                                          Specific
                      Advice and support to people with      Allergy Helpline:
London Road,                                                                      disabilities and
                      allergies                              01322 619898
Swanley, Kent,                                                                                                                            conditions

                                                                            Page 48
Dacorum Mencap Adult Directory January 2009

Association for
                        Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus
Spina Bifida and
                        can lead to physical and/or learning
Hydrocephalus                                                   Helpline: 0845 450
                        disability. ASBAH offer advice and                                                                                      Specific
(ASBAH), 209                                                    7755, Regional
                        support to children and adults, their                                 Disabilities and
Crescent Road                                                   Office number: 020
                        families and carers. Can also liaise                                                                                   Conditions
New Barnet                                                      8441 9967
                        with statutory agencies on their

Asthma UK,
                                                                Queries about
Summit House, 70                                                                                                                                Specific
                        Advice and support in coping with       Asthma: 08457 01
Wilson Street                                                                           Disabilities and
                        Asthma.                                 02 03, General:
London                                                                                                                                         Conditions
                                                                08456 03 81 43

Autism: Adepta,
PentaHact, Queen
Elizabeth the           Three residential homes and one
Queen Mother            day resources centre. Based in                                                                                          Specific
                                                                               , or
Centre, Station         Bricket Wood and St Albans for          01923 678523                                      Disabilities and
Road, Bricket           adults with autism. Accredited by                                                                                      Conditions
Wood, St Albans,        NAS.
Hertfordshire, AL2

                                                                01707 259701
Autistic Resource       Information on the condition, local
Centre (HARC),          services and support groups. Other                                                                                      Specific
                                                                Office)01707                 support@harc-
Breaks Manor            websites:,                                                    Disabilities and
                                                                259700 (Helpline -  
Youth and     ,                                                                                                        Conditions
                                                                School term time
Community Centre,
Link Drive, Hatfield,
Herts., AL10 8TP

                                                                               Page 49
Dacorum Mencap Adult Directory January 2009

Autism: National
                                                              020 7833 2299,                                                                Specific
Autistic Society,
                      Information and helpline etc.           Helpline: 0845 070                              disabilities and
393 City Road,
                                                              4004                                                                         conditions
London EC1V 1NG
Autism: National
Autistic Society,
Autism Helpline,
The National          Advice and support for people with      Helpline: 0845 070
                                                                                                                 Disabilities and
Autistic Society,     Autism and their carers.                4004
393 City Road,
London, EC1V
Resources for
Autism, 858           This charity provides information                                                                                     Specific
                                                                                       admin@resourcesforautis   www.resourcesforautis
Finchley Road,        and resources for people who want       020 8458 3259                                                              Disabilities and
Temple Fortune        to know more about Autism                                                                                            Conditions
London, NW11
Blind: Adult Care
Services- Sensory
                      Adult Care Services have both a
Section, The                                                                                                                                Specific
                      Hearing Impaired Team and a
Woodside Centre,                                              01707 324680                                                               Disabilities and
                      separate Visual Impairment Team
The Commons,                                                                                                                               Conditions
                      for those with sight problems
Welwyn Garden
City, AL7 4SE
                      Provides a telephone helpline,
                      information and patient support in
                      hospital eye clinics, clubs, and
Society for the
                      college courses and can
Blind, Leahoe                                                                                                                               Specific
                      demonstrate and supply
House                                                         01992 588145        Disabilities and
                      equipment. Offer free 'clinic' at the
County Hall                                                                                                                                Conditions
                      Social Centre for the Blind, Alston
Pegs Lane
                      Road, Boxmoor, on the first
                      Tuesday of every month, 10am to
SG13 8DZ
                                                                             Page 50
Dacorum Mencap Adult Directory January 2009

                       A weekly coverage of local news
Blind: Talking
                       and events on cassette or CD
Newspaper, The
                       format, free to visually impaired                                                                                    Specific
Social Centre for                                                           
                       residents in the Dacorum area,        01442 217918                                   Disabilities and
the Blind, 6 Alston,                                                                             k
                       plus quarterly magazines. CD or                                                                                     Conditions
Boxmoor, Hemel
                       Cassettes should arrive on
                       Saturday mornings.

Blind: Wednesday
Blind Club, Social     Social Club for the sight impaired.
Centre for the         Meets alternate Wednesday
                                                             01442 257781                               Disabilities and
Blind, 6 Alston        Afternoons. Transport by minibus
Road, Boxmoor,         available
Hemel Hempstead

                       Cancer i offers information and
Cancer i, Grove        support to anyone to anyone
HouseWaverley          affected or concerned about                                                                                          Specific
RoadSt                 cancer. Cancer i offers a free,       01727 843401                                                                Disabilities and
AlbansHertfordshir     confidential and community based                                                                                    Conditions
eAL3 5QX               service, that provides appropriate
                       and timely information.

                       Both QEII and Lister hospitals
Colostomy and
                       provide Gastroenterology              Lister and QEII                                                                Specific
Ileostomy Care,
                       departments that have clinics for     Switchboard:                                 Disabilities and
QEII and Lister
                       caring for Colostomy and              01438 314333                                                                  Conditions

Cystic Fibrosis
Trust, 11 London
                       Research, education and support       020 8464 7211                                   disabilities and
Road, Bromley,
Kent, BR1 1BY

                                                                            Page 51
Dacorum Mencap Adult Directory January 2009

Deaf Blind UK,
National Centre for
                                                             Helpline number is
                                                             0800 132 320 for
John and Lucille                                                                                                                            Specific
                       A range of services for those with    both voice and text,
van Geest Place,                                                                                           Disabilities and
                       both sight and hearing problems.      calls. Office 
Cygnet Road,                                                                                                                               Conditions
                                                             Number is: 01733
                                                             358 100
Peterborough, PE7
Downs Syndrome
Association, The       Supports people with Downs
Langdon Down           Syndrome, their families and carers   Helpline: 0845 230
Centre, 2a             and also provides information for     0372, Office                  info@downs-               www.downs-
                                                                                                                                         Disabilities and
Langdon                professionals. For a local            Helpline: 0845 230 
Teddington,            organisation, contact the national    0372
Middlesex, TW11        office.
Dyslexia: British
Association, Unit
8, Bracknell           Information and support for people    Helpline: 0845 251
                                                                                                                                         disabilities and
Beeches, Old           with dyslexia.                        9002                               uk                       k
Bracknell Lane,
Bracknell, RG12

                                                             Helpline: 01462                                                                Specific
Foundation, 8          Charity offering information and                              dyspraxia@dyspraxiafoun     www.dyspraxiafoundati
                                                             454986, Admin:                                                              disabilities and
West Alley, Hitchin,   support                                                       
                                                             01462 455016                                                                  conditions
Herts., SG5 1EG

Eating Disorders
Association, 103       Information and support for those                                                                                    Specific
                                                             Helpline: 0845 634
Prince of Wales        both with an eating disorder and                               disabilities and
Road, Norwich,         their friends and carers.                                                                                           conditions
NR1 1DW,

                                                                           Page 52
Dacorum Mencap Adult Directory January 2009

                      Provides information and advice for
                      people with epilepsy, as well as
Epilepsy Action,                                             0808 800 5050       Disabilities and
                      their friends, families, carers and
                      health professionals.
Epilepsy: National
Society for           An educational information and
Epilepsy (NSE),       advice service provider. Produces      Helpline: 01494
Chesham Lane,         publications (e.g. An epilepsy         601400, Office                            
                                                                                                                                          Disabilities and
Chesham St            information pack costing £2.50)        Number: 01494                                                 k
Peters,               and provides facilities for            601300
Buckinghamshire,      assessment and treatment.

                      Aims to provide support and
Fragile X
                      information for families, the public
Syndrome, Rood
                      and professionals and to                                                                                               Specific
End House, 6
                      encourage research into all            01371 875100          Disabilities and
Stortford Road,
                      aspects of the syndrome.                                                                                              Conditions
Great Dunmow,
                      Newsletters and a free information
Essex, CM6 1DA
                      park are available.

Head Injuries
Association           Aims to provide an understanding       Helpline: 0808 800
(Headway), 4 King     of head injuries and provide           2244, Office   
                                                                                                              Disabilities and
Edward Court,         information, support and services,     Number: 0115                        .uk
Nottingham, NG1       also details on local groups.          9240800

Hearing: Adult
Care Services-
                      Have both Hearing Impaired Team
Sensory Section,                                                                                                         Go to
                      and a separate Visual Impairment                                                                                       Specific
The Woodside                                                                                                      ''
                      Team for those with sight              01707 324680                                                                 Disabilities and
Centre, The                                                                                                       and search 'Sensory
                      problems. (See "Blind" in this                                                                                        Conditions
Common, Welwyn                                                                                                         Services'
Garden City, AL7
                                                                            Page 53
Dacorum Mencap Adult Directory January 2009

                      A volunteer support service that
                      offers practical help and advice on
                      all aspects of hearing loss. There is
                      also a Mobile Advisory Service and
Hearing:              a Technical Advisory Service that
                                                               01707 324582,
Hertfordshire         can offer guidance on hearing
Hearing Advisory      doorbells, using the phone, smoke
                                                               10.00am-3.00pm                                                              Specific
Service, The          and fire alarms. Free 'clinic' held at
                                                               Appointment                                     Disabilities and
Woodside Centre,      the Social Centre for the Blind, 6
                                                               required 4th                                                               Conditions
The Commons,          Alston Road, Boxmoor, Hemel
                                                               Saturday 9.30am-
Welwyn Garden         Hempstead on the first Tuesday of
                                                               12noon Drop in
City, AL7 4SE         each month, 10am to 12 noon.
                      Also at Gable Hall, Prince Edward
                      Street, Berkhamsted on the second
                      Monday of each month, 10am to
                                                               Head office: 0151
Huntingdons                                                    298 3298, Herts.,
                      Provides fact sheets and literature
Disease                                                        Beds and Bucks:
                      on many aspects of this condition,                                                                                   Specific
Association,                                                   Contact Pam
                      as well as advice, support and                                   Disabilities and
Neurosupport                                                   Blackaller, 01296
                      education for those with specific                                                                                   Conditions
Centre, Liverpool,                                             630794,
L3 8LR                                                         pblackaller@btcon

MIND National
Association, PO                                                                                                                            Specific
                      A national support service for
Box 277,                                                       0845 766 0163         Disabilities and
                      people with health problems.
Manchester, M60                                                                                                                           Conditions

MIND Network,
Herts., 139
                      Offers a range of drop-in groups,                                                          www.hertsmindnetwork      Specific
Leighton Buzzard                                                                      info@hertsmindnetwork.or
                      clubs and counselling services for       08444 77 22 12                                           .org or         Disabilities and
RoadHemel                                                                                        g
                      those with mental health problems                                                          Conditions
P1 1HN

                                                                            Page 54
Dacorum Mencap Adult Directory January 2009

Multiple Sclerosis                                                                                  
Society, West         Offers help and advice on MS and                       branches/herts_and_es
                                                           01442 268 269                                                              Disabilities and
Hertfordshire         use of a holiday home.                                                  m               sex/west_herts/home_p
Branch,                                                                                                              age.html
Osteoporosis:         Osteoporosis is a deficiency of
National              mineral salts in the bones leading
                                                           Helpline: 0845 450                                                            Specific
Osteoporosis          to possibility of fractures. This                    ,
                                                           0230, Head Office:                                 Disabilities and
Society,              website gives advice and support                       
                                                           01761 471771                                                                 Conditions
Camerton, Bath,       to those living with osteoporosis
BA2 0PJ               and their carers.
Disease Society,      Offer information about the                                                                                        Specific
                                                           Helpline: 0808 800
215 Vauxhall          condition and encourage research                                                 Disabilities and
                                                           0303                              .uk
Bridge Road,          and awareness raising.                                                                                            Conditions
London, SW1 1EJ
SCOPE (National
Society for
Cerebral Palsy),                                                                                                                         Specific
                      Support for people with Cerebral     National Helpline:
PO Box 833                                                                     Disabilities and
                      Palsy and their carers.              0808 800 3333
Milton Keynes                                                                                                                           Conditions
MK12 5NY
                                                           Office Phone: 020
Association (The),    Offers information and support for                                                                                 Specific
                                                           7566 0300,
Stroke House, 240     stroke survivors, their families,                          Disabilities and
                                                           Helpline: 0845
City Road, London,    carers and professionals.                                                                                         Conditions
                                                           3033 100
                      Meetings are held in Northchurch
Stroke Support        Social Centre, Bell Lane,
Group                 Northchurch on alternative
(Berkhamsted,         Tuesdays, 10.15am to 1.30pm.                                                                                       Specific
                                                           01442 866615 or
Tring, Bovingdon      This group has lots of social                                                                                   Disabilities and
                                                           01442 866346
and villages),        activities, outings and lunches.                                                                                  Conditions
Social Centre, Bell   They provide mental and physical
Lane, North Church    exercises in a very friendly and
                      relaxed atmosphere.
                                                                         Page 55
Dacorum Mencap Adult Directory January 2009

                      Provide general advice where no                                                                                            Specific
                      name has been given to a               01922 701234                                    Disabilities and
Without A Name                                                                                                              uk
                      condition.                                                                                                                Conditions
Chromosome            A very helpful contact for both
Disorder Group,       parents and professionals needing
                                                             01883 330766             Disabilities and
PO Box 2189,          more specific information on
Caterham, Surrey,     chromosomal abnormalities.

                      The club meets at Berkhamsted
                      Sports Centre, Douglas Gardens,
                      Berkhamsted on Saturdays,
                      5.15pm-6.15pm. It provides a                             
Swimming Club,                                               01442 874385                                                                     Swimming Club
                      sheltered swimming environment                                               m
                      for people of all ages and all types
                      of disability including temporary
                      The club meets on Saturdays from
Dolphins              5.00pm-6.00pm at Hemel                 Mrs. E. Rathbone                                              Got to
Swimming Club,        Hempstead Sports Centre. It            01442 249662 / Mr.                            then
                                                                                                                                              Swimming Club
Sports Centre,        provides a sheltered swimming          I. Haseler 01442                                         search Dolphins
Hemel Hempstead       environment for people of all ages     249662                                                    Swimming Club
                      and all types of disability.
                      A variety of different sports (but
                      mainly swimming) for people with
Puffin Sports                                                Liz Fairbrother
                      learning disabilities. They meet at                                                     Swimming Club
Club,                                                        01442 256487
                      Berkhamsted Sports Centre,
                      saturdays from 10.30 to 12.30

                                                                                                                             Go to
                      Range of parking benefits for                                                       
Blue Badge                                                                                                                                    Transport and
                      disabled people and/or their           01438 737400                                           or
Scheme                                                                                                                                           Mobility
                      drivers.                                                                                         then search 'Blue
                                                                                                                        Badge Scheme'

                                                                               Page 56
Dacorum Mencap Adult Directory January 2009

                      Disabled people or those over 60
                                                               For a postal                               
                      are eligible for free off-peak travel
                                                               application form                                      then search 'Bus
                      all over the country by bus (Off-                                                   Transport and
Bus Passes                                                     call the Civic                                             Passes',
                      Peak is: 9.30am until 11pm                                                    s                                          Mobility
                                                               Centre on: 01442                          
                      Monday - Friday, and all day
                                                               867870                                                       ass
                      weekends and bank holidays).

                      Offers a special needs transport
                      service for the residents of
Action Dacorum
                      Dacorum Borough who are unable
Community Cars,
                      to use public transport or taxis, due    01442 253935 or          transport@communityacti     Transport and
48 High
                      to, infirmity or disability, permanent   01442 212888                       k                  Mobility
                      or temporary. Drivers are all
                      volunteers and a charge is based
P1 3AF
                      on mileage travelled.

Community             Monday to Friday, 9am -1pm, 2pm
Wheels, DCVS 48       -5.30pm. Provides mini bus
                                                                                                              Transport and
High Street, Hemel    transport for community groups           01442 253935
                                                                                                                            k                  Mobility
Hempstead, HP1        where other means of transport
3AF                   would not be possible.

                      Volunteers offering a helping hand
                      to residents of Markyate and
                      Flamstead Villages. Assistance
                      offered includes transport to
                      hospitals, doctors, prescription
                      collection and shopping. The
Flamstead and                                                                           adriannecoombs@btintern                             Transport and
                      Groups' vehicle is also used to take     01582 841212
Markyate Care                                                                                                                  Mobility
                      people to the Markyate Luncheon
                      Club and Good Companions and
                      on trips to places of interest.
                      Fortnightly lunch trips are
                      organised, these trips are run by
                      volunteer drivers and escorts.

                                                                              Page 57
Dacorum Mencap Adult Directory January 2009

                       An organisation offering
Forum of Mobility
                       professional, high quality
Centres, The
                       information, advice and
Woodside Centre,                                               National: 0800 559                                    www.mobility-
                       assessment to individuals who                                                                                      Transport and
The Commons,                                                   3636 Welwyn:    ,
                       have a medical condition or are                                                                                       Mobility
Welwyn Garden                                                  01707 324581                              
                       recovering from an accident or
City, Hertfordshire,
                       injury which may affect their ability
                       to drive or access a motor vehicle.

                       Dial a Ride is a door to door
                       transport service for the elderly and
                                                               Number: 01923
                       people of any age, including
                                                               443388, Bookings
                       children, who have difficulty
Hertfordshire Dial                                             Number: 01923                                                              Transport and
                       travelling due to permanent                            
a Ride                                                         443388,                                                                       Mobility
                       disability or illness. Membership is
                       needed and users need to have a
                                                               Number: 01923
                       mobility allowance or be eligible by
                       Offer help, support and advice for                                                                 Go to
                                                               For Hemel ring:
                       anyone going into or coming out of                                                    Transport and
Hospital Teams                                                 01442 287170 or
                       hospital. They can help arrange                                                             and search 'Hospital      Mobility
                                                               01442 287171
                       transport there and back.                                                                         Teams'
Kings Langley
Good Neighbours
                       This Association provides voluntary
                       assistance to residents of Kings
"Hollybank",                                                                                                                              Transport and
                       Langley who have needs caused           01923 262781   
Common Lane,                                                                                                                                 Mobility
                       by age, ill-health, disability or
Kings Langley,
                       inadequate resources.
Hertfordshire, WD4

                       An independent charity which helps
Warwick House
                       those on mobility allowance to hire                                                                                Transport and
Roydon Road                                                    01279 635999                              
                       or buy new cars or powered                                                                                            Mobility
Harlow Essex,
                       wheelchairs on preferential terms.
CM19 5PX
                                                                              Page 58
Dacorum Mencap Adult Directory January 2009

                      Sells keys for specially adapted
                                                                                                                        Go to
                      toilet facilities for disabled people.   Dacorum Borough
RADAR Key                                                                                                   Transport and
                      Dacorum Borough Council Keys             Council: 01442
Service                                                                                                          and search 'RADAR          Mobility
                      are available from the Civic Centre      228000
                                                                                                                     key service'
                      for a charge of £2.

                      Annual Rail Cards are available in
                      various groups including people
                      with a disability, young people (16
                      to 25 years), students, families and                                                                               Transport and
Rail Cards                                                     0845 7484950                            
                      over 60's. A charge of approx £14                                                                                     Mobility
                      to £20 is a made for the card which
                      then entitles you to a one-third
                      discount on all fares.

                      Ricability is an independent
                      research charity that publishes
Ricability, 30
                      practical consumer guides for
Angel Gate, City                                                                                                                         Transport and
                      disabled people. Topic covered           020 7427 2460  
Road, London,                                                                                                                               Mobility
                      include car controls, easier and
                      safer living, wheelchairs, hoists and
                      community alarms.

Shop Mobility,                                                                                                         Go to
                      Mon to Sat 9.30- 5pm. Provides a
Level A, Marlowes                                                                                           Transport and
                      range of wheelchairs and scooters        01442 259259
Centre Car Park,                                                                                                  and search 'Shop          Mobility
                      on free loan to disabled shoppers.
Hemel Hempstead                                                                                                       Mobility'

                      DISH provides names of drivers of        DISH- 0800                                                                Transport and
                      accessible taxis.                        181067                                                                       Mobility

                                                                              Page 59
Dacorum Mencap Adult Directory January 2009

                                   PAGE                                     48   Autism: Resources for
 NAME OF ORGANISATION                           Allergy UK                                                      50
                                  NUMBER                                         Autism
                                          17    Arts Education Team         28   Beavers Swimming Club,
Access Ability                                                                                                  56
                                                Association for Spina
Adult Care Services (ACS)           4, 14, 30                                                                    9
                                                Bifida and Hydrocephalus    49   Benefit Enquiry Line
Adult Care Services Group                                                        Berkhamsted and Tring All
Homes, Lawn Lane, Jupiter                       Association of Speech &                                         28
                                          24                                     Saints Gateway Club
Drive, Micklefield Road                         Language Therapists in
                                                Independent Practice        12
                                                                                 BILD, (British Institute for    4
Adult Care Services                                                         49   Learning Disabilities)
Respite Care Homes                        47    Asthma UK
                                                                                 Bladder and Bowel              13
Age Concern                            4, 48    Attends                          Foundation

                                          15    Autism: Adepta, PentaHact   49   Blind: Adult Care
Aimhigher                                                                                                       50
                                                                                 Services- Sensory Section
                                          48    Autism: HARC,
Al-Anon                                                                          Blind: Hertfordshire
                                                (Hertfordshire Autistic     49                                  50
Alcohol: HAPAS (Herts.                          Resource Centre)                 Society for the Blind
Alcohol Problems                                Autism: Hertfordshire                                           51
                                          48                                     Blind: Talking Newspaper
Advisory Service)                               Autistic Resource Centre    49
                                          48    (HARC)                           Blind: Wednesday Blind
Alcoholics Anonymous                                                                                            51
                                                Autism: National Autistic   50
Aldwyck Housing                           25    Society                                                         56
Association                                                                      Blue Badge Scheme

                                                                 Page 60
Dacorum Mencap Adult Directory January 2009

Break                                             Challenging Behaviour            Continence Advisory
                                                  Foundation                  5                                 13
Breakaway for Carers                     11
                                                  Child and Working Tax            Councillors: County          35
Breakspeare Counselling                           Credits helpline            9
                                                                                   Councillors: Dacorum         35
British Association/                              Chiropody Clinic           30
College of Occupational
Therapists                                    5                                    Counselling: Sexual Health
                                                  Cinema for Carers (The
                                                  Cinema Exhibitors’               and Relationships,
British Red Cross (Medical                                                   44    Consent                      30
                                                  Association Card)
Loans)                                18, 35
                                                  Cinnamon Club              43                                  9
                                                                                   Crisis Loans Hemel
British Telecom                          35
                                                  Citizens Advice Bureau    5, 6   Crossroads Caring for
                                         57                                        Carers                       12
Bus Passes
                                                  Colostomy and Ileostomy
                                                                             51    Cued Speech Association
                                         51       Care                                                          12
Cancer i                                                                           UK
                                         25       Community Action
Care Choices Limited                              Dacorum                    35    Cystic Fibrosis Trust        51

Carer’s Allowance Unit                        9                                                                 25
                                                  Community Action                 Dacorum Borough Council
                                                  Dacorum Community Cars     57
Carers in Hertfordshire                  11                                        Dacorum Borough Council
                                                  Community Wheels           57    Housing Advice Centre        25

Carers in Herts. (Dacorum)                    5                              15
                                                  Connexions                       Dacorum Borough Council
                                         11                                        Housing and Council Tax
Carers UK                                                                                                        9
                                                                  Page 61
Dacorum Mencap Adult Directory January 2009

Dacorum Borough Council                           DirectGov                       44                                    52
                                      25, 31                                            Dyspraxia Foundation
                                                  Disability Information                                             14, 28
                                         36                                        6    Earthworks
Dacorum Card Hotline                              Bureau
Dacorum Community                                                                       Eating Disorders
                                         31       Disability Law Service        6, 45   Association                     52
Learning Disability Team
Dacorum Community Trust                           Disability Living Allowance
                                                  and/or Attendance                     Epilepsy Action                 53
Dacorum Emergency Night                                                           10
                                         25       Allowance helpline
Shelter (DENS)                                                                          Epilepsy: National Society
                                                                                  45                                    53
Dacorum Family Violence                           Disability Now                        for Epilepsy (NSE)
Helpline                                                                                Equipment Provided by
                                                  Disabled Facilities Grants                                            18
                                                                                  26    Health or Social Services
Dacorum First Credit                              for Owner Occupiers
Union                                         6                                         Family Holiday                  20
                                                  Disabled Living                 45    Association
Dacorum Mencap                           41                                       20    Flamstead and Markyate          57
                                                  DISH                                  Care
Dacorum Mencap                           28
Friendship Scheme                                 Dolphins Swimming Club,               Forum of Mobility Centres       58
                                                  Hemel Hempstead                 56

Dacorum Women's Aid                           6                                                                      16, 21
                                                                                        Foxes Academy
                                                  Downs Syndrome
                                                  Association                     52
                                                                                        Fragile X Syndrome              53
Day Care Centres                         43

                                                  Druglink Ltd.                    7
                                                                                        Frank                            7
Deaf Blind UK                            52
                                                  Dyslexia: British Dyslexia
                                                  Association                     52    Gateway Club 2000               29
Dental Care                              31

                                                                    Page 62
Dacorum Mencap Adult Directory January 2009

HAD (Herts. Association                       Hearing: Adult Care                  Hertfordshire Practitioner       32
                                         21   Services- Sensory Section      53    Services Unit
for the Disabled)

                                              Hearing: Hertfordshire               Herts. Aid (for HIV and
Hanover Property                                                             54    Aids)                            36
                                         26   Hearing Advisory Service
                                              Helios Clinic                   7    Herts. Co. Council Benefits
Harmoni Out of Hours GP                                                            Advice on-line
Service                                  32                                   8
                                              Hemel Campaigners                                                     21
                                                                                   Herts. Convalescent Trust
                                              Hemel Hempstead Gazette        36                                     37
Harpenden Memorial                                                                 Herts. Direct
Hospital                                 23
                                              Hemel Hempstead General              Herts. Interpreting &
                                              Hospital                       23    Translation Service           13, 37
Harpenden Mencap,
Stairways                                41
                                              Hertfordshire Action on              Hightown Praetorian
                                              Disability (HAD)               19
Head Injuries Association
                                         53                                        Holiday Care Service             21
                                                                          46, 47
Health Centre, Hemel                          Constabulary                         Home Farm Trust                  45
Hempstead: Marlowes                      18
                                              Hertfordshire County
                                                                             32    Hospice of St Francis            33
Health Centre, Tring:                         Council
Station Road
                                              Hertfordshire County                 Hospital Teams                33, 58
                                              Council Benefits Advice        10
Health Improvement Clinic                32                                                                         26
                                                                                   Housing Options
                                              Hertfordshire County
Hearing Difficulties,                         Council Trading Standards       7    Huntingdons Disease              54
Hearing Aid Services                     32                                        Association
                                              Hertfordshire Dial a Ride      58

                                                              Page 63
Dacorum Mencap Adult Directory January 2009

Iain Rennie Hospice at                          Makaton Charity (The)         13   Mount Vernon Hospital         24
Home Nursing Service                      33

                                                MALE (Men's Advice Line            Multiple Sclerosis Society,
Intensive Support Team                                                         7   West Hertfordshire Branch     54
                                                and Enquires)
(IST) for People with
Learning Disabilities                     33                                                                     33
                                                Meals on Wheels               37   N.H.S Direct
Intensive Support Team                          Meals: Frozen Meals, Dial a        National Debt Line
(IST, The Orchards)                       14    Shopper
                                                                                   National Domestic
                                                Meals: Wiltshire Farm                                             8
                                          10                                  37   Violence Helpline
Job Centre Plus                                 Foods
                                                                                   Neighbourhood Help            38
Kings Langley Good                              Mediation Hertfordshire       38
Neighbours Association                    58                                                                     38
                                                                                   Neighbourhood Watch
                                                Medic Alert Foundation
                                                MENCAP Group Home                  NHS East of England
                                                                                   Health Authority              34
Leonard Cheshire Direct                         Harpenden Mencap
                                          15                                  26
Payments                                        Society, Stairways                                               19
                                                                                   NHS Wheelchair Clinic
Leonard Cheshire                          45    Millbrook Healthcare          19
Disability                                                                         Oaklands College              16
                                   21, 26, 48   MIND National Association     54
Livability                                                                                                       34
                                                                                   Occupational Therapy
Local Support Groups                  43, 44                                  54
                                                MIND Network, Herts.                                             22
                                                                                   Options Holidays
Luton & Dunstable                         23    Money Advice Unit             10   Osteoporosis: National
Hospital                                                                                                         54
                                                                                   Osteoporosis Society
                                          47                                  58
Magistrates Courts                              Motability                                                       27
                                                                                   Paradise Furniture Project

                                                                Page 64
Dacorum Mencap Adult Directory January 2009

Parkinson Disease Society                55                                    22, 41
                                                  Royal Mencap Society                  Stroke Association (The)      55

Pass: Personal Assistance                         Royal Mencap Society:
                                         38                                             Stroke Support Group
Support Service (HCC)                             Herts. and Beds District        42    (Berkhamsted, Tring,
                                                                                        Bovingdon and villages)       55
Patient Advice and Liaison                    8                                   29
Service- PALS                                     Sailability
                                                                                        Sunnyside Rural Trust         14
POhWER Advocacy                                   Samaritans                      39
Agency                                                                                  SWANS (Syndromes
                                                  SCOPE (National Society                                             56
                                                                                        Without A Name Society)
Pregnancy: LIFE and                               for Cerebral Palsy)
Pregnancy Care Centre                    39
                                                                                        Tanni and Anni, (Speciality   46
                                         56       Seymour Court Sheltered         27    Clothes)
Puffin Sports Club                                Housing
                                                                                        Tax Office, Inland Revenue    10
                                         24                                       27
Queen Elizabeth II Hospital                       Shelter Herts.
                                      46, 59                                            Taxis
RADAR Key Service                                 Sheltered Housing               27
                                                                                        Telephone Preference          40
Rail Cards                               59       Shrublands Sheltered                  Service
                                         39                                             Telephones for the Blind      19
                                                  Shop Mobility                   59    Fund
Relate                                                                                  The Waterside Centre          15
                                         59       SKILL: National Bureau for
Ricability                                        Students with Disabilities      17                                  30
Riding for the Disabled                  29                                                                           22
                                                  St Albans City Hospital         24    Tourism for All UK,

ROAR (Recreational                                                                42    Travel and Tourism
Opportunities Allowing                            St Albans Mencap                                                    22
Respite)                                 29

                                                                   Page 65
Dacorum Mencap Adult Directory January 2009

Turning Point Hertsreach                                                      20                                40
                                              8   Warm Front                       Witness Service
                                                                              24                                17
                                              8   Watford General Hospital         Work Solutions
UK Debt Line
                                                                              42   WorldShapers Academy         44
UNIQUE- Rare                                      Watford Mencap
Chromosome Disorder                      56                                                                     30
Group                                             Westcroft Sheltered    
Victim Support                                                                     Youth Counselling and
                                                  West Hertfordshire               Information Service, Urban
                                         23                                   34
Vitalise                                          Primary Care Trust                                            34
                                         40                                   17
Voting by Post                                    West Herts. College

Walsingham Homes                      27, 28      Wills and Legacies: Royal
                                                  Mencap Society

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